The Accusation…


There were reports in the media that I was planning a film on the terrible terrorist incident that happened and since I was casting Riteish Deshmukh in it his dad Mr.Vilas Rao invited me to visit the site which understandably created an outrage among various concerned.

These reports are completely false.

What happened was…

I know Riteish since years as I have done films with him and also since we belong to the same fraternity. On that day I went to meet Riteish to discuss RANN my new film with him which incidentally has got nothing to do with terrorism. As we were talking Riteish said that his dad was going to Taj and he wished to go with him. So since I was with him I accompanied him there. Mr.Vilas Rao has never been formally introduced to me and he didn’t even know that I was with Riteish as me and Riteish were in another car.

As far as Riteish is concerned his information was that the areas we might be able to see are the ones where the investigations have already been completed.

By the time we reached Taj there were more than 60-70 people there including Police officers, some Government officers and Hotel staff. In that whole crowd I doubt Mr.Vilas Rao even noticed me.

Yes, I was amazed that I got a opportunity to see the place where such a horrendous incident happened and I would like to know which person in the entire country would not have been curious to see the place.

Now my question is, what is it that which could be affected by me being there? If the Officers there thought that there will be a breach of security or I will see things which I am not supposed to see, they would have stopped me. And if they did stop, why in the hell would Mr.Vilas Rao force them to let me in. The reason why they did not stop is as simple as this is because the areas we were shown were where the investigations were already completed and footage of which was already shown thousands of times on the media. In fact I saw far lesser there than what I already saw on TV. So why does me seeing broken glasses, broken tables and bullet riddled walls which the whole country has seen a thousand times on TV create an outrage. Here’s why.

After seeing the footage which ironically was shot BY Mr.Vilas Rao’s own team and given to the TV Channels, the media minds started speculating on my presence there and developed conspiracy theories and to support their speculation they used slow motion techniques, putting red circle around me and putting a flickering arrow marks pointing at me. Added to this a voice over of their interpretation of why I was there and why Mr.Vilas Rao took me there completed the story which resulted in the understandable outrage.

Even assuming for a moment if I went to research there for a film I am planning what possible information will I gain as a filmmaker of seeing lesser than what I have already seen on TV? In all the footage one saw of our so-called terror tour, was there a single visual of the place that the people have not already seen on TV? Research for a film can’t happen by visiting crime scenes as I am not some forensic scientist. Research can only happen if I have one-to-one conversations with investigating officers after they complete their investigations which might take months. Some News channels even went to the extent of saying that we were disturbing a crime scene. If that is the case, isn’t it the job of the investigating officers to stop us. They didn’t because like I said they were only showing areas where investigations have been completed.

I find it shocking that in the wake of such a terrible incidents happening in the country, the media can waste so much time and telecast hours and subject the people of the country to something as inane as some filmmaker’s presence at a place which for the life of me I can’t understand how it can affect anybody or anything in comparison to what else is going on.

Media makes us believe, not necessarily by intent, that only they have the interest of people in their hearts, and due to that people tend to believe in them blindly. This is a classic example of the blind leading the blind. Outcome of this can be many times ridiculous. As per some Media peoples suggestions even if remotely this episode can affect a Government’s standing, I find that almost as dangerous as terrorism.

If people who attack the unarmed are defined as terrorists then Media at various levels with their coercive methods and insinuations are very similar. A terrorist attacks the mind and kills the body, the media attacks the mind with its interpretations and kills a person’s spirit with its insinuations. In a way I would say that Media is more dangerous than terrorists because they do it under the guise of safe-guarding values.


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  1. Unknown says:

    Do we Indians really know what sensitivity is?Ex Prime Minister Mr. V. P. Singh passed away on 27th but every news channel failed broadcast this news. Rather they were busy in explaining how difficult and risky it is to cover the Taj news. Sensitivity… my foot!

  2. srinivas says:

    I feel, if there were no \’RANN\’ then there wouldn\’t be a \’Terror Tour\’ and a \’Red Mark\’ on your pic in the video.

  3. Sai says:

    You make a very pertinent point in the last paragraph. I happened to be in India during the occurrence of these unfortunate events and I found the Indian media to be extremely disgusting. I know they have to sell themselves like everyone else but I felt they hit a new low. And the extensive coverage of this non-event in tough times means that they have gone even lower. There is no need for reality television when the so called "news channels" can generate better crap. The media already manufactures what everyone is now considering to be "news" and the day might not be far when they start creating unfortunate events to generate ratings and revenues.People seem to be entertained by the live coverage of the terror and the post-mortem of the event if the continuous coverage is any indication. And I don\’t think that will change. If "Rann" is successful in capturing the true picture in all its glory and turns out to be an eye-opener for even a few individuals, I would consider it a success.

