The plant of Shiva


Right from my childhood I had a fascination for tough guys. I used to look up to the bullies in school as they were my earliest exposure to violent power which slowly graduated to street toughs. When I was doing my B.Tech in Siddharth Engg.College in Vijayawada I had a pretty tough guy reputation. The irony was that I never beat-up anyone myself but I managed to create an illusion that if need be I can. Around 6 really tough guys who used to be with me knew that I am not even worth a punch in a real fight. But in spite of that they used to be under my command and the reason for this was I made each one of them believe that the other 5 will violently defend me come whatever. So for the outsiders, because of those 6 guys, I was a formidable force and for each one of the 6 because of the other 5 together being with me, I was a formidable force. All I used to do was to take care that they won’t have a reason to get together behind my back. Anyway, pretty much this is the basic principle on which all street gangs, underworld factions, political regimes etc operate.

Most of my understanding of politics of violence and criminal psychology which I extensively applied in ‘Shiva’, ‘Satya’, ‘Company’, ‘Sarkar’ etc primarily came from my experience in Siddharth Engg.College and not from my underworld contacts as popularly perceived.
The opening scene of ‘Shiva’ where they come in a car and bash up some students in front of the college actually happened in front of my college. That atmosphere of ‘Shiva’ primarily came from my engg college and the protagonist I based it on a person called Golla Ravi who used to live in Punjagutta area in Hyderabad. He used to have a combination of a super tough and a super nice guy image.
The plotline of ‘Shiva’ was a direct rip-off from Bruce Lee’s ‘Return of the Dragon’ in which Lee comes from Hong Kong to work in a Chinese restaurant in Rome where the local goons are trying to intimidate the owners. As he tries to take care of them and fight the goons, they get tougher and tougher and in the end he has a one-to-one fight with the toughest Chuck Norris in the coliseum. Likewise Nagarjuna comes from another town to attend a college where the local goons are intimidating the students. As he tries to take care of them and fight the goons they become tougher and tougher and in the end he has a one-to-one fight with the toughest Raghuvaran on top of a terrace. Ha! Ha! So much for originality!
Taking such a simplistic plot line I wanted to create characters and scenes and present them in a way as never been seen before, though there were quite a few scenes I copied from various films. A few examples are; the Ganapati chanda collection scene has been taken from Dilip Shanker’s ‘Kaalchakra’, Amala giving coffee to Nagarjuna before the song is from Sanjeev Kumar’s some film, the cycle chase is from Rahul Rawail’s ‘Arjun’ and the scene where Nagarjuna’s dead friend’s mother slaps the inspector is from Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jaws’, to name a few.
The shooting went quite well and uneventful mainly because of my extreme clarity in what I wanted to achieve. Only after the final edit trouble started. When we arranged a projection two outside people who were not involved in the making saw the film, said it’s too slow and boring with no drama. The excitement in all concerned came down quite a bit in spite of me saying that it is the lack of background score and sound efx which is making them feel that. Without them it looked like a silent film. In those days they were not used to such underplayed performances and subtleties and hence understandably disturbed. Nagarjuna was the only guy who understood and stood by me like a rock in that entire period.
When the films first trial happened many distributors felt it was too violent and feared that women and family audience will stay away as the industry generally believed that they constitute the majority.
Surendra and Venket felt that at best the film will do a very average business and I told them that it will be big hit.
The film released and the first day report Venket got from a distributor was that the audience was watching the movie silently without any reaction. We couldn’t make out what the means, till the same guy called again in the night and told us that he finally figured out the reason for that and told us the audiences are simply stunned.
It created a furore at the box-office and for the sheer impact I became a household name in Andhra Pradesh.
I was very glad that my confidence proved the distributors, Venket and Surendra wrong.
P.S: I was even more confident of ‘Raatri’ (Raat) and it became a disaster. 
Some trivia of ‘Shiva’:
1). Originally ‘Shiva’ was the name of the villain in the script. In the narration Nagarjuna used to like the name so much he asked me to name his character as Shiva.
2). I named the villain Bhavani because I based his character on a guy called Radha with a very violent reputation in Vijayawada. Since Radha is a girl’s name, I named him Bhavani which is a girl’s name too.
3). Initially I had a scene of Shiva’s first fight with J.D when he is playing football which I wanted to loosely model on a similar scene of ice-hockey in ‘Damien (Omen II)’. When Venket didn’t react to it much, I came up with breaking the cycle chain idea. Throughout the shooting I wasn’t too sure how that would be received because after Venket liked it very much I went home and tried to break the cycle chain and realized the impossibility of it, But I told myself that since nobody would have tried it, it just might look believable. But now after all these years the sheer number of people who come and claim to me that they broke a cycle chain after watching ‘Shiva’ is the ultimate example of how imagination can take over and become a reality in time.
4). I read about the steadicam in the ‘American Cinematographer’ magazine and I was talking about it to a camera assistant in the studio that something like that exists in Hollywood, when he shockingly revealed to me that there is one even in Chennai for the past 4 years but nobody uses it. I tested it out and wanted to use it but my cameraman was reluctant saying that one can’t center it or balance it, to which I said if we are using it in a chase scene as a point of view why should that matter. Thus I became the first Director ever to use a steadicam. Within a year of ‘Shiva’s release more than 10 steadicams were imported.
5). Most fight sequences were choreographed by me in ‘Shiva’ and that is why you see Nagarjuna hitting mostly with a hook or a stomach punch. That’s because I knew only those two from my boxing days.
6). The first ever compliment I ever got in my life as a Director from an outsider was when Ilayaraja was doing the background score for ‘Shiva’ in Mumbai due to some strike in Chennai, a violin player walked up to me and said, “The film is fantastic”. His name was Ismail Durbar and he went on to later do music for ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and ‘Devdas’.
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  1. Kalyan says:

    Varma, Shiva is an all time classic. Thanks for bringing it on !

  2. Kalyan says:

    Varma gaaru,Shiva is a path breaker in telugu film history. It dared to show the people the new cinematography and audiography. Even after watching so many times and even after seeing other movies copy/inspires scenes from Shiva, everytime I watch the movie on TV i feel something new. I love this article and your honesty about revealing copying scenes/plots from other movies. Narayana

  3. Krishna says:

    Ramu Sir,At the outset, I should congratulate you on being very honest and starightforward in writing the posts. Becoz no one will reveal where they took the plot-lines, inspirations for the scenes etc. Regarding the Shiva, I would like to write how I had felt when I watched (some 11 times) ( I would not comment it or review it becoz a film is not made for others to comment or review) A film will be good when the audience felt the impulse, able to identity themselves or their surroundings or make them to think that it may happen to them. In all these aspects, Shiva is a perfect fit. I would appreciate the story narration, the terrific characterization, and your boldness to conceive the idea.Also the camerawork, the background score stands out………The scene where the Goons hit Naresh (character name) ( the first guy to be attacked in the movie) is brilliant. It is a perfect example of how a camera is aptly handled, excellent sound effects and expression.Thanks for introducing the steadicam for the first time in telugu movies, we are enjoying the effects of it on the screen in almost all the movies now…..I wish you all the best..

