B and me

In a very bad and not totally darkened theatre (because of the light leaking through some vents and gaps in the closed doors) called Ramapriya in Vijayawada town in Andhra Pradesh, for the first time I consciously began to understand the phenomenon of Amitabh Bachchan.
The film that was playing was Khuddaar and the scene which was going on at that precise moment was, when Amitji learning the lie his own brother told him, barges into the discotheque where his brother is grooving away with a girl. As he shouts at the DJ to stop the music and looks at his brother at the far corner with hurt filled eyes, a gang of vicious looking bouncers move towards him. He looks at them and with an emotion choked voice says that he will break their legs if they try to stop him. There was an audible gasp in the theatre from the viewers as he said this. The interesting point is that none of the guys in the theatre could speak Hindi as Vijayawada is a Telugu speaking town. So what did they connect to? It is just the raw emotions of anger, betrayal, helplessness and above all the hurt he managed to communicate through his body language, his voice and his eyes.
As I looked at the faces of the people sitting in the theatre I could see a tremendous sense of awe, admiration, respect and above all a connectivity in their faces. Each and everyone of his viewers connected to him deeply through the characters he portrayed in his various films. Each and everyone wanted a brother or a friend or a leader like him.
Even after volumes spoken and big fat books written on him, I think it is still very easy to underestimate his incredible influence and his unimaginable impact not only on cinema but also on at least on a couple of generations conscience.
Kids loved him in Amar Akbar Anthony then and Kids love him now in Bhoothnath.
I have seen street goondas emulating him from Kaala Patthar, Kaalia etc and modern day gangsters are awe-struck with his intensity in Sarkar.
Women used to swoon over his romances then and today’s women would want a life-partner like him.
Old people back then wanted a son like him and today’s old people see the reflections of their own life through his performances in movies like Baghbaan etc. His contemporaries back then were dying of jealousy and unable to understand what is making him tick and today’s stars and technicians resume cannot be completed unless and until they feature with him at least in one film.
For me Amitji is raw, real and gritty and he hit me like a thunder bolt both as a viewer and as a director. His charisma, his screen presence, his personality made such an impact both on me and millions of others like me unsupported by today’s so-called massive production values. Unlike today’s superstars he never had to hide behind catchy songs or lavish sets or exotic foreign locales etc.
Any random man you pick on the road anywhere in the country, and if you ask him what you remember of Amitabh Bachchan, he is bound to come up with at least a hundred of his favourite scenes, dialogues or moments from Amitji’s various films whereas if asked about any of today’s superstars I doubt that they will remember beyond their hit songs and their films box-office collections.
From the time of being awestruck with him in Zanzeer, Deewaar etc to consciously understanding his screen prowess post Khuddaar (which incidentally largely was responsible in influencing my own technique of shaping up characters in my films), my biggest desire cinematically was to do a film with him which eventually I realized in Sarkar. In the run up to the making of Sarkar in my several meetings with him I started seeing a very different side of him other than what I only perceived through his films. Behind the obvious power and intensity was a sensitivity and vulnerability and also listening to his thoughts made me sense his incredible versatility as an actor. By that time my proximity to him blinded me as a viewer of him as a star and the filmmaker in me got greedy and dumb enough to experiment with him as an actor which resulted in Nishabd and Aag. It’s not so much only about the quality of those films that I am talking here but it is just the idea of casting him in those roles.
Amitji’s make-up man Deepak told me on day one of shooting of Nishabd that the film will flop because no one is going to accept Amitji in a role like that. Whether that is the reason or not, I for myself as a viewer wouldn’t probably want to see him featured in a role like that. As an actor I think Nishabd is Amitji’s finest performance mainly because of its sheer complexities and it demanded such subtle nuances of reactions, which most of the so-called art-house actors won’t even begin to understand in their life-time let alone portray them. But the question is does one want to see Amitji just as an actor? I for one don’t want to, unless the acting is coming from a certain immensely larger than life perspective.
Similarly in Aag there will be a difference between a viewer’s reaction and my reaction to his performance. As a director I judge an actor by seeing what he does with what is given to him. The viewer sees the final effect of that in the context of the film and hence he cannot have an idea of how I could have screwed it up in the screenplay and how badly I edited it or various other blunders I could have committed. People seeing the film react on the effect, whereas as a director I know the cause.
On the other hand if somebody argues that he had no business to do those films without knowing what he is getting into, yes he is guilty of misplacing his trust in me but he is not guilty of not doing his best which he does invariably better than any other actor can ever even hope to do.
From what I gathered from my association with him, I understood that by being the ultra professional that he is, once he agrees to do a film based on whatever reasons he has, he completely succumbs to the vision or non-vision of the director. The end product sometimes can look a mess but the inside secret will be that he would have always given much more than what was expected of him.
The close-up of his when he stands on the steps looking at Aftab taking Jiah away in the climax of Nishabd calls for an extraordinary understanding of human emotions and hence a far superior performance, compared to him saying “Tujhe bhi karne nahin doonga” in Sarkar which he would have done a thousand times before. But sadly the effect of that line in Sarkar will become cinematic history whereas the Nishabd’s close-up might go unnoticed. On the basis of what all I said above if anybody out there understands, my favourite performances of Amitji from my films as a director are in the order of
(1). Nishabd
(2). Aag
(3). Sarkar Raj
(4). Sarkar
But forgetting myself as a director and thinking like a viewer they will be
(1). Sarkar
(2). Sarkar Raj
(3). Aag
(4). Nishabd.
The effect of Sarkar’s performance as compared to Sarkar Raj is probably higher for many primarily because of the shock value of seeing Amitji in such a role after a very very long time but if you look deeper you can’t find a single shot in Sarkar which is comparable to, for an example the expression he has when he shows Sanjay Somji’s body to Raosaab. There are many many such moments in Sarkar Raj, Nishabd and Aag.
So the point I am trying to make in summation is that he never ever failed as an actor and he never will. It’s only directors, both other’s and me who frequently fail in framing his art in a given context.
Karan Johar’s favourite film of his is Kabhie Kabhie and Silsila which I loathe compared to my favourites like Deewaar and Zanzeer which Karan loathes. I dislike seeing him in movies like Last Lear and Black whereas Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Rituparno Ghosh might not want to make films like Nishabd with him.
But that’s what sublimal art is about. You can take whatever you want from it and interpret it in any which way you want to.
Amitji is an artiste who can and will allow himself to be conformed, adapted and shaped up in any which way one wants to mould him and the final result he will leave it in the hands of the director he is working with.
But irrespective of what on a personal level he might think of the result, the effort he puts in and the passion he brings in to elevate even the most mundane of scenes, the performances he brings and the way he speaks his lines is for me my personal proof of what Amitji truly and really is.
Amitabh Bachchan is that rare art form which takes birth just once in several life times.
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  1. Kiran says:

    I couldnt agree more with you on the impact that Amitabh has on the audience. One of the scenes where I was bowled over was his performance in Darna Zaroori Hain. The plot had to do mostly with believing Amitabh ji that there was something weird going on in his house. You dont see anything scary and the room is reasonably well lit. He\’s not alone in the house. Given the lack of the conventional scary setting, its Amitabhji\’s performance that blew my mind! The way he shouts to his student saying "Why dont you believe me ?? There is someone else in the house!". It was so disturbing that this man is so convinced about the existence of a spirit in the house. The fact that this otherwise normal-seeming professor is hallucinating or actually seeing a spirit, in some sense pulls the carpet (of belief) off your feet. I am not sure if many would agree with me. Like you yourself said, a movie is like a conversation. Each one has their own reactions and this is mine! 🙂

  2. srinivas says:

    "Amitabh Bachchan is that rare art form which takes birth just once in several life times."This could be one of the best compliments he ever received and would ever receive.

  3. Sridhar says:

    I keep following your blog and amitji\’s blog…..both of you have same kind of inclination towards art…you both give 100% and you both have great passion towards cinema…..you guys NEVER give up!!
    "Amitabh Bachchan is that rare art form which takes birth just once in several life times. " – This is true to the core!!
    The Media has really forgotten the real Amitji we all loved, specially Mid Day-Mumbai, Hindustan Times-Khalid…..and Ramu you are doing a great job by making a movie on Media…..We all will surely love it!!
    Maa andariki Amitji ante chala ishtam….and we know that he is a true proffessional and a great performer!!

  4. ashwin says:

    absolutely true..nishabd is my fav Amitji performance in the recent years ans also the climax of the film was really moving.

  5. vaishak says:

    Yes, \’B\’ is great as an actor and person. But he is foolishly innocent that he believed and let you direct that episode in \’Darna Zaroori hai".Hope amitji will not write about this post like "..Hello..Hello….I will think that you are a fool if you praise me beyond my worth and vice versa….hmmm…..Thanks…vaishak………..

  6. Pundrick says:

    Nishabd is loveliest of all for me. One fact of which i am not very sure is if jiah was really in love with Amit (i mean in movie only), but if she was, i would have love to see that altered climax, you know.

