For critics? For Box-office?

Any filmmaker primarily wants to make a film which people will acclaim. The collections are more the Producers and Distributors concern. But the collections also indicate how many people actually saw the film. Does one feel that the film has served the purpose because a few individuals like the Print & Television critics say it is good or is how many tickets audience bought? Without batting an eyelid even the most award savvy Director would say that it is the audience buying tickets which is important because it will at the end of the day it will be his primary objective to see that as many people as possible watches his work.
In the year Satya released “Godmother” got the National Award and Satya was completely ignored. Godmother ran for 2 weeks and Satya ran for 25 weeks in the same theatre and 10 year later Satya is remembered as a cult-film and the jury members of the National Award committee would have forgotten both Godmother and its Director; and worse they would not have been even bothered to follow that Director’s career.
I always knew that it is the audiences not the critic’s reviews which made Satya work so tremendous. They gave as much or better reviews for Maqbool, Khamosh Pani, etc and we all know their box-office fate. Khalid Mohammed mentioned in his review when Raat released that time, that it is an unintended comedy. Apart from him most reviews to trashed it. 15 years later many critics of present times term it as a cult-classic. That’s not because Raat was ahead of times but the critics of today were just audience at that time and hence unbiased.
Anyway to cut a long story short, not to undermine “Mumbai Meri Jaan” or its maker who received raving reviews compared to “Phoonk” I just would like him to answer sincerely from his heart whether he himself would have preferred Khalid’s and Mayank’s and the etcs reviews and opinions of his film or the collections of “Phoonk”.
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  1. static atmosphere energy says:

    Dear RGV Garu,
    Yesterday I watched \’PHOONK\’. One of the reasons of watching the film is I love ghost subjects and only you are doing it in India or in world because after 1980\’s very few films have come of this Genre around the world
    I liked the movie because the first 20 minutes is such a marvel, great experience…the best part being the audience who are \’interactive\’ as more then sound effects they are howling, shouting, reacting so that they are not scared this is best a horror film can do to their audience. My congrats!
    Character selection is good especially the \’psycho couples\’ – the lady where in party she has 4 drinks and points finger…the high point, "Dream Sequences" (2) one is Raksha\’s father in night going down and mirror scene, and second the \’Kaamwali bai\’ Hanuman calander and grandmother giving her \’nimbu\’ has that 3d effect.
    Symbols and motifs of nimbu, bones where the father throws it away in garbage, good set-up with crows and one arrow mark is great!
    Ya Ganesh moorti found in constrution site (set up) and later in second half workers pray to it (pay off) is good
    Now, you will say … you F***** and Idiot…you go and watch my film, and sit in AC hall and then pass "critic" comments you idiot, you first give good points then give negative…why do you watch the film in first place? very natural sir! for this kind of feeling coz if I made film and people tear up, I will get more, you are seasoned film maker who has weathered with so many film yet, in all my honesty I mean to be a good fan of your films and hence I am giving you my "suggestions" – no matter how much ametaure they are…sir, if you have time read them…its for the good of my favourite films coming from your creations which I fancy – love it!
    1. Sir, the (perveted) driver of Raksha\’s father should not have been shown so obvious that one gets feeling that he is the person who "planted" the bones, nimbus….and everything.  In short, the audience (including me) must not get suspction in party scene on him
    2. Confrontation / conflict —> at interval it would have been interesting to show "phoonk" on a doll, inter secting with school scene…Raksha in classroom math test, at the time a doll is made and then rest you know
    3. Preparation for scare —> first 20 minutes black magic is not yet done but you showd giraffee, smiling ball, buddha monkeys that hold telephone, a smiling scary doll in bedroom these are symbols and motiffs but too much of them were explored in visuals with heavy sound track of Lezlie…instead (now you will say you bloody #$#$@#$#$ why dont you direct?) sorry sir i neither have position nor money or confidence like you have) but INSTEAD OF THAT  it would have been good if you would have shown suspense of SOMEBODY giving Raksha\’s hairs, Raksha clothes, Raksha\’s foot mud…to lady who has shifted her home to somehwere else…those scene or sequences intercepting with PREPARATION OF BLACK MAGIC would have been a good plot line….it would have been dramatic and not drama
    4. CONFLICT OF INTEREST –  if those two psycho couples are related to Raksha\’s father…you could have (set up) death of unhappy grandfather against son interest…so that his "ghost/aatma/spirit" would have possessed/used/abused by psycho women to Raksha\’s temperory hijacking sould (heh heheh sorry i am laughing) OR the person who died at site (rock fell on him) he could have been the AATMA who will temperory hijack Raksha soul….naaa?
    (B) – since Driver could have been shown white character or grey but now obvious….you could have shown
           (i) Grandmother as suspect
           (ii) Kaamvali bai as suspect
           (iii) driver as suspect
    This aforesaid would ensure that us audience will have more conflict that is dramatic and tension filled
    5. Manipulation —> second half, Raksha father will have doubt on all characters but being angry yet intellegent he will go for those two psycho couples who are not there in home…a good set up and pay off later in film
    6. CLEARITY —-> now we dont know who possess Raksha…doctor/psychatrists say she is split of some deviant behaviour bcoz her granny used to tell mythological stories and she had this as \’impact\’ on her personality….but who possess her is not clear sir….pls dont be angry on me again….
    7.MAKE UP —> when Raksha is possessed, such a pretty face, must have some horrific believable make up…(exoricist DVD)
    8. SPL.EFFECTS—-> the entire climax is drama and not dramatic….its too much too soon….Zakhir hussain should have been introduced bit earlier by granny and with some tantriks perfroming some stupid ritual where father is pissed off…..ok we had it before in bhoot…but here Zakhir hussain is hurrying….and we dont have much intercept shots of hospital….in ending makkhis or flys come out of human skeleton….oh god….and spider comes into writst of driver….movie is over…..denouncement not like classic BHOOT…I think tantrik role should have been done better with SHIVA 2006 Malasian Pigmy villan…
    Hey….I know you will say…you #$#%#$ why dont you direct…..naah, I enjoyed PHOONK…this is just what I felt to tell you as the character arcs are ok but its last half an hour thats rushing to be finished…yet its still OK…hope to see more films from your banner….keep it up

