My reactions to reactions

1. Your movies and attitude show no sign of positiveness.
Ans: And your views on the same show no sign of positiveness either.
2. What inspires you to resort to such radical compositions and oblique camera angles?
Ans: Anything and everything are the same to all people. The way one individual chooses to look at it is what which makes it look different. That is the way I choose to look at things.
3. Do you read philosophy? What are your preferences?
Ans: I was very influenced by Marxism in my early days till I discovered Ayn Rand. But the fact that one reading of Fountainhead could destroy years of my belief in communism drove home a point to me that when you believe in something or agree, it’s only valid till you hear something else which could undermine what you believed until then. So I went on to read Spinoza, Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche among others. Finally after the entire exercise, Nietzsche in terms of his intensity of thought and belief, and Ayn Rand in terms of logic and rationality stayed with me.
The sum learning of mine of applied philosophy is best quoted in this line from Ayan Rand’s “The Romantic Manifesto” – “The pursuit of truth is not important. What is important is the pursuit of that truth which helps you in reaching your goal”, that is of course provided if you have a goal in the first place to start with. Most of us don’t have a goal. We wish for things but we rarely will ourselves to achieve them.
The German philosopher Schopenhauer in his book “The World As Will and Idea” said “you see with your eyes, you hear with your ears, you feel with a touch, and all these senses are nothing but functions of your mind which is nothing but a thought which is an idea.” So the fact you are reading this blog and interacting with me or doing anything with anybody or anything else could be just a figment of your imagination. Thereby if you close your eyes and go to sleep, I and they and everything in the world cease to exist. And when you open your eyes in the morning the world comes back to you and this is the truth for not only you but every living being, and it comes back in different shapes, forms and emotional states for each and every life form on the planet.
Applying this theory of Schopenhauer, I identified a world of my own which is filled with my kind of music, my kind of films, my kind of people, gangsters, ghosts, girls with sexy bums etc. If anybody chooses to visit it, they might like some, dislike some or completely reject. It’s their choice, but I surely am not going to leave my world until I leave this world.
4. Can you differentiate between making love, fucking and having sex?
Ans: Making love is an emotional experience which makes you feel a high about your love and yourself. Fucking is an intense experience which borders on a feeling of wanting to conquer or achieve. And having sex is a necessity like to sneeze or to cough.
5. For what part of life do you do things you decide and what part does life decide for you?
Ans: My life only belongs to things that I decide because even if life decides some things for me, I immediately decide something else on top of life’s decisions so that they again become my decisions. The bottom line is that, I don’t listen to life.
6. Why re you using such derogatory language and calling it a metaphor?
Ans: This blog is meant for evolved people and people who understand metaphor. If you don’t qualify, do yourself a favour and don’t come back into this space.
7. All your leading ladies got similar personalities.
Ans: That’s the way I like my women, buddy.
8. What is wrong with Fellini’s films?
Ans: I have no idea who he is?
9. Relationships are just love and not need. Your mother won’t love you for need.
Ans: For your information my mother gave up on me when I was in the 5th standard. And just in case, if you start off on a psycho analytical trip on that be informed that I hate friends, mother’s love, dogs, kids and flowers. Friends because I don’t need them, and mother’s love because I hate being fawned, dogs and kids because they take away attention from me and flowers because they remind me that keep forgetting to get them for my girl friend. And hello just in case you are about to hire a battery of psychiatrists realize that the whole above thing is just half a joke. Just try and figure out which half.
10. Please be humble to the audience because without them you are nothing.
Ans: Ok Guruji, why stop at just being humble. For my next film I will build a temple for them and pray to them. Will you please become my pujari?
11. Why was the camera lingering for so long on Hanuman’s poster in Phoonk?
Ans: Maybe they were lovers in their past birth.
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83 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Narendra says:

    This is what my brother thinks of you. Your comment?"Each
    and every individual in this planet is a mixture of Roark, Dominique,
    Keating, Wynand & Toohey. How different pieces of Earth are made
    into different materials of use, each one have their own purpose.But
    to extract the most precious stone, say a Diamond like Howard Roark, it
    takes time and pain. Until then we have to be satisfied with Fakes of
    Roark, who carry his Mask, all the time, in their life time, but who
    actually are the Keatings & Toohey\’s.The best example is Ram Gopal Varma.He is as vulnerable as Peter Keating, as brilliant as Ellsworth Toohey, but considers himself as the Howard Roark."

