My reactions to reactions

1. Can one really reach a state of moral indifference?
Ans: I did.
2. How can you have the audacity of thinking yourself as God?
Ans: If you are referring to an answer I gave in an earlier post, I said that I was playing God. In truth I think I am bigger than God.
3. Do you contradict yourself because you don’t have clarity in your thoughts?
Ans: Only because I have clarity in thoughts I contradict myself.
4. You are just one more among the thousands of ‘got more than deserved Bollywood biggies’.
Ans: Ok smallie.
5. Apart from Ayan rand what other books do you read?
Ans: Mad magazine for comedy and Nick Carter for sex.
6. What principle of Fredrich Nietzsche guides you?
Ans: The principle of quoting from as complicated a writer as him because most people don’t understand him and hence they will imagine that I understand him just because I quote him and then I can pass off as a very well-read man and an intellectual.
7. I think you are an escapist.
Ans: No. I am a fantasist.
8. Had you written the ‘Dramacomic tragedy’ just after the accident it would have been surely different.
Ans: Ok Mr.Psychiatrist.
9. There is no comedy at all in this tragedy. Your callousness is disgusting.
Ans: Ok… I will look you up in heaven on my way to hell.
10. What made you divorce?
Ans: Marriage.
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70 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Sandeep says:

    😦 getting boring!

  2. indian says:

    "10. What made you divorce?Ans: Marriage."Superb!! Quintessentially You, Fucker.Of course, your Tragi Comic Drama Whatever Post was Insensitively Lame, You know that. have a question though, have you met anybody better than you, at whatever you\’re trying to feign?

  3. Srirama says:

    Hi varma,
    dont make any enemies here man. some of them dont understand your comic scence(question no 10). could you please tell why middle of the project you stop the chiranjeevi movie?

  4. karthik says:

     You are just one more among the thousands of ‘got more than deserved Bollywood biggies’. Ans: Ok smallie.

  5. Arun says:

    How would your life be if you had never discovered authors like Spinoza, Arthur Schopenhauer, Ayn Rand and others you\’ve read ?In your filims, you show your protagonists drinking beverages, like Subhash, Shankar, even characters like Ahmad Hussain. Almost someone or the other in your movies is seen drinking tea or coffee. What is the logic behind it ??

  6. krishna says:

    Do you like K.Vishwanath films?Not really a suggestion,but i want you to read books of Swami Vivekananda."Premani Preminchina Prema Premakai Preminchina Premani Premisthundi"

  7. Arun says:

    How did you come up with the logic of explaining belief in God and belief in Crocin ? Many people that I have met have half-baked, caricatured ideas about God, most of them coming out of fear. So when you say that you believe you are bigger than God, I am sure that you must have strong reasons to believe so. Could you share them with us ??

  8. VijayDirects says:

    being an ardent fan of big B, I felt I got to see a never before seen aspects and expressions of him in Cheeni Kum. You on the other hand having ample scope for that in Nishabd, I felt, did not extract much from him. For example, at the point when Revathi says, "Are. Dekho kaise sharma re?". It would have been nice to see his expression.I feel it has a lot to do with your own sense of easthetics. Another example. In bhoot, the point where the watchman and Fardeen figure that the kid witnessed the mother\’s death, they throw him off the balcony. You decided not to show the boy\’s struggle before being thrown, also to not actually show him being thrown or atleast falling or the boy\’s body after the fall. This would have established Fardeen as a really cruel person. The ultimate payoff when fardeen is punished by the ghost would have had a good effect.As I mentioned you tend not to show a certain kind of vulgarity out of pure easthetics. I\’m curious to listen what you have to say.Thanks in advance for reading this Varma garu.

  9. Jayanth says:

    Hi Ram,
    You have been to Anantapur recently.I am totally brought up in Anantapur.I love that place,the characters and especially people.
    I allways wanted to convey that you should once visit those places,but just couldn\’t find a way to communicate.
    I feel the people are very raw (truthfull) in their minds and expressions.
    What is your insight on this?Can you please share us your experience.I am sure you would have noticed many things .