  2. neetesh says:

    Well Mr Ram Gopal Verma,
    I saw Phook on 1st day 4th show and sad to say that its failed to scare us.
    U had a good opportunity to make a good movie but you missed it 😦
    In the whole 2 hrs (around) movie we just little scare on just   a 1 scene where u showed the Hero\’s Image in Mirror is not moving in the night. That was the gr8 sequence which thrilled us.
    You must watch some english horror movies if you do not have proper ideas to scare peoples. I just missed the gr8 opportunity for creating a hit block buster.
    Neetesh Bhatia

  3. Naveen says:

    "They gave as much or better reviews for Maqbool, Khamosh Pani, etc and we all know their box-office fate."
    i haven\’t seen khamosh pani……but maqbool is a very good movie irrespevtive of its box office fate…..though maybe not as superb as satya

  4. Prasun says:

    As a viewer I would like to say that I feel satisfied after watching a movie irrespective of whether it\’s director is remembered a thousand years from now.

  5. anoop says:

    Hi,    Saw Phoonk yesterday. It was a well made movie. I wanted to share a few thoughts and audience reaction with you. 1.) While going for the movie, my wife asked about the actors in the movie and when we (my colleague and I) both acknowledged not knowing about the actor, I commented it is after a very long time that we are going for a movie because of a director. 2.) Most of the crowd was expecting horror. There was a report in the media about you announcing an award of 5 lacs to any person who could dare to see it alone in a theatre. Do not know if that report is true or fabricated but the point is most people had started laughing at constant close up on artifacts / statues etc after a while. I am not sure if anyone of them would have done any of that had he / she been sitting alone in a theatre.3.) This is a question, did you project it as a horror/scary movie? I found Bhoot much better than Phoonk if horror is the criteria. However if you did project it that way then I have quite a few questions. Please bear with my thoughts 🙂 Do you feel you market a product the right way? The reason I ask this question is because Nishabd was one of the finest movies of recent times. Here is my review of Nishabd   I feel that you had marketed Nishabd wrong. Audience and the media (ugh them again) had thought it is a titillating voyeuristic drama instead of a very fine movie that it is. And I guess the idea came because of all the eye-tonic visuals that you had released as promos. Ditto with Phoonk if you have indeed promoted it as a scary movie. Regards,Anoop.