  2. Unknown says:

    story of philosophyby will durant?I suggest reading gbs & wb in addition to urs for the excitement of a paradox, beauty of presentation & above all cerebrality or rationality of the content.I am yet to find a fourth one to this elite group. And i don\’t mind paying to read anything scribbled by these three. Terrific entertainers!

  3. krishna says:

    From my 10th standard i was influenced by Marxism,when i read Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead it made my mind think everyday about one question… "Do i have clarity in anything in my life?"As you don\’t know Fellini, i advise you to watch "8 1/2"(Eight and Half).Will you make the indian versions of \’The Fountainhead\’ and  \’Atlas Shrugged\’?

  4. Unknown says:

    Ramu,I think your reactions to reactions are pretty funny like for instance -"Ok Guruji, why stop at just being humble. For my next film I will build a temple for them and pray to them. Will you please become my pujari?"Makes an interesting read. Keep up with the good work.Sheetal

  5. gouravaraju says:

    i didnt read anything wat you have said about philosophy. but i think that some beliefs and decisions wont change throughout our life. do you agree with me? and one more thing you dont like your mother? then what you like? the films you made? or the ones you had sex with? dont you owe a little thing to your mother?

  6. Unknown says:

    Given a chance would release multiple versions of the same movie? One for the masses, one for the city crowd and another version for multiplexes?
    I felt that the kitschy music spoiled the scare in Phoonk, it would have been more effective if you kept it natural and use the sound only for special scenes.

  7. Rahul says:

    ramu,i know its too late to point this out but i noticed couple of technical errors in Sarkar Raj which I would like to bring to your notice… in the opening shot when the car is coming in to sarkar\’s house the crane\’s shadow (where the camera must have been installed ) was visible…i think u must have filmed the rallies of party\’s cadreman in AP.. strangely I saw telugu signboards in the villages when you were trying to show it as Maharashtra…

  8. krishna says:

    Hi ramuwhy is that u deliver a hit only when we think u are out of form?From my understanding  as i have been watching all ur films from childhood(saw Shiva in 1st standard) i feel u concentrate more when ur films fail and deliver a hit and surprise us.Do u also believe that there is a saying in southindianindustry(may be even in Bollywood):"Before ramgopalverma  and after ramgopalverma" or  in tollywood "Before Shiva after  Shiva".As i feel this quote is justified because  indian cinema  never  concentrated on technical aspects(photpgraphy,bgm) before u came into the  Scene. Please let us know ur opinion  on Brahmanandam as  actor i feel u should introduce brahmanandam to bollywood as u introduced kotasrinivasrao?Also please let me know ur favorite film thay u have directed?My pick would be Shiva,Kshanakshanam,gayam(should be first),satya,sarkarraj,sarkar(i felt it was a remake of gayam),Rangeela(for its music) and as  a producer its "money\’

  9. vaishak says:

    Hi Ramu,

  10. vamshi krishna reddy says:

    Are you influenced by "film noir"?

  11. Vinay says:

    You dont listen to life? The Alchemist puts across vehemently that people who learn to identify and listen to omens, achieve their objectives. Or is there a difference here?

  12. kishan says:

    Are you a good father?

  13. Kesavan says:

    Of Making Hit and Flop Films:Just simply, its your flop films that make you more human. If you kept making only hit films, then you would be a machine or a magician from outer world. In such a case there would be nothing for us to discuss with you except say a few words of admiration and "yeh jaadu ki chadi mujhe de de Ramu".
    About people hating you:Its just the other side of the coin for the answer you gave on Fans. Its a sense of belonging these guys have by hating you. When they grow out of it, they will realise what a waste of time it was.
    I love Phoonking:When you Phoonk from your mouth, the article is a wonderful read. However, when you Phoonk from your ass (your ludicrous comments on sex) its stinks big time. Having said that, if you Phoonked and produced only great analytical articles, we would have nothing to talk except say "yes sir, superb article sir, keep them coming". Enjoy your phoonking.
    Question for you:1) Somebody mentioned form in their comments, like Cricketers, do film makers also have good form and bad form? Does age play a role in ones films becoming outdated? If so, is it because the auidence sensibilities have changed, OR lack of new idea OR the process of film making becomes advanced and difficult to catch up?
    2) Your latest reactions to reaction was  a wonderful read. The world that you built for you (which you will not be leaving), must be constantly evolving with every learning/experience of yours, isn\’t it? If so, which world are you talking about Ramu? Have you read the book "The power of now"? Does some things in Bhagavad Gita appeal to you?

