रण – a NEWS story

I have titled the film I am going to make on the media as रण.
रण means battle. And battle is a fight between large organized forces. In the context of a civil society and its deep complexities, large organized forces (read news channels, political parties and industrial czars) are not just involved in a fight with each other, but more importantly and frighteningly, they are battling a war within themselves and this is especially true of news channels.
If dog bites man, it is not news. But if man bites dog, it is news. And if a cat bites a dog, it’s Breaking News. Getting news is not the easiest thing in the world, so the next best thing obviously would be to make anything and everything appear to be news.
The way the news are presented today are much more entertaining than family soaps and thrillers. What’s worse is that we enjoy this kind presentation so much that we have got addicted to them for our daily dose of fun and drama.
There is the government – a system which runs the country, then there are wealth creators like industrialists etc and then there are politicians in the ruling party and the opposition.
All the above in a democratic society are supposed to be working for the common people and the one and only means of the common people having any idea as to what those are up to is through the media. Hence the media has been invented as a truth telling machinery serving the purpose of the common people so that they know they are in good hands or in case they are told that they are not, they can hope to exercise the power of their vote to bring about a change.
But in a free economy system where there is so much competition the media by default is lost in its purpose.
The Media is a reporting agency. It reports News. NEWS is what is new. New is what you hear for the first time. So to be able to be the first to tell you the various Newspapers and Channels have an intense competition among themselves and this they do on a need to survive, on an ego to be on the top and on a greed to get rich.
To be ahead of competition means more circulation and higher TRPs which in turn generate more and more Ad revenue which will translate into making more and more and more money.
Also the fact that in the process the people who run the media realize their power of influencing the common people inevitably makes them power hungry.
To sum up this film’s intention would be to expose the behind-the-scenes truth of how a truth telling machinery by the very virtue of its positioning has no choice but to corrupt itself to become a money-making and power-brokering enterprise.
Truth is Terrible
                 – Friedrich Neitzsche (Ecce Homo)
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  1. VJ says:

    Instead of making and movie and perching the scribes on top of Bollywood, Ramu can splice a sub-plot or a parallel story in one of his movies and portray them as jokers.Ramu is like Hanuman, he doesn\’t know his reach and power. Why target these pygmies (scribes who take pride in taking on biggies)? Well, he can make a Hollywoodesue movie on scribes in general and put his tormentors as jokers. Kyon?

  2. Unknown says:

    u know what? i would have mistaken you for a journalist if you were not a film maker

  3. VJ says:

    Hi Urmila, ur song of Pinjar in Youtube is mine. Pinjar is a very moving movie. Well made. Director & choreographer Bhushan Lakhandri are top class. http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slJ7_g7GXOM

  4. Unknown says:

    i was curious : how are you going to spell the movie name in english ? 🙂

  5. Anil says:

    First of all …. Film Name is so boring … Ran ( The War ) Please choose different name for the film ..As you told news channels are more entertaining than entertainment channels …I usual watch TV9 for 1 hour … where they will focus more on controversies rather than issues …Most of the people don\’t care about issues … they want some good entertainment …Ansuhka is going to wear bikini … that is big news for TV9 … ( BTW, Book Anushka in your movies and Fuck her … she is damn cute with nice ass ) If you watch TV9 for 2 days … you will get lot of stupid info on news channel …Recently some news channel announced that one film artist person died (while he is hospital) … at that time still he is alive and taking his last breaths … after 1hr … he died …  some people criticized that news channel …Even here in America … news channels clearly biased for politicians and industrialists …Fox News is completely opposite to Obama …News channels controlling what they wanna show … & presenting the news with their own interpretations …Really news media sucks …  Commercializing the news is big flaw…

  6. Anil says:

    I have one question… when everything and every where things sucks … why you wanna point your finger only on news media?Tell me one good thing is doing fair business in this world?Since media is not favor of you … and it is criticizing more junk shit of you .. you wanna take revenge on them .. As far as entertainment concerns … media is far more entertaining than your movies :)- Anil

  7. Anil says:

    In one movie protagonist tells that … ( Movie Being John Malkovich )Consciousness is terrible thing …  Consciousness is not a gift .. it is a curse … Did you see any of "Charlie Kaufman" movies? most of his movies are good and deals with meta physics.