  6. anoop says:

    Sorry a couple of more questions, and I just want to know the answer from a director\’s perspective,Why did you highlight the artifacts / statues so much? The giraffe, Ganesha, Laughing Buddha / Kuber (no idea what it was). And what was the connection of the new contractor\’s death? The obvious answer is the revenge by the ex-contractors but then weren\’t three new contractors hired? So why kill just one? Sorry if I am wrong about the number 3 here. Thanks,Anoop Saxena

  7. Unknown says:

    hi ramu sir,
    i watched phoonk last nite and i found it husband and i watched the movie cuz of u..u r the only director who doesnt cash on the star status of the actors….u should make a special appearance in of your next movies….dont u think….how i wished that majja\’s role..i mean the person in phoonk hu cures raksha was  played by u…what do u say???would u make a special appearance in ur next movie….that character shouldnt be a funny or useless should be brief ,crisp,powerful and very important for the story…

  8. Sathwik says:

    J.D.Chakravarthy has come up with his debut direction movie \’Homam\’ what do you think about his talent in directing field?

  9. Kesavan says:

    Kindly can you NOT write any reviews and your analysis of Phoonk in this blog please, please, please? Atleast for next one Month. If you have sincerely read Ramu\’s blogs, the key message is for people to experience it on their own and decide if they liked it or not. You are spoiling it for us lesser fortunate guys who only can watch the film later than you, because it has not got a worldwide release.
    Please spare us your words of wisdom and analysis. We can talk about Satya or even Contract not Phoonk. I hope you all will exercise some restraint.

  10. gcs says:

    Saw your movie yesterday night show. I wanted to get scared… since I miss these genre of movies in bollywood. I must admit that you have used \’silence\’ very effectively especially in 1st half. Background score is also good although sometimes it was a bit noisy. some trimming was required in 2nd half which, I think, by now, you would have taken care off. What scores against the film is the predictability of the premise & I feel you should have opted for \’suspense\’ element. It seems like you were letdown by the script to a major extent. However, the climax has been shot stylishly… It reaffirms that you are one of the finest directors this country has ever produced.. It will be counted as one of your highly successful (creatively / commercially) films in your career. NOW COMING BACK TO CRITICS REVIEWS…. 1. Khalid Mohammed : He belongs to a certain breed who gave 4 stars to Om Shanti Om (well he will give all the stars available with him & if possible he will borrow from sky to give it to a SRK film, you know….) & now he has given 4 stars to Mumbai meri jaan !!!???!! Come on, Khalid, first you were kicked out of TOI then from DNAINDIA & if you keep on showing this type of performance then shortly you will be out of HT soon. As Anurag Kashyap mentioned in his blog, "chu**** retire ho ja, tera time khatam" 2. Rajeev Masand: He dubbed errie / spooky element in the film to \’cheap gimmick\’. Well, mr masand, in that case, according to you, even, Exorcist, Omen etc. will have to be considered as cheap gimmicks. These two critics, I feel, has given very BIASED reviews without highlighting the merits of the film properly. Finally, in a B-Town wherein there is a scarcity of \’scare\’ films , there comes RGV ala tantrik in Phoonk. Tantrik justifies the identities of "Good / Evil" in his own way. Similarly, RGV reaffirms his control over the medium & scores yet again with Phoonk. Welcome back RGV you\’re back with a BIG BANG (just like the background score in Phoonk… Well, bapi-tutul seems to be your current favourite).Now, I am eagerly waiting for SHABRI…..

  11. Praveen says:

    right on…m night shyamalan had made 2 movies before \’the sixth sense\’, but who knew him (or his movies)?

  12. sagar says:

    why do you read reviews if you think that films are for only for audiences??

  13. Unknown says:

    HEllO sir !!! i went to the movie with 8 frenz of mine yest morn..culdn get 1st dAY 1ST SHOw.v got 4 matinee…as my desperation 2 see movie finally got over.. we all wer excited… sudeep bein bangalorean..1st few mins off his appearence made whole theatre filled wit hoots…clapss..whistless,,,as d film startd 1st jerks wer given 2 us wen sudeep sees ghost in his sleep..our interest was constantly distrbd by few ppl who kept on makin silly jokes an wer imitatin all animalss possible wenevr,…d monkey o d giraffe was shown…. v felt 2nd half was brilliant.. it jus kept us at d edge of r seats… backgrnd score was good.. nice climax.. expctdd more scary scenes… v loved it !!! thank u !!!

