My Reaction to Reactions

1. In ‘Sarkar Raj’ Sarkar’s wife is shown serving tea. Sarkar doesn’t have servants or what?
Ans: Oh that’s such a fantastically mind-blowing awesome observation. I am humbled and will be grateful to you forever for bringing this absolutely brilliant insight into my purview.
2. You need an audience for the movie and not the other way around.
Ans: Hmmm… interestingly put.
3. I wonder how you extracted that action from a python in front of Sridevi in ‘Kshanam Kshanam’.
Ans: That is a russels viper and there was a glass sheet between them.
4. Where did you copy the first song of ‘Govinda Govinda’ from?
Ans: From my heart full of feelings for Sridevi.
5. What do you say about your assistants saying that RGV is a school?
Ans: Well, their non-education says it all.
6. Are we copycats for calling our industry Bollywood?
Ans: It’s one of the blatant examples of our hypocrisy. On one hand we keep claiming ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ and at the drop of a hat we want to ape everything from America from Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood to 9/11 attack becoming 7/11, 6/10, 26/12 etc attacks.
7. What made you cast Jiah in ‘Nishabd’?
Ans: Her legs.
8. I am working with the Greyhounds and I have a story.
Ans: Please give me your contact.
9. It’s very hard to find a good movie.
Ans: And it’s even more harder to find a good viewer.
10. What are your views on marriage?
Ans: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
11. Why does Manoj Bajpai call you the greatest liar ever?
Ans: Because I am.
12. Can we take out a part of the film and will it still be success?
Ans: Let me tell you an instance. When Mani Ratnam’s ‘Geetanjali’ released it had a very bad talk in the first few days in the trade circles. The story as per Mani’s intent was about the protagonist and the audience knowing that he will die and then he falls in love. A panicky distributor of Guntur removed that scene where it is revealed that the hero will die, thinking it will make it more dramatic. Subsequently the film became a super hit in all areas as well as the one where that all important scene was cut.
13. By praying to God we get relief in certain situations. Since you are an atheist how do you cope with the same?
Ans: By playing God.
14. Why are you so stubborn, arrogant and intelligent?
Ans: Because I am stubborn, arrogant and intelligent. You can be too if you were just a little more smarter.
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100 Responses to My Reaction to Reactions

  1. vaishak says:

    Sir,               Do you check the mails in your Gmail account….?            ………………Thanks………………

  2. celeste says:

    @ kris
    Dear kris, my married male friends have to bear stubborn & arrogant wives – very arrogant, I can testify. And my married female friends have to bear violent husbands who merrily beat them. So, please, tell your smart mates truth has always 2 sides. I think they must be very young for making such a superficial analysis on women/men relationships. Probably they cannot even imagine HOW MUCH we succeed in giving each other pain. Next time one of my school-age friends comes to my office wearing dark glasses also in winter to hide the black eye gifted by her husband or long sleeves also in summer to hide bruises on arms – and I MAY ONLY SCREAM SILENTLY INSIDE ME FOR THE ANGER -, I\’ll remember your mates\’ extremely intelligent words.

  3. Unknown says:

    what habits helped u to succeed in life? Are there any habits that irritated u in ur earlier days that u overcame later?

  4. Unknown says:

    Do u relax? if yes how?

  5. Unknown says:

    Do u have children?

  6. gouravaraju says:

    so finally ram gopal varma also says that in his next movie " RAKTHA CHARITRA", he is giving some message. what do you think of you giving messages through your films and what about other message oriented films influence on you?

  7. vinay says:

    hi Ram,
             wat happend abt. phoonk2 contest… n is raktha charitra paritala ravi\’s story?

  8. kishan says:

    My grandmother, who was 65 at that time, thought that "Shiva" was a devotional movie and she watched it. After that, she watched the movie 5 times again.

  9. Kiran says:

    "REJOICE. India\’s answer to Quentin Tarantino is here. Indeed, someone has finally had the guts to go ahead and make a movie about and for our times. No diabetic sweetness, no pretentious pontificating, no foolish fantasy out here. Believe it or not, Ram Gopal Varma belts it out straight, like a prize-boxer delivering a knockout punch."
    This is the review Khalid Mohammad gave to Satya. This proves that he didn\’t always bitch about your movies. I dont understand why do you target that poor soul. 

  10. Kesavan says:

    When Ahmedabad bomb blasts happened and subsequently I came to know that a bomb was kept at a nearby hospital also, I had a very sickening feeling in my heart and tears in my eyes. It sent a shiver down my spine thinking about the horrific way these people think.
    Today I saw your Contract and in the climax I could not believe that is exactly what Sultan plans. My instinct was to google and find out if contract came before the blasts and indeed it did. I am not jumping into a conclusion here or joining 1 and 1 here Ram, but under the purdah of creative freedom people are churning out crap thoughts and crap ideas and who is to say that these do-not influence & impress people? I agree that the counter argument of good content influencing people in a positive way is also not proven.
    However, Jaideep Sahini\’s words of saving Mumbai police by you not joining underworld came to my mind. The thoughts you presented in Sultans character and his words indeed churned my stomach and I feel Sick. I cant believe that, exactly what you showed in your film happened in reality a few weeks later. What was all about making children sing that sick song in the film with dangerous lyrics – Bomb lagana hain and all?
    I am no-one to advice you on what you should and should not show in your films. However, I do want to leave a remark that some of your thoughts presented in your films are very very dangerous and contract terrorised me. I was unable to sleep for hours after I saw the film and the thought of real incidents that happened later on.
    Imagine a real victim watching Contract, what would he/she go through. Since films are for public consumption, can you make two versions? One sick version for yourself and another lesser sick version for public? Woh kya hain, hum aapke tarah nahin hain na, jaldi influence/emotional aur bahadak jaate hain, toh hume baksh do.
    Mr. Anubmani Ramadoss, what are you doing just looking at smoking in films dear? Watch Contract, its much more dangerous.

