My Reactions to Reactions


1. Your comment on men in two words?
Ans: No need for words. I don’t think of them.

2. When you admire highly intellectual women like Ayn Rand how can you be obsessed with voluptuous women?
Ans: Hello I don’t admire each of them for the same reason.

3. Is there anyone you are jealous of?
Ans: Yes I am jealous of people who want to make films but never get to make them and so they can’t get bitched and they just end up bitching others films.

Case in point: My biggest regret about AAG is that by being the butt of it I didn’t get to fuck it.

4. Are atheist’s people who want to be their own Gods?
Ans: Now that you mentioned it I think you are bang on. I surely want to be my own God.

5. After I told you to keep working with Bachchan you cast him in RANN. Looks like my prayers got answered.
Ans: Ya I wouldn’t have if you didn’t tell me. Man! And I thought I was egoistic.

6. Do you go with your editor and cut the scene or do you cut him from your team?
Ans: I cut anyone and anything if it comes in my way of life.

7. What is right and what is wrong?
Ans: What you can get away with is right and what you can’t is wrong. The things which will affect and influence that is religion, morality, social standards and the law.

8. Do you believe in destiny?
Ans: Anything which I can’t control I will call it destiny. But for the same reason that I can’t control it I don’t waste my time and energy thinking about it.

9. Instead of using ‘Truth is Terrible’, use ‘Truth can be Terrible’.
Ans: Superb. I will change it ASAP.

10. Would you ever remake the Good, Bad and Ugly?
Ans: All my movies range between Good, Bad and Ugly.

11. If every one thinks like you in this world do you think it will be better?
Ans: It will be screwed. I am the chaos which rises out of the order.

12. You think like this because you are successful.
Ans: I am successful because I think like this.

13. Why do your fans like you even when you are so frank and rude to them?
Ans: Because deep inside they are frank and rude too and hence they connect.

14. What is that you find most sexually attractive in women?
Ans: Every inch.

15. Do you reveal your naked soul in every movie of yours?
Ans: Most of the time I make them to cover it up.

16. Is wealth the product of man’s capacity to think?
Ans: It’s to do with implementing the thinking.

17. Fuck all the media people in ‘RANN’.
Ans: I am choosy in that department.

18. Can anyone invite death without a moment of rejection?
Ans: Well, many terrorists seem to do it.

19. Does the word compassion mean anything to you?
Ans: Lot.

20. Your hits lead to flops and the flops lead to hits.
Ans: My life’s a cycle. The wheel goes up and down but the cycle moves forward.

21. We hear the background score and feel the intensity. How do you feel it while shooting?
Ans: I hear it in my mind before I start shooting.

22. Is publicity and marketing essential irrespective of director’s belief?
Ans: Belief is to do with the content whereas the other two are for creating awareness and state of mind.

23. What is the logic behind sequels?
Ans: To have fun again.

24. Do you fear death?
Ans: No. But I love life too much.

25. How many projects have you shelved?
Ans: I am curious to know how this piece of information can alter your life.

26. Why are your male extras horrible and female extras sexy?
Ans: Guess.

27. If Satya was an atheist and intelligent how come he gets attracted to something like marriage?
Ans: Because women are more attractive and powerful than atheism and logic.

28. Are you a psycho?
Ans: Hmmm!

29. People say you are a bad paymaster.
Ans: They also say I have no money. If I am not having and not paying where is the money going?

30. Your line “I want money to make movies and I don’t make movies for money” is similar to Sarkar Raj line “Plant ke liye paisa chahiye, paise ke liye plant nahin”.
Ans: The origin is Howard Roark’s line from the Fountainhead. ‘I want clients so that I can build. I don’t build so that I can have clients’.

31. How can a clever person like you fare badly in studies?
Ans: Because I was clever enough to realize that studies are not for me and watched movies instead.

32. Though most of us admire Howard Roark we end up as Peter Keatings.
Ans: Don’t worry! Once Howard Roark has a wife, a family, has to pay taxes, gets stuck in traffic jams etc he will become Peter Keating faster than us.

33. I don’t think you are eccentric, just emotionally intense and complex.
Ans: If you promise not to tell anybody, I am also a very nice guy.

