My reactions to reactions

1. You are a sociopath on the loose.
Ans: You can also add psychopath to that.
2. What would have Satya done if Bhau asked them to come to his house?
Ans: When I die and go up I will ask Satya and let you know.
3. People who take you words seriously should get their heads examined.
Ans: I want to kiss you.
4. You are suffering with a Antisocial Personality Disorder.
Ans: Ok doc.
5. My mother says that you are half mad.
Ans: And my mother says that your mother is full mad.
6. I find songs distracting in a movie.
Ans: If the songs feature nice legs, heaving bosoms, slim waists and voluptuous butts I many times find the story distracting.
7. Can a book change the reader?
Ans: No. But a reader can shut it.
8. Can you publish the article you have written “The ideas that killed 30 million people”?
Ans: I don’t have a copy as I wrote it 20 years ago. But I will quote a few passages from it.
The start of the article:
Although the Ideas that nourished the intellectual roots of Adolf Hitler can be traced back to many a megalomaniacal thought that poured out from a few German minds of the 19th Century not other man’s thoughts have contributed so much to the barbaric part of the Nazi mind as those of the philosopher Fredrich Nietzsche.
The essence of the article:
I quoted from Nietzsche’s “The natural history of morals”.
“The strong men, the masters regain the pure conscience of a beast. They return from a fearful succession of arson, rape, torture and murder with the same joy in their hearts and the same contentment in their souls as if they have indulged in a harmless students rag. When a man is a master by nature and violent by gesture, of what importance are treaties to him?”
My writing in the article under  the above quote:
These words uttered by the most terrible man that has even existed on the face of the earth as Nietzsche described himself in his autobiography “ecce homo” had a profound impact on the shaping up of the mind of Hitler and host of lesser Nazis and in time they would justify such ruthless deeds as the breaching of the Versailles treaty, the violation of the Hague Convention, the killing of his own followers in the blood purge of June 1934 and the senseless massacre of millions in the IInd World War and the brutal torture of Jews in Auschwitz and other such concentration camps”.
The end of the article:
All things said and done no one can blame Hitler for surprising the world with his doings because he bared each and every intention of his, years before he was given the power to do them. Any reader of his autobiography “Mein Kampf” will have no doubts about that.
9. What compels you to do something that you did not believe in?
Ans: A little bit of not being sure and lots of dumbness.
10. Why don’t you shoot ur movie and watch it yourself?
Ans: Why don’t you write your comment and read it yourself?
11. If you are so selfish can you make a movie without cameraman, assist. Director, choreographer etc?
Ans: If you are so charitable why don’t you give away your pen, internet and your brain and then try to communicate?
12. Creativity should not fill your head. Give some space for humanity in your grey cells.
Ans: Pompousness should not fill your head. Give some space for creativity in your grey cells although I suspect you have none.
13. Satya and Company are highly superior films. We believe in your genius inspite of Aag.
Ans: Hello. Hello. Hello… if there is one thing I am scared of more than my haters it’s well-wishers and patronisers like you. That’s because I can so easily fall a victim to your kind of breed as you guys create a false sense of security. I beg you and plead to you and request you to chill and see my movies and read my blog if you feel like it or don’t if you don’t feel like.
I don’t need anybody to tell me how good or how bad I am. If you praise me beyond what I think of my worth is, I will think you are a fool and if you praise me below what I think my worth is also I will think you are fool. Nobody knows me beyond I, me and myself.
Oh my haters! I plead you all to come save me, a self-obsessed megalomaniacal fuck-all filmmaker from the love of my well-wishers and patronisers.
P.S: I think I have overdone this but what the hell. I was just in the mood Vaishak 🙂
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72 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Chandrakanth says:

    once again you rock ramu!!! By the way, plz write something about your movies like nishabd and gaayam too along with your reactions!!!

  2. VJ says:

    Ramu,I saw MIRRORS & it\’s very close to ur way of taking. However the story line is a bit diff but the mode of terrorising audiences is similar to urs. I had to look at the audience very often if they disappeared or not (from Raatri).That way u can make aarangetram in Hollywood. I don\’t know what stops u (I read u r going do a horror flick in Hollywood)?

