My reactions to reactions

1. How true is that post Aag you went bankrupt and shifted from your office to a dilapidated building?
Ans: Not true. Actually I have shifted to under a tree and I now operate from a footpath.
2. What on earth were you thinking when you made Naach?
Ans: Thinking?
3. Who really manages your blog?
Ans: My ghost.
4. Stop reacting and start responding.
5. Why don’t you make a film as big as Shankar’s film?
Ans: Why don’t you just go and watch Shankar’s film?
6. You will die alone.
Ans: I will prefer that to your company.
7. Do you decide to go on a floor on instinct or logic or something else?
Ans: Instinct and logic and something else.
8. Did your engineering degree help you in filmmaking or is it just Ayan Rand?
Ans: Ayan Rand among plenty others and also plenty other things but definitely not my degree.
9. Why does Swami in Sarkar have more brains than Rashid?
Ans: The same reason why I have better than yours.
10. Why didn’t you give another chance to Saurabh Narang of Vastu Shastra?
Ans: I don’t give chances. I take chances. I took mine. He does not want to take his.
11. How much of technical knowledge do you need to understand cinema?
Ans: None.
12. ………in that sense you wasted Amitji in Aag.
Ans: I accept.
13. Thanks in advance for reading.
Ans: I agree with several of your points.
14. You are one of my favourite directors.
Ans: Please don’t tell the names of the others and spoil it for me.
15. Meeting you is in my control. Not yours.
Ans: Superb.
16. Nishabd’s scene of Jiah being drenched was better than in Adrian Lyne’s “Lolita”
Ans: I disagree. Nobody can shoot a woman better than Adrian Lyne. Just check the introduction of Dominique Swain in “Lolita”.
17. If there was no Fountainhead would there be “Naach”?
Ans: No.
18. Was the blog on Amitji to butter him?
Ans: You are free to believe whatever will butter your happiness.
19. What is the importance of money to you?
Ans: Thanks for asking me. I have a lot to say on this and I will write a piece soon.
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100 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Arun says:

    How well do you approve, or disapprove of schools of cinema ? Does technical jobs like cinematography, sound designing,animation require formal degrees for learning crafts ? Does acting require a school or is it inbuilt, or can be self taught ? You\’ve proved direction doesn\’t.

  2. VJ says:

    Good to see the vintage Ramu (i.e. turning tables….) i/o the previous post where u looked like a rattled man.

  3. Abhay says:

    You have an amzing sense of humor, i think you could make a great comedy. Are you interested in that genre at all ? and yes i wont spoil it for you, hopefully this would make it better "You are my ONLY favorite director" 😛 and im serious, i really like your work. And as far as i have heard from my dad, he thinks you are one of the only director\’s who knows what you are doing while taking a shot and knows exactly what you want from it. On the other hand, i am looking forward to watch Phoonk this weekend if time permits, as the dvd just released here today.

  4. kishan says:

    Have you seen Oliver Stone\’s "Natural born killers"?. I think it is the best movie yet about today\’s media, especially American media.Will this be the kind of tone your movie will have?

  5. kishan says:

    If you were sentenced for life and were given a choice of one and only one film that  you can watch till you die what would that be?

  6. VJ says:

    Kishan, I want it to be Aag. Lol!

  7. Suniel says:

    Can you pl.make sequel to Kshna maro kshnam …theme would be comedy suspense related to fake encounter ..yes you read it right…
    you  deserve this for making aag…

  8. snow says:

    Bingo!!!Bulls Eye. Thats what I call sanity.You are way too predictable pal!No animosity here, we just want you to make good movies!I was also a big fan of you until things became clear.Too much has gone into your head.Factory>>Parallel industry in Bollywood.That gives you power.Director-who-gives-breaks>>That also makes you feel superman. Same thing Sarkar.Parallel Government.Someone who can touch a chord with millions of people without the aid of Government machinery is bound to be a pathological egotist!

  9. E says:

    Hmm…..XXbc "Someone who can touch a chord with millions of people without the aid of Government machinery is bound to be a pathological egotist!…."Someone who can touch a chord with millions of people without the aid of Government machinery is bound to be a great leader"…….get the picture….CheersEV

  10. snow says:

    @EVPrecisely! I am referring to ilks like Bal Thackeray,Raj Thakeray, Ram Gopal Varma.They seem to be thinking they are beyond greatness!

