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When News Channels, Political parties and Industrial czars are the principal movers and shakers in a film, there is obviously a tremendous scope for high drama. As I mentioned in my earlier post on रण, the film is going to be a very high drama affair. And this is not so much my conscious intention as the director of the film, but the very demand of the subject matter.
Having said that, even the so-called high profile people at the end of the day are, ‘people’. And no matter how powerful they are, they are not without their share of insecurities, egos, jealousies, and dilemmas.
I really enjoyed the process of casting for the incredibly exciting and thrilling characters of रण. These are a few of them:
Harshvardhan Malik
Amitabh Bachchan
The founder of the first ever private news channel in the country INDIA 24/7, the Harvard-educated Harshvardhan Malik is India’s most respected media personality. He is a hardcore upholder of journalistic ethics. No wonder his Channel is battling for survival!
Jay Malik
Cast: Sudeep
A go-getter and highly aggressive and ambitious son of Harshvardhan Malik, Jay looks at his Dad’s news channel purely as a business enterprise that must make profits to justify its existence. He hates that his competition is doing better than him.
Purab Shastri
Cast: Riteish Deshmukh
Armed with a degree in journalism, Purab Shastri truly believes that the media should be the check point for the people of a country, and therefore, it should report news, instead of manufacturing news. Purab’s thinking sets him apart from most youngsters of this country.  While everyone is chasing their individual dreams, Purab aggressively wants to work towards a better India. Needless to say, a clash between Purab and the powers-that-be looks inevitable. It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong!
Mohan Pandey
Paresh Rawal
It is every politician’s dream to become the Prime Minister of his country. To that extent, the leader of the opposition Mohan Pandey is no different from his contemporaries. The only difference being – if the need arises, Pandey can and will kill to get the coveted chair.
Amrish Kakkar
Mohnish Behl
Amrish Kakkar was the first to have the VISION and the foresight to realize that even the business of delivering NEWS can be made ENTERTAINING. Amrish therefore can be safely held singularly responsible for taking the television news industry to the dogs, or to the heights, depending on how you see it. His channel is no less than a shady brothel, the content that is NEWS is no less than a cheap hooker, and Amrish Kakkar – the most powerful pimp around.
Nalini Kashyap
Manisha Koirala 
Nalini Kashyap is the programming head of Harshvardhan Malik’s news channel, INDIA 24/7. Having been in the industry for long enough, she has developed a practical view of how things operate here. And this comes in direct conflict with what her boss Harshvardhan Malik, thinks. Juggling the cut-throat world outside with the idealistic universe of her boss, Nalini Kashyap has her job cut out.  
Naveen Shankalya
Rajat Kapoor 
Naveen Shankalya, apart from being the son-in-law of Harshvardhan Malik, is also one of the topmost industrialists of the country. Despite this, he is the most insecure man on earth, and won’t rest till he becomes the number one industrialist in the country. His best buddy Mohan Pandey becoming the Prime Minister of India will surely help his cause.
Nandita Sharma
Gul Panag
The assistant of an ad filmmaker, Nandita Sharma someday hopes to bag an independent feature film. She is in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend Purab. Nandita is smart, educated, and intelligent. She is also highly indifferent to what’s happening in the country, and first thinks about herself and her man, before anything or anybody else. On both counts, she represents the youth of India.
Yasmin Hussain
Raima Sen 
An ex-model, and fiancée of Jay Malik, Yasmin watches TV, reads gossip columns, and for most part, takes everything that is dished out to her, AT FACE VALUE. She does not understand the intricacies of power games, and hidden motivations behind actions of people. The resources at her disposal to know what is true and what is not, are limited. She is not innocent, and she is not clever either. Yasmin therefore epitomizes the ‘common man’.
Anand Prakash Trivedi
Rajpal Yadav
A creative editor, Anand Prakash Trivedi has a knack for sensationalizing even the driest story and making it sound like the story of the decade with super catchy headlines. More than any filmmaker, he makes far better movies. Only, he calls them NEWS.
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  1. Chandrakanth says:

    Steller Cast Sir!!! Rally a steller Cast!!! I beg you, plz make sure that you do pull of a Ramu(of Company)!!!All the best sir!!!

