Mohan Krishna

The first time someone ever associated the word Director with me was a friend of mine called Mohan Krishna back in my engineering college days. Inspite of me being a major movie buff and constantly talking and analyzing movies I remember being quite taken aback that someone thought I can be a film director. I would go to the extent of saying that Mohan Krishna was the one who planted the seed in my head that I should become a Director.
I was not in touch with him for more than 20 years ever since we left college and recently he happened to mail me from Australia after getting my contact from somewhere. Just wanted to share his mail with you.
Ram Gopal,
               Read your journey to becoming director and reminds me of the belief I had at college. When I read these, I can feel the same intensity observed back in college. When you mentioned that I was the first who consciously said of you becoming director, I definitely could feel the reality of it. I may not distinctly remember the conversation per se.
But I always thought that I knew more than any body else about future success in your path, probably I remember Kamineni as a skeptic like any body else at the time would have been. Getting back in touch after such a long time, I thought it may be good thing to write some of my impressions of our association at college as you are one person (in philosophical sense) other than the environment that influenced me and I always thought that I had similar influence which may not be true. My belief in your success probably is reflected in these impressions . These impressions are distant but clear for possible reason of being restated a few times over last 25 years in my mind and in some instances for narrating others.  
 I remember the karate exercises we did as group and you had mobilized and organized with definite confidence. That was the first time I saw any one taking a raw egg, seeing quite a few (dont remember faces) in the group taking raw eggs and soon I evolved myself taking raw egg with ease. And when I was struggling to do normal push-ups, you were able to do the knuckle push-ups. That was kind of a true demonstration of intensity in doing any task at hand. And then coming from a small town and looking at some one kicking and punching the punching bag, I initially remember that (your confident attitude) as confidence from a city boy. After a while, I realized it was something more than that and then continued to have admiration..
  I remember the practical experiments that were done at understanding peoples feelings and emotions.  The mask that Kaiser or some one brought from overseas was used to note reactions of panic, fright or horror from several people. Another one was the distance of guilt and temptation of reward experiment, wherein we asked people if they press a switch, a dog in South Africa dies and so if the person, for a reward, is ready for it. Continued this by increasing the reward and at the same time closeness of the victim to check when morality sinks into human mind. Another one was that when you had strong judgment on who was the most handsome etc., (I don’t remember the name, and it was room mate of Lahoti in the hostel you thought). The only reason I remember this was, when you asked me, I said without even thinking I said that it was me the most handsome, then you came back to pick excluding myself.   
  As a social thing, I remember having my first beer at Benz centre with yourself and Papi Reddy. Also remember the time when yourself and KS Rao (Kamineni, I am not sure if he is still in touch, if so pl pass his contact) both used to celebrate the Bday on the same day. Some of the films we watched together like The Beautiful People, The Friday 13th and a number of others that you wanted to analyse after the viewing. Then in final years, I remember the intense philosophical discussions we had when we moved to a house, and that was when I had first exposure to philosophy by which time you were well into Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zaruthustra. I had a book from you by the name The Political Thought (from Aristotle to now) and that book got me into philosophy in general. I also remember the long letters you used to write and discuss intensely on films, love, lust and human nature. That was the time, I distinctly remember myself thinking you should one day become a director to vent those ideas. 
  Another incident that clearly stays in my mind was the catching of snake. I am not sure if you remember. You, Samba (Gutta Samba Siva Rao) and Myself, one day ended up a catching a snake on the road (of course it was Samba who curled the snake on his forearm) and putting it in the show case for a couple of days and looking for its species in Britannica Encyclopedia. Initially we thought it was a water snake (a non poisonous one), but when alerted by a man on the street that it was crate, I still remember the fear and the instant sweat Samba had until he realized the creature’s neck was well and truly under his thumb. On research from the book, we found that some crates in India have bands only for half length and the rest long stripes or some thing similar and these are the most poisonous of the crates. In the end, we ended up leaving the snake in wild at nearby sugarcane farm carrying it in hesian bag. 
  I also remember the number of films that we watched together with KS Rao and others, your hatred towards cricket, by the way you are the one who made me not to use country vulgar language, not sure if you remember this. Enough memories for now and of course all this with a number of other interactions including fights and man manipulations etc.    After all these years, It is not surprising that I enjoy reading Spinoza’s Ethics, Schopenhauer’s World as Idea and World as Will and Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morals.    Any way, I did try to get in touch only once some time in 1996 or 97 (that was when I was in New Zealnd) or so by just calling your number and was told you were in Mumbai then, and then on never tried considering the busy nature of your work.   
  As for me, since leaving college, I moved to Bengal and lived there for 10 years and in 95 moved to Sydney then to NZ and now I call Brisbane home since 2000. For living, I design steel and concrete structures to serve a purpose, try to understand their behavior of these inanimate objects and keep wondering how they do not fall down.    Good to read your blog, I can appreciate the process now better. Also, happened to go through "Biggest flop of my life" being such a personal note, reminded me of the time spent together.  Drop a sms when you get this.    
Mohan Krishna 
St.Kenmore – 4069
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  1. gouravaraju says:

