My Reaction to Reactions

1. Why are you fond of camera shots that move close to the ground?
Ans: I think it’s the infantile nature in me. I like crawling.

2. What do you think of the Telugu Industry?
Ans: I don’t think of anything except myself.

3. How did you conceive the scene at the railway crossing in Shiva where Nagarjuna rescues Amala?
Ans: Obviously from my imagination. An interesting thing happened at location when I was shooting that scene. My assistant director walked up to me and said it’s very illogical that there are no other vehicles near the crossing. The kidnapping has happened in the city and there is no reason that the goons will be taking her out of the city. Also since Nagarjuna is on the other side of the gate, he could not have been coming from out of city. So for all practical purposes the incident was happening in the city. Conveniently during the entire built up of Nagarjuna watching them and slowly walking around and delivering his lines, there are neither the railway guards nor any people or vehicles in the vicinity. I told him that the audience will be hooked on to what is happening with Nagarjuna and Amala and with the music and his expressions and the situation their mind won’t go to those things. He was not convinced and was quite shocked that nobody brought it up after the release.

This is a classic case of illustrating the strength of Alfred Hitchcock’s line “where drama begins logic ends”.

He is supposed to have come up with this line while he was filming “North by Northwest”, where there is a scene when the hero is being chased by the baddies. As he is running to escape he gets onto a train. Just when the audience thinks he has escaped there are baddies on the train too. Here his assistant asked him that how will the baddies know that he will get onto the train to which Hitchcock replied that the audience will be driven by the emotion whether he will escape and hence will not think. That’s the difference between a book and a movie.

In a book you can stop reading and think whereas in a movie its pace that controls your thinking.
Also an example of this is in Satya when Khandilker closes the doors of the movie theatre and walks into the theatre and announces to the crowd that there is a dangerous gangster among them which is logically very stupid. Realistically, in a situation like that they would come in plain clothes and ask the informants to point him out as the audiences are coming out so that they can nab him unaware.

Why would they forewarn a dangerous gangster who is in the crowd so that he can take anybody hostage there.

Here my thrust was to manipulate the audience into thinking in the direction of how Satya will escape without Urmila coming to know his identity and hence in the drama they will miss the larger picture of logic.

When Sandeep Chowta started doing background, he and his musicians felt that the scene was ridiculous because of the same reasons. I thought maybe I stretched the drama versus logic too far this time but it was too late to do anything about it. I couldn’t come up with a solution so I had no choice but to release the film as it is.

After the release and 10 years since, I have not met a single guy who had a problem with that. Now why Sandeep and his team felt and nobody else did after that is anybody’s guess. I would think that Sandeep’s team was watching the film in parts as he was doing the music and hence they were emotionally not involved.

Yet another example is the climax of Rangeela. If the premiere ended at presumably 12:30 in the night, Jackie and Urmila come to Pakya. Jackie just asks him where is Munna and I cut to shot of Munna lying on top of a truck. Now whose tempo is that, I never established a vehicle for Munna in the film, so either it is being driven by a friend of his who is going somewhere or he is just taking a random ride. If it is a random vehicle how will Pakya know how he is going? Were Jackie and Urmila driving for 6 hours in the night since 12:30 and looking for what? Conveniently for them to spot him, I made Munna lie on the top. If he was inside and Jackie stopped it, it would have raised unnecessary questions in the audience’s mind or whose vehicle is it, on the other hand if the driver is a known guy to Munna, who is he?  To escape that logic I just simply applied the oldest trick in the trade “out of sight is out of mind”. After Aamir gets out and the long drama starts between the three, I composed all the frames in such a way that both the truck and the driver were out of the frame not letting the audience mind wonder from the point of the scene.

If you look at it, the climax scene could have happened in the night too if Pakya said Munna just left and maybe he can catch him walking around the conner of the road but I strongly felt that the climax scene for a film like Rangeela should not happen in the night. It should be a picturesque location to give a feel good finishing. Max logic I applied was to treat the scene as early morning light so as not to give a visual jump.

Anyways to cut a long story short very frequently whenever I get into such above predicaments I just say “Jai Alfred Hitchcock” and go ahead.

4. Do you ever advise people?
Ans: Yes, I advise them not to ask advice.

5. It seems like you are a very dry person?
Ans: Yeah but I sure like wet things.

6. Ambitious, arrogant, honest, creative, impersonal, detached and eccentric/ neurotic = RGV?
Ans: You can also add liar, con, complex, funny, impulsive, impatient, contradictory and distrustful.

7. The only unselfish relationship is that of a child taking care of his aged parents.
Ans: From that to Gandhiji giving his life to the country to Mother Teresa working for the lepers are acts of emotional indulgence which are choices made by those particular individuals and do not concern selfish individuals like me.

8. The last film I saw of yours was Darna Zarori hai. Which of your subsequent films would you recommend to me?
Ans: None

9. With whom will you share your happiness?
Ans: If it does not strain your brains too much try to ask a little more intelligent question.

10. You name a movie after a girl, whom you met long back, just to remind her that you still remember and you still claim that you don’t give in for relations.
Ans: Hmmm… You got me there.

