I love the hate.

Someone sent me a printout of a review of Sarkar Raj posted on Passion for Cinema website titled “Sarkar Raj: Get Him While He’s Down Cause He’s Gonna Come Back with a Magnum and then You Gotta Ask Yourself: ‘Do I feel Lucky?’ Well, Do Ya PUNK”. I was thrilled to bits seeing the venom that spewed out of that writer on to me. I just couldn’t believe the amount of hatred he had developed towards me through my films. The interesting thing is that he saw the film with much more intensity and seriousness than with which I made it, and he saw it with one and only express purpose of hating it.
Similarly on a visit to Pune Film Institute where I screened my new Shiva, I was amazed to see this violent anger in one youngster because of his hatred towards the film. I was both amused and also felt sad for him.
I am fascinated to see how people run down my films, critique them, ridicule them, bitch them out and sometimes also deeply try to analyze my mind through my films. It is so highly entertaining to see other’s views and interpretations of my works.
I think it’s as entertaining as this scene from Sholay. When Thakur is seething with rage on Gabbar after the massacre of his family a highly amused Gabbar not able to control his joy chuckles and says, “De jitni gaali de Thakur. Jee bhar gaali de.” Thakur’s family is my films, the hate club of mine is Thakur and I am Gabbar. But the sad part for my hater’s is that unlike how the Sholay Thakur got Veeru and Jai to finish Gabbar, my hate club Thakur is highly unlikely to get their own Veeru and Jai, namely the films which they plan to make, and this is the point I want to make.
I can understand people being bored or disinterested… but why hate? I don’t buy the theory that it comes out of expectations from me. I have repeatedly made the so-called bad films much more often than not since the last 20 years. It is not as if I have surprised everybody with a bad film. The reverse is true, that I have surprised people once in a while with a so-called good film.
I am not generalizing it but I feel their hatred is towards me more than towards my films. They feel that I am getting away with murder. The fact that I seem to be so callous and dispassionate about my work and yet being able to go on making what they think is crap day after day, and yet there are backers and backers for me while my haters with all their passion and the wonderful stories, they think they have, can’t even get a producer to hear them out let alone fund them. This is why actually, I think, in the majority of the cases the anger spews out. It’s a very similar anger that lots of very honest law abiding citizens feel on the success of people who they think are unscrupulous and corrupt.
Love and hate, I think are extremely valuable emotions and should not be wasted. It is more worthwhile to lean back and study what makes those people tick.
When I was trying to get a break for my first film I was trying to meet this producer, who in my view was making crap films compared to my script. For hours I used to stand outside when he is sitting with, who I used to think were, worthless directors. But instead of getting frustrated and angry, in that time I used to try and study him, the people around him and his surroundings and kept making plans of how to somehow make him see the wisdom of trusting me.
When there is someone up there and he is worth being up there, try to learn from what he has achieved. But if you think he is not worth it, still try to learn from what he has achieved and add your own worth to it as it might result in you climbing far higher than him. But you should not sit on the ground, gaze at him with hateful eyes and wait for him to fall down, because his falling won’t help you in being elevated. And also you might often be missing the point that probably people who you think are far more worthless than you, are actually far more higher than me. That’s the order and course of life, and there is no point in hating that aspect.
Anyway to cut a long story short and to sum up, I feel it’s truly wasteful to expend one’s energy in hating someone. Love at least will sometimes give you good sex whereas hate will give you nothing.
Ok, ok, before you ask me to, I will shut up now. If I misread, misunderstood or misinterpreted or misrepresented your hatred I apologize and you just please consider this piece of writing as one more flop of mine.
I have no doubts that after reading this you will surely hate me more, but then don’t forget that I will love you more.
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             The exact opposite of love in not hate,

  2. vinay says:

          u said something about phoonk-2 regarding story and 10 lakhs can u clearly say uw wats dat

  3. Unknown says:

    Love this post!Mmmmuaaaah!;-)

  4. Sai says:

    Love at least will sometimes give you good sex whereas hate will give you nothing. I love most of your work but no Ramu, I am expecting nothing more than consistently good work from you.