34. I think you are a true atheist. Will you write something for my book?
Ans: Sure.

35. I find your post of “Point of Money” boring.
Ans: Ok kiddo go to sleep now.


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38 Responses to My Reactions to Reactions

  1. Chandrakanth says:

    Your taking on Peter Keatings is superb 🙂

  2. Unknown says:

    Yours answers are witty as usual! I liked the last one most

  3. Vijay says:

    whats with the main robbery in govindha govindha., its soo not your way

  4. Jonah says:

    "All my movies range between Good, Bad and Ugly"I feel your movies range from outstanding – good – atrociousexamples: company – anaganag oka roju – aag

  5. Jonah says:

    What was the rootage to Deshu\’s idea of "entertainment" in \’D\’?was it yours by any chance ?

  6. vamsi says:

    do you use any software for script writing or do you just do it in word. Also for scheduling and execution of the movie do you use any software? I ask this as I have an idea in my head and want to write out a full script of it.
    Want to know how a script looks like – I mean how its laid out and how many sections it contains… and that kind of crap. If its of no value to you, can you post the script of \’Shiva\’ or \’Sarkar\’ or \’Ab tak chappan\’ – If you dont want to post it in public, you can mail it to me at
    Not sure of what I can give you in return – think of me as ekalavya….

  7. teja says:

    your attitude towards life is great.. Its not flattery.but one request . plz do a movie on struggles of farmers with this fucking politics.

  8. sha says:

    Sir,Before coming on your blog i knew its only one person in India who has got gt8 sense of humor but you made me wrong.

  9. Unknown says:

    19. Does the word compassion mean anything to you?Ans: Lot.
    How come a very "compassionate" person say "I live for myself"? I am really curious to know your definition of "compassion".

  10. Unknown says:

    23. What is the logic behind sequels?Ans: To have fun again.
    Basically you are telling that the intention to remake Aag is also to have fun. Your means of having fun are truely unique & unconventional. In that sense you are maverick.

  11. Unknown says:

    " I am the chaos which rises out of the order."
    Order from chaos is evolution. What do you call chaos out of order? Devolution or….?

  12. Abhay says:

    do you find indian women more beautiful or foreign ? do actors throw tantrums on your sets ?

  13. Unknown says:

    Is there such a thing as "Ethics" in any Business?

  14. Naveen says:

    please see this cartoon film on you……its hilarious!

  15. mikey says:

    Your motive is for you to know and to interpret/misinterpret for others.More often than not we judje people by their actions/end results of the same not bothering about  their motives.Secondly does it make sense to say i know some one completly the way he/she is, when none can interpret the trueself of any one else?

  16. V I N A Y says:

    What do you think of Japanese horror films like One Missed Call, The Grudge, The Ring etc. ? I think they are quite good and sensible.It would be nice to see Hindi remake of these films. Have you thought of remaking any horror film?Also what is your opinion on films like The Butterfly Effect and Momento ? Do you think such unconventional films (i mean the way momento was made – in reverse chronology) would be accepted by Indian audience if remade in Hindi?

  17. Vijay says:

    You know, Ram, everyone whether he/she admits it or not is involved in self gratification including the people who are involved in social service. Like Malik says in Company "Har insaan ke andar ek raakshas hota hain, kucch log usse bahar laane se darthe hain". Here also, all those people who call you names, are equally selfish deep down inside themselves, but refuse to bring it out into the opeen, for whatever reasons.
    PS: I find it amusing that you continue to get questions on your views vis-a-vis god, and you continue to answer it with the same vigour.

  18. Unknown says:

    do you see reality in philosophy or philosophy in reality?

  19. Unknown says:

    Mr. Verma, this is my list of questions. 1] How do you hire writers.  2] What qualities do you look in them. How do access their talents. 3] What is the process of your work with writers. 4] What is your take on Anurag Kashyap. Why did you stop working with him after Shool. 5] And last, where is your office located.Thanks.

  20. Chet says:

    "Is there anyone you are jealous of?Ans:
    Yes I am jealous of people who want to make films but never get to make
    them and so they can’t get bitched and they just end up bitching others
    Case in point: My biggest regret about AAG is that by being the butt of it I didn’t get to fuck it"Wow..that mean you\’re jealous of me..whoopee..!Anway.. is it possible to download any of your scripts I especially would like to read the scripts for (coughs)..Daud and Aag…no I\’m not being sarcastic. I\’m trying to write a script and this could prove helpful..(take that anyway you want-compliment or..)