  4. Anand says:

    ram..move on…let them bark-Anand

  5. pradeep says:

    ramuthis is what the media is.this is that lived in they lived in that minute which they telecast.the thinking of media is that there is only two topics which consumer like flims and cricket.they thought new on only two topics people want to see.for them you r bigger than Mr vilas rao deshmukh.they targeted u because they know u answer them by an interview from which they can get even more spices stories.u must to fucous on this topic in your RANN.i think u r very fesinated with hindi words like RANN, AAGYAT, RAAT, JUNGLE, u like hard hintting hindi wordsthank u if u readpradeep batra9785171996

  6. Unknown says:

    when drama starts logic ends….. no need to give logic to silly channels , who play silly games….TRUTH IS TERRIBLE.

  7. Mandeep says:

    Hey RGV,I just want to tell you that, your justification to this matter is completly wrong. You are just another citzen of India, how come you had the privilege of visiting Taj hotel, when every other Indian (who actually lost their loved ones, relatives) was not allowed. You are not a security official, neither you are a minister you had no right what so ever to go in there and hurt the feelings of other Indians. The former CM was entirely at fault. How can he be so stupid of bringing his son, and his friend (RGV) to the place which is under investigation. It was not a visitor\’s site, it was a site of national concern for god\’s sake. Stop being stupid guys thats all I want to say, and if you do something wrong take responsiblity for it.

  8. Purna says:

    Ramu bhaieven if you visited the place to make a movie on it NOTHING WRONG….u are not taking bribe like our politicians ….not as selfish as they are …..which yu claim you are 🙂 media why do they keep telecasting this??? for their ratings and ads…. if thts not wrong nothing wrong in you going thereon the whole wanted to say you rock 🙂 got addicted to your blog in just 2 days

  9. Unknown says:

    Two things to say Mr. Verma[1 Opposition to your view of media being dangerous[If it has effected Government\’s standing than it are the Congress party leaders who are dangerous because of their stupidity. Why should they remove a Chief Minister because of such stupid media reports ?]2 My view on Media manipulating people\’s mind[[If a person can not logically differentiate between right and wrong shown by Media than is it media\’s fault ?]]

  10. Abhishek says:

    I see a lot of justified anger in your write up. And btw congrats, your Rann is already released! We saw it last week on various news channels! Gripping performances.It\’s very sad to the way people perceive things. Media is being an opportunist rather than being responsible. And hey! with those Red circles etc, you were shown like a terrorist, who managed to creep in despite the so called security checks and Protocols.Vetagaadu Verrivaadu ayithe, puli __ choopichindanta"…move on Sir! Your issue will fade away..very soon!And for "Bark- ah-Dutt- The Over hyped journalist, she is the nominee for filmfare 2009 for RANN

  11. Unknown says:

    Hello Rgvpeople who only think for themselves, lives for themselves, utter selfish motives……should be banned to visit such sensitive site, Why the hell u were there, mocking death of innocent people when u dont care for anyone except urself. ? u should have never gone there….u are only good for blogging and making movies. sorry but thats reality…..dont enter our real world be in ur world.

  12. Jith says:

    Mr.Ram Gopal Varma.Here you are wrong. terribily wrong.We are still not able to forget those horrible visuals we\’ve seen in the last weekend.I am sure everyone in this entire country were following exactly the same visuals – watever be the channel- through out whole those days.Now you decide if this make any sense to you.* First of all some men coming with AK-47 and shooting randomly at people. How could anyone on earth believe such a thing will happen in India.* They occupied and spread havoc in those places which are considered as analogous to the city.* The entire nation watches the whole situation without even taking breath* People from various cross section of the society coming to the spot and giving lectures in front of the camera. But media picks up only celebrities like Mahesh Bhat , Javed Jaffrey and some from the elite class.(We could see a Javed Geffry who is polite to Barkha Dutt and in the next minute being tough to an unknown reporter of another channel,but he also had to explain why he came there)* Narendra Modi had to explain why he come there and he was able to take back scolding from everywhere.* We heard from people like Suhel seth and various others who managed to survive the attack and it can not be expressed the sadness, anger and outrage I felt at that time(I know suhel is an excellent communicator but his feelings was in sync with the ordinary people of the country ).* I sympathize with Abbas Naqvi for his remark about a lady who abused politicians coming in green chudidar wearing powder and lipstick, because of the attack on her second home. I was okey with her first reactions. But she tested our(atleast mine and my friend\’s) patience when she started appearing in different shows in different channels.* We cannot express the sadness we felt when we saw the news about Hemant Karkhare whom we saw just the other night in the TV coming in a car,wearing bullet proofs and giving instructions to his team. This was not a game or movie but we were seeing a live death…….horrible.* From the third day we started seeing increasing number of shows and we also saw many from your fraternity and people like shobha de expressiong their expressions. Mahesh Bhat and all were there on the spot always though he started irritating us by his repeated appearance repeating the same thoughts. Remember, We were not watching an entertainment program.*People were discussing the absence of raj thakkare and received the news with anger that he went to Karkhare\’s funeral after the mayhem got somewhat in control.*It’s understandable that media telecasted whatever they found in front of them as there was no time for any kind of thought process on censoring or editing. We could feel at least some of the reporters reporting with true feeling. ..they should be..after all they are also human beings…anyway they’ve succeeded in making us part of this misfortune that our nation had to face.And….out of nowhere, you there with chief minister!!! were not there anytime all those days…We did not here anything from you…you can\’t escape like an ordinary man as you are supposed to be a celebrity and the media had taken their statements whoever they found with some celebrity status(They completely ignored the people who died in CST..Well, media ethics is another story)… You simply visited Taj and disappeared.,..If not infront of the camera,atleast you could have put an entry on your blog about your feelings while the attack was taking place since you too have a recognizable voice in Indian society. We will judge each and everyone we see on TV with speculative eyes. We will judge every politician and every bureaucrat with the same eyes and no one will be spared…How can you expect us being soft on you seeing your entourage? I am sure you would not have had any bad intentions but you simply did not apply your common sense there.How come your wisdom allow you not to stop in front of Taj seeing the media and officials as you clearly know you are not part of the CM’s team? How come your wisdom allow you not to think that you were acting as someone special by being the part of CM’s team while other people from your field standing outside, giving comments to news channels?…How come your wisdom did not allow you to think that, media is people themselves ,who naturally got doubtful if it was a filmmaker’s filmy anxiety or not? …and your other justification…Ahem…will you say you don’t want to go to Switzerland for a tour as there won’t be anything to see that you have not seen on TV?Considering the horror of the incident, you could have asked a sorry and could have expressed your feelings about the attack rather than trying to defend yourself. We are simply not bothered about your arguments or your visit…You may make a film on this or may not….thats your wish and the people can choose if they want to see it or not…those are individual’s choice.We have anger to most the Indians (including us) who has this "chaltha he" attitude. Who were doing things what they planned to do watching the whole drama like a game…we have anger to those people who would not even feel to have their food or sleep if India had lost a cricket match but not if Indians are dying in gunshots. But all of them can escape to the crowd of Indian population due to their anonymity.You simply cannot!

