I love “phoonking”

I came back from my Engineering entrance exam and told my father that I did the test so badly that if I pass the test everyone else who has written will pass. I realized later that it was a terribly insensitive thing to say to my lower middle class father who was struggling to make ends meet. It’s just that at that given moment of time I loved the way I phrased that line of how bad I was and quite oblivious to the concern it would cause him.
I think this was a promo of how bad this particular trait of mine would turn out. Today instead of my father, it could be the actors, technicians, investors, audience etc. But was I doing it deliberately? Not really because the reason I did the test so badly was because instead of studying I was watching films. I was and am on this constant high of living every moment of my life to the fullest and in the course of it I "phoonk" things unintentionally.
The only silver lining to this trait of mine is that I continue "phoonking" relentlessly so as a result good things come out of it too.
To give you an example when somebody asked me to name the worst film I made, I said it’s "Drohi". That’s because only I know my state of mind and how I went about making that film. But inadvertently "Drohi" became responsible for two of the best films of my career and probably my standing in the industry today.
I came to Mumbai to sign Madhuri Dixit for "Drohi". Her secretary told me her dates are not available for 6 months. Boney Kapoor suggested that there is this new girl called Urmila who has done a film called "Narasimha". When I saw the film I didn’t think much of her but as I was in hurry because of Nagarjuna’s impending dates and no one else available, I signed her. The film failed and she was written about negatively too. In the course of making "Drohi" me and Mani Ratnam together wrote a script called "Gayam" in which for a supporting role Mani suggested Urmila. That’s not because he thought much of her either but just that she might be ok for the role. Now while shooting for "Gaayam" when Urmila did a certain dance movement I just got so mesmerized that I got inspired to make "Rangeela".
I was very impressed with this story of a James Hadley Chase novel where a gangster falls in love with a girl and the girl does not know that he is a gangster. By the time he wants to get out it’s too late and he dies. I made this story into "Drohi" and when it failed I changed the setting and backdrop and years later remade it as "Satya".
So in effect "Drohi" caused both "Rangeela" and "Satya" to happen. If I didn’t meet Urmila, I would not have made "Rangeela" and if "Drohi" worked I wouldn’t have made "Satya". So if today my standing in the industry is substantially due to "Rangeela" and "Satya", only I know how much my mind state of "Drohi" contributed to it. So any outsider who would have thought I phoonkd "Drohi" he would not realize how much I got out of the same film elsewhere.
Similarly when I came to Mumbai to show Sanjay Dutt "Gaayam" he was very keen to get it made in Hindi which was titled "Nayak". I also had "Rangeela" project with me. My funders were not keen on "Rangeela" but were gung-ho on "Nayak", the reason being Sanjay Dutt at that time was a much bigger star than Aamir. Since I was insistent on doing both films they reluctantly agreed to fund both films thinking "Nayak" will cover "Rangeela’s" lossess. After shooting for 15 days for "Nayak" Sanjay got arrested in the blast case and was in jail for a long time. Meanwhile "Rangeela" got completed and became a blockbuster. Also in the same waiting period I did a Telugu film called "Anaganaga Oka Roju" which became a super hit. So by the time Sanjay came out I felt instead of making a serious dark film like "Nayak" let me scrap "Nayak" and make a caper film like "Anaganaga Oka Roju" and ended up making "Daud". Years later I remade "Nayak" as "Sarkar".
So in effect what I started out to make what triggered me off at each point of time, what excited me at any given moment results in variously different good, bad, ugly films but only I know in my heart what resulted from where. Purely based on that knowledge, I have no regrets about a single decision I ever made because as long as you keep making decisions something or the other will keep happening. This is because decisions will create energy and work and whether they turn out to be good or bad cannot be judged necessarily in reference to any specific time or event. The point is that a life’s momentum is in an ability to make decisions and I take great pleasure in doing that. 
That’s why I said "I love phoonking" even though I do get "phoonkd" many a time.
I strongly believe that both making love and fucking are equally fantastic in their own different ways but it is having sex is what I think is obscene.
And before any of you guys jump on to me with blazing guns for the above line try to understand that it is a metaphor… but then maybe it is not 🙂
Any ways see you,
and Happy "phoonking"
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  1. krishna says:

    even i said the same when i wrote my EAMCET.SARKAR is a good film but GAYAM is the best of uRGV\’s film KUNDALI 

