My reactions to reactions


1. What is your reaction to Shobha De’s comments on your Taj visit?
Ans: Well, some people make a living out of barking.

2. I would like to have a coffee with you.
Ans: You are on the wrong blog.

3. Your Taj visit was a true judgment of error.
Ans: Ok, your honour.

4. You can’t stop being an idiot.
Ans: Ok, wise man.

5. If you live for wine and women what are movies for?
Ans: A means.

6. You had a collection of ideas. Now you don’t.
Ans: Am waiting for yours.

7. I can’t believe you can write a script in 20 minutes.
Ans: It can range from 20 minutes (Satya) to 20 years (Sarkar).

      P.S. I read Godfather 20 years back.

8. What’s the difference between love and lust?
Ans: Truth.

9. How do you get away from guilt?
Ans: By blaming each and everything thing on God.

10. Comment – Dagny Taggart is a bitch.
Ans: Ahhhh! I want to be the dog.

11. Have you ever taken anything seriously?
Ans: Most of my flop films.

12. I respect you because you believe in yourself.
Ans: And I respect myself because I don’t believe in anything.

13. Don’t keep giving smart answers.
Ans: This blog is not meant for idiots.

14. Be sympathetic towards human beings.
Ans: Thanks for the gyan. And what animal are you?

15. Do something towards the crazzzzzy footage hungry media.
Ans: Ok, I will give them crazzzzzier footage.

16. I want you to give a good thought to my comments.
Ans: Your comments do not merit as they themselves have no good thoughts.

17. I always felt your forte is not story but screenplay.
Ans: There’s no such thing as story, screenplay etc. It’s about decisions made as long as you have the power to make them. Some work and some don’t.

18. Why do you need to be always busy?
Ans: At heart I am a bee.

19. I want to work with you.
Ans: I detest anyone who wants to work with anyone else. My gyan is that you should work only for yourself.

20. How do you manage to keep your personal life so private?
Ans: By making it public.

21. How do you describe yourself?
Ans: Either I am a genius pretending to be mad or a madman pretending to be a genius, and don’t waste time figuring this out as the end effect in both the cases will be the same. 

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77 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. andhrabond says:

    RGV,There is nothing called \’Busy\’. It is all about how you manage your time and willingness to perform that you want to perform. You are the one of the best example that no matter how busy you are in your movie shooting. You are still attending the blog and having fun and so do we. Any how, how is it going there in Srilanka. You can post any good, bad, worst, crazy situations and experience you came across in your shooting.Have fun.

  2. Yashpal says:

    If rann flops, it will be crazzzzziest footage…. 🙂

  3. Yashpal says:

    Why do u take ur audience for granted???

  4. sha says:

    Sir,I want to work with you for myself.Love,

  5. Jai says:

    A post on Writers?

  6. prakash says:

    i want to assist you, i have sent you a private message in which i\’ve put my story idea..i am a journalist for last 10 years but want to be a filmmaker (not like khalid…!) perheps i may be helpful to you in making rann.

  7. Unknown says:

    my take on busy people. Give the same task a latest processor does it in no time but a p!! processor will be busy for the rest of the day. Better managers will not be busy.

  8. Arun says:

    Ramuji,I respect you as a film maker. However, as a citizen, I was hurt that you were there in Taj even before the the investigation was over. Often times you have mentioned in this blog that when tragedy strikes you are still thinking about how it would look on film. I couldn\’t help but infer that would have been your ulterior motive for your visit. Also, I did not notice you make any statements against the attacks (I may have missed it). I know that you as a citizen of the country are excercizing your right when given a chance. On the other hand, we the common man feel,you are privileged and sort of wield your popularity and connections as power. In that light, it would have been best to abstain from going into Taj as an onlooker. This is my way of filing my protest to your visit to Taj.Best,-Ar

  9. krishna says:

    Is RANN inspired from Sidney Lumet\’s "NETWORK" ?

  10. Ashvin says:

    Honestly, I read your blog everytime….however "reactions to Reaction", posted on 12/22/08 was interesting after a long time…however your recent interviews and your blog on your visit to Taj was evident that you were shaken….I know it was just not your day – do you think so??? I never thought I would ask you a question/make a statement on your Visit to Taj!!!! Also, can we expect a few more blogs on your other movies…I mean their evolution and how concieved characters and scenes…!!!

  11. kishan says:

    Did you see Puri Jagan\’s new movie "Neninthe"? You will probably love it for the leading character is so much like you.

