My reaction to reactions

1. Why is that you turn a deaf ear to many of our questions?
Ans: I only answer what is worth answering.
2. Why don’t you make movies for society’s good?
Ans: I am not into social welfare. I am into self welfare. The Gaayam song is a great piece of work but if you zoom out and observe you will realize that when we constantly blame the system for not serving the people it escapes out attention that many times us people are worse than the system and that is because we are the ones who create it and conveniently forget about it.
3. Have you explored digital media to have revenue for your archives?
Ans: Worry about your own money.
4. Given an opportunity, would you live your life exactly the way you have up till now?
Ans: Every second of it.
5. Because of your quantity your work quality is suffering.
Ans: Thanks for the gyan.
6. I can read how your brain works.
Ans: Congrats. I have been trying to figure that out myself since long.
7. Please define luck.
Ans: Whatever it is, since it is not in our control by its very definition why waste time thinking about it?
8. Why the fuck “good in parts” we want the whole film to be good.
Ans: I think I screamed myself hoarse answering variants of this questions. So here goes once again. No director, let alone me, would want to do a film which is good only in parts. By the time you finish it that’s how it turns out. Unless you make a film yourself I guess your thick head won’t understand this.
9. Do you believe in Che Guevara?
Ans: I don’t know who he is?
10. Cool down. Dil pe mat le yaar.
Ans: Well… if you are so dumb that you didn’t get the humour in my answer you deserve to watch Aag again.
11. Let Aag be. Let him be. Let us be.
Ans: Thanks for the trouble you have taken in writing that long piece defending my case. But sorry to say this – but you have to understand that I have an allergy to mothering, brothering and patronizing instincts.
12. I have written some scripts. Would you like to read them?
Ans: NO.
13. I think people misunderstood that scene in Nishabd when Jia runs her legs up and down Bachchan’s leg under the table.
Ans: I am not sure misunderstood is the right word. I would say they could have watched from different perspectives. People who watched it through Jia found it cute. People who watched it through Bachchan found it sexy and people who watched through Revathy found it very offensive.
14. Some of Woody Allen’s quotes remind me of you.
Ans: Thanks for making me realize that I am not the only weirdo on the planet.
15. Don’t create false world around you.
Ans: Ok sir.
16. How can a person living in this country say that he does not like it?
Ans: I like the country all right. I only dislike people like you who live in it.
17. How does one deal with fans?
Ans: There is no such thing as fans. Every human being lives for himself and for his own gratification alone. If an artiste entertains them through his music, acting etc, they will appreciate and pay money to him or her one way or the other, and the day someone else does better they will move on. After Shahrukh entertained them for a decade when Hrithik came in with Kaho Na Pyaar Hain it just took them one day to tear off Shahrukh’s posters and put up Hrithik’s. And then later when some of Hrithik’s films bombed they went back to Shahrukh. So what fans are we talking about? They will just be there as long as your work interests or entertains them.
The other kind of fans who stick on to their idols irrespective of their work are those who strike a self identity with a feeling of belonging to the said celebrity. They will be in the category of a cult following which is very akin to following political ideology or forming a radical group. This is particularly prevalent in the fans of South stars. They develop a tendency to defend the star and get blind to his work.
Versions of this you can see, for example in someone ardently defending R.D Burman’s music forever in his life and he won’t even allow both himself and anyone else to even let another music director’s work to be spoken higher. What he will be protecting here is more a part of his own personality than R.D.Burman’s work itself.
I used to be obsessed with Jaya Sudha a Telugu actress in my teens and I used to hate any other heroine’s film working better than hers. So here it is not the work of the artiste anymore but it is my sense of belonging.
18. Do you prefer to let go one arrow after the other without making sure it will hit the target?
Ans: I think you are a little dated. I prefer a machine gun.
19. What will you define as fresh ideas? New ideas?
Ans: Not necessarily. It could be a new presentation of an old idea or an old packaging of a new idea.
20. Should you not go to a hill station and think?
Ans: I don’t think from a place. I think from my mind.
21. My humble request to you sir, don’t make movies just for the sake of it.
Ans: And my humble request to you Sir, please understand that if I don’t have the intelligence to understand it myself your lecture won’t help me either. Instead of that my humble request to you, Sir, is to spend that lecturing time on bettering yourself in whatever you do, that is if you do anything at all in the first place.
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20 Responses to My reaction to reactions

  1. dipu says:

    It seems that you are now a good blogger but not a film maker any more!!!
    Keep Blogging!
    Your writtings are more entertaining than your films!