  11. sandeep says:

    HI RGVHow did u achieved this effect in bhoot where the watchman\’ neck is twisted?..I thank u for responding to my earlier query(regarding the technical knowledge in cinema)thanks and regardsSandeep Halder

  12. Sreekrishnan says:

    Do people have to sound and look eerie in a horror movie to be horrified… Did you watch Manichitrazh in malayalam?

  13. Shyaam Nagarajan says:

    Tell me something boss, are all your good films flukes or are your bad films mistakes?

  14. Unknown says:

    Just now watched Once Upon a Time in America. I concluded that you are not a creator and at best , a very good imitator.

  15. vaishak says:

     Is your \’Factory\’ closed…?…Anyway that name was apt for that production house…It produced \’grindhouse movies" but not definitely b movies.
    I still remember the day i have seen that film \’Vashushathra".he he. It was an empty theatre which has 8 people totally,including me. It sounds very same to the sajid khan flick in \’Darna zaroori hai\’……From the first scene, i came to know that it\’s "pey\'[deyyam] remake.I lost hope. But that horror film made me laugh all the time. what a stupid film. I don\’t understand why you are giving your own flop subjects to your disciples …Testing their caliber….ha ha ha…? Mr. Usha Narang is too stupid that he has taken that dumb subject and remade it without any change. Your disciple has no sense of what to do with film rolls he has got. it\’s all Bum Bum bole….
    Anurag kashyap once written that you gave a few film rolls and asked him to shoot all that realistic shots which fills \’satya\’ s beginning part. After he shot, he delivered the film to you. You shouted at him after your DOP told you that it\’s shit…Again you gave him money and technicians and he went to shoot it once again. Anurag tells that he loved that ramu and now ramu has changed…wat\’s your opinion about it ?
    What will you think if a peacock dancing before you in a soft gentle rain with a background music of Rahman\’s Yuvraaj Song "Manmohini morey man bhaaga\’….will you be in the web of nostalgia and will your mind run behind that peacock which represents a limitless life…….
    DId you love any girl in college or school as all male human being do..?…DId that love give you \’art\’… art…?….
    …….thnks vshk…….

  16. vinay says:

    Hi Ram,
               In phoonk movie the way u end up villan\’s character(Madhu) is really not good and It look like very old treatment and it seem to be u were in a \’hurry\’ to end it..are u?….and movie was really fantastic till that scene..and loved background music…

  17. Arun says:

    Do you think that the scariness of a crow in Phoonk came not from the crow himself/herself(lol), but from the crow\’s association with Black Magic ? Just like those chants in Sarkar\’s background score, the evilness come from the association of those sounds with the evil and not from the chants themselves. I find the logic similar.If a bird as beautiful as a Parrot was associated with Black Magic, it would still create same horror ? I think so, but I might be wrong as well.Also the same crow can be made to look funny in a song like " Jooth Bole Kauva Kaate" .What do you think ?

  18. Srinivas Bajjuri says:

    Why do you spend so much, if not some time on this blog ? What exactly do you expect from this blog ? and what do you think we should expect from this blog ? Is it something for us to know you better ? or just to tell us your life history ? If you want to tell us about your life history, why don\’t you direct a movie with your own story ? I don\’t think it is a bad idea because you have gone through enough interesting things in your life to make a movie damn interesting and  Don\’t give me a ridiculous answer again, by saying "nothing, i don\’t expect anything from this blog". If that\’s your answer, don\’t waste your time and my time in answering. 

  19. static atmosphere energy says:

    Ha hahahahahahaha
    hey RGV , your reaction to reactions is funnnnnnyyyyyy whackyyyyyy
    and gr88888 …. dont quit blogging the last post was funny
    hope you make such statements in movies too LOL dont get mad…get evennn ha ah

  20. Unknown says:

    (no name)25/10/2008 11:49 PM

    hi …
    m a filmmaker…have made a film …due for release soon…check out the promos please…
    see u at the top!