  7. andhrabond says:

    Karan Johar’s favourite film of his is Kabhie Kabhie and Silsila which I loathe compared to my favourites like Deewaar and Zanzeer which Karan loathes. I dislike seeing him in movies like Last Lear and Black whereas Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Rituparno Ghosh might not want to make films like Nishabd with him."

    Yes, he is really a raw. As you said in the above lines. Each director when they look at him has a different vision of making a movie with him. He is like raw gold where you can make necklace, ring, bangles, chain etc., if the ornament is not looking good it is not problem with the gold, it is with the maker of the ornament. Other than his films I like his professionalism. There is a lot we can learn the way he answers the questions from media. He never looses his temperament in front of the media no matter how stupid question it could be from media.
    Since most of the movie ‘Sarkar’ has been taken from the telugu movie called “Gayam’. I am more impressed by RGV and AB in the movie ‘Sarkar Raj’. I always wanted to see AB in his inner angry, raw sarcastic, cunning, like totally bad guy way. We have seen him his good guy image in many movies. I also wanted to see him in a completely jealous guy who would do anything to get anything he wants, get it done his work, and prove himself that he is correct. I don’t agree that he is getting old and he can’t play these new characters, it is just an excuse from the directors who can’t come up with a good script. I want him to do movies until last day of his life.

  8. Trimex says:

    Ramu,Amitabh\’s perrformance in Nishabd is awesome and breath taking, a chapter itself in acting. However, I would disagree with your line of thought – because Amitabh is a star and no body wanted to watch him as an actor doing such a "role" is the reason for failure or non-appreciation of the movie.IMHO, RGV as a director, overwhelmed by Amitji\’s acting prowess and by a scintillating burst of creativity ( not logical thinking) concocted Nishabd movie plot. The movie lacked soul. Some where you missed the connect, Revathy, Nasser characters were totally abused ( by you). Whatever, apart from Amitabhs greatness and a piouness about Vijay\’s emotions, there wasn\’t much.On a very different line of thought, I suddenly remember the out right rejection of NTR-Lakshmi Parvathy\’s union. I donno what but some thing else was missing! Finally, it is not true that people did not want to see him just as an actor. We go to see an arresting cinema, not just one actor!

  9. Unknown says:

    In sarkar,antagonhsts send a shooter to shoot sarkar in jail.shooter was shown as some national/olympic level shooter.was it an intentional attempt to showcase pathetic condition of indian sportsmen or was it just for fun??

  10. Srirama says:

    Hi Varma,
    for long time I have a question for you, Imagine You stuck up in a iland with Karan Johar. You have 2 choices
    1. You have to spend the whole night in iland with him to wait for the rescue team
    2. you have to swim 5km to go another iland with that iland no one is there you have to be alone
    which option you prefer or you do some thing else 🙂

  11. Trimex says:

    Why don\’t you make a movie like Braveheart.Intense but not dark.Under the bright sun, some character like William Wallace.One which captures a brisk pace…Remember the Swedish Bag Piper music?

  12. Sanjay says:

    Thank you for this deserving note on Amitji\’s ability to get moulded into the vision (or sometimes non-vision) of his directors. Anyone who understands bollywood must know that it has been the cornerstone of AMitji\’s success. Look at some worst movies like Lal Baadshah or successful features like Agneepath and you will realize what a master actor Amitji is. I dont recall a single movie where he hasn\’t given his 100% to the movie. As Rakeysh Mehra once said, AB is not the star of the film; it is the script that is the star. What Amitji does is TRUE JUSTICE to the script.
    Despite all the criticisms and negative reactions from friends, I got the DVD of AAG from Netflix. Not because I wanted to see how one of my favorite directors screwed up with a cracker-of-a-script like Sholay but rather how have you moulded my favorite actor AB into the role of Gabbar Singh. And mind-blowing was the only way I can describe Amitji\’s peformance as Babban. If AAG wasnt a flop, this would have gone down as one of his finest performances. So, thank you, for bringing Amitji into the role of Gabbar Singh. But, no thanks, for not doing justice to the concept of Sholay. Having seen some successful hollywood screen adaptations, I am certain it can work well in India too. May be adding RGV to the title itself was setting the film for failure since the audience was made to expect an RGV version of Sholay…portraying RGV as the larger than life thing rather than the script of Sholay.

    BTW, I truly loved Nishabd for the nuances and complexities in Amitji\’s performance. I have been itching to watch it again…may be will be able to share more feedback then.

  13. Unknown says:

    No doubt BIG B is the best.he is way ahead of all actors in terms of acting.not many would have remained unaffected of big B effect.and i think his best acting came out in kala patthar,black and sarkar.i watch all his movies just for him.no matter how bad is movie,i love to see it just for his expressions and voice. i hope to see him in more of your films.