  2. Abhay says:

    at first when i went through the star cast, i wasnt that impressed, only amitabh and riteish deskmukh really stood out although when i read the cast description i think it fits great with the celebs you have finalized. as always cant wait for this movie to be made. i love rajpal\’s role, fits him so well.. LOL. good luck with the movie.. -abhay

  3. sagar says:

    I love sarcasm….with your great sense of humor we hope to have good satirical treat…all da best RGV

  4. Arun says:

    After reading the casting, I am really speechless, just background score plays in my head.

  5. Chandradhar says:

    Hi! Ramu…
    Impressive star cast.. I was hoping why you were away forfew days… BACK WITH BANG…. Boss, I want to say that the star cast look very impressive except, Ritiesh DeshMukh but I want to ask , arent we missing an important character like a GUNDA  type of thing as seen  with  UP- Bihar politicians….. NETA—– PATRAKAAR——–POLICE—— GUNDA   nexus…. Moreover , who is playing the wife of amitabh bachchan and his daughter…

  6. Yashpal says:

    Good cast.. looking forward to it.. good luck

  7. Gruesome says:

    in media terms this casting is what is called a real hot \’scoop"! stellar and i think AB and Sudeep will be a very intresting combination!(myself being from Karnataka,have seen Sudeep\’s potential in our regional language),all the best and i look forward to this film! any chance of Yashpal Sharma or Zakir Hussain being given some character roles? they should fit in perfectly as tight and essential cogs in this "free-wheel burner" of a subject!

  8. VIVEK says:

    now the only person who can screw up this movie is you…. try to keep away from crazy camera angles/ extreme closeups/ stupid dialogues and loud background score…

  9. Unknown says:

    Interesting analysis of the characters there… nice insight into the scheme of the things…Best of Luck.

  10. aditya says:

    casting\’s good..can visualize it……..

  11. sha says:

    Superb casting ……..we all would like to know more about the movie.Its really vr interesting & looks like a vr big & different movie.Best of luck sir.Regards,

  12. teja says:

    oka chinna suggestion oka manchi negative character chusi ajay devgan ki ivvandi … kanti chupulatho champesthadu

  13. Unknown says:

    Ramu,I guess this is a new trend you have started in Bollywood by posting the details of a upcoming movie, its story and star cast in blog. You always find a new way to do things. Keep up the good work dude. All the best

  14. Arun says:

    Its good to know what you are making, but don\’t you think you are giving all the suspense away ? Promotion, attention are fine on this blog, but by sharing the casting before the film even goes into post-production is a bit too risky, I feel. But I know that you love risks, same thing had happened to Aag, there the media was giving away too much before time, and I feel you are doing the same due to your Impusiveness.You are your own Boss.

  15. kanwal says:

    sir, if you can please have a look at Amitabh Bacchan\’s blog and see what a day and night difference there is.

  16. Trimex says:

    Ramu,I am warming up. So, far I was only able to make out a reference to Amrish Kakkar\’s, Nalini Kashyap\’s characters. May be developed from Fountain Head 😉 Well, lets see how we the ardent followers of your blog (not your followers 😉 ) engage these characters in our mind and brood over them till the film releases.I only hope Amitabh\’s character is out of the shackles of stereotype -I am just afraid he may be portrayed as –> an ethical, experienced man giving BHAASHANs (i know, thats how you get to speak the character….), fussing up with his editor Manisha Koirala over ideology, etc., etc., kuch tho karo lekin uska Design Pattern hi badal do yaar! Ramu jeeee ( like Parle G) Ek alag sa characterization, mannerism, a different kind of dynamism than he has and exibhits…. You know, the way you were speaking about the dignity and nobility of the Governesses character in "The Sound of Music"Dekh 😉 Hamare Darling Ramu ko phir se Karan Johar bhai pe pyar aaya. Isliye the "Vardhan" connect! (KKKG) I am just kidding buddies.