  10. sha says:

    Sir. make a movie on \’ME\’.Regds,

  11. Anil says:

    10. What made you divorce?Ans: Marriage.You are rocking !!!!! I love the answer ..

  12. Ragh says:

    Ramu garu , You are one of the best creative brains in the world
    Ramu, You are one of the worst crooked brains in character
    You say you make films for yourself…Why dont u shoot ur movie in ur house and watch it alone..Why the f**** are you making films and marketing to public….If you are so selfish , can you make any movie with out cameraman,asst director,choregrapher etc…That it self proves that you need people and you can not be alone….
    CREATIVITY should not fill ur head…Give some space for humanity in ur grey cells..
    p.s::You r my favorite director…But not a favorite personality

  13. Bat says:

    well, I don\’t like some of your films but, I like your personality…

  14. Bat says:

    What are your views on censors and censorship ?Did you watch "Thank you for smoking"? If yes, \’Don\’t you think you should remake it in bollywood\’ ?What part of news entertains you the most? (a)Politics (b)Entertainment & Filmy Gossip (c)Business (d)Crime (e)Sportsp.s Why can\’t you start a video blog on Youtube ? (That way, you\’ll have access to more people and better reactions).

  15. mikey says:

    Marriage is some thing essentially to pacify the society and two people are compelled to live together till their death by the very definition of it.A man of your sensibilities would never owe to any body nor would get carried away with  relations often romanticized.u should have avoided marraiage,what u did is u enjoyed the sexual fruits of it and divorced later.what do you say?what  compelled you do something that u didn\’t beleive in?

  16. mikey says:

    just have watched something funny in a news channel.Some progressive writers association  are accusing of u being used as a ploy to benefit one section prior to the elections,making RAKTHA CHARITHRA.

  17. Suniel says:

    I never read any blogs before , But I become blog addictive now. your writings are more powerful than your movies. This is real entertainment ..btw I did not like raktha charithra movie title.It sound more like b-grade horror movie title.
    I am sure you can come up better than that.
    Did you ever listen to Rajneesh? If you didn\’t , Just listen to him once..

  18. vaishak says:

    6. What principle of Fredrich Nietzsche guides you?Ans: The principle of quoting from as complicated a writer as him because most people don’t understand him and hence they will imagine that I understand him just because I quote him and then I can pass off as a very well-read man and an intellectual.
    Good, anyway you are a well read man. Can you publish that article you have written in your twenties which named "the ideas which killed…million of people".  I believe it is great and will show that you are a \’real\’ intellectual. Psuedos claim a lot like sanjay bansali saying all those things and dances in ecstacy of his megalomania. But you are posing yourself as an illeterate, ignorant, stupid man which you are not. I have even noticed people like suhasini talk very great about herself in interviews, to an extreme where people got bored to death.But you just pose yourself as a cruel, ignorant, utterly butterly selfish man. I don\’t understand you completely. But i have this doubt that you think this is fashion. Then tell us about your experience with manirathnam.Your two films satya and company are more superior than all of his films.This is the reason my kind of people still belive in your genius that you can make a come back at any time. This is the reason we are watching your movies even after you filmed classics like Shiva 2006 and AAg. So please Blog frequently. I have no other entertainment in my life. I have seen all of the movies in past week.So your blog is the only "aashrayam".

  19. Karthick Krishna says:

    Hi,I\’ve asked this before, i hope u\’l answer this time..1. Did u see "pudupettai" in tamil???2. Will u do Tamil movies in the future?? if u wont, why is it so??

  20. Vinay says:

    Hi Ram
    Funniest thing in the whole event (train accident) was the guy who took out the pillow and bedsheet and went to sleep on the tracks.
    I wuz just thinking about why people acted the way they did. If I wuz safe and sound in the train, I most definitely would have set out setting things right (Taking out the trapped people all night, coordinating with officials for hospitals, hotels, etc). Dats because I am a facilitator, an organizer (not professionally) Its something very less people would wish to do (taking charge), but has to be done. Something that your production manager would be doing.
    Why wouldnt you stay and help take out atleast the trapped members of your unit and later others? I aint faulting you at all, I just wish to know your mind.
    You are an expert. (at making films) You walked away

  21. Unknown says:

    Can a book change the reader?

  22. vinay says:

    Hi Ram,
    10. What made you divorce?Ans: Marriage.
    —-den what made you marry?