  8. Vijay says:

    U r the only guy who has been critisizing RGV over n over again with zero contribution to the subject ref. either u shut ur F up or leave the blog alone atleast we r saved from reading ur Crap questions and suggestions to RGV about wht film making is all about…jst relax

  9. VJ says:

    VJ,Why the criticism is unacceptable, much less to u? Secondly I wish I cud return the compliment in bigger measure. As 4 the criticism of RGV he\’s not above it. I dont do it for the sake of it. If RGV tells me to effoff then I wud, else u shut the eff up and effoff.

  10. VJ says:

    And btw, I read all of RGV\’s interviews and saw all his videos and guzzled all of RGV\’s media coverage as far as I can remember (since teenage till now). U think I did it bcos I hated RGV? I use to long for a website of his own tho we use to have sites maintained by his fans. Yes, I am bitter he\’s not making films in Telugu but that\’s OK. It\’s his choice. As they say in America, \’if u can\’t stand the heat get outta kitchen\’.

  11. Vijay says:

    Hey VV,
    Chill, don’t get so emotional abt my comments. I jst read thru all the posts that RGV has made here n saw that u have consistently replied everywhere but in a negative tone which pricked me since its not fair to muck him for every mistake he has done in his films. thts all. n seeing at ur frequency i believe u r sitting up in US.
    happy to knw u r his fan too as so m I!
    n keep posting +ve at times

  12. VJ says:

    VJ,I did in the beginning…..RGV\’s my bratha\’s age………if he ever comes to London to promote his film we\’d lift RGV on our shoulders…….that\’s abhimaanam BUT I am not a blind supporter any more………truce called…..g\’nite.

  13. Dinesh says:

    I wanna meet you… how could it possible ?Please Reply…

  14. Suyash says:

    Well…sounds as enticing as Aag !!
    Just a feedback ( you may not be looking for it but still, it is an easy thing for me to do) & with no pretense of intelligence……It is not a happening name. Doesn\’t invoke a sense of curiosity/interest.

  15. Suyash says:

    Well…sounds as enticing as Aag !!
    Just a feedback ( you may not be looking for it but still, it is an easy thing for me to do) & with no pretense of intelligence……It is not a happening name. Doesn\’t invoke a sense of curiosity/interest.

  16. Naveen says:

    ramu, to an extent you are right about the media…..but every profession/field has a good and bad side…i think you are being pessimistic….i maybe wrong though……..hope you acknowledge both sides of the coin in your movie

  17. Narayanan says:

    रण. Between the camera men who are on a run to cover the news first
    One of my close friend who wanted to be a DOP , started his career working under leading DOPs in south , now he is working as a camera man in one of the leading News Channel, he would be very busy traveling.
    I happened to meet few days back and was shocked to see his broken jaw. When enquired the reason , he was hit by an another camera man’s Camera Battery  during a coverage, this is  one kind fighting which normally takes place, at times  the camera men never get to know  who hit them during the coverage .

  18. srinivas rao says:

    Its great that u re taking up this kind of subject. i hope u will project the instances of how media responded to different events. there are certain media which backs up one political party, one actor or actress or film maker, one god man etc. will u be able to boldly project this? will u be able to take the decision as how anurag kashyap done for Black Friday? there should be some elements which are facts though they are controversial. u should also take care some section of media should not against u after the release of the film. the events in the film should look more lively and also they should be dramatised properely to entertain people like satya and company. after all film is all about entertaining people. i know its very diificult to repeat the episodes of Satya and Company but if u dont take care of basic things u will end up with another aag.also the slection of actors. u need atleast two known actors to drag the people to theatres. why dont u try some one like amitabh, ajay devgan or abhishek bachan?i hope u will end making in good movie which will up to our expectations. i wish u all the best. thanks
    srinivas rao vardhineni
    sungard technology services

  19. Vinay says:

    Hi Ram
    Wonderful clarity of thot regarding Runn. How do you put your thots together after you define the ecosystem. Basically the script or the screenplay, how does it flow? Is there a rule to it?
    Lets say when I hear your pre-talks for Phoonk, we come to know that its gonna be on black magic. I keep wondering how the movie will be. When I saw it (yesterday), it turned out to a very simple story and a logical end. Good movie. That new guy is very good.
    Sometimes though I wonder you linger on the faces or overdo the "procedures for black magic" (the lemon, the pooja and stuff) just so to "spend" time or to get an effect.
    So I am wondering about how Runn will be. A good guess will be a journalist joining a media company and well there are no dearth of news to manipulate and the hero and heroine to involve in. But the plot? You said you will demonstrate the underbelly of the media. Will it be something like "the Almighty" by Irving Wallace?

  20. Vinay says:

    Why are some names (on Comments) highlighted in blue and some in black? I thot there wuz some pattern, but there is none.

