My reactions to reactions

1. Will you cast Mohanlal in any of your future films?
Ans: I think he will cut my hands if I approach him again.
2. Being irresponsible and selfish do you have the right to question media responsibilities?
Ans: Hello? Who’s questioning?  All I am saying is that it takes one to know one.
3. Your scripts are not well developed?
Ans: I am waiting with bated breath for your inputs.
4. If a doctor tells you that you have only 2 months to live, how will you spend them?
Ans: Exactly the way I do now as I live moment by moment.
5. Rann sounds good. I hope it won’t loose anything between Idea and execution.
Ans: Keep hoping.
6. Why are most of your male protagonists atheists?
Ans: Because they are my alter egos.
7. Why do all your heroines have such terrific bodies?
Ans: Ahhhhhhhh!
8. How do you like the title “Ramgopal Varma ka Rann”?
Ans: As much as anybody would like your stupid sense of humour.
9. The scripts you are selecting lately have less substance?
Ans: Ho… Hum.
10. Did you fail your directors or did your directors fail you?
Ans: You as a viewer failed us both.
11. You wasted the character of Amitji in Aag.
Ans: Oh my! Somebody has woken up from a long sleep. Ek coffee laana please!
12. You may be eagle-eyed but how did you watch people’s expressions in a darkened theatre?
Ans: Since you obviously seem to be stunted go back to my “B and me” blog and notice that I said “not so darkened theatre” and this time write it down 50 times so that hopefully you won’t forget it.
13. Sir I have a story idea for you that has simplicity, love, passion, career growth and male escorting in it.
Ans: Boo hoo! Not fair. Not fair at all. Just because I made Aag it’s not fair that you and your breed want to torture me like this. Please leave me alone or I will make another Aag.
14. Electronic media is making lot of movies every day but they call it news.
Ans: Superb.
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88 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Phani says:

    "I think he will cut my hands if I approach him again"….haaa haahaaaaa..Gud One Ramu..

  2. Srirama says:

    oie ramu,
    enti na question ki answer chaiyalidhu?

  3. Unknown says:

    Nicely written piece about Amitji! It is obvious that you have a regard for him as an actor and a professional. But  that you should praise him to the stars especially since you plan to work with him on a project soon (if that\’s true), kind of undermines the respect you have for him…a very filmy action; not to mention the extremely filmy interpretation…:P
    Again, I\’m not questioning the intention behind this act; all I am saying is that it takes one to know one [wink, wink]

  4. VJ says:

    Phani,Ramu didnt pay 25 lakaarams to Mohanlal tho he paid after much brouhaha. Again he\’s not getting that amount even as hero in Malayaalam but he\’s promised that amount for a small role in Satya. Strange ways of Bollywood!Now Ramu\’s \’cutoff\’ comment makes sense.

  5. sha says:

    Sir,I am an actor & want to work with you please give me a break in your movie.Regards,"Sometimes leaders play with media But most of the times media play with leaders"

  6. sreedhar says:

    I happed to watch Antham last night and I dont know why you keep saying  its a bad film?.  I felt it was inspired by de niro\’s character from the movie HEAT.

  7. Dinesh says:

    I m not film director but i can write Hindi scripts/stories better then me. Definitely you will like it and you have to think about to make a film based on that script…Please give me at least one chance. I am not going to west your time… Please don\’t ignore me this time as you always do…My email address:-

  8. Unknown says:

    The way you put Amitji in  your blog looks like you are wooing Amitji to accept one or more films for you. Is that true?Dont revet like Varma respond like Ramu

  9. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu.
    A script with- mostly indoor drama sequences with a big star (like Amitabh, Abhishek,Hrithik)- mostly outdoor action sequences like bungy-jumping, skydriving with an upcomingstar (like Tusshar Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor)- mostly indoor drama sequences with lavish settings and a popularupcoming star (like Jr. N.T.R.)- mostly animation sequences with an upcoming star (like Tusshar,Riteish)
    Let us say they all cost the same and are all appropriate for thescripts.
    Q1. Which type of script would you prefer as a director?
    Q2. Which type of script would corporate production houses prefer? You have already gone thru the pitching process.
    Q3. Which type of script would Family production houses prefer? You can answer this as an insider.

  10. andhrabond says:

    Public demand
    Tollywood and RGV.
    Also I would like to know when did you decide that "Tollywood is just a platform for you to jump on to Bollywood".

  11. kishan says:

    Please write about Rakha Charitra.

  12. kishan says:

    If there was no "Fountainhead", would there be "Naach"?