  4. Ashvin says:

    Long wait finally worth…! I also remember that you have mentioned the scene where Sudhakar hits the pole was copied from SADMA !!! My favorite scene in this film is "Nag appears after the train passes and then ….."  and another  its simply awesome and really stylish…!!! and another one one…..”shiva shiva shiva shiva shiva…evaru ra shiva…vaadu emaina davuda J and my all time fav song…botony aata vundi …..:)….as previously mentioned in other comments…I have seen shiva at least 60 times without fast forward without skipping the songs :)every scene..every shot…:)

  5. Ashvin says:

    I am still waiting for your blog on "Making of Nishabd"

  6. Ashvin says:

    GUys..I chanced upon this article while browsing..
    Its writtn by Nag\’s fan..And tell you what I was goddam impressed with this write up..
    Its about Nag\'[s path breathking movie..of course you guessed it – all time favourie too..haveing seen it more than 50 times! ( yes, without fast forward..coz this movie doesnt have anything that\’d make me to fast forward)
    Look at the intensity of his sentences!! Struck me with Awe!! And of course, the movie credit goes to RGV !! The King Maker!
    itles start ayye mundu… vadile smoke tho screen black colored ayyi….akkada titles….black back ground lo….emi creativity adi….hatsoff RGV…..
    NAG intro scene…..jaganiki velugu niche suryudu background lo…….yuganiki daari chupinche NAG foreground lo…..ei ei ei ei deenemaa racha racha  ( Aaaaaaakrhi likha baap..main tho fida ho gaya)
    Chinna rods thee…..assalu total black screen lo….rendu kasi ga unna puli kallu….assalu aa shot….still the top shot of INDIAN CINEMA
    Rendu lorryla janalni teesukelli….SHIVA ni narikeyandi….ee scene lo Raghuvaran action….oka pillodi chethilo debba thinnanu ane badha chupinchatam….keka
    ee dialogue raseppudu….dialogue writer ki kuda telisi undadu……
    ee SHIVA….tollywood charithra ni thiraga raasthadu ani….
    ee SHIVA…total INDIAN cinema…tollywood vaipu jelousy tho chusettu chesthundani….
    ee SHIVA….tollywood ni pre SHIVA post SHIVA ani two parts ga divide chesthunadni….
    ee SHIVA wanna be directors ki oka encyclopedia avuthunadni….
    ee SHIVA movie maker ki entha guts undalo teliyachesthundani….
    ee SHIVA all other hero fans ki ilanti bomma okkati unte baavundedi mana hero career lo anukunettu chesthunadani….
    ee SHIVA okkati chalu andari herofans noru mooyinchataniki saripothundani…
    ee SHIVA andhra lo anni colleges mooyisthundani….
    ee SHIVA dub ayyi pakka state lo superstars valla kuda kaani…okate cenetr lo rendu thetareslo silver jubilee chesukuntundi ani…..
    maa hero ki 100 INDUSTRY HITS unnayi ra ante…..maaku SHIVA undi….ani dammu ga dummu lepe range ki nagfans ni teesukelthundani….
    adi SHIVA ante…….
    SHIVA…….never before and never again(if not NAG)…..

  7. Vijay says:

    I was waiting all day long and refreshing your website waiting for the new post. Anyway I guess we are as jobless as it gets. I still remember that people remembered Shiva for that cycle chain breaking part. It was a moment of sheer genius!! I guess Shiva was nothing like what people had seen until then.

  8. Unknown says:

    Dear RGV,I am checking the space every day for new updates. Have been hooked on for quite some days. Finally thought I will thank you for sharing the details of your journey.Even the insights some of the readers bring in are woth appreciating.cheers all the film lovers!Anand

  9. vaishak says:

    Once anurag kashyap said in an interview "ram gopal varma is a genius and he can make a grand come back at any time"….I already told you that i agreed with it 100 and 1 percent . To be frank , iTs your genius which is getting revealed all these three blog posts. What a film shiva was at that time…Nobody imagined a movie like that…I still remember that i got stunned by the movie\’s style and it\’s genius silence.One can clearly find an arrival of a brilliant director in shiva.
    My questions to you…..
    1. How did you manage to convince  your DOP with your kind of frame composition and lighting …?
    2. Did you know about certain lenses and it\’s frame range when making this movie…?
    3.Did you give freedom to the DOP in lighting….If not, how did you convince him to make the film look realistic…?
    4. Did shiva\’s DOP had done any work before it…?…and You liked his previous work and took him for shiva..?
    5. You got any inspiration from manirathnam\’s "Agni nakshathiram" …?…Especially when creating Amala\’s character…?
    6.Are you a admirer of P C Sreeram\’s works….?
    And its great reading that you got this idea of using steadycam from \’American cinematographer"…..You are ahead of your time……
    ….Thanks ….Vaishak…..

  10. SUNIL LEE says:

    Dear RGV sir,
    Thanks for sharing the experiences, this gives us confidence that if we persistantly work on some thing abd believe in your ideas, automatically people and world will believe you sooner ot later. but the truth lies within us, how we did it. haina sir, i know that, you might have done still many things, which you cannot share and only you know it.
    Thoses thoughts cannot be picturised or shared. is it possible, have you thought of it,
    for example when we want achieve something, we have our own calculation., our strategy of working,
    hope you can make theme out ofthis thought and make screen play.
    My intution is telling we meet soon. do you belive in intutions. i do..
    have nice day.
    life is all about setting goals, and achieving, and being happy in the end.
    wish you all the happiness and peace, and many more good films.
    Sunil lee

  11. murali says:

    thanks ramuji. Was waiting for this post. interesting read indeed!But iwanted more details :-).. can you please post write up on more scenes (in Shiva) please..