  21. Brentmeister says:

    1. The name "Runn" sucks . It evokes a very negative , humdrum response.2. Did you Mumbai Meri Jaan ? It has a similar episode.A news channel tries to come up with eyegrabbing stories in unethical ways. I hope you have a fresh 180 degree angle take on the whole "Media is a whore" thing.3. Dont cast Zakir Hussain as the politician :P. Make him a funny media mogul.

  22. Unknown says:

    It would be interesting to see your take on this topic, and how similar or different the treatment is, as compared to what Madhur Bhandarkar would have done. Have you seen \’Wag The Dog\’?

  23. Unknown says:

    Why you want to make this movie?
    1) revenge 2) public awareness or  for money ??
    anywayz i dont have any problem if all three are correct.
    But the problem is u never Acknowledge…
    You never showed underworld, politics in bad light.. (ganda hai par dhanda hai is what you say all the time.)

    Then why media???

  24. Neeta says:

    Oh my Dearest Ram!
    Now why would you pick my favourite topic of discussion at a time when my life is full to the brim -swamped with seminars this wk end!  Okay, please wait till Mon so I can discuss this topic to my hearts content! PLEASE!
    Narendra -LOL – I had a chuckle reading an old post you had addressed to me! I can\’t change my english language any more than I can ask you to change your diet!  In my childhood, I was alway chided about the fact that you lot from India had better volcabulary than us! Go on then, lets bankrupt dictionary.com! What the hell! LOL! Oh, I will try not to cross paths with your nanny who smokes – and also the idea of Oral Fixation and smoking was not mine!!
    Ram, I can\’t wait for this movie of yours – I will return to the topic on Monday! Till then adios – intense wk end ahead of me! Ciao Ram, Ev, Celeste, Sanjay, Narendra and all!
    Have a blast!

  25. E says:

    Hi Sanjay buddy….where have u been..long time…
    the list u provided is great…but not many movies are having critical views on media itself..but rather the protaganists belong to media community trying to assess different different case thru time…i guess Ramu is showing .the dark underbelly of current media..i guess it is also restricted to indian media…if i am not wrong…but hope it will be a spectacular..one!!..eager to know the many shady dealings of this entity which has taken us people for granted….

  26. E says:


  27. Dinesh says:

    How can i contact you please reply….Thanks

  28. Unknown says:

    Am happy that you have decided to start up on with your new venture and i hope this becomes successful. I have collected few links which might be of some use to you, if not please excuse me.Media Ethics and Accountability Systems – Bertrand Claude-Jean(Book)http://psacot.typepad.com/ps_a_column_on_things/journalism-movies.htmlhttp://http://www.ijpc.org/ehrlicharticle.htmI hope the links given will be of some use, else excuse me :-).Regards,Krishna Chaitanya

  29. karthik says:

    News Agencies want to be the first to tell the news -> some megalomaniac wants to be like a demi-god with mind boggling power -> he creates incidents and sells it as news -> i would be really happy if there is not one guy in your movie who is the \’pure evil\’… because then you might end up making a tommorow never dies.
    during the 70s and 80s screen heroes used to protray the characters of journos… printing for a independent newspaper or something. The trend has gone down a bit lately. why do you think is the major reason for this? are the news agencies overdoing their job a bit lately?
    i thought you might have a segment about guys who review movies in this movie… i dont know, maybe a joker named khalid or something. we can add some coccaine addiction and lecherounous to make him a little meaner. but hell if you make a movie about media and dont mention him(who considers himself your arch nemesis) then that would have a bitter effect too.
    Ran is fantastic title. But you have quoted Neitzsche at the start of the movie. It would have a superb effect as it slowly fades in with white alphabets on the black screen (with you usual half disturbing – half chilling background music). Or were you saving a better quote for the movie?
    Will this movie have the protoagonist as a journo? or a victim?
    mafia – political parties – media – law, form a vicious cycle in the present scenario. There have been movies on mafia, politicians and the law through media. Now media is being used to expose media. Can we call this a delayed self-destruction?

  30. Unknown says:

    respected sir,
                 i have four good story for you. I want that you can see them one time.
    b kas this is the very brilliant story. And I think  only you can make a superhit film on
    this matter. please check them one time.
                                                                                 please reaply on here
    thank you,                                                           from

  31. Mohan says:

    Hi Gopal,
    Thats great news, plz give us big hit without any bloodshed….u can do it remember that u have made rangeela, money, anaganaga oka roju .etc.
    Best of luck….mee abimani

  32. Unknown says:

    Hello Sir,Are you suggesting any changes that can better the situation?Please let us know, All the best anyways.Regards,Anand.

