My reactions to reactions

1. What drives you?
Ans: Most times my Land cruiser and sometime my Honda.
2. What can people do when it’s too late?
Ans: There’s no such thing as too late if you truly decide what you really want to do. Right from our birth we are taken forward to get into a trap of expectations and commitments towards our family or society or God or country etc. Fair enough. Many of us have no choice but to heed them because of our physical or emotional obligations. The only alternative we have is to make the choice and psyche ourselves to make the best of it but one thing you should not ever do is to crib or complain or feel frustrated as then the whole point of living itself is lost.
3. Overlooking heart and feelings is a disease Ayn Rand and many of her followers suffer from.
Ans: I don’t know about her followers but through her writings I believe that Ayn Rand has more heart and feelings than anyone else I have know, heard or have read of.
4. Kids speak the truth because of lack of understanding the consequences and very old people speak the truth because it no longer matters.
Ans: Beautifully said. But then there is also a cracked guy like me who speaks the truth because of an obsessive desire to project myself plain pure and dirty.
5. Why was Tom Hagen kicked out in Godfather? I didn’t buy the logic of him not being a war-time consigliore.
Ans: Corporates (of which underworld companies are one) by nature operate on result. If an employee is given authority, funds etc towards a project and if he fails in delivering the expected result he will be kicked out. If Hagen couldn’t see the attack of Solozzo coming or couldn’t prevent the death of Sonny, he had to go. He was given a position to deliver results and not explanations. You and me as readers might feel it’s too harsh a thing for what we feel is not Hagen’s fault, but being in the shoes of the Don and Mike I think it’s highly understandable.
6. How do I break my monotonous boring job and be you?
Ans: By taking a decision.
7. Featuring a character derived from the various nuances of your personality might make a compelling film.
Ans: I don’t know about compelling but it will surely make a madcap film full of contradictions.
8. I could not go past Ayn Rand.
Ans: Reading a book is like visiting another person’s world. The more worlds you visit the more richer you become in your insights. By sticking only to Ayn Rand you are just carrying forward what you learnt only from her, thereby defeating the very purpose of knowledge. The knowledge you get from a book or any other source should be just a stepping stone for the next level. You should not ever carry what should carry you.
9. How did you react when Aag was a flop and Phoonk was a hit?
Ans: I Aagghed and I phoonked!
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17 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Unknown says:

    Why have your blogs serious this month?? Any particular reason…please dont tell us you are depressed.(could be anything)….thats not a good thing to hear from the person whom many admire the most and who has influenced a million people to think beyond …!!! this also makes me ask you a question….has any of your movies depressed you???? I mean any regrets??? Is there any movie you think you shouldn\’t have made it?

