My reactions to reactions

1. Do you even think of social problems like poverty, communalism, alcoholism, drug abuse, pollution, etc and what would you do about it?
Ans: No. Nothing.
2. What do you think happens after death?
Ans: I am more interested in thinking of what will happen in the next one hour.
3. What you are saying might anger Hindus.
Ans: Ok, I am buying a ticket to Mecca.
4. When you are not good at English, how can you understand Ayan Rand’s work?
Ans: I read her thoughts, not her vocabulary.
5. Who is John Galt?
Ans: Certain aspects of me.
6. How many relationships did you have with aspiring actresses?
Ans: If I tell you, you will die of jealousy.
7. What was the one incident that influenced you the most in shaping you as RGV?
Ans: When I was 6 months old I fell on my head.
8. In Sarkar Raj I saw Telugu signboards.
Ans: I saw them too.
9. You are as vulnerable as Peter Keating, as brilliant as Ellsworth Toohey and consider yourself as Howard Roark.
Ans: Actually I have a schizophrenic mix of Ellsworth Toohey and Peter Keating in me, but many times I successfully pass off myself as Howard Roark especially to girls and investors.
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17 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Ashvin says:

    My only question is, how can you transform to be emotional at one point of time and answer questions with some much humor at the same time??(assuming that you have drafted one after the other, if you have drafted both on seperate ocassions, then you ignore this comment)…!!!

  2. surya says:

    John Galt made a lot of money for his author who decayed after her death. He is still alive in certain aspects of Peter Toohey – and the certain aspects come out with investors and girls like the original author. Nice 🙂

  3. Unknown says:

    In \’Phoonk\’, why did you show the child\’s parents going out of the room leaving the child alone even after the second attack. Was that deliberate to irritate the audience?

  4. Unknown says:

    I seriously feel you can make a classic comedy with your wild sense of humour!

  5. surya says:

    You did come with a disclaimer didnt u?? Kabhi "Ram" Kabhi "Gopal" ; Didnt know schizophrenia was detectable at birth 🙂
    You should consider putting a sales counter to enter your blog. Or perhaps you can allow people who buy tickets to your current movie access till your next movie 🙂

  6. Narendra says:

    When I was 6 months old I fell on my head.- > Brilliant answer. Couldn\’t stop laughing.I successfully pass off myself as Howard Roark especially to girls and investors.- > My bro will be very happy to hear this.

  7. Unknown says:

    Many times, I felt like \’Your thoughts and My thoughts are same"

  8. pavan_1976 says:

    Hi Rgv, Nice to see your blog,Do you like do remakes?(i mean inspiration from foreign movies).I am bit disappointed with the moview you are making right now like Sarkar Raj,Aag etc,Would like to see an entertaining movie like Rangeela, its one of the best movie i have ever known.I would like you to see you making a love story like rangeela in u r own direction.i guess as far as my knowlege is concern you just made 2 love stories one is rangeela and other is Prema Katha (i thinking somebody else directed it under your name)Wating for love storyspecially from you way of screen play and direction.I guess you might have watched "Cinema Paradiso" an italian film which won many awards.i liked the screen play in the movie hope you adapt that in you new love story. hope you will give reply me,  i know you are very busy person and you dont have time to reply but but a 3 leter word "hai" from you would make my day.
    Thanks in advance for replying .

  9. Unknown says:

    3. What you are saying might anger Hindus.Ans: Ok, I am buying a ticket to Mecca.Ramu, after going to mecca, dont dare to comment muslims, You wont come back for sure. (Smile)

  10. pavan_1976 says:

    what happend to your hollywood film? was it a publicity stunt to sell your sarkar raj ?

  11. vaishak says:

    You like the film \’French connection\’ by william fredkin…?…..I am working on that kind of subject now….Putting that theme of hard working cops fighting with the new wave drug lords in the indian context….i am doing a extensive research to get it realistic….Will this kind of a film have a target audience…..?

  12. prakash says:

    I just bought the original DVD of Sarkar Raj. The making of Sarkar Raj is quite a treat for RGV fans and budding short filmmakers like me. I have learned that Russian angles are generally used for depicting a catastrophe. Sarkar begins with Russian angle shot of the Nagre\’s edifice. Is there a significance of using Russian angle or rather is it a rule per se to use Russian angle only to depict catastrophe?
    btw, i loved the cameraman and writer\’s interview in the dvd. thx for the treat.

  13. Unknown says:

    What is immoral according to you?

  14. Unknown says:

    where is antara mali?

  15. sreeniwas says:

    I wonder if there is any person in this world in whom you can see \’Henry Cameron\’ if u were Roark.

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