  14. Unknown says:

    One thing i noticed in your blog.u never mentioned KAY KAY MENON for sarkar.that was a big surprise role which made me huge impact on me.in midst of superstars like BIG B and Jr B,he too rocked the screen,especially in a scene where his filmy colleague asks him that how the heroine of her film looks like. . . . .and he takes a sip from glass and tells by expressions-marvellous.i hve watched that scene at least 50 times.If u have some time,plz write abt him also.

  15. Arun says:

    RGV, this is a request as a person who watches your movies. The level of your background score as compared to the level of dialogue is very high. I bought a DVD of Sarkar Raj, and have to keep switching volume levels all the time. I know you have discussed this before, so please take notice of this in all your future movies.The background score is moves me, but also moves my fingers on the remote,or incase I lost the remote it makes me jump out of the sofa as well. ;> Yes, I love Nishabd, if it was not Mr Bachchan, who would dare take up such a role and play it this finely ?? I love Jiah Khan\’s legs too, but love they way they were shot even more !!

  16. sha says:

    Sir,I am an actor & want to work with u.Please give a chance to work with you.Regds,

  17. sha says:

    My fv movie jon B..As per Entertainment……DeevarSholeyAmar Akbar AnthonyNamak halalAs per acting skills…Nishabd(never sow such expressions before in Indian movies)Sarkar raj(long 3.30seconds scene in climax super performance)Lawaris (the desire of parents love superb one man show movie)Sarkar(super exp: "ja nikal ja ghar say"  nd "Tughe bhi karne nahi dunga"wow wat a expressions boss)Agnipath( powerful larger then life performense like \’Sarkar\’Khaki(superb just remeber  the scene where he was sleeping on stage nd  was called ,came on stage and said" maine 1966 tak to sath chala mantri ji ke  phir ghapki lag aur  mai so gaya."wat a natural performense.There are many more…  

  18. vinay says:

    Hi Ram,
               This is wat blog all RGV and AB\’s fans are waiting for….I am Very big fan of Big B but My first movie of his in the theatre was…. Sarkar. As a Bhacan fan wat ever my expectation before stepping into theatre was fully reloaded by your ultimate direction skill. But, after the movie completed I(as Big \’B\’ fan) was little unsatisfied since he din\’t delivered big dialogues n no anger shouts (except at dinning table). I was thrilled with ur direction, that movie went big hit. But till few days I was confused as fan of both U and Amit\’s. As ur fan it made me go mad with ur direction n simultaneously I was unhappy of not showing a full pledged role of Amit(since 2nd half is all about Abhishek\’s character).
     But when I saw it for second time I started seeing Subhash Nagre character but not Amit. But after watching  I was supposed to feel dat…ur direction really took away from waching Amitabh as a superstar of Indian cinema.
     Sorry if I praised u beyond or below ur strategy level since as u say no One can predict audience n make films of dat..I too say da same.. we can\’t predict one\’s strategy n praise him..
     Any way….\’Sarkar\’ is a big movie for Indian cinema in respect to direction and action(Amit) n last but not least background music really fantastic

  19. mikey says:

    seems amitabahcn fascinates u as much as sex fascinates me..Well!!No one knows any one else nor can interpret the true self,its nothing but futile to manifest some ones else\’s ability/character or any thing.what u made out of amitji is just a reflection of the fascination….any way lotta people might have the same interpretation of amitji but its again that of MAVERIC RGV,its gonna be taken into account and worth knowing!

  20. VJ says:

    Ramu,Yeah, B is the great (I don\’t mean the greatest) actor and the greatest star of Hindi cinema. His ice cold but intense looks, towering presence and baritone voice are all I remember in Sholay (that\’s what I saw of B until I saw Black). Btw, u don\’t butter anybody, incl God. Why u chose to butter B? It\’s quite uncharacteristic of u, honestly.

  21. VJ says:

    And, I compliment u on achieving the most unthinkable thing in life ie directing B. Congrats.

  22. VJ says:

    And I congratulate u achieving the most unthinkable thing n life ie directing B.

  23. samir says:

    Hi Ramu
    I am extremely elated to see your views about the greatest actor in the world. I request you to make Sarkar 3 giving him the most screen space with all emotions possible in all kind of situations without taking away anything from him by casting a big name for Cheeku\’s character. Also try to make a script where he gets challenged to the extreme making it impossible for him to not get all the awards that year just like Black did. Since you have earned enough money and fame I am sure you can make a film in hollywood and just for the record bring out his best ever to get him the Oscar or atleast a nomination. It will be a first by any actor or director and who better than the Bigb for it!!
    Hope you will think about this seriously if you not haven\’t yet.He should get his due as the greatest actor ever was and will be.
    All the best
    Samir Mayani

  24. Unknown says:

    u know one thing ramu….. u r a far better actor than BIG B.
    it is just u r short.thats all !!!!!!!