11. How to overcome fear?
Ans: By making a horror film because then you can study fear instead of feeling it.

12. How do you decide on camera angels? Do you do any homework on it?
Ans: I don’t do homework. I decide angles and frames on the set directly going by how I wish to see what is happening.

13. What happened to Factory “Sir”? I miss its products a lot.
Ans: Since many were missing its products I wanted to miss the factory till I get the products right.

14. I am waiting for your blog on “Nishabd”.
Ans: Soon.

15. If the film has stuff why publicize and promote?
Ans: Because us folks in the film industry are not as brainy as you and also there is that little thing of creating awareness and drawing attention to our product.

16. By the way did all the guys who you conned finally come to know?
Ans: Yes, much after the release. Like the saying goes “All’s well that ends well”.

17. You easily would have been the most dangerous and wicked person in the world.
Ans: Jaideep Sahani the writer used to say in the making of Company that it is the police’s good luck that I was not in the underworld.

18. Was there a contingency plan if Shiva didn’t work?
Ans: My whole life works only on contingency plans.

19. What’s the difference between Ramu and Ramuji?
Ans: I am basically Ram and a few people who misread me and attribute a certain loftiness to me call me Ramuji.

20. Don’t use this platform to embarrass little fellows like Tarani.
Ans: Point taken. Sorry to you and sorry to Tarani too.

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88 Responses to My Reaction to Reactions

  1. surya says:

    Well, in Indian movies, directors of the past have taken much much more liberties (specially down south) for people to notice oddities or avoid a movie for the same – this is changing of course. I still get goosebumps (or ulcers maybe) to think of a director who found it convenient for Hero to confront a villain abducting the heroin in a car – after the hero sets off on a bullocart when informed. The scene happens in the La-Shiva style – where the hero is waiting for the villains car to come up to him. Or that movie in which Jitendra crashes two missiles by manipulating their controls; or the movie where Dharmendra pulls a chopper down or catches a bullet with his teeth. The list is too big, but the icing on the cake is when Rajnikanth creates a whirlpool with the turn of his boots. Someone said it right – Rajini is the only superhero who can run around the globe to punch his own back.
    Then again I remember waiting in the movie Queue for 3 hrs with a bunch of college friends to watch Rangeela – who cared what would happen in the climax??? 🙂

  2. surap says:

    how you selects the actors in your film…. what is the cretaria…..   you will not hunt for them????? …..

  3. prakash says:

    There\’s a scene in Satya, where Bhiku Mhatre and Satya are standing by the sea. The scene is shot from behind, yet making the silhouttes of both actors quite apparent of their character. Was this scene inspired by Ayn Rand\’s Fountainhead – the introduction of Howard Roark? If not, please share with us how you came up with this fantastic scene (I still rewind it on my dvd).
    Prakash Gowda 

  4. mikey says:

    Generally if one takes on the system being a part of it,law would come into play.Even when shiva is taking on bhavani,he is taking law into his hands.was it deliberate that u made amala\’s brother a police officer,so that shiva doesn\’t face any problem in taking on bhavani?

  5. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    Shiva, in my opinion, had one  the best soundtracks ever. Much more than songs, the background score was amazing. I would love to see you writing a post on the background score construction. Right from the start, till end. Remember those titles, from dark background to percussions to Shiva walking..shot against sun.. trumpet+sax creating that heat-y sound.. Ilaiyaraaja excelled.
    Just in case u dont remember..tell me your address, i will send you the entire background score (i have it..ripped from VCD). trust me, no other sound track..of any of your films was better than Shiva. Not even Satya…or company or Sarkars.

  6. Sai says:

    "Jai Alfred Hitchcock!". That was funny and insightful.Apart from your explanation for why we don\’t ask those questions, I also believe that we learn to accept leaps in logic after watching of lot of desi films. As a result, we ignore them completely. If someone were to point out these little things to you in Satya/Shiva, imagine what would they do when they watch masala films like Samarasimha Reddy or manipulative ones like Veer-Zaara.There are people who point out simple errors of a practical nature, for example errors in continuity, and feel proud to be very observative or intelligent. I find it extremely stupid.A friend of mine hated the shootout in Heat because he felt, the gangsters escaped easily despite the presence of so many cops. And we argued for a long time. My first reaction was "So what?". Does it really matter that much. Maybe, it could have been better but it doesn\’t really affect anything. And in addition, it is possible even if improbable – it isn\’t like the goons are flying after Chiranjeevi hit them. And a lot of movies are about improbabilities. Who would want to watch someone\’s boring mundane existence in real time?

  7. gouravaraju says:

    why are you like this? so stubborn, too intelligent, and very arrogant? anything in your life hurt you too much, so that you decided to be in your own way without listening to others. did you see the legend of bhagath singh movie?

  8. gouravaraju says:

    oh forgot to ask you about the RAKTHA CHARITRA  can we expect any writings on it soon

  9. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu ,
        You may not need this but while doing research on media myself i  have noticed
       people in the media are the people who couldn\’t be anything else except a few.
    You dont hear someone wanting to be a journalist , typically he/she couldn\’t get
    on the right career path and end up at the media houses. A close look at the people reporting sensational news and you know what i meant..

