My reactions to reactions

1. Why is sex more exciting onscreen than between the sheets?
Ans: It’s because onscreen women come edited and in real life you can’t edit them.
2. Most call you Ramu or RGV. How come your friend addressed you as Ramgopal?
Ans: All my college mates used to call me Ramgopal.
3. Why are you against censorship?
Ans: If we are supposed to have enough wisdom to even chose and vote for who should govern us, I think it’s fair that we should also be credited with enough wisdom to decide what we want to see in our films.
4. You have nothing original. You keep quoting Schopenhaver, Ayan Rand etc.
Ans: Arey mere baap. Apart from my umpteen interviews over the years even on this blog I keep screaming that everything I do is a copy. So?
5. You are living in a fool’s paradise.
Ans: That is far better than your intellectual hell.
6. If there is no power, sex and vodka in the world what will you do then?
Ans: Die.
7. Everyone has an opinion on how a film should have been made.
Ans: You are telling me! After Aag I was given 1 lakh 34 thousand seven hundred and twenty nine opinions and after that I stopped counting.
8. I can’t imagine a world full of RGV’s.
Ans: It will be F…………
9. If you don’t have anything interesting to write, no need to write. It’s really ok. It’s fine.
Ans: If you don’t have anything else to read, no need to come to my blog. It’s really ok. It’s fine.
10. Every breath we take is a gift from God.
Ans: But he takes it out too. What about that sir?
11. What is the need to do both Rann and Agyaat?
Ans: Coz I can think and work faster than you. Least I will do is to make 2 bad films while you will do nothing.
12. Your attitude is simply spoiling your body of work.
Ans: I have a fabulous suggestion for you. Why don’t you think for yourself for a little time in all the time you are wasting on me?
13. You will be insignificant when you die, maybe just remembered by a silly Guinness /Limca book.
Ans: Thanks for that much credit at least. With you I don’t think that anybody will know that you existed.
14. I feel you are spiritual.
Ans: Quite a few people want me to become a spirit.
15. I can’t believe your rudeness. What do you think of yourself?
Ans: Too much.
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100 Responses to My reactions to reactions


          Rashid doesn\’t need a violent past.because,he is a non resident of Mumbai,truelyand completly he don\’t know about Sarkar\’s power and operations.He thinks that Sarkar is a normal godfather with some xtra power.
    Selvar mani says that this is not Dubai and u don\’t know about Sarkar.

  2. Swamy says:

    There used to be "Ask Me" session in Filmfare magazine by Shatrughan Sinha, with very funny & intelligent question and answers. Now i\’m finding this blog more funny and more intelligent than "Ask Me".And sir…can we expect a blog article on your favvvvvvorite topic  i.e. Marriage.

  3. Unknown says:

    Hi guys i found this blog so valuable. u shall like it

  4. Naveen says:

    # 9 was very good…..made me laugh out aloud!
    rented the movie salaam bombay tonight……don\’t remember seeing it at a stretch…..ironic title for today though

  5. B. says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! oh my goodness!!! very witty remarks! LOVE IT!

  6. Unknown says:

    You are dead right when you said that " we may forget terrorism but terrorism will not forget us" in the movie contract … we will all forget the recent attacks in mumbai and we all move on with our lives and this will happen again and again and again…. looks like this will take a few generations to clean-up this mess…..
    And one more thing… you don\’t have to take social responsibility directly…. you are already doing it indirectly…  even your worst movies provides for lots of people in the industry… from actors to the ticket scalpers…. so think 100% about yourself and carry on with your movies till your last moment if you can…  keep blogging.

  7. Rohan says:

    Malgudi Days – Have you seen the series ? From a film makers perspective, what are your thoughts on the series , especially given that it was made in the 1980\’s.

  8. kedar says:

    some one wrote – every breath we take is god\’s gift…you said- but he takes it away too…what about that? thats the cycle of life! life and death are two side of a coin…the more sensitive you become ( not emotional fool), the more close you get to the experience of death… in every breath we become alive and with every breath we die!… but we are too much occupied with mind to realize this!

  9. kedar says:

    some one wrote – every breath we take is god\’s gift…you said- but he takes it away too…what about that? thats the cycle of life! life and death are two side of a coin…the more sensitive you become ( not emotional fool), the more close you get to the experience of death… in every breath we become alive and with every breath we die!… but we are too much occupied with mind to realize this!