  33. Mohan says:

    All the best..Ramu

  34. sandeep says:

    hi rgvget ready for the  critics one more time…they too are a part of that systemCritics are the people who profit from someone\’s mistake.

  35. vamsi says:

    This is how the movie starts:
    the fisrt 5 to 10 minutes will go on to show how media startles the general audience by showing or creating news and this would include all forms of media – print, tv etc. Then the next 30 to 40 mins will go on to show two things – Introduce the protagonist and paralelly introduce the nexus – politician, media, industrialist and how the operation is executed at the ground level and then we have a plot, which I suspect will be an output of the competition in the media… and then how the events unfold after that.
    When you walk out of the theatre, you would be disgusted at the current state of the media.
    I am satisfied with a movie as long as I am not able to guess any part of it, or in other words, it should be beyond imagination. The director has failed if the audience can predict. Sarkar and sarkar raj were excellent that way. The plot was just beyond imagination. Not Phoonk though. Ever since the tantric is introduced into the movie, nothing goes wrong… and you are forced to believe things are under control and the movie ends that way. Why. I dont care what the original version of the novel says… I should stick to the seat for 2.5 hrs period.
    I will tell you whether you beat my expectations or not after seeting this movie.
    and he…. am sure you spent some time to discover how to write in hindi in this blog, but it was worth it. The title would have not sounded crisp if it was written in english… so,, the effort paid off…

  36. Nirax says:

    mumbai meri jaan also dealt with this aspect of the media. a well made movie but essentially pointless. i felt like watching Crash all over again, only that Crash was more pointless. everybody put in very good performances but the movie has no story … like something we all knew … watching the movie makes no difference … if not for the nostalgic song "yeh hai bombay meri jaan" one wud forget the movie within 5 minutes of coming out of the hall.i would eagerly wait for your take on the rumor mongering machine called media.

  37. Anil says:

    how about title "Breaking News"???You are Breaking News ( channels )Every news channel frequently uses this word …  Breaking News …

  38. andhrabond says:

    I heard about this politician who has been a ruling party MP since long time from Andhra. He is a big movie producer too. I think he is no more producing movies these days. What I heard is, he pays the news paper reporters to take the photographs when he is with the big shots or when he is with prime minister and other big leaders and pay them to print on the front page of this news paper. The other thing I heard is he pays a monthly salary to these news paper reporters besides their regular monthly salary from the news paper agency. So both will be happy.
    I don’t know what kind of sensor board works against these TV channels, I don’t see any sensor or fine or penalty on the way the TV channels show news or adult related programs in India. As you say news channels are the most violent and mature rated when they show some of this news. It is so embarrassing some times if a family together watching TV news.

  39. vinay says:

    Hi Ram,
              It\’s really going to be fantastic movie I believe. And as all of we know you have the ability to visualize what you wish….
         And as some of your movies, it is also going to face contraversies(obviously) from critics etc. and the one thing media is in favour with u is….. film publicity….u need not worry about publicilty this time.[:)]
        Really media organisations never bother about how people react to the news and they never try to generate what the motivation really people require.
        A small scene where I felt and saw how the people get fuck up with mesmerisation that news channel creates.It\’s the day when bomb blasts took place in hyderabad (gokul chat) and I was in my friends(Rajesh) home when I saw this news. This news suddenly put up Rajesh mother in tense, who is sitting before us wathing TV. She immediately asked Rajesh to call up Sekhar mavayya(uncle).Sekhar is Rajesh mother\’s brother,I guessed and confirmed it later.Sekhar is regular customer to gokul chat since it is located in the way to his home he used to go there while coming from his office to home.Rajesh mother explained to me in a sort of tense and want to clarify her tension to a very confused person (me) sitting before her in the mean time, when Rajesh trying to connect his uncle\’s mobile.
       His uncle lift the call and gave a safe message, which suddenly gave relief to Rajesh\’s mother and she was relaxed  after talking to his brother.But after few minutes she started thinking of the people who do this and she started feeling sorrow about the people who died in the blast.Then I and Rajesh went out, I was shocked with Rajesh words at that time, he started talking like a society-caring citizen. My shock was just for a while since I gave answer to myself that the question of \’if his uncle was in that incident?\’ might created effect on him and made him talk like that.But,when I went home I observed the same effect with my brother.He too look me like a \’society- caring citizen\’,which these qualities I never before observed with my brother and Rajesh.Then I understood this effect is created by news channel and their presentation bcoz my brother was keenly watching this news and he has no such incident which Rajesh faced. 
      It\’s the first time I really felt the job of media people and their motivation effect.But just after three days I faced a comedy scene when I met Rajesh(society-caring citizen) once again. He come up with a topic of movies on that day, that a superstar movie releasing.Since Rajesh was great fan of that star,he started saying all the information about that movie.He looked to me as if he was canvassing that movie.In the information about the movie he is giving to me, he stated me that it was live telecaste from different theatres from different areas and he said all news channels showing the same live telecast from morning, in the pride to explain the greatness of his favourite star.
     I understood that even this effect was furnished by news channels and their presentation.
    So if media is motivating the people at the time of incidents like bomb blasts etc. and the next day if a superstar movie releases they just divert the peoples mind bcoz of just thinking about their TRP\’s and intension of making money.
       So Ram, I think and felt by reading this blog, that rather than \’Runn\'(Battle) title it will be well suited if u keep it \’Danda\'(Business). Since this all organised forces were battling in business  ….this movie can change the meaning of \’Danda\’ to \’Runn\’ …. and title will create an effect like when any one asks about meaning of \’Danda\’ one will answer it as \’battle\’ rather than \’business\’.  