  10. Narendra says:

    I decide angles and frames on the set directly going by how I wish to see what
    is happening. – That\’s one thing I still can\’t believe in. Hatsoff to the master.- – > Sir, when you are such a big fan of N.T.R. Gaaru, why don\’t you attempt making an animated film with N.T.R. as the main lead rather than making a film with Jr. N.T.R. ? Your movies always boast of excellent technical values. So I strongly believe that you can bring out the best animated flick from India. The chance of experimenting too is more in animated films.This is only my suggestion as a loyal fan.Can I expect to see the one and only Sri Devi ( the most beautiful lady ,according to me, living on earth after my mother ) in any of your forthcoming ventures?Can you kindly write a few lines about how Paresh Rawal\’s character was born and built from the movie \’DAUD\’. It\’s the best on-screen negative character that I have seen in my entire life so far. Pareshji too played it in an extraordinary way. Excellent timing. Ex : In the pre-climax scene where he climbs on to a bus and the conductor says : Sir, ticket.Paresh : Nahi Chahiye.  Lol . . . . . I don\’t remember how many times I laughed whenever I remember that scene. It should only be seen in the movie. For anyone who hasen\’t seen the movie it may sound silly. But believe me that\’s one great joke. Ha ha ha. Even those scenes where he takes hostage a couple and preaches their kid about why he should die, Oh God!! I\’ll die laughing now.

  11. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,Of all your films, which film gave you satisfaction as a director and which film is close to you??ThanksAshwin

  12. Vishnu says:

    So were you able to convince Aamir Khan of your logic behind the climax scene of Rangeela?

  13. Unknown says:

    hey Ram
    what is the dioffrence betwwen these two people director and screen writier ?

  14. Richa says:

    Mr verma….Your blogs are way too descriptive and exhausting . Would appreciate if you dont be so repetitve and try to eb concise….I wish to be a regular reader and retain my interest. am a regular blogger at Mr Bachchan\’s blog site and wish to be the same at yours as well…so kindly consider my humble suggestion.Thanks and regards……RICHA BARUA

  15. Jayanth says:

    While you write screenplay,do you also plan how the background score would be?
    How would you explain it to the Music Director during re-recording?
    Do you give references of some music or you just select from the ones music director plays for you?
    Also do you also assume who is going to play the character while you write itself or you select characters after you write?
    The reason for me asking this is take for example Kallu Chidambaram\’s character in Kshana Kshanam.
    The way he walks and how he suddenly appears,and his voice and the background score.This character is so interesting and simple that it makes me believe while writing itself that you have him fixed for that character and also you had an idea of what background music should be used.
    Don\’t blame me for asking so many tech questions…well I guess you know whom to be blamed ;-)….

  16. VijayDirects says:

    Hero\’s Journey:1. Introduced to the ordinary world.2. Receives a call to the adventure.3. Reluctant at first or they refuse to call.4. Encouraged by a mentor.5. Cross the FIRST threshold and enter the new world.6. Encounter tests, allies and enemies.7. Approach the innermost cave.8. Endure the ordeal or cross the second threshold.9. Take possession of the reward.10. Pursuit of the road back to the ordinary world.11. Cross the third threshold – resurrection, transformed the experience.12. Return – Elixir.

  17. Sanjay says:

    Recently saw the interview/discussion of Raksha\’s director + some guy concerned about black magic in the movie + the most pathetic interviewer ever…I mean its the funniest thing I saw guy says movies should only be for the good of society….Are these ****oles blind about the filth that comes out from telugu industry ?? I mean if there is one industry which produces junkiest movies in mass volume its got be telugu industry in the entire world period. ( just my opinion )..and these freakin losers in the media..are behind those honest film makers who just bank on their creativity. Read some where that u maybe making a movie with jr.NTR..i havent seen one sensible flick of this guy..just my opinion and no offence intended but if theres one actor whose brain deadningly ridiculous its mr.ntr for me..whoever please dont leave your conscience, common sense n logic..because its gonna be tough with him 🙂 sorry.

  18. Dipesh Kumar says:

    Hi Ramu,i luv reading ur blogs….because its good compare to your movies …in blogs u r an honest but in a movie u r not honest to ur audience(Return to me 100Rs for AAG)

  19. mikey says:

    I read it in mario puzo\’s omerta(The law of silence),"Life isn\’t worth living if u let others impose their will on you".I reckon u are driven by your instincts not bothering about any thing else in the world.can i apply this statement to you?

  20. Ramprasad says:

    I heard people talking about production values. Does it mean spending so much of money on lavish sets?

  21. VJ says:

    Ramu,What happened to ur entry to Hollywood? It\’s reported long back. IMO, ur entry shud be good with a horror film (pl avoid crow, grannies). As an aside, what do u say abt Giribabu\’s film \’ Devatalaaraa Deevinchandi\’? I think it\’s way ahead of its time.

