My reactions to reactions

1. My mother thinks that I am becoming madder and madder for reading your blog.
Ans: And my mother thinks that your mother is becoming madder and madder for thinking so.
2. How come you are not offended when people call you Ramu which is usually the name of a gardener or a dog.
Ans: Well I am mighty happy that I have reached this stage from being a dog and am managing to make the various concerned admit that by them still calling me by that name.
3. (Note: This is just one line from a long piece written by Mr.MG. Those of you with nothing to do please check it.)
Take time to read what I have written and introspect where you are heading as a filmmaker.

Ans: Dear Mr.MG just take a chill pill or better still watch Katarina’s legs in “Just Chill”.
4. What do you need to become a director?
Ans: A passion to tell a story and a fool with money to believe in it.
That is the truth in 99% of the cases but in the 1% where I figure… Ahem!… It is my passion and a passionate producer who believes in it.
Just kidding Boss. If you don’t like my joke please go visit MG. His super-serious piece on me in this blog is sure to make you laugh more than mine.
5. You look like a chimpanzee.
Ans: Oh! I didn’t know I was that good looking.
6. How much time do you spend on a script?
Ans: Around 20 minutes give or take a few minutes.
7. I hope “Rann” will tell how terrible media is.
Ans:… And I hope the media won’t tell how terrible ‘Rann’ is.
8. What are the similarities between great dictator Hitler and great director RGV?
Ans: Well he had his concentration camps and I have my theatres.
9. Does any politician ever tell the truth?
Ans: Well…. only when he calls the other politician a liar.
10. Do you believe that the best things in life are for free like sex for instance?
Ans: Of course. It is only what can lead to it which is expensive.
11. What do you live for?
Ans: Wine and women. It is just that the order changes from time to time and yes, you do need some wealth to get them.
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100 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. vinay says:

    what are movies mean to your life….If u live for wine and women??

  2. vamsi says:

    2 reason why people abuse you:1. You are an ugly person deep inside2. Do you see the kick in boxing RGV on his face. Given a chance people would do the same to the PM or for that matter any other celebrity too, but they won\’t read or answer. You do both, which creates the fun. You cant stop being an idiot. That your constraint and people will want to kick you between your legs as hard as they can so that it vents out their disgust against your behaviour.

  3. Pradeep says:

    In your opinion,Whats ur USP(Unique Selling Property)?

  4. Pradeep says:

    RGV sir I want to meet u …once ,How can i do that?

  5. Unknown says:

    mani ratnam made a film with tamil super star rajni, but why didnt you make a movie with telugu megastar chiranjeevi.

  6. Sinu says:

    RGV Sir, I am Srinivas Goud (Sinu), I want to meet u I am from Adhrapradesh, Can ugive me a appointment I would like to have a cofee with u. I am ur Fan ,Cooler, AC . I have a Script on the Naxalism, If u have intrest to direct the film.I\’ll meet u

  7. Sinu says:

    And Media has showed u as worst on the Bombay blasting tour.It was hurted me. Discuss this evevnt in Ur forth coming film "Ran"

  8. Sinu says:

    I have to join as a Assistant Director, If u r not intrested U may miss a future great director like RG Varma.

  9. Krishnan says:

    I\’ve heard you say that you had a major crush on Sridevi and Mast was a manifestation of that. After Sridevi, has any other actress had that big an impact on you?