  5. Srinath says:

    u LOVE \’em more??? fantastic!!! am finding nice shades in u all thanX to ur blog.. 🙂

  6. Mannar says:

    "Ok, ok, before you ask me to, I will shut up now. If I misread, misunderstood or misinterpreted or misrepresented your hatred I apologize and you just please consider this piece of writing as one more flop of mine. " ramu anna, The above statement is so much not like you…i was convinced, things are very much black or white for you and there is no chance for misinterpretation, at least for what you were responding- it is very clear what the concerned public were intending and your understanding is appropriate…RegardsmANNAr 

  7. venkat says:

    Hi RGV, Love your movies, have enjoyed some more than the other, the fact remains love it or hate it, cant miss it. i have a few things to ask.
    Q1. Why have you distanced yourself from the telugu industry. If not when will your nexttelugu movie be?
    Q2. We would like to see DVD-Boxsets of your films. Like abrode we can find Rambo 1 to 5, DeNiro – collection, AlPachino collection. like that, can the RGV factory come with a RGV collection. ( This has been wished by many NRI RGV Followers ) Example: 1. Satya, company, contract. 2. Mast, Daud, Naach. 3. Kaun, Bhoot, Phoonk DVD-Boxsets.
    Q3. This question is on behalf of a girl who is very interested in acting, within the Bollywood and Tollywood industry. Is it true that \’casting couch\’ is very much prevalent within the Indian Film Industry. ( i am not sure how u would like to answer this question, cause ur answer may make pudding and cake for media reportes. )
    Thanks & Regards,
    Venkat Reddy.

  8. kishan says:

    Please write more on how you got the first break…

  9. Aju says:

    You can love the hate .. But i dont know why you think that many people hate you .. Is it because you did the same when on the other side in your early days .. But again you contradict yourself by saying that you conspired in your thoughts when you were waiting to give the others the eyes to see you for your worth .. was there no jealousy ? its hard to believe.. Coming from you who is unabashed about emotions like lust, greed, jealousy..
    Anyway didnt watch Phoonk as i didnt like the actors playing the baddies (they seemed very cliche\’d – expected  more urbane character with negative sentiments) .. and since i saw a few scenes from the promos which were reminders of dated horror movies .. I felt that RGV has erred..
    Here\’s a list of your movies that you made that i liked
    – Nishabd(execution was mindblowing)
    – Company
    – Satya
    – Shiva
    – Anaganga Oka Roju
    – Sarkar Raj (features here since your killing of shanker\’s character was the admirable – and the final scene with sarkar and shanker\’s photo was a masterstroke – was that scene inspired?)
    – Rangeela
    – Kaun
    One wish i have is that when you end up making those 100\’s and 100\’s of films you want to make this list of mine should atleast touch 50. Keep going. 

  10. Trimex says:

    good one!ok maan gaye moghul-e-azam! this was not advice from you? just pearls of wisdom ;)the post can be re-titled as Ram Gopal Varma ki Jaadu Ki Chappi…. A post by Ram Gopal Vaerma

  11. Unknown says:

    Annaya….aa abandalu meeru padatame e kada, ikkada mee abhimanulu ku kuda ade paristiti, when you are realising a film, people ciriticise the one who admires you…I am sure it might sound weird, but a friend mine calls me(instead of a scrap/mail/offline) and says I went to watch CONTRACT aur kya tere Ramu Sir ka movie itna bakhwaas hain, discuss karna hain online aa :)….but what I analyse is they still like your work and they want to watch every film……..well coming to the bad, you rightly said in your previous blog that good and bad is subjective…infact it reminds me of the dialogue from your own film interpreted in a different " tarah tarah ke log mere movies dekh ke ek raay bana lete hain..main wohi karta huin, joh mujhe sahi lagta hain…..woh chahe critics ke keelaf ho, fans ke kilaaf ho, yah phir poore film industry ke killaf ho"

  12. Trimex says:

    Hey, If Love can get you good sex sometimes, hate can get you bad sex!

  13. Trimex says:

    Scooooooooop!Khalid Mohammed is writing a review now. On what?He thinks this post is the basic plot of (phoonk\’s sequel)    PHOONK DE NAPHRATH KO…. a film by ram gopal varmaeey khalid bhai!  naa rey! bas blog hai ye!

  14. Prashant says:

    You love the \’hate\’ – Of course you do!

    Entertaining thoughts, perhaps. A few incoherence though, similar to
    some parts as reflected in some of your films. Here\’s how.

    "Thakur’s family is my films, the hate club of mine is Thakur and I am Gabbar."

    If Thakur\’s family is "your films" you cannot be Gabbar; simply because Gabbar and Thakur are staunch enemies.

    Now, if the "hate club" is "Thakur" then how can "Your" films be
    Thakur\’s family? I guess it would appropriate if: Your films are
    Gabbar\’s family, the "hate club" is "Thakur" and you are Gabbar. This
    sorts things out well, because they put you and the hate club, bang
    opposite, just as Gabbar and Thakur respectively.

    So now does this make sense, or does it?

    Secondly, you seem to have interpreted \’love\’ quite simplisticly and
    in a uni-dimensional way, equating "love" with "sex". This is clear
    when you say " Love at least will sometimes give you good sex whereas hate will give you nothing."

