Bad “Company”

Somewhere in 2000 I happened to be in the company of a man called Haneef at some producer’s house. Haneef was the owner of Magnum Video, was in jail in the serial blast case for 5 years and also reportedly very close to Dawood.
Out of my curiosity and my obsessive tendency to know and understand the psychological aspects of criminals, I got talking to him. In about an hour I spent in Haneef’s company he told me various things on how the underworld operates. Also those were the days where the media was full of stories on the war between Dawood and Chota Rajan and in that context he said the following to me “So many people on both sides died in their war with each other. They so desperately want to kill each other but Ramuji I am telling you this that even today if Dawood calls Rajan on the phone and if Rajan is smoking a cigarette he will drop it and say “Haan! Dawood Bhai!” That is the inbuilt respect he has.  They hate each other because they love each other”. Those lines of Haneef gave me the story idea for “COMPANY”.
Also in my research for “Satya’ there were so many things I learnt about the underworld which I could not incorporate in that film especially the police procedures.
So if Haneef’s quote on Dawood and Chota Rajan gave me the story, my research gave me the atmosphere and the supporting characters and the incidents I have more or less taken from my own company meaning my production office experiences with my staff over the years. The reason for this is that whenever I heard the causes for rivalry and the internal politics in the context of the underworld I always found a very strong resemblance to things which happen in any normal Company including my own office.
In a Company, the various people who work have their own individualities and relative intelligence levels and the only thing which will be common among them is an ambition and the greed to reach the top. So even though the Company as whole is working towards a goal, the people in the company will be conflicting with each other which creates politics, frustration, jealousy etc.
This is a truth for any Company whether it is a normal or an underworld company with the difference that in a normal company if you do a mistake you will be fired and in an underworld company you will be fired upon.
Everyone could easily understand and relate to Yadav’s jealousy that Mallik is favouring Chandu because everyone would have been one of those three and would have known the other two. So this is my proof that it’s not so much about knowing the underworld as much as knowing people.
I want to share an interesting aspect of Company’s prologue where we see the eagles flying over the city. Much after the principal shoot got over, I asked my cameraman to take some shots of the city to use them in the edit and when he was doing that on a certain location the eagles just happened to be there which he shot. When I saw the rushes on the Avid those shots reminded me of the opening scene of ‘Mackenna’s Gold’ one of my all-time favourite films and I was seized by a desire to somehow incorporate those shots in the film. My editor suggested that he can use them for exterior cuts of the city in between the film at various places to which I said that it will just make them informative whereas I want to make a big deal out of it like in ‘Mackenna’s Gold’.
So I thought if I do a very sub-textual and profound and meaningful sounding voiceover then I can get away with using those shots. I wrote the lines “Eagles have lot of patience and they for wait months to get to their prey”. When he read that line my assistant said it won’t work as we are seeing the birds literally and eagles don’t do that. So to counter my assistant I changed the line to “Very few people know that eagles have lot of patience and they wait for months to get to their prey”.
I told my assistant that most of the guys sitting in the theatre anyway won’t know anything about eagles and the fact that we are making a strong statement saying that “very few people know that” will make each and every one of them feel that he doesn’t know that. Even if a few don’t buy it by the end of the film they would take it for granted that it’s not to be taken literally.
Today since the last 6 years so many people talk to me about the effect of that prologue and only I know in my heart it came from nothing but a childish desire of mine to somehow have that “‘Mackenna’s Gold” shot in the film.
To move on to how “Khallas” song happened I did a unique experimentation in it. I told the choreographer let’s not give any objective space to the camera and treat it as one of the guests in the club. What I mean is typically in a song shoot we have the frame designed for the camera and everything is placed and moved to its convenience but the moment we take that away and we create a subjective space a kind of unpredictability is created. I told the cameraman to keep zooming and panning to whatever attracts him as an individual irrespective of what the choreographer has asked the actors to do and lastly I told the editor to edit it in a way that when you stay late at a club, come back, pass out and in the morning you only have recollections of some moments half dreamy and half real. After this brief to the three I pretty much refrained myself from both the shoot and the edit. The effort of 3 superb technicians with regard to their individual briefing and my effort to see that they don’t coordinate with each other is what resulted in ‘Khallas’.
When people ask me which is my favourite among ‘SATYA’ and ‘COMPANY’ I find it very difficult to answer as the difference between them is that ‘SATYA’ is Emotional and ‘COMPANY’ is Intelligent. So I think these two states of minds would make one feel whatever of those two films.
Incidentally Haneef, the originator of ‘COMPANY’ was shot dead a few months after I met him and the last thing he told me or rather advised me when he got to know that I was making ‘COMPANY’ was not to waste my time doing dark films and instead make a romantic musical with Nadeem Sharavan’s music. Maybe he was Bad Company but he surely gave me good “Company”.
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  1. M says:

    RGV,Good post after that sidey/cheesy "Reactions to Reactions". I love the way you chose to execute Khallas.From your write-up you seem to have given brilliant insights to your writer to weave and shape Company from your meetings with Haneef. A talented writer is someone, who is able to weave your experience and insights and better your vision on the script and I think Jaideep Sahani did a great job, cause you do have to give him credit to why Company becomes an intelligent film, he remained true to what you envisioned. When Contract was announced, the promos compared it to Satya/ Company, I was thrilled you are returning to your old space, I am sure you shared your insights/experiences with the writer, then why was Contract such a fucked up piece of film making? Why couldn\’t your writer enhance your vision? or Did you just spend 20 minutes on the script? Don\’t give me that crap on some interview I saw " I was trying to place Rambo in underworld", if that was the case, the promos should have reflected that, you justified this later."Today since the last 6 years so many people talk to me about the effect of that prologue(eagle shot of Company) and only I know in my heart it came from nothing but a childish desire of mine to somehow have that “‘Mackenna’s Gold” shot in the film. "I wish you had the same childish desire of that passionate film maker to recreate moments that you have seen, that you long forgot why you loved films in the first place, now you look at film making as an assembly line production without any effort on quality and sadly you are proud of it. Why are you not able to match up Satya and Company, the ones you set as benchmarks for gangster films, the ones Danny Boyle admits being inspired to shoot Slumdog.

  2. Unknown says:

    I always wondered, considering your friendly relationship with Nagarjuna at that time, post Shiva, why was he not cast as the protagonist in Satya!

  3. vamsi says:

    Thats the point … Today we have songs to listen to, enjoy and to recollect memories of…. Whether you agree to this or not – quality of song, music, visual & lyric is directly proportional to the money you put in it. Since the money involved in movies is big or rather huge, we are able to consistently listen to fantastic songs. Now since you have begun a trend that removes songs altogether from movies and since a lot of other budding directors are on board with your philosophy – we are not going to see another "Khallas" or "baadalon ko kaat kaat ke" or "O Bhaware"(which incidentally is one of my favourite song)Understand that the Indian private music industry is a very immature state and does not have the machinery to deliver great music on a continuous basis. The people who will suffer during this transition phase – where songs dry out of movies and the immature private music industry grows- are the indian public who dont have a face to ask…. The only problem is this – When the song does not naturally merge into a movie, I look at it as an interruption and dont approve the existence of it either… and at the same time I want the movie industry to pelt out fantastic movies… – what a paradox.

  4. Vinay says:

    Kya baat hai Ramu bhai! Am just thrilled to know these "inspirations" and insights!Have got a friend… he\’s a designer. He\’s unafraid to sound off his dreams. Doesnt matter if he\’s not able to live up to many of them. Am not like that. Will keep a venture a secret. If I fail, there\’s no need to reason. If I succeed, there\’s reason to celebrate. Anyways, had a grouse in "Company". Just wished that instead of Chandu "getting back" with police help, would have been great, if he himself would have intelligently broken the Company\’s back and then got arrested. But it was very logical to "have" Chandu arrested for him to be safe and escape Company\’s shackles. Just voyeurism I guess.