  10. celeste says:\’Il celebre regista Ram Gopal Varma era stato universalmente accusato di sciacallaggio per la sua visita al Taj, il 30 novembre, con il figlio attore Ritiesh e l’allora primo ministro del Maharashtra, Vilasrao Deshmuk, dimessosi quattro giorni dopo. «Pura coincidenza», aveva dichiarato Varma. Ma nemmeno nel mondo del cinema nessuno l’aveva difeso. «Che crede, Varma? Non è un sito turistico », aveva detto l’attore Aashish Chaudhary, ancora sconvolto dalla morte della sorella e del cognato all’Oberoi. «Conoscendo Varma è lecito sospettare che voglia fare un film, è indecente», aveva aggiunto il regista ed (ex?) amico Anurag Kashyap. In realtà, al di là dello scandalo, qualcuno ricorda come molti dei recenti film in hindi sul terrorismo siano stati un trionfo di nazionalismo indù. «Quasi nessuno esplora l’estremismo islamico, mentre propaganda visioni di parte, guarda all’India in bianco e nero», sostiene il regista Piyush Jha.\’\’The famous director RGV had been universally accused of looting due to his visit to Taj, on 30th Nov., with his son (I SWEAR: IT\’S WRITTEN THIS!!!!) – an actor – Ritiesh (written in this way), and with the ex Maharashtra PM, Vilasrao Deshmuk (written in this way: too difficult checking the right orthography…), dismissed 4 days after. \’Pure coincidence\’, Varma declared. But no one defended him, even in the film industry. \’What does Varma thinks? It\’s not a touristic location\’, said the actor Aashish Chaudhary (WHO IS HE?????), still shocked by the death of his sister and brother-in law at Oberoi. \’Knowing Varma, the suspicion he wants to do a film is well-founded. It\’s not decent\’, said the director and (ex?) friend Anurag Kashyap (did he really declare that? The \’Black Friday\’ director?). Actually, beyond the scandal, someone remembers most of recent Hindi films on terrorism have been a triumph for hindu nationalism. \’Almost no one explores the muslim extremism, but prefers to propagandize the opinions of a faction and looks at India in black&white terms\’, says the director Piyush Jha (WHO IS HE?????).\’ Posted today on \’Corriere della Sera\’ website, the most important Italian daily national paper. \’The famous director RGV\’?????Sure NOT famous in Italy, since Italian press knows NOTHING about his cinema, and has written on him only in this occasion. But there\’s even his picture. I should feel happy…

  11. Arun says:

    wow celeste roxx !

  12. Arun says:

    RGV since when did you develop an allergy against advising? Post-Aag or Pre-Aag ?

  13. Swamy says:

    Can you please explain about two cinematic words i.e 1) Treatment and 2) Taking

  14. sha says:

    Sir,I want to work with you.Love

  15. veerudu says:

    This is by far the most hilarious realistic scene I have ever seen. Thought this would be some use for "Rann" Look at this poor Pak media reporter. Hahhha !!!:

  16. Naveen says:

    veerudu is right……the below reporting blooper is a must watch ……………its absolutely hilarious !!!

  17. sha says:

    Sir,Come soon on your blog we all are missing you,,,,,,,,Regards,

  18. Unknown says:

    Are you pure enough to say that media is corrupted?

  19. VijayDirects says:

    Looks like RGV is busy with Agyaat shooting. I doubt if he is going to come here anytime soon.

  20. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, I recently saw an american movie called "The TV Set", where it shows the trials of a director going thru the process of pitching his scipt, artistes, pilot episode ect. for a TV series. In the end the TRP ratings and his own personal problems force him to accept whtever studio executives dictate. It turns out to be totally different from what he initially envisions. He concludes, good films/series just happen. From whatever I\’ve learnt thru your interviews, even your good movies – just happened. That\’s considering the ones where no one was imposing any restrictions on you. Why so? Isn\’t there a way out of this for you? I do believe that those good movies happened because you happened to be part of them..

  21. sandeep says:

    hello rgvwhen do we see ur next article…plz is boring

  22. Jitesh says:

    Some people consider you Sachin Tendulkar of Indian Cinema.What is your take?

  23. Unknown says:

    you are still god to us.. make a film that shuts us up and lets the world really know what you are.. fuck them all. more power to you for always being true what you bloody are..

  24. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, In \’Company\’ there is this scene that takes place after Mallik gets rid of Sayyed, Anees and Sharma. He goes to Aslam\’s house and enters Aslam\’s bedroom to declare that he has officially taken over Aslam\’s place. Now when Mallik enters Aslam\’s bedroom, his shadow falls on the mosquito-nets of Aslam\’s bed. And as Mallik walks into the room, the shadow grows bigger. All the while the camera does not see Mallik at all. All it sees is Mallik\’s shadow! This is what that makes the scene symbolic and a visual treat. Now my question is..whose idea was it to use the shadow and who suggested how this can be achieved?

  25. Raghu says:

    Do you trust anyone else other than you…….?

  26. red says:

    namaskaram varma garu,meeru nidra poyemundhu emi aalochistharu?

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