  2. Unknown says:

    What are your upcoming projects?

  3. SHEKHAR says:

    Who is your favourite Movie Composer?

  4. kedar says:

    Hi Ramu…

    i am the one who said \’Why the fuck \’good in parts\’\’ – just to remind you so that you can follow what i have been saying…

    Yes Sir…thank you for the advice!…i will make a film and then i
    will really know the PRACTICAL problems a film maker in India has to

    BUT…. :)… BUT… 🙂 BUT… ( i am a mix of Silent Guy and Chandu bhai from Satya!… beat it)

    But…my point is STORY..!… what goes wrong that a film maker with
    good intention …intention of telling great story, good story ends up
    making film which is not so good?  isnt  it a FACT that to start with
    there could be a problem?  isnt it possible that STORY which he chose
    to tell itself is not so good in first place…

    best example : NAACH- very good concept… a struggling choreographer
    who has a style of her own is struggling to get into the industry…but
    on her  OWN terms…now her friend  an actor compromises and becomes a
    star only to realize that genuine work, honest work lasts for long and
    assures peace of  mind at the end of the day…
    Now the main PRACTICAL point ( what you guys say ? …PLOT? ) in the
    script was heroine\’s style of choreographing dances…much emphasis was
    given on that point… \’MAI KUCH ALAG KARNA CHAHATI hoon\’… but when
    we see the dances choreographed by her…they are not only average in
    terms of aesthetics but are also cliche…
    What went wrong so much on practical level that you had to compromise on those DANCE sequences?

    Now first and foremost Do u agree that choreography of those dances was
    not so SPECIAL  or NEW or FRESH to make the character\’s point clear?

    Similarly…in most of your films it is very clear that the fault lies
    ON THE PAPER itself!… forget the trouble to make the film and
    pressures you guys must be facing to make a film in chaotic Indian Film

    i hate to give other example : but SADMA!… ur favorite Shridevi was
    in it… WHAT A STORY…and told in an entertaining way!… now that
    director too must have faced a lot of problems…but SADMA was made any
    way… now his other films i dont know…they may be bad or good or
    ugly…but no one can deny that SADMA was a GREAT STORY…with a GREAT
    SCRIPT( good twists and turns and great climax)

    genres are different…but take RANGEELA in comparison to SADMA ( there
    should not be comparison but for a second let me do it…purely a
    structural comparison)

    what is the story of Rangeela – a tapori guy…a tapori girl… tapori
    guy\’s ambition is to win over girl\’s heart..but her ambition is to get
    into films and make it big one day… the girl gets a break and gets
    attracted to Star actor colleague…at the end tapori girl and guy
    meet…  There is a FULL circle to this story…and hence it worked…
    it did not work because of Aamir…Urmila…or Jackie…it worked
    because RAMU called CUT at different points then joined it and showed
    the FULL CIRCLE to the public…the popularity of the lead actors might
    have helped to raise the box office…but the success lies in TELLING A

    now in spite of this… RANGEELA as a story is not so good…any dumb
    ass can tell this…SADMA is a better story… now it must be
    impossible to WAIT for a great story to come to u… but e.g. u had a
    GREAT thought with NAACH…u ruined it…there was a film of Girish
    Karnaad and Jaya prada…it was on classical singing…great film…any
    one can confidently say that it was a film based on classical
    sangeet…but NAACH… it was not Choreogprahy…it was aerobics!…

    why i keep asking u the same question? ….because u guessed it
    correct.. THICK HEAD… i am !… (mix of Silent guy and Chandu… 🙂 )