  2. Unknown says:

    So, you finally say, you  have only two to three basic ideas and you you keep churning them in different backdrops…My question is, wh do you want to remake a well worked idea, which reached to maximum result? I mean Satya was a massive hit that a particular idea of Drohi couldnot achieve. And you still made attempt to re-implement the idea asContract again.  Isn\’t it?
    Instead of churning out your own old stuff or Phoonking around your life moments, why dont you spend some time on generating something original & novel too?
    Let us take a director who has been an icon and making so many different movies at a time, all of which were very different on their levels and  have worked well too….You can find his filmography at
    My apologies to the mentioned directors\’ hard core fans. I dint mean to insult him by referring him here. Just to show an example to a arrogant frog, who lives in his own well of two-three ideas.

  3. artinem says:

    the original purpose of your blog was to share the ideas and behind the scenes of your movies.I think u have forgotten this purpose and are more interested in writing about your likes, dislikes, your personality, etc,Till now you have only written  full  articles about  aag and rangeela.please take time to write about your other films also.

  4. Unknown says:

    Did you miss the "making of Satya"… One true good write-up….

  5. murali says:

    hello ramuji,Saw Phoonk. Did not like it much and the only reason is that I have seen better horror movies from you likre Raat. Raat is the best horroer movie in my humble opinion. But I am very happy that Phoonk is a HIT because I think Raat and phoonk are more or less the same, but very few people have seen Raat. So through Phoonk, i think people have seen Raat and i am happy that Raat gotits due. 🙂

  6. murali says:

    Regarding the media movie that you are writing – Thought you may be interested in this bit of news  http://africanhistory.about.com/b/2006/04/12/the-journalist-the-vulture-and-the-child.htm.This is about aan award winning photographer who  followed the principle of not getting involved with the subjects of the photo so that he can click snaps instead of helping them or getting involved with the subjects in any sense. Sounds cruel, but very media like.

  7. Brahma says:

    Dear Ram,
    How do you rate Gaayam out of your movies? Is it true that Vangaveeti Ranga and vijayawada goons are the inspiration for this movie? I think thats the best movie of those times. Can you explain in any of the posts abt working relationship you,mani and sekhar kapoor had?

  8. kishan says:

    If you get phoonked out of the film industry, you can become a good writer…

  9. Narendra says:

    I think Gaayam is the most boring movie that you made (I said this before too). The only thing that I like in the movie is only the fact that I can see how my city (Vizag) looked like a decade ago. I would be more than just happy if you shoot any of your movie in Vizag once again. I\’m sure that you can find brilliant locations than those you found while shooting Gaayam. Any help in location scouting ? I can volunteer.

  10. Narendra says:

    If you get phoonked out of the film industry, you can become a good writer…Lol . . .

  11. Piyush says:

    The best I admire in you is the way you make films on subjects you don\’t believe in.Like Rangeela – Romantic sorts, Phoonk – God and Black magic, Bhoot – Ghosts, Darna mana hai and darna Zarori Hai on Supernatural events.These movies I can remember.The way you\’ve conceived these subjects,I felt that you\’ve some belief in them.- Piyush Bhageria   9823071940

  12. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,
    Why don\’t you act in a movie, like a Malik\’s or RD\’s character or a character with one liners. Character is more important than looks so is doesn\’t matter if you feel you don\’t look good.

  13. Unknown says:

    Does it become difficult for a Director ( or script writer ) to create interesting characters after a series of films?by interesting ..i imply ones which have a \’soul\’].Somehow ,over the past few films..I see that humor in your movies has gradually vanished…whatever happened to characters like that eclairs-eating villain in Anaganaga Oka roju or that nosy neighbor of Satya in khsana kshanam or even \’Durga\’ in Jungle?

  14. gouravaraju says:

    ahaa……… you are so intelligent in supporting yourself with writings. any ideas of phoonk2? i am very much interested to see you directing a movie like mackenna\’s gold or the good, the bad and the ugly. what is the best film you have seen in telugu(not made by you)?

