Cons, lies and one truth.

(This has to be read in continuation to my previous post titled “Wrong is right”.)
As I was hanging out on the sets of ‘Collector Gari Abbayi’ Surendra had an idea of making a film based upon ‘The Sound of Music’ which was later made into ‘Rao Gari Illu’. In ‘Collector Gari Abbayi’ since I came towards the end after most of the script was done and decisions of casting and selection of technicians were already made, I thought it will be a unique opportunity to be involved in a film right from the inception of the idea. By that time my status was that I became close to Venket and Surendra and Nagarjuna but nowhere were they remotely in a state of mind to offer me a film to direct, their basic contention being I don’t have practical experience.
But on the force of my personality I slowly started influencing Surendra who wanted an established Director for ‘Rao Gari Illu’ to take a new Director with lots of experience. I suggested Tarani the 2nd assistant in ‘Collector Gari Abbayi’ who had around 14 years of experience and who I knew well. My agenda was that if he is directing I can be an intrinsic part in all the decisions right from the beginning or more simply put, that I can be a backseat Director. So I manipulated Surendra to decide on Tarani which he finally did. I was ecstatic because of this development as it gave me a chance to study right from the ringside how an idea grows and shapes up into a film. Little did I know how horribly wrong this would go. Tarani initially was very grateful to me as he knew that I was the main reason for Surendra to take him as a Director, but slowly with time he grew tremendously irritable with my constant perceived interference which I thought were my creative inputs and also became very jealous of my proximity with the actors and the Producer. A.N.R, Nagarjuna’s father, was the star of the film who kept a distance from everybody including Director Tarani. All the other actors like Jayasudha, Revathy etc used to constantly want to interact with me more than Tarani which understandably upset Tarani a lot. A point came where Tarani gave an ultimatum to Surendra that he won’t shoot if I am on the set. Seeing Surendra’s dilemma I offered to stay out. But the problem was that since it was me who narrated the story to all the actors and Tarani was not shooting it the way they thought it should be and also that he was not able to tell them the reasons for the changes created a lot of discomfort on the set.
Meanwhile ‘Collector Gari Abbayi’ released and became a big hit and Nagarjuna was in form. By that time he already came into a frame of mind to take a chance with me as a Director. But A.N.R was completely against it and told Nagarjuna ‘just because Ramu can speaks in English and quote from English novels and films does not mean that he can direct’. Nagarjuna expressed his helplessness.
As this was going on, one day Tarani was shooting a key scene and A.N.R had a doubt on the structuring of the scene which Tarani could not answer. To escape Tarani told him that the scene was conceived by me and approved by Surendra and that he was just forced to shoot it. A.N.R called for me and Surendra.
He took off on me at the stupidity of the scene when I stopped him and explained to him the whole point of the scene and how it should be shot and in that discussion A.N.R realized how wrongly Tarani was shooting and worse than that he didn’t even understand the point of the scene. He asked me to be present for the shooting of the scene and by the end of it he told Nagarjuna at home that he was mighty impressed with me.
With that practically all decks were cleared as A.N.R gave a green signal at least to seriously consider to give me a break. Nagarjuna was positive anyway and Venket and Surendra were reasonably positive but still dilly dallying a little now and then. Now the question was when? Venket said they were shooting a film called ‘Vijay’ with B.Gopal and Surendra was planning another film with Kodandi Rami Reddy starring the father and son again and after that there was another project with K.Raghvendra Rao. So Venket said they can think about my film only after those films got over. My heart sank as I was in no mood to wait that long.
By that time I understand enough of how the industry operates. Surendra asked me to make a story for Kodandi Rami Reddy’s film which I did. He signed Ganesh Patro as a dialogue writer. Kodandi Rami Reddy during those days used to do 7 to 8 films a year and most of the time would not even remember the story of the film he is currently shooting. I took in this information. I narrated the story to Mr.Reddy and Mr.Patro who were fine with it. Then Surendra wanted Mr.Patro to go to Hyderabad, as at that time we were all in Chennai, to narrate to A.N.R as he was shooting in Hyderabad. Later that night I talked to Mr.Patro and offered to go to tell the story to A.N.R myself. Mr.Patro to save the trouble of going called up Surendra and told him to send me to tell the story as I anyway have written it.
So Surendra sent me to Hyderabad to tell the story to A.N.R. I went there and by a deliberate design I narrated the story in such a way that A.N.R. had lots of problems with the script. He called up Surendra and Mr.Patro and Mr.Reddy and told them the story does not work at all. They were taken by surprise and waited for me to come back to tell what the problem was.
I went back and told them a completely different version of problems for what A.N.R had, which were designed to confuse Mr.Patro and Mr.Reddy. The advantage I took is that I clearly knew that Mr.Reddy does not have a script sense and he also has a weak memory and Mr.Patro at any given point of time is busy with 10 films and he is primarily a dialogue writer. So the sum effect of all these proceedings of them not knowing what I told them and the complicated design I worked on confusing them resulted in suddenly there was no script for the film and the dates of Nagarjuna were just around the corner.
Leaving all three in the room in a state of confusion, I went to Nagarjuna who used to live in the upstairs of the office then and told him that there is no script for the Kodandi Rami Reddy film and there’s no way a script can come up in the given time and I said since my script is ready as long as he decided to take a chance on me someday or the other why not take it now. He asked me about what Surendra might say. I went to Surendra and told him that since he will loose a project with Nagarjuna and not get his dates for quite some time, I will try and convince Nagarjuna to do my film in the same dates, to which he agreed. Then I met Nagarjuna and told him Surendra is keen to do the film with me only and I called Surendra in and told him Nagarjuna is fine with it. I don’t know how clear I am being here but the basic point is that I made both Nagarjuna and Surendra feel that it the other’s decision. But both of them said they have to talk to Venket. He wasn’t home as he went for a party. I waited till midnight until Venket came and told him that both Nagarjuna and Surendra decided to do the film with me. He was non-committal. In the morning before Venket woke up I told Nagarjuna and Surendra that Venket was very happy about the decision. And after Venket woke up I took care that no two of them will meet with each other without me being present. They three also had some subtle personal issues with each other which I took advantage of by making each feel that if one opposes the other two will support me.
Then I leaked out the news to the staff at the office. So when Surendra was asked by a staff member if Mr.Reddy’s project has been shelved, I told Surendra it could have been leaked out because of Nagarjuna or Venket and told him that he should hurry up and break the news to Mr.Reddy himself before Mr.Reddy gets to know from outside which is bound to create a bad taste. So Surendra met Mr.Reddy and told him.
The news spread like a wild fire as a major production company like Annapurna Studious dropping the reigning top Director Kodandi Rami Reddy and signing on a rank newcomer Ram Gopal Varma has never ever happened before. With a formal telling by all three to A.N.R, they gave a go-ahead and “Shiva’s” pre-production work started in full swing.
I conned and lied to everybody concerned but the one and only one truth was that I genuinely believed in my heart that ‘Shiva’ would be a far superior film to whatever Mr.Reddy might make and also that it will do lot more good to all concerned and mainly to me of course.
P.S: Tarani after the success of ‘Rao Gari Illu’ made a few flops, is now back to working as an assistant director presently to Poori Jajan.
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  1. E says:

    Hi RGV..Brilliant! Machiavellian at heart. The end justifies the means. It looked like a soap opera.It was hilarious…the part where Tarani was caught with his pants down!….And it also shows one thing that your observational skills very good..I mean to say..the perception…and ultimately thats what matters…some people, infact ..all the creative people have that trait..they have a different insight ..altogether a different vision..they never look at things in the ordinary way..and this helped you in understanding the working style of the industry and you could see that the contemporary style of film making was going no where..and hence SHIVA brought fresh breath of air…it was innovative and basically stood apart!…But anyway..I guess the prime motive behind why you had to resort to these tactics was bringing out SHIVA. It was the burning desire of your heart to somehow all the forces aided you ..and you were the catalyst for those forces…..yea keep going RGV..bring out these juicy details more…CheersEV

  2. Narendra says:

    Amma baboi. Sir this is too much. Lol . . .
    Nice brain, you got. In case if you are caught, what would you have done?

  3. kishan says:

    You seem to have a special interest in characters like Tarani. I see that character in all of your films.

  4. Abhishek says:

    Amazing Sir! This is pure courage and conviction! However, I\’d also say you are lucky too…Looks like you sat with god and wrote your kismat!

  5. Neeta says:

    Ram, Thank you for sharing your journey to your ultimate goal! Bravo!  It is truly interesting how a lot of the artists that have made it to the top, have quite a  battle ahead of them, before they truly earn the respect of the masses. It is also true, that people will give you advise without being solicited to do so, and then to boot, justify it one way or another to make it sound like "they were the ones" who were instrumental in getting you where you are now! It obviously is a universal disease of mankind!  Ram, it was good that you had confidence in your own abilities – Laga Raho! Just came from a Neil Diamond concert – and obviously he too had his own ghosts, that he had to fight, to get to where he is now! He sings it beautifully in a song!
    Special greeting Ram, Ev, Sanjay, Celeste and Narendra!