  12. Mohan says:

    Don\’t you have anything better to do with your time than insult your fans and readers of your blog with your inane rantings and pathetically defensive stance on every little comment?? It\’s almost as if you select the most random comments deliberately just to make a sarcastic comment. Clearly the brilliant film maker who gave us Company and Satya has gone forever and been replaced with a sad embittered guy who feels he can alienate everybody just because he is great friends with the Bachchans. Get a life and get back to making some decent films.

  13. Unknown says:

    Hi, My fav. in your blog is reaction to reactions, How long do you take to give such smart and nice answers?

  14. bhose says:

    so who was better in bed , Sushmita or Urmilla? be honest 😉

  15. Narendra says:

    Hi sir. Sorry to tell you but, don\’t you think that the blog is getting repetitive and boring. Reactions to Reactions is a very good concept. But overdose kills any entertainment. Please post anything about your projects and please please I beg you to give us some insights about direction and the experiences (something like the brilliant \’Kshanak Kshanam\’ post). That\’s why I believe you started this blog. Please don\’t sidetrack the primary cause.Anyways I liked the answer to the last question in this post.Bye sir. Have fun.

  16. sandeep says:

    hi rgvu r back…thanks.or else life was boring…

  17. Unknown says:

    hi Ramu,am looking forward to your post on the making of "Govinda Govinda" . U wanted to experiment with the theme of theism? or then u were a theist?

  18. Nisarg says:

    Hello, sir i sent u a msg that i have a some stories. but u not reply of that msg. but sir i want to make films on that stories so plz give me a chance to make film. If u r interested plz plz plz contact me. My email ID is

  19. saurabh says:

    Hey would you include this TAJ incident and its media coverage in RANN ?..I am gettin a feelin that you sure would …and the comment on Shobha De was funny but ironically you also do the same,the difference being that you make your actors do so on-screen .

  20. Arun says:

    11. Have you ever taken anything seriously?Ans: Most of my flop films.Thanks for replying, but I didn\’t get what you meant. Do you take the making of your flop films seriously or the aftermath ? Or both Or neither ? Or you meant something else ?

  21. Arun says:

    I think you are a genius with your films and a madman with your philosophies and humor.

  22. Arun says:

    My mother still says you are half mad ! 😉

  23. vamsi says:

    Hey….I found your brother – I am not sure if this serial is relayed in India too, but its called "House M.D." and I see it on "fox" in the US. This is about a master of diagnosis who behaves like a idiot and shows utter disrespect to his colleagues and patients alike. However he looks at every patient\’s problem as a challenge and derives a satisfaction in solving that problem. His intentions could be noble or not, behavioural disposition is made up or not – no one knows. However he ends up saving almost all lives and all the people around him hate and appreciate him at the same time. He lives life like a bachelor, with no friends and enjoys living like an idiot. now you see – your brother. Only you can connect to this "on-screen" character as both of you have the same wave lengths. Am sure you will get a kick out of watching this serial….

  24. Smita says:

    great. awesome. lovely! thanks again for the laughs.

  25. sagar says:

    Is it books or your life experiences made you like this??

  26. VJ says:

    Ramu, I am sorry to use ur board to make my review of the Ghajini review made by jackass called Rajiv Masand.I saw Ghajini of Aaamir on 25th evening with Indians, Pakistanis and B\’deshis in the audience (an estimate of 50,40 and 10 %s).Nobody walked out during the show. As if on cue the audience clapped as the titles started rolling in the end. I saw hundreds of movies in my life but never saw such response except for Gandhi movie in my childhood. For me I am more than happy for the time and money I spent on the show. Now lets look at this dickhead called Rajiv Masand who otherwise is used to watch big-assed baniyas, shallow ladies and pretentious heroines in the typical Bollywood films. May be the \’AH\’ was upset that Ghajini didnt have any of those clips in the movie. make a mince-meat of his review. I dont know why they pay him fat salaries to write such crap."..exaggerated in its comedy…"Jackass, the comedy is close to perfect. No over-action in those scenes. Asin did it very well."..what irks you most are the half-dozen or so creative liberties and coincidences that the makers resort to, in order to bail themselves out of tricky screenplay situations."C**tiya, have u ever written a story or screenplay or been creative in ur life than doing this food-tasting-type job?"\’re expected to believe that Sanjay Singhania is a well-known millionaire industrialist, and yet no one has seen him in pictures or in person."Masand is a typical media ch**tya. How he expects ppl to read papers/mags and watch TV channels to know the MDs of mobile phone companies? Gadhey."….Ghajini works despite its shortcomings because it\’s a reliably dumb film that is unpretentious in its intentions."Lemme tell u this Masand. U r a tasteless, shallow, brainless moron of highest order. May be a 5-star moron. Get some education. Creativity is not abt being pretentious but being honest abt creativity. "….Ghajini is a dumb film that celebrates its dumbness."Rajiv Masand is a dumbest jackass I have come across in the media."Ghajini isn\’t a particularly good film"Have u ever thought ur life is worth a penny or u have any qualities that can be called good in ur life? Zilch.Lemme make a counter question. What\’s a good film?*******I shud start with a disclaimer that I am not a fan of Aamir or any of the actors in the film. I am also not into watching all the Hindi films. I saw it to see how the Hindi version is. Now, lemme say what I think abt Ghajini. Aamir Khan is close to perfect and if he\’s not nominated for national award then it\’s pure politics. Asin is perfect as a low-income model who wins the love of Sanjay. Contrary to what I feared, Asin delivered a near perfect performance.Jiah, & others. Jiah is much better in Ghajini and she doesn\’t need to overact for the role. I cant say who underperformed.Story & Screenplay : Story not original (nobody from film side lie abt it) but the screenplay, editing, photography, lyrics, music, background score are all outstanding.If all the actors technicians gave near perfect performances how can we say Murugadoss underperformed? If everybody did well and people loved it who the gand**** u r to call it a crap movie?Rajiv Masand, have a life u dickhead. U r used to writing crap on everything u see but mind u we can give what u r worth for., I repeat again. Have a life u moron.