  21. Dinesh says:

    Let me ask you in your language, " तू आदमी है या पजामा ? 

  22. Dinesh says:

    What about  एक ?? Phoonk was a rubbish movie….  Now nobody believe you

  23. Arun says:

    I follow(try to) Objecktivism, but more than her philosophy, I respect Ayn Rand for her feelings and emotions. I have never seen a person with such sensitivity and such headstrong nature at the same time. She is immortal through her work.

  24. Dinesh says:

    Choose me or Rahman is the only way of your success.I m not real chawta just fan of him

  25. Abhay says:

    So i couldnt wait, got this dvd this morning from the store, PHOONK is amazing, i think its as good as BHOOT was, i have to say the first half scared me like hell, but once the doctor\’s came in, it started easing out, but still loved it… i have to say that kid\’s voiceover was amazing as well, great movie- Abhay

  26. Arun says:

    Do you ever feel that any critic or anyone who gives a review should care enough to understand the work which goes behind making a movie.And hence consider the emotions of people involved in it, since their lives depends on it. In your particular case, they completely fucked up Aag, Shiva(new) however good/bad they were by throwing eggs on screen, by badmouthing it and what not !Hence when they do stuff like this, it becomes entertainment at the cost of stripping someone else\’s work(read life) and gaining from it. Only Anupama Chopra would quite be an exception here.

  27. Arun says:

    How do the women you interact with find you ? Offcourse I wont ask for names or incidents, just generally. With your level of intelligence(not praising!) and you funny/provoking sarcasm, its intriguing.

  28. Arun says:

    If films didn\’t exsist, what would you be ?

  29. Arun says:

    If you can shoot songs as beautiful as the ones in Naach, why haven\’t you worked with A.R.Rahman again ?

  30. Arun says:

    Why does the maid in Phoonk have a South Bombay haircut ?

  31. Arun says:

    Define Destiny.

  32. Kiran says:

    What is your opinion on love? Dont you want to spend time with the woman you like/ love apart from having sex? Have you loved anyone with whom you want to spend your life? Have you been rejected by a woman whom you loved very much?(I am not curious about your life/affairs but just want to know your take on the important emotion of human beings)

  33. unknown says:

    why did you give "money" credit to somebody else?

  34. Dinesh says:

    Stolen or not but truly scary movie was "1920" (directed by vikram bhatt), much more then "Bhoot"…

  35. Dinesh says:

    Isn\’t Dinesh like a "" खिसियानी बिल्ली खम्बा नोचे "" ?

  36. Dinesh says:

    மி ஸ்கிரிப்ட் இஸ் ரேஅலி அச கிரேட் அச யு சூசே. பிளாட் பெர்பெக்ட் எண்டு
    பெர்பெக்ட் ப்லொவ் பெர்பெக்ட் நோ கன வன நோ ரோமன்சே சீன்ஸ் டேல்ஸ்
    இத்ஸெல்ப் நோ நீட டு பழசே வோர்ட்ஸ்…. நோ நீட டு எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் வோர்ட்ஸ்…
    எ கோம்ப்லேடே பச்ககே ஒப் யு சூசே இன் தோற்றோர்… சாரி பட் நாட் லைக்
    போஒன்க், தட் சாய்ஸ் ஸ்டோரி மச் இண்டேறேச்டிங் தென் ப்தூட்… குலத் யு
    ப்ளீஸ் கிவ் மீ எ சான்ஸ் டு சேந்து த ஸ்டோரி அட் யூர் எ-மெயில் ஓர் பி
    போஸ்ட், பி பாக்ஸ்… இ அம் நாட் கோயன் டு வெஸ்ட் யூர் டைம்…

    திஸ் இஸ் தினேஷ் அகின், திஸ் இஸ் பெகுசே இ டான்\’த ஹவே டைம் அண்ட் மோனே டு
    ச்ற்றுக்லே, கான்ட் அபிபிஒர்து மோனே டு கம் அண்ட் அண்ட் அண்ட் ச்ற்றுகேல்
    இயர் & இயர் போர் ஒன்லி ௧௪ பேஜ் ஸ்கிரிப்ட்…. இ க்நொவ் யு வில்
    றேபலி மீ அச "வாட் எவெர் யு டூ அபிபிஒர்து டான்\’த நீட டு காண்டக்ட் ராமு,
    முபை இஸ் நாட் த மார்க்கெட் ஒப் பத்தடி டைப் ச்ற்றுக்லேர்ஸ்…..