  6. Unknown says:

    Good one. Hoping to see the continuation of this. Your rise and fill in telugu industry.

  7. kishan says:

    You wouldn\’t believe it. But I waited for 16 years to hear this.

  8. vaishak says:

    Great….fantastic…..oh..god…this is really an adventure trip…i was reading the whole article like a cindrella story….How can this happne…?…..DId you experience high tension when doing all these tricks…?….Anyway it is great…..Every brilliant budding directors should read this post…..Thanks….vaishak……

  9. jaideep says:

    Reads like a thriller. How did you manage to do a "weak" pitch to A.N.R garu? Normally the instincts drive us to do as good a pitch as possible, so I would find "underselling" much more difficult! Also, after all these manoeuvrings, there must have been tremendous pressure/expectations to do a good job on "Shiva".

  10. VJ says:

    Raamu,This is scary. It\’s the story of peetala bucket. The movie Siva may be good but it took u such a net of manipulations!I have a childhood friend who is in film industry I tell him why he\’d be manipulative when I hear the insider stories and his way of dealings which are no diff from yours & his stock answer is: \’Idi Film Industry Baaboo\’.P.S : Now I understand fully as to why you suspect everybody….ouraa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. VJ says:

    Instead of growing in ranks u showed to everybody that a novice can make it and u gave similar breaks to all wannabe directors in Bombay……….Somehow u t a true maverick 😉

  12. VJ says:

    Once u complained in a TV interview that Shekhar Kapoor thinks that u r a conman.Why u complained? LOL!

  13. Murali krishna says:

    Hi, Ram Gopal Varma
    My Gyan took me to the conclusion that there is only one possible way
    out for the nonsense of  this whole mess and that is suicide.
    I read everything but stayed with Osho since he\’s been making me to postpone my idea of committing of suicide.
    I find that your blog also doing the same.
    Now I am bored with Osho, I want you to write a book on philosophy
    Meanwhile, suggest me a book which can work as osho or as your blog.
    I know, this much lengthy question you won\’t answer in your blog but atleast send me a messege. (

  14. Unknown says:

    Did you ever thought of making this into a movie?

  15. celeste says:

    Dear Mr. Ram,
    please, let me joke a bit with you. 
    I do not buy fashion mags because there\’s nothing to be read, but Vogue India unfortunately is the only Indian magazine I may find here. So every month I spend 9 euros (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) hoping to feel a sensation of your Country also in my cold town.
    Well, have you seen the August issue?
    Page 240. The usual stupid pictures of stars&vips at stupid parties. Among them, a man wearing a black-silk shirt. The caption: \’The man of the moment at the première of Sarkar Raj\’.
    I was almost fainting!
    (On Vogue! I cannot believe!)
    (True men do not be on Vogue)
    (sorry sorry sorry)
    (just kidding)
    (beautiful shirt)
    (ah ah ah ah)
    (ciao. kisses. love.)
    (do not get angry)

  16. karthik says:

    Ramu Gaddar should have been the title of this post…

  17. vinay says:

    do u feel this might be the reason why tollywood throw u out? since, they people come to know one day or the other wat u did with them.
    and comment about telugu industry.

  18. srinivas says:

    Did you ever before discuss with Nagarjuna or ANR or others involved on how you conned people around to get this film? what was their reaction?Was Amala your choice to be the female lead in Shiva?make a movie on ur story.. Atleast all your friends/fans and obviously enemies (importantly karan.. ;)) will watch it..

  19. Unknown says:

    Bastard 🙂

  20. Vijay says:

    I guess if you believe in your story and your dream , you would go ahead and achieve it. Which is what you have done. I must say that, most film industry setups (including bollywood until a few years ago) was a club of a few elite people. No new talent was encouraged and worse, it was supressed because it didnt fit the \’norm\’. A Guy like Kodandi Rami Reddy is no director at all if he does seven movies in a year. I would equate doing seven movies a year without knowing any of the movies actually, to Ramu\’s statement which says Fucking and Making Love are queally good, but what is bad is just having Sex for the heck of it.  From this analogy, I guess we all know who was making love and who was having sex. Much like it took a Dhirubhai Ambani to break the shackles of Corporate India, it did take a RGV to break the shackles of the Telugu Film Industry. I am not trying to compare the two, but just making an analogy. The situations were very uncannily similar. So kudos Ramu! that you believed in your story more than anything else and inspite of some planned manipulations you didnt once look back.   who remembers Kodandi Rami Reddy anyway? Would be interesting to know if you and Nagarjuna are still as close as you were back then. Notwithstanding the fact , that your movie Shiva made Nagarjuna into an A-list telugu actor.