    Such generalized interpretation of \’love\’ with \’sex\’ leaves no room
    for other relationships. How would you explain the "love" between your
    or anybody\’s parents and children, brothers, sisters and all such that 
    does not lead to sex – of course there are exceptions where in most
    cases people seek a psychological counseling.

    Also how would you explain all your fans, both males and females,
    who simply "love" you and your films- there is nothing much for them in
    it (i.e. loving you) except that you are preferred over somebody else,
    are they loving you so that it could or may lead to sex? Of course,
    some admire you, prefer you and some love you, perhaps without
    understanding its implications, or perhaps more, without knowing your
    love-sex equation, until now.

    You explained quite appropriately, that \’hate\’ is  too strong an
    emotion to waste on anybody, however if one does hate you (or anybody
    for that matter), it implies that you/the hated is given that \’due\’ or
    \’undue\’ importance. Because the another way for behavioral response
    besides of love and hate is indifference.  You are very well
    aware that being indifferent is worst than being hated or loved. So I
    guess, with this background, it perhaps now makes clear, why you want
    more (and more) people to hate you, or atleast suggest that they
    seemingly hate you. Because this it gives you one more opportunity to
    conciously or otherwise enjoy or rather relish that due/undue

    Remember the scene from Hey Ram when Kamal Hasaan meets
    Gandhi? Gandhi apparently is in denial of his \’Mahatma\’ status,
    suggesting "Please, don\’t call me a Mahatma!" Gandhi takes that one
    more opportunity to further his overt Mahatma status, by asking people
    around, "Am I a Mahatma? I am not Mahatma…I am just a normal…" It
    is here, at this moment when Saket Ram (Kamaal Hasaan) reads,
    understands and straightway denies Gandhi that opportunity to even deny
    himself as a \’Mahatma\’.

    Kamaal Hassan says: "…No, I am not going to give you another opportunity to deny you your Mahatama status."

    I find that a very powerful, strong and intelligent scene. Something
    rare in most Hindi films. Where \’self love\’, \’hate\’ and \’intelligence\’ exude
    in different ways.

    No wonder your post is titled "I love the hate."

    Best wishes,


  15. Unknown says:

    Dear Mr. sometimes Ram sometimes Gopal Varma ,

                                                          I am a 28 year
    old dreamer( living close to Panjagutta – if it makes any difference ;
    )   who has come up with a movie
    script for a story titled HOPE. It has been my endeavour to bring it to
    the attention of  film directors and production houses, I admire, for the
    past few weeks now. I continue doing so with unwavering conviction because I
    believe that the quality of the movies brought out by these known names owe
    their depth and impact value to the discerning selection standards of the
    founders. I believe that HOPE lives up to these standards.


    It is now my understanding that in – house story
    development is the norm unless of course the writer/creator is a known name.
    Having tried and still trying, as an outsider and as an unknown, to get the
    enclosed script some eye time, this is the challenge I face.


    Movies are and should be much more than a medium for
    mere entertainment. A negligible number of our releases give the impression
    that this is the motto behind making them. Of course, considering the box
    office record of most such ‘influencers’, it is understandable that very few of
    them are made.


    But here in lies the challenge. How do you base your
    script on a topic which affects all of us in a very significant way, on a
    subject which automatically makes us, citizens and movie goers, react, and yet
    lights the fire of only all that is first -rate and desirable in our nature.
    Stirring up the animal in us, is an activity which is not only extremely easy
    but is something best left to the demagogues, a tribe our country has in


    Here is, I believe, a simple story which will reach
    out to the viewer and suck him into it’s drama. In the end, he or she will walk
    out of that theatre not just educated and entertained but drastically inspired;
    inspired to be an active citizen and more importantly a better human being. It
    is my firm belief that this movie, especially if released before the next
    General elections, will be another gem from the Tamil film Industry stable.


    I am especially reaching out to those with the
    stubborn streak of not letting the commercial side of the movie over ride their
    artistic impulse – this is the obvious streak in you  I appeal to!


    Here is a story that, with the right treatment, can go
    on to becoming a Great Movie. You’re probably inundated with similar such mails
    and requests. If you could go through the script in its entirety, I am certain
    you will see in it potential enough to give me some of your time for a face to
    face interaction.


    Not only is this script a labour of love and
    conviction but it is also a bold appeal asking our citizens to stand up! I
    trust this work will be given its due.