  10. M says:

    Good that you read my reactions and it seems my words hit  the nail. When I wrote the comment I knew you will only react like a KID quitting a cricket team, because you did not get the opportunity to bat or bowl. Howl accuses and run away. You simply did not satisfy me with your answers. LEARN TO TAKE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. GROW UP !!I am writing out of genuine concern of a Fan who does not want to see his idol go down the destruction lane. What If One FINE DAY you realize your idol Amitabh Bachan is a BUFFOON in bhojpuri films doing item numbers because he is lost direction and vision, deep in your heart you know he is capable of much much more? Will you keep quiet and take it or will you make it a point to tell him once where he is heading. My reactions to RGV\’s KIDDISH reactionsWhat is the need to do both Rann and Agyaat?Ans: Coz I can think and work faster than you. Least I will do is to make 2 bad films while you will do nothing.When you go to a restaurant, pay for the food. You realize it\’s not cooked properly, if you write in the comments that the food was bad, do you think the CHEF will walk out and tell you " why don\’t you cook the food and serve the people?" . I would say "it\’s your job man to make food and make sure you deliver the quality i paid for." Same logic applies here, someone criticizing your movie/work, you are actually saying my dishes are bad, why don\’t you lap it up since you paid for it…I am the Chef and i make bad food here..Don\’t want eat..don\’t come… My restaurant will continue to make bad food and I will make more bad food.. At least I make BAD food in a short time…while you think i dont do nothing..I AM THE CUSTOMER…you CHEF…Do you see the point…It\’s insignificant what I do…what matters is my commentHow much more Kiddish can you get. GROW UP!!! ELSE you could continue with you cheesy films and be a DEV ANAND. Get laughed at and stop being taken seriously, Also accept deep in your heart you have pretty much faded and lost vision. "WOH dekh BUDDHA pagal ho gaya, ek aur horror film, ek aur gangster film "12. Your attitude is simply spoiling your body of work.Ans:
    I have a fabulous suggestion for you. Why don’t you think for yourself
    for a little time in all the time you are wasting on me?Thanks for your fabulous Suggestion, your blog is just a time pass for me. It is not controlling my life, while the reverse may be true here. When I have free time I read this, I am very much happy in my life with both my material benefits and lofty ideals, there are people who advice me, I occasionally ponder to think of the choices I have made and act accordingly. Like I said Either Learn to take constructive criticism or get lost in the rut. If 100 people are saying there is something wrong with you, Once in a while you need to detach yourself and see the big picture why the 100 people are saying this. you know the age old saying "No smoke with FIRE". As of now I will take your fabulous suggestion to enjoy the Sunday, and you know what your advice might actually do me some good. Sadly no good can happen to you, becuase you are the Chef I spoke about part of a fading restaurant. You will be insignificant when you die, maybe just remembered by a silly Guinness /Limca book.Ans: Thanks for that much credit at least. With you I don’t think that anybody will know that you existed. Thanks KID !! I would prefer not existing, rather than be an insignificant faded out film maker with no worthwhile contribution or vision desperately trying to make a record on Guiness/ Limca.I thought the point of the blog was to communicate with people who can give you frank opinions on your work and you career and talk to the world of what you feel, like a discussion forum, not to get your ass licked with comments and people praising you. You have enough people around you for that and you don\’t need to blog for it. You are plainly resorting "tu tu main main here" , that shows your attitude, you\’ll never grow. It appears there is no difference in the Indian politician, after so much progress he is still there in the well, with the same viewpoints and ideas while India is becoming global. Just because people write here you are "witty, awesome, great" does not mean you are. Sad state of Affairs RGV… very very sad.  

  11. ankush says:

    hello sir,good to read ur blog,its really interesting,now lemme come directly to the point,I have won this"It happened to me Phoonk contest" & got the information about this from your promotion partner 2 months ago & i have send all my details t them & they said that it will be under process & every time i call them they tell me that they have sent the details to the production company & that your cheque is under can u please look into thi matter and do something,it would be very helpful,hope that u reply me & look into the caseankush choudhury9867641228

  12. ankush says:

    I have won your "It happened to me Phoonk contest" & got the information about this from your promotion partner 2 months ago & i have send all my details t them & they said that it will be under process & every time i call them they tell me that they have sent the details to the production company & that your cheque is under can u please look into thi matter and do something,it would be very helpful,hope that u reply me & look into the caseankush choudhury9867641228

  13. Aditya says:

    thanks for making life look like a comedy. i\’ve always felt humanity, patriotism, geography/caste/religion based favoritism are nothing but mind-fucking concepts imposed onto us by society and upbringing. The similar elements which are causing the man-made disasters.every one\’s selfish in their own motives and speaking about any of the above societal myths is only being hypocritic. once life starts screwing… one is very much busy saving his own ass. Though i oppose many of your ideologies… i do find solace in some of your reasonings.Thanks for starting a blog and continue having fun while fuckin urself!!!

  14. Unknown says:

    Mr. Varma,
    Shame on you to exploit the recent terror events in Mumbai to collect relevant material – presumably for a forthcoming "realistic" film on the event. Media reports that you rosied up to the chief minister to get access to the Taj. Shame. do something productive first by starting a public awareness movement to demand answers from authorities. If your first public action was to collect material for a film I think you are not only heartless, but arrogant and self centered. What makes you think that you can potray the pain , frustration and helplessness of Mumbaikars by making a film on such an event? Shame. I hope your actions are exposed and all your films meet the same fate -I hope each one bombs at the box office. I for one will never again see a RGV film. I will also encourage all my friends and colleagues to do the same.

  15. Pratish says:

    Hey Ram !
    Saw you on TV , also saw your justification regarding the visit to Taj, also saw how you turned your back on Riteish, have a question for you though !
    What were you thinking ?? hehe….
    Made a joke out of this whole thing !