  17. Raj says:

    HI Ramu ji:
              Great cast and very good introduction on them. Looks like High-Drama moviw .
    Eager to wtch how it shapes us. Good luck.
    I\’am sure you will it the Bulls-eye again with this.

  18. Trimex says:

    Reply: ArunHey Arun,I think your fears are justified. But at the same time, I believe they should not be a hindrance to a creativist\’s moments of sharing. Here he is a guy creating a film out of his mind and sharing the characters. Believe me, they are all existant and real. Nothing fantasy. He is just going to concoct a drama. I would not worry about audience expectations, success etc. How he unfolds the drama on the screen is important. If I were to go to a movie with low expectation and if it is a average or below average I still would call it ave or below average because the appreciable emotions evoked are only that much!Aag failed because it was badly cooked. I did not follow Aag\’s publicity. I was out of country for long. I did not know much about its hype. One fine day got a lot of free time, realized that a billion people exist on this planet apart from our 40 member team at work and that there is some thing called life on this planet and that approximately every 12 hours lighting conditions change! Then I borrowed a Aag DVD and watched. It was bad…. So..what we are told to believe about common sense is not essentially true always!A movie will be judged only on its merits as appreciated by individual viewers. Yeah, mass hysteria is a different ball game altogether.. Don\’t you think EVEN IF A GUY LIKE RAMU makes a pot boiler like SRK, Rajni, Chiranjeevi with all its USUAL elements would be a hit ( forget ramu\’s body-mind-soul, let us give him a 6 dance -3 fight-1 death- 1/2 rape script)? It would be. If Ramu gets 100 comments on his blog, Amitabh gets anything between 200-800 comments! Its only like minded people like you and me, who get excited about Ramu\’s thought process and exceptional ability to rip-off and quick-fix stuff. There is a big universe which does not care or is least excited. Take light!

  19. Trimex says:

    Ramu,Did you see Mani Rathnam\’s Guru? He did a great job with Madhavan\’s character as a journalist.

  20. VJ says:

    Ramu,Since u\’ve decided to hit ur head against hard place, nobody can stop u. OK.Slotting actors is good but without storyline we can\’t comment beyond a few points.a. Da topic wont be appealing to most of the Indians as most of us are not sure of what the drama is about the TV media. Even if it did it\’d mostly superficial.b. There wont be anybody watching it II time i.e no repeat audience.c. Guys like me wud watch it only becos of ur name. I hope u\’d recover ur money. By this film u\’ll have scored some points on some media persons. Wish u best of luck.P.S: Ur name wud enter the Limca Book of Records for directing many films & duds with Amitabh Bachchans.

  21. VJ says:

    ..mostly be..

  22. kishan says:

    Rajpal Yadav is perfect for that role.

  23. Unknown says:

    Does your
    film showcase media string operations on politicians?

  24. Unknown says:

    India 24×7 = Zee TVAnand Prakash Trivedi = Rajdeep Sardesai(CNN-IBN)Naveen Shankalya = Anil Ambani

  25. Abhisek says:

    Hi RGV,One thing, which came in my mind after reading these two pieces on Rann, is – "breaking news" on news channels, especially \’India TV\’. You may want to get inspired by this, as far as the sarcasm part is concerned.Few examples – 1. Aliens are seen in US (with some footage). And US is powerful because aliens are their friends. They land up in US and they give Americans the high-end technologies…2. The hoax India TV populated when scientists had started an experiment(underground Hadron Collider; link – http:// in Europe. The breaking news said that the earth is going to vanish in 2 days, just after the beams of proton circulated in the tunnel which further creates many tiny black holes(?) (the reason behind earth\’s demise)– I had to explain entire physics to my mother to make her sure that nothing would happen to us.3. Stories about each and every snake which appears in Indian temples4. Breaking news (?) with headlines/introductions such as – "Woh to gaya tha lota leke hagne, use kya pata tha ki uski maut wahan khet me uska intezaar kar rahi hai…."Such fun!! enormous!! One poet, whom I know, said that now his kids have started watching news channels, instead of cartoon network or action channels.Anyways, I will keenly be waiting for this movie.

