The One Kilometer Walk..

My father was a sound engineer in Annapurna Studios and due to that he had a pretty good access to the big guns there. I went to him and told him that I wanted to be film director and he thought I had cracked my mind. That was with good reason because there was not a single constructive thing that I have ever done in my life till then.
I was a bad student, I was involved with goonda activities in Siddhartha Engineering College in Vijayawada and I had a general track record of being quite a worthless bum. Also at that time it was unheard of that someone without assisting or getting trained in an institute can actually direct. So like I said with a very good reason he thought I got cracked up and advised me not to have pipe dreams.
Coming to terms with the fact that I can’t expect my father to help, I joined as a site engineer in the construction of Hotel Krishna Oberoi in Hyderabad. I went about trying to meet a few film producers and failed. Mr.Ramoji Rao at that time, a few years earlier, started Usha Kiron Movies which gave quite a fresh bunch of non-run of the mill films for that time like “Pratighatana”, “Srivariki Prema Lekha” etc. So in order to have an access to him I wrote an article for his then newspaper “Newstime” titled “The Ideas that killed 30 million people”. The Sub Editor got startled when he saw the title of the article and he immediately published it.
The article was about the influence of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche on the mind of Hitler and it was widely read and discussed at that time. Soon on the fame of being the author of that article, I got an appointment with Ramoji Rao and pitched my idea of directing a film to him. He outright rejected the notion on the basis of me having no practical experience at all and my argument with him was that a director does not need experience. He just needs clarity of vision and to have the skill to communicate. He did not buy it.
I was completely disillusioned with the experience as he was the only resort which remained, and then I got an offer of going to Nigeria as an engineer. I was being paid Rs.800/- per month at Hotel Krishna Oberoi and the Nigeria offer stood at Rs.4,000/- per month which obviously was huge and very much needed by my family.
So I gave up my idea of being a director and went about preparing to go to Nigeria. In the course of that I happened to require an international driving license as one of the documents. A friend of mine called Naidu was taking me on his bike to an RTO office where he knew someone to do the needful and en-route he stopped at a video library called Priyadarshini Videos owned by his friend near Lalbahadur Stadium. Those were the days when video libraries were just coming up and that was the first time ever I saw a video library. As Naidu was chatting with his friend I was checking out the cassettes and an idea suddenly dropped into my mind on what if I start a video library. My confidence was that I know about films more than any video library owner. By evening I got so obsessed with the idea that I took my father’s vespa scooter and went all over town to check out 6 to 7 video libraries and by night I firmly made up my mind to drop the idea of going to Nigeria. Everyone including my father, grandfather and uncles thought I completely lost it.
I didn’t obviously have any money at all for my business enterprise. So I went about gathering loans varying from Rs.1,000/- to Rs.3,000/- and managed to raise about Rs.20,000/-. That was kind of ok for buying cassettes, but what about the shop? My father was nearing retirement and he was pretty worried on how to run the family. One of my uncles had a shop in Ameerpet area which he gave to my father without asking for a deposit in which my father was planning to start a juice parlour as a retirement plan. So I went to my father and asked him to give me that shop for the video library. He was just silent and I thought he wanted some time to think about it and I left.
The next day night my uncle took me to Madhu’s bar in Ameerpet and while having a drink he told me how disheartened my father was with my asking for the shop. My father apparently told him that what he kept for his old age also is being demanded from him. I was emotionally so distressed with this that I decided there and then to drop the video library idea, return the loans I have taken and resume my trip to Nigeria. Now the bar where my uncle broke the news was about a kilometer away from my house. So I started walking with the intent to just barge in to my house and tell my father that he can have his shop back. But as I walked my emotions slowly started going down and my logic started coming up.
I told myself that just because my father is feeling disturbed, is it right that I give up what I believe that it will financially and in every which way will improve the quality of our life? So the choice was between, to make him unhappy now and take a chance of making him happy beyond his imagination later or to make him happy for the moment and we all remain unhappy for the rest of our lives. My logic finally took over as I finished the 1 kilometer walk and went into my house. I just ignored my father and went about my preparation for setting up the video library.
The video library became a huge success and was earning more than Rs.20,000/- a month which was a massive jump over my Rs.800/- per month and my dad’s Rs.1500/- salary. My father never ever smiled so brightly and till today I can’t forget the pride with which he looked at me. Also this sudden change in my financial status gave me the strength and foothold to try again to get a break into films.
The point I wanted to make through this article was that the primary reason for me becoming a director was that unscheduled stop Naidu made at that video library and the distance of that 1 kilometer between Madhu’s bar and my house.
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  1. Unknown says:

    Do you ever lie to your parents?