     I am an aspiring actor and a first time movie
    script writer from Hyderabad looking for a break. An appointment would be much
    request all your fans and frequent bloggers here to post their feedback
    on my blog whenever they have some time to kill. I apologise for having
    to use this forum but I had no other way to get to you. Too much red




    Script posted on blog :  http://www.indianmoviedreams.blogspot.com

        Warm Regards


  16. Deepa says:


    It is interesting that you almost \’revere\’ the people (read critics) who hate you and yet you say that energy expended in hating is wasteful. So let me get this straight: You love your critics, aka haters (if that is a word). Yet you think that they are wasting energy. Hey, if they didn’t waste energy, you couldn’t spend yours loving them. So what’s the deal here? You love them for hating you or hate them for wasting energy? I’m all confused. Help me understand.

  17. Nirax says:

    Hi RGV,on a different note … it may not actually be hatred but just a bloodlust in most of the people … except the aspiring film-makers (which most of us aren\’t), the common public is not personally interested in you but just enjoying themselves in pulling you down … it is a common emotion which manifests itself in various (and especially in) spectator blood-sport .. some section of public (definitely not all) will boo-down the cock of a well-known cock-fighter just because it gives them extra thrill … not because they emotionally hate the cock or the owner of the cock …so rather than Gabbar/thakur … here we are witnessing a spectator sport and some (not all) guys booing down a strong cock … you should take it as a compliment that you are percieved as a strong cock … in fact if you think of it, you also will experience the same emotion for many other \’acheivers\’if the words come from a failed-filmmaker-turned-critic it certainly is jealousy-cum-hatred … but we are movie lovers, movie watchers …  we do not hate you … in fact we wish that you give us such a good movie that it knocks us out regards,Niraj

  18. kedar says:

    Hi Ramu…u stole my words…stole my character…and i used to feel i am the only Gabbar around…what next you have to offer us…many fridays are going empty…Phoonk again was an average film…why? # FULL CIRCLE !… doesnt have the roundness to the over all story telling…# it would have been much more impact making if you would have shown the girl getting possessed much more early… that point occurs at the interval point…what if Grand mother shouts \’ Meri poti par KAALA JADU hua hai…\’after hearing this loud and clear then the Hero starts seeing dreams , the house maid starts seeing dreams…after hearing this the death at the construction site happens…because it is HIS story…he is not believing in Supernatural or godly powers and when it happens to HIS OWN DAUGHTER he starts seeing dreams , starts finding greater logic in deaths happening around him…etc…# for 95% of the film the protagonist is IN ACTIVE… he doesnt do anything….e.g. OMEN : the senator refuses to hear the priest …and very early in the film he believes that his SON is DEVIL and starts ACTING…reporter joins him and they both set out on a journey to find THOSE SIX KNIFES which will help them get rid of the DEVIL…Such simple plot…PROTAGONIST has to be active on PRACTICAL level and not only on psychological level or emotional level…only then FILM is a FILM… other wise there are other story telling mediums like literature or theater to tell your stories! i would have juxtaposed the sequences – # as soon as possible THE GIRL gets possessed…# Grand mother SHOUTS – KALA JADU# Hero starts seeing weird , horrifying dreams…# Death happens at the construction site # house maid too sees a deadly dream and refuses to sleep alone in the kitchen…PROTAGONIST is disturbed…# SOME THING similar happens to wife and small kid, brother…and after this PROTAGONIST CANT WAIT and decides to hire a mystic!… ( WHAT A CHARACTER- ZHAKIR is one amazing actor…BEST SUPPORTING AWARD of my award ceremony goes to him…hahahaha ( remember i too am Gabbar and have my own world!)# Now the actual FILM starts- what would Hero do along with Mystic Zhakir? first thing Zhakir tells that he would only help , its HERO who has to do x.y.z things to get rid of bad omen or KAlA JADU and the fun starts………………..more later…bring something new FAST!… i am hungry!…i am dieing to hate u…i am dieing to ridicule u… i am dieing to criticize u…while others are busy hating u because they hate your POSITION…i waste time on u because u TITILLATE  my INTELLECT !     or say ur work… who are u…i dont know… i know u thru ur films…so lets say ur work titillates my intellect! Hurrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. vaishak says:

    This  one is a good posting…..nothing more to say……Thanks..Vaishak…

  20. vishnu says:

    This posting brings back my faith in you. \’I seem to be so callous and dispassionate about my work…\’ Hit the nail on the head. Look forward to ur future works.Cannot go away without giving advice. Ur stories need to be little more complex and finale satisfying. In Phoonk, the conflict between rationality and faith could have been hightened if, say, the daughter dies by interval because father sticks to his beliefs. Later the same things start with the son. Also in mainstream cinema there needs to be some \’action\’. Convenient finding of \’babas\’ and pat resolution takes away from a satisfying conclusion.