    and its a great opportunity… you are answering through your blogs!…
    interaction!… you are a celebrity…and i have been fan of ur
    work…and unfortunately i dont fit in any of the category u mentioned
    above about FANS… i am fan of your work…not you…i dont care
    whether u have western style toilet or Indian style toilet in ur
    house…whether u drive bmw or Rickshaw…whether u wear levis or
    chaddi of stripes…( hahahha…. chaddi of stripes….)
    i only care whether ur next film has a story or not!…and told in a
    good way or not!…and whether it fits in NATURAL aesthetic laws of
    story telling!…because good story is  a good story… Shawshank
    redemption or Sadma…Tisari Mazil or Abhimaan…good story is a good

  5. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    R.D.Burman!! So you finally write about some composer. Hey, could you plz write down your musical experiences with the composers you have worked. To start with, why not R.D.Burman, Antham was one of THE BEST scores from your films. It had a very different music, with a particular mood to all songs. how did you get that.

  6. Bhaskar says:

    Your definitions on \’Fans\’ and \’Luck\’ are interesting.
    How do you define Love? Do you believe in Love?

  7. sreekanth says:

    Hi,Well, i believe you have watched Apocalypse Now. Its my all time favorite movie What do you think of this movie and do you have any plans to make this one in bollywood version.Regards,Sreekanth

  8. thirumal says:

    @ FUCK Good in parts,
    i think wat u reffered about story is here,is not bigdeal first of all.I feel whatever the subject or concept u have chosen for filming,did u able to tell it in the what u think.
    Take Taxi no9011(is it right), is there any story and the director took the experiences of a taxi driver and presented.I the wholesome its a story i feel.
    wats the story line of all time entertiner SHOLAY,the presentation of the charectors and vise versa made it to classic.
    U r telling about the dance movements of NAACH.Wat type dance movements u expected, Any westren type dance or any SALSA kind of dance as an audien u r expecting.
    If u get into the intrinsic rythem of the film i don\’t think so that u won\’t expect the different dance movements from that charecter.
    The director wants to potray that charecter in more sensuous way and the he did it was example of the difference being achoreographer.
    So i feel nothing doing with STORY or anything else.I am telling it with my little knowledge.So lets hope u will find it from RAMU.

  9. Unknown says:

    Hello Sir,          Please tell something about the making, filming and other related snippets on Company and also Kaun. I just want to say one thing, and i mean it. I saw your Aag in the theatre and that too the first day first show by shelling 250!!! And i found it fine, definitely not your best, but it was definitely good. Have you ever wondered, that the only reason that it failed was the comparision with the older one, or was there something really bad about it, that it did not click. My only request is do not blast me by saying I am out of my mind or I do not have any work. Its just because both me and my father just adore you, and we happen to like every work of yours. If possible answer my query, or let it go.Waiting for more good movies like Phoonk from you(but it was not scary 🙂 )!!! My last concern, do not make the media related movie, in the manner in which Madhur bhandarkar approaches!!!Thanks,Chandu

  10. naveen says:

    Sir, This is Naveen again
    Che Guevera is the one of the world\’s greatest revolutionary leader, He along with Fidel Castro freed cuba from American Imperalism…. He always believed in himself and very straight forward as you are . I am NOT giving you gyan , i sharing a peiece of information 🙂

  11. naveen says:

    can you explain how did you get the idea to put the camera under the stretcher in Sarkar when abhishek comes out of the hospital room after attending his dad?I have seen your student Krishna Vamsi doing that on few occasions in his films.