  15. Ravikrishna says:

    Varma,You used to be a great director. You brought revolution in telugu film making Shiva and further made films like Antham, Ghayam, Kshana kshanam, Rangeela, Satya….from their you didn\’t more forward. One more thing, dont\’t think telugu industry is your guest house,One day you will pay heavy for your behavior. You come to promote your stupid moronic movies and escape after that. Do you think people here are fools to watch your crap bag.Also, please try to think out of the box and make different films. I saw one similarity in you , Mani Ratnam and SV krishna Reddy (foolish films), that your heroine characterization never change, in all films the lead ladies got the similar personality. It cannot happen by fluke but just your thinking. Think different than only you will survive in this industry. Do not always blame on other film makers.I think you are coward which reasons for making such all the recent movies to feel you self strong. If you are really fearless we would have forgotten you by this time.

  16. Niranjan says:

    When you will do a movie in TELUGU? Plz can u do make a movie on the basis of PARITALA RAVINDRA story?

  17. Ashfaqul says:

    Ramu, I was wondering, is Anaganaga Oka Roju your very favorite film? you seem to have made three movies which were more or less inspired by it – Daud, Road and Go. you know, when Road was released, there was a rumor that you actually ghost directed the movie which i kinda believe now as the film was full of the typical RGV touch and the director\’s other two directorial ventures were very weak compared to Road.since it has been long enough since the movie released, would you mind to clarify now?oops one more question. almost the whole Sarkar Raj movie was in brown print except the Shankar murder scenes which were in blue? can you please explain why? Thanks a lot.

  18. Dhananjay says:

    Ramu, in this year Filmfare awards SRK made a fun of you about Aag , do you get hurt by these things? Do u ever seek explaination from SRK for this? or is he purposely doing it as you dumped him from your film "Time Machine" ? & also what\’s with Karan Johar & you these days 🙂

  19. vinay says:

    Ramu, In anganaga oka roju jd\’s mother always fights with urmila\’s father(don\’t remember exact relations) when I saw movie maro charitra I observed same track with kamal\’s and sarika\’s parents are u inspired or did u copy that track…
        and what about ur movie "EK" write if possible.. and please write about phoonk2 story competition details plz..

  20. Naveen says:

    —"Hello! I was not talking about their merit. Read my piece again and this time take the help of someone who has better brains."
    read your piece again ….and got enlightened…but more than anything else, its the malice in your replies that takes the cake

  21. prem says:

    I sincerely think as a responsible director and a integral part of the film industry, you should avoid making such statements. Who do you think you are "Hank from Californication " ?Even Hank writes for Hell A magazine\’s blog but he has the creative liberty to do what he does. By using such derogatory language and then calling it a metaphor i fail to understand what you want to prove.Whenever a successful person be it in business, sports or entertainment receives criticism he or she always answers back with what they do best. In your case you should answer your critics with another Satya or a Rangeela for that matter.Using your blog as a tool for getting back at the public and audience who are just expressing their disappointment at watching a Ram Gopal Varma flick which is not a Ram Gopal Verma flick in every sense. I do not know what Amitji will have to say on reading your posts….Now i know the reason why he does not use your blog postings on his blog..

  22. Vinay says:

    I Phoonk sometimes to get a kick and hurt people. Sometimes when it gets irritating standing in a huge line outside a mall on a sunday, I start telling my wife that "people just dont have ideas to spend a holiday and that most people just go to malls to spend time. They get in the way of people who come there actually to buy." You should see the looks on the faces of people in the queue. They just look and stare looking to say something, either to rebuke or to salvage. My wife\’s face also has the same look.
    By the way, what part of life you do things that you decide and what part does life decide for you?

  23. Unknown says:

    //But inadvertently "Drohi" became responsible for two of the best films..
    I would say \’Siva\’ was the better reason than \’Drohi" because if shiva was a failure film, then "drohi" might not have happened and there by both \’Gayam\’ & \’Rangeela\’ might not have happened.
    So, my point is if you think more, you will find a much more suitable answer(reason) for why gaayam & rangeela happened which you didn\’t do in this case.
    In the same manner, While coming to your direction also, if you did more hard work, \’PHOONK\’ might have been a better film than what was it now (ofcourse its not a bad film now)……
    So, My conclusion is, sometime back you told, Director always starts the film to make it a hit or with an intention to make it work but i would say intention is not enough, instead you have to work hard for each and every film like you worked hard for some of the  films that became hit  .There might have been a case where some of your films bacame hits which you didn\’t work hard at all and there might be some films that you worked hard but they got flopped.But all that matters is your attitude i.e. whether you worked hard enough or not.
    What iam saying is you might have not done enough hard work for films like \’Daud\’, \’Contract\’ \’Siva 2006\’ and if it is true, it is also one kind of cheating people.