  13. Mallik says:


  14. sha says:

    Media is like a beautiful, sexy & corrupt lady……..who has been cheating innocent people for money. fool people are madly following her.Instead of YOU they should have POINTED OR SHOWN the black Taj wall behind you.Instead of asking y u r there? they should have asked \’how we can clean the black Taj wall which is JUST behind Ram gopal varma?( RAMU JI KE PICHEY TAJ KI WHITE DEWWAR PER JO KALIKH (KALA,BLACK) POTE GAYI HAI KAISE SAFF KIYA JAY?)You ware right what u did. i could hv done the same thing.Regards,MumbaiRegards,

  15. BK says:

    hahahahaha… why accuse the media for being sensational?? heck, they have always being one… this is the first time I read something which gave me the impression that you were trying to save your ass… well I dont know abt your ass, but the media seems to be enjoying the ass fuck that they gave to deshmukh by using you….

  16. BK says:

    And if you read the media reports and the "experts" comments carefully, no one is blaming you.. most of us would have chanced upon the opportunity, if provided… all of them are united in blaming deshmukh and he is the sole culprit in my opinion… What kind of a CM is he, if he isn\’t even aware of his entourage… I think this whole exercise looked like a picnic to him and he should be made accountable for it…. whether you make a film or not is immaterial…

  17. Unknown says:

    Well Mr. Peter keating (RGV)You don\’t deserve to be compared with Howard Roark. Howard Roark embraces his own thoughts.AND YOU ARE TYRING TO EMULATE HIM; THE WORSE IS YOU CLAIM YOU ARE SIMILAR TO HIM.Don\’t denounce the fact that you are also another Peter keating in a different manifestation of thoughts.Well I give you a damn whether you accept my point or not…………afterall I see you as another guy emulating the Roark character rather than understand that he exercises the actions that implement thoughts in its purest sense…….not a copy cat

  18. VJ says:

    I saw an interview on IBN-CNN by Rajdeep with Shahrukh. WTF is 26/11 is related to Shahrukh? I guess the media\’s reaction would have been different if SRK wud have visited Taj along with Vilasrao instead of you. Ramu, I take back my words and tender my apologies.Media is bitchy and unpredictable.

  19. Raghu says:

    RGV – You should not have taken the media coverage of your presence too seriously and should have in turn blasted the media on the security risk they caused by covering the event and giving out NSG/Army related information on LiveTV and one channel went to the extent of speaking with a terrorist in Nariman House. I saw your interview on Sahara Samay and was surprised by your defensive approach and should have instead asked the reporter what where the TV Channels doing showing/sharing critical information so blatantly on TV thereby compromising security & safety of everyone in those hostage locations.

  20. kishan says:

    There was nothing wrong in you being there. I would have been there if I had a chance. But you should have known better about the consequences. Too bad and too unfortunate that you did not foresee this.Shame on media and Shame on people who believe the crap and make up things out of thin air to make themselves feel better by thinking low about others.

  21. ashutosh says:

    RGV I agree with you. The TV media is just looking for "bites" which in turn bite common man\’s thinking. I feel there are very few people who can claim of morality in true sense. And media is definitely not one of them. In fact i believe they are one of the hypocrites in whole system. To prove the point, just look at number of false "breaking news" during recent mumbai attacks. They always "stretch" truth while reporting and disguise the information understood by common man. We need honest TV media who know their responsibility in this new information age as their reporting can trigger short term influence on whole system. This trigger can cost a lot because sheer mass involved in it. I feel these guys need some counseling.Even though I agree with your explanation but i feel you should not have visited Taj knowing that you are public figure and your film background. I feel you should have known that precisely this would be the reaction of TV media.