  12. kedar says:

    First to RAMU…yaar tere site ka kuch kar yaar….jaldi khulta hi nahi… its irritating…thoda paise kharcha kar na…kanjoos…! Now @TIRUMALfirst thing: your english is worse than mine… hahaha…lets shake hands on that… Now about the STORY:  there can be a debate about What is a theme? what is a story? and what is a plot? but lets not get into it…what i wanted to say was THE BASIC IDEA which gives the WHOLE picture of the film…as a theme, as a story and even as a plot…has to be simple and understandable!  lets say a SYNOPSIS which a writer must be writing before elaborating it into a story…that SYNOPSIS it self can tell you whether it is worth developing it into a film or not…if those FOUR lines are SIMPLE and STRAIGHT FORWARD ( even the greatest of the complex stories ever told have SIMPLE SYNOPSIS or say SIMPLE STORY LINE to it) then any kind of audience would at least find the film watchable and would not find it boring! ( this guarantees aesthetic and partial commercial success…! ultimate commercial success is definitely unpredictable) # Taxi No. 9211 was a shameless copy of a hollywood film named \’ Changing Lanes\’ ( pls refer to IMDB site for more information and DVD is available in any store) its a conflict between higher class and lower middle class…two men from different strata of social life crosses each other\’s path…the BASIC TWO LINES  are complete and the simple END is who will WIN in the end…hence the STORY to tell is right in commercial sector!  there is a FULL CIRCLE  in the idea itself…also being a typical studio film it has all the basic good cliche points…# Second is our GREAT sholay!  Mr Akhtar and Mr Khan ( Salim-Javed) would not hesitate even for a minute to agree that it was INSPIRED from Kurusawa\’s SEVEN SAMURAI – villagers hire 7 samurai warriors to get rid of bandits…the basic plot line of Sholay was – a retired army officer hires two court marshaled jawans to take revenge of a Daku( badit, dacoit) who has killed his entire family..later army officer became police officer Thakur…and two court marshal jawans became two petty thieves Viru and jay…now the basic idea itself is self sufficient and full proof- there is a hero…there is a villian…there is a conflict and hence there has to be a solution to it…whether THAKUR will win in the end through Jay-Viru or Gabbar would win…?it is greatness of Salim-javed that they fooled the audiences with the power of their dailogues and command over Indian emotions! …both were POETIC writers…# Now about the NAACH: i was not expecting any thing… i submit myself to the film maker when i enter the theater…it is his job to surprise me…to entertain me.. i am saying that NAACH dances couldnt do that…and now thinking back i can confidently say that it has got nothing to do with my mind set at that point or something like that…those dances were pretty much AVERAGE…See some good DANCE oriented film like \’ Dirty dancing , billy elliot, shall we dance etc. to get my point…there was a KAMALA HASAN film on dancing …i dont recall exactly but had seen it many years back on Doordarshan…he is shown dancing on a pipe on the well… the well is very deep and Kamala hasan is dancing on that pipe effortlessly…that visual has not left my mind for these many years… so point is, characters in those films when start dancing we feel like dancing…when they face problems we want them to get over it…this didnt happen with NAACH…and i strongly feel that even  today if RAMU would re direct those dance sequences in MORE ENTERTAINING WAY…more EXPERIMENTAL WAY…more CHARMING way…the EMOTIONAL IMPACT WOULD BE MUCH MUCH GREATER than the original version…because the BASIC STORY line of NAACH is very much FULL PROOF and GOOD!  ( i dont recall the plot …Abhisekh becomes super star and he realizes his was shown in a most cliched way…but it wouldnt have mattered much if dances sequences would have been better…)on a second thought i can remember now what i was expecting…i was expecting more elaborate discussion about DANCES…the way today\’s dances are in our films and how the lead character sees it differently and how she plans to incorporate different styles in it…may be like a fusion…a western song and folk dance…or folk song and western dance…or say all the characters would be hanged by wires and would perform only in air if its a LOVE song giving a feel of ecstasy…only SHADOW dances…Silhouette dances…dances with lights…dances with objects…slowly she starts becoming advance and starts using CAMERA as a major tool in her choreography ( see some of the music videos to get my point…mind fucking boggling videos those guys make…earlier it was costly now after digital revolution they experiment like HELL…something of that sort i was expecting from NAACH character) it has to be MAGNIFICENT… after all its one of the basic art form …DANCE!