  5. Kiran Kumar says:

    Really, your film COMPANY is a master-piece. Great Job!Ramu we all know that you have started one film with Chiranjeevi. But that project was stopped abruptly. Later two songs of the same film were included in “CHOODALANI UNDHI” film. Can you tell me why the film stopped so suddenly. What are the reasons behind that? Did you use the film script or characters in any of your further films? We will be glad if you post your next blog on this topic. HAPPY NEW YEAR & ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR RANN.

  6. Nitin says:

    When Chandu\’s mother asks Mallik to have some more Laddus, Mallik says, " Aapke ek aur laddu se jo pehle ke do laddu pade hai…unki kimat bhi kaam ho jayegi" .. and Chandu\’s mother is just dumbfounded and retracts with the laddus… who the hell thought about this scene and this line? The reaction of Chandu\’s mother makes more impact than the line itself.. a gem of a scene… so fucking unreal…

  7. manoj says:

    Why the film industry not preyed for recent meltdown?

  8. Vinay says:

    Hey, regarding Nitin Hatekar\’s post, actually I did not understand what Mallik had said ,"Aapke ek aur laddu se jo pehle ke do laddu pade hai…unki kimat bhi kaam ho jayegi". What was that?

  9. Vinay says:

    There are so many things about company that were wonderfully surreal …. to observe things in the film, that I had actually read in papers or seen on TVI had actually seen on TV, Dawood\’s brother talk very harshly (on phone to a TV news reporter) about various things and Johnny Lever. Wasnt that incorporated in Company when Yadav talks harshly which Mohanlal sees on TV and reacts. Chotta Rajan had escaped from a hospital abroad in somewhat similar fashion that Chandu escaped in KenyaSome shetty was killed because he had ratted on Chotta Rajan. Pillai was killed similarly in the filmChandu\’s quitting Mallick because of the supari was in reality Chotta Rajan quitting Dawood, because of his role in bomb blasts

  10. Jay says:

    Neither you, nor the media, nor our people, nor the Congress party, nor the CM, (nor me certainly) can explain any logic in connecting CM\’s resignation with your presence at Taj. But we all believed CM should quit because you accompanied him to Taj. At times, we are a funny nation.

  11. santosh says:

    My only grouse with "COMPANY" was the scene in which Bharat Dabholkar gets killed which i thought was a contrived & unrealistic scene in an otherwise very realistic film. According to me what would have made an even powerful ending would\’ve been Malik getting killed,Chandu in jail & Raute becoming the CM. But since films are an individual\’s expressions viewpoints differ.Regards,Santino

  12. Unknown says:

    If ‘SATYA’ is Emotional and ‘COMPANY’ is Intelligent, what is "CONTRACT" according to you?

  13. Kiran says:

    With your clarity of thought, command over english and the way of presentation of the content you can be an excellent writer. Dont you think writing is far superior way of expressing thoughts than making movies?

  14. Vinay says:

    Hey Praveen, forget contract. If Satya was emotional and Company was intelligent, what was Aag and Daud?

  15. Arun says:

    Don\’t get me wrong Sir but I find your thoughts and feelings very lovable.Also, You being here is a proof in itself, but its been months so I\’ll ask just for your confirmation, "Are you enjoying Blogging ?"

  16. Arun says:

    I think Daud, Naach and Aag were too seriously made and Company and Satya were made with happy-go-lucky attitude.

  17. Nitin says:

    Hey Vinay, you seriously did not get what and why Mallik said that about the laddus? If you did not then you are wasting yours, mine and Mr. RGV\’s time. "Jo baat tu samajh nahi sakta wo tuze samjhane se kya fayda?" (Now don\’t fucking ask from where this line is coming from..and what it means)… And about your other post… Why do you want to know what was Aag and Daud… go make your own fucking opinions… After like 3-4 posts from RGV about Aag, if still you are not clear… you are seriously as dumb as they come..and thanks a lot for pointing out the "surreal" things in Company.. way to go Einstein…

  18. Asad says:

    What\’s the difference between a script and screenplay?My understanding of story telling is that first u have story then u creates scenes and consequences (script) to execute the storyand then give it dialogues and visuals(screenplay). Am i right?(think i\’m not).