  22. Niranjan says:

    hiI would like to comment on some of the comments of sriji sarman==>* First of all some men coming with AK-47 and shooting randomly at people. How could anyone on earth believe such a thing will happen in India.No they did not shoot randomly, They shot indiscriminately purposeful and not radomly. (Random as per me is used when you are not aware of what could be outcome) They were well aware of the outcome, they chosen specific target (innocent civilians , high profile people, and jewish), There is no randomness in the event, It was purposeful, well planned and they had success . and they achieved what they wanted to achieve ==>How could anyone on earth believe such a thing will happen in India.Why not, this is not the first time it has happened. Attack on parliament (the supreme building representing our democracy) by terrorist can happen.which is so guarded, Then places like CST, Taj and other hotels are nothing. * The entire nation watches the whole situation without even taking breathThe entire nation watched, What is shown to watch, (in different versions with varying intensity and brutuality ) . You watched exactly , as it was shown to you. and every body in the nation watched exactly what you watched. So you watched exactly what they wanted to show you. ==>* People from various cross section of the society coming to the spot and giving lectures in front of the camera. But media picks up only celebrities like Mahesh Bhat , Javed Jaffrey and some from the elite class.(We could see a Javed Geffry who is polite to Barkha Dutt and in the next minute being tough to an unknown reporter of another channel,but he also had to explain why he came there)Barkha dutt also spoke to a person who\’s 6 people of the family was killed on one of it\’s shows (we the people i guess) and also a doctor who was trapped in the TAJ and how he saved a person. This was commendable but unfortunately they spoke to few like them and as you rightly pointed out they spoke to varying celebrities (who call them self intellectuals) and dissecting the whole situation . in short aam admi was left out ==>>*It’s understandable that media telecasted whatever they found in front of them as there was no time for any kind of thought process on censoring or editing. We could feel at least some of the reporters reporting with true feeling. ..they should be..after all they are also human beings…anyway they’ve succeeded in making us part of this misfortune that our nation had to faceIn short it was media who acted in absolute randomness. and also making people of this country to act in random. What i see now isPoliticians are not in sync with the People Media is not in sync with Common People Media is in absolute sync with Celebrities who will continue to go to Five star hotels ,

  23. prasad says:

    I don\’t understand (but am not surprised) the outburst of media and public to RGV\’s visit at this moment. We are deviating from the main issue… Terror attacks- by partaking in this thamasha instead of acting towards our responsibility. Are we bothered to do anything needful in this situation at all? We are kidding ourselves.

  24. prasad says:

    Media brain washing reminds me of the Matrix movie.

  25. Jith says:

    srijith sarmanwrote: I just thought of visiting this space and saw somebody trying to give meaning to what I said earlier.1. "Random" :Sorry brother. I am neither from an English medium school nor from a city. My English always had limitation. Thanks for the vocabulary class.2) I don\’t belive media creted a soap serial throughout those incidents. After all we were not only watching a couple of English channels. We were also reading news papers both from nationally and internationally. We were seeing live comments from the officials like JK Dutta. Rest all left to your intelligence. You can easily distinguish where media going wrong and after realizing that you can either change the channel or surf the net . Thats what we were doing. And "we the people" is on saturday…days after the attack. I\’m not supporting media . There were places were media gone wrong but all the channels would not go wrong at the same time and i don\’\’t think anyone was watching only a single channel. I even tried to watch Fox Tv and Al Jazeera to hear their versions.3) If celebreities came on the spot ,it\’s obvious that media will seek their opinion. It was the celibreitie\’s duty to express his opinion and leave the spot or assist the commondos rather than trying to test our patience by coming in all a-z channels and giving same comments.If no media was there to report this. People like us who are far away from Mumbai would not have felt this much wrath. Atleast we hope our anger and the constant vigil from media would ignite some actions from the government. Anti politics slogans and all are only a way to express our emotions. We can not so away with politics or politicians as we are all the citizens of a democracy…Only media could bridge the gap between government and people. And we should have the minimum intelligence to realize sensationalism.3)Attack on Inda: Brother, I had never dreamt in my distance dream that somebody from other nation would come to a big city and shoot at people indiscriminately(Here we go..Actually,you know I wanted to use that word instead of "random" at first, but was not quite sure about the spelling). We have seen bomb explosions and other modes of terror attacks. But this was something unprecedented. Imagine 10 militants were able to make the whole nation.What I was trying to say is, the effect of the news is same no matter if it is presented in slow motion or with pointers and red circle. We would have felt the same feeling if we simply saw you waking with CM\’s team. Some like us in the media felt the same and they expressed their outrage using these techniques on which they are good. People like us can maximum make a blog entry or a letter to the editor.