  24. Kiran Kumar says:

    If your disaster like Drohi leads to Rangeela and Satya then
    I think your hits like Rangeela and Satya leads to Aag. I think consistency is
    important, what’s your say ramu?

  25. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    Agreed that you took decisions based on that particular moment. But can you now consider making some more effortful films, like how some of your own film-makers (such as Govind Nihlani or Shyam Benegal)once made.
    Also, an impetinent question here: Do you read/like philosophy? What are your book preferences?

  26. Brentmeister says:

    Since Company , I ve noticed the arrangement of objects in the foreground has been a regular fixation for you. It has been continuing till Contract & Phoonk. What inspired you to resort to such radical compostion and oblique camera angles to make sure every frame is arresting,all of a sudden .Where did you copy that from??

  27. static atmosphere energy says:

    Very good post RGV ji, almost subtly philosphical, honest & with fatal patience!If \’Nayak\’ took long time to germinate to \’Sarkar\’ or \’Drohi\’ destained to meaningful \’Rangeela\’ then \’Aag\’ will in years to come germinate to big, very very big blockbuster! Behind these chain of events, the thoughts took shape into meaningful cinema and I wish to sincerely congratulate you because any person must never give up and when the time of that idea ripens, things fall into place.  That is what I learn from your blog.  Even in your previous blog you mentioned about how you were trying for your break waiting for a particular producer who has had bunch of his own group but a quick thinking on your part or introspection why those people eventually end up producing the kind of films and how a film maker must take it onto himself again is thought provoking.  What is funny is wannabe film makers have grudge upon you then your films.  A very natural in entertainment industry where even media people who take your interview know that your answers will be with subtle intellegence, mokery, self depreciating to some extent, brutally honest and also kickass ones and these go into print or your blogs or media and people or wannabe film makers give thought to your persona rather then film, the result being occationally you become bigger then your film and then box office result and another salvo!I think wannabe film makers need to understand and learn a thing or two with right approach, attitude and then make films which again is a unique path, need based but unfortunately they blow their own trumpets. But I am not saying this as suggestion or advice to them.  To each their own.Accept my congratulations and respects that you are right up there because you had patience, vision & strong belief and acted upon those very attributes to be up there now never ceasing to surprise people.  I personally do not hate you, awe yes coz of your work of all films that you have done be it situational concept cinema, gangsters or my favourite subject ghosts, lovers on run chased by police or goons, or suspense thrillers or even Rangeela.  Why I even liked \’Daud\’ sequences or \’Kaun\’ or films that you did not direct but produced.  I am sure out of 4 dozens of your films, say only 5-6 films may have been commercially loss and that\’s quite an achievement when people recover money.As a fan of yours (you hate that fan thing) I wish to tell you to please make ghost films at least once in two years please and also suspenseful thrillers besides what you intend to make which may be surprise.  Another thing is you have eye for surprising comedy as in all your films, there are glimpses of those hope to see this aspect in more ways.  Good day! and happy \’Phooking\’ – the honest approach pays!

  28. static atmosphere energy says:

    To Shekhar,Shekahr I read your comments when you mentioned \’Shiva\’ being RGV\’s paradigm shift.  On practical grounds yes \’Shiva\’ looks the very aspect of him being the next big thing to happen to Telugu cinema or potential Hindi cinema as I remember that time Mr.Amitabh Bachchan came to see \’Shiva\’ when the invite was to others in Hindi films, only Mr.Bachchan turned up and then complimented RGV besides telling him about \’voilence\’ in the film. (Voilence was more in hindi film)But Shekhar, if my opinion is true, RGV initially wanted to make \’Raatri\’ or \’Raat\’ as his debut film and he went to the producer who told him it wont be commercially viable project and very quickly RGV thought of \’Shiva\’ in no time, he wasted no time at all to make \’Shiva\’ – that changed the face of film making down south.  What is to be learnt is this man was so hell bent on making a mark on celluloid at such a ripe age and with the same attitude that you see him today.  So the point is his dream of making horror film got postponed and what you get? Immediately after \’Shiva\’ strikes the halls, his mind works on horror film.  So in \’Phooking\’ – as you read his post about Phooking with his dreams and destiney, he made \’Raatri\’ or \’Raat\’ with Ravethy, presented by Boney Kapoor while being busy with other projects and even rejecting Kamal Hassan who liked his work and wanted to be part of his creative abilities.Now, From \’Raat\’ till \’Bhoot\’ got released he was – Phooking!!!Can you guess, from \’Aag\’ till he gets blockbuster from ashes…he will be ho hum…smoking…not literally but he will do it.  The man\’s honest with his patience and his own fast methods

  29. vinod says:

    having sex,fucking,and making love.how can you differentiate them?can you elaborate that one line metaphor you wrote?I\’m curious to know.