  21. Unknown says:

    So finally Shiva started rolling….what happened during the making of Shiva? i am dying to hear from u…

  22. Unknown says:

    I was watching Aag on Saturday (my second time!!) when I realised one thing. Imagine a scenario where there are 2 criminals. One has murdered 10 people and the other has raped a woman. Strictly speaking the murderer is the bigger sinner, but people will naturally abhor the rapist more. The same way, there are hundreds of movies like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum that are worse than Aag, but since Aag rapes the memory of Sholay, people think it is the worst film ever made. Watching it without the baggage of expectations I realised that the framing and camera angles are better in Aag than they were in either Sarkar movie, or even the new Shiva. Anyway, you should be proud. You made the best movie in Hindi, Rangeela, and the worst movie, Aag. No one can claim that dubious distinction.

  23. Unknown says:

    After shiva was declared a blockbuster, what was ur father\’s first reaction and did he say anything in particular when u spoke to him the first time?

  24. Unknown says:

    Hey Ramu seriously didnt u like my film KHNH? comeon atleast u must have liked it if not KKKG or KKHH? 

  25. Bhaskar says:

    Thank you so much for sharing it. As one of the poet said, "To be on the top-one should be good enough to accept his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them and strong enough to correct them."
    You found the way, you went the way and you showed us the way…..
    Interesting and Inspiring 
    Thanks again.

  26. Bhaskar says:

    Seems Tarani irritated you orstly…the last line indicated it…or I understood it in that way..

  27. vaishak says:

    "There is a crime behind every great fortune"-Balzac…..Now i completely understand that…I think nagarjuna was too innocent at that time to find your tricks….hmmm…..Where did you get the idea of using a steady cam for fight sequence…?….I think it is the first time in indian cinema steady cam got used for a genuine reason …and your steady cam operator was rajiv menon at first…after a few days he left because steady cam operation is so tought that he had to run with the characters……rite…?…That steady cam sgot made audience stunned…and i respect its perferction…..i was getting bored with the fight sequence before "Shiva"….I watched "Udayam[tamil version of Shiva] in a VHS that time and got thrilled by the action sequence…..Nag hits the villain for the first time when the audience want nag to hit him…It was a brillinat idea…that provoking scene…It is later used in a movie called "Abhimanyu" directed by Priyadarshan……Thanks…Vaishak…

  28. Unknown says:

    U r more like Peter Keating than Howard Roark…

  29. VJ says:

    Karan Johar,I saw a very few Hindi movies in my lifetime (may be 10-15, tho I lived in north India). I too dont like ur kinda movies…honestly…they r meant for rich, biss-assed marwaris, gujjus and Punjabis. Since most of the hoi polloi in north India see them as role models they go and see ur kinda films.May be ur upbringing is the reason why u dont see beyond rich families and their superficial \’relationships\’ (dil ka rishtaas). U can never a movie on crime………..& Ramu cant make a film on \’relationships\’. Period.Guys,All said and done Avula Kodanda Rami Reddy is the top-notch director. Ganesh Patro (Oriya guy) is the best dialogue writer.Since Ramu was impatient to become a Director he ridiculed them.P.S: It\’s difficult to tell the truth and come out clean tho it\’s not clear Ramu is guilty of such manipulations.

  30. Uday says:

    For me, Company is the best movie that you made so far, and malik\’s characterization was stunning. Surprised that Company hasn\’t found much of mention on your blog yet.

  31. Unknown says:

    This reminds me the way Krishna Conned Kauravas in Mahabharatha.

  32. afroz says:

    The best part about your movies these days is they don\’t have songs…Having said that the last movie of yours I watched was nishabd

  33. pradeep says:

    Ram it is justified to tell number of lies and con people to get One truth/fact right. In this case your talent and hardwork i.e, shiva came thro. What would have happened if it didnt work?I mean good to be positive but sensing your commercial business mind, was there a contingency plan in place in the event Shiva didnt work?
    Pradeep Laxminarayana

  34. Kiran says:

    You have never mentioned which telugu directors or movies influenced your thinking. Do you have any particular favorites ? Do you remember the scene in Rao Gari Illu that impressed ANR ? Would love to hear your description and seeing a clip of it if possible. How did you decide on assistant directors for Shiva ?