  26. Unknown says:

    Hey,Could you also include the pathetic state of Indian Television in Rann? (as a sidetrack for comic relief?).And am interested in your take on Indian TV (Serials, Reality Shows ). I see a vast difference in the quality of Serials in US & India.Mohnish Behl is a good pick. (Would love to see Manoj Bajpai back in your films -> like his screen presence)Cheers,Achiles 

  27. Hussain says:

    From an Vague Idea to a full fledged Ftr Film….the 1st most imp step is the right CASTING, n from what youve done…CAST tho Solid hai BOSS, ……..hope n pray that even in the later stages it lives up to its standard….ALL da BEST RAMU!! i can rest assure i can WRITE AWESOME DIALOGUES,,,,,,,,gimme a a scene,,,,,,,,,,,,n c 4 urself…….what say????

  28. Chris says:

    Arre o Ramu bhai!
    At the risk of sounding like one of those well wishers that frighten you (ha ha!), I must say that with such a cast, such subject matter, and such a director as yourself at the helm–RANN will undoubtedly rock.  Can\’t wait to experience it!
    All the best,
    PS= I have been away for quite some time, working on a friend\’s Western film in New Mexico.   While there I heard a few members of the crew saying that some one should remake MACKENNA\’S GOLD, or construct a similar film.   I thought to myself that this was definitely a good idea–and that the man for that job would be Ram Gopal Varma! Hmmm….perhaps the story could be restructured with dacoits standing in for Western outlaws and gunslingers…..
    Just idle thinking….

  29. Unknown says:

    My My My…. Someone seems to be taking a leaf out of Madhur Bhandarkar\’s book and trying to make a movie on the same.Have you run out of ideas of your own that you have to steal an idea ( from corporate) and make a movie on it…. Not surprised, coz post Aag, i don\’t expect a brain to be functioning in the right way…

  30. Anand says:

    hope the plot is as great as the cast !

  31. Indraneel says:

    Very Interesting cast. The hard work would start now. Harshvardhan has to be underplayed. More one liners. Minimum verbosity. Jay Malik is fidgety and agressive. He should have a lot of affected mannerisms. Tech freak. Spouting connections. Flashy just that little bit. Yasmin is opposite. Naive, cloth horse but simple. Soft spoken. Lots of silences here. May get flustered too. Good Hindi/Urdu signalling good education. Father in law likes her. Underplayed but striking. Purab is a lot like Ritiesh himself. Use those eyes of his. Quiet. Small burst of dialogues. Use him as the pivot. Make his a controlled agressive character. Ritiesh will rock. Pandey is right up Paresh Rawal\’s alley. But, lend an extra menace to his character. This has to be written very well. No rush job with his plot lines. He is cynical, corrupt yet India\’s most influential politician, at home with media, Industry and Feudal politicians. Give him a mistress. Some deviance would help more. Think Amar Singh and multiply. Kakkar is a Delhite and has to behave and talk in the "sirji..malko" lingo. But, he is canny and educated too. Use Mohnish\’s eyes here. The glint. Use his body language. He should be the surprise of the movie. Everything that RGV feels is wrong with the media should come out of this one guy. No menace, make it look "all in a day\’s work" by Kakkar. Flashy clothes here. Nalini is cynical to the core. Quiet but smart. Use Manisha\’s felicity with her eyes. Silences. Brooding. Practical. Pithy one liners. Lots of English. Can she be sexy too? Nandita is a foil for Purab. Chatty. Smiling. Use her dimples. The only cute thing in this dark movie. Very Creative. So, give her a good song. At least background. Independent. Anand Prakash you have kept for the comedy track. Only, let him be a pivot for a crucial pre climax scene..if you at all bother to read through all this..RGV..but very interesting!!!!!