  30. Unknown says:

    Perfect way to answer sir… "PHOOKING" … perfect word to describe ur never losing attribute..I dont think dere is anything to COMMENT on dis blog \’coz its itself speaking d life n its connections with decisions v all make…RegardsGaurav

  31. Satya says:



  32. Narendra says:

    It\’s an interesting contest sir to ask audience to write the story for PHOONK 2. I have a story which I already submitted in the contest. I just want to know what Co- RGV fans think about it. Friends if you have a little time do read it an lemme know if you liked it or not.

    "RGV is the most successfull director in the country. He delivered 6 smashing hits one after the other. He now teams up with Karan Johar – Ekta Kapoor (The couple who own one of the biggest multiplex chain in India) to produce a movie for them. They instead involve in foul play by traffiking the stories to Yash Raj Films who are on a loosing streak.
    RGV finds it out and throws them out of his camp in the most humiliating way possible. He then once again teams up with Boney Kapoor who dies as soon as the movie is announced. With no option left he produces his movie which is supposed to be a take on Media. It turns out to be the biggest flop in the Hindi Cinema Industry. Also the entire media takes revenge on him for attempting such a subject and trying to degrade them. Different stories like his link up with Underworld, his friendship with Dawood etc., are created and many such turmoil of events create havoc in his life. All his Girlfriends start deserting him one by one. He finds it very strange that though he\’s being good to his girlfriends he doesn\’t get good sex most of the times. It\’s an all time low for him and his career. His following projects too bomb at the box office leaving him bankrupt. He cannot sleep, eat, drink or atleast fuck. He cannot understand why his movies are being duds at the box office though he thinks that they are the best works in his career. Being the kind of atheist he is, he doesn\’t believe in his friends ideas to do puja\’s to get rid of the evil veil that they think is around him. They also advise him to make a mythological film to please gods. He throws a deaf ear to all of them.
    Now the situation gets worse when a non bailable warrant is issued against him under anti terrorist act because the recent balsts in Mumabai carried by terrorits are very similiar to the way he depicted them in one his flop movies. This comes as the biggest shock to him. He gets a little afraid now. Even the bravest of men have their weak moments. RGV is no exception. He atlast tries to listen to what his close friends are saying and meets this baba called Zakhir Hussain who tells them that Black Magic was done to him by Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor. The man who\’s helping them is his friend and poster designer Sachin Gaurav. He then kills them along with the Baba and starts a mythological film on Sai Baba which gets released and turns out to be a huge hit bringing back the much nedeed commercial success for him and ofcourse sex too."

  33. Narendra says:

    Sir I also think it would be very interesting if you annonce a \’Dare to Laugh\’ contest for the story that I just posted (for Phoonk 2). Any one who can watch the movie without laughing atleast once will be rewarded 50 lakhs. How about it?

  34. Unknown says:

    "Satya" inspired from "Drohi" – cant believe how much we overlook word-of-mouth flop movies !!

  35. Unknown says:

    i want to watch this movie alone coz i’m not skied of all this superstitions which are brought up in this film. I am very excited to watch this movie and enjoy it as much as i can.And have full confidence on myself that going to win . I also promise that im not skied and i will not get up from my seat till the movie ends.
    my number is 09924486100my emali addrsed is sohil.parmar@yahoo.com

  36. Sekhar says:

    To Narendra, Nice Funny Phoonk story with a lot of hatred against RGV.
    I liked the story.Ofcourse not because it has hatred against RGV (I Like him a lot)
    RGV is such a guy who looks like he don\’t damn care public/people/society but he concerns a lot to show his ability to give clever/proudish/unexpected answers to the questions posted to him, which in this case may lead him to announce, \’Iam going to direct this film\’.

  37. Smita says:


  38. karthik says:

    this week\’s advice:
    "…decisions will create energy and work and whether they turn out to be good or bad cannot be judged necessarily in reference to any specific time or event. The point is that a life\’s momentum is in an ability to make decisions and I take great pleasure in doing that." 