  11. Neeta says:

    Wow, Kris,
    (Sorry, Ram – the younger generation has to learn to  live, love, laugh and above all Understand;  that life\’s Ups and Downs are a Lesson – and one should rise to the challenge, instead of letting the experiences making them bitter! It is always easier to go to work; then to stay home with a nagging child, clean, cook, shop, launder, iron and who knows what else!)
    I echo Celestes\’s message in a very very strong way!  THERE IS ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO A COIN!"  You only hurt your own psyche, when you become bitter from an experience! Relationships do not work when you think solely of yourself -you have to look at your family  as a team, one who supports one another and gets ahead as a UNIT and uplifts each others spirits.  LIFE IS AN EXPERIENCE, you learn and gain an understanding of life by going through the ups and down. We have to learn to give and take –without constantly asking, "what is in it  for ME"?! (Wasn\’t it Kennedy who said, "Ask not, what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country! Same rules apply to a family unit) Also remember, MATERIAL GAIN will NEVER buy you HAPPINESS – maybe "Honey for your Money" for a while – But that\’s about it! Try helping a hungry and dying kid in Africa or India, without the thought of returns – it will make you think twice about the pettiness of helping one another in life – it\’s about lending a helping hand, to progress together as kindred spirits. Charity begins at Home!
    Okay, go ahead and throw your stones now! I am ducking………

  12. Unknown says:

    I saw your interview by Yandamoori veerendranath on TV. You said that you don\’t think cinema is a powerful medium and people do not change or influenced by a movie. There are no of movies that did that. After Sankarabharanam, enrolments for music colleges have gone up like anything. Bharateeydudu made people think about corruption. Rudraveena moved a lot of people to social work.  I\’m sure Gayam, Satya would have definitely brought a change in no of people. Company, D and Phoonk would also definitely affect the society and you cannot deny that fact.

  13. E says:

    Hi RGV…..I am mighty disappointed that you did not answer a single least you shud have answered Q No 8!..But anyway..jokes apart…on a serious note have touched a subject of poignant interest…hmmm..the Grand Old Institution..what else Marraige….Could you please elaborate on eeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!I mean lot intelligent people have commented on this and out of all of them the only one which looks appealing is the view taken by Osho…he says simply that the reason why marraige as an instituion is dangerous is coz it is the smallest unit representing nation states! Now what are these nation states…they are just imaginary boundary lines created by humans..and they are the cause of so many wars…what happens in a family…people need to take care of each other..a kind of secure feeling..then they will slowly think of securing their community and finally the entire nation…what is the have a man who is so blind to the concept of humanity .he has put above everything but himself..relegated his postion to an automaton..who is ready to listen to his government fror his next order,…jingoistic…..alas he has lost his  individuality and most precious thing..his FREEDOM!..The other reason why Osho opposes marraige is simply this…two people meet..they have lost their freedoms..each egoistic..trying to pull each others legs…absence of LOVE…they are just prisoners of their own in a hell!Ok solution…live-in. Two people should come together to share each others joys.,.celebrate and enjoy life but keeping in mind that LOVE may or may not last is a temp affair…so tommorrow if Plan A does not work then you go for Plan B!! What do you say Neeta / Celeste / Kris.??Special Greetings to Neets/Sanjay/Celeste/Karthick/Kris..and all..regulars here…CheersEV

  14. Unknown says:

    In my opinion ,, marriage is a system created by our ancestors to make one\’s desires to flow in a particular path..In life if one does not have freedom, its mere waste.. but that freedom should not hurt anyboby,for the sole reason that one has no right to act upon another,ofcourse one cant if the otherperson does not allow him to do that,like ramu and it is a completely personal matter.. but it is no need to be engaged in any relationship if it is taking something which u fundamentally have….

  15. Neeta says:

    Alright Ev (my philosopher – good to have you back!) and hey,  RAM – are you listening, because you started this war! I so agree that the concept of marriage should not be taken lightly; if one cannot get past the "egotistic stage" in their relationship – then just live together for as long as the relationship is conducive to happiness on both sides. Another piece of free advise, Guys, learn to take precautions if you don\’t want kids, don\’t leave the responsibilities to women only – they err too – it is a two way street! Ev, you are so right in that we humans are very selfish to the core, we fight for little boundaries, materialism, we fight for egotistic reasons to prove who is better/superior/right  etc  — but at the end of the day, a marital relationship between two, should be about comfort of being there for each other, helping make life easy with the stresses of present day life etc. The family unit of yester-years is gone (where the women took care of the home front and the men earned the daily bread); this is a new era of materialism – where both partners have to work, so they can compete with the "Jones next door"! 😦  I feel Kris should stay home one day and cook, clean, mind a baby, launder, wash the floors, clean toilets etc and see what he feels is easy; going out to work or staying home! I see my friend doing the above and I always tell her that \’she is my hero\’ – I couldn\’t do it, if you paid me to! I think I will keep my profession and keep doing what I do best! Having said that, Celeste is so right in saying that both, men and women can get very selfish when the respect for each other is gone – then anything is possible – War of Roses!
    Okay, Ram – do tell, surely you have had one relationship that you thought was totally precious (even if it did not last) – Come on then – I don\’t care how callous you sound, but from the way you protected your mother at the time of your father\’s death – I feel under all that hog-wash, you do have a splendid heart! 🙂

  16. Neeta says:

    Opps Ram, sorry – Ev it is good to see you. Where is Sanjay – miss him! Hello Celeste – Come Sta?  Ram – kaise hey Aap? Thanks for letting me stir things, yet again!