    you said you dont have friends and dony understand what friend means? and you named Mr. Mohan Krishna as you friend. how come?

  2. Jonah says:

    surprising… no mention of that girl from your college in mohan krishna\’s email.. from what i believe.. long lost friends.. usually remember.. girls and dates and adventures.. i guess the girl(s) part was \’censored"what happened to the girl you had crush on ?

  3. Swamy says:

    Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision — Ayn Rand

  4. Narendra says:

    Shocking. You shared something personal with fans. I don\’t like reading personal letters or mails. So decided not to read the post. Anyways it must be very good since you shared it with us. You are truly , as my brother said, Peter Keating trying to act Howard Roark.

  5. Narendra says:

    i hope that you got Mohan Krishna gaari permission to share his letter with us.

  6. vaishak says:

    This is what one call \’friendship\’. I truly believe this is not a freindship which has bloomed again just becoz u become a brilliant film maker[ that is also a \’strong reason\’].The way he described the old incidents are very alive. This is what one should call \’originality\’. When we write or show something which really happened ;even if it is a small thing, it makes a great impact on the person who happens to be the viewer or the listener.
    Did you drop an sms to him..?
    He will be so happy that you remember him……
    Ran\’ making started…?

  7. prakash says:

    wow! what an interesting and endearing letter!
    when are you sharing your reply to Mr. Mohan?
    Prakash Gowda

  8. mikey says:

    i amn\’t gonna be cynical ridiucling your friends letter and u sharing it with us.we all have the tendecny to own success ful people or own some one elses success.Do you think any one would have bothered about you if u failed miserably,still working as an assistant director?Its neither of mohan krishnas or kaminenis opinion that was vindicated.Indeed it would have been kamineni\’s predicting wrong would have turned out to be ture had u been a disaster.Strange are the way success/failure proves one wrong or right.Secondly as some one who is rationale all the time,did u get fascinated with his letter after a long time?Did it make you nostalgic?I repeat mohan krishna would have never bothered had u turned out to be mediacore/failure?i want you react on this if u dont find it nonsense

  9. Unknown says:

     Before you have started this Blog, I admired you only as a director who has great passion for films, now I admire you as a great human and as an achiever.  This mail is really touching(not that the mail is emotional, but that shows you still remember old pals). I would say thanks to your friend J who discovered a great director in you. In some way…you really paid a tribute to your friend posting that letter on your blog
    Good Luck

  10. vinay says:

    HI RGV,
               I think ur intension of this post is to make us emotion with Mohan krishna\’s letter portraying memories he had with u…… but want to know what is your study behind the emotion that brought out by this letter as u said u don\’t feel the emotion … u study emotion.. did u got into emotional when u first read this…?