  32. Kiran Kumar says:


    You always
    went wrong in selecting good songs for your Hindi movies. Except few movies
    like Rangeela, Satya, Company, and Daud there is no other movie from you which contains
    nice songs.

    think director like you don’t believe in placing songs, but for the sake of
    audience please place one or two good songs for your upcoming movie “Runn”. Songs
    like “Khallas”, “Goli Maar Bheje Mein” will certainly add some value to your

    song from Nishabd was quite good from your earlier films, beyond that every
    song from your latest films were crap. Just Crap!

    don’t think you will take my words seriously and implement the same in your
    films, but to tell you we are the one who judge your films better than people
    around you. Nice songs, few comedy scenes, few emotional scenes, and few action
    sequences make film perfect for all type of audiences.

    know you don’t make films for the sake of audience but we see your films for
    the sake of you! Remember that. All the best for your upcoming movie “Runn”.

    Your fan,Kiran Kumar. D

  33. Unknown says:

    An observation for Ramu – Aaj Tak (should be renamed as kab tak) News Channel claims they are \’sabse tej\’. I have noticed that they actually start their programs 3 minutes earlier. for e.g. a 6 pm program would start at 05:57 p.m. and these idiots claim that they are sabse tej. . . . ha ha ha !

  34. Vinay says:

    Hi Ram
    Mohnish Behl, Gul Panag, Raima Sen and Rajat Kapoor are good additions to your coterie. Good directors can be trusted with casting according to the roles. And you dont mind giving a certain role to someone, contrary to their known perception or typecasting. I think actors would be thankful to you for that. A wonderful coup nevertheless.
    But doesnt Rajpal Yadav seem out of place as a creative editor. Dats just my opinion
    By the way your characters\’ screen names are so simple and apt. … and yet a little different. Do you list down the non-filmi people you know and then jumble up the names and surnames… Jus kidding. Where did you hear a surname like Shankalya?

  35. prakash says:

    Great to read about casting of Rann. The characters sound interesting. But sir, don\’t you think the lead characters, i.e. Harshvardhan Malik and Jay Malik have an uncanny resemblance to Subhash Nagre and Shankar Nagre? If not, can you please elaborate what makes them different?
    ps: wish you and your family happy diwali and prosperous new year.

  36. Unknown says:

    well…now tell us who will give BGM & DOP for the movie and i will tell you weather its gonna be good or not. pray you wont use that loud music and customised music for every character. also a camera trick for each shots…… only tele serials are bound to be made that way…….

  37. Piyush says:

    Although you don\’t believe in God,I wish you a happy diwali, for luck.

  38. Neeta says:

    Hello Ram!
    Wow – that is awesome and I can\’t wait to see the movie!! Seems like you have all aspects of humanity –  greed, power, corruption and innocense covered in terms of Media Exploitation at different levels. Way to Go Ram! Seems like you have most angles covered!  Just an interesting tidbit – I had gone to a Communistic Country where I had been interested in seeing their medical side of things in a Hospital – well, I had gone in and asked the Admin. Dept if I could get a tour of their facilities. I was stunned at an immediate dismissal – escorted by two heavy duty guards and thrown out of the Hospital! Later on, I was to learn that the Hospital I had visited, had a lot of the injured Soldiers, who had been badly hurt; and the government did not wish to disclose numbers or severity of their injuries to their guardians – hence everything was being kept hush-hush from the public! Isn\’t it amazing how the government will only disclose what they want  the public to hear! Well, you learn everyday – and the most interesting information is  not necessarily gleaned through the media!! Sad!
    Special Greeting to You, Ev, Celeste, Sanjay and Narendra!