    பட் செரியாச்லி மேக் இட் போச்சிப்லே போர் ஒன்சே… யு செ யு டேக் சந்செஸ்
    தென் டேக் ஒன் அகின் திஸ் டைம் யு வில் ஸ்டாப் யூர் பால்லிங் டோவ்ன்…. த
    க்ரப் வில் க்ரெவ் உப இட்\’ச மி ப்ரோமிச்ஸ்….

    ஜஸ்ட் றேபலி அட் மி மெயில் எஸ் ஓர் நோ ஓர் ஒதேர்விசே யு கேன் மேக் புன் ஒப் மீ…

  37. Dinesh says:

    మే స్క్రిప్ట్ మచ్ మోర్ గుడ్ దెన్ అదర్స్, డోంట్ గివ్ మీ చాన్స్, టెక్ చాన్స్ అగెన్ ఏజ్ యు తొల్ద్ .. ఐ ప్రామిస్ యు దిస్ టైం యు అర నాట్ గోయింగ్ తో లుస్, యోర్ గ్రాఫ్ విల్ గరో అప్ అగైన్.. వాట్ అయి హేవ్ తు సే అబుట్ ద స్క్రిప్ట్ అర డేట్ ఇస్ యోర్ టైప్ అఫ్ స్తొరీ, ఇనఫ్ సుబ్స్తేన్స్, పర్ఫెక్ట్ ఫ్లో, పర్ఫెక్ట్ ఎంద, సీన్స్ తెల ఇత్సెల్ఫ్ నో నీద్ తూ ఎక్ష్ప్రెస్ వర్డ్స్… ఆ కంప్లీట్ హారర్ మోవీ పాకేజ్ విత్ ఇనఫ్ డ్రామా…ఇత్స్ సబ్స్తేన్స్ ఇస్ టైప్ అఫ్ భూత నాట్ లైక్ ఫూంక్…. దిస్ టైం అగెన్ దినేష్… యు కేం మాక్ ఫ్యాన్ అఫ్ మీ ఇన్ యోర్ రిఎక్షన్ తు రిఎక్షన్ ఆర్ యు కేం ఈ-మేల్ మే ఫర్ జస్ట్ యస్ ఆర్ నో… టెక్ చాన్స్ ఫర్ యోర్ బిస్నాస్ అండ్ గివ్ ద చాన్స్ తు ప్రూఫ్ మీ వాట్ అయి సేద… 

  38. Dinesh says:

    మే స్క్రిప్ట్ మచ్ మోర్ గుడ్ దెన్ అదర్స్, డోంట్ గివ్ మీ చాన్స్, టెక్ చాన్స్ అగెన్ ఏజ్ యు తొల్ద్ .. ఐ ప్రామిస్ యు దిస్ టైం యు అర నాట్ గోయింగ్ తో లుస్, యోర్ గ్రాఫ్ విల్ గరో అప్ అగైన్.. వాట్ అయి హేవ్ తు సే అబుట్ ద స్క్రిప్ట్ అర డేట్ ఇస్ యోర్ టైప్ అఫ్ స్తొరీ, ఇనఫ్ సుబ్స్తేన్స్, పర్ఫెక్ట్ ఫ్లో, పర్ఫెక్ట్ ఎంద, సీన్స్ తెల ఇత్సెల్ఫ్ నో నీద్ తూ ఎక్ష్ప్రెస్ వర్డ్స్… ఆ కంప్లీట్ హారర్ మోవీ పాకేజ్ విత్ ఇనఫ్ డ్రామా…ఇత్స్ సబ్స్తేన్స్ ఇస్ టైప్ అఫ్ భూత నాట్ లైక్ ఫూంక్…. దిస్ టైం అగెన్ దినేష్… యు కేం మాక్ ఫ్యాన్ అఫ్ మీ ఇన్ యోర్ రిఎక్షన్ తు రిఎక్షన్ ఆర్ యు కేం ఈ-మేల్ మే ఫర్ జస్ట్ యస్ ఆర్ నో… టెక్ చాన్స్ ఫర్ యోర్ బిస్నాస్ అండ్ గివ్ ద చాన్స్ తు ప్రూఫ్ మీ వాట్ అయి సేద… 