  2. Unknown says:

    Do your parents see your movies?

  3. Unknown says:

    With whom you will share your happiness?

  4. kedar says:

    Hi Ramu, Success lies in telling a complete story in an entertaining way!… i said this in context of RANGEELA…you said HO HUM!… but the statement is a golden statement… read your above blog again… it has a complete story in itself ( its a phase in your own life) and it has been told by you in a very entertaining way… ENDING a story correctly is a great art…great gift which one can develop into a craft…Why the fuck you had to type those two last lines? The above story is of a SON who from \’good for nothing\’ bum became a successful director…this is not a story of any man who from \’good for nothing\’ bum became a successful director…Got the point? No…then fuck you!…watch SHIVA again… some guy called Ram Gopal Varma made it…( botany lecture hai…matinée picture hai…do no ko vote dijiye…! jagadi jagadi…jagadi jagadi jaaaaaaaaaaa )  

  5. Unknown says:

    Nice Article.Just goes on to show, that even if we dont believe in FATE or DESTINY per se, there are some situations which decide things for us( for better or for worse.).Being an atheist, i truly believe that all my actions and their consequences are the results of my own thought process, and my decissions.
    I had an idea of a short film in which a middle aged creative guy, gets all his creative ideas during his dreams. But in due course of time, he gets all messed up as he cant differentiate between his dream world in which he is developing a story and his real world. He wakes up one fine morning and remembers a murder that happened last night, but then he cant figure out did he saw it in his dreams or did that happen in his real life? What if he can become the only eye-witness of the murder? What happens to his story? What happens if there is a personal motive behind the murder?
    Who takes the final decission? Is it me? or someone on my behalf?

  6. Shyaam Nagarajan says:

    So what is that you are trying to say? Are U saying that whatever people say at the end of the day one must listen to one\’s own beliefs and convictions? Do you ever advise people on what to do, how to do and when to do certain things in life? Do you feel bad when they dont listen to you? Rather do you feel delighted when they come and tell you that they did well and it was only because of your advice? I am curious.

  7. manoj says:

    You say \’ good for nothing bum\’, i see a young man, who has read Hitler\’s story and all the philosophy. Rarely people does it before 24. I think in your case the books helped you reach this high.

  8. Ravi says:

    @ Shreyansh,
    Watch Anthony Hopkins\’s \’Slipstream\’. Your story has some close similarities to this movie. You may also want to watch Sandra Bullock\’s \’Premonition\’.
    @ Sai,
    As I know, RGV did assist B.Gopal for \’Collector gari abbai\’ for few days before he was thrown out for losing the some shooting related diary 🙂
    Ramu, good that you lost that diary. Otherwise, you might have continued to assist various directors forever and your chance wouldn\’t have come so quickly 🙂

  9. Unknown says:

    What was the name of your video library?

  10. Ravi says:

    Ramu, pls give me the exact address of Madhu\’s bar. I am sure its more than 1 KM to walk down to my house! Let me try my luck 🙂
    What was the first scene that you shot for Shiva ? How many takes did you take for that first shot ?

  11. Unknown says:

    You were so interested/obsessed in starting a video library so you(your mind) started finding(or creating) reasons
    while you were walking on the road and came up with a good reason, \’making your father sad now and happy later\’,
    so the real reason is not that distance of 1 kilometer but your wish(like/love) about starting a video library.

  12. Kiran Kumar says:

    Hi Ramu,

    You may get a chance to direct Hollywood films in
    Nigeria, who knows? The decision taken by you in that one kilometer walk may be
    bad in this case, what do you say ramu?