  12. Unknown says:

    I think i was in 4th class when Shiva released, so i never got a chance to watch it in theatres.As i grew older, i started watching movies on tv and it was only in my inter first year that i really started watching movies in theatres and slowly my fascination for cinema grew further.In my inter first year, while watching movies in random, i came across a movie called \’Rangeela\’ and after watching it i liked it so much that i felt like \’who is this guy who made this movie?\’ and then from my friends, i came to know that some Ram Gopal Varma is the man behind it and i started to do a research on his movies and watched them all in vcr and after watching his movies, i became a HUGE FAN of him(till then i was a big fan of \’Gentleman\’ shankar and Manirathnam).Since then i always waited for ur movies to release to watch it on the first day first show and this excitement remains the same even today.Coming to ur movies, i personally like Kshanakshanam, Gayam, Anaganaga oka roju, Rangeela, Satya, Company and Sarkar THE MOST…These movies are simply \’untouchables\’…keep going RGV… u and thanku so much for entertaining us all these years through ur movies(i think we people should thank u for giving us such terrific movies and not the otherwise)….

  13. gunda says:

    Not sure if you remember me. I met you several times during 1989-1990 along with my friend Shiva Prasad. He was Koti\’s friend.

  14. Narendra says:

    To become a director, as you said earlier, experience isn\’t necessary. What about knowing the technology involed? You have to be thorough with the techniques, do\’s and dont\’s that are an integral part of film making. So, how can one know about them unless he\’s learned about them in some institute or has on-hand experience inside the indusrty directly? Leaving that to the cinematographer or the sound engineer etc. can\’t help. Will it?
    Camera angle too is very vital for a scene to work is what I believe. Also apt editing. While we can see highly professional editing work in foreign movies, why don\’t we follow the same procedure here? They take every care that there\’s a connection or a flow between every scene. But in our movies we can see that there\’s a sudden jump from one scene to another. Same is the case with background score. Suddenly a big thundering sound comes out of nowhere. Sarkar Raj had few such scenes. What goes thru\’ your mind when you sit with the editor or the music director? Coz your movies are the best in the country when it comes to editing and background sound. Simply superb. Also how do you decide the camera angles. Do you do any homework for it? I remember that you once said, you do the camera angle work spontaneously then and there in the set itself. But I don\’t think so. A lot of psycholgical work shud be done. If it\’s some family drama then lavish sets with wide and top angle shots will do. But for horror and satya kinda movies . . . . no way. I have recently watched this film called \’The Strangers\’ (2007). The director used a very interesting camera angle technique, which I fell is the film\’s biggest asset. He gets the audience directly involved into the drama through the camera angles. Although many of them are standard for any suspence film, the timing is excellent.
    When will your hollywood project hit the floors sir?
    Can u or any visitor to the blog suggest a few magazines or websites to keep myself updated with all the techological changes happening in film industries around the globe.
    How are you able to make movies at such low budgets when every other rascal is spending crores of useless money on movies that don\’t look even half as good as your\’s are on the big screen (I mean quality, not the content)? Is it because of tie-ups or perfect planning.
    While some of your assistants like Krishna Vamsi make movies without any scripts (and does a very good job most of the times), do you really suggest that technique for young directors?
    What happened to \’FACTORY\’ sir? I miss it\’s products a lot.

  15. Abhishek says:

    Sir, I thank you for this post…..Its a very special thanks because…I haven\’t read the article yet..the moment I saw the title..I got excited..Now once I post this comment I am going to read it..enjoy and celebrate!!CheersHave you met any crazy guy like me?  🙂 Please keep writing!!

  16. Unknown says:

    I always want to Shiva in theatre..but it didn\’t happen…here\’s my
    little story….how I watched Shiva…


    I am in 8th class when Shiva was released. I used to go to school
    from a small town called Aler to Bhongir in train. All my friends saw Shiva in
    Bhongir(it\’s big town compared to Aler), since I was from small town, it
    usually takes 1-2 years those days to screen new movies in small towns.


    My friends used to tell me all about Shiva, cycle chains, they even
    named student groups calling Bhavani group, Shiva group. One of my friend even
    came to school with a cycle chain sticked beneath his school belt…


    my friends even told me that one fight scene was filmed in Raigir
    (small village between near Bhongir)…..everyday when I pass through my commute to school from Aler to Bhongir…

    I used to think about Shiva movie…however…my parent\’s didn\’t
    allow me to see Shiva in Bhongir alone .. I was so adamant to see
    Shiva..finally after 1 year my parent\’s agreed to rent a VCR (we didn\’t have a
    VCR)and Shiva movie..and watched it finally at home ..and I was so happy
    because…. I rewinded and saw the fights in movie..many times before we
    returned VCR…

  17. Vumsy says:

    Why did Rajiv Menon leave as the steadicam operator after working for a few days? By the way, great narration again.

  18. sriram says:

    I have never seen a movie impact society directly as much as Shiva did. It changed the lives of some people, for good or bad was their choice. Once in a lifetime film.

  19. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu,
    I take great pleasure in making a conversation with you through your Blog & would like to ask you if you have seen Full Metal Jacket, if you have seen it, i wanna know how you are impressed with the Marines Commander ?
    waiting to see if you will Indianise that particular character in one of your upcoming movies.
    Another small request ,I wanna see Shiva & Kshana Kshanam in Digitally Remastered DVD Version, can you please make this possible.

  20. Unknown says:

    RGV — Terrific! Beyond doubt, you definitely have amazing capability of narration. Your One Kilometer blog was thought provoking. I always wondered why Bhavani? Now I see it!Break a leg!

  21. Sai says:

    I hope that lovely post with very interesting trivia doesn\’t end your posts on Shiva. I am sure there is a lot more to discuss. Eagerly awaiting more..

  22. VJ says:

    Ramu,Rendu…….Rendu Lorriela Gulaabeelu pampistaa………………Good & calibrated write up ;)Siva indeed jolted the public, esp the youth who\’re till then used to the formulae movies of Telugu Directors. The most powerful performances came from Raghuvaran and JD, I think. Raatri is like pasta to idli-liking Goltis (I am one). Fantastic movie but dished out to the wrong audience. Photography was eerie. Chinna\’s choice was a master stroke.

  23. VJ says:

    \’Rendu lorriela Janam\’ was the most popular dialogue among our friends circle. hahahaha

  24. Trimex says:

    I always detested people writing fanmail and getting elated when they received reply back. In fact I used to despise people who were unbelievably mad about film stars. Year 1989 changed so much of this in me. Two movies – Geethanjali and Shiva were released. It is then I understood why people get excited about the creative types. In Shiva, more than technique, it is the sensibility which caught my attention. I used to walk sometimes with my eyes and head close to a cemented wall just to enjoy the visual texture and similarly organized chaos. Since then I became a confessed Fan of RGV. I did not see Aag but I was really irritated seeing Contract. Like all things about Shiva, Poster design is marvelous. Whose ideas were they? Apart from the brilliant wall posters, I still remember those quarter page ads on Eenadu paper front page. I used to put that as covers to my notes week after week.Can you please tell us how as a fresher(director) you communicated your tastes and expectations with Ilayaraja to get the background music for Shiva. The way music used to pick and stop while Nag takes on JD from cycle stand-to- classroom while the Cycle chase, or during the finale? The music thread between Nag & Amala ( after he rescues her) and during final credits is marvelous. Can you…..