  16. Neeta says:


  17. parvinder says:

    hi sir , i am an actor…pls see my pictures and call me for audition..i am going for hair cut, then i will send u my new pics as well…i just need 1 chance to proove myself…pls give me a break in ur film.i want to work with u,,,.my no. email id -\’\’.   pls tell me email id where i can send u my portfolio,..-parvinder (mumbai)

  18. Unknown says:

    What were you thinking you mother fucking bastard, visiting Taj?

  19. Arun says:

    What were your reasons to visit The Taj ? I know your mind lives in perpetual state of Film, but I don\’t think you are that you were primarily there to take up material. I think, if I go according to what you wrote at the end of Satya, the reason is not to pick up material for the film, but compassion and humanity in your own views of those feelings.

  20. Vaishnavi says:

    Today I witnessed a rather pitiful sight, a sight that has angered many and hurt the sentiments of many more. I witnessed the "great director, Ram Gopal Verma" walk into the Taj. Is this some sort of a joke for you? Who are you to even walk into the Taj. Don\’t you feel ashamed of yourself? Any human being, in his or her common senses, would have never done such a thing! Don\’t you think you are giving a wrong message? These events are REAL LIFE, not something you can put into a split reel and earn crores!!! People have lost their lives, their family members, their loved ones. It hasn\’t even been a week since the trauma has got over! And, you, an evident opportunist, has already entered the Taj, set to take another film, now on the Mumbai Terror Attacks! What sort of a being are you? What right do you have to even step into the Taj? Firstly, do something for the country, other than sitting in one place pondering of different ways of earning money. This has been one of the most egocentric and inhumane acts I have ever witnessed. I used to only think your movies were senseless and utterly disgusting but now, I know the root cause of such movies. Sorry to say this, but I am utterly disgusted and ashamed of people like you…

  21. sharath says:

    keep going RGV – the line " " we may forget terrorism but terrorism will not forget us" is so right. Hopefully someday I will get to work along with you.
    (btw You can earn up to 4 lakhs more if you blog at than spaces. Then why spaces? )

  22. Ravi says:

    Mumbai mein BLAST hua
    VARMA ka gaand puta
    Courtesy :Satya dialogue

  23. Unknown says:

    Tera chaddi uteraga bosadikae. What work you have bastard at Taj when all the country was mourning for the sad incident. Motherfucker

  24. Aditya says:

    why is everyone making it sound like a matter against humanity? if media covers up the issue as BREAKING NEWS for its TRPs (their means of living)… we stick to the TV. But if a director tries to get the first hand picture of it to probably portray in his movies (his means of living)… we condemn and bark with all our hypocritic voices. As if its a crime and he made fun of the situation. I bet only a person who has taken it too seriously can do somethin like tht. FUCK YOU ALL "GYAAN" GIVERS.

  25. srinivas rao says:

    Though you might have visited TAJ as a citizen, u would have choosen other time, not the time when CM visited.
    What ignited the trouble is you are behind the CM along with ritesh(CM son). I feel scared what impact this will give u on ur film making

  26. Pradeep says:

    Hi Ramu
    I dont ask y u have went there.but my request is pls dont try to make movie on this tragedic incident.
    because ur not a responsible person,not have respect over women ,not have faith in god,dont believe in sentiments,i think u just want power,name,fame,gals,money.And i feel ur not a great director present such type of movies…i think in span of 2 decades u didnt try to make a film and not even a scene to show patriotism.I like mani ratnam in this aspect as did roja,amrutha,and bombay which inspires people in the right way
    but ur afilm maker who inspires terrorists by making movies like contract,company, and "D" in wich u present them as brave heroes…pls try to change ur self at least now go make some movies wich inspires people…at least follow ur assistants foot anurag kashyap and madhur bandarkar…pls as fan of u i urges u to change ur self…….
    Pradeep Maddali

  27. Vinay says:

    Dialogue from Sholay- Gabbar (to Sanjeev Kumar): He he he he De aur gaali de, jitni marzi gaali de!

  28. Vinay says:

    Dear Ex-RGV fan- you wrote a post-ful. And all of it makes complete sense. You are right.

  29. Vinay says:

    Dear Ex-RGV fan- you wrote a post-ful. And all of it makes complete sense. You are right.

  30. E says:

    Hi RGV….
    It seems the timing of your visit to Taj was bad….the media is working overtime and has successfully fueled up a debate that you were there..only and only for the sole reason to make a movie…which wud starr Ritesh …and wanted ideas for ..realistic potrayal. in your new movie….i dont understand ..what idea you might..get to potray terms..of destruction..i guess it is anybody guess that..we can construct those destroyed..buildings…dilapidated buildings..with ease even without visiting a site of destruction….i think you need to clarify u r stand…by holding a press conference your blog…this wud be better…but defenitely the "masses" have been affected….another instance how people are coming to conclusions…prejudging you ..opinionated..calling names….dude stay away from…keep low profile….