  14. Raju says:

    In Phoonk, after the scene where Raksha is flying all over the room, she is taken to hopsital. But nobody in the family talks about this to the psychologist. Why don\’t they discuss such an unusual event with the psychologist who keeps saying it\’s all just a physchological disorder?

  15. shiva says:

    weren\’t you the one who once said, you prefer critics\’ appreciation to boxoffice?i think it entirely depends on what kind of film you are making. if you\’d have made a mumbai meri jaan, even you would\’ve wanted great reviews and not much care if it works at the boxoffice. but i don\’t think anyone expects great reviews for scare fest which is targeted at mass audience. surely you didn\’t expect boxoffice wonders for Naach, even though it\’s a good movie. for a person who makes these kind of movies, boxoffice is just a\’s good to know that phoonk is doing well, and would\’ve watched it the first day if it were playing anywhere close to the plave i live. i\’ll catch it sometime soon.

  16. kunal says:

    i havent seen phoonk as yet but will surely see it tomo…infact i have awaited phoonk from a long time.
    i saw mumbai meri jaan today…..had not read its reviews…i never read reviews…i just go by the promos and my intution……mumbai meri jaan is a genuine honestly made film. after a long time ive seen a good hindi film. i dont knw abt the reviews but the audiences r loving mumbai meri jaan very much

  17. sneha says:

    its a complete waste of time and money. and for people who are expecting horror, will all be dissapointed.
    there are just competely irrelevant stuff in this movie,
    the statues , the toys were all so irritating.
    there was nothing scary in this movie, just pretty gross stuff in the end.if the box-office is doing well, its just because people like watching horror films and are expecting something, but wait till the next week, and evryne will know how bad the movie is!

  18. Unknown says:

    Saw Phook. Liked it.
    Some things I found odd: Backgroind score was good but distracting at places, in the opening scenes dialogues were not clearly audible, child\’s mother walks wearing sandal at home.

  19. Unknown says:

    Good Point you made there about the reviewers… I always believe its just their interpretations of the movie. I have 2 questions to you…1. Did you watch any of the Quentin Tarantino movies??2. Are you scared of Dogs???

  20. karthik says:

    can we expect another movie from you in 2008? is the movie on media your next project?

  21. Shil says:

    Hi first of all i would like to say i went to the movies with a open mind, and  i watch all your movies, and this movie has hit a low for you, i mean i would have expexted a lot better you must have paid a lot for your marketing as it made it sound like a truly scary horror film as it was not potrayed to be i was expecting a horror flick but not a copy of a english movie, and was all those shots of the monkeys and other little toys and statues neccesary? seriously all in all i think you owe me 750 rupees total for 4 tickets and food for a waste of time, and a personal apology letter for how the movie did not live up to the hype.

  22. Rahul says:

    the climax could have been better and i certainly did not understand the purpose of focusing on the objects in the house when they have not get anything to do with the main theme of the movieIn the interval scene you gave away that the driver was involved in this Black Magic ( i dont know whether it was intentional) as it was the hand of a man in the frame and only 2 men are in the house.. so i could guess itthe second half wasn\’t scary as the first half… maybe because the interval in the movie gives the audience time to swing their mood which dipped the fear factor…

  23. vishnu says:

    The most tedious and irritating thing about film makers and actors is the frequent lecture along the lines of how \’so much effort and creativity is involved in making a film\’ and how dare the critiques rubbish is in 10 minutes. Also the audience is supposed to appreciate crores at stake and the time devoted. Well, it is the choice made by these makers and actors. They are free to change their field of work. Everybody works for a living and long hours and years are a given. Every 200 rupees spent are earned.Left to film-makers, every bit of trash will be touted as great cinema. Critiques are like referees, some good and some bad. If one\’s benchmark is not their review\’s then why are you wasting ur time first reading them and then generating bile and righteous anger to trash them. Let them be and do ur job. If, like u say, audience are king then let them decide.

  24. kishan says:

    Do you still get to watch movies as frequently as you did while you were a student? If no, does that make you sad?