  25. Trimex says:

    Ramu ramu.. ramu ! Yevdaiah vadu? Vademanna devda? Rendu laarila jannani teeskelli .. vaadnesy!Oh boy!"Anna… ee plan Ram Gopal Varma cinema lekka confusing ga undey!"dudies any body remember which movie the above dialogue is from? I beleive it\’ is one of RGVs own production.

  26. Trimex says:

    After Malli dies, Nag while speaking to the inspector will say something like"I do not know if I will win this war but my……." Its not pretty clear … what is it? By the way is it from you?

  27. Gruesome says:

    thank you for sharing some trivia on Shiva!i first watched this in telugu when i was in high school on a pirated video tape at a friends house and without much translation from my friend pretty much understood the of the film,the reason for me to watch the film was a similar situation like what happens in college between Shiva and J.D happened in our school,We had a bully who used to mess with everyone possible and not many of us had the balls to take him on, one day during a football match he kept getting under the skin of this real silent guy who was a very good friend of mine whom i never used to think was capable of lifting a finger even,that guy hammered the living daylights out the bully!chasing him allaround the school finally the grand finale being throwing a crowbar which some labourers were using and it landed like a javelin at the running bully missing him by inches!The bully quivering in fear finally mouthed off a warning to save face in front of others to meet him the next day "outside" school to settle matters!I told my friend to not to come to school the next few days and somehow work out a compromise,he instead told me,lets see what happens tommorrow,the next day after school i was dreading what was in store for my friend and outside the school gate the bully was standing with some more boys(seniors) and waiting for my friend,my friend walked out along with me and told me to not to get scared and he is waiting for a another "friend" ,there was one single guy much older to us who was standing in a corner and came up to us and asked my friend who was it who was messing with him, by then the bully came up with his "boys" and asked my friend if it is only 1 friend he has to support him(of course not even considering me because he knew i wouldnt dare even look him in the eye,let alone fight) the next second that guy slicked something out of his pocket and it was a razor!!in 20 seconds the seniors deserted the bully,the bully almost shat his pants and i was ready to faint! this was my instant connection with Shiva!
    Its really cool that you admit about your "lifting" and "borrowing", i dont think there is nothing wrong in being honest about your inspirations from different films,it always cool to see that film and then you recollect,how the scene was redone in another film! i think one scene which you didnt mention or forgot was the hospital scene where Shiva see\’s his friends smashed face,the look of disbelief and fear put together as well as him rushing out of the door and he walking out in anger and rage is from Mad Max where Mel Gibson see\’s his burnt friend and is overcome with emotion and anger!am i right?
    best regards!

  28. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu
    Thanks for the wonderful trivia on Shiva. I still remember the movie for the wonderful build up of rage and fury prior to the action scenes and the extremely believable fight scenes. U talk about using only the hook and the punch for choreographing the same but actually that was what made the action scenes believable. I remember some of my friends attempting to break the bicycle chain after watching the movie. I think this is a genre of understated action, which u should be attempting.It was done in " James" (by Rohit Jugraj) but i think the script of the movie and the  motive of the central character did not go down well with the audience, though I loved the introduction of Mohit Ahlawat in train action sequence.I think another director who uses the concept of pent up fury and action very well without fists flying and dramatic fight scenes is Rajkumr Santoshi.This article relived some of the goosebumps we felt while watching " Shiva" . Thanks for the experience, RGV. WE action buffs ,expect more films like this from ur stable.

  29. sandeep says:

    hi rgvgruesome and classy…that\’s what shiva is all about.truely a mixture of ardh satya ,sholay an the return of the dragon.

  30. Unknown says:

    hi rgv
    nice reading all the three blogs on shiva
    m sure there is a lot more trivia to it
    read abt phoonk 2
    was wondering if amruta is going to be shown flying wit her saree
    better still would be to let her die n ve the ghost in the daughter who has grown into a beautiful young college going teenager somebody wit the charm n sexual appeal of ur best find to date…….urmilla.may be it can be the next in series of ur phoonk sequels.this is jus a thought if it appeals to ur sensibilities.otherwise m a huge fan of ur films n watch every film that u make n love them all.good luck for all ur future endeavours.

  31. Unknown says:

    hello ramu,
    umm….where to start from ..anyway as time goes i will have a longer interaction with you…
    but one small request …wat made you to do "ghayam" ….its my all time fav….

  32. Kiran Kumar says:

    you are now is because of your film “SHIVA”. In directly you are hear because
    of Nagarjuna whether you accept this or not this is fact. But you gave two
    flops to Nagarjuna after “SHIVA” (i.e. ANTHAM and GOVINDA GOVINDA). Is this is
    the way to treat? Please make one more blockbuster/trendsetter like “SHIVA” and
    prove your gesture towards him.

  33. Kiran Kumar says:

    Why you’re “SHIVA” failed to nominate for Oscar’s in the
    Best Foreign Film Category?

  34. Abel says:

    Hi RGV!I was in FY Jr. College when Shiva released and I still remember how we used to write "Student Power" everywhere including the class blackboard. By the way couple of days ago I watched Contract and it was certainly not that bad as it was made out. I very much liked the character of Dara (Encounter Cop). But the other day I re-watched Company after 2-3 years and impact was stunning. I could not find a single frame which is off track and meaningless. I hate to say but I started comparing it with Contract and found exactly why the bloggers have criticized it. IMO Company was as good as Satya. Just one silly questionDo you drink? (no, I am not asking about water or cold drink but alcohol in any form ) 

  35. Uday says:

    How did you conceive the scene at railway crossing? The one where Nag rescues Amala from kidnappers 

  36. Raghav says:

    I Loved you blog very much. Thanks a lot for all your posts.

  37. thirumal says:

    Ecstatic,  i heard very interesting things in shooting process.All togeather in one sense the takings and the making of scenes would have stunned the tecnicians and people who r involed in it.I heard it like those were in confusion that \’Wat this boy is doing\’?.What r the other hurdles that u undergone while making the BEST.