  3. Unknown says:

    We understand that you are a master of sarcasm. It is starting to get boring. ( please don\’t reply asking me stop reading your blog in your style).

  4. Sandeep says:

    Boring!! Again!

  5. Anil says:

    Coooool machha !!!What happened to you? You are not spending much time on blog.Are you busy? or Bored with dumb idiotic questions and suggestions?After your suggestion, I start reading MAD magazine. It is good. I think your typical answers are greatly inspired by MAD magazine content.I love you and hate you … But I will not ignore you :)- Anil KumarPS: I also started answering like you to my friends. But I don\’t want to be predictable.

  6. vaishak says:

    he he he…..You killed me verbally….but you know something, i am laughing literally sitting in this browsing centre….You are telling that  i shouldn\’t praise you…..but i will praise people whom i like and respect. I have my own reasons to tell that Satya and company are highly superior films and i am thanking you so much for considering my request to publish your article.You have written it in your 20\’s and you are posing like a ignorant man which is absolutely a lie. I really wish if the original article could have been saved. I found one more thing. The lines from "\’The essence of the article" are the foundation of Malik\’s characterisation in "company"…to an extend…
    You deserved those praises i have made. may be you wrote this kind of reply because i have written that Satya and Company are more superior to mani\’s films. I said it because,
    1. In roja, roja comes to jail and she wants to see the terrorist. He comes and she talks in tamil about what is justice and what is injustice. She explains why her husband is innocent and why this terrorist is not. This terrorist can\’t understand her language. After a few minutes of listening to her gospel, this man burst out of anger and shouting because he didn\’t understand a word what she told him…ha ha ha…..It\’s a comedy…i laughed when i watch that…The scene was taken very seriously….according to my perception,Mani sir\’ s point was \’telling the reasons of "why a terrorist is somebody who deserve to be hated\’. But in total, it was not shaped that great. I can\’t find even one scene like this from company and satya.
    2.In iruvar, The political conflicts of two protagonist characters is not portrayed to a very much believable extend.
    3.Guru, i am not convinced by the way they portrayed how gurukanth become a big shot in a few years…it sounds so easy in this film….In this big bad world, how can a person who is not such a great force can survive and outfight giants….?
    4.Nayagan is a great film. India\’s entry in Times 100 films. It\’s a great film, but somewhere it shows it is a film, actually. i will put down those details, but sorry,not now. I am convinced and shaken by the harsh reality you portrayed on screen in satya. In my opinion, satya is great than Nayagan.This is my perception.
    5.Kannathil muthamittal. Once more great film making but some soap cliche scenes in the beginning.
    6. Anjali. intelligence. But mostly focused in style more than content and goes out of track here and there.i challenge anybody to point out one scene which went flat in \’Company\’…I know nobody can.
    7.Aayitha ezhuthu, my favourite film of manirathnam sir. very stylish. Very modern but mani\’s bad men are very stylishly designed that they didn\’t convey much cruelty. In company ramu only shows malik\’s verbal operation. But we feel his cruelty.There is a scope for audience\’s sub conscious to imagine.When that person pleads him that don\’t kill his brother but kill him, malik agrees and kills both of them. I couldn\’t see that in Aayitha ezhuthu.
    8.mounaragam. brilliant love story. But what to say…No…No…again it didn\’t reach there where those two RGV films reached…
    These are my observation…and i am ready to argue,fight with anybody to prove that satya and company are far superior films. Cricketers say,\’ that ball\’s line and length is perfect". This is what i felt about Satya and company…….
    ……..Thanks….With love…..vaishak…..

  7. Arun says:

    The crows of Phoonk look healthier and cleaner than the crows of Mumbai.

  8. Arun says:

    Who was bathing them and sharing lunches with them ??

  9. Arun says:

    If I was Gunga in Contract, and if Spice Girl was my wife, I would wish to put sellotape around her mouth or hot oil in my ears. How do you come up with characters like that ? I thought you liked girls with sexy bums. And here you see this satara-girl living on a boat with an overconfident fool-of-a-goon, making a village out of her boat ! Where did you lift this idea from ??