  22. Jayanth says:

    In Shiva, I don\’t think using Cycle chain to beat the goons is not introduced by Nag,even before thata guy from Ganesh\’s gang uses it in the intro fight(before the titles) of Ganesh.This guy walks towards the college with a small part of Cycle Chain in his hand.Not proving anything,just wanted to share this as I observed it.All these years I was thinking Shiva was the one who was creative….hmmnn …:-)

  23. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu garuI know you are already inundated with requests about writing on your various movies but I have to ask you to write about Kshana Kshanam. It is one of THE best telugu movies of all times. I heard that it wasn\’t a very big success, I cannot begin to understand why it didn\’t work, it was such an awesome movie. All the people I know have this movie in their favourite movie list. Such a classy, funny, interesting movie! Brahmam garu\’s comedy was amazing! Nowadays telugu movies are so boring, cheap, over the top and loud, not to mention the stupid, mindless, irritating comedy the movie is punctuated with. Ramu garu, please give ppl like me a chance to start watching telugu movies again, please make some telugu movies. We miss you sorely! Please let us know why you are not directing telugu movies? Looking forward to your post on Kshana Kshanam.

  24. vinay says:

    Hi Ram,
             Sarkar film background music was realy the best one from all ur movies ..wat I felt, So while u suggesting music director did u make him go through Godfather\’s background score because I find a very similarity between two.

  25. VJ says:

    I became lifetime fan of Ramu only bcoz of KK. I still remember going 4 II shows with frends. We use to discuss almost all scenes of KK. Nobody attempted such movie again in Telugu. I still wonder how Ramu extracted spectacular action from that python in front of Sri. From chaiwala to Naayar\’s gang, everybody is specia……l.Naayar is really outstanding.Haha, that autowallah who ridicules Sri. No normal director wud add such scenes in a normal movie.

  26. Unknown says:

    You name a movie
    after a girl, whom you met long back, just to remind her that you still
    remember and you still claim that you don’t give in for relations.Ans: Hmmm… You got me there.Who is the girl? Whats the movie?

  27. Vinay says:

    Since at one time you were in love with Sridevi and even worked with her. Then how come one of your protege\’ movies named Main Madhuri Dixit Banna chahti hoon and not Main Sridevi BCH…In the same movie, not once was casting couch issue brought up. A girl wishing to become a heroine will definitely face it.

  28. mikey says:

    @vasusatya is that girl.satya is that movie

  29. Dhananjay says:

    I think there is a similarity in the kind of film RGV factory, Yashraj films & Karan Johar make.
    You all keep making crap movies without considering what people want.

  30. Arun says:

    Hi Rgv,I follow your work regularly, although I would say I like not all but most of the movies you direct and produce. Personally, for me , Naach was the best movie you\’ve ever made,your version of Ayn Rand\’s The Fountainhead, I like it more than Satya, Daud, Company, Sarkar ect. The music of Naach was superb. I am eagerly waiting for your blog on Naach.Please write the blog soon.Regards,Arun.

  31. Unknown says:

    Isn\’t there a similar train scene in Arjun?

  32. vaishak says:

    Please write your creative experience with manirathnam…….Gaayam,thiruda Thiruda Thiruda,Pagal nilavu….You guys use to exchange a lot of story ideas before RoJa and Rangeela…Now what happened…?…You got your own kind of writers..?….And both of you are wandering here and there without making a better movie….Mani makes such average movie like \’Guru" and you make "Sarkar Raj" and jumping like the happiest man in the world…?………………………Thanks….Vaishak…

  33. Arun says:

    The scenes with Amitabh Bachchan in Rgv ki Aag were pure cinematic brilliance, a lot of credit would go to Amithab for his terrific performance as Babban. I know a lot of people who have had a bad opinion about Aag even though they havn\’t even seen the movie. I have seen Aag and I will admit that most part is it is quite bad but just the part with Mr.Bachchan is so remarkably shot, it really feels that you wanted to make this movie from a very long time. I am waiting for your AAG/Sholay remake. I don\’t care if its a Hit or a Flop, I\’ll watch it and form my own opinion about it rather than have someone else\’s opinion bias me or set up measuring-sticks for me.

  34. Kesavan says:

    Hi Ram,
    I cant resist to ask how the hell did you choose to cast Nisha Kothari and Antra Mali in your films? You dont need to be restricted to only a set of actors, but any dispassionate view would have told you on shot 1 that they are complete duds. Is there any reason (parlimentary) that prompted you to pick them?
    Did you fire your choreographer in Naach? It was one of the most painful choreography one could see on screen. There is one step that repeats itself over and over again, Anthra Mali flaunting her legs, bending in some insane angle and slowely lifting the hands up as if its the most outstanding dance pose ever to be shot. Saroj Khan would have had sleepless nights if she saw that.
    Naach is alright for its screenplay but is a failed attempt because having a title like Naach and making the heroines profession as choreography, not a single dance move or the associated music stuck to the auidence mind – Rangeela is a good reference for you to check against.  Needless to talk about James and Shiva, the moment the actors opened their mouths, we had to shut our ears. You would have been better off making a soft porn.