  40. andhrabond says:


    I really liked that title \’Breaking News\’. Now you made RGV to think about his title. It is so relevant to the subject, unless RGV is trying to make a movie on fight with in or between politics, film industry, and mega industrialists with the help of media. If he is planning for a thriller this title is really superb. He will be lucky if the title is available to him.
    If the title is Breaking News, he doesn’t need to justify anything in the movie. If it is ‘RUNN’ he has to build lots of drama in the movie. Hhmmmm…the other thing is ‘Breaking News’ gives some what comic touch in it. May be he wants to avoid that because may be he wants to make a very intense, serious movie out of it.
    Titles like ‘Breaking News’ already start the movie from the title itself. It gives an excellent boost to the movie. So that movie doesn’t need any introduction. All you have to make sure is you have enough thrilling material so that as soon as the movie starts and keep the audience busy by making them to think what is going to happen next.
    Since we started giving him suggestions that what kind of title he has to put in for his movies . I am sure he won’t reveal his next titles in the BLOG.

  41. Unknown says:

    Im impressed wid ur new venture, i guess you wud make this movie on \’Media" enthralling visually. 
    But my honest question is why is that you envisaged your subject on here, i guess its mere publicity or its something that you got carried away wid this blog thingy…
    Honest suggestion…keep ur ideas to urself untill its finalised or u might loose interest in the mid way and chances of u getting out of ideas is quiet inevitable. I like you more as a filmaker than a critic..u seem to be behaving rather a critic wid ur blog.
    ur well wisher

  42. Unknown says:

    hi brother! how are you?

  43. Unknown says:

    nee potti —

  44. SUNIL LEE says:

    hi sir. hope you remember me and read my previous comments,the story is nice, but you can also give clue to media that still they can be better without getting into this trap of money.
    the concept what u r telling is known by most of educated society, we should also able to suggest possible solutions. there is way out. you should also read about karl marx , he told the future of capitalism and industrilisation and globalisation,the pity is movie making and selling the movie also fall in the same process of industry, and we call it as film industry haina,madhur bandarkar using his skills to show some thing in his movies.whats happening in society can be seen, do not make it as entertainment instead provoke thoughts of solutions. if there is problem and there will be an solution.how, why. when, can u script it. may be i can give some clues if required.

  45. Suyash says:

    "Runn" doesn\’t really invoke curiousity or relates the word to media – maybe "Runnneeti" which means strategy is a better title. That\’s the word reporters use ad nauseum !!!
    Of course this is unsolicited advise – but maybe you look forward to it, if only to laugh at it. :P:P

  46. Neeta says:

    Oh I do wish I had more time – this topic is my absolute pet peeve! But your last paragraph pretty well sums it all! I am glad you are going to make a movie on this – people need to realise that all they read in the media is not gospel truth – in fact anything that is sensational  and will sell – makes it in the news! And the control by Politicians and Corporations is another major problem – It is amazing that the democratic countries that pride themselves as "Democratic" are probably the worst hypocrites in the world! Alas, I have to run!
    Ram,  Greetings to you, Celeste, Ev, Sanjay, Narendra and all!