  13. vinay says:

    hi ramu,
              when u first met ramouji rao he rejected ur notion since u got no practical experience and u even mentioned about ur argument that \’ a director does not need experience\’, so wat do you say about ramoji rao\’s rejection,did he went wrong with u?? can u elabrote on this.
             If so, wat would u say about your intension of asking my experience ?

  14. Manu says:

    is sense of satisfaction greater than sense of security?

  15. Unknown says:

    "All great thoughts are conceived by walking"

  16. Unknown says:

    If I happen to achieve what I intend to, then someday I’ll write an article on similar lines. The title would be – “The 5 mins spent on Ramu’s blog”:)

  17. Sivakumar T says:

    @movie buff…All the best… but the thing is there have been numerous "one-kilometer-walks" in the past and we have only one RGV…

  18. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    Liked the post.
    Now i have a request, probably my first ever request to you. Can i have a copy of “The Ideas that killed 30 million people”. I am keen to read that now!
    secondly, any plans to interact with your blog visitors directly? probably a 2hr chat session? Just an idea!

  19. Unknown says:

    How can one control his emotions?

  20. RAHUL says:

    You mean nothing is small in life? everything becomes big if one participates wholly and fully in it?(and also that walking after drinks is good for financial health!)

  21. RAHUL says:

    Submit to the present evil, lest a greater one befalls you and Its not enough to succeed. Others must fail

  22. srinivas says:

    U have never expalined why the movie with Chiranjeevi had been shelved?

  23. srinivas says:

    U have never expalined why the movie with Chiranjeevi had been shelved?

  24. srinivas says:

    U have never explained why the film with Chiranjeevi had been shelved.

  25. srinivas says:

    U have never explained why the film with Chiranjeevi had been shelved.

  26. Unknown says:

    Here is Manoj Vajpayee\’s blog Entry
    with Regards,
    Ram Gopal Varma and Me

    In my last post I mentioned that I’ll be writing about Ramgopal Varma, who’s been writing unpleasant things about me on his blog. So here it goes.I have been attached to him. After watching me in Bandit Queen and Tamanna, he offered me Satya and also a small role in Daud, after that. We have had a good professional relationship. However, I won’t be able to comment much on the creative aspects, since it was mostly Anurag Kashyap or Saurabh Shukla, I interacted with.Mr. Ramgopal Varma, on his blog said that when in award ceremonies, people called me Bheekhu Mhatre (my character’s name in Satya), I used to get excited as they called me and not the other stars. Actually, this has been the only reason of tension between us. He has spent his entire life on false beliefs.I was happy with the success of Satya and was glad that I at least got a chance to stand. I was happy that I had an abode. Hence, in spite of all the prevailing apprehensions between us, I was thankful to him. A passion to become an actor drove me to Mumbai. I had dreams to become successful and lead a good life with my family. I never wanted to compete and I think that I achieved more than I had ever dreamt of.The problem with Mr. Ramgopal Varma has been that he always wanted Manoj Bajpayee as an actor who can flatter him all the time. He wanted someone who has no self respect. I just want to say that please Mr Verma stop maligning my character. Our creative and professional ventures are over now. And there’s no question of an emotional attachment, because it never existed on the first hand. So, Mr.Varma, if you feel too much for me, you better keep my photograph and look at it every morning. But stop faking.However, I know that you wouldn’t leave me; else your own existence would be in danger. All I want to say is that no one expected Satya’s success. We did what we could to the best of our abilities. As an actor, I performed my best and as a director you did what you thought was the best.No one owes anything to each other now, but I’m still grateful to you. However, you should learn to respect my feelings and emotions too. But who am I saying all this to? To a person who doesn’t believe in any form of relationship, may it be that of a husband and a wife or that of a brother and a sister, or any other form of emotional bond, for that matter.Since last nine years I have been trying to make things work out between us. Professionally, there was never much of an economic gain from you. And you more denied me after casting than you ever gave me roles, but I’m still thankful for what I got from you. May God bless you and keep you happy.I always wanted to share this with you people. There’s more to all this, which is likely to come up if Mr Varma refuse to mend his ways. I respect him, but that doesn’t mean I’m a menial worker who would do whatever he asks for.It feels better now.LoveYoursManoj Bajpayee