  39. Unknown says:

    Ram sir, I am very happy after reading your new articles “I love phoonking” and “I love the hate”. It shows you kind concern towards your fans and shows your honesty.
     “I appreciate your consistent confidence and courage in making new creative films”.  Especially your “I love phoonking” is meeting the reality of life. In Kamal’s new movie “Dashavatarm” he tried to express same philosophy. Every incident in our life is related to other incidents indirectly.
    Friends please read carefully my comments.
    When we talk about Hollywood movies like “evil dead “or “Triple x” action movie or any other suspense or fighting movies we enjoy a lot in watching them and we praise Hollywood stars and their creativity, but when same thing if any Indian is doing then we all call him “mad” and “sarcastic”. This is not fair. I surprised when once I saw Yandamuri (famous novelist) interviewing Ram on a news channel in a sarcastic way. He started targeting his psychology. It was too bad. He introduced many new stars to industry and gave life to many. Above all he introduced a unique style to all Indian directors.
    Ram is adventurous, he likes to lead, he likes challenges, he dares like a roaring lion, he is creative, he is restless, mind blowing confidence and he cares other concerns, he likes his family members and his fans too, that’s why he has shared one his experiences the he had with his father with us, and he is emotional in his blog and trying to share his valuable life experiences with his fans. No doubt he is very frank and straightforward.
    I bet can anyone make a rich film like “Rangeela” or “Shiva”. No body can make again. Who introduced that unique style to Indian directors? He is none other than our great “”Ram Gopal Varma  I feel this is our responsibility to appreciate his daring efforts, creativity and mind blowing confidence.
     If you go and ask “Sharukh” – “why his expressions are same in all movies what would be his answer?”” If you go and ask “Anu Malik” – “why he can’t compose music like A.R. Rehaman” then what is his answer? If you go and ask “Salman”- “why don’t you learn how to dance”? There won’t any answer from him. We can easily recognize A.R. Rehman’s music when compared with others. Why is he unique? If you go and ask a “cow” why can’t you roar and attack like a Tiger then there is no answer. You pick any animal in this world including humans and analyze it then all have different attitudes and unique in their own way.
    Here in this blog some people are asking Ram to think in different way and make some good movies. This is a foolish question. He is obviously different in his approach. His all movies are great. I feel these people should realize one important life secret. God has created different mind sets to stabilize this world so that we enjoy the taste of the life. Every ingredient is important. Remember friends we all should encourage the positive side of a person. Every one in this world has negative side too. Every human takes birth with a unique style and unique mentality.
    Finally I say to Ram “”You must keep making some more good movies and beat the Hollywood directors one day”. We all are waiting for that day because we know you will reach our expectations and make us happier.

  40. manav says:

    Mr Verma ,
    I am a fan of a few of your movies and i love reading ur blog.
    I was at the 2008 Telluride Film Festival where i saw this film called "SlumDog Millionaire " by Danny Boyle(Trainspotting , 28 days later ) . Now i am a huge fan of Boyle and he spent quite a lot of his time in india making this film(great film by the way). Anyways the interesting thing is that there was a Q and A after the screening
    and he was asked to recommend indian movies to the audience most of whom i am sure are not familiar with the Indian Film  Industry .
    His three recommendations
    3)Black Friday
    They used the word "Superb " to describe them .

  41. Unknown says:

    Perfect way to answer sir… "PHOOKING" … perfect word to describe ur never losing attribute..I
    dont think dere is anything to COMMENT on dis blog \’coz its itself
    speaking d life n its connections with decisions v all make…RegardsGaurav

  42. confused says:

    shekhar kapur on failure "Recently I had a really upset fan write to me, who reacted adversely
    to a TV interview of mine on National TV. Where I said that I was far
    more comfortable with failure than I ever will be with success. He
    thought I was looking down upon those that are working hard and
    striving to succeed.

    But that is the truth. All my creativity has come to me at times
    when the world ignores me. It gives me the space to get in touch with
    myself. Of the hundreds of people that ask my advice on their future in
    this bussiness, I say don\’t know. But I do say that today I live on the
    ideas and thoughts that i battled with when I walked the streets of
    failure. I still do.

    Imagine a an arrow. The further back you stretch the bow, the more
    focussed your arrow will be. That tautness, that tension you create by
    pulling the string of the bow back, is the tautness of failure.