  21. Ravi says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I am not sure if the write-up ‘I love the hate’ was an answer to my prev question…whether ‘you hate the people who like you or like the people who hate you’! Well, number one, your answer was clear (if we don’t analyze it) and candid. Appreciate you for that! Number two, you once again surprised us with yet another ‘unpredictable’ trait of yours. Difficult to gauge your USP, the ‘unpredictability’ (as one friend here put it :-)!
    I agree with people who say that your logic is confusing to them. My friendly suggestion to all such people…’Do not try to analyze, re-analyze, psychoanalyze what Ramu tells most of the time. Just take it as part of the entertainment and thank me for that. Period. Ramu, I know, how you feel now! Reminds me of the first scene in ‘Antham’ where Eswara Rao opens the door for Nag. I am sure you would want to do the same to me what Nag did to poor Eswara Rao 🙂
    Anyway, jokes apart…getting to the crux, we don’t hate you mate. In fact, we love your work, we respect your talent and we have high regard to your film making abilities. Probably, a minor section of the audience really ‘hates’ you, for they think that your movies leave have a bad influence or impact on the society. Like those who made hue & cry post Shiva, Antham, Nishabd etc. Such people are there in every field. Ignore them and move on! Another minor section who are true film aficionados like us, admire your genius and intellect. Now coming to the majority, RGV is just another director for them. If the talk is good, they watch it…else…trash it. No time for them to ‘love’ or ‘hate’.
    So, the actual problem of variations in the feeling of ‘love’ & ‘hatred’ towards RGV is coming from the movie-maniacs section. Though you don\’t buy it, the reason is very simple  You made good movies…created lot of expectations. People started to love your work. People started to care for you. But now & then, comes your weak innings which leave these people highly unsatiated. When that becomes a regular pattern, disappointment leads to dissatisfaction which slowly turns to irritation and then to frustration but not dislike or hatred. Would we ever hate our friend or family member if he/she brings disappointing results? We would get highly disappointed because we care for that person. If we don’t, then there is no question of disappointment or love or hate!
    So, somebody hates you (if you still think so…) because they love(d) you and because they care for you! So, love the ‘hater’ and not ‘the hate’!
    (P.S – Don’t analyze too much. Main bhi aise kuch bol diya 🙂

  22. karthik says:

    well ramu, you get the babes, bucks, guns (fake but still) and a licence to dish out movies. I am sure every teenager dreams about a life like this. I am surprised some people hate you, for what you are. Especially when they think that you are not talented and dont deserve it…

  23. anand says:

    Well, for one, this is your best post, except for the love-sex funda which is total bull crap. two, I love your movies and adore you because you made them.Though I started ripping your movies of late, I stopped for a while and thought how can I hate the guy who opened up my senses to movies, revived my hope in going to the theater and actually getting thrilled – those few good films can neautralize the repugnant effect of 100 more bad films you make.keep it coming, I am all ears and eyes.

  24. Narendra says:

    Love at least will sometimes give you good sex. 
    Lol . . . .

  25. Rahul says:

    Phoonkh! It\’s such a  boring movie that one cannot watch it with audience, forget about watching it alone! ( One guy watched the movie alone in bangalore,,,Bought all the tickets of the screen…Perhaps, that\’s the highest collection made by phoonkh 🙂 )"I will  make him  an offer which he can\’t refuse", might be inspiration for RGV to throw challenge at audience (5 lac thing) so that he can see all the tickets sold out! Funny Mr Ram Gopal Varma SIR!

  26. Unknown says:

    Heleo Sir..I knw m nt much expeirenced to COMMENT on any of ur blog entry…but sir wat i feel is all dose who actually hate you are EXPECTING much much more from you….n i think its a big responsibility , which itself proves d IMPORTANCE of yours in d industry…sir chota mu badi baat but as being a producer ur films like SARKAR N SARKAR RAJ r actual people\’s demand…i mn these days people expect more of a practical film rather than total fictitious…V all agree SHIVA was a great hit…but dat was dat times requirement…I still remember in APKI ADLAT wen Mr. Bhatt was questioned dat why is he making movies with more of a exposed film rather than full fleshed family drama…he replied "MENE DADDY BANAYI , APNE DEKHI??" JAB MENE MURDER BANAYI TO SABNE DEKHI"… so Sir as a part of audience i believe people are expecting more of comedies , pratical, facts, n movies which donot require d x-gen to think much about d movie story like say CHAKDE INDIA…I know we d adudience nowhere stand to the expertise n dimensions of yours…Sir you are one of my favourate film makers…your films RANGEELA, LOVE K LIYE…,D, COMPANY,SARKAR,SARKAR RAJ, are like milestones in history of industry…so Sir as a part of audience what I feel that there is requirement to study the nature of audience these days…Lastly Sir I apoligise if any of my text hurted you….RegardsGaurav Panjwani