  14. Unknown says:

    You said atthe time of release of Naach that this was your best film …do u still stand by it…
    Also wen the film bombed u said "  I gave Ayn Rand to a Municipal School."…
    Wat did u exactly mean?? If a film fails the audience it at fault nd if its a hit its because of you???
    I am jus askin your opinion….

  15. Brentmeister says:

    Hey , why don\’t not you consider making " You can win" by Shiv Kherra into a movie ? Its my favourete book.

  16. RAHUL says:

    Is hanging on to power a continuous exertion or it it something that sticks to someone after a threshhold – Your views

  17. Unknown says:

    Sir wat\’s more important…. Impose our thots on everybody or as a professional give wat our consumers, clients, audience or by watever name called, need?????I really love your maximum films…infact a film connected with ur film has to b sumthing different from others…but u always write such frustrated blog entries…???U should feel proud dat ur films are always been known by ur name not by actors name… otherwise amongst audiences anyonw wud hardly know who is d director of so n so film….Ur name is a brand Sir…Regards Gaurav

  18. Unknown says:

    Namaskar Ramu,Of all the books on philosophy not a single Indian whom you were influenced from.You represent the generation where any thought from the west is the best..but Indian hmmm thats not cool..its as you would think it is worthy only of contempt..
    Now let us analyse why it is so..90% of educated mass in India have contempt toIndian philosophy? Why is that ?
    The answer is because we are all Macaulay\’s Children : A term used to refer to people born of Indian ancestry who adopt Western culture as a lifestyle, or display attitudes influenced by colonisers. The term is usually used in a derogatory fashion, and the connotation is one of contempt to one\’s country and its heritage. This frame of mind or attitude is also referred to as Macaulayism
    I know you will label me as being out of touch and also tell howeverything we did was courtesy the West and India would notbe what she is without the West.
    In the next few post I will post some details of Macaulay and would like you to read it and introspect before younail me down as would you do anyway.
    Now one last thing about about German philosopher Schopenhauer.
    It is a well established fact that Arthur Schopenhauer was the first major Western thinker who was so much influenced by the Upanishads that he wrote, "In the whole world there is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of the Upanishads. It has been the solace of my life, it will be the solace of my death”.This view of Schopenhauer about the Upanishads not only shows his familiarity with the Eastern thought but also it reflects his adoration for Indian philosophy, religion and culture, which influenced him in a significant way. Thus in the World As Will and Representation Schopenhauer clearly states that readers can understand his writings better with prior acquaintances with the philosophy of – Plato, Kant and that of Hindus.
    For more details contact Arati Barua,Reader, Department of Philosophy,Deshbandhu College, (Delhi University).Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019.
    I hope you will read throught this and at least see my view point.I will post more later.
    Namaste ( which means I salute the spirit in you)Rajaneesh

  19. sandeep says:

    u r a philosopher in ur own way ??are u a staunch individualist

  20. RAHUL says:

    If you had to point to one person or incident that influenced you the most in shaping you RGV, what would that be, if you can share

  21. mikey says:

    i would like to know your opinion on the following 1)casting couch 2)incest fantasies

  22. Anand says:

    Just "Craftsmanship" wont do!..but "subject matter" should be powerful!.. I found both excellent in Nishabd and Phoonk!..but not in others like sarkar or satya etc. you seemed to be more frivolous. why so?

  23. nassim says:

    Hi Ramu, I really enjoy reading your answers to questions asked by viewers, but i believe it would be a shame if we don\’t use this blog to ask you some more questions about your craft. I am a filmmaker too and i was wondering how you manage to be so prolific and making so many films?! do you consider yourself self-disciplined? what is your day-to-day program? what are the three most important lessons you learned during all these years of making and producing films? How long do you take for pre-production, production and post production on your films, like the last one for example? are you a mac user or pc?!! Final cut or Avid?!!!:-)

  24. V says:

    Dont your family members (well I mean mother, sister) read your blog. Arent you sceptical about writing the           F(Fuck) word and S(Sex) word.
    How many relationships did you have with "aspiring actresses"? Your own Sarkar had Kay Kay Menon\’s hero rebuking the Producer for wanting to have an illicit relation with the heroine.