  26. Kumar says:

    Mr. RGV,You abusing media by calling them worse than terrorists is like abusing yourself. You too are a part of Media. Aren\’t movies supposed to be a part of Media? So are you too worse than a terrorist? Your \’Aag\’ surely left me terrorised! Sorry!News media is surely full of assholes. They were absolutely wrong in presuming and declaring that you were going to make a movie. But your being there, and Ritesh being there, was absolutely uncalled for. If officials didn\’t stop you, it was because they too were assholes.You and Ritesh were just common men (I hope being a celebrity hasn\’t gone into your heads) and both of you should have been treated like ordinary Indians. If other Indians couldn\’t have visited that place alongside the CM, then you two should also have been disallowed.Hence it was against protocol and discipline on your part to be there. Media highlighted the right issue but wrong aspect.And yeah, news channels sucked in their coverage of Mumbai terror attacks. Read this –

  27. prasad says:

    "Media highlighted the right issue but wrong aspect." rightly said, but, our energy and time given to it are not worth anything compared to what needs to be done.

  28. thirumal says:

    Media wants to fuck Mr.Vilas Rao which eventually makes the people happy.So obviously without ur knowledge u handed over some masala to this game being over there.I think its not blind leading the blind, in other sense blind leading inteligently the blind(Vilas) for blind(people).So i think u are played here in the process of Vilas Rao\’s exit drama.u know this better than anybody.I am not understanding that y r u giving explanation…

  29. Krunal says:

    Hi Ramu, why your comment "If people who attack the unarmed are defined as terrorists then Media at various levels with their coercive methods and insinuations are very similar." came just after media showed you with Deshmukh on visit and not before that. Why your comment did not come just before the mumbai incident?

  30. Unknown says:

    Mr. RGV… You belong to a medium that\’s pretty much an offshoot of the so called media-terrorism. To say so in strong words, you have absolutely no reason to grumble, when what you are showing through your movies is nothing short of what you object as the media-terrorism. In addition, your \’FU-I DO WHAT I LIKE\’ attitude does not help you or your people near and dear any good at all. Obviously, given a chance, everyone will try to pounce on even your minor mistakes. And, sir, according to me, what you have done now is nothing short of a MAJOR MISTAKE. You should have had better sense. The raw emotions of people, though fanned by the media a bit, was certainly provoked through the actions of yours. 93 blasts inclusive, all other bombings happening frequently around India had not evoked such a strong public response, and I would like to THANK the media for the exposure, not just those in India, but around the world. I want everyone to question every wrong move of the politicians, ask for their rights to be restored, have a sense of security when walking around the metros, and express strong feelings when something goes wrong. Everyone should be held accountable, and again, without the media, the idiots ruling our country would still be having a safe seat. People like you should be condemned, criticized for not having better sense… Your judgment has been seriously compromised, nothing surprising coming from you.

  31. parin says:

    dear sir, i dont find anything wrong in u visiting that site. The main problem i feel is that, with such heavy competition, every news channel wants to have something new to show which other channels are not showing at that moment. Thats why they give such an incident a big importance. Why the hell in the world, they think that any difference has been made by you being there. When media needs breaking news 24hours a day, this kind of things are bound to happen. But it all depends on people how they think and react. As far as i m concerned, this wasnt even an issue that media should have noticed. Lets pray for those who lost their lives. Bye sir, keep writing and making films. TRUST ME, AFTER WATCHING SATYA, THERE ISNT A SINGLE FILM OF YOURS I HAVE MISSED TO SEE ON FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW. I am sure you are not afraid of criticism and you will keep making films which are for intelligent people to understand. BYE SIR.

  32. Unknown says:

    ramu, did you enjoy our strip tease? Ha ha..

  33. Unknown says:

    ramu,those who take sword perish by it. You used some reddy to do film with nag. We used you to get rid of cm. In your films you use resemblance to real life incidents so that movie goers will speculate and watch like sarkar and thackrey. We did nothing more.

  34. Unknown says:

    ramu, Why are you crying now?You asked not to take anything seriously. You said you don\’t care anything. YOU SAID YOU HAD A BALL OR TWO. Now what happened to your philosophies? Are you finding it hard to implement?

  35. Unknown says:

    ramu, no criticism for media or politicians or commercial films. They exist because there are people to support. Every thing in this world is a demand supply game. If there are some to be blamed then its people only because they control demand. hey hypocrites, why don\’t you switch your channels to animal planet or watch only art films or vote for a new group.

  36. Unknown says:

    ramu, words of wisdom for you. Basically power game rules everything. Only try to attack something which is weaker than you. The strength of the platform of media plus the stupidity of those watching it is well above your reach.

  37. Unknown says:

    ramu, only when we say bad about others people listen and we can survive only if people listen. You were talking about this in your blog. Then why are you suprised now. Stick to your vodka.

  38. Unknown says:

    ramu,your arrogance and ego and stupidity were in a bull phase. Now lets hope that these events will correct it.We have short positions on you.