  31. Swamy says:

    Comman guys…the point is " Terrorists entered Taj palace and whole india is concerned about it " 
    There is no point i see in thinking about any other trivial issue ( like who visited it…who passed through it…who had a puff before it)
    ….Offcourse if your mind is concerned only with issues, then YES you have a point.
    Go ahead and waste your time.

  32. Vinay says:

    Hey dude
    Not only do women come edited onscreen, they "perform" and "express" exactly how you want them to! hehehe how kinky we are!

  33. suyash says:

    People  – Animals actually – like you will only learn when someone who you love suffers in this tragedy (which i wish from the bottom of my heart does not happen). Oh, however, i said someone you love.. and our man out here does not love…

  34. Unknown says:

    Oh Christ, are you going to make a movie on the Mumbai blasts? Please, PLEASE, spare us the torture. This city has seen enough horror already.

  35. Vinay says:

    Hey people reprimanding RGV for going to Taj… There are reports that he\’s submitted a script to a production house. I know nobody made a movie on 9/11 cos that would have been termed insensitive. But do realize that Anurag Kashyap also made Black Friday… and Mani Ratnam made Bombay. Or for that matter all "realities" that are exposed in films… like Page 3 or Fashion exposing the underbelly of that life or Rang De Basanti exposing Mig crashes. ITs similar….. dont know about being insensitive. But if RGV makes a movie out of November Mumbai terrorist riots and if it becomes a hit, then it would be the first Indian hit made out of a hostage story. This is gonna be our own hostage story… very real… very much ours.

  36. Vijay says:

    So what if Ramu visited the Taj Mahal Hotel? Was he not supposed to? Is there a law saying people shouldnt visit that place? He pulled some strings and visited the place? so what? Even if he wants to make a movie on it, why should people cry hoarse here? Perhaps like Anurag Kashyap did with Black Friday, Ramu will make a hard hitting explosive piece of cinema on 11/26. Or even so, perhaps he wanted to understand the real nature of the tragedy like any one us would? If we pulled some strings and visited the site, would we be selfish just because we are not film makers? It\’s not that only Politicians should visit the place, when they were responsible for the whole thing in the first place. And you guys are pre determining reasons of him visiting the place? It\’s only propoganda like this without substance that the media carries as news and you guys are aiding that.  

  37. Mohan says:

    Really what happened is…
    Reporters found out some of the facts leading to yesterday\’s breaking news. Our sources confirmed to us that RGV is leaving on the 5th of December to Sri Lanka for the shoot of his next film ‘Agyaat’. So before leaving, he wanted to wrap up some important meetings with the star cast of ‘Rann’. Since last one week Mohnish Behl, Rajpal Yadav, Riteish Deshmukh and Gul Panag have been visiting RGV\’s office in Oshiwara to discuss their look for the film and few other details. Not many know but Riteish has the most important role in the film according to RGV and discussions between the actor and director were increasing day by day. But due to the Mumbai bombings, this time around, Ramu thought of paying the junior Deshmukh a visit at his residence-Varsha, to talk about the film. Both were busy talking about ‘Rann’ for half an hour and then decided to part ways when suddenly Riteish told RGV to accompany him in his car along with his father Vilasrao Deshmukh\’s convoy which was heading towards the Taj hotel. Unaware of where the convoy was going, both the actor and the director started chatting a bit about the recent attacks and then their film till their car stopped just outside the Taj. With no clue as to what was happening, RGV got down along with his actor friend Riteish and followed Vilasrao inside the Taj. RGV was also heard on the television clarifying that his visit was a mere coincidence and bad timing.
    Knowing the type of films Ramu makes, one can\’t think but come to a conclusion that his visit was primarily to make another dark and a grim reality flick. Now if that was the case, how come the director missed his visit to the Leopold cafe, Nariman House and the Trident Oberoi? Whether Ram Gopal Varma will make another realistic film with terrorism as it\’s backdrop is something which only the maverick director will be able to tell us in the near future but what we can say is that this incident of him entering the Taj with the Deshmukh\’s is creating one hell of a \’news story\’. Bollywood hungama………..

  38. Ideo says:

    @Vinay Joshi, World Trade Center (2006) – Nicolas Cage acted in the lead role… It was shot from the view of few local cops.

  39. srinivas rao says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Please hold a press conference and come up with ur stand.
    otherwise it will send a bad signal to the nation on ur behalf which is not good for u as long as as u remain silent.
    i dont want this to happen to u. plz come up with press conference.

  40. Naveen says:

    the timing/entourage of your visit to the taj was not apt i suppose

  41. vinay says:

      HI RGV….
                 How and in what sense you create rules for yourself?

  42. Hansel says:

    More than RGV, Vilasrao Deshmukh is at fault. How can he make callous remarks like my son wanted to see the Taj so I took him. Its like a father taking his 5 year old kid and the kids friends for a picnic. Obviously RGV is at fault. He needs to apologise to the country for his poor judgement. At times of such national calamities when people\’s nerves are at the edge, any such act will cause anger. Not only RGV but Ritesh Deshmukh also has to apologise. Just because his father is the CM, it does not give him the licence to join a govt. entourage.