  13. kishan says:

    I was watching Adrian Lyne\’s version of Lolita yesterday and I have to say: The scene of the girl getting drenched in the garden was better in Nishabd. (Not trying to patronize..)

  14. Smita says:

    Dear Ram,The more I hear about Aag, the more I wish to see it.  There was a movie recently, De Taali, where Ritesh Deshmukh is trying to make his hostage, a girl, comply.  She was not phased by his dirty smelling refrigerator and all sorts of threats, until he said he will keep playing Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag and replaying it and make her see it, and then she screamed and complied easily.  Very curiosity -piquing! ;-).Good job.-Smita

  15. VijayDirects says:

    Interview Scenes:1. Company – Mohanlal interviews Ajay in the former\’s office.                 – Ajay interviews Vivek in the former\’s office.2. Satya – A judiciary panel questions Inspector Khandilkar on the theatre stampede – akin to general Dyer being
    questioned in Gandhi.3. Gayam – Kota being interviewed by Revathi4. AkaliRajyam – Kamal Hassan attends a job interview.5. Challenge – RaoGoapla Rao interviews Chiranjeevi in the former\’s house.6. Bhargava Ramudu – Balakrishna attends a job interview.7. Indrudu-Chandrudu – Kamal Hassan impersonting as mayor is interviewed by the press.
    All interview scenes create a certain curiosity in the audience. Some are funny. Some are provoking, some or serious.
    Also they create a certain drama depending on the mental state of the person being interviewed. It is also interesting to
    see how every individual in the scene reacts. While the interview is in progress, there are occasionally some
    by-standers or spectators watching the whole thing. The audience is interested in their reactions also. As a regular
    cinegoer, I have observed that even in a bad movie or a flop movie, an interview scene always holds attention of the
    audience. It should not be too long or too short. It is a nice way of putting things in perspective for the audience. The
    scene itself is denoting that the story or the director is not taking any stand and merely reporting events and presenting
    multiple viewpoints. The most banal interview scenes are courtroom dramas. This is a cliche where one should be
    careful. However, even these hold audience\’s attention. In a biopic, every conversation with a subject character is like
    an interview. This is probably one reason many biopics are interesting. \’Gandhi My Father\’ for instance has very less
    dialogue but keeps showing Gandhiji\’s stand on his son\’s behaviour. The film is more about Gandhiji shown thru the POV of his son. Every word and action of Gandhi in this film is a new revelation of his not-so-well-known personal side.

  16. Anil says:

    Annayya ….Phoonk photo album lo 20th photo lo nee venaka vunna pilla yevaru …paapa saaaanaaaaaaa bagundi … Nee Thammudu -Anil

  17. Anil says:

    Pilla Photo

  18. VJ says:

    RGV fans and wannabe RGV fans,When Ramu was aggrieved he planned a movie on scribes. I have an inkling he\’ll plan a film on viewers like us soon.Who knows? Ramu is not predictable.

  19. Anil says:

    Being irresponsible and selfish do you have the right to question media responsibilities?Ans: Hello? Who’s questioning?  All I am saying is that it takes one to know one.
    My intention is to get your attention for this question by putting some fire in your pants,you are in my
    trap,take it easy Varma ,there are more intelligents than you.I am an anonymous boy and your reflection in thinking and doing,may be better than you :-).Remember
    this, I will meet you after fifteen years because meeting you is in my control,not in yours.

  20. E says:

    Hi RGV,
    Coming back to your media project…codenamed "mediabashing" i assume..i was thinking you shud go for a character who is rather than being too critical about media is more optimistic and for every negative potrayal he counters it with something positive,giving real life examples,statistics…etc etc..Like the plot design in The X-Files[To me it is one of the greatest sci-fi series ever made on earth]…Mulder is the "beleiver" and Scully is the "skeptic" and both of them go about solving each case and as the story progresses their varied approach and conflict is very evident.
    Afterall media is not really a frankenstein that has gone haywire .Media has done its fair share of good to society.I mean this will be like a classic debate wherein you can pass off as an ombudsman…
    This way you wud leave the audience to take their own standpoint.and you come out unscathed.i mean even if your attempt is not to get personal with media..and provide an objective,unbiased assessment of the current state of media is in…it will be defenitely construed in that way.Dont give them a chance to smell blood…It is altogether a different matter if you want to lock horns with them!.

  21. Abhay says:

    Hello Sir, this is my first time on your blog, just wanted to drop into to say you definitely still are one of my favorite directors. Im looking forward to watching Phoonk once its out on dvd in the United States as it didnt release in theatres near my hometown. I\’ve heard quite a few things about the movie. My question to you is, are you planning on making a movie related to Company/D or any movie with some known actors instead of using mediocre/new artists. – Abhay

  22. Unknown says:

    Ramu,is it necessary as a director to be a good actor or-like you have said previously only clarity of thought matters..
    Also…please,please  do post the making of Kaun and Naach please…. 