  35. Narendra says:

    I completely agree with Arun. AB in \’AAG\’ was terrific. I read in some reviews where those little idiots commented that AB\’s acting was cartoonish. In real, I felt that their reviews are cartoonish and Amjad Khan\’s acting in Sholay even more cartoonish. Not even a baby will be terrified looking at Amjad in Sholay. AB was too good. I will say, as far as I remember, it\’s one of the most powerful performances in Indian Cinema History. Not only me but, all my friends liked AB in \’AAG\’ . What a wonderful actor!! Kamal Hassan and Amitabh Bachchan are like two eyes to present day Indian cinema when it comes to acting.

  36. Arun says:

    Thanks to you and your PHOOK, my imagination has made all the toy-stores the most scariest places for me !!

  37. celeste says:

    I totally agree with Arun & Narendra about Big B in Aag.
    (Aag-style people slowly come out of their dark holes and aren\’t afraid anymore to declare: I like that film!)
    BUT I WAS THE FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!

  38. andhrabond says:

    I can\’t stop laughing when you said “Jai Alfred Hitchcock”. What else you can do if you couldn\’t find a solution. How is that media movie script coming? The other day I was watching the movie \’15 minutes\’ it is a Robert de nero and those 2 crazy guys from Russia, who wants to take advantage of loop holes in American living system. That movie has lot of exposure on media, actually I think you will be pored with lot of ideas, if you sit in front of tv for 1 complete day.
    I would like to know, have you ever got inspiration from any telugu movie directors, if yes tell me who and why. There is another question pop\’s up. At what age and what are the instances or situations that made you crazy about movies and made you think deeper which dragged you to movie making (I am not asking your video parlor days, but if you were crazy about movies before that or child hood days).
    I used to crazy about telugu "creative" director Vamsi ( not krishna vamsi). I heard you were inspired by him at your early days. tell me if it is true. I know you gave him a chance in your production with the movie "W/O V. VARAPRASAD" ( i don\’t know if it is the correct name of the movie). I was deeply in love with the movie "Maharshi\’. And some of those shots of Maharshi raghava, he was excellent. In some of those areas Vamsi\’s imagination was amazing. Actually I see some of those camera angles in your movies too.
    Pls tell me if you have any thing to share.

  39. andhrabond says:

    Damid ARUN.
    what is wrong with you, can\’t you check spelling before submitting the post. (or is that intentional)
    take it easy.

  40. Arun says:

    Every person born on the planet is unique, and hence will have his own tastes, likes and dislikes. Hence one will only resonate with anything and everything which he/she will find intriguing and interesting. The point I am trying to make here is that while Celeste might like the Aag the best, I only like the parts with Mr.Bachchan in it. Hence we both connect with the same movie on diffrent levels.So, by that logic, if I like Naach the best, someone is quite likely to resonate with it completely,in parts, or dislike it completely. This is the reason according to me why the spectrum of genre/types movies is so large because every movie will find its own audience(group of unique individuals).So by trying to make a movie by keeping the audience\’s taste in mind will be a fallacy since every movie will find it own audience. You need an audience FOR the movie and not the other way around. This according to me is Objectivism Philosophy, although I might be wrong with this. The movie might be a Hit or a Flop depending upon the execution of the idea and commerce factors.What do you think, RGV ?Regards, Arun.

  41. VJ says:

    This is probably reason why Raamu gets impatient abt our gaandus in Hyd. didnt see Phoonk or Raksha but Ramu gives a disclaimer in every such a movie. Inspite of such disclaimers he gets this daaramabaazi. ufff.

  42. Narendra says:

    To VV,
    Impatient abt our ******* in Hyd . . . .
    – -> That\’s a very rude word. Please don\’t repeat it. Let\’s not waste the blog space with abusive words. Only a request. Thank you.

  43. Unknown says:

    Three things I wanted to ask:1) It\’s probably just a rumour, but it\’s spreading quite quickly that actor Ravi Teja is going to direct your film "Raktha Charithra". I find it personally hard to believe because he\’s got quite a few films lined up, but just thought I\’d confirm.2) Do you reject all criticism or do you actually welcome constructive criticism? Constructive obviously doesn\’t include technical issues because you know a lot better than anyone else, but an honest opinion of general things from an audience point of view.3) Why do you feel that you\’re not on the same wavelength as Telugu audiences (or the other way round, if you prefer) ? You say this after the success of Shiva, Gaayam, Kshana Kshanam, Antham, Govinda Govinda, Anaganaga Oka roju etc.? And if this has anything to do with the debacle of your recent production "Shock", let me just clarify that the movie was actually shite. It was technically quite good, acting was decent but the story and the screenplay were apalling. It did get quite boring to be honest. But I assume you already know all that. ;)RegardsRandom