  43. Kesavan says:

    Ramu Visited Taj, media is giong ballistic and many people feel hurt. Yes, a valid question to ask is what is an asocial man like RGV doing at the terror site? Social responsibilities, humanity, emotions, relationships and all mean nothing to this man, so there is absolutely nothing one can expect him to contribute there. Wrong timing dude, bad luck.
    On the same note, why is the media and people making such a fuss? Replace RGV with Big B, SRK etc and then imagine if the media would have gone on with the same rhetoric? I guess not. There are double standards clearly. The media themselves covered the events like a film climax.
    Our Ex Home minister (Shivraj Patil) went on National television to announce his military ideas (200 NSG men, leaving at 1:15 in the night and should start operations in 2 hours time). If our politicians and especially home minister can be such a fool to disclose sensitive military & operational information, Vilasrao is only a lesser fool in comparision by taking his Son and RGV along.
    Let us not be swayed by media, powerless Ramu is just a scapegoat to divert anger at, nothing more. His visit is as insignificant as the reactions from the media.
    This is the time for us to hold each other accountable to live a life of a model citizen who follows the rule of the land and then expects everyone around to also do the same. Without looking within, we cant expect someone else to come and deliver for us and our needs. We faught a 21\’st century war with World War 1 weapons and put our own army men at risk, thats even more foolish from our politicians where we need to divert our attention to.
    Can each one of us individually take a pledge to lead a life of a model citizen? if we cannot, then just go to bed and stop talking for or against anyone.

  44. Mohan says:

    It is time to wake up! India needs change.
    Now we should not think who is visited to Taj already terrorists made damage to it..think how to stop TERROR…

  45. sandeep says:

    Hello everybodyMedia is anti rgv and this is pretty known fact…why rgv was in taj is matter of thousands speculation..let\’s not get into that…If media has it\’s way..their headline will run something like this\’RAM GOPAL VARMS BEHIND MUMBAI MAYHAM\’As some had written in this blog \’they make movies better than most fimmakers.they only call it news\’jus take a chill pill everyone

  46. Brahma says:

    what were u doing shamelessly at taj? dare u make movie on this. Isnt it coincidence that in contract and in real life terrorists travelled by sea?
    But u hv done one good to all us by visitibg taj with vilasrao. Helping us get rid of in efficient, ineffective and coward CM.
    But u proved taht urnt different from others. Toeing line with coward politicians.
    Shame on u.

  47. Niranjan says:

    Can you tell us what do you mean by , I was there by chance ?i don\’t believe that ritesh took you there by force or didn\’t tell you that were he was taking you.  Even when you were taken there, you should have refused to go inside , or at least you should have gone once all the official people have gone. Dude seriously i am not sure how embarrassed you are  by this, But i am very much ?Seriously an unforgettable mistake by you.

  48. Niranjan says:

    What do you mean by "i was there by chance" ?I think you seem to be learning lessons in very harsh way.

  49. Unknown says:

    Everyone is free to express how they feel but let\’s just avoid trivial issues like RGV visiting Taj. He is clarrified that it happened by chance and was not planned. And please unite to focus on important issues and try to do something to eradicate problems we are facing or it may just get worse in the future.

  50. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    i read about the sudden premature demise of sound engineer H.Sridhar and i read that he was your favourite sound engineer.Do you have anything to share about your collaboration with him?

  51. andhrabond says:

    What is wrong with you? How did you miss the simple logic that what ever the reason you went to TAJ, media and people think that this guy doesn\’t give a dam about the incident and shamelessly went to TAJ to see the impact of the damage so that he can capture his forthcoming movie scenes exactly the way it happened? Obviously later for publicity stunt you build a story saying some stupid dramatic statement “I was shattered by the damage that I have seen when I visited the TAJ ……\’.
    no matter what you think about the incident, you should be in your boundaries. India is not like USA. Where people and government give liberty to any person how psycho he could be. They take it personally and harm you. At the end of the day you don\’t want to get killed by a mad person right!
    Forget about you I don\’t know how come Reitesh and CM took a chance to take you to the TAJ. May be it is all your idea to see TAJ and you might have used them.
    Let me tell you in your own language “when you don\’t have good heart or kind enough to protest the incident with rest of the bollywood, there is nothing for you to see in TAJ except for your own profit/interest". The person like you who cares only for himself doesn\’t deserve any visit to TAJ.
    There is not much difference between you and the guy who slept on the railway tracks when you involved in the train accident. In a way that guy is far better than you.

  52. Unknown says:

    The ultimate outcome of mankind is enjoyment, what do you say?

  53. Vumsy says:

    Hahaha… Media started fucking with you, before you planned to do it with them in a fuck fest named \’Rann\’.. Njoy…

  54. sreekanthreddy says:

    You talk like this because you are sucessful . You are not successful because you talk like this .

  55. Hemant says:

    anybody else in his place would have done the same, and its fukin lie if u\’d say no 😉

  56. Unknown says:

    Leave alone the timing, the people you went with…………..enough people bitched about it already.I am not angry. sorry……….whatever. I just wanted to know.For a self-centered man like you what was the reason to visit a place like that?" What ever I do I do for my own personal gain."__Ram Gopal Varma.Being an objectivist myself I did not get "I was there by chance".