  23. alluri venkata says:

    U werent lashing out at the anchor of tv9…..rajni kanth ….. during ur interview abt rakhta charitra

  24. Shyaam Nagarajan says:

    Naach was more a recent version of Rangeela though I agree that it is inspired from Fountain Head. Just like the way Bhoot was of Raat but the latter comparison is more apparent than Naach and Rangeela

  25. Unknown says:

    He that fall in love with him will have no rivals.

  26. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,
             In one of the interviews recently when you were asked if any good movie (in your opinion) came out from your factory directors (excluding you), I heard you saying \’None\’. Now I feel this is one of the reasons why you are mis-quoted or misunderstood. A lot of times you quickly add to such answers with a caveat or rejoinder immediately explaining the context in which you say that. But sometimes, maybe you get tired or are not alert enough to add rejoinders !!!
             If you were very alert, you would probably give a politically correct answer like, all the movies in your opinion were good.
             If you were in a highy irritant or cocky mood, you would say some were good, some were bad, some were crap. But that you take all the responsibility.
             I personally think \’Ab Tak Chappan\’, \’My Wife\’s Murder\’, \’Ek Hasina Thi\’, \’Vaastu Shastra\’, \’Darna Mana Hai\’, \’Madhyannam Hatya\’, \’Main Madhuri Dikshit Banna Chahti Hoom\’, \’Darna Zaroori Hai\’  were good films in the same order.
             I feel that when the going is good for you i.e., when you have one or two hits, there is so much euphoria or rather euphoric people around you that you get swamped with so many stars, producers, corporates that you are forced to delegate. Including the script selection. Even your trusted script writers become lax. Meanwhile deadlines ensue and you are forced to pick the best out of the ones available. At that point even if you feel some are mediocre you take solace in the confidence that craft can compensate. I may be wrong here.
                If I put myself in a celebrity\’s shoes, I figure, if I\’m not a habitual scriptwriter (indeed I\’m not) and if I\’m not used to structured script development, it is very easy for me to become lax. I believe good stories come from among the common people and really good scripts come from structured script development and habitual script-writers. It is a laborious process with about a double-dozen re-writes. Now I know the factory does not have that kind of time. Nor are you so patient. Your mind is a melting pot. We\’re then back to square one. Fall back on star value, star director value, take comfort in the confidence of our craft. 
              This, I reckon is the story of some good, some bad and some crap movies. But it is still RGV\’s baby. Otherwise it would be a different story. A story of all crap movies.
    Thanks in advance for reading.. 🙂

  27. kedar says:

    hahahaha… i am wide awake…coffee maine bana li hai…when i said u wasted character of Amitji in AAG i meant u wasted a beautiful character in remake…the way Amitji\’s character was developed and portrayed it deserved a different film and not remake… it would have been a block buster…every critic and common man would have praised Amitji\’s character if it would have been some other film…but it was remake of Sholay…! if it would have been some other film…amm…say a villain  as a protagonist… this character would have been a path breaking… but in AAG it was compared with GABBAR…e.g. name of the film VIRAT or RAKSHAS…. and the story revolves around Amitji\’s character…in AAG that character was the most creative and innovative…in this sense u wasted it…

  28. sandeep says:

    Hello RGV
    Rakta Charitra based of Rayalaseema feuds sounds intersting .any plans for it in hindi..

  29. Dipesh Kumar says:

    How Do You Tolerate your own movie  or u get relax by wathcing karan johars movie after yours !

  30. sandeep says:

    Hello RGVhow much of technical knowledge is required to have an understanding of cinema.U have stated in ur previus blogs about the clarity of vision. how much of technical knowledge is helpful in achieving that visionur comments will be appreciatedregardsSandeep Halder

  31. Dinesh says:

    I m not a film director but i can write Hindi scripts/stories better then
    me. Definitely you will like it and you have to think about to make a
    film based on that script…Please give me at least one chance. I am not going to west your time… Please don\’t ignore me this time as you always do…My email address:-

  32. Unknown says:

    why u didn\’t give another chance to saurab narang the director of "vasthu shastra". it is my favourite horror film

  33. Arun says:

    Has your engineering degree helped you in bettering your logic ? Or is it just because of Ayn Rand\’s books ? Has your degree ever helped you in movie-making ?In Sarkar, why does the Swami have more brains than Rashid and Vishram Bhagat ? You have never defined importance of money, Is it a mere tool for you to make movies, to buy more books (Philosophical, Mad Magazine and Nick Carter 😉 ) ,to cast women with gorgeous bodies, or is it more than that ? Or something else ?