… and it needs no BUDGET… its not necessary to show high fundoo sets to show all this…she can dance like a river, alone like a classical dancer to prove her point…and director and producer and actors are watching spell bound each of her performance but she is not getting break…initially… also her practice sessions…neighbors from opposite buildings would set their clocks to see her practice…that is her impact…she is already famous among the common people…Fuck…so much can be done with NAACH…See  SHYAM( boring) Benegal\’s  BHOOMIKA… the feel of that film …treatment of that film and subject of NAACH… fuck…it would ROCK the theaters for sure!… but it will need a lot of re search and tough work to produce those kind of dance sequences…Intrinsic Rhythm of the film? ……. TIRUMAL… i can reach to that depth only if the superficial stair case leading me there is solid, steady, full proof and EASY to climb up or down! …NAACH had intrinsic rhythm for sure…but the way to reach to the point where we as audiences would start FEELING for the character was very slippery… i slipped…then i stopped…and then even though i could see and sense the intrinsic rhythm which you are talking about, i was in no mood to FEEL it…and then i did reverse thinking and found out that the fault lies in the STORY it self…fault lies on the PAPER IT SELF!… STORY here was good but the STORY TELLING was half hearted…too much TAKEN for GRANTED kind of story telling…the subject for film was Fresh but topic of dance is very ancient…hence a lot should have been done about it to break the pre conditioned mind set of the audiences…well…for those who love awards…i would SHOUT and SAY ( thats all i can do at this stage because as RAMU has suggested i should make a film and then i would be in a rightful position to comment….hehehe….if all viewers would turn into film makers who would do other jobs in the world? who will make cameras and lenses who will make your tooth brush and who will make your computers? ) that NAACH if made with different approach can also get into OSCARS top five!… the CONCEPT IS FULL PROOF…its ORIGINAL…and its UNIQUE! because only Indian Cinema has so much extensive choreography in its films! Ahh…now as i type this i recall one more point…the character in NAACH was supposed to be COOL HEADED…like a buddhist monk…in tune with herself…but the way Antara Mali has acted its all wrong…she appears arrogant rather than calm and quiet…she appears to be a girl with inferiority complex rather than the one who loves solitude…FUCK…FUCK…FUCK… Ramu am i right..? for once i think i am right… Antara Mali\’s casting was wrong…or may be here the perception is playing predominant game as u always say… its my perception…i wanted to see her to be COOL headed…like a buddist monk…like a COLD BLOODED MURDERER who is not actually a murderer… almost like HANNIBAL LECTER… she is ultra confident but is not arrogant…she is just what she is and she is happy to be it…she is Hannibal lectre minus his killing instincts…i wanted her to be like that…if she is a visionary and an artist…she has to be cool headed, in control of every second in her life even though she doesnt have commercial success…she is already successful…almost like SHANKAR from SARKAR RAJ…i wanted to see her like that…if she would have been like that i would have liked her more…but Antara mali was like i wanted to scream \’ hey fuck off…if u are so great go fuck some where else…dont piss on my head…\’ its not her fault…it is RAMU\’s fault… he was shooting her…she was acting…or may be she was suited for the role…or she is not that great an actor…may be…this is where i can not be judgmental…but i would not hesitate to say that if Urmila is given that role to play she would add little extra to it…she would bring that little extra to the role…hey Ramu after all Actors too can add their bit to the film! Any artist has  POETIC essence, honesty or attractiveness in his or her eyes no matter how ugly he or she is!… Antara lacked that in that film which was VERY much necessary for that film…so now i have two points : 1. choreography of NAACH2. Anatara Mali\’s emotions in the eyes and movements!