  25. Unknown says:

    Who is john galt?

  26. Unknown says:

    At what age did you read Ayn Rand? From your interviews, it is quite evident that you are not very good in english (even i am not).Then how could you possibly understand Ayn Rand\’s works?

  27. celeste says:

    Amore: la domanda non era per te!
    E quanto alla risposta, era una battuta, vero?

  28. Unknown says:

    You are So F***** funny.
    Then all these ppl reading your blog seriously, such a  hilarious experience.

  29. sachin says:

    I think you try to hide your real persona. You are insecure, and have been hurt a lot of times before. That\’s the reason you are so indifferent to people or to the concept of love. Anyways,we dont need to find out real you, we are happy with your movies and only that should matter to us.
    How about making a movie on two persons having exactly same horoscope but they are part of different generations. I have the script ready, can I send it to you if you are interested?

  30. Unknown says:

    Ramu, Could you please suggest some good softwares for film editing and for screenplay writing?

  31. Unknown says:

    Did u read Bhagavad Gita?
    Whatz your opinion on that book?

  32. Unknown says:

    We know that your passion for film making developed in your college days…but how about your school days??? you said your mother gave up in 5th standar…just curious to know…!!! was moving making in you since then????

  33. Unknown says:

    You told "but I surely am not going to leave my world until I leave this world. "
    the way you told your view in that paragraph is fantastic.
    but are you happy in that world? or sad or always happy or always sad or sometimes sad & sometimes happy and if it is last one, then whatz the speciality of that world?

  34. confused says:

     … after reading all uor blogs ….my comment on u
    u r a selfish arrogant  self centered  egoistic bastard .. who dsnt think
    twice before sayin nything 2 ny1 .
    now stop smiling … these r nt   compliments ….. i knw u already knw uor 
    traits , nd take so much pride in  showing it off ..   anyways i m still reading ur blog…. nd thoroughly enjoyin it :)…..doesnt matter if "u dont need love or wellwishers " comment is true or false .. bt i really enjoy this thought that uor kind of weired nd psycho  person  exists  in  our own bollywood . thts quite a relief.(saw nd liked phoonk.. bt it is nt as scary as i predicted ..too much sound….bt all in all a  gud  timepass  movie  )

  35. Unknown says:

    What is that incident that made you mother give up on you?

  36. surya says:

    Just musing,
    Mind responds to stimulus with a thought. The moment its concieved the thought becomes a memory. The sole intention of life is survival and pleasure. Memory, aids both survival and pleasure by creating biases on what helps achieve both – emotional states are just tools that define what is aiding survival and what is aiding pleasure.
    This however does not mean:
    a) There is nothing else that aids survival and pleasure other than the biases we have.
    b) That what is percieved is a figment of imagination. If you read Ayn Rand then you probably know that reality exists irrespective of your perception of it.
    Of course you have a right to create the world you want to live with, like everyone else, but I do not agree with the notion that everything ceases once you sleep – because you sleep with the sole intention of recuperating the body when the body (pre-historically) cannot do anything worth while in darkness. And the reality that you have percieved still persists into sleep as dreams.
    I do not agree because it is this assumption that has given rise to a host of fallacies like Turiya and Turiya atita and the experience of advitam through samadhi (which is the same as conscious sleep).

  37. Unknown says:

    Do you believe in Astrology?

  38. Unknown says:

    you are trying to project urself as different person but in fact your different.
    "The person who doest not have courage to accept things will always tell some philosophy."
    Your blog is more entertaining than your movies

  39. Unknown says:

    "Why was the camera lingering for so long on Hanuman’s poster in Phoonk?Ans: Maybe they were lovers in their past birth."I think this is very rude. I know this is part of your witty Humour. But let me remind you this could hurt feelings on many Hindus who love Hanuman. Keep in mind RELIGION is the most sensitive topic in the world and especially in a country like INDIA so you better keep away making comments on it before some mishap happens.