  19. Rahul says:

    Hello Ramu Sir, I know that you are not at all interested to meet fans (or may be I think so based on your blogs)… but if possible can you consider to meet some your fans the next time you visit Hyderabad… please intimate us before coming down here…

  20. Mohan says: dint mention about Company movie title song, how you got the effect of stylish red color through out the song, it was amazing, you may inspired from James bond 007 movies..

  21. Surya says:

    There was a song in Company "Tumse ke kitna pyaar hai dil me utar kar dekh lo….." which did not feature in the film although it was aired in TV while promoting the movie. Do you care to share the story behind this – Where in the film it was originally plotted, why did you decide to remove the song etc?

  22. Arun says:

    The women dancers in Contract\’s song are terrifically shot! One can\’t keep his eyes off them ! WOW !!

  23. Vumsy says:

    To Kiran Kumar Dandudarula,I read this somewhere on web about what happened to RGV\’s movie with Chiranjeevi. RGV was a happening director in 90\’s for telugu films and people wanted him to direct Chiranjeevi. It’s heard that a fight and a song with Urmila were also shot in Hampi. Shooting was going on fine but canning some scenes resulted in 18 takes, sometimes 20 takes. Chiranjeevi apparently got pissed, but for the gentleman he is, he went ahead with the shoot patiently. But suddenly, one fine day, RGV went up to Chiranjeevi and said "I can’t work with you. I can’t imagine anyone else as a hero other than Nagarjuna." Chiranjeevi immediately asked for the film to be cancelled, and said he’ll pay the one and a half crore that was spent so far. But I think, the reason RGV said he cannot work with Chiranjeevi might be pressure of expectations from Chiranjeevi\’s Fans and Chelas who would not want to see Chiranjeevi as a character in the movie but as a heroic demi-god in human form, as Chiranjeevi himself claims so. I think it is the same reason RGV did not want to work with Shah Rukh Khan as people would not be happy to see the stars in discussion as characters but instead would want to see them as a Megastar and King Khan of Bollywood.

  24. sha says:

    one of my fv movies is company.

  25. Unknown says:

    am scared of wishing you "Happy Newyear". You might start insulting my whole khandaan for no reason :)Anyway, you are indifferent to these things so does wishing matter? My favorite movie by you is kshana kshnam. Love Sridevi\’s comedy in that forest "Telsaa maa oorilo maaku…".I felt as though Sri\’s personality portrayl in Govindaa , Govindaa(GG) & Khsna khanam(KK)were very similar.Another similar character in those movies were her neighbour in KK & the room attendant in GG.

  26. vinay says:

    To Asad Hassan, Screenplay is about arranging of scenes that which SCENE has to come WHEN and how the scene arrangemnt is going to suit for your story revelation.Script it self can comprise of dialogues.To my best of knowledge n (I think I\’m correct!)

  27. Swamy says:

    Wish You a Super New Year 2009 !!!

  28. sandeep says:


  29. Vinay says:

    NItin Hatekar, all posts are made to RGV. Apologize to RGV since this post is not. All my posts are addressed to RGV. A reference was made to your post. No body asked you anything, and nobody around you cares for what you think. No one wants to know what you are and what you are about. If you want to keep writing to other people who post their opinions, then go to rediff or indiatimes or something.