  35. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,I feel Sushant Singh as the most promositing artiste than all others like Manoj Bajpayee or Vivek Oberai you introduced or brough light light to their acting skills.  What do you think?All the best for your future projects.Sri

  36. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

       could u say what\’z  Dogme 95 principle?

  37. ANAND says:

    that was real inspiring stuff… all this while i was thinking that
    your entry into films was a cake-walk. you have done a lot to make your
    first film happen, especially after having a master piece script like
    \’Shiva\’ in your hands.

    i have been reading all your posts off late and am slowly getting addicted to your blog. keep it going. it would have been more inspiring if i hadn\’t known you in person (not that i hate you now).

    anand (from hyd)

  38. Unknown says:

    That\’s an interesting story. Sad in a way, I think. We tend to romantisize people we admire (not much, just a little bit ;)) I guess everyone who has achieved something went for certain compromises at some point… While remaining true to their dream. I am curious if you feel there is no honest way to the top (for everyone "the top" means something else, it depends what their goal is). Does one need to in a way be humble enough to be ready to con and lie if situation requires? Many times I find I am too proud to resort to manipulation.

  39. vamsi says:

    Bulshit, crap and one rose
    I am in a dilemna on whether to classify you as a crook, rebel or a visionary. Also very glad that you are not a terrorist. You easily would have been the most dangerous, strong and the most wicked person in the world.
    But this is not the point I wanted to make. I am getting at your definition of a fan. While I love your films, I am struggling to relate to any of your shades of personality thats showing up in your blogs. I still have this compulsive behaviour to open your blog each day and read on. Probably I need to work out a new word for my liking of your films. \’Restricted Fan\’ may be – a person who just likes the artist\’s work and has nothing to do with the artist\’s personality. For me, you still have to fight it out in the market for my attention/dollars. I did not see Aag because I heard its a debacle and Nishabd because of the story line. I loved sarakar, sarkar raj etc.
    Anyways, I hope you are not unknowingly influencing your fans to believe that its ok to con others as long as you know you have a script of shiva in your hands, but the fact is that you could have had the script of daud and still have had the same conviction.

  40. Mannar says:

    Its taking sometime for me to digest what you have written…maybe it will unrevel after sometime.
    With all this blogging and straight talk, I already see a reolution taking place in the media industry…I see news papers quoting blogs (what else they can do, most sensational news is directly coming from the horses mouth and they have to only try and again requote that for people who dont read internet)
    What would make the already heated environment more interesting is to hear from Tarani or Kodanda Rami Reddy itself…even Nag himself…because there will be always two sides to the story. I also dont believe Nag would be surprised to read all this through this blog…they must have spoken about this or understood long back.

  41. Unknown says:

    Hello mr ram, while reading your blog, i remembered one dialogue of your film in company where ajay devgun says "there is evil in everyone, it is just that people dont let it out" would you please tell us how did u conceive that dialogue and explain. thanks

  42. VJ says:

    Farid,u hav similar dialog in Anaconda.

  43. Jayanth says:

    Hi Ramu,I(We,All my Close Friends) am/are "Picha Fans" neeku.Anyways,I have a doubt ….Were you paid at all for Shiva or was it for free…..just curious.I mean its such a big hit ,but then you were new tooo….so ….:-),By the way I visit your blog every day.I can\’t keep laughing/smiling just imagining/visualising this particular blog :-).I know it was hard work on your side but then with all due respect to that ,I am sure,for a person as I know you of,having such a great sence of humour,you would have had lot of fun all through this process.It is hard for me to express it in words but as the frames run in my mind while reading your blog,I couldn\’t help miss that humour of yours.
    Bushi,Pitta,Ramu,Mopi and Nenu(Jay) love you a lot.

  44. Jayanth says:

    I couldn\’t help catch that humour of yours —Manipulating the situaltions,How KRReddy garu\’s expressions would have been learning that you would be directing the movie instead of him ,your feelings when Nag or Surendra got convinsed.
    Yemaithe nemi \’Iraga Theesinavu\’.
    By the way do all of them know now that you did this to them to make Shiva happen?