  25. Unknown says:

    u know one thing ramu….. u r a far better actor than BIG B.
    it is just u r short.thats all !!!!!!!

  26. VJ says:

    This in today\’s chat with Venkatesh (rediff):"Vasu4u asked, Hi Venky, when are you going to work with Mani ratnam or ram gopal verma or shankar. I love to see you with them..Venkatesh answers, All of them know I ma very interested in working with them. So pass on the message to them"Over to u Ramu.

  27. VJ says:

    \’As I looked at the faces of the people sitting in the theatre I could see a tremendous sense of awe, admiration, respect and above all a connectivity in their faces. Each and everyone of his viewers connected to him deeply through the characters he portrayed in his various films. Each and everyone wanted a brother or a friend or a leader like him.\’We know u r eagle eyed i.e. gr8 observer but u did Rajanikant (doing superhuman feats) here i.e. watching hundreds of ppl and their expressions in dark theatres.Wonderful, Ramu.

  28. Kevin says:

    I normally just read your blog because I think it\’s hilarious how you\’re a complete dick and asshole to most people when you respond to them, but for the first time you\’ve written a post that I actually kind of agree with. On a side note, do you have a starcast in mind for Rann?

  29. Unknown says:

    True. Most People come to Films to watch the story (plot) but not to judge how Amitji portrys the role.
    I felt the same way when I was watching Aamir for 30 mins, got  bored and stopped. I (Think)  find that editing was not proper. protagonist\’s(Rajeev Khandelwal)  expressions/reactions  were held for long, which made me think that Rajeev is taking more time to react than its required for a average person .

  30. Unknown says:

    You are such a screwedup fuck, we dont know if such a wonderful writeup is coming from your heart or if this is one of your clever tricks to brown nose Big-B! Because, we did read (in Big-B\’s blog) about your meeting with him recently regarding a new project you are planning with him!

  31. Unknown says:

    Did you write this article? I\’ve never seen you praise someone like this.Vasu

  32. Unknown says:

    just to answer many others who have commented on this blog, i have seen a thousand interviews given by RGV and never did he insult talent/artists, he has always encouraged people and admired them….never did i hear a negative feedback on his artist….he has always taken the blame if the movie didn\’t do well….now coming to NISHABD…it\’s one of my fav movies and you rightly said, it has been RGV\’s best performances and its one of the best bollywood movies, it was meant to be a Romance/Drama and it purley was, unlike other BOLLYWOOD flicks, a romantic movie has 2 fight scenes/ solo song/ heroine dancing in rain and what not…!!! this was a perfect one…may be I am mermerized by RGV and Bachan Sahab\’s magic on screen but it was a perfect one..i would love to see more movies like nishabd by Amitji!!!

  33. Suyash says:

    Just 4 words would have sufficed, which are true for zillions of fans AB has, including me.
    "Amitabh Bachchan is GOD !! " 🙂 🙂

  34. Trimex says:

    A lot of people who communicate with Ramu on this blog appear to be from Andhra Pradesh. Another similarity amongst them is, whenever they want to express displeasure or dissent they express hate and use very very rotten language. "Asshole, Dick head, fuck ( ok., fuck has become an accepted and agreeable substitute for the expression "shit!")Why is that these people from Andhra use such rotten language? Is it part of the culture over there or a mojority of the people can only claim to be educated but are victims of sub-standard education, degenerating culture and a prevailing environment where "mutual respect" and dignity is low?Anyways, being able to write up in English is certainly not reflective of one\’s education. If you really wish to call him or any body a dick head, go in front of \’em and do it why litter the place? It only leaves a bad taste around.