  38. Sridhar says:

    My best movie of ur\’s for me is still Kshana Kshanam!! It was made far ahead of its time…Im not talking about the taking, but the concept and the raw treatment…ppl would love such movies to be watched in multiplexes…a clean and entertaining movie….I have seen it more than 25 times I guess…from start to end in the last 15 years…since it released….even when I watch it now…it doesnt bore me at all…u know wat…my mom has watched it more than 15 times I guess…she remembers most of Sridevi\’s scenes…..the way she murmurs…"devuda..devuda"….
    There are numerous scenes in Kshana Kshanam which can be used by budding filmmakers like lessons for good screenplay….and excellent background music….carried from Shiva….very consistent….I think this film was the start of you getting into the comedy lime light…Paresh was not as serious as Raghuvaran…he had a humurous side to him….most of the villians were also humurous….who can forget the famous bridge scene….\’teliyadu anna\’ by Narsing…and a small but good role by Brahmanadam as the owner of a posh Clothing Outlet….Venky was also enjoying himself….lol…..and lo Rami Reddy as police….and the last scene where he says…\’u made us run for nothing\’….hahaha…..and before that an excellent take from the Helicopter where Venky gets down from the running train…and the trains separation…superb!! Sridevi was innocently humurous….while Venky was unknowingly humurous throughout the chase…..the only person who was unwilling-humurous-trying-to-be-serious was Paresh….a wonderful role…a scene which reminds me is when he gets banged on face with a man carrying a pig while he gets down from the local Bus(or does he not)…something like dat….the face that he makes is so complex and funny…..he really did a damn good job…..
    many many scenes which ppl still talk more than Shiva are in Kshana Kshanam….I still remember the posters…even they were ahead of time…..
    We would like you to tell more about this wonderful movie and the experience Ramu…plsss….

  39. Unknown says:

    Can u also share with us how u communicated with techinicians while making shiva as the treatment was entirely different compared to those times. Did u face any problems in this regard? Even the background score was very different. How u explained this to Ilayaraja?
    Finally.. Thank u. 

  40. vaishak says:

     from Ramu\’s fans :
    Ah..You better put your fist up,Ah, right now..[One for the treble,Two for the base,King is in the place,You better watch this space..-
    Ramu is king,Ramu is king,Ramu is king
    Yo yo yo yoYou know we bring the rockers in the place,Don’t be messing with me punkers,I hit you in the face,
    You know you better salute to the king..the RGVYou know you better bow down to the Ramu..
    A..Ah..You better pump it up,Ramu is in the house,You better turn it up,I say, you better pump it up,Varma is in the house,You better turn it up..
    aao..dil ka raag sunao..o o o..gao, hasna gaana,morning to evening..
    When I say king,You say king,Ramu is kingRamu is king
    ……………By a Fan [ chamcha]………With love…………………………….

  41. Unknown says:

    Excellent blog ….. I watched Shiva on the first day and twice more in the first week.

  42. Anantha says:

    It is actually very brave of you Mr.Varma to actually go public in writing about how you got influenced by so many movies from your earlier days and going to the extent of going public about your breakthrough movie being a RIP OFF… especially after we see so many movies in the film industries.. easily ripping off famous movies.. and not even acknowledging them. But Mr. varma, i would like to ask you if you are actaully fond of camera shots that move close to the ground.. why do you use them so much? again… what do you think of the Telugu film industry at present?

  43. Unknown says:

    Mr varma ,
    The only thing that is fucking up this society is that the very fact that a thing like tv9 exists ……….. practically living off other people ………. parasites of the first order ……. they amaze me …..

  44. Unknown says:

    I still remember the poster designs for Shiva. Earlier to shiva posters used to be for every week, like 2nd week, 3rd week etc. I guess shiva changed it to 10 days , 20 days, 30 days etc….I remember eswar was publicity designer. What was your involvement there?
    Also, hats off to who ever thought it was for the railway track poster….man, i still remember staring at the poster at least 5 minutes every day while going to school… mad I was…. I still dont feel silly about it… the poster and the movie really deserved those emotions….
    I wish you too would have carried off the passion for yoursef and cinema….

  45. Kesavan says:

    Preface:Ramu, as a film maker you have created some really unique and personal experiences for a lot of people. Everyones story/feelings associated with these films will be unqiue and hence the curiosity to know more about specifics of what one liked, directly from the horses mouth. Hence, dont be tired and keep writing and answering us.
    Like many children, my choices of likes and dislikes for films was directly influenced by my father\’s tastes. There was a mid aged couple (Ramulu & Family) who lived opposite our house, who had a habit of watching every (literally) Telugu film that was made. During those days the front row tickets was 1 Rupee. So Ramulu would sell paper covers he made in the nearby market along with his wife and after that drove on his Atlas cycle, with his wife for an evening show. Our source of which films were released that week and who acted in those films and reactions to the film was Ramulu and his narration. We had only one family with a TV in our street and used to watch Chitralahari on Wednesdays, where occassionally new film songs were played. There was some advertisement on the radio which was catching up.
    So in his usual weekly reports, Ramulu mentioned about ANR son\’s film, Shiva that got released that week. He said that it was very different and also had voilence. Instantly my father caught the Voilence word and played it up and hence we never saw Shiva and soon forgot it. Gitanjali, which was released in the same year, had an advantage of outstanding music and the songs were played on Chitralahari (Jhallanta Kavvinta Kaavaali le, is still one of my most fav songs of all time) and we saw that film and liked it too. After about a year, when Nandi awards were announced, I heard Shiva name again and I became curious. I was in my 8\’th class then.
    One day while coming back from school, enroute our school bus need to cross a narrow road under a bridge where there was a very rare traffic jam. Initially we children thought that some heavy truck got stuck under the brige, but later saw a sea of people going towards the railway station. When we reached home, we saw our whole colony deserted and upon enquiry, we came to know that everyone went to see shooting of a film, in which Sridevi was acting. Sridevi quite obviously was more popular than Venkatesh then, who was the hero. So, we went to the station to see the shooting and upon enquiry we came to know that the director is the same guy who made Shiva. I still did not see Shiva till then and was oblivious to the cult status the film was garnering.
    Again, due to whatever reason/influences, I did not see Shiva and ended up seeing Kshana Kshanam first and loved the film. In 1992, my parents went to our village during summer holidays and I was undergoing some coaching in Hyderabad, when I was on my own. That was when Shiva was re-released in a nearby theatre. My golikkaya friends saw the film and constantly used to talk about the dialogues in the film, the most popular being "Shiva Shiva Shiva…..". My curiosity level was unimaginable and to save any ridicule of my friends for not having watched the film, I saw it immediately. It was a good film, but due to the eipc proportions of expectations I built in my mind, I did not have goose pimples. I saw the film recently again on DVD and when I tried to think that it was made 18 years back in Telugu, I thought WOW! what an effort.
    Some Trivia1. That railway station where Kshana Kshanam was shot is Lingampalli – Outskirts of Hyderabad and as you would guess it, its the train sequence in the film.
    2. What Ramu may not know is that after the shooting was wrapped up, there was an accident of a passenger travelling in the train, who was hanging out of the door and got hit by the lamp post. We heard that he died on the spot. May his soul rest in peace.
    3. My favourite Ramu\’s film is Gaayam. I was amazed, it was an outstanding film and had a huge impact on me. It changed my taste for films forever. I saw many of the other films that Ramu made after that and I liked (Company, Satya, Kaun, Rangeela etc), but none compares to the experience I felt while watching Gaayam. Sarkaar was Gaayam rehashed and was a strictly average adaptation according to me.
    Some questions for Ramu
    Question 1:Ramu, can you shed some light on Gaayam? How did you choose Revathi\’s character and Sirivennala\’s character? Alupannadi unda, egire alaku, yedaloni layaku… Chitra and Sirivennala both have created something really out of the world, can you shed some light on how you worked on that song?
    Question 2:What is your take on music (I mean songs) in films? How do you choose your songs and corresponding situations? Is there any interesting anecdote regarding songs in your films that you can narrate? Which is your favourite song from your films?