  39. Neeta says:

     Ram – Oh, What the Heck – Happy Diwali and New Year Greeting to You and All the Readers here!! 🙂

  40. static atmosphere energy says:

    Very Very nice Casting!Seems your choice of casting is just superb…After a long time get to see Ritesh Deshmukh (HE WAS BRILLIANT in NAACH) RGV…you\’ve got spot on cast for "Rann\’ and here half of job is done and I am sure this will be thought-provoking drama with enough plot points.All the very best and expose media to middle class men , because you have the power to do so with your cinema!

  41. Unknown says:

    It really great to see the hugely underrated Monish Behl getting a role in your movie. More than anyone else, that is the most exciting aspect. Of course, second is the fact that Paresh Rawal is working in an RGV film after a long time!

  42. Nirax says:

    when do we expect to see this in theatres … please give some approximate answer if it is not yet decidded

  43. Unknown says:

    All the Best, just F**K these crazy media people !

  44. Mohan says:

     Very very interesting get the best out of best from them and give us excellent OUTPUT…All the best!

  45. Ashwani Gupta says:

    Is Rajpal in a comedy role? If not I would like to see how is he perform in a character apart comedy.

  46. Ashwani Gupta says:

    who out of Harshvardhan malik and Purab Sharthi  you  are  going  to  present  most  intellectual?

  47. Jith says:

    After reading many of your blog posts anyone would be able to understand that you are a person who has brain. To my knowledge of English,you write very good and more than anything there is a feel of honesty than narcissism in your writing.(btw,Are you doing any sought of editing after you write).What I understood from your blog is, around 20 years back all of a sudden you wrote a piece on fedric nieche. Now, thats surprising ! Could you just discuss on your reading habbits of those days. It\’s even understandable if you wrote about Gunter Grass or Marquez but a person with an engineering background writing about western philosophy is quite surprising. It\’s not at all easy to finish reading a book written by Nitsche,Foucolt,Darida or Sartre. In kerala what I see so far is,these topics are the monopoly of some university professors or people who have majored in philosophy. Even though some others have read them but they simply don\’t have the guts to write about them authentically because they knew that whatever they write will either be torn out or be carried over by others.Perhaps this is a social set up prevailing only in Kerala and the case of AP might be different. But why did you choose nitzhe ? Were you that much influenced by him which evntually forced you to write something on him or were you just chose him randomly  just to see  something  get published on your name(No offense meant,all big writers start like that) . How was your reading habbit? Were you confident that no one else in the cultural sphere has written on the same subject. And above all, how come a mainstream newspaper published a philosophical article came from a unknown person ?. Just because the catchy title and novelty of the subject?. How passionate and confident were you on the quality of your writing while you write this piece and your first script. Okey,confidence is another thing. I\’ve seen people who confidently claims their substandard writings as pathbreaking and all (Don\’t worry. I don\’t have any scripts for you)

  48. Sai says:

    Very interesting cast.. I\’m most excited by the presence of Paresh Rawal. Sudeep, Manisha and Mohnish are quite interesting choices.Looks quite promising.Are you scripting it? Different folks seem to be writing your films but I am sure you have a lot of input. How much of input does a director have in the screenplay of a film in Indian/Telugu/Hindi cinema?

  49. karthik says:

    uh oh u just shown us all your cards… were u conscious of that or did u just get excited?

  50. Rishi says:

    I don\’t think that it is possible to make a film like this. It is based on real personalities and they will definitely object to it. You will have huge problems with the censor board, and also a few court cases.

  51. vinay says:

    Hi Ram,
    ‘Runn” casting is good. And u covered every aspect of media but I am expecting another character from this movie
    Suraj Agarwal
    Cast: Mohanlal
    Suraj Agarwal is a police officer, strict at his work according to ‘situations’. Media harass police department in every aspect of criminal issues, Suraj Agarwal is one having Idea about all Industry issues, politics, Media etc. feel and react to this very intelligently, at last what ever drama by all this organizations, political parties etc. Suraj put them to end.

  52. Aravind says:

    who is playing khalid mohammad in the film….we are eager to see someone in  the role of a movie reviewer.