  30. Mohan says:

    What is the meaning of \’RANN\’ .. is it \’RUN\’

  31. Ankit says:

    Ram,Hi.Its always good to know the preparation of a movie. Your films on underworld have been cult. I\’m sure a lot of research foes into development of any film. But more so, in films thats you made on the underworld. Thank you for sharing a small incident from your life, that helped to with a film.On another note, I liked your response to Shobha De\’s comment on your visit to the Taj – "some people make a living out of barking". Superb.Ram, I\’d like to meet you. Can we have a meeting?Love and Hope,Ankit

  32. Unknown says:

    Found this somewhere…..“Fear is always in relation to something; it does not exist by itself. There is fear of what happened yesterday in relation to the possibility of its repetition tomorrow; there is always a fixed point from which relationship takes place. How does fear come into this? I had pain yesterday; there is the memory of it and I do not want it again tomorrow. Thinking about the pain of yesterday, thinking which involves the memory of yesterday’s pain, projects the fear of having pain again tomorrow. So it is thought that brings about fear. Thought breeds fear; thought also cultivates pleasure. To understand fear you must also understand pleasure – they are interrelated; without understanding one you cannot understand the other. This means that one cannot say ‘I must only have pleasure and no fear’; fear is the other side of the coin which is called pleasure.Thinking with the images of yesterday’s pleasure, thought imagines that you may not have that pleasure tomorrow; so thought engenders fear. Thought tries to sustain pleasure and thereby nourishes fear.

  33. Chandra says:

    My opinion’s on JD Chakrvarthy.He is an average actor & should stick with acting & not directing. It took him 20 years working under you to make an average movie (Homam). Unlike your other assitsant directors he has no skills in directing, PERIOD. I am sure if any of your spot buy who sticked with you for more than 5 years is good enough to make better films than JD. He should stop acting like you in interviews he gives on TV.Krishna VamsyHe got excellent Skills but Ain\’t yours. he got his own skills & his ideas are exactly opposite yours. his films are made for people who live in dreamy world & that is one of reason he made it big in so called Tollywood.He is an asset to telugu industry (only).Puri JaganHe brings in fresh ideas & his target audiance is mostly youth. He is a director made for Stars & not actors.The only thing i like in his movies is the way Hero\’s running in Ishtyle in slow motion. I would like to see him direct atleast one movie without any stars.His opinion on NRI\’s greedy spending 8$ on movies by watching web reviews ( In neninthe movie ) in USA shows his lack of knowledge or any knowledge of NRI\’s lifestyle. probably he has short term memory loss as he forgot that most NRI\’s spent 15$ or more to watch his pokiri movie.TejaI think he is unique. Unlike the above he dosen\’t got a brand & he wants to try different themes. Unfortunately most audinece has very little patience as they always expect hits from him & not variety.His career graph is like current economic crisis, it\’s been going down & down. I am sure very soon he is going to come back with good Variety movie.Finally on RGVNothing 🙂

  34. Chaitanya says:

    You have given one of the best trilogy – \’Shiva\’, \’Satya\’ & \’Company\’. In spite of your numerous "expressions" after that, people like me still wait, that you will surely surpass the "experience" that was called \’Company\’

  35. celeste says:

    Please, I urgently need a photo of RGV with the following dimensions: 550×350. Not smaller. All the pictures I\’ve found in the web are too small. May, please, someone of you send it to in advance.

  36. Unknown says:


  37. Unknown says:

    RGV, You are a man of material made of molybdenum and coated with oxides of tungsten.

  38. Unknown says:

    you have a noble cause in your life -to pursuit your selfish interests. You are a proud intelligent man. Why did you choose arrogance to diplomacy and polite manners then? Don\’t you think the latter style works better?

  39. Unknown says:

    you are really GOOD COMPANY.

  40. kishan says:

    In one of your other interviews, you said it was "Manish Kadawala" who told you about Dawood and Chota rajan. I know names don\’t matter but just being curious.