  11. Unknown says:

    ram gopal,
    such a nice friend u have.
    you must be a fool to say u have no friends either inside or outside industry

  12. sha says:

    "True friends are like  street lights along the road.They  don\’t make the distance any shorter but they light up the path & make the walk worthwhile."I wd like to add more….."Friends r like crayons, they colour our lives. Mr Mohan Krishna may not be your fv color but hope u need him to somewhere to compleate your life\’s pictures.School & College\’s friends are the most valuables friends as they are selfless.

  13. Pashabhai says:

    Wow !!  this blog is becoming like a jerry springer show or Oprah Winfrey show.
    Lost friends meeting after two decades.
    Only kidding dude!!

  14. Abhishek says:

    Hello Sir,Just curious to know, if you had named the character Mohan Krishna (who played Jagapati Babu\’s brother) in the film Gaayam, as a tribute to your friendship.Please do write about Gaayam. Would love to hear it from you! It\’s such a good film!Thank you

  15. Unknown says:

    hey please gimme the contact details of mohan krishna……and when\’ll you display the reply letter to mohan krishna

  16. Unknown says:

    Respected Sir,
    Successful Films and their scale of operations:
    Newspapers are full of news of  economic meltdown and job looses. During last four years of bull run a new youth brigade has nurtured in India who is taking their first lesson of saving now. But in all financial crisis and slashing of consumer spending ‘DOSTANA’ is doing fabulous business in Indore much on the lines I wrote you last Friday. However Both Quantum of Solace and Ek Vivah Eisa Bhi didn’t fare well because of one common thing in them?????
    The common thing is shrinking in their operation of scale. Both James Bond and Raj Shree prod. have their image among viewers of producing magnum opuses . So when they come with a movie which look like a TV serial in its operations then viewers gets depressed. If you compare quantum of Solace with Earlier bond movie like Golden Eye, this time bond look like a beggar in front of earlier bond who  ran in expensive cars, stayed in grand hotels, speak in very suave style ,  use  sophisticated arms . Almost everything which mesmerize viewers about Bond missing in these new Bond Movies. So it is obvious that movie missed viewers . Same is With RajShree Prod. NO MAduri with heart pulsating DidiTera Dewar Diwana , No Salmaan Khan , no Industrialist family with celebrations round the year . So this was Bound to bring small time petty business only.  
    Coming Friday , Mr. Subhash Ghai is again in the battle field with his magnum opus YUVRAAJ. I have been a liking for Mr. Ghai’s films since my childhood days of RAM LAKHAN .His movies has a distinguishable seal of him . Their grand canvas, big star cast, melodious songs and dance sequences all are really fascinating. In fact he has his unique view behind the camera while capturing the beauty whether of the nature  or of  an Actress.  Nature or Actress looks more beautiful when are seen through the eyes of Mr. Ghai. Looking at Madhuri Dixit , I sometimes wonder that why she looks so stunning in KhalNayak, Ram Lakhan and HU Aaapke Hai Kaun , Beta but not always so beautiful in her other films . A deep analysis indicates that what matters more is not the  the beauty of the actress , but the way this beauty is captured by the camera and presented before the audience. In other words , its not the Actress who has a stunning look but its the director\’s who make her so beautiful through his camera. Look the beauty of Aishwarya Rai, in a Raj Kanwar\’s movie and the same Aish in Sanjay Leela BHansali\’ films.
    He is a master of creating a character to whom people can  remember after the leaving the hall. It is the litmus test of film maker that how many people are imitating his characters after watching them in film. You may remember Sir Juda of Karz., or Dr. Deng of Karma or Amrish Puri and Sanjay Dutt in Saudagar and Khalnayak respectively. It really requires hard work to create such characters
    However  this hard work  seemed to have been missing since Yaade , Krishna and thus explain their dumb performance at Box Office. This time we are again hoping to see a true Subhash Gthai genre movie . Let us see to what extent he is able to fulfill this expectation.