  10. Anil says:

    Best Q&As6. I find songs distracting in a movie.Ans: If the songs feature nice legs, heaving bosoms, slim waists and voluptuous butts I many times find the story distracting.10. Why don’t you shoot ur movie and watch it yourself? Ans: Why don’t you write your comment and read it yourself?

  11. vinay says:

     Hi Ram,
               Today\’s ur blog dinner was really good, n varma\’s kurma of answers….really tastefull.
     I\’ll never miss ur interviews in T.V\’s , since I watch it allways for ur strong answers, but u never get emotional by answering any type of questions.I want to see u feel tense or anger..but this time I\’m little bit satisfied since I saw u go tempered in ur answers…too scary..Mr.Horrifying… hahaa

  12. Smita says:

    Hehehehe.  Ramuji, you made me laugh today, despite your choice of bad words.  I think I will soon become imune to the "bad" words :-).  Thanks for making us think!  BTW, how is Amitabh Uncle?  Have you visited?  Do visit him if you can…. just saddened without his brilliance.  He is a support for me and I hope he is well.  Maybe you can convince him to work less and pay more attention just to relaxation?  Anyway, take care.  Missing India so much.  Where do you live?  In Mumbai?  Sorry for not knowing much about you… I only read what I can bear to read in your blog :-).  Actually, some of the stories you put up about how you became a filmmaker etc. were rather amazing.   Such genius and cunningness — I dread to think if I have to do the same to succeed — could I?  Dare I?  And some were well – um — harder to read — the personal sad stories you put up etc..     Okay, again take care.

  13. Niranjan says:

    11. If you are so selfish can you make a movie without cameraman, assist. Director, choreographer etc? Ans: If you are so charitable why don’t you give away your pen, internet and your brain and then try to communicate?
    5. My mother says that you are half mad.Ans: And my mother says that your mother is full mad.Above  2 were good according to me,

  14. Niranjan says:

    I have a question, Like have you ever visited the place "Thakurwadi" , Or when amitabh goes to thakurwadi, was the shoot really taken therei don\’t think so, as i recently visited thakurwadi, it\’a place on the Mumbai-pune express highway road, before panvel. I was very excited to go there because , i wanted to see if this place actually has any place to build a Power plant. I actually went there to trek kalavanti durg, but from what i have seen, you will see a whole lot of mountains with a village having not more than 50 houses

  15. sha says:

    Sir, make a movie on me.Regds,

  16. Unknown says:

    RamuDon\’t bother. We will rescue you from those idiotic fans, well-wishers and patronizers.You are the most egotistical, paranoid , demented, arrogant, anti-social, inhuman and a little talented person ever  to be born on the face of the planet. If Hitler was still alive he would have used your movies as a mode of killing Jews than going through the hassles of building gas chambers. I hope you feel better now :)P.S: I loved Aag (atleast some parts of it).

  17. Siva Rama Kumar says:

    Ramu, everybody makes hit and flop movies. I wished it stopped at that in your case.
    You make brilliant and utterly bad movies! Mani on the other hand hasn\’t made a single
    bad movie.
    Rest assured, I will never ever watch a movie made/directed by you without reading a good
    2 or 3 reviews of it! You have lost the respect that it takes for viewers like me to go and watch
    movies just based on the strength of a movie maker\’s name. I used to think earlier, how bad can
    a Ramu\’s movie be? Even his really bad ones go to be better than the usual run of the mill stuff!
    That is a distant memory now.. I don\’t want to pick up a DVD from the store if it has Varma on it!
    Strangley, I am still your fan and I know you can make brilliant movies…I am willing to wait for one
    which I will find out through reviews of others than taking a chance to find out myself. You probably
    don\’t care if I didn\’t watch…and there in lies your recipe for making even more disasters 🙂
    You make movies because you have some "ideas" (one line concepts) and people gullible enough to
    invest money to help you realize them into half baked products which people keep ignoring Friday after
    Friday. The more movies you make like that, the less money keeps coming in, movies get that much more
    worse and this loop continues. A bhooth and a phoonk comes by in between which falsefully reinstate your
    misplaced faith in the path you are following and the loop shows no signs of breaking!
    Time out!