  40. Unknown says:

    "Why was the camera lingering for so long on Hanuman’s poster in Phoonk?Ans: Maybe they were lovers in their past birth."I think this is very rude. I know this is part of your witty Humour. But let me remind you this could hurt feelings on many Hindus who love Hanuman. Keep in mind RELIGION is the most sensitive topic in the world and especially in a country like INDIA so you better keep away making comments on it before some mishap happens.

  41. A says:


  42. Gas Kit says:

    What do you do, to cross check, after you have an idea and before you decide to make a film out of it. For example… you say ur gonna make a film on media… if this is just a thought… what all would u do , before you wanna make a film out of it ? 

  43. Unknown says:

    quite relieved & happy to see some bitchers infiltrating ur blog making it more readable. Their comments r refreshing. Most of Ur backers r sub intelligent, boringly serious even with ur jokes, feeding u as a true backer with nailable matter for ur infamous reactions to reactions.Im posting because i\’ve nothing else to do for i\’ve no goal in life and hence no botheration about its pursuit.

  44. Unknown says:

    tuhinaloved ur comments in the sense invented.Now ramu ignore it and show ur fans that u r indifferent.

  45. Unknown says:

    sir ramu & gopal & varmaas ur die hard suicide fan i would like to know ur take on heisenberg uncertainty principle. Also if u like kabab for ur lunch. Don\’t u think that russia should withdraw from georgia.Ps- i\’ve a story. May i upload it sir.

  46. santosh says:


  47. Unknown says:

    hi rgv
    these days u giving a lot of gyaan on love n sex
    i enjoy ur blogs thoroughly
    r u making a film on the philosophy(gyaan) of love
    or is there a new muse on the anvil
    pls bollywood needs someone wit the charm n sex appeal like ur first n best discovery
    i love her to date n miss her in ur films

  48. Unknown says:

    i am a die hard fan of ur satya. I watched it more than 60 times only.( Till date that\’s d best film i\’ve seen in any language.)In d process i became infatuated about u to the extent that i couldn\’t hate rest of ur films except aag.And aag normalised me to the extent that i am happy that u put ur name in its title.

  49. Unknown says:

    few questions for you:1. what is the solution for corruption in our country?2. Do u ever think of social problems like poverty, communalism, alchoholism, drug abuse, air water pollution, etc etc and what would you do about it? 3.what do u think happens after death?4.If someone proves existence of God logically with truth and proof. what would be your stand then?5.what is  or are the causes of terrorism? and please suggest solutions6.I think aneez bazmee\’s welcome and singh is king are worst movie of recent years! your comment please?7.Indian audiences can be fooled and are guillible to movie marketing tactics recent example singh is king and om shanti om! your comment please?8.How do u rate indian audience in terms of their taste? what is your opinion about our movie audience in india both rural and urban metro etc?9.People often blame politician, but it think this politicians are not from mars they come from our society, so somewhere fault lies within the society, i think society as a whole need to be moral and honest before we point fingers at our politicians.? wat do u say about it?Enough for now. It would be interesting to see which question you pick up and answer. thanks for the entertainmentGood luck with your movies.

  50. Unknown says:

        Thanks for the comment on Hanuman!
        You can do better than this!
        There is more perversion inside you !
        Let it all out!
        By the way your name is Ram !
        I am sure in your next life you will live up to your name!
    Best Wishes,

  51. Rajani says:

    Varma Garu,
    Sorry to say this letter is not for you but for the other people who is blogging here
    Hi people there,
    Varma is not alone he is \’Individual\’. He never listens anybody like \’You\’. This space is for really evolved people

  52. Suraj says:

    RGV,Sorry for late update. I watched Phoonk last week itself. it was a very good movie. Very well executed and was fast paced. Terrific camera angles and good characterization. It was very relieving to watch a good movie Phoonk after a very bad movie CONTRACT of yours. I feel there\’s a misconception that you guys spread about this film, that it\’s an horror. I feel there was a very little scope for horror instead it was a thriller drama. That might be the reason, some of my colleagues didnt like the movie. Would like to know, how much the Phoonk\’s success matter to you at this point of time, when all are ready to criticize your projects like anything.Anyways, congrats. What\’s next?Regards,Suraj

  53. Kiran says:

    For one of the questions from your fans you have replied "Difficulties and hardships are a state of mind. If you truly believe and understand that you are nothing, but just one more person among the millions of people out there and also understand that none of them owe you anything, you will come to terms with the fact that you cannot and should not depend on anybody or anything and the onus is on you to make it in life."
    This is the best advice I got from anyone. Thank you very much.