  13. thirumal says:

    First give a name here man.After going  through ur interpretation still i am in confusion to ur addiction of dances to that movie(only) . Many audiences have this feeling with NAACH.I felt RAMU wants to deal with the clash between his  protogonists  ways where to have gain their top notch.That way is asking them to giveup their self identity and pride.But REVA doesn\’t gaveup.I feel the problem here is rather than titled it as NAACH it should be given some other name like RAVA.
    So the main problem is arosed there only and thats y many r expecting new format are  inventory dance styles from her.
    ## Coming to ur memorable visual:That kamal haasan\’s dancing scene was from a telugu movie \’SAGARA SANGAMAM\’.How that scene is perticularly connected to dancing.I think the scene is picturised to get KAMAL\’s old soulmate(JAYAPRADHA) at his presence and with out SINDOOR on her forehead our hero wouldn\’t imagine her.To avoid the spoonfeeding aproach, the director presented the scene with a melodrama.What the fuck it(DANCE) is doing on the well? How did u make it as memorable visual in terms of DANCES.
    Thats y i am saying, in the same fashion u  r expecting REVA more as a choreographer because the movie was titled as NAACH.
    And RAMU wants his REVA a bit aerotic and this is his version of dance by showing his protogonist in a sensuous and in a aerotic way (he used to say I am a \’MAN\’ thats y my heroins would be more sensuous).So as a audien I saw Antra mali as a choreographer to that extent only.And RAMU is one who shows great aesthetics when he is telling  the story on celluloid.Sometimes the concepts of the films could not be associated with the larger crowds.
    All the way if above has any spoilers …..excuse me for that.

  14. Unknown says:

    I dont care what people tell you about Naach, it was one of the better movies you made. I\’d like to see someone else do a take on Fountainhead, change the setting from architecture to dance, flip Roark and Dominic Francon\’s characters, reverse Toohey\’s character into a positive one and come up with a movie. If they do a better job of it, they alone have the right to criticize you. Even Ayn Rand messed up the screenplay on Fountainhead. PS:: I am not sure if you even thought of it that way. Intended or not, what you showed to the audience sure feels like that.

  15. Unknown says:

    My previous comment came with a (no name) tag. My name is Atticus Cain.

  16. kedar says:

    @ Tirumal…i dont remember the story of Kamala hasan\’s film…i remembered the visual any way and gave as an example because it was Dance and it was something Innovative…may be tht too was copied but i dont know…it was innovative…may be that was not necessary for that film…but it was innovative for sure…ok..that was about NAACH…lets move on…have a nice day…tata…@ sanjay………………………………….( talking my self) signal kyun nahi mil raha? ….(message pops up) lesser mortal low life on the other side…:)

  17. Suma says:

    I wanted to see some one remake Anweshana ( Telugu Movie )  under RGV banner, It is excellent thriller made by Vamshi in 1987 and I am sure you must have thrilled by the movie. I still remeber the movie frame by fame and call credits goes to director. It s been over 25 years and remaking it for all of India with new technology will turn into a excellent project.

  18. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,
    No matter what people say i just love your work.Its true that i was a little disappointed with some of your films but overall i still think you\’re one of the best directors bollywood has to offer.
    Have yet to see Phoonk but from what i read so far,it sure seems like a terrific film.You see im from Pakistan and over here one has to wait a long time before a dvd print is available.Although Indian films have started releasing in cinemas here i have yet to see an RGV film on the big screen.
    I just love your camerawork in films like Satya,Sarkar,Sarkar Raj,Nishabd and Rangeela.Films that disappointed me were Aag,James and Contract.Some scenes in these films are very well shot but one expects that from an RGV film,what gave way in my opinion is the poor scripting and plot.
    Would love to hear back from you and know about some of your upcoming projects.Is it really confirmed that youre not making Sarkar 3?Fans are looking forward to it and i suggest that you do give it some thought.If you still dont seem interested in this project,i think you should get someone to direct the film and produce it instead.
    DIL SE saw the three greats of indian cinema on the same platform,Mani Ratnam,Shehkar Kapur and you.The films remains my most favourite to date.Do you foresee any such collaborations in future?A dream project in my opinion would have to have four names Mani Ratnam,Shehkar Kapur,Vishal Bhadvarj and you:)

  19. Saurya Sengupta says:

    Hello sir. Congrats on the success of Phoonk. Why don\’t you make a dedicated website, like or something? You should get one, a person of ur status.

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