  57. manas says:

    I have nothing more to say to you other than shame on you. Shame-on-you.You were there by chance? Let me get this straight – you were just walking by, whistling a tune from another one of your crappy movies when you realized you were at The Taj?We\’re not dumbfucks, Ramgopal. I\’m sure your target audience has an IQ of zero, but not the rest of us. You can\’t get into a car, meet up with the Chief Minister and his son (who is apparently as stupid as you are) and walk into The Taj by complete fucking chance.This is why you\’ve never made anything original, because you\’re as stupid as fuck.Shame on you.

  58. Chet says:

    you are a really sarcastic & cynical person–I want to learn to be
    just like that (there\’s a shortage in the world for like like that you
    see!)-could I work for you?

  59. Preets says:

    Why give so much importance to RGV? Does that matter at all in the larger scheme of things?
    RGV going on a pleasure trip to the TAJ is a failure of the security agencies posted there. Vilasrao taking visitors around is expcted- afterall thats a demonstration of his incapability as a human being. But what were the security agencies doing? Why could they not stop everyone except the CM and his security guards fomr entering the Taj and Oberoi?
    We still copntinue to blame everyone else for the way things are in our country, while the real culprits are we ourselves because who made them leaders in the first place if not us?
    i am ashamed of myself and as ashamed of everyone else in this whole country!!

  60. santosh says:

    Always look at the positive side in life.Ultimately what we wanted has happened.That inept, alleged CM is gone & Ramu gets a bit of credit 4 that.He knew that by being seen at the Taj with Vilasrao would be the last nail in his coffin.Ramu knew that & deliberately went there coz even he had enough of Vilasrao.Well done Ramu! You are like Jacques Clouseau!

  61. Akshay says:

    wat the hell do u think of ur self… did u think it was a movie premier ???? PEOPLE DIED THERE !!  u hav any respect for them … ur just a common man,… U DONT HAV ANY RIGHT TO WALK THERE !!  and if u have the guts come walk on the streets, with the people of this country and not with a MP  … i bet ull be slapped 100 times……

  62. Mohan says:

    The terrorist have already done the damage and the siege is over.The other group of people who have silently created panic and anxiety is the Indian media.They have no sense of responsibilty whatsoever.

  63. Abel says:

    I just can\’t understand what the fuck makes it insulting if RGV visits Taj. Is he a terrorist? Has he been accused for keeping AK56? Has he been linked to Osama, Dawood or any other terroris or attending their partiest? Has he been a prime cause for Vilasrao\’s coward rule? Just like anybody he is also an Indian citizen and no own should try to judge anyone\’s intention or his love for the country. Grow up kids and stop Judging others depending on idiotic media we have. Otherwise it reffirms that we are nothing but fucking mobsters, who do not leave chance to throw a stone on a helpless target.

  64. Abel says:

    I just can\’t understand what the fuck makes it insulting if RGV visits Taj. Is he a terrorist? Has he been accused for keeping AK56? Has he been linked to Osama, Dawood or any other terroris or attending their partiest? Has he been a prime cause for Vilasrao\’s coward rule? Just like anybody he is also an Indian citizen and no own should try to judge anyone\’s intention or his love for the country. Grow up kids and stop Judging others depending on idiotic media we have. Otherwise it reffirms that we are nothing but fucking mobsters, who do not leave chance to throw a stone on a helpless target.

  65. Arun says:

    I don\’t think RGV went to Taj to get inputs for any of his movie. I don\’t know how many of us know RGV well, but hes far more compassionate than most of us in the right sense of the word. I won\’t explain this .

  66. Unknown says:

    RGV has shown himself to be a complete idiot by literally stepping on the bodies of innocent victims.
    This so called film maker has blood of the victims under his feet. He may as well have blood on his hands.
    He arrogantly strolled in to the Taj, thinking he had some morbid right.
    Frankly if I ever see him, I will tie him to the Gate of India and stone him.

  67. Uday says:

    This outcry on someone visiting Taj is perhaps the most idiotic thing that I had ever seen. If all those bunches of people walking along with the CM and other politicos can visit, then why not a common man? The fact is, RGV visited Taj. Rest all (about why he visited etc etc) are assumptions.If its ok for telivision channels to telecast the carnage for 3 days and if its ok for the entire world to get glued to TV screens to see the burning landmarks, I think its perfectly OK for anyone, who was allowed, to visit Taj

  68. E says:

    Jeeezz…what ruckus is being created out of this…..making a mountain out of a molehill…this is the worst form of character assasinations..i have seen in recent times….too sad..too bad…this is a classic example how powerfull the media is and how manipulative they can be…..and the fucking morons have are doing a great job…concentrating on absolutely trivial issues…the whole country looks like a madhouse…the collective consciousness of this country is as sick as it can be….it stinks big time…

  69. Unknown says:

    May be you were too amused with the whole thing such that you didn\’t care to hide your amusement before the whole media

  70. Niranjan says:

    I would like to add some thing based on  comments that have been given1. if media can show the carnage lively , So lively that terrorist also got to know when NSG was coming (superb job by media), then why RGV cannot ?What is RGV going to get by going to Taj,  if the intention was to see how media will respond and there by get the inputs, then he succeeds,  and if the intention was not that and want to see the intensity of damage, then  that is already being shown on Media,  what is need to go there  a need for anybody to go there and see how furnitures are broken and how dead bodies look ? 2. Why are we making a fuss of this. It was CM going around to see taj with his beloved sons and RGV ? and not RGV alone going to taj When i saw that clipping of RGV in taj with the politicians, first thing that came to my mind was , What is RGV doing there with CM.