  18. Arun says:

    My neighbour says the underworld gives you money to make films on them and glorify their lives.PS: He\’s doesn\’t admit but he\’s a huge fan of your so called underworld movies and watches them everytime they come on T.V. What wierdos you find in Mumbai man, they don\’t even understand their own pysches !

  19. Unknown says:

    Oh my RGV ! U r one of the stupidest brains in India with stupid thoughts which come from a stupid fantasy world of urs and u make such stupid films and write stupid blogs and give stupid reactions. I wonder how this stupid people like u and patronize u.with lot of hate……..ur stupid hater….wait for more hartedness……… 

  20. VJ says:

    Ramu\’s interview on Raktha Charitra.

  21. VJ says:

    The way he xplained in Part II is really fascinating. If Ramu is not directing I dont know how they\’re goin to picturise the characters. He\’s a mind reader. No doubt he brought in realism in our movies (Hindi incl). That\’s his USP.

  22. Neeta says:

    Hello Ram, Celeste, Ev, Sanjay and all..
    LOL!!  As always, Stupendous Answers to some of the Daft questions! It would be truly interesting to read the full article if you still have it! i.e. ( “The ideas that killed 30 million people”? ) Was this part of your university requirement? Seems like a well researched topic! Obviously, you have certainly done your homework on what makes men like Hitler and the Mafiosa tick in the real world – and there is \’an element of truth\’ in your movies. My pet peeve is the American media; despite Democracy, there is no newspaper in the U.S.,  that will write the news "as is". The media is so controlled, hence it is always good to see radicals like Michael Moore and yourself give the world a different perspective on reality.I wonder if your media in India is just as corrupt? ( i.e. Money talks!)
    I read a very interesting article by AB senior, that co-relates your mutual feelings on how we humans are influenced by various people/factors within our microworld. Hence in your movie Company, one can see how an ommision of a pertinent piece of information can change a whole scenario! (i.e.drove a wedge between two people who had faith in each other) And this can be gleaned in our daily lives as well, relationships misconstued due to the stupidest of misunderstanding, and of course Ego does not help any!
    Your views on News Media in India – per favore?

  23. Neeta says:

    Opps – Misconstrued – butter fingers!

  24. Unknown says:

    One who tries to make fools of others becomes a big fool someday. When are you due ?

  25. Kiran says:

    Ramu, I have seen many reviews of Aag both from the readers of your blog and from reviewers on various blog sites. What bugged me the most about this movie is not that it was good or bad. What bothered me the most was that it was boring. I was indifferent to the movie after I was done watching it. Sadly, thats what I had to say about Sarkar Raj too, for most part. Now this is obviously just my interpretation of the movie as there are millions others, but I just had to let you know (hey! it doesnt cost me a penny to write it down!). I know that you say you believe in each of your actors when you sign them up. But I find it hard to believe that actors like the hero in James and the guy who plays Raj in Aag convinced anyone of their acting skills. The scene in Aag where this guy and Sushmita go to talk about Ajay Devgan and Nisha Kothari\’s marriage is such a sham! It would have worked if Sushmita\’s and this guy\’s characters had the serious depth. It would have worked if this guy had a more serious outlook. It would have worked if the dialogues didnt look as forced. It would have worked ONLY if all of these had fallen in place. This is just one of the examples I can think of. Mohanlal looked jaded throughout the movie (not in the way that it interests me). No one had the energy or the excitement to match Amitabh in this movie. I felt sorry for Sushant that he had to look so cool and capable of pulling off a better role. Yet, he had to be restricted to what an ape could have done. The scene where Raj is calling out to Heero to not come and save him is pathetic! Its pathetic because this guy doesnt have the charisma to pull it off. He doesnt even have good enough diction to pull off this role. I am not your hater, at least not yet. I really hope that your best is yet to come. I get saddened when people still say that Satya and Company are your best movies. Worse when they say Shiva is your best movie. All of these movies were excellent for their times. I was happy when I saw more experiments from you (like Kaun, or Darna Mana/Zaroori Hai). I am glad that Ram Gopal Varma experimented with the medium. Thats the only thing I was glad about, when I heard about Aag too. Sadly Sarkar Raj is just too safe a bet for you. I can imagine you doing this while you are half-asleep now. The same goes with Phoonk too. I guess its because eventually people have to make money off your movies to invest in more. However, I hope I can see RGV with more energy and more guts to experiment.