  23. Arun says:

    My mother says Ram Gopal Verma is half-mad, and his movies are useless and unwatchable due to voilence.

  24. Anand says:

    If everything you see hear and feel makes you feel that you are in a cinematic world, then why do you picturize songs instead of showing the reality..dont you think it is absurd or distracts your vision?. I find songs distracting in a movie.!

  25. Brentmeister says:

    There\’s no Indian movie in Imdb 250 . Though many Indian movies have more than 8/10 voting , entering the list is an arduous task as only votes from regular voters are considered.So , such an achievement can only be the result of consistent voting and of course , the movie\’s quality. But , there has been  one Indian movie to enter the Bottom 100 list. And , it is no mean achievement. Congrats !
    Up there at #36 , Presenting ! .

  26. Unknown says:

    Here\’s a great article about SATYA – revisiting it after 10 years, from Passionforcinema.com you RGV !!!

  27. srinivas says:

    "My mother says Ram Gopal Verma is half-mad, and his movies are useless and unwatchable due to voilence."Ramu\’s reply "She is right.. Listen to your mother mama boy!"

  28. krishna says:

    10 years of SATYA.. how do you feel?

  29. Pavani says:

    hello ram,
       As far as i know you make most of your movies in and around India..which is very good…i really like you for you ever feel like visiting different places in the world..not for movies but just to see those places??

  30. Anil says:

    You are suffering with Antisocial personality disorderSymptoms
    Characteristics of people with antisocial personality disorder may include:
    Persistent lying or stealing ( You always lie and steal other people ideas )Recurring difficulties with the law ( No need to explain )Tendency to violate the rights and boundaries of others ( You always do .. 🙂 )Substance abuseAggressive, often violent behavior; prone to getting involved in fights ( Your movies resembles that )A persistent agitated or depressed feeling (dysphoria)  ( I think you have this one too…. )Inability to tolerate boredom ( As you always says … )Disregard for the safety of self or othersLack of remorse, related to hurting othersSuperficial charmImpulsivenessA sense of extreme entitlement  Inability to make or keep friendsRecklessness, impulsivity- Anil

  31. andhrabond says:

    Don\’t tell me that you born and brought up in Hollywood and heavy reader of English (novel, literature, etc). There is nothing to feel shy or embarrass about something good we learn from anybody or anything. So tell me, who is (are) your favorite Telugu directors and those Telugu directors inspired you initially (And you are arrogant enough for not to get inspired by some of the current Telugu directors). What are the Telugu movies that inspired you initially?
    You have been also trying to avoid answering about ‘What do you think of K. Vishwanath’ Movies.

  32. VJ says:

    Anil,I think u r trying get the goat of Ramu.It\’s proven that all creative ppl are mentally unbalanced. As for other points it\’s all giving names to some special traits. Unless any of those traits are harmful to you , u shud not be going after Ramu. I have a strong feeling that u r Manoj Bajpai writing with a pseudonym. Well I get understand ur grouse. Pl mind u that even Maniratnam paid Rs 10,000 to AR Rahman (Mani wud have sold the Audio rights for a crore or two). Newbies are not paid much. That\’s what Ramu encashes after spotting talent. If he had not paid what was promised under contract then u can complain. Else put up with what u signed for.N.B: I fail to understand how a Raju (Rajput) became a komati (bania)!!

  33. Unknown says:

    I really like the way you remember how things happened (like Shiva) and your honesty. Your reactions to reactions are hilarious! People who take "all" your words seriously should get their heads examined.

  34. Suniel says:

    In satya movie when mule comes and asks bhiku/kallu/satya that Bhau (namdev) wants to meet them ,  satya replies to mule that bhau should come here . then next scene bhau enters into the kallu mama\’s den with superb background score on the back… I watched this scene and beach scene between satya and bhiku ( before gurunayak death) few hundred times.
    anyway  what would\’ve happened if satya decided that they will meet bhau in his house then,  would he  killed them then or still wait for the elections to finish..

  35. snow says:

    You are a sociopath on the loose.