  71. Aju says:

    good piece to be included in RANN – the reactions in media over your Taj Visit -I am sure it will be there

  72. Dinakar says:

    I have never understood why people write F**k or FCUK or F*** etc. when even an LKG student can understand clearly that its saying FUCK. Whom are they hiding the word for and what purpose its serving? Just pointless. Why cant one fuckin say FUCK if they want to say FUCK. Is it because we all live in a world of hypocrisy? And now you too man. You could have clearly said "It will be Fucked" instead of "It will be F…." And dont fuck me giving a huge lecture, a line would do… lol…

  73. Brahma says:

    For all who are supporting Ramu
    After the carnage….. Media is not allowed inside… No one was allowed inside. Thats because there can be lot of classified information. Had they allowed everyone and Ramu too… no one would have any issue.
    He used CM\’s office to visit the site. Its clear. No one here is asking if he went to take inputs for his movie? The point here is this man as we all know from his blogs is extremely selfish and can do anything for his benefit.
    And it isnt sight seeing. It is a site where people have died. There could be dead bodies left. This isnt even a civilized act from this man who is physically alive but dead according to me. he has stooped to new low.

  74. static atmosphere energy says:

    Ramu,Be Yourself! and you know you have fun!

  75. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,
    Whats wrong if you make a movie on this? I hope you do, this incident should be shown to the people who are not aware of it through a movie. Media wants to sell every second of its news, to do that they need a target & probably you are the one. Instead of catching the people behind this incident the media is trying to catch you.
    Take Care,

  76. Neeta says:

    Can you, Aamir, SRK and Amitabh not band together and form Youth Groupsin Mumbai to start Volunteering and Helping the Police and Army,by being their eyes and ears?You all could recruite people from Law Schools, Medical Schools,MBA Programes, Local Police and Army, Local Merchants andFishermen etc etc… Members from All Walks of Life – Bar None. Get everyone on board – Set Agendas on What you want to establish, Set People to task, Report and ensureappropriate action through the correct authorities are enforced.This will keep all your Politicians and Authorities in Check and Aid them on Security Matters!You may need to inject some money initially – but as thosestudent graduate, the Committees will self propagate – all youguys would have to do is put in an appearance once in a while toensure UNITY and that Actions are being taken!
    Please teach Indian Youths that they can not rely only on their Army and Police – they all need to band together in Solidarity to affect change within India. They need to come togehther and work with the Police, Law, Army (Gate-Keepers) and Politicians.


  77. Neeta says:

    Ev – Narendra or Ram,
    I am a techno retard — can you kindly post the below on Amitabh and SRK\’s blog too – People at the top who are idolized in India need to help the Youths to start a Movement in a Positive Direction, instead of pointing fingers. Please post at all forums – I am unable to do so due to time and inability in trying to figure out how to go onto other blogs!
    From a Techno-Retard – But a Person Who Cares about Humanity!

  78. srinivas says:

    For all those who blame RGV for making a visit to Taj..,Your Conscious and Contribution:-What were you doing all these 4 days when the tragedy took place? Did you skip a meal? Did you skip your office(if you were not in mumbai?), Did you mourn for them by not entertaining yourself? Did you not watch TV shows, movies all these 4 days when the tragedy was taking place? I mean, what was your morale? what was your conscious doing at that time apart from watching TV news once every hour? You were doing you job and so RGV was doing the same as his job is to study the real life incidents and learn from it. Ofcourse each one of us carry on with our lives with our ouwn reactions and emotions to the tragic event. Have you ever?Have you ever visited an accident site in your life just to see the site? I see a number of people visiting the site of accidents with nothing in mind but just to see.. just out of curiosity. For example :- There are thousands of people who visited the bridge that fell down and killed over 50 people. Many tourists who visit NY still visit the Twin Towers that were collapsed I recall many people used to visit Flood effected areasSo is this visit of RGV. If anyone of you have ever made such a visit, you did what RGV did. only thing is he had the chance to visit there just before most of us could.  Making a Movie:Many movie makers, Journalists, Authors learn from real life. Google around to see how many works were influenced by real life incidents. It would be wrong of him to make a comedy movie out of this incident or to make a movie that supports/encourages such acts. A movie that tributes the soldiers who fought, a tribute to the people who were victims is no wrong. Else, no movies would ever been made on war. Media:Doesn\’t the media have more critical and important things to talk about? I think RGV\’s presentation of the whole incident would be more realist and less commerical than what the so called TV media\’s presentation is. CM\’s visit:I think it is a blunder that CM took RGV with him. But., its all together a different storyI am for sure not a good narrator but I still wanted to try conveying my reactions.