  27. surya says:

    Saw Phoonk 2nd time yeterday for my friends:
    Enjoyed it better the second time. I found the 1 more entertainment logo bouncing off the screen with its brand of music just before the movie started spoiling the initial few moments for me.
    I found the song of conflict during the transformation of the hero still distracting. Was wondering if the length of movie and the new set of actors created the headache of having to connect to the characters first before enjoying the movie for what it was (second time around I didnt have this burden?). Would a longer duration of the film have made a difference – Exorcist was long, other shorter movies either had plenty of thrills to keep the viewer on the edge without having to connect to the characters OR the story was known from before hand?
    Had a feeling that the symbols used no longer are enough to create any feeling (or perhaps I am the insensitive type)?

  28. Unknown says:

    no, this is the biggest hit so far in your blog. And next to satya in ur career.i am thrilled to bits reading it.i whole heartedly agree & accept it.What suprises me is such analysis of emotions from a seemingly emotionless man. May be you are highly emotional at core. Or the more u analyse it the more u lose faith in it and less emotional you become.Anyway it was highly entertaining. U run a production house. Still u don\’t mind offending people. You have a ball or brain lesion. Please continue..

  29. Unknown says:

    Hello Sir!
    Just saw Phoonk…
    Why was the camera lingering for so long on Hanuman\’s poster everytime the house-maid resumed to sleep?
    One observation: While a cross, or any symbol associated with God would\’ve created an amount of relief (escape from anticipation and hence fear!) in some of the horror film\’s I had watched earlier, in Phoonk I could see most audiences scared with even when they saw Hanuman in that environment.
    My opinion: That was how you wanted the audiences to react or atl least observe their reaction!

  30. Abhishek says:

    Got an SMS today..Thought I\’d share that with you…Q: Why did Ram Gopal Varma made Phoonk?A: Uski pichli AAG ko bhujane ke liye.

  31. Unknown says:

    i congratulate you for maintaining a healthy bitcher backer ratio for its bitchers who give more publicity to you because people are at any time, in any mood, attracted to opposing views.As a parenting bitcher i tell you to be suspicious about some of your backers as what they are only doing is to impress you with their observations about your films so that you may employ them.I know you love applause.Regards,a proud bitcher.

  32. srikanth says:

    RGV..i am a huge fans of urs…ur first hindi film was rangeela and you worked with aamir khan..people say aamir inteferes with directors work a lot and cannot stop giving suggestion to the directors..how did u manage him..was he interfering with your work..
    And i think Rangeela was only the love story u made in ur career..personally i dont like love stories either they are bulll shit but are u plannin to make another rangeela in the future??

  33. eChaitanya says:

    Now  a days not the movie , but the marketing makes money. Think over , leisure much and get back to your originality. Stop making crap.

  34. Unknown says:

    Your blog is by far more entertaining than many of your recent your movies. Thanks for that.I just enjoy your postings to prove yourself/others right/wrong.

  35. Kiran Kumar says:

    HI Ramu,

    This is my third post and you didn’t reply to any of my
    previous posts. Its ok and I hope you read my post at-least for one time. Coming
    to your topic ‘I Love the Hate’ whatever you said is correct. My question is
    why people trying to let you down always, I think they are very irritated the
    way you make your films. Your films sounds good before release and everyone
    puts some expectations on your films before going to the theatre. If they don’t
    get what they expect then they start pulling you down. That’s all they can do.
    I think people are not losing anything, they are not even losing their precious
    time also, in-fact you are losing your precious audience day by day.

    My sincere advice to you, please don’t create hype to your
    movies, please say what your film deserves, and please be humble to all the
    audience because without them you are nothing.

  36. Unknown says:

    Ramu..y dun u make raw action movies with blood and style (not that crap like james). you cud be bolly\’s answer to quentin tarantino. Oh yes…put some day light in your movie…blood looks bright n nice.

  37. Unknown says:

    beauty…i loved this post the most.

  38. Krishna says:

    Here is a marketing idea for your next movie.
    Predict the Genre of my next movie
    A) Underworld
    B) Ghost/Black magic
    C) An out of the world (read "out of mind") love story.
    Kudos for reaching heights of consistency (for providing "great" movies back to back).
    One suggestion from my side. Try watching movies other than  "The Godfather", "Arjun" and "The Excorcist". Also, thanks for the comments you made on Vijayawada people a week ago on rediff.