  39. gaurav says:

    arrogance is a defense mechanism for inner uncertainty when there is inner certainty , that is enough, arrogance is not needed .bas meri khujali khatam, ab mujhe kuch nahien kahna

  40. E says:

    arey yaar khujali waapis aayegi……

  41. Arun says:

    lol….read this ….my 60yr old aunt was saw a few seconds of Sarkar and said rgv doesn\’t even know how to unzoom camera, his camera is locked on AB\’s face ….hahaha i can\’t stop laughing !!

  42. Vyshak says:

    thanks 4 respondin 2 my query abt mohanlal. ur article on AB made good reading. however i dont completely agree. particularly wat u said abt aag. i feel that AB wat in his worst in aag. i dont remember even one scene that AB did well. right from the intro to his death in the climax, he was a total letdown. come 2 think of it, there was one scene that he did well. it was in the pre-climax when ajay is gagged and nisha is man-handled before him. how AB enjoys ajay\’s pain was a treat 2 watch. well that\’s just it.
    coming back 2 mohanlal, i was not lyin wen i said that i saw aag twice bcoz of him. i saw aag twice in a theatre, just 2 c his splendid performance. i dunno if u hav noted wat i have noticed, but however i list some landmark scenes of lal in the movie.
    1. the face-off between AB and lal in the diwali scene. AB plays wid his beard and jibes about his chopped fingers. mohanlal turns his face away. his face at that instance reflects a dozen emotions. anger, grief, want for revenge, hatred towards babban, humiliation,….. Wahh!! what a scene that was. the best scene of lal in the movie.
    2. during a tea-session towards the climax, mohanlal says sumthin like "chirag bhujne se pehle zor se bhadakta hai!". wen ajay is ecstatic on hearin that, lal laughs. again, what an impact that laugh creates. the laugh of dominance! the viewer realises that soon mohanlal is goin 2 dominate AB.
    3. after narsimha\’s family is brutally eliminated, he goes on a rampage for babban. literally the audience weeps wid him. especially wen he wipes his tear wen ridin the jeep.
    there are more scenes, but perhaps i may b boring u. so i really was disppointed wen i heard that aag bombed. coz wen i saw the movie i realised that mohanlal could create ripples in bollywood. bcoz i am a keralite and also a fan of bollywood movies. so i was hopin 2 c him in more hindi films. sadly, that was not 2 b.
    so sir in future do treat us wid mohanlal in ur movies. i feel that he has the potential to stand upto anil kapoor, or even sanjay dutt.
    sorry, by now u must hav had enough, but i want 2 say dis last thing. wen speakin of AB in ur movies, why did u not mention DARNA ZAROORI HAI? was it bcoz it was not a full-length fature film? in the segment directed by urself, he was at his best. the viewers were jolted only bcoz AB managed 2 do that. that was a splendid act.

  43. neeraj says:

    i think you have been influenced by fountainhead so much that you have subconsciously become howard roark. It shows in your reply to comments. Like howark roark, you don\’t care whether people agree or disagree with you.
    also, of all the film you have made, which one do you like the most? also, what is your opinion on marriage considering you have been married?

  44. krishna says:

    ha ha ha..where did u get this sence of humor from?

  45. krishna says:

    ha ha ha..where did u get this sence of humor from?

  46. krishna says:

    ha ha ha..where did u get this sence of humor from?

  47. krishna says:

    ha ha ha..where did u get this sence of humor from?