  17. Trimex says:

    somebody asked, did you name mohan krishsna character in gaayam as a tribute to your friends….hmm i donno about that. but in Vijaywada a place where rgv grew up, there were two brother- big time goons one of them was radha krishna and the other was mohana ranga. i thought they fitted well into rgv\’s world view. world of Godfather, Vendetta….BTW, Ram, Did you watch "Once upon a time in America" by Sergio Leone? I loved it man! It was awesome.

  18. Anil says:

    You got friends too that is strange…..  May be at that time psycho in you is smaller than you…

  19. veerudu says:

    Nice article.  btw , if you have few minutes, read this interview of  Suman( Ramoji\’s son)  about Ramoji Rao ( eenadu editor )
    I think this might be useful for "rann" or aleast you will enjoy it :


  20. E says:

    Hi RGV….
    Really? You never entertained a thought of becoming a filmaker until your freind told you.No doutb it might have been a shot in the arm defenitely for you when your freind mentioned that…but I can\’t beleive that before your freind actually told never ….ever for once….thought…..strange…..? Interesting facts about your reading habits…where did you get access to these good books… from your college library…or bought it from pavement second-hand sales…I used to buy books from there…they are cheap..and you come across a lot of good books….but the only thing which irritates me is when the previous readers have underlined some lines…
    @@mickey….you have a point there..I couldn\’t have agreed more with you..that had RGV been a failure…this mail would have never been written…RGV…no offence…and nobody is doubting the integrity of yours and your freinds \’freindship\’.

  21. krishna says:

    who is you personal fav indian filmmaker of the old & present times( other than yourself)?

  22. rathnakar says:

    Hi Ramu
    An interesting observation for you from me.
    The way you evolved into film making has striking similarities with Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino(Pulp fiction, Reservoir dogs, Kill Bill ). He to took no formal training in film direction and worked in a video rental store prior to becoming a filmmaker, paid close attention to the types of films people liked to rent, and has cited that experience as inspiration for his directorial career.
    He is known for his unique style of film makingFrequently casts actors with whom he has worked on previous moviesChooses diffferent themes, plays all the roles of filmmakerIs single and has not married or has childrenBut one thing he does and you don\’t is acting.
    I know you\’re kind of anti-being in reacting to comments but would like to know your reaction on this

  23. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,
    There is this moment in Sarkar Raj where, Rao Saab asks Sarkar, \’Are you confident?\’ to which Abhishek (instead of Sarkar) answers \’Yes\’ while Sarkar sits still smiling. The very next moment you show Rao Saab with a peculiar nod, with dilated or rather bulged eyeballs.. which is hardly visible due to the background light rays. That momemt somehow stirs up some peculiar/uncomfortable feeling. This feeling is only proven to be genuine at the end of the film. Sometimes I\’m worried in a sense like, due lack of recognition, you might stop using this craft. I used to feel the same way about IlaiyaRaja and he never disappointed. When IlaiyaRaja was in his prime, in many of his songs, for the music that is padded between the first and second stanza, I felt he always tried to take it to a peak or culmination point of exhilaration. Similarly, his beat/or his change of beat just before the first stanza used to be something special. There are n number of such instances. And these were regular, run-of-the-mill songs. It used to be so much fun. I used to be always worried he might quit using his craft. He never quit.

  24. Vinay says:

    Now that you are rolling the credits of your professional life, do let us know (with complete contact details), who planted the idea in your head to make Aag and Daud!
    By the way I read Anurag Kashyap\’s blogs about making of Satya and he informs that you wanted to place Howard Roark in the underworld. How?.. what??…