  21. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    Most Excellent of all "Reaction to reactions" posts so far.

  22. Aravind says:

    I have a suggestion for the title of your forth coming movie. How is the title "NEWS, the business of truth". I mean title is \’NEWS\’, and tag line is \’the business of truth\’

  23. Aravind says:

    NEWS the business of truthHow would this be, as the title of your forthcoming movie.

  24. Aravind says:

    NEWS the business of truthHow would this be, as the title of your forthcoming movie.

  25. Arun says:

    I think Ayn Rand has swept into your blood and is coming out as sweat without you knowing it.

  26. Arun says:

    My advice for Rann : ______________________________

  27. shahzad says:

    will you make a sequel of the film CONTRACT

  28. Unknown says:

    On #3:Khalid Mohammads are much more closer to Ellsworth Toohey than you can ever be to Howard Roark.BTW Roark didn\’t give a fuck about Toohey,so why are you so jealous of Khalids ?Is it because we  applaud success of someone superior to us but we can never digest "success" of people we believe are inferior to us?
    On #4 "I surely want to be my own God":Why don\’t you try to become Devil instead- world\’s first rebel,first freedom fighter but for whom  we would still be naked in Garden of Eden?

  29. Unknown says:

    hey rgv plz dont get me wrong but destiny can be controlled

  30. Rohan says:

    Would you like to sketch the character of The Joker from The dark knight in your imagination??? And who would you think can play that character from our bollywood???

  31. arun says:

    Phoonk has some repetitive traffic scenes.

  32. thirumal says:

    First kudos to u for this….Q. Is there anyone you are jealous of?Ans:
    Yes I am jealous of people who want to make films but never get to make
    them and so they can’t get bitched and they just end up bitching others
    Case in point: My biggest regret about AAG is that by being the butt of it I didn’t get to fuck it……but i think THOSE r fucking their butts for every film.
    The narration itself is giving a +ve notch to the film.Even being dealt with the fresh concept, the Darna mana hai couldn\’t dragged  more people. I feel ,one of the  flaws of that film is lack of drama among the story tellers like it\’s started  the things are granted for  them.And you are  the one can do justice to  Blair witch project concept. Dealing it like controlling the traffic by standing on a skyscraper. Hope u don\’t fall.Waiting for your humorous human drama scary thriller.And be fast ,… THOSE  r waiting to fuck their butts on account of your films. 

  33. Ankit says:



    And Wow!
    A reply to my comment (#5) . Man! But it was drastically toned down. I
    thought you gonna say something more rude (Is \’ruder\’ the right word).
    Anyways. Mr. Bachchan + Ram Gopal Varma = Hope (At least, Hope).

    Can\’t wait to see the promos of Rann.

    The other day, I was at Prime Focus. Was talking to a young editor. He
    had worked with you on a number of movies. . I asked him, if he is
    working on any RGV-project. In jest, he replied – "No. I told him to
    first improve the quality of his films. Aakhir apna bhi koi standard
    hai". Though, said in a joke, the statement reflects common mood of the
    audience towards you and your films as of now. I, for one, is always
    hopeful that you will soon dish out a masterpeice. Its been ages since
    I last enjoyed \’Sarkar\’ and \’Company\’.

    I just cant wait for the first promos of \’Rann\’

    Can we meet sometime, during the coming week?

    Love and Hope


  34. Chetan says:

    As Osho once said that the problem with many in today\’s world is that for the sake of collecting or gathering money or to achieve security, artist at heart became a doctor, the one who wanted to became a doctor couldn\’t pass entrance exam and became a teacher, and so on. Majority of the folks are not in sync with what their heart truly desires to do. Why you think it is difficult for people to make the transition to the stream that resonates with their heart?

  35. tarak says:

    what is your birthdate?

  36. tarak says:

    you make many horror movie. but do you meet ghost…..till today…….ek bar milega to horror movie banana bhol jaega……..dear……..seriously……..its very……..

  37. narsi says:

    In the movie \’govinda govinda\’ why did you show people wearing footware in the temple robbery scene when you know that it will be criticized. You can\’t be that stupid.

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