  35. Trimex says:

    It may not just be people form Andhra Pradesh, please extend it to all those who exhibit such behavior ! No singling out 🙂

  36. E says:

    Hi RGV,
    Amitabh Bachan is an Instistution!!And it is sancrosanct!!..P.E.R.I.O.D!!No contemporary directors resume would be complete if he doesn\’t have a project involving Big B! You can exhaust all the superlatives to describe this phenomenon! It is only the inadequacy of language to describe this actor. Actors come and go like seasons but this guy…??? He is the eternal spring of heavens!!.To draw a parallel from the "Song of the God".Chap 10.The opulence of the Absolute…Krisha says to Arjuna talking about his different manifestations…like "Of all the weapons I am thunderbolt".."Of all the Rudras I am Lord Shiva"..he would have easily said "of all the actors I am Amitabh Bachchan"…..he he..finding excessive…I am one of the die-hard fans of AB..:-)

  37. krishna says:

    Big B & RVG for me is a DEADLY combination.
    i am waiting to see more of you two..
    best of luck
    Krishna Raj

  38. krishna says:

    sir..how did u like KHAKI..
    i think is one of the most underrated movie. i failed to understand why it was not a big hit.
    Big Bs performance in some scenes are great..specially the one where he talks to police in a village police station and the scene where he confronts the village people who come to attach them.
    also i feel NISHABD is one of the classic movie. ten years down the lane..people are going to understand nd accept that.
    cant help..thats how life is.
    whats ur next with Big B?

  39. PETER says:

    Ramu… your most popular blog entry ever… and finally one which does not piss any one off… Get back to your element bro… We miss all your efforts at projecting yourself as manipulative, self-centered and evil… You are more fun that way…

  40. kedar says:

    You wasted The character of Amitji in AAG… if it would have been some other film with the same character it would have been a path breaking character…but unfortunately comparison happened… your fault…you wasted a marvelous character in AAG!

  41. Vinay says:

    If Amitji wuz like you, he would have said "Please Please Please dont patronize me. Bring the haters on!"

  42. Yashasvi says:

    What you think about Amitabh\’s perfomance in  Agnipath, Hum, Kudhgawah………..and VIRUdh.

  43. Yashasvi says:

    i would like to know you opinion about the character Amitabh Ji has played in movies like AGNIPATH, HUM , KUDHAGAWAH and …….Virudh

  44. Unknown says:

    1. Does Mr. B read your blog? Because, if you wrote this post to tell us what Mr. B is, then it\’s useless. We know what he IS … Finest actor … unfortunate to have born in India … else, he would have had a shelf filled with Oscars.2. Though I would love to personally congratulate you for making a film like Nishabd … one of Mr. B\’s best ( whatever you say, for me Aag was dud ), I would love to read the after affects of Nishabd/Aag which to some extent tarnished B\’s market value … may be a few conversations between you and Mr. B would throw some light on your personal relation with him. Of course, it\’s your personal choice to disclose them.3. You should have named the post – B & I, would have been more appealing.

  45. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,
    Do you think you can ever get away with a full blown movie with Brahmanandam. I\’m not considering \’Money\’ or \’Money Money\’ here.

  46. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,
    You failed on your directors.
    Your directors failed on you.
    Which one do you agree with?

  47. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,
          The scripts you are selecting of late have less substance. Thereby involving more craft. Are good scripts (with substance: attacking multiple issues, complex plot, number of incidents) so difficult to come by or is it the budgetary constarints or is it your impatience towards extensive plots?

  48. static atmosphere energy says:

    "I for one don’t want to, unless the acting is coming from a certain immensely larger than life perspective"
    What is larger then life for Amitji\’s Character in \’Nishabd\’?
    Is it older charming and understanding man meeting Lolita pairing that makes larger then life?
    Is it to give a new variation of his immense untapped talent that others have not done?
    Technically even \’Nishabd\’ is great, understated…I like the scene when Jia is in room, next corridor Revathy is there and Amitji asks her does she know? The expression is of great secreative solidarity and decisive but larger then life?
    Deepak Sawanth was right in the end was\’nt he?

  49. tarak says:

    movie ke nam pe gito ke mele achi movie yaha banti kaashhum bhi banaenge dusari shole bas ek moke ki hai talaashgive me one chance

  50. jamey says:


    It\’s interesting to c that u are writing \’ji\’ with Amitabh\’s name. So you do have some respect for few people i.e. you are also a bit normal.
    Like your ideology. Since I have started reading your article I am questioning my faith in supreme power and rational & civil things that surround us. It seems being corrupt is ok. You have achieved success being a liar, manipulative and all the wrong stuff. So is it ok to be BAD?
    If someone comes to ou today with equal passion about movie making with no background will you give taht person a chance in a same way as you got?

  51. VJ says:

    Ramu,I tried to see Nishabd and as a movie buff and a keen eye for good movies I tell u something. U may not like this. Nishabd is an audacious attempt to tell a Balachander-type story in RGV style i.e. less on emotional content more on visuals and some catchy/takeiteasy dialogues; even music never matched the weight of the story. Jiah was a failure in emoting this strong subject…..not even once. Amitabh\’s \’acting\’ talent was shadowed in photography (unlike in Black where his emotional spectrum was there to be seen by all, from start to finish). WTF.U r a man of g8est talent. It\’s going south (not South India).Rahul Chowdary,In post-modern world, the words like Fuck & its related phrases dont connote sex. They r just sounds. Similarly \’screwed-up\’ is no longer a bad word. It\’s even used by Heads of States and Governments in the world.