  36. Unknown says:

    Hello sir,i m new to your blog and its pleasure to read ur blogs.its as gud as ur movies are.especially that take on reviewers was great.when i read ur blogs,i felt that i hve somewhat similar frequency of thoughts as yours.But,an advice.(i knw u dont need it)-read NIKHAT AZMI in times of india.i think that person does a gud job in reviewing and judges the movies as a whole,not by scenes and doesnt try to be arrogant.

  37. Unknown says:

    Apart from all,even u tell others that AAG was a comedy and none should watch it.but,i personally feel that the movie had many scenes of great cinematic art and the movie was worth watching at least fact,i took all my friends to watch it and told them that dont watch it as RGV KI AAG ,better watch it as RGV KA BABBAN.and some of them too liked it.(though it had some torturous scenes like suicide of ajay devgan,nisha kothari(plz keep her away from ur movies) reacting after death of blind\’s son etc).

  38. Unknown says:

    I heard that u r remaking AAG.if its true,i wud like to see ajay devgan as jai and akshay kumar as veeru.for me,veeru is basically outspoken+comic+fighter+slightly careless+crush-for-girls.and akshay can do all the justice with the character.At last,keep writting sir.we would love to see more from you abt road(for me,one of the best movies of ur factory),jungle,sarkaar,ek(wat happened to it).

  39. Arun says:

    How did you tolerate that little kid Rohan, whose Raksha\’s brother, did he take all the attension away from you ?

  40. Arun says:

    RGV,Never in your blogs have you described your love for Mumbai City. I once read an interview of yours where you stated that you love Mumbai city more than you love women. So why not write a blog on it too ?

  41. Arun says:

    There is a scene in Sarkar Raj, in the opening credits, where a little girl throws a handful of color on Subhash, and in the same frame Chandar is surprised, scared, curious and also does feel a bit provoked about what Subhash\’s reaction will be to such an event. By the logic of Subhash\’s character in Sarkar, he loves children which is obvious through his love for Chiku.Since Chandar knows Subhash from such a long time, why does he react in such a way rather than smiling passively ?, which he does in a few frames later. I really couldn\’t find an answer to this myself, or maybe I am missing something.

  42. Naveen says:

    “life is really a comedy which pretends to be a tragedy".i feel its neither a comedy nor a tragedy…..but it comprises of both and a lot more……….depending on the situation and attitude of each person

  43. Arun says:

    Why are you always so fascinated with people in your movies drinking beverages? , whether they are protagonists or even characters. In Sarkar Raj Sarkar drinks tea, Shankar and Anita too, Ahmed Hussain in Contract drinks coffee, Swami in Sarkar drinks whatever out of a big jug. Why ?

  44. snow says:

    There was an article in India Today sometime after the release of Satya..that,how some of the youth were so much influenced by your movie that they had joined the underworld or rather were on their way to join it soon.If not this,then consider the impact Shiva created when it was released in A.P. And you take pride in the fact that cycle-chain scene was innovative?? You take pride in the fact that Jaideep Sahani has said Mumbai police is lucky for you not being in the underworld? Creativity is never destructive, it is always constructive.It should ispire man to do better things. It should uplift a man not contribute to his downfall.This whole world depends on co-dependecy.However selfish you are,your paths is crossing with others and you need to learn to harmoniously.
    The fact of the matter is RGV, you have honestly claimed in these blogs that you were influenced by thugs and goons since your early days.Now whatever a man thinks continuosly he becomes that!!!Thats why you are a sociopath on the loose!!!

  45. V says:

    Pay up for Sumitra and her mother. Daughters are the most wonderful beings for fathers. You should be rightfully letting your daughter be a princess, and instead…..! you skunk

  46. VJ says:

    It\’s always my guess…& u wrote here.
    It\’s true that the guys we admire are not gods. What\’s the last word……? 

  47. Brahma says:

    Hi…I  just watched Contract. I think there are lot of good scenes if you go scene by scene but I guess it flunked just because you made a superhero out of amaan this time. Your satya,company etc succeeded just \’coz the hero there is not a superhero and just a relialistic face of what we see everyday.
    BTW dont say that its none of our problem because contract made commercial sense to u.

  48. karthik says:

    what project are you working on now?
    the one where u strip the media?
    or raktha charithra?
    ok which one is coming next?