  45. Prasad says:

    Sedhe Raste se koi bhi Upar nahi Pahunchtha — You proved it .Love your movies. My best time: having Scotch,Cigar and watching Company movie.Keep blogging. 🙂

  46. Unknown says:

    Your article made for nice reading. So do you regret doing what you have done and do all the concerned parties know your little game?Anyways I think you are a nice find and sometimes you come up with good movies too….:DAshwin

  47. Unknown says:

    Hey ! Hello Ramu ,This is Vamsi.I am a S/W professional working in usa.Me cinemalu ante pichi.Shiva chusi nijagane college lo godavalu pada vadini..Anways coming to the point .. Nadagara oka manchi apt story undi ..I am 100% sure only you can direct it.I can explain you in details about it.Very complex story line .Typical RGV fashion.Ilantivi meku 100\’s vachi vuntai but all i need is some attention.Meku nachite you can take care of it.Kani story line matram different ga untundi .I hope it creates a new trend..Many people may laugh seeing this message but " padavalu yepudu chedavalu karu " Meru intial lo yela kastapadaroo andariki telusu ..So if you are interested i will explain you in detail.You can reach me at

  48. Unknown says:

    Forgot to tell you .. Me (naa ) cinema lo hero charcter name " PRADHYU"(Pradhymuna).

  49. Unknown says:

    It takes a brave heart to reveal the truth. I liked "the way" u have put it more than the truth itself

  50. Unknown says:

    If the film has the stuff it creates a magic by itself. But then why do they publicize and promote the film a lot?

  51. Brentmeister says:

    Where the fuck is your next blog? And your next movie ?

  52. Brentmeister says:

    Looks like lots of Telugites are trying to brother you.

  53. krupakar says:

    Your attitude and thrist of becoming success made you to tell few lies and makes you to make smart decisions here and there..!! I like that way you narrated the small personal difference between nag,venkat and surendra and make use of the situation so intelligently.. I smiled a lot when I read those scenes. Thanks for sharing and your efforts is important here which makes you to win 🙂 Many ppl will have ideas and thoughts … but taking the decisions is the tough part.. whcih you have taken whenever it requires..  That made the success to you.

  54. Sridhar says:

    If only your conviction works why it failed for Tarani. When somebody puts so much money & resources & time they expect returns. You might thought you are smart but they (nag etc.) might wanted your film rather than kothanda rami reddy\’s and were watching all the tamasha you are unfolding. Imagine that?!Also, don\’t use this platform to embarrass little fellows like Tarani, save it for some grace.

  55. mikey says:

    "Its not about pursuit of truth in life but pursuit of truth which help you achieve your goal".That sumps up what u did.By the way what was your dad\’s reaction after u made it big?u said u always respected your dad and loved him immensely.Were you happy that u made your dad proud or vice-versa?

  56. murali says:

    thanks ramu. that was an excellen post. cant wait for your next post. what were the problems that u faced hile filming Shiva as you had no prior experience?

  57. Unknown says:

    Mind blowing!

  58. Manish says:

    of story:
     1. Nobody gives a damn about you or your talent.
     Its you & only you who works on making sure that you get noticed,
    make your position with your work and skills and finally grab/create an opportunity
    for your self/goal.
     2. Everyone has a secret to hide. Few
    has guts to tell  (the truth).
     3. Opportunity
    doesn\’t come knocking on your door. You understand situation and manipulate
    it to your benefit.
    Good thing is that there is opportunity everywhere, either you don\’t understand
    it or not good enough to exploit it.
     4. We all live with double
    standards. One standard, good one with all good values, for others to see
    and other standard,  the bad one, is to deal with practical life and to
    hide it from others.
    Interesting thing is that most of the time we think good standard is the one we
    possess, believe in, but unfortunately bad standards we apply to make most of
    our decisions in our life.
    5. Bottom line is if you don\’t have
    talent, with all lies, cons and conspiracies, ultimately you  are going to
    kicked out to bottom.

    finally, unfortunately even you have talent and you are not  born to a big
    daddy or have a god father, you are not going to get a chance unless you create
    opportunity for your self.

  59. celeste says:

    Watched \’Contract\’, at last! Liked it, above all the sequence of Goonga\’s death and the frame of running Dara through the mobile phone.

  60. Suniel says:

    I have heard so many times in your interviews that you make films for yourself.Then why do you bother releasing and wasting people\’s time.
    People are coming to see your films just because  of the brand you created with Shiva,Rangeela,Company and satya etc.
    But your recent films are lack in quality which people expected and gives no entertainment what so ever.
    You should be thankful to God that you are in Film Industry , othwerwise you would be in Jail for your irresponsibility attitude .
    Try to keep your Brand name ailve.. otherwise you will disappear like Lehman …