  27. Unknown says:

    Actually I dont belive that some thing like, unscheduled stop that Naidu made, or your walk upto ur home has made you what you are today. Have you seen that scene from Jonney Gaddar (Sriram Raghavan\’s movie) where Neil try to decide on where to go by tossing a coin and when he fails to get his desired side, he says to himself "best of three". 
     I belive if someone strongly wants to do something, he/she would defenatly do it by hook or by crook and will go any length to justify/support it.
    what I am trying to say here is that you never wanted to go Nigeria and wanted to stay back. A person like you will do it in any which way possible. You are on lookout to support that action / decision with a reason. And here the reason is video shop. And I am sure you did that only to stay back and survive.
    anywayz ur articles are more entertaining than your recent movies.
    BTW saw your interview with yandamoori on youtube.
    accha laga dono ko saath main baath karte huye dekh ke…

  28. iQ says:

    Yeh toh .. Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag Hai ..

  29. thirumal says:

      That is the confidence that driven u here. There r many people who stick for their mundane activities.
    Can\’t come out and out and o……You r the one always showering spirits for those people who gave up desires.
    wishing  ur Howard Roark attitude makes many Howard roarks.

  30. mikey says:

    u often contradict yourself,i have observed this.After the debacle of AAG,in an interview to subhash k.JHA u said that u would make sure that u make films with objectivity and wouldn\’t go to the floors unless u have a bound script, though  thought of making a movie sounded great at the idea level.Recently in your blog u said that u believe in taking decisions which u believe,  the momentum of life exists in .so thats the reason why u ended up giving us damp squibs.(darling,GO(remake of anaganaga oka roju),CONTRACT).Its true that u needn\’t live up to the expectations of us audiences but u have set a bench mark for yourself with movies like satya/company/rangeela.when i enter the theatre,i dont expect any thing from your movie in terms of genre/entertainment but i expect it to  match your  own standards.why make movies in haste?no one is asking u to give master pieces one after the other but make sure u don\’t lower the bar in terms of your standards.(i felt like running out of theater after watching shiva-2006 despite my being a great admirer of your creative work).

  31. Piyush says:

    I really need advice from you.Please don\’t be sarcastic and mean.My family thinks that doing the family business is the best option for me.It is Yarn trading concern.But, I believe that I should be in the movies.I\’ve a very keen interest in movies and music.Your last post is almost my condition.Your advice will be very important for id is:piyubonds@yahoo.comName: Piyush Bhageria

  32. Brahma says:

    It happens in many cases that small incidents change the course of life. Decisions you take at that critical juncture transforms you. But i strongly believe that your dreams would never have stopped you. We would have seenRamu, the creator little later.
    But on the whole, this blog was a good read.
    Why dont u tell us how shiva(with nagarjuna) happened and how is the relationship between u and nag.
    visit me at 

  33. Unknown says:

    How to overcome fear?

  34. Unknown says:

    Hello sir,Thanks for the wonderful post. sir, i would request you to share with us technical knowledge about film making. what goes into making of a film right from the idea to the finishing touch. I think that would be very interesting. congratulation for the phoon success.

  35. Unknown says:

    You are a “Serious movie scientist”.  
    This article is a nice and real example for “self-confidence”.  
    I must use this as an example to motivate my fresher’s team in my company. 
    I thank you sincerely for sharing your life experiences with your beloved fans
    M.Kishore – Hyd.

  36. VJ says:

    1. The Manoj Bajpayee\’s blog is nothing but an attempt to show ungli to Raamu. Who cares? Ramu doesn\’t.2. I think Ramu need to keep something for his autobiography (I\’d definitely buy 4-5 books for gifting)3. My loud thinking is that Ramu smiled heartily (Sakshi interview) recently I wish Ramu\’s cinemas are released in UK [sorry, we cudn\’t see most of his movies in the last 4 yrs:( ]

  37. Ravi says:

    @ VV,
    Thanks for sakshi.epaper URL. If not for your message, I\’d have missed a nice interview 🙂
    @ Indira (of Sakshi),
    Nice interview. Thanks for asking RGV some different & interesting questions. RGV seems to be the most interviewed man in India for past 3 months. Being an ardent follower of him & his interviews, getting bored to death these days by the same type of questions people ask him each & every time. (By now, most of his fans can answer on his behalf…becoz we know exactly, what his answers could be 🙂
    Anyway, atleast, you made a different attempt ! Good one 🙂

  38. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu. Nice article. Wish we had the courage of conviction like u to follow our dreams.