  44. Raaj K Modi says:

    Raaj K Modi
    6/7/2008 2:37 PM
    5. Always your Eklavya.
    Ans: I am impressed with your observations.
    Raaj K Modi
    6/3/2008 1:08 AM
    6. Shiva was an incomplete film. The 2nd half is with me.
    Ans: Make it yourself.
    Dear Dronacharya,
    Thanks for taking me to the real ground behind Shiva. I was always interested in knowing about the only film, which I\’ve watched more than a Hundred Times. The only movie which I ripped in Parts for the Background Score alone.
    Let me get to the Point, I have already brought to your notice ages back that I have a sequel to Shiva. Please let me tell you about it.
    Shiva assasinates Bhavani and goes to prison (Killing Bhavani was not Shiva\’s Target – Shiva expresses his opinion at the Hospital in the movie.) Nanaji is left alone. Same with Ganesh who turns approver who comes to know the real color of Bhavani and Gang.
    Now about the Sequel, what if Machi Raju was not dead, and Ganesh gets released only to avenge against the person who tried to kill him,a nd where Nanaji is running the Gang with the coordination of Bhavani\’s Brother – UMA Shanker. Machi Raju and Ganesh join hands with other plans in mind trying to get rid of Nanaji and then at the same time Shiva once again enters into the scene????
    This was my main plot, I have written and I put the Tag Line as "When You Have To Do It. Do It By Any Means…"
    I started working on this story in the year 2003,and tried to approach you for the same. And now, I believe it\’s too late. But I don\’t want my Idea to go a waste. I am 100% confident that this story\’s fate is only left at your mercy. I don\’t expect a movie. This is just a humble gift from one of your die hard fans.
    I wanted to dedicate this Story I am penning down, and would like to have your support with regard to the same. I wish I had some money and influence to contact you and talk to you directly. But I am not that a lucky chap (I\’m 28 now.)
    Please let me know If I can atleast dedicate the one and only story of my life to my Dronacharya.
    Best Regards,
    Always Your Ekalavya.
    PS: I presently stay in Hyderabad and would like to try my luck with my God (YOU) by leaving a couple of stories I have written only taking you as my inspiration (you are my only inspiration and so I claim you as Dronacharya) at your Hyderabad Office (at A.V.S Raju garu). If my Luck of a Life time is positive, I wish you atleast have a glance at them, before my stories find a place in your trash bin.

  45. vaishak says:

    Hey raaj k modi,                    I thought u r already got into ramu\’s camp…you are still outside..?..He said tat he is impressed with you…But Copyrights of this title "Ekalavya" is with mine…I used it for the first time…If you want to check it. go back to the old blog posts….and u know that….Anyway all the best for your projects…And i am ready to give the copyrights to you if you want it so badly,hmmmm…Take care….Thanks ….Vaishak….

  46. vaishak says:

    To ramu,                   Are you a big fan of Sergio leone….?…..I believe that is the reason for you have this infantile nature in you…Leone and You like Crawling…..Thanks……Vaishak……

  47. Unknown says:

     in sarkar raj ,there was a scene when the gujrati guy comes to sarkar\’s home and sarkar\’s wife is showing serving tea to them ,wasn\’t there no servant in sarkar\’s home or sarkar was on a cost cutting drive

  48. prakash says:

    Do check out this ad created by me for my ad agency, Words\’Worth Advertising, Vadodara:

    Prakash Gowda

  49. VJ says:

    Naren,Telugus are endowed with large number/variety of tiTlu. U can check this site for confirmation.http:// (pl go to Telugu section & compare it with other languages in India….we come first & innovative). However, I also assure u that I wont use such words again.Raaj Modi,Siva remake wud be an utter flop, even if Nagarjuna acts in it. Even if u consider Siva II, it\’d still be a flop. If u had to use the characters of the original then u shud consider their ages now. That way Nag\’s son wud be a good experiment as Siva II.Get original man…dont be like Raamu.

  50. Unknown says:

    Just wondering, is it is really so essential to analyse each scene so minutely…the moment a person steps into theater he leaves some part of his brain outside the hall…kya farak padtha hain if munna is sitting, standing or sleeping..if they can accept the fact that he is ready to sing and dance in the middle of the night for no rhyme or reason they can aswell accept the fact that urmila finds munna out of nowhere..
    same is the case with shiva, if shiva can pull a cycle chain, hit a person who is almost double his size and still not a inch of his hair moves, they might as well accept the fact that when shiva stands on the railway track there would be no one around..

  51. karthik says:

    how was the experience of your first musical sitting with ilayaraja. how did he judge your taste?please share with us.
    Which hindi movie in 2008 impressed you most (not directed by you)?

  52. karthik says:

    if you were to be connected to crime… in real life…i.e if you werent a director
    would you be the law-protector or the law-breaker…

  53. karthik says:

    Very Important question:
    What is the last thing you would think of before you sleep? next day\’s work? that day\’s work? grey hair? girls?

  54. karthik says:

    19. What’s the difference between Ramu and Ramuji?Ans: I am basically Ram and a few people who misread me and attribute a certain loftiness to me call me Ramuji.
    Ramu is when RGV gives a bumper like "AAG" which-everyone-and-their-dogs-predicted will be a flop…
    Ramuji is when he gives some scares and some good shares with movies like PHOONK! lol
    what say Ramuji? :p

  55. karthik says:

    Last question
    what do you think is the greatest desire to subjugate?
    desire for flesh?
    desire for power and control?
    desire for knowledge or to want to know?