  25. Unknown says:

    It’s a fare thing you mentioned but not the truth always. A movie which got very good collections is not a good movie always. If movie making is only about money, then yes you may be right. But many believes that its not only about money. I can site many movies which are master pieces, but didn’t make enough money in the box office. For example as you mentioned Maqbool, Aamir, Mithya, Black Friday etc. And in the other hand I can site many movie with stupid work involved are proved to be big hits. The number of tickets sold depends on many factors. As per current market the first thing is the marketing of a movie, next comes the star cast and the directors fame. If all the above 3 things are weak enough then what ever movie you are going to make are not going to be a block buster.
    I have a special corner for your movies. I went to see it yesterday paying a huge amount to buy the tickets in Black. I would like to bring up the below issues to you view.
    1.      In the whole movie you had been focusing to the various objects in the house. Doing it once or twice its fine, but doing it numerous times doesn’t make any sense. After few such focuses it was just boring for audience.
    2.       I must say the climax according to the script is good especially for the Indian audience. But the screen play for the climax gives a lot of people to say that it’s a bad piece of work. It should not have been so much flying and all that in that scene.
    3.      Was there a need to show the hand getting elongated in the dream of the servant? Do you think that makes people scare or laugh?
    4.      The scene I liked the most in the movie was the dream that sudeep (father) saw. It was really good.

  26. Unknown says:

    Mr.RGV,I guess one must admire you for your persistence and your belief in yourself.I am not here to comment about the movies which others consider bad but about the movies which any student of cinema or lover of cinema would like to thank you for.Movies like Shiva,Satya,Kshanam kshanam,company,raat,bhoot,darna mana hai to name a few are way ahead of its time.Maybe thats the reason why a Govinda Govinda or the story you wrote for Mani ratnam Thiruda thiruda is not appreciated by the masses.Its easy to sit back here and criticise.But i think the so called critics are directing their ire against you because your media bytes sell while the rest of the movie makers dont.But when can we expect movies like kshanam kshanam or Govinda Govinda from you again?

  27. venkatesh says:

    Ram, I dont agree just with the ticket sales as a measure of the success of a movie critically. Yes, as you mentioned, the number of weeks is definitely a strong measurable.
    For eg: Singh is King had crazy amount of publicity and the anticipation was very high with the audiences. To tap the benefits of this anticipation, Singh is King team hosted multiple shows over the weekends, sometimes as many as 40 of them in a day!
    Now its a good business sense but looking at the sales of tickets of Singh is King, one cannot say it was a good movie (coz it was not!), but if it had stayed at multiplexes for lots of weeks like Satya, then we could generalize that audience liked it.
    In case of Phoonk as well, I think the word of mouth itself will take it forward irrespective of what the khalids and Jhas of the society say.

  28. Subir says:

    congratulations on the fantastic opening for your movie Phoonk, What do you have to say about the atrocious reviews of your best friend Khalid Muhammad week after week? Why is the Hindustan times behaving so irresponsible and letting him write such painstaking reviews? he tries to be humerous but sadly what he writes is the worst form of written English I have read.
    Cant all you path breaking film makers lock him up and tie his hands down?

  29. Anil says:

    I think you are giving more importance ( in other words more reacting ) to the critics.
    In fact, I (hope most of the people ) dont know about the critics you are mentioning like "Khalid Mohammed " etc. Uniti I saw your  blogs. You are giving free publicity to them and you are adding enough fuel and make them more popular.
    Obviously critics will be there everywhere whether we like it or not. And people will follow them because all people can\’t spent time and money on all films/books, All will go with mouth publicity or so called by critics. Even critics failed at some point, mouth publicity will work or vice versa. Fans will always watch atleast once. Remaining all go with wind.
    Instead of fighting against them better ignore them that is the best way to punish the people. It comes out from your philosopies like Love it or Hate it … But dont ignore me … so Ignore the critics. Even they praise you or criticize you. Just we need stick to our job. And you are not writing any exam and they are not examiners of your work to make you fail or pass.
    If critics are giving bad rating even after movies are good because of so called perceptions, then they will loose credibility. If movie is good and critics are bad atmost it will start with bad talk and ends up with good mouth publicity.
    The most arrogant, self driven RGV is some how loosing his control to critics. Stop talking about these so called Critics … Just ignore them

  30. Unknown says:

    Though not as scary as \’Bhooth\’,Phoonk is definitely a great emotional and sensible movie.RGV,you prove it again….