  26. Unknown says:

    What influences a director\’s decision to cast a particular actor for a particular role? Also can th e proximity of the director to a partcular actor affect his decision of casting?

  27. E says:

    Hi RGV,
    I don’t need anybody to tell me how good or how bad I am. If you praise me beyond what I think of my worth is, I will think you are a fool and if you praise me below what I think my worth is also I will think you are fool. Nobody knows me beyond I, me and myself.
    Bravo man!!..The statement tells a lot about you…that sums up you… free you are!!! A lot of people define themselves by the opinions provided by others…they never look into themselves directly….infact they are empty deep inside…if someone praises..they are happy..if someone critizes they are unhappy….with no idividuality of their own….they are not at all centered and integrated…hotch-potch phenomenon….they are living like "personalities"…a facade and pretentitious to the core…
    You got ticked RGV this time for some of the comments here…or I am imagining things…whatever it is…certainly your tone is different this time…..

  28. Unknown says:

    Maaf karna Ramu Bhai, your answers and reactions are similar to the way the actress Rekha answers.  One was just published today(Oct-14) in Bangalore times. You could easily take her out and replace you.No one would find any difference. Please kuch accha kahani sunao.

  29. Naveen says:

    —-The end of the article:All things said and done no one can blame Hitler for surprising the world with his doings because he bared each and every intention of his, years before he was given the power to do them. Any reader of his autobiography “Mein Kampf” will have no doubts about that. —-
    does it really matter whether hitler surprised the world or not……or whether he bared his intentions or not………he was a pathetic psycho ..the world ever saw

  30. alluri venkata says:

    Do u ever use back space when u type in this blog????…especially the reaction to the reactions???

  31. vaishak says:

    Sir, I have explained my reasons for choosing \’Satya\’ and \’Company\’ over all of mani\’s films,in the previous page of this comment part . But i think something more should be added.
    Mani sir\’s films are stylishly designed. SOmetimes the design overrule the content. \’Anjali\’ is the example. Cinematography is like a work for a science fiction. Film noir is there. Except Raghuvaran\’s performance, there is no subtle performance. Revathi shouts and jumps. We feel great about the movie when we watch it.But after one day, when we try to remember the scenes in the movie, it looks like comedy. This is what i felt. Especially revathi\’s character\’s actions. Reavthi is a very good actress and the problem is not hers but the person who directed it.Ramu says he don\’t like emotional displays. \’Anjali\’ is full of excessive emotional displays. \’ANjali\’ is a very good film. But please remember, i am comparing it to \’satya\’ and \’company\’, i need perfect line and length in this cricket ball.
    I was emotionally attatched to every character in \’satya\’ even none of them show this excessive emotional display. \’Satya\’ left me thinking two days about \’why satya went to vidya\’s house..?…why he is killed ….Satya could have listened to kallu mama\’s words, so they could have escaped….Why vidya even didn\’t open the door.."….These kind of things, i am thinking in my mind so childishly and became literrally sad and i forgot that it was a movie. This is called \’great film making" and i use to watch that \’ganesh scene where satya kills the politician Bhau\’, something like an epic…I watch it every time and think like Frank patengali of \’The godfather 2\’ like \’It was like a roman empire [bhiku\’s gang]…They all were like a family, Protects each other,love each other and they rate that trust and love more than money…Thats why satya is an \’Epic\’…
    I watched satya when i was 16 or 17 years old in a theatre named \’Saritha\’ at kannur,most northern part of kerala. I went for this movie with my freinds and from posters we came to this stupid prejudice conclusion that this is another silly underworld film. But there was no movies other than \’satya\’ in theatres at that time [ we have watched all the others]. and after all it is Ram gopal Varma movie [we became RGV fans after \’Rangeela. I happened to watch \’Shiva\’ after I ve seen \’rangeela".I didn\’t see \’rangeela\’ in its releasing time beacuse i was in 7th.Then i watched it when it re-released in a theatre after 4 years when i am doing my plus 1.There i happened to meet people who have come there like they have come for a \’pilgrimage\’ and they were singing the songs before they started on the screen and slowly i came to know \’what is rangeela effect\’. But before i watch the movie,i ve seen its song scene in DD programme \’Ek se badkar Ek\’ and got a adrenaline high by what i ve seen.The first songs i ve seen in rangeela are "Mangtha hai kya\’ and "Kya karega".Being a rahman fan, i ve already bought a cassatte of songs even before its release.
    Sorry, i lost in transition somewhere, back to satya. in the 2 and half hours i spend in \’saritha\’ theate watching \’satya\’, i was not watching that. I was living that. I was in the underworld. I was a guy who hang out with bhiku and satya. I felt a chilled anger in mind to hit back a few guys in my school who insulted me. I felt like a real man. When that button man picks satya from the bar and hitting him on the back of the neck by pistol,[with that rainy atmosphere background], i really got afraid somewhere is my mind. I forgot that this is a movie.Its a truth that i too had this wish to join in Underworld watching \’satya\’ till the interval. But after watching it to the end, i came to vivid conclusion that i will think a thousand times before i raise my hand to hit a person. That is the brilliance of the cinema. I need that high. I want to get emotionally shaken from inside. None of mani\’s films done this to me. I can come out of the theatre and say \’ya..great film.."…Thats it…It\’s all style….Even the content is there..but not looking real…Even it looks real….But i can\’t feel it….When i watch \’satya\’, it is the first time, i happened to see real gangsters in \’films\’.Whatever i ve seen before was all \’show-off guys\’.
    somebody is not a great film maker if he make films based on patriotism or some bizzare ,\’special\’ story lines. Whatever shit he takes, he has to handle it in a way that the audience can feel it. It\’s easy to get recognised and respected when you make a movie based on Srilankan Tamil tigers and their terrorism, or rare illness which happened to a little girl, or on patriotism or on communal riots. Everybody will praise them. Is allright, Ordinary people will get connect to those emotional display they have seen on screen and will say \’he is the greatest director i have ever seen in my life" beacause ordinary people in the society are somebody who do a lot of worse emotional display even on minor incidents.
    Everybody will be disturbed when a great crisis happen to a little girl but it\’s difficult to disturb the audience or make them sad when two underworld leaders part their ways. But Ram gopal varma has done it and it\’s a triumph, in fact. I was really sad and desperate when that misfortune happened to Guruji [the admin. man of malik\’s company] because of misunderstanding and two great friends part and become deadly enemies just because of a minor misunderstanding.That kind of detailed film making, that\’s rare.
    And these are the reasons why we[each and every fan of RGV] still believe in Him completely,never converted to any other cinematical religion or ideologies and fight and argue with the people who try to diminish him ……….
    ….This is my explanation for what i wrote in this blog about \’your film\’s superiority\’ because i strongly believe in what i think is right…..

  32. vaishak says:

    "Aayitha ezhuthu\’ is my fav. mani sir film and i strongly belive nobody can beat the style of that film.It is the most stylish cool \’movie\’ i ve seen in my life….thanks..vaishak….

  33. thirumal says:

    Hay Ramu
    After u started off ur blog my friends r saying i am ur clone.I have lost my identity man……

  34. Shyaam Nagarajan says:

    Arent lot of people asking you to listen to their ideas and stories in this forum so that Ucan help them or U can direct their films? Are U heeding to their request? Or are U ignoring them because U feel there might be some bastard out there who would outsmart your or get the credit?

  35. malgudi says:

    You are very effectively (and entertainingly) using your blog to educate us suckers about your thought process (about us suckers again!) before you conceive anything (a movie scene, story etc etc).How mch of your though goes into posting your blog article? Do you actually anticipate reactions to a particular phrase and keep preparing a sound and witty reaction to the same in the interim?