  47. Trimex says:

    The morons in media did not wake up. Or they would have made news item something like this :
    RGV is just like his secret love – Karan Johar
    Xyz News Service, by  Sabash Jhashua
    Bollywood\’s maveric film director, the maker of a horrenduous film like Aag ( actually pretentiously sounding title Ram Gopal Varma\’s AAG, the ultimate tormentor of people) – Ramu aka RGV has a similarity in atleast one issue with his bete noir Karan Johar. Bangalore\’s high tech software firm D-Company\’s CTO Ranahith Ahlaoda unveiled a Data Mining Application which is capable of doing Market Basket Analysis.
    In a press conference Ranahith explained thre resultsd of tests done on data related to RGV and KJ.The software application revealed the fact that Karan Johar names most of his films with the letter "K". Which is evidently true. While running the data of Ram Gopal Varma, the software suffered a minor  set back which was identified as a glitch. However, after Engineers put in some world class erculean efforts, the final results were out.
    The newly developed software analyzed Ramu\’s movie naming conventions and found a pattern. Most of the names had only two phonetic letters when pronunced in Indian Languages.
    Shiva, Raath, Booth, Satya, Drohi, GaaYam, Money, DauD, KauN, Naach, James, PhoonK. It predicted the possibility of continuing similar trend by both these directors.  Mr. Jandhyala Harisankara Panduranga Sreeenivasa Venkatesh , chief architect of the system, who is popularly known as JHSPRS Venkatesh, analysed the trends and interpreted the similarity to a probable superstitious nature of these two human beings.
    Inside sources in the [internet] industry believe that Ramu\’s next directorial venture may be a movie named "RaNa"! Looks like Ranahith and JHSPRS Venkatesh\’s team has created a rocking software whose predictions might have a lot of use in Bollywood.
    So there is a Karmioc Connection between Ram Gopal varma and Karan Johar.

  48. Abhishek says:

    Kya hoga RGV Ka Ran?Kya RGV apna jyadoo dikhaenge?Kya Ran is desh mein aatank macha dega?Kaunse News Channel ki chaddi utar jaayegi?Iska Jawab….Break ke baad…RGV Ki Reactions mein..Dekhte Rahiye RGV ki Blog

  49. Arun says:

    Why are most of your male protagonists always Atheists ? Why do all your heroines have such terrific bodies ?I think you only make movies you like, the audience is secondary. Not that this is a bad thing,it just shows the kind of power you have attained because of you Will. I know you hate being praised, and trust me, I am not ! I hope "Ram Gopal Verma Ka Runn" turns out the way you want it to. Hehe do you like this tittle ??

  50. krishna says:

    great idea guru..
    screw the media royaly..

  51. Unknown says:

    Ramu, The title is cool and Apt for the movie. Keep your promise by screwing the media guys badly and do not forget about adding your witty humour. I love it.. LOL. This movie would be a lesson for crappy channels like Aaj tak aka Head Lines Today and TV9 in telugu.

  52. pradeep says:

      The title is very enticing , look forward to it. May I ask why not NEWS as the title, I feel it might attract a global wider audience.
    Pradeep L

  53. Trimex says:

    Ramu,Did you watch "Salim Langda pe math ro" , an NFDC film directed by Saeed Mirza for… Safdar Hashmi? Your dark films remind me of it… mood, taking, etc.,

  54. Unknown says:

    Well Varma! The title is okay. As you are taking on the Media , one needs infinite courage to do that. Many cowards (read a** lickers) do not have the courage to expose the brutality and irrationality behind the walls of the newsrooms. I hope you are courageous enough to rip apart the illogical journalism. I mean it\’s not my wish to see only the bad aspects of the media, I just want to see your product (i.e your movie ) conveying Truth.                                                                        Truth requires Courage                                                                                        – me

  55. Trimex says:

    Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro(Dont cry for lame salim)What an amazing movie.RGV Fans, dont miss this.RGV, what kind of effect did this have on you, if you ever watched it?http://parallelcinema.blogspot.com/2005/08/salim-langde-pe-mat-rodont-cry-for.html

  56. Unknown says:

    Oops!  I forget to add a thing. (It\’s not that you will read it , it\’s just that I wanted to add) One doesn\’t require extra courage to ridicule Superstitions that are being aired now and then, but one needs that extra bravery to analyze and rape  (sorry for this word, though astoundingly derogatory , nevertheless  I\’m using it )   those so called \’intellects\’ – Editors, the beautiful news anchors – and heartless, brainless ethics that run them.                   Of course in the end, Quality of your idea and product is the only thing that matters.