  17. Unknown says:

    so here we are on RGV\’s blog discussing the topic that he most hated ………
    in my opinion,to enter a wedlock you have to first find the right person(atleast a fair compromise).you must share a passion( like movies, food,poetry,art,drama) to talk about.The world is made of the male and female energies (yin and yan).Each energy transforms the other in a positive/negative way.
    The essence of good  marriage lies in the choices that we make in choosing whom to share ur life with.The choices have to be unbiased with respect to caste,creed,color,race,religion,dowry,family choices .
    In my opinion the real sweetner in a marriage is the time of OLD AGE.u can get pretty lonely if you are in ur 60\’s and single.what u will crave at that time is a constant companionship but not one night stands.
    to cut a long story short marriage is like a well made pickle,(if it is well made by the choices made during its preperation).the older the pickle the better it tastes.
    But how viable are marriages (with improper foundations )in the present rat race/dog eat dog .. kind of daily life is  anybody\’s guess….????

  18. E says:

    Hi Mani,Has anyone found the right person…well you compromise..that compromise will not satisfy u..there will be always a feeling of incompleteness…something lingering within…and more so since you have made a choice…and what happens when u make a choice…it is always divisive..never an unity..choiceless awareness is what is needed to understand and live in this life…the other thing..Yin and Yan..yes male and female are complementary…this world is built on this principle of duality..but the unison should be found winthin and not without…..the male and female should have this supreme understanding that they have to live harmoniusly.sharing each others energy,aid each others spiritual development wherein finally the Yin and Yan meets within them and creating a whole and healthy personI think people should never get married until and unless they have sufficiently conquered their passions..wiped out some samsakaras( can\’t find a exact word in English )..the deep rooted likes and dislikes., know very well that they are victims of the games played by mind…otherwise it is like two neurotic people coming together…and u can always imagine what will be the situation..their neurosis is multiplied thousandfold…and..then the progeny..and then another generation……this sickness is being perpetuated since ages…And mind you this sickness is being perpetuated with all good intentions…so much for the evolution of man!Neets / Celeste…suggestions, comments..??

  19. Unknown says:

    hi EV,
    yup what u were sayin was true in a sense.but seriously my take on life is …….god has actually made life in a simple way.u want food u have it, u want air to breathe we have it,we want to recreate/procreate we have the means….what he has not thought about was the man\’s greed and the solution for his greed.true we are not really happy with what we have (happens most of the times).we always tend to crave for something more(a hotter chick for example), in doin so we are setting aside what we have got and goin after the unattainable taking all the risks and stresses associated with that choice we took as an outcome of a temporary manifestation of greed.
    so at the end of the day we have to really appreaciate what we have with us.and explore it to the fullest.
    life is nothing but a compromise and we have to make the best of it with the limited amount of important choices that we make in the daily life to enrich rich it better
    thats my opinion…….

  20. suyash says:

    I am a wen entrepreneur who moonlights as a script writer? I have written a story on filming leopards in the wild based on my personal experience of wildlife film making stint. Can I narrate it to you sometime?

  21. Rahul says:

    Hi..sir,In SARKAR 2,where ABHI is already dead…and ASH is holding cup of tea in last scene..what is our next gift….RANI SARKAR….?

  22. vaishak says:

             i felt the Eli roth film "Hostel" is a portrayal of the dark sides of american capitalism….It is showing an inhuman side of capitalism ,the ideology which were celebrated in the past by people like AYn rand…?…..What is your opinion about a society which allows its people can buy human beings and cut and slash them in the way they wanted….What you just should do is just pay the price…..Do you think this kind of a society is a heaven..?

  23. vaishak says:

       I know that you are very much affected by Fredric Nietsche\’ s thoughts even before you revealed that.  Nietsche wrote in "Thus spake Zarathustra" – .."..
    "Don\’t act so great like you didn\’t commit any mistakes in life and act a li\’l great by admitting that u made a lot mistake and dont be ashamed of that…..
    is this the basic principle which is guiding you…?

  24. vamsi says:

    Dude… can you write about Krishna Vamsi… At times he appears to totally belong to your school, but keeps going back to family entertainers with a formula on the board. I know you cant answer why he does that, but just talk about him as an apprentice or as a colleague.. how he is different from you in what ever… what you have taught him or what he learnt from you and all that crap….

  25. Ashok says:

    Hello,I saw media reporting about your research on Paritala Ravi, what you really think of him? Ashok.

  26. Ashok says:

    I know you are a atheist as I am. I often think, why intelligent and rational people think there is GOD? I think GOD is just a word.Its not that I am bothered with their belief or afraid that I go to hell if I don\’t believe. Just want to know your analysis why intelligent and rational people believe in GOD?

  27. Arun says:

    The crow (or all the crows shown) in Phoonk are a bit too healthy to look like crows of Mumbai. Did that ever occur to you ?? hahahaaha……

  28. prakash says:

    Do check out this link to a short film (35 sec) by me:

  29. celeste says:

    Buonasera Mr. Ram. Ciao Neeta & EV.
    I\’m not the best person for talking about marriage & family. My parents divorced before my birth due to the fact that my father didn\’t want a baby, and my mother didn\’t want an abortion. He went away with a younger woman. So: what\’s the meaning of \’family\’? What\’s the meaning of \’marriage\’?. Only words. Nothing else.