  36. krishna says:

    who would u make SARKAR wiht if there were no amithab Bachan?

  37. NAGESWARARAO says:

    In sarkar raj after aiswarya and other guy first time meet amitab and are returning in a car with their proposal rejected from amitab, the other guy says in the whole discussion , shankar was silent, and aiswarya asks "so?" , is that scene taken from godfather where son obstructs the father by saying "but, father" which gives a cue to antagonists that there is indifference between them?

  38. Unknown says:

    plz make movies on internatiol drug pedling or on streetgangs like ms13

  39. Arun says:

    My girlfriend says that you are more intelligent than me (which makes me jealous of you), but she also says that you look scarier on T.V than any of your movies.

  40. Naveen says:

    did anybody ever tell you that you look like YSR if you go bald….ofcourse dress like him 🙂

  41. VJ says:

    I saw the video clips of Nenu Meeku Telusa. I think RGV is passe. The new breed of directors are blazing………Sorry Ramu u r the shadow of ur great past. I saw ur movies Sarkar & SR. They r just ordinary. While Maniratnam is improving and shining with every film, u are not. Sorry. 😦

  42. karthik says:

    judging by your replies Ramu, i think you are in a very crazy mood. i hope you are not writing any screenplays thesedays… that would mean pretty hard time for people who come to the theatres.
    are you taking us for granted because we are wasting our time on you in the internet rather than doing something useful or are you like this with people you do business with too?
    i have seen some interviews in the youtube…where you patiently answer all the questions but on the blog you kick your readers left and right

  43. saikiran says:

    i wanted to ask abt the movie GOVINDA GOVINDA….i read somewere that
    many scenes in the movie were cut by the censor board.what were the
    scenes or were can i get those deleted scenes???the concept of the movie
    was very good….at least i liked it.

  44. karthik says:

    if ardhsatya and arjun influenced your shiva, kalyug and godfather influenced your sarkar…which mafia movies from hollywood influenced you during the making of company? goodfellas? meanstreets?

  45. saikiran says:

    i wanted to ask abt the movie GOVINDA GOVINDA….i read somewere that
    many scenes in the movie were cut by the censor board.what were the
    scenes or were can i get those edited scenes???the concept of the movie
    was very good….at least i liked it.

  46. Aju says:

    You met Mr Bachan in the hospital. I hope he is recovering well. My regards to him through you. Please share some views about the mutual admiration you & Mr Bachhan share. You blog is inspirational and candid and curt sometimes. But thats you i guess. Also your views about "Taare Zameen Par" the movie and Aamir the actor.

  47. andhrabond says:


    I think one of the major reasons why you don\’t want to take the advice, suggestion, idea, etc is because it pisses you off when some body else gets better idea than you. And you can\’t digest that you become a fool that you couldn\’t get that idea before the other guy. I don\’t know how you are missing the point that no matter how intelligent you are, there will always be this other guy who is more intelligent than you ( I think you know about this fact but you pretend to ignore it). I hope you know that you can’t win the race all the time. In your case you can’t win most of the time. Otherwise you would have had more hits than flops.
    You think that the guy doesn’t even know much about you, who is praising you that you are a great intelligent, because you always think that you are far more intelligent than what that guy described about you.
    Don’t lie to me, tell me a situation where you described a scene to somebody and they came back to you with a more perfect way of either explanation of that scene or a shot. (It could have happened more number of times).
    I think when ever you reach peaks of your ignorance you come up with some thing like Aag, Contract, Darna Series etc.,
    Bottom line: – Above text will compensate Vaishak’s praising comments. we are always here to save you from praises.
    P.S: I think I have overdone this but what the heck. I was just in the mood.

  48. Unknown says:

    good movie? Bad movie?I feel these r all a matter of taste.And my taste includes both oysters and snails and you.if we ask ifs and expect answers then its expecting to know all the permutation combinations of a less complicated world.Ramu would go to underworld if shiva failed.Bhau would\’ve listened to his mother if bhiku went there.And if there was no satya i wouldn\’t have known that cinematic pleasure to miss it! But then i\’ve other things to do in life than watching and thinking about films.