  57. Dinesh says:

    Ab teri film koi dekhaga tab naa,,, BE fail Black monkey….

  58. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

          Pls  post an article about 24crafts of a movie.
     want to know from u

  59. Unknown says:

    I watched the movie Phoonk, It was a good movie but not scary……i like one scene where the tantrik comes to the hospital to see the kid where Science and the Belief  come face to face……..i guess that tantrik will do some black magic there infront of the doctor and science beleave that there is something called black magic……..but u never did that…..n at the end u have kept the science and the beleif same as the film started.I want to ask some questions……we know that the movie is made with refernce to the famous Telugu Novel…"Tulasi Dalam"….1) How much home work have u done for it ?2) I heard that the climax of the telugu movie "Raksh" was more realistic than phoonk……..why did u and vamsi wanted to make different….?3) Why do u want to make "Rakta Charitra" ?

  60. sha says:

    Hi,Sir I am an actor please give me a break in your movie.I have been in mumbai for years but hv nt got a single chance in movies.people say u r a good actor but does not give me break.Regds

  61. tarak says:

    Hello Dear, I have Mind-blowing ideas for horror movie so i want to contact you send me your contact detail.

  62. Unknown says:

    Sounds good. Now, let\’s hope it doesn\’t lose anything between the idea and the execution!

  63. Unknown says:

    Media Person: "PLEASE SAY SOMETHING CONTROVERSIAL"It might give you an idea for a scene…Media in City:http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=sLi7liCC_zsMedia in Small Towns and Villages:http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=gvpl0qvTVlA&feature=related

  64. Siddharth says:

    Ramu Ji
    I likes your movies too much. I want that the team working with your company must be properly trained and have a good management system in place. I am the person having expertise in consulting Industries on maiantaing good management based system. If you will give me an opprtunity to work with you then this will be great for me and i assure you that this will also make the diffrence on the quality of the Movie made by you.
    If you want to know about types of benefit you will get then i can send you one presentation over it.

  65. Unknown says:

    All the best Mr. verma for ur project seems to be very promising ,will be waiting for it. 

  66. Kiran says:

    Ramu, if a doctor tells you that you have only 2 months to live and there is absolutely no chance to live more than that, how do you spend those two months? (I hope you will give a serious reply instead of a witty remark)

  67. sha says:

    Sir, I am a good actor. Want to work with you plz give me a chance.Regd,

  68. Unknown says:

    but make sure that people dont " RUN "!!!!!

  69. Laila says:

    Please view my article about my short film:-

  70. Unknown says:

    You are wrong about saying cat biting dog is a breaking news. These days even cat/dog/celebrity taking a piss/shit can also be breaking news. You just need the packaging (music,editing and of course the exaggerated voice overs).

  71. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu.
    I\’m not sure if this is true but in certain cases the scripts that you are choosing are not well developed. For this reason, all the good effort you put into direction goes unrecognized(?)/wasted.

    In some of your films, a lot of substance has been packed into the story in terms of: a variety of incidents, character sketch, showing various facets of the character under a variety of situations. Examples: Shiva, Company, Satya, Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Rangeela.
    It is like the journalists interviewing you to know your opinion or stand on various issues. They do it because they know the audience wants to know it. Likewise, you are now like a journalist interviewing your characters by putting them in situations and finding out what their stand is. That is an effective way to show the characters(?). You have done this in all the above films. Now, other examples:
    Nishabd – although the characters are well developed, not many incidents have been packed.
    Jungle – You wanted to show Fardeen as a regular city guy. Fine. When he is driven to a point where he has to fight Sushant, I should feel it inspiring and not unrealistic. How do you do that?
    Same with Venkatesh in Kshana Kshanam.
    I guess an aura or a special quality has to be built around/into the hero or even villain? I don\’t know. Example where you actually did this: Bhavani (Shiva), Zakir Hussain (Sarkar), Gabbar (Sholay), Mallik (Company).
    I know this is what a lot of directors like Raghavendra Rao or Raja Mouli do and go overboard. But if you don\’t go overboard,  I as a spectator will enjoy such situations/characters even it is a villain. I is the operative word.
    Naach – Riteish had better characterization than Abhishek. That may be how the story is. Fine. Then why Abhishek in that role? Underplaying is one thing but undermining (star value in this case) is another thing. The disparity in star value of Riteish and Abhishek was a bit too much to underplay Abhishek\’s character. Probably another budding star of that time would have rendered balance to Abhishek\’s character. 
    Rangeela – Jackie\’s character could have been defined better to bring weight to the story. His getting impressed with Urmila practicing dance at the beach and giving her a break was I felt a bit commonplace. Instead let us say you show why he finds many girls boring and that little something that he sees missing and he finds it in Urmila..? I don\’t know. 
    Thanks in advance for reading.. 🙂

  72. Unknown says:

    Can you make a Hit film titled "Flop"?