  54. Ramprasad says:

    Do you have any plans of making a film which will be appealing to wider viewers at an international level?

  55. Unknown says:

    Just want to understand …. K Vishwnath, Mani Ratnam… has their unique style of screenplay and movie making and never made a movie that was so badly bumped at the box office….even you were the same until ….. may be Daud …. (just want to mention Antham is an amazing movie and many people liked it … it just didn\’t go well with masses).So what happened to you these days ? Remember that there are no flops for you in telugu … and your initial hindi films …. may be it\’s uneccessary fear of competition which is pushing to make such scripts …. scripts which u start thinking for urself that \’ oh\’s RGV film and it should be this way because u know RGV is different and smarter than others 🙂 ….and  this scene should be like this …and this dialogue should be short but yet powerful etc etc\’ rather than completely understanding your characters and allowing them to grow and define your script by themselves.Point is that you are the only one who can create characters that are so powerful and trendsetting … like1) Nagarjuna in Shiva2) JagapthiBabu in Gayam, Kota Srinivas Rao in Gayam3) Brahmanandam in Money4) Nagarjuna in Antham5) Sridevi in Kshanakhasanam6) Aaamir in Rangeela7) AjayDevgan in Company, VivekOberoi in Company8) ManojBajpai in Satya 9) Amithab Bachan as Sarkar All these movies are were hits because you created characters which audience has never seen before(atleast those who never see hollywood movies), and during the course of movie allowed your characters to grow and have let them draw the attention of the audience.So just forget that you are RGV …. just think as a new comer…. remember you put the camera at the silencer of an old ambassador car , that filled screen with complete smoke after the goons hit a guy and go away in that car….with so perfect and apt background score and from the screen which resulted from that smoke…. your first movie has begun … and titled followed …..Siva ( as in telugu 🙂 )…. We exactly want that kind of VARMA.I know that you don\’t like free advices …. so pay me if you liked it …

  56. Unknown says:

    can u suggest some books.

  57. Sam says:

    HI RAMU…I am really afraid as to what remark you may give to my comments and I would end up being a fool. Regardless ot the fate of your movies I personally feel you are a brilliant writer. The way you reply for some sarcastic comments I feel thats the way to slap someone with a smile on your face. What a pleasure derived? Coming back to Phoonk I always like to watch the movies that you direct with the new SHIVA only an exception because it released in the month of RAMZAN. The 5 lakh challenge really worked for PHOONK and draw a huge crowd but I seriously feel that it could have been a better movie than what it is. Honestly unlike others I liked the way you modernised SHOLAY…I was keen to know as to how you would have adopted the Bandit crisis in modern world. HATS OFF to you and your capabilities. SARKAR RAAJ blew my mind away and CONTRACT also fell a little below expectations. As any day I check the news stand to know about your new assignments and I sincerely pray that PHOONK 2 is better than PHOONK. I know these expectations doesnt hinder you but truly I respect you as a fimmaker and alos your guts to swim against the tide. ALL THE BEST

  58. Unknown says:

    happy phoonking!

  59. Krishnan says:

    Dear Mr. Varma,                      Nietzsche\’s \’The Birth of Tragedy\’ remains my favorite to date. So, what do you dig? Apollonian or Dionysian style of life? I\’d be glad to know. Warm regardsKrishnan

  60. thirumal says:

    I would feel crazy in critisizing ur work but i couldn\’t resist if other do the same…hahahah yyyy?

  61. Unknown says:

    Which is your favourite scene from the movies of:-
    1)  your movies
    2) mani ratnam
    3) Raj Kapoor
    4) Sanjay Leela Bhansali
    5) Shah Rukh Khan
    6) Urmila
    7) Any Movie
    Please do also tell us why did u choose that scene.

  62. The says:

    Contract has to be your worst film dude! i was hoping for atleast 1 decent scene but apart from the homage to departed in the theater scene where the encounter cop is introduced, everything else had me going this couldn\’t have been directed by you!

  63. Unknown says:

    I am much more better than you in all the ways.Just by luck you are there!!Dont worry I will come and show you how to make films very soon. Copying and showing as if it is your own is not any achievement. You are cheating yourself I guess.Junkie.