  39. SRAAVAN says:

    Ramu, for the first time since u started blogging, I am a seeing an intent from you to prove yourself right. To cover a mistake you have done without much deliberation. For the first time, you are being human and natural just like everybody else. This is what happens when times get tough ramu. There is nothing wrong in being like this. But, it is wrong to try and pretend to be like somebody else. I know you will sya you wont give a damn about what I say and that i am jobless enough to write this. If you feel so, I will have to say that you are jobless enough to read what I write…….

  40. Bat says:

    Ramu wanted to "Fuck" the media !but, the Media "Raped" him. lol, I feel really sorry for him… lets see if he\’s gonna attack or defend from now on..

  41. Bat says:

    watch: thing media sucks right now .. big time.. They are asking for a change in this I country starting from the politicians. I have the same view except that, I feel this country needs to change including the politicians and the "Media". Btw, Why was CST not given so much coverage when most of the people died there ? People who think Ramu is not accepting his mistake read these articles by NDTV (For whom I lost my respect after their coverage of the mumbai attacks):

  42. Bat says:

    I think media should just give us the news and let us form on opinion on the incident !They should not force us to believe their own opinion. Uselsess Suggestions to Ramu:-Ramu, go watch "Thank you for smoking". I\’m sure it\’ll bring some confidence back to you. -Don\’t worry if no producer come to you to make a film, You have access to the internet, you can produce videos and post them on Youtube ! ( I guess, by now you understood that Internet is the only place where you can beat the media and your hate club)-Don\’t make Aghyaat right now coz, somehow its not very intersting for me and for others too.. I guess. Questions to RGV .. 1. Do you vote ? 2. What is the fate of Rann now ? 3. What are your views on politicians?

  43. keertichandra says:

    Ram,this is the dis-advantage of being a maverick filmmaker in our country. if any body would have been in your shoes media would\’nt had made this much mockery about this issue. you are a citizen of this country you have every right to go and visit the place there\’s nothing wrong in your movie RANN you should remove the cloths of the media in the public. that is what i want to you to do. because these days for TRP reasons media is creating hell a lot of disturbances in a common man\’s lifeby keerti chandra

  44. sha says:

    Sir,I want to work with,

  45. disha says:

    a. it was not a library where you can satisfy your curiosity.b. don\’t blame the media when you had no business being therec. i love you

  46. Unknown says:

    ramu,is dhande meim thu jayega tho cm jayega.

  47. habib says:

    hello sir.. i appreciate your work..i know from right of beginning that media is giving false image on your visit..when police were telling media person not reveal secrets on television on encounter day but they did everything by saying this first time only on our channel and gave every hints for terrorist so you dont mind them as your doing..carry on your work.. waiting for shabri desperately when you are going to release.

  48. robby says:

    Rogue Media Houses need a tight leashTo 06-December-2008Sri Manmohan Singh Ji Prime Minister of IndiaNew DelhiSir 1. Something needs to be done urgently to leash the Rogue Media in India, the example of recent Terrorist attacks is a case in point ,where the Media went overboard and exposed the Foreign Tourists and Security personnel to great risk, by reporting their status, position and strategy , which the Terrorists saw live on TV or mobiles.2. The public trial of criminal cases by the media is another case in point, where the reputations of thousands are tarnished daily by this Rogue media.The most important point is that the Media Houses, especially the established Print media groups are mostly owned by Lalas, Baniya families, who have hundreds of other business interests and they are using their media clout to blackmail the Establishment and Politicians to further their questionable Business interests, some of them have themselves become Rajya Sabha or Legislative Council members. Many of them are Land Mafia elements and they enjoy the Government Patronage in grabbing Lands.3. There is the old saying, CHOR, CHOR MAUSERE BHAI (thieves are like cousins), I openly throw a challenge that if the owner of a media House or an established Reporter were to openly indulge in Rape, not a single line about the incident will be carried by any Media house or Newspaper.The media is supposed to be the fourth pillar of democracy therefore it is essential that the Reporters should be paid in accordance with their needs to maintain a reasonable status so that they can report the truth and thus ensure the dignity this fourth pillar. As against this the Reporters of Newspapers (particularly Hindi Newspapers) are paid paltry amounts, with the result that most of them actually are and act like Bonded menial laborers of the owners and are in fact engaged in advancing the illegal trades of their owners, rather than advancing the cause of the Fourth Pillar of Democracy. 4. In a recent incidence, when the owners of the Dainik Jagran Group, one Mahendra Mohan Gupta, Rajya Sabha M.P, in order to force me to withdraw some public interest petitions, filed by me (raising the issue of grabbing of Cremation Ghat Garden and other Public Parks by their group company and Society, for using for their Commercial ventures), got a false FIR lodged against me (by a person whom I have never even met or ever knew and for this purpose they engaged the services of a so called Labor leader but actually a Mafia element Ramji Tripathi, who runs a Illegal Guest House in residential area and also has an illegal Market and for all these he has been stealing and using electricity directly from the pole. Presently , under the garb of Ganga pollution, he has been extorting money from Tanneries of Kanpur) under SC ST and other Acts, I met senior reporters off Amar Ujala, Hindustan, Tehelka and all other Newspapers and wrote to about a hundred more Media Houses, not one, agreed to carry a single line in my support and at the same time the Dainik Jagran carried reports almost daily to pressurize the Police to send me to Jail. Their Reporters, one Adesh Tripathi and another one carried the False complainant against me in the Groups Car and Paraded him (and exhorted him to give false statements, telling him that he had nothing to fear for his falsities as the full might of the media giants, the Dainik Jagran group was behind him) before the Police Officers. REMEDY5. Therefore something needs to be done to free Journalism from the Clutches of these blood sucking vested interests and Media Barons. (i)- Firstly, by a suitable Legislation. Media Groups, their owners, their relatives etc should be prohibited from entering or carrying out any other Professions or business interests just as the Advocates are barred from carrying on any other business or professional activity other than that of an Advocate.(ii)- There should be a pay commission for journalists and the pay scale and benefits of Reporters should be fixed at par with at least that of an High Court Judge, if this pillar of democracy is to be saved, needless to say that standards for minimum qualifications of Journalists as well as the Institutes imparting Journalism courses also need to be set. (iii)- Stringent Penal provisions to punish yellow Journalism and media trials. (iv)- An Autonomous Press improvement Body should be set up to encourage forming of Cooperative Societies of Journalists and other Media professionals, which in turn should be encouraged to set up Media publishing Houses and for this purpose, easy and interest free loans for plant and operational expenses should be advanced to them so that at least the first three years expenses are taken care of.I hope that the Government will do something to check the Malaise Thanking YouYours sincerely(Robby Sharma)865, Block-B, Panki Kanpur-208020, U.P. India.Email sharmarobby@hotmail.comMob;09235844258;09415438326Blog-

