My Reactions to Reactions

1. You are psycho.
Ans: Grrrr!
2. I think you are hurt.
Ans: Boo hoo!
3. Your blog entry is silly
Ans: Sillier is to read and reply.
4. Why is that you are not having meaty scripts and Mukul Anand’s visuals?
Ans: Watch Mukul’s films and read your own scripts.
5. You don’t have to explain.
Ans: You don’t have to advise.
6. Watch ‘Thank you for smoking’. It will bring some confidence in you.
Ans: Watch RGV ki Aag. It will make you loose your confidence in giving me confidence.
7. Don’t make Agyaat right now.
Ans: When should I make it Sir?
8. I hope these events corrected your ego and arrogance.
Ans: Yes they have become bigger.
9. Stick to your vodka.
Ans: Stick to your barista.
10. You said you had a ball or two.
Ans: I have balls… and Many.
11. What happened to your philosophy?
Ans: My philosophy is not to have a philosophy.
12. You are worse than a terrorist. Media is full of assholes. The officials who let you in were also incompetent.
Ans: Ok Sir except for you all of us are whatever you think we are. Happy now?
13. What is your opinion on platonic love?
Ans: Err… is it some disease?
13. Howard Roark embraces better thoughts than you.
Ans: I embrace far better and softer things than Howard Roark.
14. This is my last visit to your blog.
Ans: Bye.
15. Don’t enter our world and be in your world.
Ans: Look at who is in whose world.
16. You and Riteish should not have put Vilas Rao in this spot.
Ans: Both of us will seek your advise next time Sir.
17. Were you like this since your birth?
Ans: No… only since my mom dropped me on my head.
18. Which of the two traits do you like between Ram and Gopal?
Ans: I am basically Ravan pretending to be Ram to get the obvious benefits of Gopal.
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48 Responses to My Reactions to Reactions

  1. andhrabond says:

    RGV,The latest my "My reactions to reactions" is the most hilarious response from you that you have ever given. Actually it is tough to choose one but my favorites are below.6. Watch ‘Thank you for smoking’. It will bring some confidence in you.Ans: Watch RGV ki Aag. It will make you loose your confidence in giving me confidence. 18. Which of the two traits do you like between Ram and Gopal?Ans: I am basically Ravan pretending to be Ram to get the obvious benefits of Gopal.

  2. vivek says:

    lol… this is hilarious!!… here for the first time and i guess this is gonna be one hell of a fun ride! …ur movies may be good/bad but ur blog sure rocks!

  3. static atmosphere energy says:

    haha hahah ahaha hahahahahahahha ha ha ha hahey u\’re really really funny here!keeeeeeeeeeep it upppppppppppppppp:)) :)) :))

  4. Unknown says:

    you can trust ramu to always come up with something that\’s both cocky and funny at the same time. "accidents" do happen once is a while, but who gives a crap when the whole idea is to just have a big laugh. but on a more serious note, i would love to read your take on movies made by other indian film makers that influenced you the most and what exactly you liked about those movies and why. for instance, i would like to read what you think about sudhir mishra\’s \’hazaron khwahishey aisi\’. i must admit i\’m taking a shot in the dark here. for all you know, you will end up verbally berating me and/or this movie..:))

  5. Arun says:

    dying 2 read your piece on Nishabd.

  6. Abhay says:

    love all the funny answers, although have a serious question for you, would appreciate it if you could answer it how much time do you spend on working on a script normally ?

  7. Dinesh says:

    Sometimes you look like a chimpanzee Are you ????????

  8. Purna says:

    So Ravanji …..who is the next sita ??? I hope you dont give me a charecter now

  9. Unknown says:

    Look this is what Shobha De wrote about you.. Whats your take on this:"Look at RGV\’s arrogant and offensive stance even today – boycott his lousy films and teach him a lesson. The Taj is not a potential movie set he needed to study for art direction! Most of the filmwallas owe something to someone sitting in Dubai. "

  10. Unknown says:

    You are just hilarious.. I wish everyone become like you and mind their business and make productive things.. world will be much better place…

  11. Anil says:

    You have lot of patience … Reading all junk comments and again replying on that shit.I feel you are a some kind of drug … once addicted to your views/movies … we cant go back ….3. Your blog entry is sillyAns: Sillier is to read and reply.5. You don’t have to explain.Ans: You don’t have to advise.