  49. Dinesh says:

    Que:- Sir i have some fantastic horror-thriller scripts/stories, want to send you or contact you. where can i send it….. any e-mail, fax number, or address…. ?Thanks Dinesh if above email doesn\’t appear then giving secondary e-mail address for reply :

  50. mikey says:

    us folks  in this generation hardly know about the bachan Phenomena in the 70\’s-80\’s.u are a great fan of him.Any write up on bachan the legend?waiting for it…becuase u said u got fascinated with his larger than life charcters in his hey days.

  51. mikey says:

    Success defies every thing as does failure.If understanding human psyche or being out-of-box is the bench mark,u were a success story since engineering days.I reckon all of us get carried away with what ever u say,becuase its not RGV,a bum but the maveric who gave us satya/company and many other realistic films.So succes not only helped you present your interpretation of film making but also  your thoughts which would have been ridiculed if u weren\’t a successful film maker.So do you buy this,"Success defies every thing as does failure"".

  52. Unknown says:

    i have excellent ideas on following topics.why cant we together make a film on one of these:
    1. how to breed pigs in their early years
    2. on the life and suffering of hernia patients and latest treatment techniques
    3. recent trends in cardiovascular osteriaration

  53. Unknown says:

    Sarkar Parmpara (i.e. Sarkar 3)Aishwarya becomes a right hand to ailing sarkar (nice opportunity to Ash to show her acting skills)Chiku (hot shot new hero or introduce a star son) Chiku well educated, away from Sarkar activitiesChiku comes home, rejects Sarkar Sarkar gets killedChiku takes over the reinsChiku kills the killers of sarkarA new Sarkar is born to save and progress Maharashtra!

  54. Unknown says:

    ooops sorry! forgot to mention "item song with nice legs, heaving bosoms, slim waists and voluptuous butts"

  55. Bhaskar says:

    Can you please write up something about Creativity and Logical thinking and how they are related?
    I think logical thinking prevents creativity as it brings unnecessary questions like why and how, which should not be considered while one is thinking to conceive creative thoughts. Once the idea is conceived, logical thinking can be applied.
    I am not satisfied with this not so clear, so can you plz write about how creativity and logical thinking are interconnected?

  56. Anil says:

    Ridicule us as much as possible with your replies till we find some work to do.There won\’t be any loss to you,we workless barbers will watch your movies always.You can\’t behave in the same way with TV people.

  57. Anil says:

    Annayya ….
    Here I am dying …. Please write some blog …
    Any topic …. Any matter … u write … I read
    – Anil

  58. static atmosphere energy says:

    You attended only one filmfare award? you were sure you may get it?

  59. Praveen says:

    Do you entertain comments from anyone who\’s watched your movies? Would you entertain remarks from ppl like AB, Ayn Rand, Fedrich, Hitler, Nagarjuna & other stars? And from ppl helping you make the movies?

  60. vinay says:

    what is "mood Vaishak " mean..?

  61. Naveen says:

    i agree with vinay below….it can be confusing for someone who is not a regular to your blogs

  62. Unknown says:

    Ram,1)Like many guys in this forum, i do have few unwritten ideas.Lemme know if ur interested.2)there is one scene in Bhoot where,Urmila gets up in the middle of the night for a sip.From the point when she goes to the kitchen,picks up the bottle and comes back, is shot in a static fashion(camera at one place).This could have been edited, but it adds more drama, thereby increasing the curiosity.Would like to know how u (or writers) perceived this particular scene?

  63. pasam says:

    You seem to be replying only to people whose comments show hatred towards you. Well anyway I like your answers. Do you encourage female storywriters/Directors in your factory?(I never heard of female technicians others than actresses). You depict strong women in your movies….Revathi in gayam, katrina in sarkar,antara in naach etc,. Well that\’s what a woman is all about..(No I am not being feminine et all). Well applauds for your movies, your gut.. 

  64. NAB says:
    U can watch more that u want to watch in ur pc there is much Special just click it out

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