  61. Anil says:

    You are rockkkkking …… You are the best blogger.. when compared to Amit, Aamir, Karan etc etc …I have so many misconceptions about you …. Slowly one by one is clearing …I did not think that you have lot of wittiness, But you are amazing sense of humor…..Some of your movies did not reflect good humor side of you … Because of some literature and my logical thinking I also became an Atheist, But problem with Atheism is when we lost or depressed we cant even think of God. I am feeling absolute helplessness during those times… If we believe in god, then by praying god, we can get some psychological relief …  How will you cope up with that kind of situations?BTW, your last two blogs will be more enjoyed by Telugu people, these can connect to the situations ….Do you had any fight with Krishna Vamsi? I know JD has some fight with him … Tell me your relations with Siri Vennela, Krishna Vamsi used to tell that SiriVennela is a great saint … because of some sin … he is with us …. Please tell me ur relationship with Sirivennela …- Anil

  62. VJ says:

    Ramu,I am coming round that view that nobody is a saint. Even Krishna did all con things to win war at Kurukshetra. Nobody in film industry wudnt have done these things in his/her career. However it\’s unexpected from you as we adored u sooooooooo much. Never mind but u cant \’edit\’ this now as this became public knowledge. U can do damage control tho ;)P.S: U let out some priceless info on u that very few ppl knew so far. THANX.

  63. VJ says:

    Nobody in the industry can say that he/she didnt do these things in his/her lieu ofNobody in film industry wudnt have done these things in his/her career.

  64. venu says:

    PARITALA RAVI…….."IKKADA BRATAKADANIKI DHARYAM KAVALI"  ……this is my thought about ravi\’s charecter

  65. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

    What\’s the difference between Ramu & Ramuji?

  66. Unknown says:

    Whoa!For the generation that grew up on Shiva, Kshana Kshanam, Rangeela (and still cant get over it), the last two posts are — what can I say?– fuel to another million gossip/beer hours :-)How you narrated the story of Shiva to Nag is part of Telugu Myth now. I personally heard a dozen versions of it so far.Cant wait read the moment of truth.Also, your post on the one kilometer walk back to your house that convinced you into video library, well, there is always a \’narrative fallacy\’ in every ones life. Thats how we try to comprehend the past. Try to make a pattern out of it. I think we humans are hard wired to comprehension, so to stories. Stories that we tell to ourselves and to others and trying to make a meaning out of randomness.Walk back or not, eventually you would have tried to make a movie I guess ;-)Regards,Prakash.

  67. Unknown says:

    It is commendable how u observe people and understand their movements,psych,desire,behaviour and portray accurately on cinemas….because…
    "It is only bodily phenomena that can be directly observed in animals, or even, strictly speaking, in other human beings. We can observe such things as their movements, their physiological processes, and the sounds they emit. Such things as desires and beliefs, which seem obvious to introspection, are not visible directly to external observation. Accordingly, if we begin our study of psychology by external observation, we must not begin by assuming such things as desires and beliefs, but only such things as external observation can reveal, which will be characteristics of the movements and physiological processes of animals. Some animals, for example, always run away from light and hide themselves in dark places. If you pick up a mossy stone which is lightly embedded in the earth, you will see a number of small animals scuttling away from the unwonted daylight and seeking again the darkness of which you have deprived them. Such animals are sensitive to light, in the sense that their movements are affected by it; but it would be rash to infer that they have sensations in any way analogous to our sensations of sight. Such inferences, which go beyond the observable facts, are to be avoided with the utmost care.
    It is customary to divide human movements into three classes, voluntary, reflex and mechanical. We may illustrate the distinction by a quotation from William James "

  68. Deepak says:

    ha people are amzing  n u r unique piece (But then everybody is unique in someway but then may b u r uniquely interesting….!)…… u know it always fascinates me how a mind works and even tracing our own action through our own thought process can also b fascinating…. and at that some time if someone explains his own thoughts we look at it say how different everything looks from other perspective….. I like to Celebrate differences coz it assures me i m unique. So Enjoy d Differences

  69. Vinay says:

    There wuz a movie starrin Raj Babbar, Smita Patil and Suresh Oberoi. Basically Raj Babbar was witness to something and had testified in court. Mafia was after him and Suresh Oberoi, the inspector gave Babbar multiple identities each time the mafia found out and attempted to attack. Finally, after 3 such shifts to different places and different names, Babbar and his wife get tired and decide to take on the mafia themselves. The movie itself was well made. You are the only one qualified to remake and better something like this.