  49. Unknown says:

    Sir…This whole blow up of your visit to the Taj re affirms the fact that your plot for Rann got real close to reality. In fact media begins with the maturing of the mind itself… For eg:- The act of the terrorists as well as the coverage of it are extensions of media itself, the mind behind this massacre essentially chose to kill a certain number to attract attention and then another medium chose to present it 24/7 as a alternative to his content because although he believes he is doing his job of presenting facts, he essentially is giving a reason to the terrorist do a good job of what he is doing… The more media he is given the more he will kill.

  50. Sreekrishnan says:

    Mr Varma, you dont have to explain if you seriously think this is nothing serious. As you always claim you dont care a damn about anyone and infact media … and we all know how useless media can get in such situations. May be this incident is a good content for your Rann. Infact – By doing this you collected and made content for Rann ! Lol ! The media is true !I am sure you should be laughing at these story writers of the news channels and saying – these people create far more worse story than i do ! LOl !Sreekrishnan

  51. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu, When someone in this blog wanted you to read his script, You said, \’No. I have enough scripts.\’ On the comment that your scripts of late have been lacking in substance, you did not disagree. I believe, you still try to get the best out of a given script. But why is it that you are not able to come-up with meaty scripts like Company, Sarkar or Sarkar Raj? I believe all you need is this. You\’ve got everything else is in place:- money, starcast, camera, craft. Mukul Anand had the same problem. I believe there is one more thing you could use if you can stretch your budget a bit more: visual richness as in Mukul Anand\’s films.

  52. vamsi says:

    Psychos can also be hurt……————————————————————Fact is that you are psycho and the fact is that you are hurt. Dont take offense in the fact that am calling you a psycho,,,you are what you are….. If hitler or saddam hussein or any other such psycho claimed in public that he was hurt by media calling them names because they visited some place how would that scene look like…. I would say – simply silly. That is what I would call your blog entry. Either you stop acting like a insensitive punk who claims to have psyched himself to be an ass or behave like a normal person with feelings and emotions that are subject to circumstances and situations. Do understand that every feeling you hurt by your insensitive, insane and your lack of human sense also has a voice and its not necessary that that voice is loud enough to be heard.

  53. vaishak says:

    Sir, I got the invitation for web chat and i accepted that. But i can\’t see anything in invitation inbox.I think it has gone.Being a web illiterate , i have done something and invitation is gone. Can you send me that one more time..plzz….

  54. vaishak says:

    Sir, I got the invitation for web chat and i accepted that. But i can\’t see anything in invitation inbox,now.I think it has gone.Being a web illiterate , i have done something and invitation is gone. Can you send me that one more time..plzz….

  55. Neeta says:

    Dearest Ram, Sanjay, Celeste, Ev, Narendra and Readers,It upsets me to No End, how some guys are so very quick at throwing dirt at their Own Talented Artists who are trying so hard to understand and make sense of The Henious Crime that has crippled you all physically and psychologically. READERS WHO HAVE ACCUSED RAM AND OTHERS – PLEASE GET A LIFE! How can you all be against Your Own, when you should all be fighting your common enemy – The Terrorists. You All Should be writing letters to your Government and Pakistan/Afghanistan Govenment to Clean up their Back Yards of Crime and for All You Know, The Media might be "Getting Even" with Ram for making a movie on the Journalism and New Media of Today – which is so underhanded to start with! He is Absolutely correct in identifying that the Papers will sell and sensationalize anything that will be negative and malicious in content. Please Be Realistic and At This Turbulent Time – Please Show Some Solidarity For Your Own Country men. I work with the Forensic Teams and know for a fact – that NO Lay Person is allowed anywhere near our Work till All Investigations Are Wrapped Up and Cleared. I have infact been horrified to see some very graphic photos sent to me via e-mail – so I am sure we all saw more than Ram probably saw in an hour or two. Please Lay Off and Give Him a Break – Use Your Energies to Bicker and Bitch to the Governments Who Can Make A Change.From A Canadian Who Is Horrified At How Disrespectful Your Community Is Against Your Own Talented People – Shame On the Bickering Lot Here – Use Your Efforts In Trying to Fight The Right Enemy – Terrorism – Please!Neeta

  56. Neeta says:

    News Media of Today! – Sorry abt the error!