  30. vinay says:

     \’Relation\’ word comes when we expect some thing from the other where as \’Break-up\’ comes when we except something from the other.
        If we observe \’expect\’ n \’except\’ contain the same letters… so "P" and "C" letters interchange with our needs.

  31. Arun says:

    I personally think marriage is a social permission in which two people take permission of the society to live together in predicted happiness and to possibly bore offsprings. If you have the intelligence, you will realize that \’marriage\’ is just a permission that a couple take to escape social stigma of not following conventions, and is never dependent on the couple\’s commitment or love for each other. People who love you will be happy to acknowledge your choices."Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence." –Einstein.AlbertP.S: I am just 21, my thinking about life and its peripherals is still under progress, so don\’t take me that seriously, and above all, don\’t, because I am a R.G.V movie buff !! hahahaha….

  32. Arun says:

    In the climax part of Phoonk, why does Rajiv give up and scumb and partially give up being an Atheist ?, and starts going around \’ Tantricks\’ , orders temples to be constructed. Is it because he was desperate to save his daughter (as movie explains)? In that case, why does his religious wife is always at the hospital, and not at temples ?, and Rajiv being an Atheist leaves the hospital, when his wife should do so.You showed only his grandmother bringing that tantrick(english speaking!!) to perform, and his wife, maid participating.So instead of thought-provoking, by making Rajiv scumb, you\’ve spoon-fed me (and viewers alike me) to be on the believers side, while I don\’t think that was the intension of making this movie other than scaring.Any comments ??

  33. E says:

    Hi RGV…Apart from Ayn Rand..what other books have you read..or what kind of books titillate your taste buds? Subjectwise..or any other "wise".??Have you read any books by Fyodor Dostoevsky by any chance?..Just a curiosity…..And have you ever referred to any books on film making..prior to Shiva and after that? Shiva was,… way…way.. too brilliant for a first timer..I watched it y\’day again..cud not resist after reading your blog..and also this was after so many years…perceptions change it was a totally new look…way back when it was released..i hardly knew anything about movies…but i can recall..that there was a some freshness in the air…what with Shiva and Geetanjali….released around that time….specially Geetanjali was top notch!Greetings to Neets/ Celeste /Sanjay …all the regulars…CheersEV

  34. Neeta says:

    Ciao Ram, Celeste, Ev, Arun and All
    Since you asked for my opinion Ev, yeah, it is true – Happiness about any relationship comest from within. I was always told, "You are a mirror unto yourself", – so if you are not happy, how can anything "relect" wonderful out there! Smile at a stranger, and it will be returned; shout and you will get the third finger return!  Secondly, "The grass is always greener on the other side, however, when you cross over to greener pastures, you take your brown patch with you!"
    In a nutshell – If you want happiness – seek it within and be joyful before you expect it from the other. Don\’t expect your opponent to smile and be wonderful, if you are Mr/s. Gouchy Personified! The mirror reflects back! Ain\’t it True!!  🙂 ;0) Okay, I am out for the count, before Ram strikes me out of here!

  35. Neeta says:

    Sorry – butter fingers today! That should read comes instead of comest (although I like that word!!)
    Grouchy instead of Gouchy!!
    Apologies guys – On the run!

  36. Nirax says:

    > Because I am stubborn, arrogant and intelligent. You can be too if you were just a little more smarterLook who is talking .. one who thinks that Shiva (2006) and Aag were so brilliant movies thinks that he is smart … (just to clarify to your radiant brilliance) according to your own wise-ass mind anybody who makes a movie thinks that it is such a masterpiece … such wise cracks never made anybody any smarter … 4 days back I watched satya again and the contrast between it and your recent turkeys like sarkar raj, phoonk, go, james, shiva-2, aag cannot be more marked … it seems that making satya and company was a fluke on your part and now you are just one more among the thousands of got-more-than-deserved-later-cut-down-to-size bollywood \’biggies\’ … and look at your audacity … thinks of himself as such a smart ass you are in a impossible war … caught in a ego trap and provoking the blood lust of (among all things) the internet chatterati … you will learn sooner or later that it is impossible to win agianst this formidable power … people will enjoy your bruises more and more … the more you bleed the more they will cheer … if you die they will be disappointed by loosing a nice blood entertainment … maybe because you are new to internet and because internet gives the illusion of being able to get away with saying anything you want, you think you can trounce all the others … i am damm interseted in this godamm war, which will result in your ultimately licking the groundtell me just one thing dumb ass .. what can you do if people simply refuse to watch your movies .. i mean they will watch but without paying a dime .. and then tear you and your doomed movie to shreds … jack ass ramu let me see how you survive this …

  37. Anil says:

    Yenti annayya ….
    Ananthapuram lo busy gaa vunnava …. Tondaraga oka blog raayi anna …
    We are waiting for your next blog …
    BTW, How will you get that much publicity …. Your every move becomes a media news
    Is it lack of news on their side or … ????

  38. Anil says:

    I watched both Phoonk and Raksha …
    I felt Raksha is better than Phoonk …
    My Girl Friend is RGV hater ( and Krishna Vamsi fan …. She feels that Krishna vamsi movies more focused about good human relations and Heriones are showed in very good and pleasant manner )
    She told that "Raksha" is not at all a scary movie … But
    on that night … She did not get the sleep  🙂 I spent almost on 3 hours on phone to make her calm …
    Why are you not directing "Rakta Charitra"? It will be one of your best movies ….
    You told that, \’you cant generailize the audience\’ and you also said that \’you don\’t have sensibility to direct telugu film\’  …. ????? Are you contradicting your self? or still angry with Telugu censor board?
    If you are more contradicting with your self? Is that means you dont have clarity in your thoughts? 