  39. prem says:

    I was so much intrigued and taken away by the Phoonk Promos that i decided to watch the movie with a group of my colleagues so that i will feel comfortable.Sorry to say that it will not even scare a small child. Its a complete waste of time with too many close angle shots and guess what all of us agreed that the crow deserved a better deal.I cannot believe that a director who gave us movies like Satya, Company and Bhoot can dish out such hogwash

  40. Unknown says:

    It\’s funny you talk about hate and love, because just the other day my wife said to me that you are not in love, or infatuated by any woman, which is why something is missing from your movies off-late! Anyway, I just picked up the DVD of your power study, Sarkar Raj and am looking forward to seeing it again.

  41. Unknown says:

    It looks more like a Karan johars\’ love , kisses & coffee sort of post (source: http://www.mynameiskaran.com KJ on RGV),  rather than usual RGV post…. mostly filled with insecurity & hatred because he knows that the guys who used to back him up even in his worst steps (See Anurag Kashyaps\’ blog in PFC, stating that he loved Daud, inspite being a flop) left him alone now. Probably coz of RGVs\’ own arrogance or RGV losing track of his creative steps. And he can just see only one side of coin that the guys left his out of jealousy. After all, he should have borrowed that famous coin of Sholay from Jay, which has only one side.
    By the way, I have seen almost all of the movie and did love you when you made good movies and hated you more when you made bad ones. And I dont have stories to be converted into movies and I dont even sit in Barista.
    We guys, now, dont hate you at all… Just pity you for your mental in-balance…. Get well soon, RGV

  42. Vijay says:

    Your blog is extremely hilarious and entertaining. I\’ve recommended it to many people as one of the most honest forthright and witty pieces of writing you\’ll ever see. And what more do you than a filmmaker\’s perspective on his own films and why/how he made them.  Sorry for the patronizing. I\’ve seen most of your movies and I recently bought the DVD of Company, which I watched a few hours ago. It\’s my fifth or sixth time I think. The best part of the movie is, I still feel the same thrill, expectations and enthusiasam, when I first saw the movie and when I watched it today.  It really is a classic.  I still remember, looking forward to Khalid Mohammed\’s reviews in Times of India. That week, Sunday was a holiday for the paper, hence it appeared of all places in Page-2 on a Monday!!. He said, dont expect another Satya while watching company coz this one isnt a patch on  Satya. I felt quite bad, coz this movie and Satya are completely different, even though they are movies dealing with the underworld. I still cant get over the masterstroke of casting Mohanlal in the role od JCP, D Sivanandan, replete with the south indian styled hindi accent. It\’s quite simply the performance of the film. Also , while i went through the film, it was almost like watching the live video of the several newspaper and magazine articles on Dawood and Chotta Rajan. Especially , the one where they made an unsuccessful attempt on Chandu\’s life in Kenya and the pieces I read about the attempt on Chotta Rajan\’s life. They said he jumped off the Balcony to save himself from the gunshots in his house. Chandu does exactly that. Were these scenes build after Jaideep Sahnu and you did a complete and thorough research on the D Company? It\’s marvellous. Really.  Also, the movie could have ended without Malik\’s death, though you would argue that it was the last part of the misunderstanding between Chandu and Malik that caused his death. IT was a mixed ending for me. I would have loved it, if the ending was open ended. Also it was rumored, that it was underworld influenced? Now I have no idea why that rumor even came about, because if you wanted to keep the underworld happy, why would you kill them off as you did in Company. Also after Satya, Chotta Shakeel apparently said, "you\’ve made  a lot of money  making a movie on me and my life, now give me some of the booty?" . Is that true?

  43. Unknown says:

    🙂 As always, it\’s a treat to read your thoughts.gonna keep coming back for more.

  44. vaishak says:

    Sir,I appreciate your boldness for screening your new Shiva in Pune Film Institute.I can understand why that student reacted in that way.Becoz i know somebody who studied in Pune film institute.He was a normal person before going to the institute but after he studied there he became very abnormal and talks about Fellini,Kubrick,Godard and many names which i couldnt even recall.I clearly know that he can\’t make a screenplay which mean to be for normal people.He told me that he wanted to revolutionarise the way indian film makers use to make their movie.He use to talk for hours about non-narrative pattern,4 or 10 plotlines and showing the internal volcano of a man\’s mind and so many horror stuff…And you are showing \’Shiva2007\’ to his kind of audience.it\’s your luck that you could come out of that place without any physical injury.You could have carry a \’Company\’ or \’Satya\’ with you….If so you can cool them up….Anyway nightmare happened,leave it.hmmmm…..
    In my opinion, Pune instutute made a lot of people beg for their day\’s bread.If people study film direction there,they can\’t do anything except talking about international-films for hours.But the fate of cinematographers is different.That institute had provided many brilliant cameraman like Santhosh sivan to indian film industry.Watching a lot of foreign festival films is a sin.It will make it\’s audience think that they are superior to everybody and they  behave like aliens.Sanjay Bansali was expelled from this institute ,thats why he is earning something for his living ,today.