  25. PAVAN KUMAR says:

     Ramu Sir, I appreciate your friendliness to mr.mohankrishna. I would like to shoot a Question, not reg.this subject – a point on Inspiration. The proposed Amir\’s Film Ghajni is a remake from South which includes a flashback episode of Heroine..The promos say the same episode was used in hindi too for which the director was same person. Had u noticed, this episode in original film was \’Hijacked\’ directly from Nagarjuna\’s Telugu film \’Muralikrishnudu\’. The episode was new to tamilians so murugadoss used. But afterwards it was also dubbed in Telugu but no one noticed. Now the same Amir\’s film carries. The same episode in Kannada was used by Indrajeet Lankesh in the Deepika Padukone\’s debut film \’Aishwarya\’. This film was a remake of Nagarjuna\’s \’Manmadhudu\’. Upendra was the hero In kannada film and this had the same flashback episode of Ghajini which was a copy from Muralikrishnudu. How strange? Did this really mean the word \’Inspiration\’?? Or the lack of creativity in Directors?? I want to know what is ur opinion on Inspiration. U declare u had a lot of passion on Godfather. Then how u come-out of that to make a film in ur point of view??

  26. Niranjan says:

    You friend calls you "Ram Gopal"  ,  most of them in their comments call you Ramu, or Ramu sir. RGV,  Very rarely i have seen you being called by that name.  I guess only few of your friends call by that name

  27. Arun says:

    The scene in Sarkar Raj where people create riots, you\’ve shot a scene from inside of a burning bus. It almost feels like the viewer is made to feel how does one feel stuck inside a burning bus with no way out, and how ruthless and inhuman riots are. Was this your aim ?

  28. Arun says:

    School and college friends don\’t need to be in touch, because they never really lose touch. Be it months, years, decades.

  29. vaishak says:

    Sir,   Have you ever read Chuck Palahniuk\’s novels…?…..Novels like \’Fight Club\’….If you wld have read it please tell me how much shock it gave you in the first reading…? The nihilist and masochist ideology he presents in those books are extremely obscene and anti life. What do you think about these kind of  transgressional fiction and dark comedy of horrors…?
    It makes one scared the hell out of him than the traditional horror movies which is made in the world. What do you think about this kind of writing…?…
    [P.S – Transgressional or transgressive fiction is a genre of literature that focuses on characters who feel confined by the norms and expectations of society and who use unusual and/or illicit ways to break free of those confines. Because they are rebelling against the basic norms of society, protagonists of transgressional fiction may seem mentally ill, anti-social and/or nihilistic. The genre deals extensively with taboo subject matters such as drugs, sex, violence, incest, pedophilia, and crime.]
    Is it true that one shyam ramsay directing your new horror movie..?
    ………….waiting for your reply minus sarcasm……Vaishak…..

  30. Dinesh says:

    \’Who is the original writer of Rgv\’s Rann?\’ – A new controversy in the making (LINK :-

  31. Neeta says:

    Ram – please tell Celeste and me that you love us for who we are – since Amir\’s blog might kick me out for my opinions and views – I might need a place to "hang my hat"!
    Hugs to Ram, Celeste, Praveen, Ev, Sanjay, Narendra and the lot!
    Cheecky Me! Have a Splendid Wk End!

  32. Manish says:

    Thanks for sharing other person\’s memoir about your college days and events that shaped you to think and ultimately become a film director.Do you think at any point of time you realize that you are making/made a crap or end results are not what you expected.How critically you look at your film during making, editing/post production, before release and after release?Some of the movies, made by excellent/talented directors are really bad and it\’s hard to believe that they can make such kind of movies in he first place.How do you feel before finally releasing a movie?Well, I expect sarcastic one liner but your reply will help in understanding what goes in the mind of a director during film making and before release.

  33. sreeniwas says:

    hello ramu garu, will you plz let us know if there is a Henry Cameron in your life??? i precisely know according to my instincts you would say no one but atleast is there anyone whom you can say as your dronacharya if you were an ekalavya..I AM YOUR EKALAVYA THOUGH..LOLZ..

  34. Pratish says:

    Hey Ram !
    I liked your "Ab tak 56" especially zameer bhai untill  I saw "Risk".
    Risk was a mindblowing movie with extremely powerful performance by Randeep Hooda.
    I wonder why it sank and even the reviews were bad.
    Why do you think it failed? was it because it was not out of Factory?