  46. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,
    I love ur blog…..
    I still remember the Shiva logo…
    "Nag face in the middle"…hand which carrying cycle chain….
    Its a trend setter….
    One thing I like the most in ur blog is….u r telling frankly that which seen I copied from which films….
    Who knows, tomarrow some body quote ur films….as they copied from ur films…
    Ur films has "RGV MARK"
    Now u r a brand name…..
    I can say strongly that, even if u do falthu film, producer wont get loss…
    coz…most of ur films shout in  dark and less places..less budget…..
    U believe in story not in budget…
    I like "NISHABDH" also…………..
    Another thing "Rangeela"
    Story time:
    Those days I am studying my 8 th class…Andhra jyothi paper comes daily to my home….
    till that day movie adds occupy small space…..that day Rangeela relese…
    But Rangeela poster "Urmila in red bikini"  occupied half of the back page…vertically….its awesome…
    I became fan of Urmila after I saw the poster itself….
    u r blog remaind me of my chaildhood..
    Thanks Rgv….
    I am connecting ur films with my schooling……….
    Go ahead………..MY FAV…………RGV…………….
    a FAN……OR A/C/………………………..ANIL

  47. Varma says:

    After Shiva was released, one of my friend used to carry a cycle chain in his school bag. He was doing 6th class. I still remember the day and the location where I came to know about Ram Gopal Varma. Me and my cousin brother were at the bus stand where he told me about RGV. I was so fascinated. From that day on I got much more interested in movies.

  48. Pradeep says:

    Varma you had given life to Nagarjuna as an actor and vice versa,so why your not launching his son Nag Chaitanya?as your having good relations with them?

  49. Pradeep says:

    Can we see Ramu as an actor in near future?
    I want see you as an underworld DON,
    as you and dawood are having few simalarities. 😉

  50. thirumal says:

    I wanna share my childhood experiances with the Movie SHIVA.I was a film buff used to see every movie which released in my small town.I was studying 9th standard and i had very great access to the students of 12th and degree students,that is \’cause  i was very good at cricket.i was the constant member of their teams.
    Coming to the movies,i was not passionate to any stars at that age.i used to have pleasure while watching the movie.i didn\’t know that atleast the director is there behind the movie.
    After watching SHIVA, still i remember that i was silent for no reason.what i have seen is completly different to my small ignorent mind.All my older friends were talking about the scenes ,fights and because of that it put a stamp on me.For me SHIVA was challenged visually,i didn\’t know the wizardry of the movie and how it is different from the other movies.Its challenged my senses because VISUALLY its a different experience to me.
      What i wanna say again, in the terms of its big hit, it worked and it challenged the entire all sections of crowds in terms of its visual appearence rather than its wizardry.I came to this conclusion because those large crowds and those inspired ones are still watching the reguler steriophonic masala flicks and prasing them regularly.And we have to agree that SHIVA has changed the entire format of the TELUGU cinema.But in which ways…..
    that is why i am still bound to that many are not aware of the real residue of it.We have come across hundreds of films after that and many are directed by those who r fuckingly inspired.Many filmi intelectuals are saying that the TELUGU INDUSTRY should be divided into before \’SHIVA=verma\’ and after \’SHIVA=verma\’.
    Some of these questions are still bothering me. I hope RAMU could say something about this.

  51. VJ says:

    Tirumal,I dont think Telugu cinema has changed since Ramu\’s Siva. It\’s an overstatement. Ramu brought some characters in movies who were hardly shown in our movies b4. It\’s a trend at best not an era. P.S: It seems that Ramu is happy with his past than his future (it\’s the time he stop talking abt his Rangeela and that stuff in TV interviews). Most his movies are inspired by or derivatives of well known Hollywood flicks. That\’s not originality but Priyadarshanism. Nevertheless Ramu is poor man\’s Spielberg. Unfortunately his creativity is tapering off. Sorry said that.

  52. thirumal says:

    @ VV
    I will come tomorrow.. man
    Have a nice weekend.

  53. VJ says:

    Thiru,Have a nice weekend 🙂

  54. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

        What about  Reactions to Reactions ?

  55. somal says:

    Hi, the first time I saw SHIVA  I knew this is really different…atleast technically.And I had commented to my friends that  this is such a POWERFULLY DONE & A DIRECTOR\’S FILM that even Cricketer Kapil Dev would have been a Hit with this film if Ngarjuna is replaced ever in those days.
    ( My other favourites are Company and Sarkar).

  56. Unknown says:

    hi all,Somal\’s comment triggered a thought that was haunting me from so long!Can we take out a part of the film and would that film be still a success?My thought is \’No\’. Every small thing, the hero,heroine, music, comedy track…everything has to be perfect to get the right output.Director is the Creator! He has to choose the best inputs to the best of his knowledge…. Then the timing of the release, production values! Now a days publicity..Its a complex business my friend!Anyway, In this context, let me ask RGV, Q) Is there something like "A Directors film". Is every film not by the director?Regards,Anand.