  48. Unknown says:

    Do you seriously think that u are a filmmaker of repute? i know ur answer is gonna be YES or some other sarcastic remark of urs…. But consider this.. SHIVA was a fluke, Rangeela recovered its money becoz of urmila\’s oomph show and Satya, Sarkar and Company were just average grossers.. Inspite of that u keep churning mindless movies like naach, darna marna hai, AAG with scant respect for the people who trust u and put their money in ur ventures.. How does ur conscience permit such a thing? I guess ur answer will be u dont have any conscience.. And i guess somewhere down the line there is a deep sense of insecurity lurking in u ( inspite of ur grandiose claims that u dont care what ppl think) which makes u write such dim witted answers and quote. Think abt it……

  49. VJ says:

    "I guess ur answer will be u dont have any conscience.."It took u soooooooo long to know this??????????? I am gobsmacked at this naivete. Ramu lives for himself & deals with world on his own terms. Take it or leave it. 😉

  50. andhrabond says:

    So when are you coming up with "Tollywood and RGV".

  51. Bat says:

     I was wondering if you have seen "Thank you for smoking". Its an awesome satire on people giving you advice. Watch it and thank me if you like it. else, don\’t bother!!!

  52. Bat says:

    What are you views on
    1. Gossip
    2. Censorship
    3. Copyrights

  53. Unknown says:

    As a director of super hit(Sarkar) after biggest flop(Aag),
    what do you suggest to someone who is still thinking about marrying someone
    after divorce 🙂

  54. Unknown says:

    shartome chal ne vaale ko keemat chukane pad ti hai”. I believe you live life
    on your own terms and I think Aag is the keemat. Agree?

  55. Unknown says:

    After Raan release,
     I love to see you in Karan Thapar’s “Devils
    Advocate” show. Common….it will be fun. Are you interested?

  56. Unknown says:

    What happened to the Company started by Mani Ratnam, Shekar Kapur and you? I think it was called India Talkies? Was Dil Se the only movie presented by it?

  57. Mohan says:

    Hi Ram Gopal Varma,
    I am expecting a good song on MEDIA (example: “botany class..” in Shiva) in your Rann. I like your unique style of picturising songs.
    My favorites from your movies,Botany class…-ShivaNeenavvu Chepindhi…-Antham Jamuratri….-kshana kshanam All songs from Rangeela Sapne Mein -Satya ….etc

  58. Sandeep says:

    Ramu,Here is wishing you & everyone on this blog ,a very very happy & prosperous Diwali.May God grant peace & prosperity to our country on this occassion. Sandeep Monga

  59. vamsi says:

    I am eager to see what you will write about money. Since you are a self-proclaimed "Selfish" man, it would be interesting to see what it means to you. Am sure you understand that you being extremely bad in paying anyone who works with you, is public knowledge. Ofcourse you are not ashamed of that. Only normal men are ashamed or feel elated by what others think of "you". Supermen are exempted from this cycle though. Since you have psyched youself up to be a superman, am really eager to understand what you think of money and as a result -selfishness.
    Infact I wanted to ask you if you ever came across a word called "Philanthropy". Surprisingly, people whom I thought to be really selfish like Bill Gates is getting into this full time.
    Hey dont tell me that supermen get to carry the money along with them when they die as you are smarter than that. Money rotting in closets or bank accounts too is not a great idea.  Also wonder what you would think of after-life. RGV cant just burn and the ashes just cant dissolve into some river. Something more life size has got to continue to make the world believe that RGV is alive, inspite of the fact that you dont care about what the world thinks of you today.
    I hope you read all this, even it you dont reply to any of them…

  60. Unknown says:

    Do you read Karan Johar\’s blog?He said recently that your Phoonk was lucky to be a hit,and he would never ever watch it.

  61. Dinakar says:

    it not that… when u are watching a film or reading a book or watching
    any real situation happening in ur life, u will be usually busy
    thinking how u can use that particular scene or words (after slight
    modification if necessary) for ur future movies rather than absorbing
    its intensity? How many times do u pause a movie while watching it and
    think for a while "is this scene or dialogs for that matter, useful for me?"… just curious…

  62. Unknown says:

    This days, many of the people (especially actors, directors etc) are blogging, revealing intresting things, criticizing etc etc. Why don\’t you make a film titled "Blog" after Runn?

  63. Amit says:

    I agree with you that the Amit ji\’s performance in Nishabd was more powerful than many of his recent performances. The reason being that i watched this movie on DVD non-stop without a break.  Most of the movies that i have tried watching on TV in recent years have bored me in a couple of scenes, but not this one. 
    His performance hooked me to the TV for the whole movie i must say.