  41. snow says:

    No wonder,not many people like you.making movies about dark subjects is one thing and hobnobbing with criminals is want to know the psychology of the criminal. well read some books,consult the experts but to befriend and get their opinions,ideas and advices is so dumb.Michael Mann makes movies about criminals, well he doesnt have any friends in the underworld,so is the case with Martin Scorcese, your brazen attempt to meet people from the underworld and criminals reveals some traits about yourself,you are unknowingly making some statements.all the talk about bhais having so respect that even if someone calls them on the phone and they throwing away their ciggy to say "salaam" is bullshit.who the fuck cares who is on the other side of the is funny that these people who don\’t have any respect for life,who themselves are living some delusional lives,almost living their life without any purpose but to take the path of self-destruction have advised you to not to make movies about them and instead concentrate on rolly-polly-jolly sweety sweety chocaleti pyaar,ishq and shit movies…these shit movies have ruined the minds of indians that is the reason why even after a month of mumbai attacks we are sitting ducks doing nothing!!!!

  42. Amit says:

    Have you watched Quentin Tarantino\’s "Grindhouse – Death Proof"? If not, please do. Its an amazing concept to copy!

  43. Parixit says:

    What happen to time machine???

  44. Parixit says:

    Wat does the costume of antra mali communicate in the sing "naach naach ke duniya hila de"? I mean Wat does it symbolize????

  45. Parixit says:

    Will you make any movie on split personality???

  46. Parixit says:

    You made me read Ayn Rand and It helped me to solve many of my doubts on life.

  47. Parixit says:

    You wrote about how you strat Video library and got rid of engineering but what happen after that? How you became a director?

  48. Parixit says:

    Your philosophy of agyaat is very near to a gujarati writer "chandrakant baxi" who believes that "death brings equivalance in human because it breaks the hierarchical differences as all gonna die someday". in gujrati- "mrutyu manav ma samanata lave chhe"

  49. Parixit says:

    If Howard Roark does not think of Ellsworth toohey then how Roark come to know that Ellsworth can understand his work?? (In a dialogue Ellsworth told Roark that he can understand his work!!! Roark reponded that he knows that

  50. Unknown says:

    I read somewhere that you will sleep only 3hrs a day. How can that be possible?

  51. Siva Rama Kumar says:

    Your blog (especially Q&As) has been entertaining me like none of your recent films. Best part is that this is free!I will continue to visit your blog even though I won\’t waste any of my money buying a ticket for your film or rentinga DVD of it. Keep it up RGV! Not that you care, but the plot for Agyaat has B-grade written all over it. You will make it neverthless, I can understand, you need some pocket money. Rann sounds like another of those Madhu Bhandarkar\’s movies. Uninpsiring. Thanks for publishing these on your blogs. I don\’t need the reviews to come out slamming these films. The way you narrated them is enough for many people like me to stay away. When I see you make an honest movie, I will probably buy a ticket irrespective of the reviews.- Yaji.

  52. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

    Mr.Narendra, I 2ooo read about the matter u have writtenthe time is 3:00 A.M to 6:00 A.MRGV sir,is this time correct r not?

  53. Kiran says:

    —————————————————————————————————————————————————Q. I want to work with you.Ans: I detest anyone who wants to work with anyone else. My gyan is that you should work only for yourself. —————————————————————————————————————————————————-Then why do you think Howard Roark wanted to work with Henry Cameroon?

  54. vinay says:

    What do u believe in emotional or intelligence??

  55. Unknown says:

    Ayn Rand!So she spoiled you!!Well!And you are paying back by being responsible for everything Howard Roark did!!?

  56. Unknown says:

    you wanted to build a COMPANY brick by brick.You even started with bricks. Then you lost patience with the slow pace and wanted to grow as fast as possible.. and then.. the bubble burst! Now when the tide went only the bricks are there.

  57. Unknown says:

    you gave a lot of publicity and hype to yours only aag but abstained from so when you made oru prem it because the latter was made during the lucid interval which started with satya. And Satya..what an experience it was! Orgasmic!! Thanks ramu,chowta,gerard,editors,saurabh,kashyap,bajpai,jd,vishal and everyone for the most influential film on me.