  2. E says:

    Hi RGV,
    Thanks for your reaction to my reaction [ my earlier blog comment ].Perhaps your perception is quite different from what I have regarding Ayn Rand.We can agree to disagree regarding this.It is hard to imagine that a woman who had made her life mission to advocate selfishness, rationality and disregarded mysticism altogether could have heart and feelings.To say that mysticism cripples life is simply preposterous and lopsided or one-sided view of world.It seems only her left brain was working.She completely ignored her right brain.She was half.Not complete. To be a wholesome person there needs to be a perfect balance of left and right. Her "yin" was fucntioning but her "yang" was missing.
    If you carefully look into her her mind and by now you might have already finished with this exercise, it is crystal clear that she has fucntioned out of her mind.Her observations regarding human nature and this world and all her insights are born out of her mind and not from having a transcendental view about this world.She was only a philosopher. Being philosphic will not do.The problem with philosophers and their minds is that they come up with great-looking philosophies,great-looking insights and really complicated theories about our existence.It is very simple because they are just playing with words, they are arranging, re-arranging and "de-arranging" the words.But then they are just words, dead words.They have a great intellectual appeal.They are moving in circles.This is a very superficial observation or anlysis of our mysterious existence.They are lacking a vantage point.And to me this was her greatest limitation! And what practical value will this one-sided or lopsided view will have to us? If at all they will have any value, they will allow you get adjusted with the current setup of society.They will equip you to funtion normally in this world and do business and survive.But then is survival our only goal? What are we going to do by surviving? You will say to live our lives to pursue our goals? What goals?Please they are not goals, they are just our desires. To earn money,name and fame.Ok you are able to achieve all these relative things. Then what? Is your life finished? Is it a full stop?It is a never ending process.
    Ok now before you conclude that i am advocating mysticism. Let me give a clear definition of what I feel mysticism is all about,"
    It is an enquiry into the nature of things,it is an zealous effort to know the "how and "why" of things.The end result of which should be that we would have decoded our existence, bringing in an complete overhaul of our consciousness.This is the birth of the NEW MAN! One is the birth of from our biological parents,which is decided by nature. We don\’t have any hold on it.But this re-birth is the real birth,this can be and should be achieved by us. This is what the hindus call "dwija".
    I am not bringing in the dictionary meaning of God and union with God or all that nonsense. And once you have this understanding then things become clear.You start fucntioning in a new way.Your life has some meaning and purpose now.Now you start living life to the optimum.You are not resgining from life.You are embarcing life now. Now you enter life with even more energy, fresh energy.
    Mysticism is life positive. It is life affirmative.It is not at all life-negative.It enhances our life millionfold.Our life is enriched millionfold.Life is psychedelic.The sunlight is more brighter. The trees appear more green.Not before that.Before that we are only dreaming, dreaming about this and dreaming about that!Some people have good dreams and some people have bad dreams according to their individual capacities, but dreaming they will be.
    This is where the mystics enter in. This is where metaphysics enters.Contrast her ideas and insights with Enlightened people like Buddha, Ramakrishna Parmahansa, Swami Vivekananda, Parmahansa Yogananda, Osho,George  Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi,Lao Tzu,Chang Tzu..or so many other highly evolved beings who have benefited this world immensely.
    P.S. BTW, I like Ayn Rand for her Libertarianism.Fuck the government.I dont want the state to dictate terms to me.Individual should live as freely as possible.Imagine a world without governments, boundaries and borders.There wont be any wars. There will be peace. Anarchy is what I want!

  3. Unknown says:

    Ramu Ji, Manoj Vajpayee has phoonked you very badly in his blog, What is you reaction?
    Here is his Blog entry, Please read it And Give me your Humble comments.
    I am very keen to know your reaction.
    With Regards,
    Shobhit Jindal 

  4. srini says:

    "You should not ever carry what should carry you." well said.

  5. Unknown says:

    Dear sir, My understanding of why Tom Hagen is moved from the God father\’s camp is not because of his failure as the family advisor but it is part of bigger plan of Mike to settle scores. It is because of the same reason, he removes two important men in Corleone family (i dont remember the name) and make them bosses of their own area. It is a shrewd strategy, I believe. Well, there are many interpretations from the book. This is my understanding. Needless to say, Godfather is my all time favorite book. So couldn\’t resist myself from giving my viewpoint. Satish

  6. Brentmeister says:

    What\’s your fav movie of Mani Ratnam , Gautham Menon , RGV .

  7. Unknown says:

    The point you made about not sticking to one author but to go on in search of others views is really nice.Once i was stuck up with Sydney Sheldon for two tears until i met Jeffrey archer next came  Ayn Rand now i read both of their novels i like the screenplay and single mindedness of Archer\’s characters to come up in life and Ayn\’s philosophy which is ,some times i think,out of space.Not to mention ,your movies are the once i do never miss……….Please do write abouut the production details of Shjva if you don.t mind……….bye have nice time

  8. prakash says:

    An SMS PJ doing rounds:
    Why did RGV make Phoonk?
    Ans: To bujhaao his Aag with a Phoonk

  9. Unknown says:

    You said "only weaklings cry.I psyched myself to feel like superman".Why did u cry after 9 years of your dads death.You became a weakling?

  10. gujjarlamudi says:

    Dear Varma garu,
    Why don\’t you make movies with Ilayaraja after Shiva Hindi? recently SHIVA 2006 is a big flop.Any problems with working Ilayaraja? We need movies like SHIVA once again with ur combination.

  11. Unknown says:

    ramu sir, i have passion to filmmaking .after 4 years of research on filmmaking, recently i made 2 short films and after watching my films very one appriciated me. but the point is im feeling very sad now and the reason is my short films are like ramgopal verma\’s films.

  12. surap says:

    Ramu ji.. i am from Andhrapradesh  police department ..i have a superb oneline story with me….. how to contact you.

  13. Nitin says:

    Hi Ram,I liked the building up in Phoonk. Have you read Stephen King? I think you have or you should if you enjoy fear. A separate question, have you seen \’Shawshank Redemption\’?

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