  64. Unknown says:

    No songs in Rann please!

  65. VJ says:

    hpreddy,Ramu wud definitely make a film called Blog where he\’d ridicule his fans and netizens in general and portray how evil we are, which is true 😉 It\’s just a matter of time. Watch this space.

  66. VJ says:

    Actually Karan Johar is a sweet gay. I am definitely gonna watch his \’Dostana\’ – my first Karan Johar\’s film. Ramu teases him tooooooooo much, like a true costa golti.

  67. Unknown says:

    read ur reactions to critics reviews on Sarakar Raj. I watched the movie…and I did not like it. The reason is.. there is a difference when I watch a movie from you and when I watch a tamil mass movie… I will not feel letdown if there are a hundred faults and overactions in a tamil movie ….thats what they are made like and thats what they project… (not talking of Maniratnam/kamal Hassan/balu types…) and I will come out of the theater thinking the film was fine… thast what they are meant to be. But a film from you/ Maniratnam/ Vishwanath… is expected to be much more profound and satisfying (so you have better & more audience) because that is how you make and project ur films… so when you show a good drama and then suddenly just in the last 5mins AmitaBachchan  suddenly understands everything… I felt short changed…it was like the director saying … dont ask how he understood it just know that he did… there occured a disconnect after all the attachment I had witht the characters.(not that I had much… I actually wanted to like the movie coz its been a long time since i liked any of ur movies… company was the last precisely…coz unlike Guru it was not superficial… but more profound in its content and music was great).
    So what do you think of this opinion… would still say that the film was right in what it was????
    BTW i did not make too much of both Sarkar & Sarkar Raj…. it was as my frnd said "RGV aidellu alochinchi Sarkar teesadata…"
    It did not require "you" to make the sarkar movies… any run of the mill director worth his salt could have made it.
    Please dont tell me that its my problem that I have higher expectations from you. You urself dont regard urself too lowly.   

  68. Unknown says:

    Would you agree that there is nothing that is original in this world…everything\’s either an individual interpretation or just a plain rip off..especially in it is said "Genius is in never revealing the source"..
    Also..which of Hitchcock\’s movies would you prefer watching repeatedly.."psycho" or "vertigo"…or

  69. VJ says:

    Ur views on Raasi are spot on Ramu.She looks sweet. She had a wonderful waistline and a pair of mammalian glands that\’re eye-catching. Look-wise ur selection is best of the best…….Sridevi, Raaasi, Sakshi Gulati…….wonderful damsels.

  70. Srinivas Bajjuri says:

    I am not sure if you have heard the name of a telugu film director "Teja", but recently, in his interview, he told, most of the black money earned through the piracy (piracy in film industry) is funding the terrorist activities. He meant that people who watch pirated movies and listen to pirated songs are indirectly funding the terrorists and indirectly responsible for their own destruction. Do you have any idea about this ? if yes, how seriously do you consider piracy ? Why don\’t you write a script based on this fact (if it is really a fact) that we, people are responsible for their own destruction funding the terrorists rather than filming too many SIMILAR films on the under world and recently, on faction.

  71. maddy says:

    hey rgvi really like your movies esp gaayam and shiva ….why dont you make some more master pieces like that in tollywood  and one more thing why did you change some of the scenes in raksha i watched both of them but they are some what different… what made you to do so ?