  31. Unknown says:

    Though not as scary as \’Bhooth\’,Phoonk is definitely a great emotional and sensible movie.RGV,you prove it again….

  32. vishnu says:

    Looking at ur promotional material and comments, more and more it seems like u have zero respect for ur audience. \’Scariest movie\’ for Phoonk, a \’new language of love\’ for Naach, outright focus on Zia Khan for Nishabd (assumption being that \’aam janata\’ is interested in only that) etc. It doesn\’t pay because many people feel cheated after seeing the movie. U gave path-breaking hindi movies like Shiva (Nagarjuna), Satya and Rangeela, that is reason enough for audience to have high expectations. Compulsion to trash critics and then taking audience for granted (Aag, Shiva (2nd) etc.) is a strange combination. Perhaps u r India\’s creative \’madman\’. Hope u find a genre outside horror and gangster, that will be another masterpiece to add to above list.

  33. karthik says:

    Phoonk is a hit! Congrats Ramu, I had huge expectaions on Contract and nothing on Phoonk. But the results are in reverse… guess no one can predict the box office. I guess filmmaking business is as good as horse race and gambling…isn\’t it?
    Report : "Made on a shoestring budget of Rs 3 crore, Phoonk, a horror film by Ram Gopal Varma with a Kannadiga hero and a child in a lead role, fared the best, getting off to an unexpected more than 85% start. The strategy of few prints and a modest number of shows has worked well for the beleaguered film-maker . While Mumbai Meri Jaan may not have opened to as good a response, the film is expected to get good reviews . Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam is the laggard with opening day seeing only a 15 to 20% occupancy across theatres. "The limited release and small production budget works in the favour of Phoonk. Also it has been a while since a horror film has hit theatres, making audiences curious. The film may sail into profits if the weekend continues to be good,\’\’ says an industry observer. The last time a horror film did well was Varma\’s Bhoot, five years ago. Amod Mehra from the distribution house One More Thought, says, "Phoonk has taken an almost 90% opening at the box office. This black-magic film is definitely going to be the surprise hit of the year.\’\’
    What you said is true. The primary objective of filmmaking or any business is making money. Who cares if your work ethic or your quality is appreciated but you dont make any profits! Its like everyone coming and appreciating the quality of serving and neatness in you restaurant, by shaking your hand… and then leaving to eat their meals in a dhaba across the street where seating and serving is poor, but food and prices are excellent. haha! 😉 You win Ramu. Its not Khalid\’s reviews which will pay your house rent and electricity bills or the salaries of your crew. Its BOXOFFICE!
    good going ramu, all the best. but we want more from you. Come on tiger! go get the critics in your next movie.
    kind regards,

  34. prakash says:

    Congrats sir, for your movie Phoonk.
    Though I didn\’t find it scary at all, it covered the topic of black magic very well.
    The film surely elicits healthy debate among the believers and non believers.
    Keep up the good work.
    Prakash Gowda

  35. anirudh says:

    Hii Ram Gopal Verma,
    I came to know that you gave a challenge to people that if anyone watches phoonk lonely you will pay some amount to him if it is true I\’m really rady to face Phoonk alone. 

  36. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    Highly disappointing post. two reasons.
    1. Too much of Satya, about it being a cult film, on this blog, not this post alone.Please see it yourself. Move on. How many times shall we talk about Satya alone.
    2. Any discussion anout any other film by other film-makers (Mumbai meri Jaan) is totally unnecessary. Here it looks like an earnest appeal to readers not to compare two films (which they will, after this post) and asking to watch phoonkh. the point is, the film needs to stand out on itw own and not the film-maker. how does it matter if "mumbai meri jaan"\’s director prefers Khalid\’s review or box-office. and not to forget, Khalid again figures. yawn!!!

  37. Rahul says:

    Well, I really want to see how you will promote your ANTI MEDIA movie (in media)!

  38. Unknown says:

    People compare your style to Alfred Hitchcock or Quantin Tarantino\’s style…? I personally, think you are more closer to Martin Scorsese… ?  Any plans of of making Frank Miller style movies like Sin City or Japanese adult comic based movie?