  57. Neeta says:

    RAM, I do hate to say this – but I hope you will make a movie one day and show the public what a fiasco the Journalists had made out of this whole situation. It is a ghastly shame how fragmented the societies are in India – why should the world redicule India at such a time. They should be standing tall for all the things they have taught the world in terms of Patience, Tolerance, Calmness in the Face of Calamity, Sense of coping and dealing with difficult situation – which are an everyday part of your lives due to various languages, difference in culture, food types, clothing styles and the list goes on… Why are people being so obtuse instead of cooperating and working together to fight Crime and Corruption? I feel for India as my ancestors were of Indian Origin – But what a Shame that they lash out at their own – I want to appologize on behalf of the ignorant – isn\’t that something!Do What You Do Best!With Regards and Good Wishes to you, Amitabh and Aamir,Neeta

  58. Anil says:

    Clearly that is misuse of power. You should not blame on media.If everybody can visit the place then no issues if you visit that.CM is clearly misused his power to allow his son and you.How police people can stop you if you are coming with CM. You are free to make movie on that. That comes under your fundmental right to express your views/reaction on an incident.As long as you are not raising any social disputes ( ofcourse censor will do their job )

  59. Unknown says:


  60. pala says:

    It is really sad that you are blamed. What will erace the bad impression of the people on RGV? Only God knows!

  61. Unknown says:

    Evry mighty bits the dust.

  62. Unknown says:

    u better stay away from such stuff and keep going with ur movies, we all love to watch ur movies. hope "runn" will replicate how terrible Indian media is

  63. srinivas rao says:

    \’sarkar aur subhash nagre ko marne mein pharak hein\’ in the same sense taj ko ek citizen visit karne mein aur the maverick movie maker RGV visit karne mein bhi pharak hain. u should have realised thatSrinivasPune

  64. indeevar says:

    I think, we think a like..then y not we can work ..I need ur presence and guidance, ofcourse practically ur production

  65. Unknown says:

    I respect you because you believe in yourself. I only want to humbly request you to not give smart answers to any question that has thrown at you, but to be a bit sympathetic towards human being, as I consider you to be a human and moreover a great artist, I would like to see you do something towards this footage hungry media that driving our country crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy and just do it to satisfy your own values and principles and nobody elses. I just want you to give a good thought to this comment.

  66. dr uncle joj says:

    # that was a true error of jujment R G V , if you think otherwise, such a long statement of facts does help little . Kalam gave a very tame blush for his asking for a second time. we still love and like do have an image and that shd be enuf for you and us.

  67. Madhu says:

    there is no need to give explanation. Let them think whatever they want …….

  68. Imran says:

    Can you define God?

  69. prasad says:

    would like to watch your kind of touch on romantic subject…. is there any plans of making romantic movie?

  70. Anupam says:

    For the first time I took pride in the fact that I have also worked for NEWSTIME, Hyderabad.God, it was so embarrassing seeking appointments with celebrities who immediately invited me thinking I was from Time, London. Thanks again. BUT IVE A QUESTION FROM YOU BOLLYWOOD STARS.

  71. Anupam says:

    Sorry, i had pressed the save button and my incomplete message was sent and I can already see it here on your website. Anyway my question is: Why do you people speak in English at award ceremonies of Hindi film industry like the filmfare awards etc? Boss, this question haunts me whenever I watch a film awards function. I understand you are a South Indian, but my question is especially for those stars who hail from West, North or East India. I dont have access to the stars,but you can certainly ask them this question. pls

  72. Anupam says:

    By the way ive one question from you too. Do you remember the Saudi Arabia girl who came on Saregama show? Or do you know how much Pakistani artistes, especially the comedians are liked in India and how much problem they face in getting the Indian Visa especially after the Mumbai attacks? Boss, my question is cant the artists and the bollywood play an important role in bridging the chasm between India and Pakistan especially when Indians and Pakistanis know that the politicians are the sole cause of the divide between the two countries. I have story idea, which I can share with you, if you wish. thanks again

  73. Anupam says:

    Im troubling you again, but after talking about the story idea, I got reminded of my other ideas like the one on MODERN CHANAKYA. Yes India needs a Modern Chanakya to reunite the world. Dont you think so? regds.

  74. Anupam says:

    the name of the saudi arabia girl is Asma Md Rafi. ive already bored you enough i know. But just remember how you felt while writing for NEWSTIME. same here!

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