  64. Unknown says:

    how did you react when Aag was flop and Phook was hit.
    Hit&Flop( i mean your definition)
    i think u gave a big lecture on hit and flop for janta but do you believe in the same pls explain

  65. Who says:

    What was most interesting to me in this nonsense about your responses to some vague comments was that you actually moved on from Ayn Rand to  Friedrich Nietzsche… I have not had the appetite to do so… I could not go past Ayn Rand and still cannot. I dont know if it takes courage, common sense or a curiosity to do so… but I have not completed any new book after hers… I have not been able to enjoy any book (with the exception of Gone with the Wind) again… perhaps that is just a state of mind. I started to read a few but was so bored halfway through that I dropped them. The only books I was able to complete were biographies. Perhaps it is because I cannot stand any other manner of fiction.
    Why I bring that up here is because I dont have the same problem with films…I was able to complete some films, despite all the crap. Do you think that films do not hold us there for long and that fiction in films is only viewed by the audience as a third person?That they do not grab the same attention unless you are sitting and watching the film alone in an empty theater or a dark room in your house (especially since you raised that for phoonk)? Why then is a sarkar raaj engrossing while an Aag is not assuming that you watch both in a housefull (lol) theater?
    Same is the case with music but that is another story…

  66. vaishak says:

    Can you make a film based on Indian illegal drug trade. a very dark,intense film….?…..The growing  western life style fascination declines human lives in india…..So Can you make a responsible film based on the subject….As a thriller….?

  67. Unknown says:

    ***Rgv garu, meeku vetakarapu brahma ani nick name pettam ma friends andaram ( Pun intented). I really liked ur take on Om Shanthi Om ( Thali meals ) & Sanjay Leela Bhansali ( critics have to wait for 2010 for next film). Super guruji 😉
    The metaphor on Media .. Striptease thing .. 😉 ( Telugu lo ;))
    **** Heard you are making a film on Paritala Ravi, is it a rumour ?
    **** Any movies in Telugu planned to be "directed" by you ?
    **** When ever i read ur posts, they look more like Intellectual masturb*****, would like to know your thoughts …
    PS: **** I love translating your posts in Telugu and I can enjoy more.

  68. Unknown says:

    he has repeatedly stated that he is not into social welfare. And there is no need of special mentioning of dark film to him for you will have to bring a torch to the theatre then. lastly do you want to see illegal drug trade glorified. Its better for us that he doesn\’t listen to anybody.

  69. Unknown says:

    Why dont you work with AR Rahman anymore? Ego clash?

  70. Unknown says:

    Do you watch porn?

  71. srinath says:

    A horror, suspense, action or a thriller whatever…. sir, i want to see your story telling, it is like your first movie, telling and impressing a producer, shot by shot…. if you like it ,please make a video or film….i mean one man show, that is you.

  72. srinath says:

    A horror, suspense, action or a thriller whatever…. sir, i want to see your story telling, it is like your first movie, telling and impressing a producer, shot by shot…. if you like it ,please make a video or film….i mean one man show, that is you.

  73. Unknown says:

    I   like horror, suspense thrillers very much.I want you to direct many more pictures like phoonk.Please direct some pictures in your mother toungue also.

  74. Unknown says:

    Why dont you direct pictures in telugu? of course, is it not yourmother toungue? It is your responsibility to contribute to your language. Wht do you say?

  75. Unknown says:

    Gone were the days of enemy warriors
    Who came to you with thrusted busts;
    Looking into your eyes straight
    Shouted mighty challenges for combat
    Exists now a different enemy set up
    Of sweet talking foxes besetting you
    Their words shower flowers
    While their minds grind swords
    With or without any reason
    Wittingly or unwittingly
    You are now riveted to rivalry
    When you walk innocently in street
    There goes a stealthy stab into your ribs;
    Or a gunshot from behind your back;
    Or just a bomb or land mine to consume you
    How many of you realize?
    In spite of your daily prayers
    God has gone into the thin air
    Man became too tough for Him to reign
    We already slipped into Satanic Domain

  76. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu,
    Weused to joke " Ramuku deyyam pattindi…anni aaa cinimalee"
    But the truth is we like your movies, your way of presenting the things. But I feel the themes are becoming too routine, hackneyed…..even ghost stories need a new look….don\’t u think so.
    I presented a poem to you in comment no.75.
    sathya narayana

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