  39. E says:

    Hey Nirax…Whoever you down…calm down man..take it easy…first of all…RGV or for that matter any person in this world would really be dumb enough to go around the town telling that they are arrogant!..Somebody had made these observations.God only knows how he has made those observations…on RGV..and RGV only responded in a witty way…you are reading too much into what he is saying….the other director can bring hit after hit…and can u please name the thousands who have been cut down to size…??You almost sound revolutionary when u say..people are going to stop watching his honest…who the efff.. cares man whether they are going to watch RGV..movies or not..leave it to RGV.and the concerned party……it is his prerogative…you should be least bothered…unless and until u have invested something in his business! Have a good one!!CheersEV

  40. Nirax says:

    i did not say that ppl will not watch his movies … just that they will refuse to pay up … just like i am planning to do with all ramu\’s movies … is it any difficult to download and watch ?? and then tear him to shreds coz this pumped up dumbass ramu is sure to turn up another turkey even as he goos about town claiming that he is THE GOD … i have not invested anything in ramu … but i do love the smell of blood … and you sure know the thousands who were cut down to size … from manmohan desai to even amitabh bachchan (in his heydays AB also thought he was the god) … now see the language that AB uses … this was the era when he took up cudgels mostly with the press-wallahs (these media guys are also on the prime hit list of net-denizens) … but ramu has the audacity to directly fight with the public … no one can survive this fight … the upshot of all this is that everyone agrees that ramu is cut down to size … only super dumbo ramu disagrees … let us see how much he bleeds more before falling down … i am certainly cheering

  41. Nirax says:

    no one is asking for hit after hit … good movies are all we care about … satya and company are one of my all time fav movies … every time it comes on TV it transfixes me … much to the consternation of others who think that like teenage girls watching DDLJ over and over again, i love seeing satya/company over and over again … kudos to ramu for making these movies but someone claiming to be God cannot be digested by me … i too am an atheist (much more serious than ramu, i write a blog about it) … doesnot mean that i think of myself as the God … it only brings my wolfish blood-fangs out in the open (just as i love to tear down God to peices)so ramu … is it a war ???

  42. Unknown says:

    Is it really possible to reach a state of complete acceptance of this line "there is no right or wrong, only my right and your right"?
    In response to a question, you say " I am liar".
    All things said and done, does one really reach that state of moral indifference (to oneself)?

  43. Rahul says:

    Hi..sir,In SARKAR 2,where ABHI is already dead…and ASH is holding cup of tea in last scene..what is our next gift….RANI SARKAR….?

  44. E says:

    Hey Nirax..We all are Gods!..Everybody is a God!..this is the obvious truth…this is very direct..the only thing is that
    we are sleeping and snoring and have not recognized this fact….if have go to the root of will come across a God…it is altogether a different matter if you have a made a choice to overlook this fact…and live your dreamy life..playing with your toys..someday u will be tired of this are only playing with illusions…concerned about arbitrary and relative things…they dont have any absolute value….the day u will recognize this day…will be a great moment…thats when the real conversion happens…all this so called conversions are just games…and one more thing….have you ever analysed the stand of the atheist…his whole existence is dependent on the theist…he doesnt have a locus! And his argument is basically one thing…he denies the existence of God…he is at the other end of the pendulum just as the theist is at one end..both  in the middle…forget about God or Dog…a really intelligent and rational person would not take any stand..he will simply say ." I DONT KNOW"..P.E.RI.OD.!!!!!CheersEV

  45. Neeta says:

    Hey EV – AMEN! To your last sentence! Nirax, Ram is an intellect, who has an amazing sense of Humour. Try to read between the lines and you will be addicted to his crazy, zany sense of Humour! Despite my super busy days, I stop to read his hilarious "come backs" – he is brilliant!  Anyone who has his guts, deserves the credit he gets. Nirax – why the anamosity – it shows your own bitterness!? Appreciate an artist and pay the dues to support – else you are simply stealing his work – if you were in his shoes, you would think differently! Seems like you admire some of his works – so why be so judgemental – credit him for rising to the top without the help of influential people in his life to cut him some slack. – He made it – always ask – did you?! Enjoy and give credit to people who try to entertain – it is a tough world in the Entertainment business. Celeste, million thanks for introducing me to RGV! Bravo! Nice to make awesome friends like Ram, Celeste, Ev, Sanjay, Narendra and some of Ram\’s regulars!

  46. Anil says:

    Thanks for your nice explaination, But RGV himself steals lot of other people works … in the name of "inspiration"
    All his works until now is just old wine in new bottle …
    So its okay to not to pay money for his movies…
    PS:- I big fan of RGV blog …. not his movies

  47. Unknown says:

    If deleting few scenes would not make any impact on the overall outcome of the movie, why did u make so much fuss abt few scenes being deleted from Govinda Govinda, (apparently u swore u will not make movies in telugu, as quoted in the press…)

  48. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu,
                    I watched Phook today. I must say it is a terrible movie.
                    My father who is a Sanskrit scholar was in loss of words
                    with your idiotic use of hindu references.
                    1. Grandma recites Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu on all
                        occasions! It may be true that is the only mantra
                        you know but dont dumb down your characters like this!!
                    2.The punarapi jananam quote by Grandma was completely out
                       of context. Again your ignorance and arrogance about hinduism
                       comes out clearly
                    3. The heroes friend quotes how hindus have to remeber god
                        only while they die !! Again ignorace .. Remembering god to be
                        liberated before your die is due to fear..again this will not give
                        you mukti.. what krishna talks about in bhagawad geetha is
                        \’Sharanaagathi\’ or surrender this can only happen when you have
                        dropped your ego completely which means you should be fearless
                        at death!
                        I know you will ignore this mail as usual.
                        But remember when you make money in your movies
                        using hindu icons at least have a basic decency of gettting
                        your facts right and dont be so arrogant!
    Jai Sri Krishna,

  49. Sathwik says:

    Is it true that u are directing a telugu movie next year?