  39. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

            Some days back u have given interview for the persons of
    I watched those videos before 10 days, the people who are learning about RGV  r increasing day-by-day.
    I watched ur interviews on tv9,tv5 and collected all the clips,passionforcinema clips too.
    I\’m RGV monster
    in the passion for cinema interviews,on the left side to u there are 2 white papers[with some printed matter]pinned to the black board. can I know about that?
    ur review about OSO is very nice

  40. Unknown says:

    Congratulations on the walk…Is anyone from Johnnie Walker\’s company your fan? He would have definitely said "Keep Walking" :)Would you mind sharing that article – The Ideas that killed 30 million people?My email address is crazygenius@gmail.comHave you read Carl Jung\’s "Man and His Symbols"? Interesting read.

  41. VJ says:

    Vito,U r welcome.I only hope the RGV Factory wud evolve like Hollywood movie companies (20th Century Fox, Paramount, Universal etc) with professionals vetting scripts for execution……whereas Ramu wud concentrate on his own projects with the whole world waiting in bated breathe…..something like we do for Spielberg movies…..Ramu is unnecessarily bogged down by/with silly-petty issues/persons for his personal convictions and policies. He\’s also stuck with 5-song formulae movies and worse he gets shitty tunes from composers (some exceptions). This compulsive urge to splice songs into movies shud go gradually.

  42. prakash says:

    The more I read about you, the more my determination on writing a book on you grows stronger.
    Prakash Gowda

  43. Vinay says:

    HI Ramu
    What happened after the video library was a success? Who gave you the first break and how did it happen?

  44. Vinay says:

    What happened after the success of video library? Who gave you the first break and how?

  45. Ashwani Gupta says:

    but i think that the the
    primary reason for you becoming a director was the distance of your house in space-time (when you finally executed the library) from big-bang

  46. Swamy says:

    i see no difference between yours and kamal haasan\’s opinions in reasoning out a film\’s success.

  47. Unknown says:

    "My father was a sound engineer in Annapurna Studios "
    Is that the reason that you have preferred to screen the name of the audio engineer  as first preference in your first movie Shiva? You name a movie after a girl, whome you met long back, just to remind her that you still remember?And you still claim that you dont give in for relations?
    No one loses dignity if they actually accept things honestly… Do they?

  48. Rajeeb says:

    Pl complete story..its incomplete of my dear friend Ramu

  49. Abhishek says:

    Sir, I hope you have a sequel ready for this article! Please…don\’t disappoint us!

  50. Unknown says:

    I luv to call u by this name. I had never seen your movies bfore. Only I used enjoy your beautiful mind in various interviews. Recently I watched \’Nishabd\’ on my laptop and I just got mesmerised by it. Particulary the climax words by Amitabh, "Mein marne se nahi darta. Mein Jia ki yaad mein aur kuchh din jina chahta hun. That\’s all."
    One question for you. How do you find people like Swami Vivekananda, Rajneesh, Socrates, Buddha, Mahaveer, Krishna, Shiva, Meera Bai. They appeal more than Ayn Rand to me. Though I like her too.
    Waiting 4 a typical Ram reply.
    Ram Ram,

  51. Unknown says:

    ramu…….wake up early in he morning just watch SATYA once agin without any disturbance………………………………you will be back on ur track…………….and we will get our lost favorate director RAM GOPAL VARMA.

  52. Unknown says:

    its me girish dhoke ur fan.

  53. Ram says:

    In Sarkar Raj, in the scene of press conference, there are two microphones of ETV Network and was clearly focused. Is that coincidence or just been put up because the film was shot in Ramoji Film City. To be precise, is that a sort of branding which Bollywood has discovered lately.