  35. Unknown says:

    Dear Varma,
    Feel proud to have a great friend like MOHAN KRISHNA, who never tried to use or misue you for his personal benefits.Now I have great admiration for Mohan than you.I will try to meet such a wonderful human being as I am in Australia now.Please pass Mohan\’s mail id if possible.
    Change your words of "you don\’t need friends" now,we need friends like Mohan.

  36. Vinay says:

    The crater did not sting you, because it had not seen any of your movies back then.

  37. Ram says:

    @VeeruduYou link is good. It proves that how a newspaper can fall in terms of values of Journalism. That Sakshi newspaper is degraded and have got no ethics in journalism.Ramuji can actually use the news item to show how a newspaper can degrade to beat the rival.

  38. Chet says:

    how did you become director? (if you have already mentioned this in your blog,I apologize..)

  39. syed says:

    Hello Pavan Kumar Bharadwaj,
    This GAJINI movie is inspired / copied or whatever…..from hollywood movie MOMENTO.
    And coming to Naag\’s MURALIKRISHNUDU is a remake (or directly lifted from) of old telugu movie(i dont remember the name, may be PAVITRA BANDHAM) with ANR, SAVITRI & JAMUNA.

  40. Unknown says:

    why sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets?

  41. Unknown says:

    If sex is such a natural phenomenon, how come there are so many films & books on how to do it?

  42. Unknown says:

    I think for being a sex symbol has to do with an attitude than with looks but why it does work that way in the films?

  43. Unknown says:

    typo in below comment…i meant to ask

    I think for being a sex symbol has to do with an attitude than with looks but why it doesn\’t work that way in the films?

  44. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,I have been a steady fan of yours since Rangeela days. I think your movies are fine, people just dont get them. So, keep doing what you do….I liked this post, it reminded me of my schooldays friend Deepak Bajwa (aka Arjan Bajwa) who\’s romancing Priyanka Chopra in Fashion. I havent been in touch with him since school ended and now, I will try calling him. BTW, do consider him in ur next movie, he has had the acting skills since childhood… (I am also a steady AK fan and read thru ur earlier post on him, I liked the way u admitted good things about him).