  34. Arun says:

    In Naach(your best), what made you decide to the dimension of Acting and Choreography by changing it over from Architecture in The Fountainhead ? Did you not feel a dimension like the music industry, Computer industries, corporates, or just two different Film-makers would be good enough ??

  35. Arun says:

    I personally believe that you could make a terrific movie out of the idea of Martin Scorcese \’s THE DEPARTED. I don\’t know if you\’ve seen it or do you like it or dislike it.

  36. Arun says:

    After you find an idea you like, how do you decide when a script is ready to go on floors ? Is it Instinct or Logical analysis ? Or something else ?

  37. Unknown says:

    Are you dare enough,to use the words "sex and fuck" with the same liberty out side also.i.e in your house also

  38. Unknown says:

    hindi news channels show either bollywood gossips or clippings from different reality and shows. if not they show news about crimes and bhoot. news about crime is ok but the way they show it is something like RGV thriller movie. ha hathough english news channels are good

  39. gaurav says:

    the theist and the atheist both have one thing common they are concerned with god one is for it. one is against it.god… which is a hypothesis .a mature atheist finally has nothing to do with the hypothesis of godaffirmative or negative  he has moved on

  40. gaurav says:

    arrogance is ugly

  41. Swamy says:

    You have mentioned many times that… it is the Effect which matters, than the Grammer…but all the films which are produced by you had no effect ( except Ab Tak Chappan), but they all are grammatically good. Where as most of the films directed by you leave some or huge effect on the viewer. I want to know like…why that happens when you are captain of the ship in either cases.

  42. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

                Our news channels should have the A-certificate, like movies the news content also must be certified by CBFC

  43. Dinesh says:

    Jungle > Bhoot > Kaun > Mast > Rangeela >
    Satya > Company > Daud > Nishabd > Sarkar Raj > Sarkar ( But
    idiotic baground music) > Rat > First story of DarnaZaroori hai…. >
    faltu Naach but music Good > Mohanlal Amitabh was good but all the
    carector of AAG was EkDumBakwas >Shiva (i did\’nt see) > Phoonk only little girl\’s flying seen was good but film was totaly crazy & out of mind and focus….. > Contract i don\’t want to see???

    Best Jodi with musician
    1."RamGopalVarma + Sandeep Chawta"
    2."RamGopal Varma + AR Rahman"
    3."RamGopalVarma + Amar mohile / Kareem Khan / Saleem suleman"

    Only Urmila

    One of the brilliant movie in Indian History from you, I think it\’s
    JUNGLE".  Biggest pictures effective and original , Greatest Music
    from Sandeep Chawta, a complete package of i didn\’t seen even Hollywood…. Befor Aag, Nach, Shiva, Phoonk you were Idial for me. your music sense is going down and down it seen in Sarkar, Aag, Shiva, Phoonk….Now i don\’t need you today you are looser see your old thobada in mirrer… you are alone… will definetly die befor your marrige…

  44. Arun says:

    The best dialogue in Contract was " Police bahut emotional ho rahi hai " Wow man ! I have never heard something like this before.

  45. Arun says:

    In the opening scene of Contract, I could literally see Sultan\’s (Zaakir Hussian) eyes fill up with blood when he was delivering dialogues. The close-up on his face makes the scene what it is. Bravo to both of you !

  46. Arun says:

    My six year old neighbor sings " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…..Ek Bomb lagana mangta hai bhai " …and now her daddy wont buy her crackers for diwali. Just kidding !! No one has seen Contract in my neighborhood except me.

  47. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu.I guess you must have told Abhishek in SarkarRaj, "I want to see moisture of tears in your eyes. But not on your cheeks. No trickling please".

  48. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu. Did Big B raise any concerns in Sarkar when u decided to make KK utter \’Pichuade mein\’ near the dining table? I guess that is the first time anyone would have seen Big B\’s reaction to foul language on screen let alone speak.

  49. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu. Dirty habits like chewing tobacco and spitting r one major reason why Gabbar was so menacing on the screen. Did this ever come up between u and Big B? Babban was not really dirty. Except the moment when he blows his mouth on Mohanlal after the arrest.