  54. Unknown says:

    hey Ramu
    1. why dont you cast urmila anymore in your movies ?
    2. Do you respect other people belifes ?

  55. saikiran says:

    hello i wanted to ask abt the movie GOVINDA GOVINDA….i read somewere that many scenes in the movie were cut by the censor board.what were the scenes or were can i get those edited scenes???the concept of the movie was very good….at least i liked it.

  56. karthik says:

    on re-re-reading your post… Iam beginning to think of one of Joyce\’s observations – "Accidents are the portals of discovery". Going to the video library wasn\’t planned by you, but gave you an idea.

  57. Vumsy says:

    Can you post the article "The Ideas that killed 30 million people" on this blog. I tried looking for it online but in vain.

  58. Vumsy says:

    Can you post the article "The Ideas that killed 30 million people" on this blog. I tried looking for it online but in vain.

  59. Unknown says:

    My Questions
    What was the name of your video library?Do you ever lie to your parents?Do your parents see your movies?With whom you will share your happiness?
    And regarding your \’A Kilometer Walk\’, here is one perspective view…
    You were so interested/obsessed in starting a video library so you(your mind) started finding(or creating) reasonswhile you were walking on the road and came up with a good reason, \’making your father sad now and happy later\’, so the real reason is not that distance of 1 kilometer but your wish(like/love) about starting a video library.

  60. VJ says:

    "hello i wanted to ask abt the movie GOVINDA GOVINDA….i read somewere that many scenes in the movie were cut by the censor board…………the concept of the movie was very good….at least i liked it."Govinda Govinda is a gr8 movie but the censor guys cut it left and right. (The Tuirumala set was I think the best. Nobody recreated it hence).The reason why Ramu left Telugu industry was this OR that\’s the best excuse for him to go to a bigger industry and audience. His style of film making was not appreciated in AP so he\’s a reason to leave but the disciples he worked with took over from where he left. Ppl like Krishna Vamsi, Puri Jaganath etc speak in glowing terms abt Ramu. I hate to say this again but Kshana Khsanam is the one of the best movies of Telugu industry. I don\’t know why he calls it a flop but it ran well. I remember seeing the movie with friends every week (four time in theatre) @2nd show & countless times after by video cassette, CD. It\’s have been a sooper hit if he\’d not have added that 5* hotel song.

  61. VJ says:

    It\’d have been… i/o It\’s have been

  62. Unknown says:

    Are u considering writing any books???…..u just narrated this superbly

  63. praveen says:

    why don\’t you start an academy in Hyderabad  encouraging young talent …

  64. Unknown says:

    I almost felt like as if I was reading a short (fictional) story. It has the potential to be turned into a critically acclaimed, moderately successful (commercial) movie. Maybe, you\’ll give it a thought when you are done with all your \’league-se-hatke-masala-movies.\’PS: How about a movie on \’communalism in India\’ all that SIMI and Bajrang Dal activities, actions, reactions and workings? Others can make it, but you\’ll do it the best.

  65. saikiran says:

    i wanted to ask abt the movie GOVINDA GOVINDA….i read somewere that
    many scenes in the movie were cut by the censor board.what were the
    scenes or were can i get those edited scenes???the concept of the movie
    was very good….at least i liked it.

  66. gouravaraju says:

    wow these days you are looking like a GOD to me. the one thing i like the most in you is you are doing what you want to do and in your own way. in one interview you said STARS DONT HAVE TO ACT. do you think stars like NTR ( senior) dont know how to act? and they never acted well?. 

  67. vamsi says:

    The chances of the video library turning out to be  good flop could be as high as 50%. But then, it clicked. What if it had not? you would have become a notorious bush hunter in one of the african jungles. 
    I feel it, kind of crazy to talk about fate, for all you know you might not be the author of it….