  58. Unknown says:

    you have an allergy to advice, right? Then load an insulin syringe with adrenaline and read. When others tell you they are bored why are waiting till you are bored and try the same shits again and again. Oh i forgot. You are making films for you brought the same crew of james and made shiva. Well that can be pardoned if you repeat that experiment with the crew of satya and make any bullshit.Then atleast i\’ll watch other than you.

  59. Unknown says:

    thanks for giving a space so that i can do something when i\’ve nothing else to do. your blog is a haven of lazy people like me. BTW what do you do when you\’ve nothing to post? Make films? Better you post.

  60. Pradeep says:

    waiting for your next Blog….

  61. Unknown says:

    last time khaleed and me were having our regular barista and dreaming about our future film. It rained and we rushed to opposite theatre and saw your recent flick. It changed me completely.. Now i\’m drinking vodka to forget it.

  62. vinay says:

    A ordinary man thinks different and works hard on it to become Extra-ordinary, but a ordinary man who hardly thinks and find different ways to work on it will be extra in ordinary

  63. Unknown says:

    stanley kubrick is a better, reliable and bigger brand than you.

  64. Pradeep says:

    According to you,WHO IS THE MARKETING KING either SHARUKH or AAMIR?

  65. keertichandra says:

    by your article i understood that creativity cant be described it can be in any form

  66. keertichandra says:

    may be in illusion, bliss, inspiration, some times a bad company also

  67. srinivas says:

    where r u bhai?no article from you for many days……………….

  68. Parixit says:

    at babban singh\’s comment, (on the behalf of RGV),Oh hello, mr babban singh, Howard roark wanted to work with Henry Cameroon because Cameroon was the only one with whom Roark would have been able to work for himself. Roark would keep his soul if he work with Cameroon because Cameroon was the one who did not sell his soul. I recommend you to read the book again or behave like a reader of Ayn Rand.

  69. Arun says:

    I think RGV passed away ;)….10 days no post…someone please pull him out of the dead. 😉

  70. bhanu says:

    Did you copy some of the scenes or dialogues from Murder Inc?? Dialogues like nobody is bigger than syndicate…. voice over about how mallik went from strength to strength and srinivasan\’s intro voice over??

  71. bhanu says:

    Ohh… man it cant be coincidence I bet you copied it from murder Inc. I am typing this as I completed watching the movie…

  72. Jitesh says:

    Why do you refuse to hear others\’ scripts when you have suffered yourself in your struggling days?I mean,why do you want others to suffer the same way you did?If anything,you should try to reduce others pain by helping them.

  73. Krishna says:

    your comment on Ramalinga "Raju" – Fraud of Satyam

  74. sandeep says:

    @alfredhi alfred this is sandeep… one question do u have murder inc… i searched for the dvd and did\’nt get it…

  75. bhanu says:

    hi sandeep.. i got it from local library in NY….its an old black and white movie….

  76. Swamy says:

    \’Satyam\’ Ramalingaraju\’s issue proved once again that anybody may commit a blunder mistake at any time ( he can be a leader or a pioneer doesn\’t matter ) as Varma always quotes in his interviews that \’ there is a very thin difference between a courageous person and a stupid.\’ If Ramalingaraju could have succeeded in hiding his non-existing cash balances figure for some more time and meanwhile the IT market would have gone up or his Maytas deal could have figured out….nothing could have happened to him or his investors…and he would have termed as a Bold man with guts, now he got trapped in crises from nearly all the dimensions and obviously everyone is calling him as a Stupid. But Yes….a person who commits a mistake can never escape…if ever he succeeds by managing the great escape from the world he cannot escape from his own guilty conscience. That is the power of a human VALUE. If you deceive that value, it will take care of your END.