  50. Srinivas Bajjuri says:

    As far as i have observed, almost all the movies you make are 50 %
    fictional, 50 % inspired from real world, Low/Medium budget movies and
    almost never needed any usage of the modern film making technology
    (like the graphics or new/refreshing camera work or if possible music,
    in a big scale). This is a traditional RGV kind of movie we all see.My question is, have you ever thought of making a film as BIG as Shankar\’s movie (tamil director), which demands
    you to spend atleast one year to make the film and in terms of usage of
    the modern technology and the budget ? When i say "modern", i am
    talking about some modern day classics like "300", "Wanted",
    "Illusionist", "The Prestige"  and "The Departed" where i always
    imagined, what if RGV directs these kind of movies, how would they look
    like ?I am aware of the fact that you wanted to make atleast
    1000 films in your life time, but………if something like this can
    happen, that one movie can entertain us (we, the RGV lovers) more than
    few hundreds of flop movies in your lot.Please reply.

  51. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu.
           During the shooting of \’RGV Ki AAg\’, which name did you use? Gabbar or Babban? How did you manage with the lip movement in post-production?

  52. Unknown says:

    There was a shot in Company , OSS of Mohanlal in Police station, where he was talking to other person.
    Focus is on the other person who is reacting and not on Mohanlal.
    Since Mohanlal was out of focus, I was trying to look at the other person,  my attention kept going back to Mohanlal, since he was talking.

    Was it a conscious decision? Can you please explain the thought behind it .

  53. VJ says:

    Buddy, The focus shud on the guy whose expressions are vital to the story.n I saw Company but I trust Ramu on his trade and judgement. Secondly, Malayalam is also like Telugu industry where expressionheena men become top heroes. Mohan\’s face is expressionless. There\’s one ANR, Mohanlal\’s Telugu movie. I can say that based on what I saw in that movie. V

  54. Anil says:

    Sarkar wasn\’t a repeated work for you after GAYAM?

  55. snow says:

    wow!you floored moment to u have any freakin clue as to what u r talking abt?do u even have any idea what it means to live moment to moment?do u think u r that spontaneous?dont u have the burden of the past?dont give borrowed answers.these days u r just reacting.u are reacting to this,u r reacting to that,thats why u have this "reactions to reactions" section.stop reacting and start responding.go back to your early days of were not reacting then but were spontaneous.

  56. Dinesh says:

    How could you be RamGopalVarma….There is someone who is managing rgvarma\’s blog but he is not real RamGopalVarma…

  57. Dinesh says:

    Get the hell..

  58. Unknown says:

    What prompted you to make a masterpiece of a movie called " Naach"? huh? What on earth were you thinking?lol..

  59. Unknown says:

    How true is the fact that post RGV Ki Aag, you went bankrupt, producers were not supporting you and you had to vacate your plush office and shift to some dilapidated building? By making movies which are crappy, to say the least, you are just ruining some producer or financier\’s money….. Making movies might be a passion with you but not at the cost of someone else… And mind u .. No amount of sarcasm from your side could hide the fact that barring a few movies , all your movies have been super duds… So get your act straight before you are relegated to renting DVD\’s again in some corner of hyderabad..

  60. Naveen says:

    i think amitabh bachchan is the only person you are normal with, besides your family……it would be a delight to see amitabh take your interview…like today\’s one on cnn ibn at 8 pm when raajdeep talks to sachin and sunny ………..just can\’t wait for the clock to strike 8!

  61. Naveen says:

    your answer to question #12 was hilarious……when you beat people to death like that if you don\’t like any of the comments

  62. vinay says:

    HI RAM,
    what is the difference between Hollywood movies and our movies…..??

  63. Dinesh says:

    One more Phoonk & you finished….. ^

  64. Dinesh says:

    ONE day Mani+Ramu+Shankar would called Trinity University. but Asutosh Gowarikar is the BAAP of  Bollywood.

  65. sha says:

    Sir, i am an actor & want to work with you.Regards,

  66. VJ says:

    Meri jaan Sha, Pl do send ur profile and fotos to Ramu by clicking \’Send a Message\’. Tell as much as possible abt u. If u have any video files then attach those (2-3 minutes) so that he\’d assess and think abt u.Good Luck.

  67. VJ says:

    Ramu is like Imran Khan i.e. unconventional guy. So try ur luck thru private msg than this public board.

  68. Krishna says:

    Your comments on actresses who are ready to do anything for directors and producers to survive in this film indusry?Any personal experience:)

  69. ishan says:

    Hi Sir,
             I am Ishan Mehta, a writer. I have written a movie idea and I would like to approach your production house to produce it. I would need your expertise for resources as well as execution and henc eI am approaaching you. Treat the idea on its merit, but at least give it a read. Can you tell me where should i post or mial you the synopsis? Even the reference of a contact person from Factory would do. Will look forward to a positive reply from you soon. Thank You
    Mob: 9930754657

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