  56. vinay says:

    hi ram,
             Are you going to cast jr.NTR in "raktha charitra"?   since I think this movie is the only apt of expecting  your combination with him.
             n is there any strong reason of making this film? bcoz telugu people are realy bored of faction stories …

  57. Unknown says:

    Recentely saw the movie GAMYAM by Krish…can we have some commens on that movie if we you had a chance of watching that….seems we found one more serious actor (Sarvanand)  useful for the kind of movies we have from you…

  58. Narendra says:

    To prakash,That\’s a nice one bro.But I personally am not in favour of the act. If the government is really concerned they should ban cigarettes. I don\’t think the act is going to affect co – smokers. I did smaoke two cigarettes after watching this crappiest movie called \’Drona\’ today in the theater itself. Jai \’Gold Flakes\’ and Down With Ramadoss. I just can\’t imagie what my plight would have been if I was strictly not allowed to smoke after watching Drona. Only after a frew puffs I was back to myself a.k.a. normalcy. As long as we don\’t bother fellow human beings there\’s nothing wrong in smoking in public places. By public places I don\’t mean hospitals and educational institutions. In adn independent country like India can\’t I smoke sitting on wall beside my regular pan shop with friends!! That\’s ridiculous. Cheers.Sorry RGV Sir for using your space.

  59. Narendra says:

    Hi friends. After we add our comment here, can\’t we edit it forever? I\’m confused. Please tell me if there\’s a way to edit the comments?

  60. vinay says:

     "Don’t use this platform to embarrass little fellows like Tarani.Ans: Point taken. Sorry to you and sorry to Tarani too."
     -sorry to Tarani is ok but why sorry to him, does it mean ur not going to stop pointing out people like Tarani ? now u don\’t say sorry to me hahahaha…… n one more thing I observed many times when u say "sorry", it just look like critising the person whom ever ur feeling guilty about…I mean ur "sorry" is more like embarrassing…

  61. Vinay says:

    HI Ram (ISnt this a popular exclamation among North Indians :))
    You yourself stated that you wished to ghost direct the telugu movie while appearing to give it to Tarani. The James director has already accused you of spoiling the film. Where does the freedom of the director come in? Is it so difficult for a director to make a film according to his sensibilities? IS it like you have grown to a stature where investors and producers trust you completely, but you wont trust your own proteges? So directors working "with" you are just technicians, who would work according to your sensibilities and not his?

  62. E says:

    Hi RGV,
    Watched "Eagle Eye" yesterday night. Was an awesome movie man. I was wondering is there a remote possibility that these kinds of movies can be made in dont laugh..i am serious…although i am giggling deep inside as i am writing…I say India not Bollywood mind you. I know I have heard you say somewhere that,"neither we have the brains nor money to make these kinds of movies", but don\’t you think times have changed…i guess ideas are not wanting…there could be plenty among us who have ideas and also good money available at our disposal…i think we should atleast make an sincere attempt…..what do you think? What happened to your Time Machine? Is the subject matter Sci-Fi…?..You didn\’t go ahead coz u thought SRK..was too good for the lead role…or you found your own limitation….Ok now please answer the below questions? since everybody is asking questions..even i am feeling tempted to ask you some….
    1) How many hours do you sleep?
    2) How many hours do you dream?..this cannot be figured out…i know..
    3) How many hours do you dream when you sleep?..the REm concept…even this cannot be figured out…
    4) How many hours do you sleep when you dream? the non REm concept…
    5) What kind of dreams do you have?
    6) Are you on the payrolls of the underworld?
    7) Do you fantasize…dont go to u just fantasize??
    8) Do you think Bappi Lahari is an alien?
    9) Who according to you is the brainiest actor in Bollywood today?
    10) Do you think Laloo Prasad Yadav is a very honest,non-pompous,down-to-earth and sincere politician?
    11) Have you ever wondered what you are doing on planet earth?
    12) Do you think Moon effects us humans.? A lot of the people go mad on a full moon day..hence the word lunatic…
    13) Do you think Albert Einstein is responsible for Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
    15) Have you ever had a physical fight with anyone from the film industry?
    16) When will an another Indian receive an Oscar? a)100 yrs (b) 200 Yrs (c) 300 Yrs (d) Fill in the blank….Yrs……?
    17) Are you sure you want to make a movie with Jr.NTR?
    18) What is your last thought before you go to sleep and you first thought after you wakeup?
    19) Do you think India needs a Sigmund Freud?
    20) What do you think of GOOGLE?
    P.S…sshhhhhhhhh!!!.I have written this in office…slack time.!!! will get 5 points for answering each question!…Sorry one last question..Do you beleive in the theory that cigarette is a symbolic nipple??

  63. E says:

    Sorry missed the 14th question..poor at math…consider my last 14th…CheersEV

  64. VJ says:

    Imitation is the best form of flattery. This clip from Pakistan is modelled on Ramu\’s Sarkar Raj.