  50. Surya says:

    Celeste, Ev, Sanjay, Narendra, Neeta and all of your friends,FUCK YOU – Stop bitching on this blog

  51. VJ says:

    "If deleting few scenes would not make any impact on the overall outcome of the movie, why did u make so much fuss abt few scenes being deleted from Govinda Govinda, (apparently u swore u will not make movies in telugu, as quoted in the press…)"There could be 2 reasons1. Want to effoff to Telugu industry2. To follow Sridevi\’s exampleBollywood was Ramu\’s highest ambition unlike Sekhar Kapoor\’s (who went to Hollywood). It\’s good that he made a name for himself. We should be happy 4 himIt\’s good that he left his Assistants like Krishna Vamsi who give credit to Ramu for good quality movies they make. Btw, I dont know if they can make Rakta Charitra as powerful as Antahpuram. Vamsi didnt show too much blood but created the necessary impact……… I am doubtful abt Gaayam II.

  52. VJ says:

    Want to say effoff…

  53. Unknown says:

    Helo Mr Verma,
    i got all the data regarding paritala ravi …..right from his father to his assination. Let me know if this helps u in crafting \’raktha charitra\’

  54. Nirax says:

    @ EV> we are all godsgot to admit that this is the most ridiculous statement i heard in my life … even the die hard spiritual \’adhyatma-vaadi\’ types wouldn\’t dare make such an outrageous claims as this one … > you are only playing with illusions …boy !! i am bowled over !!! such a preacher we have .. never knew we have the final incarnation of swami Vivekananda himself deigning to enlighten us mortals … as for athiests not having a locus but being dependent upon theists for his existense is acutally a underhanded complement … that is what we atheists are longing for … complete annihilation of religion and theists … after that the positions of atheisms will be no longer needed .. so no need to talk about god and religion … this is the bliss i am looking for … you gotta be the single one among zillions of dumbo theists who could identify this finally please keep up this bullshit about "and live your dreamy life..playing with your toys..someday u will be tired of this game.." blah blah … it makes my day … i want to start my days with good laugh … thank you very much !!!!!!!! 😀

  55. Nirax says:

    @Neeta Ramu has intellect .. that part I agree … no jackass can make a movie like company … but he has a inflated ego … and that i love to prickanyway what about your intellect lady … you sure give no evidence of having any whatsoever …

  56. Arun says:

    RGV,Never in your blogs have you described your love for Mumbai City. I once read an interview of yours where you stated that you love Mumbai city more than you love women. So why not write a blog on it too ?

  57. Neeta says:

    Darling Young Nirax, (Sorry Ram, Gotta straighten the young and invincibles 🙂  And Nirax to you with NO Offence!)
    If I put my cards on the table, I will put you to shame about my intellect – so lets not go there darling – With your type of thinking you would take it as bragging on my part! (I can bet, I have gone to more years of Univ than your age, and suffice to say I have worked with doctors without boarders) I was taught good manners to be respectful to my host as well – in this case; This is Ram\’s blog – he has shared a lot that I wouldn\’t, by being Candid with his fans and admirers! 🙂  Certainly, you can criticize, and agree to disagree – but there are ways to use respectful words to your elders and people who are trying to share their success stories, so you all can gain from their experiences without making your own faux pas – hopefully if you read carefully!!  🙂 Big Smiles – Keep the World Rocking – Young Fellas!
    A fellow Admirer of Ram\’s Wit!
    Ram, Ev, Celeste, Sanjay, Narendra and fellas – Special Greetings!

  58. Neeta says:

    Oh Nirax – another thing  – when a person says he is an antheist – he Totally CLOSES all doors to Open Thinking (the word is Lateral Thinking) —- as a Scientist, I know and have learnt NEVER to close doors, anything can change at any given time! We live in a state of Flux – constant change! The word Agnostic would be more "intellectual" – cause it too claims that we really don\’t know and have "NO Proof" whether God exists or existed or will exist! It leaves it Open Ended —   If you remember, people were hanged for saying, "The World is Round"  —- Sad To Be So Rigid In Our Thinking, Leaves No Room For Lateral Thinking!
    Your other statement about me, "you sure give no evidence of having any whatsoever …\’ —– Shows how you make blanket statements without looking into anything  —— It acutally tells me about ones intellect – I do have several degrees, amongst which Psychology was my major! So do use the Grey Matter before sputting out words………. Just for your benifit – it will make you look a little more learned!
    On behalf of the Intellects here!

  59. VJ says:

    Suresh,I think u can write to him directly thru this site (&that wont be published here). Ramu is just like us but u have to pander to the egos of some big shots. Since Ramu is one…there u go.Best of Luck.