  77. Unknown says:

    NISHABD – CLASSIC OF RGV Life is not what you believe, what you expected; it’s rather opposite. To live life should one rely on instincts or conscience? Instinct is pure natural & so without logic & conscience or morality is something acquired & accepted programming of mind- a part where right & wrong is justified. What happens when instinct collides with conscience in your choice, what choice you make? Sometimes vulnerability & passion of instinct can destroy all that you have built over the years. Love, when it comes, no matter how irrational, makes rationality take aback seat. An individual’s emotions cannot be controlled by the expectations of society. What a brilliant message & what a brilliant made film by Ramgopal Verma.Watch this Ramgopal Verma film & it compels you to think hard once you complete it.Nishabd is a tragic story of a repenting man who listened to his natural instincts instead of moral side of conscience in a situation. It’s out & out mature cinema & one of the most accomplished film from one of the finest film maker of current India – Ramgopal Verma.There are no words to express my gratitude towards Mr.Bachchan for this role, his intense acting & those countless million dollar expressions in this film. This is again most difficult role to gain audience sympathy & yes, he proved why still he is invincible in his acting & Baap of all. More than the scripted part of the film, I like the direct screen confessional narration of Amitabh which made the audience to get inside the skin of the character & made it more subjective rather than observe it from the objective point of view. Watch his crying confession in the last scene & tell me honestly is there any other Indian actor who can deliver such an intensity to the character as him!!! He is not playing character, he be the one.Jiah is novice in acting as it’s her debut movie & she’s gave noticeable performance but more than her act it’s her boldness of character which is such an infectious that anyone can carried away to her. It’s her characteristic unpredictability of boldness & uncommonness (internally & externally) which really made me love to fantasize about a kind of girl I would love to meet. Revathi & Nasser are two mature actors of south Indian cinema & they have also played their parts with their natural flair.Ramu you made me really nishabd (speechless). This is again my second screening of the film. And the reason is the movie created the same strong impression in my mind during its 1st watch. I recommended it to one of my close my friend & said that in a situation like this I would also possible for me or for any mature man to get carried away by instinct. I gave him a VCD to watch it yesterday & he messed his review with his own moral codes & character analysis of the movie’s protagonist. I don’t feel sad because he messed his opinion but feel disturbed that he didn’t get the point of the film or my opinion. Today I watched it 2nd time & I will still like to retain my statement on every account. Now again this sort of purely experimental movie (which is just a frame of reference) is only a director & man like RGV can do justice. It’s more convincing & more intense & darker than ‘Jogger’s Park’, fresh & entertaining ‘Chini Kum’or Ben Kingsley-Penelope Cruz starrer ‘Elegy’ (2008).It’s one of the most sound, serious & maturely made landmark film of the RGV.

  78. bhanu says:

    In shiva Bhavani asks for 5 laks to take care of workers strike when it takes 10 lakhs for management to give the hike.. Its been literally taken from Murder Inc. Is that right sir?

  79. Pratyusha says:

    Hi RGV, i just though you are one person with a lot of headweight and over confidence. but…yes looks and media are always deceptive.:) and your blog is intrsting

  80. Unknown says:

    were you fond of making movies or making money?

  81. Unknown says:

    if you had left for Nigeria for work, what would you have been doing now? I always wonder that such a small and daring decisions make our life entirely different.

  82. Unknown says:

    no doubt you deserve to film making

  83. Aravind says:

    Hello Ram , I come from Hyderabad and I have seen most of your movies. And I dont want to praise you too much because I know that you have been praised by many. I really like most of your movies and the way they are made is amazing and I have to admit that I have smoked my first cigarette after watching company when i was 19 years old but I did not continue it because I did not like the taste though :-). But I want to ask you that do you plan to make any comedy movies because I have watched some of your comedy movies and they are with really good humor unlike most of the movies now which are a little vulgar.( But I like vulgar though). What I liked in those movies is that you concentrated more on the expressions and the scenarios revolving around the characters which is really hilarious unlike most of the present movies which create humor for the sake of creating humor. I want to see a movie made like that from you. Enough of mafia and scary movies. I am really scared and frightened now :-).

  84. dfasdf says:


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