  79. Unknown says:

    Surprising to see you in a agitated state, while talking to Rajeev Masand, over the TAJ episode.
    You are not as tough as you seem to be.

  80. Bhaskar says:

    Media people expected the war between commandos and terrorists would go on for many days (at least a week). Unfortunately (for Media), the war ended quickly, now their business would go down and wont meet the profits they planned during the week. Now, this incident took place. ONE SHOT TWO BIRDS. They have been waiting for a chance to screw RGV, as he planned to fuck media. If he really has visited Taj for movie making purpose, still appreciate for his appetite for film making. If every person has the same enthusiasm in their respective profession like RGV has in film makng, what stops them to reach success.

  81. Bhaskar says:

    I just wanted you all to read these lines. People talk as they have something to say; Fools talk as they have to say something. If you think the second part in the above sentence is more suitable to M E D I A, I just smile.

  82. Vinay says:

    RAMU ne 2 SARKAR banayi….. ek girayi!!!

  83. Mohan says:

    1. Do not worry about those who have come thru boats…Our forces can easily defeat them.WORRY about those who have come thru votes….Those are our REAL ENEMIES….2. What a shame and disgrace to every citizen of India that the eliteNSG Force was transported into ordinary BEST buses, whereas our cricketersare transported into state of the art luxury buses, these Jawans lay downtheir lives to protect every Indian and these cricketers get paid even ifthey lose a match, we worship these cricketers and forget the martyrdom ofthese brave Jawans.The Jawans should be paid the salaries of the cricketers and the cricketersshould be paid the salaries of the Jawans.3. An ace shooter shoots and gets gold medal, govt gives 1cr, anothershooter dies while shooting terrorist, govt gives 5 lakh.WHO DESERVES MORE?Huh.. This is our India… .. We are the young blood……it can take timebut we can change it…..jay Hind

  84. srinivas rao says:

    Hi Ramu,I liked ur stand that any one want to visit the spot. I think after the end of entire episode media dont have enough stuff to presentand they tried to ignite the trouble making u as a scape goat. Ure right u need to for apology, if that is tha case the media shouldsay apology for showing more tham what u have seenSrinivasPune

  85. VJ says:

    U want to make a movie on Indian media with all its viciousness focussed. They came back at you with all rancour. Media shot at u first than the otherway round. Media really hurts.As an afterthought, I can say that u\’d have announced a project on Bombay attacks if no negative reaction came outta ur visit.

  86. Unknown says:

    Ram, Media has taken revenge on you even before you fucked them. Media guys are so funny, why the hell they were showing live 24/3 when the war was going on? Ramu got a chance to see it live, whats wrong in it? If media is allowed, wont they get the live telecast of dead people lying in Taj corridors? Ofcourse they will. Stupid lamers. Ramu its your chance with RANN to screw them black and blue.

  87. Hiral Anju says:

    How might someone get in touch with you, to be an assitant in your films?

  88. dr uncle joj says:

    # so many clever questions and all the sharper witticisms, OK, but not one about the purely social scourge caused 90% by SEXXX , the misuse of and the profiteers living by . and the instrument makers, the drug formularists, and the fleecing physicians. the positives dying and the negatives living helpless after, a total miserable living death situation . i got to know the HIV in Zambia in 1986. now i am a little into some weak effort to help them living with HIV = AIDS. if you care to come for a day to see for yourself at closest quarters. i have seen a movie south afrique bout a woman a child, poignant. but i know no movie can arrest the strong male hormone urge and the female desires. YET I BELIEVE YOU R G V can think for an year and come out in ju a month with a tender tale that stabs thru the heart. and ……..the result? nil. then why do the story? cos i have faith in R G V . [ i suggested this sometime ago, but it seems deleted.]

  89. dr uncle joj says:

    # come incognito, bring a man and tell me he is positive. and then watch the situ.

  90. ananth says:

    I\’m Glad as well as in a state of embarrassment thinking about whether Our Ram Gopal ji would look at this or not., i am a very big admirer of your films, and i was really furious, serious, funnier when i read all the questions and the answers you gave each and every one.,i wonder that there are people who waste their time in commenting you., becaues there is no need or there is no right of any one simply commenting on others(Though this is not a fundamental right atleast they should consider it to be a moral right personally)for me RGV (i don\’t know how you like others to call you??) is a Genius., breaking the unconventional way of film making., i used to have a doubt why God Rejected Satan to give him the heaven away…….., what if he gave him that if he is really greatso having such thoughts i was attracted towards your kind of film making., i don\’t have any commentsbut if at all you can answer mei just want to ask you only one questiondo you read books on philosophy??if yes whose books?? this i am asking as i am an ardent reader of philosophy and want to know about your interestsif its too personal then i regret

  91. Joseph says:

    Wasnt there a movie called EK that you wanted to make some years back?

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