  60. PAVAN KUMAR says:

    Ramu Sir, Happy to send u a comment. previously i have contacted you by a huge e-mail for which i didn\’t get any reply. I\’m working at a Famous Script Writer in Telugu since 3 years and I have a historic biopic which i want to convert on the celluloid.  Now,I just wanted to know that, can I have any encouragement from your side by producing my subject into a film? I want to make a debut into direction with the same script. The Script is about to come as a Serial in a Telugu film magazine from November\’08. You may recieve no.of messages like this who r interested to enter the film field. But in my subject, there is real stuff..I promise, i will not dissappoint you.. I will brief you the story if you can allow me a 15mins appointment at your convenience at any place. Kindly give me your interest on my wish and please do help.

  61. Jayanth says:

    I hope you wont stop blogging because of the kind of comments/discussions/requests going on here in this comments section.
    Please don\’t waste this space to discuss among yourselves trying to discover "who is what" and stuff like that.Let your comments be small and interesting and leave something really worthy for Ram to reply back to.

  62. E says:

    Hmm Nirax…were u in the rave party that was held in Mumbai recently? Coz either you are looking high on something or completely carefully..what I have written…before calling me a theist…i think you have issues…douche bag!!…Before just going ahead rambling on here….writing gibberish about people…stop acting like a retard…you are ending up showcasing your intelligence..which to me seems like….you are the only jackass..i have come across who is arguing about nothing….and  has made a life mission…to prove..nothing…you are a waste of nature….
    @@@ To all the other concerned bloggers….you dont have to be concerned about our discussions…just leave u r comments ..and leave….I think it is RGV who shud be bothered about all these things..not u…
     Hey Neeta…good going…..he needs some hammering……

  63. vaishak says:

    I agree completely with Jayanth and surya. Some karan joharish people are wasting this blog space by bitching. I can\’t blame but sympathise. the psychology behind their excess exercise is just that they want to get notice by ramu and have to see their comeents or questions get answered by ramu. I don\’t advice people but here i want to direct them very badly becoz of the excess they are making in this blog. They can try karan johar\’s blog and they can try at amir\’s too because he is too kind…

  64. vaishak says:

     hi jayanth,
       i too hope he won\’t stop blogging because of this "pink" comments space…

  65. E says:

    LOLOLOLOL….ok Neeta/Celeste/Sanjay…and all…looks like some self-appointed guardians and moderators of this blog have passed a law… ..who by the way are not "making an attempt to get noticed by RGV"..What the eff!! are you doing here???.have banished us from blogging here ..please refrain from "pink" comments.(whatever that means)….altogether stop blogging….next time you need  to write something please take their permission…..Sir Nambiar…sorry for writing this blog..without your permission…..
    Apologies..RGV…hope u r know where i am coming from…LOLOLOLOLOL…

  66. Nirax says:

    i am based in hyderabd not mumbai .. so there goes your theory of my being at the rave party darling EV (what does that mean Extra Vain ??) … i am amused by the degrees of Neeta … major psycho wandering around here … LOL .. one who specializes in "lateral thinking" .. her words not mine … LOLOLOLOLO 😀 😀

  67. Unknown says:

    Do u smoke or drink?

  68. xyz says:

    varma garu,
    you\’ve been rocking the telugu media with ur rakta charitra. when u r sincerely making a social document, do u need to meet both factions in anantapur so publicly n seek their approval for making a movie? (is it only for publicity?)u know that it z difficlut to please them. when u said that u wont hurt their sentiments, ur movie may lack in the authenticity. because the factions in that area are so complex involving the elements of naxalism n casteism.  of late the pecuniary aspects have turned them into mafia. if u show every thing as it was /is, they may not like a person who z born n brought up in that area, my sincere request to u z that dont glorify factionism n their leaders. gone were the days when people used to fight n kill for the sake of honour and prestige. now its the money n power that run the factions. if u r sincere please expose them n make it so horrifying that violence z ultimately hated by the general public.( does it sell? why dont u make an english movie instead). u dont need any approval from the faction leaders. wishing u all the best .

  69. vaishak says:

     @ EV            freind , please don\’t offended by the word \’pink\’…..To me \’pink\’ means all those chocalate film makers of bollywood including johars, chopra,kohlis and ghadvis. The reason of giving them a \’pink\’ colour is that baby pink is a colour which is used mostly in baby rooms and Kg walls…i just mean \’children\’ by pink…So please no hard feelings….
    There is nothing wrong in getting noticed by RGV…iTs all right…but i just want to make you know that you are in the wrong path…you think that all these chocolate kid\’s comments will make him attracted towards you…Every chopra will get attracted…But not this man, the sooner you know the better it is…..So don\’t waste your time by doing it and embarassing each and every blogger in this space except you four people..i dont remember your name..Your repeating shit comments make other people\’s valuable and serious comments gone to the previous pages and after reading your excess comments , i don\’t think that ramu will be reading the others beacause you comments will bore him to death …and how he can read the other comments…If you have to play this antakshari game again and again, do it, do it in your own blog…why here….?
    So with all the respect for you i am saying…….- "Fuck you"……………

  70. VJ says:

    Hi Nambi,R u into film making or some technician in filmdom? Just curious. I guess I saw ur name in the titles of Bhoot (was that warrier or nambiar?). Gr8 job man if ur that sound specialist for Bhoot. 🙂

  71. karthik says:

    Why RGV started this blog?
    …excerpt from RGV on the internet super highway

    "I would like to use this platform to tell the story of how each film of mine came about to be made and why they turned out to be good, bad or ugly. Also I would like to share my various personal experiences which necessarily might not be made into films but nevertheless would give an insight into my filmmaking process.
    I would like also like to share my reactions and thoughts on various current happenings/events to whomever concerned.
    I would also like to put some video clips in here from various films of mine including the old ones and new ones and explain the psychology behind those. Above all I am supremely thrilled that I can now interact with all concerned, both who like and hate me and my films. So all you whoever care, just zoom in."
    You are yet to post selected videos from your past films. All your fans are waiting here. Also tell us if you are given a chance to give voice commentary to one film, which one would it be?
    best regards,

  72. Narendra says:

    Yawn . . . .Excuse me. What\’s happening here?To Surya,Bhow, bhow bhow, bhoooowwwwwwwww . . . Just kidding. Please don\’t fuck me.