  12. Anil says:

    I watched Krishna Vamsi interview, In that movie he told that RGV is Phenomenal … Nobody can reach him …And he told that … he will accept your every word of comment on him/his films…Your jaadu is going on all your asst. directors

  13. Anil says:

    <b>Can you please write some article on Direction? What are the basic traits required for a Director?My brother in law wants to become a director … Right now he is doing BTECH 2nd year … He is very passionate about movie making and but I feel some how his approach for that is not good… So can you share some of basic traits for a Director.</b>

  14. Unknown says:

    Hello RGV,You are one of the most honest and intelligent people I have seen in my life. Dont worry about all these brickbats because there are many people who see through your projected arrogance and cockiness and understand the real RGV.I am filmmaker myself and have learnt far from your blogs than what I learnt from countless books on screen writing and filmmaking. Your Satya and Company were masterpieces. Please stay what you are and dont give a damn to all these abusers (which Iam sure you wont).Take it easy.Dev

  15. Rahul says:

    ramu bhai… i was waiting for your replies on those who commented on you… and you hit back with the best \’My reaction to reactions\’…people want to reply just like you reacted when somebody points them out or advises them something… but they want to be on the safer side and apologize just to avoid controversies… that was awesome blog

  16. M says:

    EX RGV fanI knew you would side step the comments I posted last time cause you don\’t have an answer and infact you contributed to terror tourism in a great way. A man who did not care what the world thought of him suddenly bothers for a clarification. Why did you suddenly think of the people/audience and bother for an explanation? you never cared for them in the first place, In the real world it\’s called Double STANDARDS…. you couldn\’t digest the fact that you were out to screw media and they screwed you left right and center and who knows where else…since it hurt so bad. you did bother for an explanation. i thought you were indulging in your world of women, vodka and gangsters, sad to say I am sure the reality set in you when the vodka effect came down in the morning !!! Anyways I have posted my last comment Once again, so at least I can drive home my point in your head. It\’s high time you used your blog effectively, rather than ego massages. Accept it, "I am RGV,I want attention, I can stoop to any level to stay in public memory, be it a visit to Taj, or writing kiddish remarks to people who offer constructive criticism to your work," Take time to read what I have written over a drink, introspect, where you are heading as a film maker.LAST POSTGood that you read my reactions and it seems my words hit the nail. When I wrote the comment I knew you will only react like a KID quitting a cricket team, because you did not get the opportunity to bat or bowl. Howl accuses and run away. You simply did not satisfy me with your answers.LEARN TO TAKE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. GROW UP !!I am writing out of genuine concern of a Fan who does not want to see his idol go down the destruction lane. What If One FINE DAY you realize your idol Amitabh Bachan is a BUFFOON in bhojpuri films doing item numbers because he is lost direction and vision, deep in your heart you know he is capable of much much more? Will you keep quiet and take it or will you make it a point to tell him once where he is heading.My reactions to RGV\’s KIDDISH reactionsWhat is the need to do both Rann and Agyaat?RGV Ans: Coz I can think and work faster than you. Least I will do is to make 2 bad films while you will do nothing.When you go to a restaurant, pay for the food. You realize it\’s not cooked properly, if you write in the comments that the food was bad, do you think the CHEF will walk out and tell you " why don\’t you cook the food and serve the people?" . I would say "it\’s your job man to make food and make sure you deliver the quality i paid for." Same logic applies here, someone criticizing your movie/work, you are actually saying my dishes are bad, why don\’t you lap it up since you paid for it…I am the Chef and i make bad food here..Don\’t want eat..don\’t come… My restaurant will continue to make bad food and I will make more bad food.. At least I make BAD food in a short time…while you think i dont do nothing..I AM THE CUSTOMER…you CHEF…Do you see the point…It\’s insignificant what I do…what matters is my commentHow much more Kiddish can you get. GROW UP!!!ELSE you could continue with you cheesy films and be a DEV ANAND. Get laughed at and stop being taken seriously, Also accept deep in your heart you have pretty much faded and lost vision. "WOH dekh BUDDHA pagal ho gaya, ek aur horror film, ek aur gangster film "12. Your attitude is simply spoiling your body of work.RGV Ans: I have a fabulous suggestion for you. Why don’t you think for yourself for a little time in all the time you are wasting on me?Thanks for your fabulous Suggestion, your blog is just a time pass for me. It is not controlling my life, while the reverse may be true here. When I have free time I read this, I am very much happy in my life with both my material benefits and lofty ideals, there are people who advice me, I occasionally ponder to think of the choices I have made and act accordingly. Like I said Either Learn to take constructive criticism or get lost in the rut.If 100 people are saying there is something wrong with you, Once in a while you need to detach yourself and see the big picture why the 100 people are saying this. you know the age old saying "No smoke without FIRE". As of now I will take your fabulous suggestion to enjoy the Sunday, and you know what your advice might actually do me some good. Sadly no good can happen to you, becuase you are the Chef I spoke about part of a fading restaurant.You will be insignificant when you die, maybe just remembered by a silly Guinness /Limca book.RGV Ans: Thanks for that much credit at least. With you I don’t think that anybody will know that you existed.Thanks KID !! I would prefer not existing, rather than be an insignificant faded out film maker with no worthwhile contribution or vision desperately trying to make a record on Guiness/ Limca.I thought the point of the blog was to communicate with people who can give you frank opinions on your work and you career and talk to the world of what you feel, like a discussion forum, not to get your ass licked with comments and people praising you. You have enough people around you for that and you don\’t need to blog for it. You are getting personal here and plainly resorting "tu tu main main here" , that shows your attitude, you\’ll never grow. It appears there is no difference in the Indian politician, after so much progress he is still there in the well, with the same viewpoints and ideas while India is becoming global. Just because people write here you are "witty, awesome, great" does not mean you are. Sad state of Affairs RGV… very very sad.