  49. Trimex says:

    I got enough time this week end to watch Nishabd. I liked it. Did you ever feel Revathy and Nasser\’s characters were probably not given adequate space while taking us into Vijay\’s world? The critical reviews were both for and against the movie, almost in 40:60 ratio. From Raja Sen\’s reviews of your other movies I thought he had a personal axe to grind …. but he too had very good words for Nishabd. Some wanted you to be butchered, your meat halaaled, and your thighs and biceps hanged next to the delicious lambs so that a butcher can artfully display his craft of using hatchet and knives before …[Jump cut]I was wondering, why? Why these diverse reactions? It was then I remembered my reaction after seeing KANK (Kabhi Alvida….) I was infuriated. If my belief about my lung power was anything supermansque , I would have attempted to spit on the screen from my seat. I was fuming at the shameless content of the movie – infidedlity. ( May be Shahrukh acted well enough to be the pathetic loser – Dev, and Rani as Maya the unnecessarily bored and unsatisfied aunty) I was very very angry at the conscious infidelity. Here comes Nishabd. Now my friend has the now familiar fuming reactions to it, eagerly waiting to cook Ramu\’s breast along with MTR Ginger Chicken Mix. "HOW CAN A 60 YEAR Ma………." . This friend of mine loves KANK.So we both have some similar values and yet reacting differently….. Any directors take on this please?——One reviewer was saying how does Vijay\’s daughter get to know about the affair without seeing ( or with having such a scene)? duhhhhhh! how can people who claim to have intellect to critic a movie if they dont know 12X12 = 144!Why did Nishabd fail? Did people think " wow! its a great job by Amitabh. But then what is there so much to watch a loser (Vijay)….?? Why Why why. what failed? hmmmmmmm

  50. Trimex says:

    Sorry , typoinstead of without, I wrote "with" in my comment below( or withOUT having such a scene)

  51. V says:

    Dear RGV
    Sorry to have called you a skunk. Actually I read somewhere that you had divorced your wife, who had to sell off her house to meet daily expenses and that you had a daughter. I too have a daughter and was really distraught at how you would not be making sure that your daughter lives like a princess. Its no business of mine. I am sorry.

  52. Unknown says:

    Mr. Verma. I dont say u r my favourite director but i like ur way of directing movies. i wish to work for any of ur projects as an actor. i have no experience but will try to do my best. wish u all the best for all ur future endeavours. Bye.

  53. Arun says:

    In Phoonk the scene just before Raksha starts to laugh supposedly under the influence of black magic, the camera moves exactly in the way the supervision teacher\’s eyes would move in the classroom. Was that how you looked at the situation and decided the camera movements ? What convienced you that such way of shooting the scene would prepare the audience for the next scene in which Raksha would laugh with a manly voice and hence scare ?Any comments ??

  54. krishna says:

    How did u come up with the character of \’Bhramanadam\’ in \’Anaganaga ok roju\’ and \’Nellore Pedda Reddy\’

  55. Unknown says:

    One who tries to make fools of others becomes a big fool someday. When are you due ?

  56. Unknown says:

    Can you tell about the deleted robbery plot in “Govinda Govinda”. Just wanted to know what was your original idea? For which the C board reacted so harsh. And you have to make the required alterations, though not happy but reshoot the entire robbery plot . We usually expect the unexpected from you and every time I watch the movie “Govinda Govinda” I always wonder what would have been  your real idea of executing that robbery? The one that that came for the public view is so simple and predictable and is so not you.

  57. VJ says:

    The Censor Board members who preside over the judgement of movies are oldies and conservatives. Robbery in Tirumala was unthinkable and ppl of AP are also not in a position to digest the plot at that time.Ramu\’s wavelength is unsuitable for our audiences. Alternatively I think they wont accept similar plot in a Hindi movie also but Ramu wont say fcuk u Hindi audiences. Unrelated but a similar proverb : Cheruvu meeda kOpam vachchi muDDi kaDukkOdam manEsaaDaTa (OkaDu).

  58. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu sir,
    I have recently acted in a hyderabadi movie titled "THRILLER", are there any chances of meeting you in connection with performing in your next movie"Rann"

  59. Unknown says:

    comment-"dagny taggart is a bitch".

  60. Unknown says:

    would u kill a ant on your sight some where in your bed or let it go?

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