  27. VJ says:

    I also send emails to TV channel ppl to give these movie reviews as the opinions of the reviewer than the opinions of the channels. The channels shud display this disclaimer in bold before they show the reviews by individuals, else chtyas like Masand would damage the films that\’re not palatable to them individually.The disclaimer I am advocating is good for TV channels, public and the movie industry.In fact Ramu, guys like u shud advocate for such a move. U can movie film bodies in the direction. (Thanks in advance, btw)P.S: Once we use to have native umpires for all intl cricket mathces but once Imran Khan started advocating for neutral umpires it gained ground and it became norm to appoint neutral umpires after that. Lets take a cue from that example.

  28. VJ says:

    U can move the film bodies…

  29. VJ says:

    These gandoos are culturally insensitive. Murugadoss become Murgadoss to Rajiv Khassi Masand.

  30. geetha says:

    u always expresses that working as asst dir is not necessasary but u in tne begning worked as asst dir for two movies to know practical things even though ur father had a film background even then some other people who dont know about films making, how could they know practical things to make a movie at least u should have told that practical observation is to b needed. is it right?

  31. Amit says:

    Ramu sir…u r really a excellent director..i have watched all your movies and really enjoyed a lot..really even AAG also..more than that when u announed i will make Sholay again…thats the confidence…

  32. Unknown says:

    when will you retire from film making, and what would you do after your retirement?

  33. Unknown says:

    I appreciate your guts.

  34. Unknown says:

    can you make a movie like TITANIC

  35. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

    Sir,What’s the difference between love and lust?Ans: Truth. Excellent answer.U said that your script time is 20mins, how u read a book i.e., hundreds of pagesU don\’t read at a glance?

  36. Swamy says:

    What you think will change what you do…and more importantly what you do will change what you think — Charlie Munger

  37. Jonah says:

    20. How do you manage to keep your personal life so private?Ans: By making it making your personal life public or making public your personal life? like the women and the assistant directors you fuck!!!and i didnl\’t get any response to this question i asked previously!!what was the conception of "deshu\’s entertainment" factor you\’ve shown in \’D\’. Do you entertain in similar ways ?

  38. Unknown says:

    all of your movies together can compete with the film DEEWAR (amitabh bachchan). It has that accuracy. great story great screenplay. I like the movie VVV much. It was the trendsetter in bollywood.

  39. Asad says:

    whats the difference between script and screenplay?

  40. Raj says:

    Am a CA-turned-writer, was in Mumbai on 26/11 and have written a full story on the terrible attack albeit from a different perspective…which if you consider could change the public sentiment towards you, for the better.

  41. shikhar says:

    Ramu why don\’t you make historical films…?

  42. shikhar says:

    I want you to make a film on a short story called "Kartik\’s War"\’s backdrop is of Samrat Ashok, Patliputa, and Magadh..It\’s about the time when Ashok has embrassed Gautam Buddh\’s thoughts of non violence and how the court members are playing poltics with the King and his brothers and other kingdoms have spies to get him off…and finally how Karthik (the spy) saves the\’s worth telling a story…

  43. tarak says:

    do you need real vilan for your movies?

  44. Srinu says:

    I wanna assist you.i have an excelent action thriller kind of script.

  45. sravan says:

    dear ramu sir,when jd chakravarthy sir acted as amithab in kshanakshanam shooting.wht did u thought of him.plese reply sir.where u really astonished ?what was ur reaction.

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