  65. vamsi says:

    If I make a movie with your story, i would call it "Screwed up". I want you to keep living so that the you will make the story interesting with all your fascinations and traits. 
    Lets hope there is a happy ending to it..
    By the way, I am surprised that you acknowledged the efforts of Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

  66. VJ says:

    Siva (Telugu) statisticshttp://

  67. karthik says:

    my fingers are itching to give answers for your questions posed to Ramu. But i want to see what ramu says to them… and then i will devour them <evil laugh> HAWHAWHAWHAAHAHAH </evil laugh>

  68. karthik says:

    no editing dude…atleast to the best of my knowledge.
    it would have been great if it was there though… guys like me can refrain from multiple posts.
    so the rule is "once said, thus said". so if i call ramu…" an *******" (clue: seven letter swear word starting with a vowel) …thats it …it remains.
    see even i\’cant change that now…    😐

  69. Narendra says:

    @ No Name, Below.
    That\’s a sensational blog. Interview with JGK was fantastic. I\’m still laughing. Lol . . .  Too Good.

  70. Unknown says:

    Hey Narendra,I too broke in to laughter after reading that blog. Sounds like he studied Ramu in and out. :-)

  71. kishan says:

    There is one striking difference between Howard Roark and you. Roark is not aware of his self-centered attitude, you are not. That makes you monstrous.

  72. Narendra says:

    To andhrawala,
    Not only that post but also the remaining are fantastic too. Did u give a look? If not do it bro. You will not be disappointed. I especially liked the English Poems translation post.

  73. Neeta says:

    Darling Ram,
    I think Narendra and Ev have been drinking! Totally Inebriated indeed! "Cigs symbolic of a nipple?" – Helloooo….!! – I saw so many women smoking in India that I was taken aback (all having lesbian tendencies, you think – LOL?)! Where the heck did you lot get that theory from? I am Proud of India for banning smoking in Public places, just like in Canada. I abhor people subjecting others to their second hand smoke without so  much as "May I?" ;- especially when someone is sitting at the next table for a meal and the smoker is blowing their smoke right into your face! Sorry guys, I can not condone a carcinogenic agent! You want to die of cancer – GO it alone! Spare the Rest! On another note, I so agree with Ev – Ram, Indians are by far very wealthy – so why can\’t they surpass Holywood one day – I totally have faith in you lot! Crazy isn\’t it, I go to open a bank account in India and they tell me that "I am not an Indian, and without a Pan number I can\’t have an account in India!" cause I am third generation – Go figure that one!! LOL  Holly, India should be happy when foreigners pour their money into India – Ram, please talk to you silly Government!  🙂  Sorry, had to stir the hornets nest a little! Go Ram go!
    Warm Hugs and Smiles Ev, Celeste, Sanjay, Narendra and last but certainly not the least – Ram! 🙂

  74. Vishwas says:

    Ellsworth Toohey would have been proud of you!

  75. E says:

    No more P.S.s….Just Pre-script..forgive RGV..for using your blog space for our convos….i know u give a rats ass..for this…Ok Neeta..LOLOLOLOLS……Well I was in my absolute senses when I wrote that…contrary to what u know i write a totally different stuff when i am WIU ( Writing under influence )… but tell me something..if it is not..then why do people smoke? Give me one good reason..why we should smoke at all….?? Dont give me the crap that nicotine activates your CNS and then helps in release of you a feeling of Euphoria and what not…well this is just fleeting..and then the dependence….well yea they also make you addictive…destroying your lungs…recent causes depression ..and also perhaps cause of ED (.this is debatable cause i know lotsa of my freinds who indulge in good coital activities..but are chain smokers.)n u go for the blue pill..i think Pfizer and Philip Morris have teamed up well here… ?..Well the first love object of anybody in this world is that…these are natal tendencies..they remain with u till u go to the grave..Guys are Nicorrettes available in India..that is a good alternative if u wanna kick off smoking habit!! CheersEV

  76. Narendra says:

    Namaste Neeta Gaaru,
    Looks like u got me completely wrong. I said smoking in public places isn\’t wrong as long as u don\’t dare to bother fellow human beings. Even I\’m against smoking on somebody else\’s face.
    The place where me and my friends hang out for a smoke or two is a public place (right beside the beach) where no one else would visit often, except for a local nanny who comes to enjoy a few puffs too. Now tell me why shouldn\’t I smoke in such an isolated place? Just because it\’s a public place!! Too bad. Well, you said that you saw so many women smoking in India and was shocked. When you think that smoking itself is bad what difference does it make if it\’s a male or female? Moreover I don\’t think that the Government is really concerned about our health. They would have banned cigarettes all together if that\’s the case.
    It\’s like the Government\’s attitude towards safe sex. They will not ask you to keep out yourself from illegal and pre-martial sex but only asks you to use a condom when you do so. How clever!! We\’ll allow cigarettes to be produced and marketed but you little fellows don\’t smoke . . . Huh . . . Sad to loose freedom on Gandhi Jayanthi. and the following days.
    A small request : The next time you type please use normal english. As you can see there are many people like me here who don\’t live in canada and don\’t have a masters in english literature. Also I hate to type "" most of the times. Lastly if you think smoking makes a woman lesbo then the sweet nanny I said about earlier, will tear you apart into pieces if she ever gets to see you in real.

  77. ashique says:

    mr. varma … dutt\’s birthday was just around the corner. watched some films of him after a longe time in a festival recently. i was kinda shocked after watching kagaj ke phool again after almost 10 years realizing its serious power. do u appreciate guru dutt\’s film language ? whts your take on guru dutt as a filmmaker ?

  78. Unknown says:

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