  17. vivek says:

    boy oh boy… is Mr MG irked or what!! :)… forget RGV guys… lets enjoy this forum for having some fun! :)… at least we can interact within ourselves and utilise the office working hours ;).. anyone listening?!

  18. Narendra says:

    Nice one Sir. All the best for Phoonk 2. Is this your story or did u select any one\’s story from the phoonk 2 story competition that you held a few weeks back? Heard that the shoot starts on Jan 17th. Wishing your buyers all success.

  19. Unknown says:

    It is high time now that Indian Media (controlled by vested & also foreign elements ?) should introspect themselves. Intrpretion of media to current scenario is so drastic that we feel ashamed of our media. See the examples of Arushi case, Pragya Singh Case, Vilasrao Ramgopal case or distorting our democratic system by blaming every leader. Indian public has given a slap to our media by supporting our democratic system in the current state ellections. What media assessed, the results wer entirely different. It proves media has no idea about bharat. They all are simply fighting with other channels to increase their TRP and it seems they have no attacment with the country, just safeguarding the interest of their promoters. It is high time now that we indians through blogs which are impartial should communicate our feelings and expose the media. We have persons like Rajdeep Sardesai, Tarun Tejpal, M.J.Akbar who are safeguarding the interest of a particular party and may join them like Rajeev Shukla did or a lots more who are saleable or safeguarding the interst of there promoters. These all persons can be exposed only through blogs.

  20. Arun says:

    Hey RGV, how come you are not offended when people call you "Ramu" which is either a name of a gardener or a street-pet-dog ? If you feel this question is dumb, please skip it as I am more dumber than you.When do you plan to make The Fountainhead, Mekenna\’s Gold ?Do you often notice that people often concentrate on"whose Idea" than the "Idea" itself ?Your quote in Ab Tak Chappan " One who kills the monster should take care he doesn\’t become a monster" is Nietszche\’s ? Or did you lift it from somewhere else ?

  21. Sreekrishnan says:

    i loved when you replied to my comment …. i still love advising coz i can give it for free and especially to you because i know you wont take it … and i can never be proved wrong … even if i am not proved right ! This is fun … Btw: reactions to reactions is the best entertainment i ever had from you … i love provoking and making you reply this way – its fun and worth the money i pay for your movies.

  22. Arun says:

    Have you analyzed why a movie so good on paper comes out to be "good in parts" on screen ? If so, what are your conclusions ?I saw your interview for on Could you elaborate over why is it that one can never see a movie in totality ?

  23. Arun says:

    I wonder how come no one has ever asked you, or maybe you didn\’t reply, but how did you come up with the idea of "Item Number" in Company. This has become so famous that almost every movie today has an Item Number.