  52. VJ says:

    I think the Producer in u is dominating the Director.

  53. karthik says:

    if movie making is like putting a group of people into an conversation(as you say in your interviews)…(where some people may walkout from the conversation due to boredom…some others may avoid the conversation because of the speakers past reputation)… then i guess the speaker (director) needs to choose a topic, which the audience may find interesting and something which he knows a little about.
    I comes not a surprise to me that you hate movies like silsila and kabhie kabhie… which i loathe. Because if you liked those movies…I would have run away everytime you wanted to converse with me ( a new movie release).
     I like movies with drama too…but something like "SHAKTHI" where the hero has darker shades and he acts due to compulsion rather than by choice…as if he wants to prove a point to someone or like in "DEEWAR" for protecting his loved ones…and again in "AGNIPATH". But at the end you end liking that guy. He isn\’t the quinessential good guy you are normally accostomed to in movies. Even in "TRISUL" amitabh has some darker shades…he is very ruthless and precise. He doesn\’t smile much in "ZANJEER"…even though he is a police and doesn\’t do anything wrong…his ruthless deamenour makes us feel as if he is a rebel. In fact I think "ZANJEER" is a better vigilante (read superhero) movie than KRISH. The moral dilemma or keeping his lover safe at the same time the gut wrenching anger to hit out at the lawbreakers is shown brilliantly by amitabh with subtle acting… he never overly emotes himself in the entire movie.
    I guess thats the difference between John Wayne westerns and Clint Eastwood westerns. While John Wayne tries to project a moral and law abiding sheriff with a white horse and a white hat (like the knight in the shining armour), Clint Eastwood is the law breaker…but not as someone who takes pleasure in it…but rather for a means to an end. Thereby his charerization is more attractive to us.
    It all comes down to the audience. No matter how talented one is… or what one is trying to make or express in his movies…the audience are the ultimate boss. they decide if the movie is a good effort or bad. I mean, they decide if your conversation is worthwhile hearing or not… 🙂

  54. karthik says:

    speaker chooses a topic he knows a lot a about. because no one can bullshit anyone for long.

  55. Unknown says:

    hi RGV,
    we want to see Amitabh bachchan and u work together again and again.i feel that u managed to extract some of the finest performances of mr.bachchan in the sarkars and nishabd.i personally think tht nishabd is your finest work so far. iam very much disappointed to know that  sarkar 3 is not happening. iam not sure if u r making it or not but i want to tell that u shud go ahead with sarkar 3. and regarding ur new movie RANN still we are not aware of the starcast, it will be wonderful if u have any plans of casting Big B in a very strong role in RANN.
          i liked bachchans performace even in a dud like AAG,the bachchans introductory scene was mindblowing.
    when the camera focuses first time oh his face,he utters no word but his expressions were awesome.his mouth half open,teeths visible ,anger in the eyes and tht background score….wow . what a scene. alas… the movie was not as good as that particular scence.
     i hope tht we get to see big b in many many RGV films in future.

  56. Unknown says:

    Its true that "Amitji" is a fabulous actor, but its time for you to produce a good actor/actors.All the best for future projects

  57. Unknown says:

    I have seen few of your movies. I hypothesized that you hate giving the dose of melodrama to viewers. The background and story line is well defined. It makes you completely different from contemporary film makers. I do not admire you for artistic content in the movies. I really praise you for giving breaks to the individual behind as well as in front of screen. The freshness of your films is due to recruitment of untapped talent and courage for experiment. When everyone is rushing for celebrities or well established faces, you bet on hidden talent. You walk on the less traveled path in Bollywood. You do not stand in the line of Satyajeet ray or Ritwhik Ghatak but you are a man with a difference. I bet that your legacy will be established not on the distinct movies but recruiter of hidden actors, co- directors, story writers, editors and technical crew. You have made your own separate and unique identity in the Bollywood. I hope you will continue your work in future. Best of Luck….