  57. Unknown says:

     dear ramu sir ( hope there is no difference between ramu and ramuji )
    I had been following ur blogs very frequently , and when ever i read them i tend to get a sly smile on my face . ur blogs are so entertaining, i say more entertaining than ur movies ( no offence intentended ) . i take ur blogs as ur narration of a particular story, which is very good.i got really moved by ur post of THE BIGGEST FLOP OF MY LIFE .
    i am born and brought up in visakhapatnam . This mail is not intended to dissect ur film making skills or to give u any informative advices . i can summarise it thus I ENJOY UR MOVIES   SIMPLE THATS ALL !!!!!!!       .But my concern is for the films that have been turning up in  andhara pradesh that have caused me much pain.PAIN BECOZ I AM BEING CHEATED OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY …….. CINEMA TICKETS HAVE TURNED INTO LOTTERY TICKETS …… SADLY . TRULY THERE WERE COUNTLESS INSTANCES IN WHICH I WENT HOME WITH FEVER OR IMMENSE HEADACHE AFTER A GOOD MOVIE ( ACCORDING TO THE SO CALLED MOVIE CRITICS VERSIONS IN MANY OF THE LEADING NEWSPAPERS ) . I PERSONALLY THINK THE LOTTERY TICKETS FARE BETTER THAN MOVIE TICKETS NOW A DAYS . IT"S VERY HARD TO FIND A GOOD MOVIE TO WATCH NOW A DAYS.

  58. Unknown says:

    This is to tell u that there is someone who likes ur attitude. But i am scared to tell everyone around me that i am a fan urs. I like ur blogs n in these days am completly addicted to ur blogs ….
    I have a question to u Mr.Ramu ………… Do u fart ?
    To my knowledge if u feel to respond to this question u would say YES. But i was expecting a punch ! 
    Reasons why i have asked u the above question:
    1. To see how u respond to questions like this.
    2. To get an reply for this posting.
    3. To feel proud myself ….. saying i have one quality which matches with u. 
    But please dont give me a punch by saying NO.

  59. sangam says:

    Hey Ramuji,You know why Raat/Raathri did not work at all at that time. Here my theory goes…..A human being wants something only when he does not have it.(Of course, if he asks for more even if he has enough of something , then he is greedy). Ok, coming back to the point, People in India are already scared. That means they already belived in those ghosts, vampires hence they were (even now also) considered to be immature. Man, they are already scared to death of these things, then why would they want to scare themselves by seeing these movies? Got my point?In hollywood, they enjoy watching vampire movies coz they are not scared of these entities mostly. But now that Raat is considered to be a cult classic and more and more ppl are liking it, we can now make or see these films. That\’s why Bhoot became hit. Another point I want to make here is, I observe lot of ppl laughing when those horror scenes are running. This is because they are really scared and they are just escaping from it by laughing. But serious ppl like me are watching them with curiosity coz we are not scared so taking pleasure from it.Same case with Shiva, in those days no body saw a film like that , hense they loved it. You again made Shiva 06 and ppl did not give a damn abt it. But in the same genre, when the groundbreaking films like Satya, The Departed come, then people embrace them.

  60. Unknown says:

    I still think you are not so good in picturizing songs in your movies. Your comment?

  61. vaishak says:

    I watched this film "Phoonk" yesterday night. It is a verry good movie. Sorry for misunderstanding you before i watch it.that is becoz I came to a prejudice conclusion by watching the promo.
    this is my opinion on black magic ….
    Black magic works when the mind of the person goes weak. It works in a mental level.If one think that somebody had done some black magic to kill him ,he ll be thinking about it,his subconscious may discussing the many possibilities t kill him. Sub consious work in the way ,it got feeded from the conscious mind. If you belive in the black magic, if your conscious approves it to the sub conscious, thats it. It will work in that negative way becoz it can\’t decide what s good and what s bad unlike concious mind.
    Propagating the myth and intensity of the thrill
    Like Dracula story, when somebody trying to prove these superstitions right or wrong ,what happens in fact is that he is helping to propagate this myth and fashionising it anyway.After the show, i ve seen many faces leaving the auditorium with scared and thrilled face, mostly north indian boys. "Phoonk\’ can\’t scare my kind of south indians, but i liked it very much. But in any way "Phoonk\’ created a space for superstitions in minds of the people who were in that auditorium yesterday. I am very sure about it.Anyway, at last a good movie from you…
    ……Thanks…..Vaishak Nambiar……
    I was watching it like a thriller. In the climax, it s your directional ability that i sat on the edge of the seat and involved in the scene even so i know what will happen in the end and this is the film which made me sit on the edge of the seat after a long time.

  62. Sunil says:

    RGV, the man who has classified film eras. Pre Shiva and Post Shiva.. Sir – i love the trivia  on SHIVA and hope you post the same for Govida Govinda, Kshanak Kshanam and Dil Se as well… Keep up the good work. Sunil.. I would take many more AAGs if RGV can give us one more Sarkar raaj..

  63. Unknown says:

    I personally feel Raghuvaran is to Shiva what Amjad Khan was to Sholay. Both the movies would be nothing without their respective antagonists. I am sorry, Sir, if I am making a too generalized statement. But that is what I honestly feel.

  64. Chandradhar says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I just finished watching \’PHOONK\’ shouldnt it be \’FOONK\’, I think that should be the right spelling.. Anyways, What a splendid movie it is.. Thumbs Up. BigB writes that you have explained an idea to him. Whats cooking? Do let us know.
    Will you also plz explain why does Manoj Vajpai regards you to be the \’Greatest Liar Ever\’.. Plz check his posting titled \’RamGopal Verma Aur Main\’  

  65. Unknown says:

    Hello sir, great to see and read the content in ur blog. You are my role model and Im wildly impressed with ur confidence in speaking what comes to ur heart and truth. I am sure that no other director will reveal those reasons behind their creative thoughts and from where they took the scene. I am very happy to be in the time where u r directing films. "Sarkar raj" is mind blowing movie, I am sure that for other directors in India it will take 10 more years to make a film like "Sarkar raj", thanks for giving us great entertainment. To be honest I like the movies only which u direct even though it comes from ur production house.Regards,Mohan Krishna.J

  66. Suraj says:

    RGV,There would very few directors who could write well as you. Hats off!!The plant of shiva has really induced me that, what a honest and mean person you are, who manipulate things just to make movies you believe in. Really that\’s the only way!! Amazing ..I happened to watch Dil Se today (again), I remembered to ask you a question, what was your role in Dil Se. Technically it shows \’Executive Producer\’. Was that limited to that role???Also did you ever had a talk with Santosh Sivan! From the bottom of my heart, I feel your vision would be portrayed in the very best way by Sivan\’s lens. Please try to involve him in any project of yours, would be a treat for all.Also I am really tired asking you about A R Rehman\’s contribution to your work, experiences working with him and is there any cold war between you and Rehman?Would love to see you all in a movie!! WOW I am really excited thinking about it!!Please revert and keep blogging.Regards,Suraj

  67. krupakar says:

    I waited this to listen from you for so many days. I even searched alll your interviews regarding how you got the break and what the kind of thinking you had when u written the script for this movie. Thanks a lot for sharing with us. Man.. looks like you worked hard to get the chance.
    I heard somwhere that cinematographer Gopal Reddy helped you to get a chance in shiva ?
    Due to pressure from distributors/outside ppl did you removed any important scenes which you picturised?
    If possible …Pls tell how you done the selection of new actors like JD,chinna… etc.? Do you know them before?