  45. Unknown says:

    Respected Sir,
    If in one line you want to describe Yuvraj , then it goes like this “ A Weak Script with childish end going to be a FLOP” . I don’t understand this small thing that when an young inexperienced fellow like me can see the tragic end movie is going to meet , Why  a seasoned film maker  Subhash Ghai Couldn’t see it ? Even if he would have  ask me just after finishing shooting of initials 30 minutes I had advised him to close the project or change the way in which the work has been carried out so far. The crowd which I had seen during DOSTANA was totally absent means even these small time fellows know what is worthwhile to watch. So many people from film industry  are associated with the project but none  could  dare to tell Mr. Ghai that his product will not be  a marketable product and will be failed .   If somebody objects then I can point out not single but many flaws which will be responsible behind this BOX OFFICE dud .
    1 .Though Current flavor is comedy but If someone concludes that time is over for family dramas and only producing comedy movies makes some sense then still he or she is wrong. A family drama needs intense emotional scenes , but this film do not have even a single incidence where people can have opportunity to cry. It seems there is no hard work on screenplay and in haste whatever was written , Mr. Ghai shooted that without bothering for its emotional relatedness with viewrs. I  tell you that people really want to cry provided that somebody should give justifiable opportunity to them. Just see how many childish scene film is having and every time such purposeless  scene came I felt like to run away from the hall . Infact there are moay more but I am mentioning here only some.
    Anil Kapoor’s flying scene. ( Please don\’t say it is to show the affection between brothers)
    Salmaan Shouting on Jayed Khan at a Bar .
    Salmman khan singing a song  and his mobile dropped on floor  without any significant cause . Even why he was singing at all , it looks like a song and dance sequence of 1980s films.
    Jayed khan is taking care of the villain and getting him arrested so childishly
    Finally climax steal the show when Boman Irani is the only doctor available at the Hospital . It looks like a School Drama ————–
    Further the association of Mr. Ghai’s name to a movie has some advantages as well as disadvantages. One such disadvantage is the comparison with his earlier blockbusters like KHALNAYAK, TAAL  . When you compare Yuvraaj , then forget legendry films  like KARMA, SAUDAGAR OR TAAL , it is nowhere even to recent nonsense releases like Dostana , Golmaal Returns.  For example  there is no Ghai mark songs and dance like ILU-ILU, or ONE TWO KA FOUR or Ishaq Bina kya jina Yarroo. The only one hit song of the film is wasted being  in the  start of the movie without any logical situation.  
    Of course there were some areas where some work has done like Foreign locals , Choreography of some songs, and an effort to give a classic touch to movie. But in today’s competitive market you need very hard work to make a film success full which is totally missing in this opera style of telling a story without proper  work on screenplay  .
    There seems to be  no passion for movie making ,  no speed , no enthusiasm of making a movie , no  crispy direction , no punchinh dialogues, no comedy scenes . Whatever the business the film is going to do is just because of the name of  Salmaan Kahn and Subhash Ghai but these are not sufficient to make a film A HIT FILM in current competitive scenario. Further he should be more accessible to common people for their feed back . For the last eight years ,  I have been trying to contact him but remained failed   
    All three Khans are lined up in coming one month and first one  seems to miss the bus. So also Mr. Ghai . By Promos and Posters It seems that Aamir Khan will steal the show . In one of his posters his amulet were shown on lying his back  because it may hide if it leans in front  . If someone takes care of such minute details then none can stop his film from being  a blockbuster HIT.
    Thanking You
    Yours truly
    Deepak sharma
    Yours Truly

  46. Unknown says:

    Hey Ramu,
    Can you please tell the current address of \’Factory\’ and the proces to pitch scripts to you/your company?

  47. sha says:

    Sir,I want to work with,

  48. Unknown says:

    when r u disclosing that mohan krishna & his letter r ur creations & u were trying to manipulate our image about u for obviously ur benefit?

  49. Unknown says:

    i\’ve this feeling that u urself r posting some of d comments here. Will u make me ur financial advisor?

  50. Unknown says:

    Why the heck we should concerned about whether we are watching original or pirated DVD?

  51. Unknown says:

    A film motivates thought and action therefore, it has as much potential for evil as it has for good. I think that\’s why we have Censorship. Why are you against of this concept?

  52. vamsi says:

    you are kind of salman khan… He tries to show off his body, not just through his clothes, but also by taking them off to a point where its not his body that is showing, but its his stupidity along with a cry for recognition that projects…In the above sentence replace body with intellect and that is you…..

  53. yaad says:

    hello sir;i m well trained actor n i have some natural qualities dat r of ur use,first off all i have vry diffrent looks n dat is my biggest plus point,u will c me n cast me in ur film n i knw my job vry well u just try me once for audition n ur all actors like jashpal sharma n vijay raaj n rajpal yadav when i met them they all said me to c u sir n try in films i will definately v sir just give me one oppointment to c u,if u wanna c my snaps or my vdos i have done plz inform me at my email address or send me ur email address email is waiting in anticipation. thanks.YAAD GREWAL(B.D.S)

  54. Ganga says:

    Dear RGV,I like your thoughts and answers to the questions. I just bumped in to your blog while researching who are these Satyam ‘Raju’s and found your name in Wiki. Let me tell you that I like your films starting from Rangeela and other movies on underworld as they tell the state of state in places like Mumbai. BTW, I was born, bought up in Dharavi and know first hand the bad effects of underworld illegal activities and the corruption to the larger society. Now I live in the USA for the last 10 years. Yes, it is a big jump from a Dharavi street boy to owning a home in the US with 3 cars and consulting for Global enterprises in the US. I like that you do a job which you like. Not me!Regards,

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