  68. Unknown says:

    Hi I have always liked ur films from Shiva days.I learn a lot from ur films..Love ur direction in all ur films, I love ur shot takings..really superb.I watch a lot of ur films repeat on dvd,love ur background score,cinematography in all ur films.My fav films of yours are SHIVA,RANGEELA,KAUN,SATYA,COMPANY,SARKAR,SARKAR RAJ & PHOONK.I loveeeed BHOOT,my fav film..brillant direction… & films which I liked from ur production AB TAK 56,EK HASINA THI,DARNA MARNA HAI loved this one & D. I didn\’t like MAST,CONTRACT,AAG,JAMES &VAASTU SHASTRA.I expected lots from this film after BHOOT.I thought NAACH was interesting as a film minus songs…beautiful music but I felt it didn\’t go with the film…DARNA ZAROORI HAI was good but DARNA MARNA HAI was better. Waiting from u a musical like RANGEELA,hardcore intense film like SATYA & my fav horror like BHOOT & PHOONK..What are you making now I read on the blog a film about media,sounds interesting to me atleast.With ur kind of shot takings& background score I wish u make a Silent film.

  69. Unknown says:

    I loved NISHABD forgot to add it earlier…

  70. Jonah says:

    One of the readers once asked "What is your view on human relationships?" and you responded saying "They are need-based"i perfectly agree with you.. because i think every relationship in this world is based on certain amount of selfishness. be it friendship or spouses or parent child. coz when you make friendship, its completely biased on what kind of person you are befriending. and what is the person capable of and what do you get in return. be it moral support or monitory help at times or just a ear to listen to you. and marriage is an institution created just to have two people support each other. as the person getting married clarifies, he/she is getting married to have support (or what ever you can call it)..but it is obviously based on getting it (sex/support)from others. and a parent brings up a child or for that matter mate to have a child just to have someone who will/might help them when they cannot help themselves. it is definitely not their intention to take care of someone who is not yet created. then why unprotected sex in the first place. I believe the only unselfish relationship is when a child takes care of his aged parents. Here he is not expecting anything coz they are of no use to them. and he knows they will be no longer with him/her. still he/she tries his best to keep them alive longer.So this relationship i guess contradicts to your statement.. that "NOT all relationships are not need based"besides the agape love of God which can be discussed in a different platform altogether.any comments ramuji??this is not my first comment on this by the way.

  71. Unknown says:

    See this video….

    A person collapsed and died while giving interview to one of the channels….
    God damn media, there is a person dead over there…atleast, pay respect to his death… stop sensatinalising
    and stop scrolling…. and atleast for fcuk sake stop the immediately telecasting some fcuking advt….
    Man, when will indian media get some senses…. and act responsibly….
    I have been in UK and I never saw british TVs telecasting gore images of 77 bombings….

  72. Unknown says:

    See this video….

    A person collapsed and died while giving interview to one of the channels….
    God damn media, there is a person dead over there…atleast, pay respect to his death… stop sensatinalising and stop scrolling…. and atleast for fcuk sake stop the immediately telecasting some fcuking advt….
    Man, when will indian media get some senses…. and act responsibly….
    I have been in UK and I never saw british TVs telecasting gore images of 77 bombings….
    I am waiting for the media rip-off movie more eagerly, now

  73. Jaisankar says:

    Koyi kuch bhi kahe jindagi me har kaam phayideke liye karta hai…."I believe the only unselfish relationship is when a child takes care of his aged parents. Here he is not expecting anything coz they are of no use to them. and he knows they will be no longer with him/her. still he/she tries his best to keep them alive longer."i won\’t agree with you…child takes care of his aged parents,because he need emotional fulfillment…he has to fill his emotional and sentimental deeds…the same thing related to doing and being good to others….if it wont give gratification to him he never do that….

  74. SAI says:

    To Mr.Ram gopal vermajirespected sir , I sai shrivastava male , mumbai resident , age 20 , want to be a actor . I can act , dance, sing, swim, ride horse .I just want a chance sir . Actor wahi aacha hai jo character me dob kar acting kare aur aap jaise director ke saat kam karke uski kala aur nikhar jaati hai……..kala hai humare pas nikharne wala chaiye. Hope for a helping hand from you sir thanks-

  75. Naveen says:

    i don\’t think you will get a more committed actor than sai….see below……no kidding!