  68. Unknown says:

    Whatt r ur views regarding marriage….would u like to do one????

  69. VJ says:

    Ramu,I know why u prefer hi-power movies…..I realised why everybody loves them.I saw Taken the day b4 and felt like watching y\’day. The theatre is almost full. Liam almost looked like our Amitabh i.e unbeatable and above law. Ppl like the movie and it\’s running full. I\’d see it again.I saw Appaloosa and I was the only one to see the full movie as everybody left sometime during the movie. I wont see it again.

  70. vaishak says:

    Sir,        Where did you find your new cinematographer savitha singh…?…..Is she a gold medal party from france or somewhere else like amal neerad…?……Anyway she has done a great job in "phoonk"..?……Sir,Please reccoment my name to her…ha..ha.ha ha….when i make a movie i need a cinematographer who can be a li\’l tolerate to a director who is very ignorant about lighting and the use of different lense….anyway, \’Phoonk" is a fantastic work……..thanks…with luv….vaishak….

  71. celeste says:

    Dear Mr. Ram and dear bloggers, I\’m as usual off-topic BUT:
    a big part of \’Bachna Ae Haseeno\’ has been shot in Italy !!!!!!!!!!!
    So: you must watch it for my sake. I know it\’s a stupid film for teen-agers BUT
    a big part has been shot in Italy !!!!!!!!!!
    The first song starring Deepika&Ranbir in Venice, at Alberobello and at the seaside in South Italy. And above all the part starring Bipasha – when Ranbir asks her to forgive him – at Isle of Capri; the song also in Rome !!!!!!
    And the first written words, even before YRF logo and film-title and so on, are: Thanks to ENIT – Italian State Tourism Board !!!!!!!!! India knows Italy\’s existence, at last!!!!! In Europe there aren\’t only Switzerland & UK!!!!
    I cannot believe! I\’m so happy!
    (Ram: when will you shoot a film in Italy? Maybe in Sicily?)

  72. vaishak says:

    Ramu won\’t shoot in Sicily..becoz in sicily, women are more dangerous than guns….[ a dialogue of one of mike\’s body guards from "The Godfather"]……………

  73. vaishak says:

    Ramu, one more doubt….why did you leave Vivek oberoi….?…..he is a right actor for your kind of a director….He is terrific in "Company" and "Road"…..Pleaseeeee…..One more film with Vivek…..thanks…..Vaishak….

  74. celeste says:

    Mr. Ram: I agree with Vaishak Nambiar. Better if you come to Milan…
    (Sicily is too far from me)

  75. Narendra says:

    Sir, can you please share some of your photos with us. When I tried google images, searching for your photos, all that I can find are around 10 stills which keep on repeating. In most of \’em you look either tired or disturbed. Pretty hard to find one in which you were happy.

  76. Narendra says:

    I asked you to share your photos not to marry you (which I can\’t anyways – coz male to male is not my kind) or to look out for matches for you. I wanna update my Orkut profile picture. That\’s why ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  77. VJ says:

    Poor Naren! Ramu\’s good photos are very very few. The very very nice photo of Ramu is that of RGV, Venks and Chiru for KK movie. He wore black glasses and haristyle is diff……it\’s combed onto his forehead & wore white shirt.Now he looks more like Kattula Rattayya……the only diff is that he\’s not sporting a big knife.

  78. VJ says:

    Ooops, I think that\’s Chiru+RGV\’s movie muhurtam still.

  79. VijayDirects says:

    Varma garu, Did you ever come across the term, "Hero\’s Journey"? I would draw parallels with lot of films. A lot of things become clear.

  80. PHANI RAGHAVA says:

    Dear RGV,
    This is my first message in ur blog. I am a big fan of ur kind of films. You revolutionised the way fight sequences are picturised in films. I became big fan of Abishek Bachan after seeing him in SARKAR.
    My most favourite scenes are: 1. In SARKAR, when Amitji comes home from hospital after being shot. U showed how heroism can be shown with clever camera angles( camera lies behind the car as Amitji waves to his supporters)
    2. The last scene where Amitji is shown as retired from his duties & Abhishek takes over (Abhishek sipping the coffee as the women calls him SARKAR)

  81. Raaj K Modi says:

    Raaj K Modi
    6/7/2008 2:37 PM
    5. Always your Eklavya.
    Ans: I am impressed with your observations.
    Raaj K Modi
    6/3/2008 1:08 AM
    6. Shiva was an incomplete film. The 2nd half is with me.
    Ans: Make it yourself.
    Dear Dronacharya,
    Thanks for taking me to the real ground behind Shiva. I was always interested in knowing about the only film, which I\’ve watched more than a Hundred Times. The only movie which I ripped in Parts for the Background Score alone.
    Let me get to the Point, I have already brought to your notice ages back that I have a sequel to Shiva. Please let me tell you about it.
    Shiva assasinates Bhavani and goes to prison (Killing Bhavani was not Shiva\’s Target – Shiva expresses his opinion at the Hospital in the movie.) Nanaji is left alone. Same with Ganesh who turns approver who comes to know the real color of Bhavani and Gang.
    Now about the Sequel, what if Machi Raju was not dead, and Ganesh gets released only to avenge against the person who tried to kill him,a nd where Nanaji is running the Gang with the coordination of Bhavani\’s Brother – UMA Shanker. Machi Raju and Ganesh join hands with other plans in mind trying to get rid of Nanaji and then at the same time Shiva once again enters into the scene????
    This was my mail plot, I have written and I put the Tag Line as "When You Have To Do It. Do It By Any Means…"
    I started working on this story in the year 2003,and tried to approach you for the same. And now, I believe it\’s too late. But I don\’t want my Idea to go a waste. I am 100% confident that this story\’s fate is only left at your mercy. I don\’t expect a movie. This is just a gift from one your fans.
    I wanted to dedicate this Story I am penning down, and would like to have your support with regard to the same. I wish I had some money and influence to contact you and talk to you directly. But I am not that a lucky chap (I\’m 28 now.)
    Please let me know If I can atleast dedicate the one and only story of my life to my Dronacharya.
    Best Regards,
    Always Your Ekalavya.
    PS: I presently stay in Hyderabad and would like to try my luck with my God (YOU) by leaving a couple of stories I have written only taking you as my inspiration (you are my only inspiration and so I claim you as Dronacharya) at your Hyderabad Office (at A.V.S Raju garu). If my Luck of a Life time is positive, I wish you atleast have a glance at them, before my stories find a place in your trash bin.

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