  53. krishna says:

    The characters are not at all ordinary… they are perfect for a indian melodrama thriller.

  54. Naveen says:

    \’god\’ is in your film again, no one can get enough of him i suppose!
    sudeep is a superb choice …..he brings great intensity on screen with just his expressions ………and look effortless as well
    long time since you cast paresh rawal i think, my favorite
    raima sen is one of the all time beautiful actors, like aishwarya

  55. Unknown says:

    I think there are a few influences of Atlas Shrugged & The Fountainhead in the characters of Rann-
    Harshvardhan Malik: Prof. Hugh Akston/Henry CameronJay Malik :Peter KeatingPurab Shastri:Hank ReardenAmrish Kakkar:Gail Wynand minus the spiritNalini Kashyap:Eddie WillersNaveen Shankalya:James Taggart Nandita Sharma:Dominique Francon/Dagny TaggartYasmin Hussain :Cherryl BrooksAnand Prakash Trivedi :Ellsworth Toohey/khalid mohammad
    Ritesh Desmukh,Paresh Rawal,Mohnish Behl,Manisha(long time no see),Rajat Kapoor,Gul Panag( so good in Dor),Raima Sen(great in Chokher Bali),Rajpal Yadav & above all BigB:the cast looks as magical as an art collection from Louvre.Tell about the casting process – how did you manage to pull it off?
    p.s. Like Jjith I am also curious about what what you read.What are your favourite books, both fiction and non-fiction( other than Ayn Rand, of course)?

  56. Unknown says:

    Why don\’t you make films like The wednesday which are sensible and reflects the common man in India. I respect your technical stuff, but the correct criteria for a film is the story. And you pick up stories which are dead like gangsters(satya, sarkar etc.,) and factionalism(some film you are doing right now in telugu).

  57. Unknown says:

    Why don\’t you take Nagarjuna for one character in Rann?

  58. Dinesh says:

    tujhe bhi kisi fasad men uljhana padega taki teri 1-2 films ko multiplex lagane se katarayen..

  59. Narendra says:

    Nice casting sir. Paresh Rawal is back into your film . . . and that\’s very pleasant to read. All the best sir. Hope everything goes according to the plan. Eagerly waiting for the film

  60. Unknown says:

    Considering the characters you described, one can make a full length film taking any two out of them. Don\’t you think with such a diverse characterization you would end up neglecting some of them to wrap up the movie in 130 mins? For such a plot, one would expect true justification to each character.

  61. Aks says:

    Ram,Hi,Just in my last comment I on your post on Big B, I requested you to keep working with Mr. Bachchan. And soon after I get to read the casting of Rann. Man! Looks like my prayers just got answered. Terrific!And News channels. Ahh. Wo kyaa kehte hain – Dukhti rag par haath rakh diyaa. We are constanly makeing fun of these chanels as they show love story of a tiger and a tigress or an interview with these aliens! I had always wondered about the pay offs os such ideas. Specially when the audience is not fooled by them. If they are not getting more number, why are they doing it. Or are they ? May be, there are some peple who like to watch some stuff, and I am just out to touch with them. May be all this crap translates into a lot of advertising money. Anyways, I am sure in \’Rann\’ we will get to see hitherto unseen and unknown aspects of the TV News media industry.Looking forward to a meeting with you.Love and Hope,Ankit( )

  62. krishna says:

    Hi u know when a man want to express himself to others when he thinks tht he is wrong then he tries to convince others so never do tht don\’t shatter ut theroies before others keep thenm to urself  i too read ayn rand and i\’m great fan of her

  63. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV!I\’m VERY impressed with the whole idea. But, I wanted to know if in your experience, in the prevalent circumstances, people like Harshwardhan Mallik survive in real life? I mean survive long enough to be able to start an enterprise like INDIA 24/7? Hence, the situation sounds more like in "black or in white" rather than more in "shades of grey".

  64. sLm says:

    so Ramuji\’s is favoring lot of ladies just for his satisfaction….

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