  73. tarak says:

    “chance…..” Story of 1 risky man who don’t leave any chance.  he want to achieve target anyhow.
    is end of story.  Contact me for
    more on my id.  Give me one chance if you want to take risk.

  74. VijayDirects says:

    Hello Varma garu,         Sometimes I feel POV (point of view) approach really works well. \’Schindler\’s List\’ is one good example. The Nazi brutalities against Jews have been shown in the context of a greedy Nazi businessman\’s story. The beauty is that Schindler\’s character starts negatively and transforms into something positive/philanthropic. Had Schindler been a good guy from the start (he cannot, because it is a true story), it would not have been as effective. Something similar to Chandu\’s character in \’Company\’. \’Hotel Rwanda\’ also used the same concept I guess. Mani Ratnam also used the concept on Bombay Riots in \’Bombay\’ in the context of a humble lovestory. He did a similar thing in Roja against the backdrop of Kashmir militancy. Anurag Kashyap did it with \’Black Friday\’.         Certain issues/topics are so vast that it serves well to take a POV approach. In other words, just reining-in the outburst and channelling it thru a means that will connect well with audience.  The disadvantage is that you could end up saying a lot less than you intend to. Even subjects like underworld cannot be fully dealt with POV approach. That is the reason \’Satya\’ (POV approach) failed to satisfy your goal of making all the points you wanted to make. You had to make another full blown movie \’Company\’.          I personally was not satisfied with the points made on the central theme in Bombay and Roja. The problem is that Mani always chose lovestory as the backdrop – could be out of commercial compulsions or his own inclination towards romance. However, if a proper POV subject is chosen, I believe many points can be satisfactorily made. If not you can always go for a sequel (LOL). An advantage with this POV approach is that it sub-conciously sets low expectations for the audience. They will not expect the whole world.
    Thanks in advance for reading.. 🙂

  75. Murali says:

    RGV,How do you handle monotony? Did you ever fell that you were in such state?

  76. sridhar reddy says:

    Goog Luck

  77. Yashasvi says:

    After reading your  " I love the hate"  article i almost fell in love with you, you are intelligent indeed
    what i have learnt in the business of creativity is that any form of art we express the nine rasa\’s human emotions
    EMPATHY or karuna being the most favourite one among artist of any discipline. and you portray all rasas with intellegent subtilities. ( Pure facts , no praise i hope you wont mind fans with brains)

  78. tarak says:

    movie ke nam pe gito ke mele achi movie yaha banti kaashhum bhi banaenge dusari shole bas ek moke ki hai talaashgive me one chance

  79. siddhartha says:

    Did you watch the movie Anthima theerpu. Barring a few flaws the movie was well ahead of time.Runn seems to be inspired by this.

  80. Srinath says:

    Truth is Terrible.. :)All the very best for the Battle, Sir..

  81. Unknown says:

    Who on earth has the patience and money to finance RGV\’s projects? Financiers and producers.. Take charge now… This man will ruin you becoz of the senseless movies made by him. RGV is just a name at the end of the day…. A collective effort from all you producers and financiers out there should teach this guy a lesson.. What say …

  82. gopal says:

    Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

  83. Unknown says:

    hi …
    m a filmmaker…have made a film …due for release soon…check out the promos please…
    see u at the top!

  84. Unknown says:

    Good title
    and Good premise
       I hope it becomes as classy as Kurusowa\’s Ran…which ofcourse is derived from same meaning ( i am sure you must have seen it )
     The world may hate you …. and even I myself not liking your movies… somewhere i believe that you will excel again , because if I pass you off as a loser , I myself will be one.

  85. Uday says:

    I think its a great choice of subject. Would be interesting to see you portray media\’s  changed role – from reporting news to making and "breaking" news.

  86. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu
    I like your style of film making.My favourite RGV films are Satya, Company, Nishabdh and  Sarkaar Very excited to learn about your new venture with Amitabh-Rann. The title sounds good.When will the movie go on floors? Wish you all the very best . Here\’s hoping Rann  ould be a superduper hit!!
    I am sure Madhur Bhandarkar would be keen to direct a subject like Rann…when I read the basic premise, the first person who came to mind was Madhur Bhandarker.
    Btes wishes and regards

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