  58. Ashwani Gupta says:

    when you try to explain the interpretation of karan, yours etc probably you forgotten "there is no facts only interpretations". that is true for any actor e.g. people like to see Aamir in characters like ACP Rathor or as in Dil chahata hai but not ever would like to see in character of Munna.Amitabh is no doubt superb in Sarkar. Only his presence on the screen, with dialogues and without dialogues  is  highly  impressive. His  body language  conveys  all  his  character.  Just out  of  context , I like the dialogue of B "ab (now)" too much in  Sarkar when Abhishek killed KK and tell it to B. The dialogue all it says now you are the Don tell me further course of action (It is similar when Don Corleon conveys to his caporegimes now michal is Don do as michal says ). I took it as a coronation of Abhishek by B as a Don.From your rating of movies of Amitabh as a director and from the series of this blogs you seems to justify all your flop movies. As a viewer Nishabd\’s screenplay was too weak. And I really doubt people would reject the character of B in Nishabd but the direction and screenplay. Somehow direction and screenplay could not bring the character of Jia to convince her actions. rest in the next comment

  59. Unknown says:

    Mr. B is only good when he is playing a subdued character.  Otherwise, he believes the false, patroninzing proclamations that he is "the world\’s greatest actor" and over-indulges himself.  I much prefer him in his younger days (although he was tolerable in Sarkar).

  60. Unknown says:

    Actually, I would like to ament my comment to say that Amitabh was actually better than tolerable in Sarkar – he was pretty good.  I think his son is a more nuanced actor though.

  61. tarak says:

    abe ramu tum log ye sab padhte ho ki nahi. ki fokat me hi sabko likhva rahe ho. agar padhte ho to muze mail karo. i want to talk with you.

  62. Harsh says:

    i didn\’t understand the little cinematic nuances in the post but broadly agree with most of the views u expressed. You are one of the most talented directors we have along with rajkumar santoshi. I wish u all the best.

  63. Chandradhar says:

    Hi! Ramu,
    Will you comment  on the acting capability of Sharukh khan compared to Amitabh bachchan ? Moreover, will love to
    hear your comments  on the new recruits viz.Harman,Ranbeer and Himesh; to the film industry. Will we see any of them in your gang? If YES, then who would be more convincing for your movies and WHY?

  64. Unknown says:

    That was one hell of an article to lick ass amitji….. not surprised coz after all those debacles of yours, no would anyways give you a chance except Amitji. Poor Chap, i pity him….

  65. Aks says:

    Ram,Hi.The more said about the phenomenon called Amitabh Bachchan, the more we still want to know. Your first hand experience with Mr. Bachchan was worth reading. I mean, I adore Mr. Bachchan. And, to put it mildly, I like your work. I was excited when it was announced that you two will be coming together for Sarkar. And I was excited to read your thoughts on working with him.Of course, you have created magic with him (Sarkar, Sarkar Raj) and , at the same time, given some not-so-magical moments too (Aag, Nishabd). But what the hell – its your film. You make it the way you want to.It was an eye-opener seeing the favorites from your point of view. I mean, how different is a director\’s angle from an audience\’s. Cant help but respect all the filmmakers, even more.Often, when my friends ask me if Mr. Bachchan is the greatest actor around, why didnt he win the last Filmfare best actor award? To which, I reply – "Awards are for humans. Mr. Bachchan is God". Keep making movies. Keep working with Mr. Bachchan even more. And please, keep taking risks.Looking forward to a meeting with you.Love and Hope,Ankit

  66. Unknown says:

    True that Amitjee is a genius and he don’t need any certificate for that but how can you insult parallel cinema actors by saying "most of the so-called art-house actors won’t even begin to understand in their life-time"….actors like Nasir, Om Puri, Mohan Agashey, girish Karnad etc. are as good as Amitjee and there cant be any comparison between them as each of the have their own style and charisma….I am also a big fan of Amitjee but I don’t think that all these other great actors have less talent than him….

  67. Anand says:

    Ram,1) Nishabd 2) Sarkar Raj 3) Sarkar.. All had great expressions (close ups), fabulous adaption to the character.  You have mentioned some scenes as well (Nishabd, Sarkar Raj). Can you let us know some scene in 4) Aag which is equally comparable to the characters portrayed by Amit ji in the above-mentioned movies

  68. vatsala says:

    I can totally relate to your description of AB, for me personally and I think for a lot of people who grew up in the 80\’s n 90\’s AB is cinema personified. I feel the conviction of the roles he essays is so strong that he can make the most feeble of the movies turn alive. And thats precisely the reason I can watch everything from ajooba to jadugar coz the man just can\’t be bad. Although I have neither seen nishabd nor aag, I think I would resonate ur comments on his ability. I find it really lame when people compare him to SRK. There is just no comparison. I remember having seen agnipath and scarface scene by scene and I don\’t think any other actor from the Indian film industry could do what Amitabh did to it…He\’s plain MINDBLOWING !!

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