  72. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,         The main reason a director is believed to be the captain of the film-ship is because, he is the executive head of the creative aspect of film-making. He should have both the big picture and the detail in mind. Above all he is believed to be the highest controlling authority of film-making(creative) process.          What does \’control\’ mean.. I believe, in plain words what he expects should be what he finally cuts into the cans. Although this sounds simple, there are quite some critical transactions taking place here.           The FIRST critical transaction of expectation happened when the producer decided to make a film out of the story. But this has much to do with the box-office. We are not even talking about the audience and the box-office expectations here. As you always say, we may or may not be able to guess how the audience (even the so-called intended audience) will receive it. If we bring that into the picture, as you already know, it is an even bigger canvas.          Let us say I\’m already given a story (given by the producer or approved by the producer) and told to direct the film. I guess at that point there is a SECOND critical transaction. It means I\’m being told, this might go well with the intended audience provided, it is \’directed\’ well.          Now as a \’director\’, I will have to assume I am the audience and I should like it. So I will check if I like the story. This is the THIRD critical transaction.          In the case of RGV, you are the producer and director and decide to film a story that you like and budget is not a constraint, lot of critical transactions have happened within yourself. Which means there should not be any mis-match of expectations.         Now comes the execution part. The big FOURTH step. This is another bunch of transactions: You will choose all the other aspects such as script & dialogues, treatment, screenplay, cast, costume, locations, settings, shooting etc.          There is no way even RGV can avoid this. In fact this is what he is famous for which is directing. But let us say 90% of expectations are met in your case with all these departments. This what we usually refer to when we say control. An actor can never even dream to get this kind of control however big a star he may be. If the actor indeed does this, then he is indirectly directing the film. Simply put, whoever controls this is directing the film. Be it the star/ the producer/ the corporation/ the studio.        The crux is in the THIRD critical transaction. I believe this is where even the biggest directors can go wrong. Some get inspired on a whim. Some start shooting impulsively. It gets really messy in the director\’s mind. This is an area which no one can reach. The idea or/of a story fires-up vivid images and feelings in the director\’s mind. The trick is to be able to stick with them as long as you can so you can shoot the film while this phenomenon lasts.         Another way, a patient way is to be able to verbalize and put it on paper well enough so you can re-live these feelings on-demand. This is what I call a proper script. This is the reason, a script has to be a director\’s baby. He may not actually write it. He may use another scriptwriter. Still, he should be able to recall these images/feelings whenever he reads it.       Thanks in advance for reading.. 🙂

  73. Arun says:

    My mother says watching Nishabd was scarier than Phoonk or Bhoot.

  74. VJ says:

    Ramu\’s ex-Assistants are like Ramu in some respects. Teja is talented but got angry with the cheruvu and want to go to Bollywood like Ramu did earlier.Puri Jagannaath is extremely talented but making a film on the politics of Tollywood. sahawaasa dOsham! Btw, Puri\’s picturisation of a Bujjigadu song is futuristic (esp 1 song). I think he can think of showing that on V or MTV channels. Puri, if u happen see this, pl take my compliments for such innovative song picturisation.

  75. tushar says:

    dear ramu sir my name is tushar i did not had the pleasure of meeting you i have assisted rohit jugraj for james 3 years back i m not in the film line now but i m a big fan of your movies no matter how many people critisize you but i consider you as on of the most intelligent directors in the country. sarkar company aab tak chappan are masterpeices. other people just like to critisize you for aag and dnt remember you master peices. sir i would like to say to you please carry on the gud work i trust you.Regardstushar

  76. Unknown says:

    In your artilce \’My World\’, you said so rightly about others connecting to our feelings and thougths. But don\’t you think it will be lovely if someone can accept your ideas and enjoy your fantasies? 
    You have an adorable sense of humour. Even your rudeness is so humouros.
    "Mujhe pata hai ki mujhe foren hit film banana hai, lekin main kabhi na kabhie zaroor bana doonga). " I know that for sure. I\’m waiting for another big success of yours. I\’m more interested in the success of the movie than the movie itself. I read the success story of Shiva again and again just as you watch your favourite parts of the films again and again. I don\’t know if I can call it inspirational because even your failures – your reactions to them – amuse me equally.
    I think all men think and feel like you about women. But what is strange about you is that despite showing women the way you do and despite making so many movies on horror and crime, you have  never \’pictured\’ women being assaulted – I noticed that even most of your baddies are kind of harmless to women. I guess you are a nice guy. When I see some scenes of assaulting women in some movies I can easily make out that the director enjoyed making it. I have never seen even your most cruel character \’enjoy\’ doing bad acts. You are not the kind  who takes pleaure when someone\’s hurt. Definitely not. I know you are least intersted in my analysis but I just felt like telling you.
    I don\’t get to talk to people like you. Thanks for the blog. I enjoyed talking to you.

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