  73. santosh says:


  74. ranjit says:

    hi Ramu siir.Am ranjit here based @ Mumbai working as an ad..its ma long time wish to assist you.i have tried to reach you,but yet to reach you.i really wanna to assist you. how can i reach you? Warmthranjit……..!

  75. Jonah says:

    BEST TELUGU MOVIE OF ALL TIMES (including ones of Ram Gopal Varma)

    aithe (Chandrasekhar Yeleti)
    Sindhooram (krishna vamsi)
    Shiva (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Satya (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Raathri (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Server sundaram (R. Krishnan, S. Panjusindooram; cast: Nagesh)
    Anaga anaga oka roju (specially climax scene) (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Donga Donga (Mani Rathnam; Written by RGV)
    Aakali Rajyam (K Balachander)
    Sagara Sangamam (K. Vishvanath)
    Anjali (Mani Rathnam)
    Dalapathi (Mani Rathnam)
    Gayam (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Nayakudu (Mani Rathnam)
    Kshana Kshanam (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Hey Ram (Kamal Hasan)
    Rudraveena (K. Balachander)
    Gulabi (Krishna Vamsi)
    Padamati Sandhya Ragam (Jandhyala)
    Shubhasankalpam (K. Vishvanath)
    Pushpak (Srinivasa Rao Singeetham)

    Any more good ones according to you.. please add. i would love to know
    if this list approved or outrightly disproved by RGV Fans here. Not put
    in order of ranking. Matter of fact, Pushpak is best by all means..

    My question to you RGV ji is.. which Telugu movie/movies according to
    you has made the best impact on you (may be just a scene, as you always

  76. Jonah says:

    BEST TELUGU MOVIE OF ALL TIMES (including ones of Ram Gopal Varma)

    aithe (Chandrasekhar Yeleti)
    Sindhooram (krishna vamsi)
    Shiva (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Satya (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Raathri (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Server sundaram (R. Krishnan, S. Panjusindooram; cast: Nagesh)
    Anaga anaga oka roju (specially climax scene) (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Donga Donga (Mani Rathnam; Written by RGV)
    Aakali Rajyam (K Balachander)
    Sagara Sangamam (K. Vishvanath)
    Anjali (Mani Rathnam)
    Dalapathi (Mani Rathnam)
    Gayam (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Nayakudu (Mani Rathnam)
    Kshana Kshanam (Ram Gopal Varma)
    Hey Ram (Kamal Hasan)
    Rudraveena (K. Balachander)
    Gulabi (Krishna Vamsi)
    Padamati Sandhya Ragam (Jandhyala)
    Shubhasankalpam (K. Vishvanath)
    Pushpak (Srinivasa Rao Singeetham)

    Any more good ones according to you.. please add. i would love to know
    if this list approved or outrightly disproved by RGV Fans here. Not put
    in order of ranking. Matter of fact, Pushpak is best by all means..

    My question to you RGV ji is.. which Telugu movie/movies according to
    you has made the best impact on you (may be just a scene, as you always

  77. Unknown says:

    hi sir hw ru !!!! sir i wnt to be director or at least i wanna give some suggeations give me a chance annaiya..plzzzz

  78. NAGESWARARAO says:

    In sarkar raj after aiswarya and other guy first time meet amitab and are returning in a car with their proposal rejected from amitab, the other guy says in the whole discussion , shankar was silent, and aiswarya asks "so?" , is that scene taken from godfather where son obstructs the father by saying "but, father" which gives a cue to antagonists that there is indifference between them?

  79. NAGESWARARAO says:

    Hi why dont you try remaking the 90\’s superb thrillers in hollywood such as, "L.A Confidential", "Usual Suspects","Seven","Shawshank Redemption" etc, in hindi , because they suit ur no nonsense approach.

  80. saikiran says:

    i wanted to ask abt the movie GOVINDA GOVINDA….i read somewere that
    many scenes in the movie were cut by the censor board.what were the
    scenes or were can i get those edited scenes???the concept of the movie
    was very good….at least i liked it.

  81. Dinesh says:

    I have some fantastic horror/thriller stories in Hindi, written before 6 year ago when i studding in higher secondary …. till that time am trying to contact you but couldn\’t… fortunately got the news about your blog… please give me one chance to send my script to you…. Dinesh

  82. Siva says:

    Hello Sir, I like your movies. If someday, If  am alive and you direct some movie in some language you even dont know, I am gonna watch it. Thank you for your wonderful patience and great movies Sir.

  83. Malli says:

    Your blog is very interesting. I hate (?) you for so many of your answers, but different views for so many traditional questions.
    Had your marriage not broken – would you have been this \’Interesting\’?
    Go easy on me – \’Tiger\’

  84. Unknown says:

    Hello Varma Garu, I like acting at the same time Iswaryarai. So, please give me chance in your next film.Hero or heroine mother role.

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