  24. Arun says:

    Do you think that trying to interpret what the director is thinking while watching a movie spoils the joy of watching ?

  25. Arun says:

    Your sarcastic reactions to reactions are hilarious ; )

  26. Unknown says:

    fuk all this BS masturbation, rgv y dont ya write about your take on the medium, scripts, films , directiing, challenges a filmmakers faces, all that stuff, fuk all this BS pussy stuff, maybe even one article a couple of weeks on this would suffice,

  27. Unknown says:

    sorry.. for all the comments..

  28. Krishna says:

    Your Gurudakshina to Nag who gave you a break?

  29. Sridhar says:

    Hey Ramu SirI think you went overboard on your desire to get closer to reality and getting caught(as per media) was pure bad luck of sorts…anyways I am unhappy that you were in limelight for wrong reasons….and now in every other interview you see the media asking celebrities on thier view of \’RGV\’s tour to taj\’….I myself have seen Shahrukh, Salman and guess Akki answering this question….who needs thier views, but its the questiion that irks me…But, a small ass*ole from my side…don\’t make it a war between you and the media….thoda damag deneka matter ko..end of the day…u need them…they need you…and after the Media Film its not going to be the end of RGV and Media…its has to carry forward….hope you need help of some BIGGIES to sort things out -;)aur anna…manam antha mache..These days I dont see EV or Vaishak or Neeta or Celeste…whr r all u guys???? Sri

  30. girish says:

    Dear RGV,I understand your response but its but natural that having made "underworl related films" people will assume that you were there to see actual scenes which could be used in future films. I would expect a man of your calibre to understand this and perceive that something like this to happen… I mean when you can imagine and portray on screen what many others in your own fraternity cannot, did you not realise something so simple.I hope you do not use anything you saw even in your subconscious for any commercial gain. That would be a real pity.

  31. Arun says:

    My views of and on life are changing thanks to your blogs. It develops courage in me. My mother says I am becoming more madder-and-madder!! Please don\’t think of this as buttering you as I have nothing to gain from it, Thanks a million for your blogs and superb sarcasm.

  32. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,Your guest appearance at Taj knocked out two heavy weight. Vilas Rao lost his chief ministership. While trying to occupy Vilas Rao\’s seat, Narayan Rane expelled from Congress. Good show….ek teer do chidiyan.What next ? As you are close to AB & his Baby….can\’t you do something to Amar Singh…the ugly political broker.

  33. Mohan says:

    Sir…. Ilayaraja.. When you have so much good experience with him, why are you not repeating him?

  34. Arun says:

    When you are done casting, and read read the script after that,if you do, do you already see the movie in your head ? Like do you see Rann in your imagination before even shooting it ? Or is it the mark of an avid reader that you imagine the situations when you read the script for the first time, before casting and every other aspect of preproduction ?

  35. Suniel says:

    OK..Enough was written and talked about your visit to Taj. I don\’t see a reason why it became big issue …..what a pity..Anywas , Can you explain us what was going through your mind before you knew you are going to TAJ and after you have visited.Pl. share your reactions ( be honest …as always)..Also would it haven been the same reaction by media if Karan,sharukh or Amithab visited Taj… don\’t think so..

  36. Mohan says:

    Ramu are the only director, who is willing to listen any feedback that we give…hats off to you !!

  37. Sridhar says:

    Hey Vaishak if you are listening…Ramu Sir sent me a chat id add request and I added him…I thought u were the only one…or did all of\’em get added? and was this automatically done by Hotmail guys? hmmmmm….not sure…emo nijangana?

  38. deepak thackeray says:

    sir,,,,i m your big fan.i m confident about my script will u break me.i m sure i m not wasting your time pls give your 15 min.

  39. Unknown says:

    can i share 30ml from your VODKA bottle …..if you not getting angry

  40. deepak thackeray says:

    sir aapke 15 minute lene ke liye main kitne bhi month wait kar sakta hoon.jab bhi aapfree ho kya aap mujhe apna kimti waqt de sakte hain?

  41. Apara says:

    Hey How come a man Of women n wine doesnt have anyone in his life?

  42. I says:

    Why do you criticise RGV ki AAG. More than criticising why do you make fun of it. Is it because there is no one who can say yes I liked the movie? I am saying yes I liked the movie and ready to take on any critic on it.I can\’t explain probably but it hurts when you your self make fun of AAG.

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