  76. Pundrick says:

    1 km walk: Courage doing wonders again.Movie: On media, leave it aside, like them its fault on our part as well as we eagerly wait for breaking news and die for watching other\’s towel. Instead it has been long since we had a Murder Mystery. I cant recall anything good after \’Khiladi\’. They are tough to create, aren\’t?Shiva: I keep murmuring the dialouge \’Nanaji ye college k ladke, inko hum isliye palte hain ki jaroorat padne par ye hamare kaam aa sakein….\’ The way actor delievered, was too authentic. Wish to have details on him and shiva by you.

  77. kishan says:

    In one of JD\’s interviews, he said that you speaking in English turned off some directors/producers. For some reason, I always thought it was B.Gopal. You never ever spoke about your first break in front of the media. I was dying to listen to what happened before "Shiva". You cannot believe how much relieved (if that is the right word) I am knowing these things directly from you instead of reading it from a journo\’s made-up stuff.

  78. Kalyan says:

    I too was in a similar situation when my uncle who brought me up died. he was being brought from vijaywada to vizag. but it did not take me nine years, it took me a few day for the outburst.

  79. SUNIL LEE says:

    Dear Ramu Sir,
    I am extremely happy today that i am writting to you today ,I am in same situation as you were before movies,
    i am basically an engineer and working here in holland, my mind is in movie induetry there, i made few attaempts. and succeeded a little. but due to commitments as explained you i am here. i tried to contact you on office number of yours and failed.
    I worked on four movies as of today. unfortunatly 3 movies are stopped. one movie is ready to be released in coming months.
    my dreams are movies. i really looking forward chance to choose my dreams,
    i would love to work with you in future. hope i will get an oppurtunity.
    i relate to you very much, and i enjoy watching your movies. the screen play and technical work.
    i see you as role model, i woul love to meet you and chat for few hours. so that i can learn lots of things and make my dreams stronger.
    i need a suggestion from you sir, how to break up into industries, i woul like to send you my previous work details
    how shall do that.
    dear sir kindly go thru my sites SUNIL LEE in orkut
    i am also uploading my photos in this site, I am confident i am going to make it bit.
    i am once agian very much happy today that iam writing to you.I will more happier if i get reply sir
    yours lovingly
    Sunil lee

  80. Unknown says:

    reminds me of the line from The Fountainhead ……. A man can live only by thinking ….through his mind …. he does not come on this earth with claws to hunt food ….. alogical mind is the only thing he is armed with ….
    Good post

  81. Unknown says:

    Hi Rgv,
    Am ur fan………..
  a fan of Horward Roark…
    I saw some features in u….
    I love ur blog………
    I read all the posts………..
    Keep smiling…
    urs Anil..

  82. Unknown says:

    I guess most of u guys are missing the whole point of wat Mr.Ramu was trying to say here. He quoted " to be a director one doesnt need any experience but capability to visualize or being creative" and in my stand point of view lots of things changed since Ramu\’s time and now it doesnt where u r, if u r passionate come out with ur ideas and try to build network, im sure u guys are not kids anymore who expects to get the food to their plates. This is for you Ramu. if at some point im planning to make a movie , i surely will try not to have any influence of urs and would implement the same subject in alot different way and in more better way.Good luck everyone.

  83. Unknown says:

    hi ram gopal varmaji
            I am a big fan of yours and your films specially stya, company,sarkar are thing i want to know how you direct means how the idea comes in your mind to select a location and to create a scene and if you direct a film what work assitant directors have 

  84. Unknown says:

    hello sir
              If you will make sequel of sarkarraj please cast neil nitin mukesh as chiku.

  85. Unknown says:

    hello sir,I request you to write about your assistant directors, also tell us about the "so called" director teja who feels he had given you lot of advice at the time of shiva. Recently JD made some pinching remarks on his(teja) attitude.Also, I heard that you left the telugu industry because some people where causing obstacles for you, is that correct who where they.

  86. Unknown says:

    Respected Sir, Its just wow, how inspiring is your article.I watched the movie Phoonk.The inference of the movie is really really great , the story is weaving the threads of GOD and DEVIL, and that there are worlds beyond scientist can dream off.Great to watch.

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