  45. Dipesh Kumar says:

    Dear RGV…You aRe aS sICk As yOUr MoVIe…..GrOw Up…

  46. Vinay says:

    You state quite vehemently that you have an allergy to patronizing, fatherly, motherly, advice giving kind. Now you write a whole article about it. Whaddaya want people to do! Write hate mail and not-so-nice things about you, that too inspite of liking your work and being part of the "sensibility" for whom you make your movies for. You are bringing negativity into us…. and that too just so you can make your sarcastic comments in "My response…"

  47. prakash says:

    You, too, seem to love the hate, which is precisely why you respond to messages replete with hatred than from lesser mortals and budding short filmmakers like me who simply love and adore your films and consider them as textbooks of filmmaking (the rest being bimal roy, hrishikesh mukherjee, satyajit ray, tarantino – undoubtedly you deserve a place in this list).
    Anyways, thanks for sharing insights on love and hatred. The example of you waiting outside to meet the producer is something I\’ll never forget in my life.
    Prakash Gowda

  48. Rahul says:


    Your post reminded me the psyche of Deshu in \’D\’.

    Too good… [:D]

  49. Gaurav says:

    Hello Ramu,Whats with you and Karan Johar? He recently ridiculed you in his blog. Did u see it ?  go to http://www.mynameiskaran.comAlso this spat was covered by Rediff …and guess what it has your snap as gabbar…u looking awesomehttp://www.rediff.com/movies/2008/sep/01gullu.htmPls clarify to us readers if there is any cold war between the two of you….and do u hate each other so passionately?If so let the world know….both of u cud indulge in some gabbar lingo…kar lo do do haath! 🙂 Have funSmits

  50. Ashwani Gupta says:

    hi Ramu,             This time you are preaching. If possible, write about \’behind the scenes\’ of your movies. We know and like you as a director hence more interested in your work only.

  51. thirumal says:

    Yes RAMU u r right, litarally they r bitching on u people, I felt when i was going through the reviews of NOSMOKING.
    After all, what is the review,instead of reviewing  the movie  they r using their sites to critisize the directors.
    Group all those basterds and ask them if they r doing it for their bred and butter all we r ready to give it them.Then they will stop firing from someother shoulders.
    (I found some reviews on NOSMOKING, they r talking about smoking.They didn\’t even got the basic concept of the movie.Really fucking…  )

  52. Unknown says:

    Dear RGV,I know you can carried away but if you read the article you have mentioned, he actually praises the film. You have mis-read the entire article.

  53. RAJESH VARMA says:

    i learnt alot from this article, thank you………..

  54. Mohammed says:

    Wow, of all articles that you have written, this takes the cake.  After all, why am i surprised, after James and the new Shiva, you did give us the Bhoots, Company, and Satya….

  55. Unknown says:

    Hello Ramu garu
    I am much annoyed with the comments etc made and making by KaranJohar
    on you
    Who is 4 movie old (which he discribes him self as great epics)
    I want you create  charecter like the one  in your movie company in next movie and make him shut his mouth
    naa kodukune chava gotte chevulu muyyanaaa  nee kenduku

  56. Unknown says:

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  59. Unknown says:

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  60. Pritam says:

    Sorry to comment so late. May be you won’t even read this one. People who hate you and say that they hate your films are really worthless. Nothing much to ponder about.But in your post you ask,>> I can understand people being bored or disinterested… but why hate?Well, this is my answer to it. Here is why I hate some movies (I am saying some movies and not your movies. I like quite a few of your movies. In fact the most boring of your movies still have some story and good acting.)Consider this scenario I am sitting in this multiplex, have paid this exorbitant ticket which I rally can’t afford. But since I have to watch the movie on the Friday itself, there is no other choice but to buy the multiplex ticket. And now I am given a story of three brothers to watch which should really have been made in 1998. With my money gone, I am sitting there trying to make some sense out of the story which has been told a thousand times. I am bored to death, but since I have paid the money, I am going to sit through the whole torture of two and half hours and silently pray that at least the second half will be more interesting. But as it turns out, it isn’t. What happens to this torture of 2 and half hours of mindless torture? It translates into hatred. Pritam.

  61. vivek says:

    thanks for this wisdom!… really.

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