    The air on the top of a mountain is too rarified. You have to come down to street level to breathe in the oxygen.

    shekhar kapur"

  43. Unknown says:

    Late into the game, but loving the hate post is brilliant. I never really understood why I hated RGV, its probably because i always thought you liberally borrowed material from english films. But, I realized how wrong/narrow my thinking was..

  44. Unknown says:

    i recently watched phoonk and its a very good movie. I personally liked it. Thanks for the movie. i am eagerly waiting for the one you are making on media. I just watched mumbai meri jaan, they got one good episode on media, when fiancee of soha ali khan dies in a train blast and how she being a reporter of a channel faces the trauma. they have shown what happens when the same "tamasha" is done on media people. media make fun of injured people when they are trauma asking them ruthless question just for their trp or increase the shock value of a news item. I am sure that this time you will hit a six sixes with your movie on media and for that i wish u all the best.your blog is the most entertaining one. I really the like the quote you once made in one of your post. " your identity should never be dependent on others acknowledgement and their perception of you" please give us some more nice quotes.take care

  45. Unknown says:

    I think phoonk did shock the industry. How could such a poor script go on to earn money ? I think it was because of marketing/promos and curiosity regarding the subject. The end product was substandard.

  46. Neeta says:

    Hello Ram, Sanjay, Vidyarthie and Celeste,
    It was awesome of you all to stay connected via e-mails during my travels! Ramuji, did you miss us?! Ram, I just came back from Karnataka where in some regions people are so poor that they auction off their daughters to the highest bidder for sex (Devdasi initiation) – I seriously thought this was all in the past, however, some of the shocking stuff still exists! Also, I was suprised to see how homosexuality was affecting the peoples life. Gay life in India is still stigmatized and the ensuring problems are tremendous. I wish you would make a movie so people would learn to be more accepting .of other

  47. Vinay says:

    What made you sign up a desh-drohi like Sanjay Dutt for Nayak and Daud?

  48. Unknown says:

    How come you remade Phoonk in telugu unlike most of your other Hindi films which were dubbed? Do you see a bigger market in telugu now?

  49. Unknown says:

    I loved Phoonk\’s trailer. I hope its scary as hell. Will it be?

  50. Unknown says:

    Whats the scariest film you ever watched?  Exorcist??

  51. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu,I am also a movie buff like you and I also use to watch lot of movies before exams. I liked your new discussion I love Phoonking a lot. When I saw Sarkar, I knew that it has same plot like Gayam which is one of your best till date I feel. I wrote you a mail in regrad to this and expexted a honest answer  and got it now. Keep rocking and good luck.

  52. Narendra says:

    To sekhar,I don\’t hate RGV. He\’s my favourite director. All that I wrote was only for a few laughs. I know RGV sir doesn\’t give a damn to these kinda things. That\’s what prompted me to post it. You can\’t write such things in Karan Johar\’s blog. Can you? Poor fellow will go into hibernation, sobbing if he ever reads such a story on him.

  53. Aliasgar says:

    Hi Mr. Varma. Please make a film on Bermuda Triangle. People would love to see it.

  54. vinay says:

    hi Ramu,
        who is ur favourite director from indian cinema and whom do u think the best  from young & upcoming directors
        except u and me..

  55. srini says:

    Hi,Only scene i liked in the movie \’phoonk\’ was the \’mirror images not moving\’ scene. however i guess you copied that too from the hollywood movie "mirrors\’. http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/mirrors sad.

  56. Unknown says:

    Sarkar and Gayam are both gangster films. In Gayam Jagapatibabu takes over his brother\’s job and in Sarkar Abhishek takes over Amitabh\’s. Other than these what else is common in Gayam and Sarkar.

  57. vinesh says:

    i read in some article that you don\’t consider Rangeela as your movie because of Amir. you have proved they were wrong. any plans for another movie with Amir?

  58. k says:

    Nice one again. You are, in a way, proving that nothing is a waste in this world. 🙂 . Keep writing.

  59. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,
    fantastic set of comments. I wish I had your guts. I just so enjoy the way you think – its fantastically honestly, brutally so – which is very interesting. I do commiserate with your parents though – you must have been truly difficult to raise:)
    I will be thrilled if my son shows some traits like you. You are so right, its true that one never knows how one decision completely affects other moments in one\’s life that only one understands… (too much ones!)
    Take care and keep making these fun movies.

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