  70. prithvi says:

    Hi RGV,This is my first post ever since you launched your blog. I\’ve seen most of your movies from Shiva to Sarkar raj ,they have been an eye opener for me as for story telling and other technical aspects. At one point of time, i was bored of how Telugu and most of Hindi movies are made( a boy falling in love with a rich girl or vice versa  etc), very few directors like you inspire me to see movies in the theatre.Apart form your some of the movies i liked is shawshank redemption,good fellas,saving private ryan,untouchables,RDB and the list goes on.It\’s really intresting to how you made "Shiva" and risks you have taken(with your family & Telugu film industry). Still the telugu films are still the same from where you left,except few movies like bomarillu,asta chemma,happy dayz,gamyam etc otherwise it\’s still the same "Mass appeal" with no story and slapstick comedy.It\’s been nice knowing you how you struggled in life to achieve what you are now. As walt disney said "If you can dream it, you can do it"….. think this quote is best suited for you. I just wanted ask a few questions if i may1. Would you ever make a film with Amir khan if the scripts suits(i\’m not asking this question bcoz he is a big star but as he is a good actor)?2.Would you ever direct a telugu film?

  71. Murali krishna says:

    Do you read Osho? Just try him, he is greater than both Neitzshe and Rand in terms of rationality, logic and his intensity of thought.
    Read his book "The Last Testament" (Interviews with world press), in which he gives your kind of answers –  rude, mean and sarcastic.

  72. Unknown says:

    I always want to see Shiva in theatre..but it didn\’t happen…here\’s my
    little story….how I watched Shiva…


    I am in 8th class when Shiva was released. I used to go to school
    from a small town called Aler to Bhongir in train. All my friends saw Shiva in
    Bhongir(it\’s big town compared to Aler), since I was from small town, it
    usually takes 1-2 years those days to screen new movies in small towns.


    My friends used to tell me all about Shiva, cycle chains, they even
    named student groups calling Bhavani group, Shiva group. One of my friend even
    came to school with a cycle chain sticked beneath his school belt…


    my friends even told me that one fight scene was filmed in Raigir
    (small village between near Bhongir)…..everyday when I pass through my commute to school from Aler to Bhongir…

    I used to think about Shiva movie…however…my parent\’s didn\’t
    allow me to see Shiva in Bhongir alone .. I was so adamant to see
    Shiva..finally after 1 year my parent\’s agreed to rent a VCR (we didn\’t have a
    VCR)and Shiva movie..and watched it finally at home ..and I was so happy
    because…. I rewinded and saw the fights in movie..many times before we
    returned VCR…

  73. sangam says:

    Ramu,That was awesome! It reminded me of the story of the movie Mr.Medhavi. I recently read an interview given by JD on how he got the opportunity to act in Shiva and how you screen tested him… As you said, the Fact comes first and theories come later, but the reverse will never occur. Any comments……?

  74. Arun says:

    HI Rgv, The scene in Sarkar Raj where Shankar is blown away by the bomb in the car,the plant next to him doesn\’t move a leaf, not that it is a huge mistake, the fact that it stays in the frame for such a long time just breaks up the illusion of the movie, and the illusion is back up in the next frame due to Shankar\’s intensity.I felt the same feeling in Sarkar when the Swami meets Rashid, Vishram Bagat in the room and pretends to drink something(actually nothing) out of a jug while it was clear that he not drinking anything. It just destroys my sense of illusion.Regards,Arun

  75. Arun says:

    Whose that girl who appears for few seconds in the middle of the song " Rabba khair" in Contract, with Shama Sikandar in the background dancing on a pole. The girl winks her left eye and looks extremely cute, I remember watching this song for about 50 times and coudn\’t get over her for a week. How did she come about in the song ? Also the character of Mirchi in contract is very interesting. It was awesome to see a local girl would behave same on a boat as she would do at her home in some village ! The actress too did a fine job. How did you come up with a character like that ? Regards,Arun

  76. Unknown says:

    hai sir, i am a great fan of u. i have seen most of your company products. they make me very thrilling, as i watch your movie i feel like i am watching my film. i had many concepts in my mind and  i wanted to be a director and want to make better films than  which are coming nowadays. i just want you to remember me,because i will definitely work with you.And  thanks a lot for giving us a chance to communicate with you through your blog

  77. Deepa says:

    Hi RGV,I\’m a regular reader of your blog but was out of commission for about 4 months. I\’m just catching up. Hence the delayed response on this posting from last Sept. Why don\’t you use this storyline (the whole job of conning everyone concerned to realize your own ends) to make a film? Sounds like a solid PG Wodehouse plot to me! You whole-heartedly agree that you draw ideas from others\’ movies and life situations. Time to draw from your own. Those who follow your cinema, would love to see a biographical RGV movie soon.

  78. Sree says:

    In the movie Shiva, if you created Bhavani character based on \’Radha\’ from Vijayawada who is from Kaapu community, why do you have to name it \’Bhavani Chowdary\’ ?

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