  39. Mannar says:

    Ramu Anna,I am yet to see Phoonk am not in our country and in a place we don\’t play Indian movies…I have a question, about an earlier movie – what you think went wrong with Nishabd? It released around after Kabhi alvida na kehna and I really felt – this movie communicated the point – "Mohhabath our Mauth dono bin bulaye mehmaan hai" much better than which movie had this dialog…This movie is much ahead of its time and I am sure after 5-10 years people will definitely understand this better. I know Amitabh Bachchan is one of the best we have and you have definitely provided provided a new dimension for him via Nishabd. RegardsMannar

  40. Trimex says:

    "main guarantee deta hoon! mallik bhai ka phoonk satak jayega…" Company   Did you pick the title Phoonk from this dialogue?

  41. Narendra says:

    Saw PHOONK. Really liked it. Thank you for giving us a good movie. It\’s less scary and more sensible. A perfect time pass for the weekend. Better than those silly NRI love stories. Hope the movie earns good profits for your producers. Looking forward for your THE MEDIA, thing. It sounds like Madhur Bandarkar-ish to me though. Will be nice to see your version. All the best sir.

  42. surya says:

    I enjoy your films, and in the interest of wanting to see you make more here is a bit of a feedback on Phoonk:
    – Some of the symbols that you have used have too strong predefined meanings in my mind and those meanings cannot be altered or turned around within a very short time to generate fear … If the intention was something else – I missed it .. so essentially fear was very non-existent to me except for a few thrills .. some of the performances were very engaging
    – The one minute something song bit to show the Hero\’s climax diluted my involvement with the movie (apart from giggling and constantly talking teenagers in their bid not to be scared or plain recklessness)
    – The movie premise of theist vs natural phenomenon has been explored many times – in fact in most good horror/suspense movies; But do consider making an out to out thrill ride of a horror movie ..

  43. kedar says:

    Hi Ramu…Not for critics not for box office…make films for the sake of TELLING A STORY! if you would tell a GOOD story critics would like it so would a common viewer…hence box office benefit too! now what is a GOOD story is debatable…but is it so hard to understand what is a GOOD story? you have never told ONE single GOOD story in your entire film career…that is the problem…now you have made good films…some…Satya was good…so was Company ( was better than Satya)…so was Shiva…so was Rangeela…but none had a GOOD or GREAT story to tell…you are one of the leading film makers of India…but i can not put u in \’ One Flew over the cuckko\’s nest, cramer Vs cramer  \’ kind of category where Simplicity of the story wins everything…nor you fit in \’Pirates of the carribean , lord of the rings , spiderman \’ etc category where BIGNESS of the projects wins everything… nor you fit in world cinema category like \’ Kurusawa, bergaman or Ray…many more\’ Where the fuck you fit then? and by this i dont mean that you are so special that you have created a place of your own…it simply means you are NO WHERE… So tell ONE good story… or tell a STORY ( may be not so great) but in an amazingly NEW FORM ( e.g. Run lola Run- story is not so great but the form is great…another example is Kurusawa\’s Rashoman- good theme…good story and Great FORM) fuck the critics …fuck the box office… these are by products… you are a story teller…though the stakes are high in film making…after all you are a story teller…So tell a GOOD Story!…chinese and honk kong and korean films are better than us…so we cant blame hollywood being RICH now… what matter is WHAT ARE YOU TELLING US?  look at Iranian film makers…so many restrictions so they come out with MOST simplistic ideas and stories but they are more hard hitting than Satya!

  44. sandeep says:

    watched phoonk..liked though i felt bhoot was scarier

  45. ArunKumar says:

    Good and enjoyable!(sorry scarable[some scenes]). But it could have been great and exciting.
    The first half of the movie threatens you to scare but when actually it should threaten in the second half, the audience become more casual due to the daylight events and the presence of the Doctor and Phsycologist makes the audinece to watch in comfort. Feel that second half of the movie should have been during night time in dark ness, for example the girl defying the gravity and getting lifted from the bed could have been in night. It  would have been more scary and would have justified your ad \’scariest movie ever\’.

  46. thirumal says:


  47. Vinay says:

    Hi Ramu
    Since you have been forthwith in putting across your views about all and sundry, let us be with you as well. Let me tell you when I would go to a theatre and watch which film.
    I have two friends, whose "views" matter a lot to me. So if they say go watch a film, I would and vice versa. From the years being together I know and they know. I, for one, do not like to see a film first day. I wait for the reviews. But my friend watches at one movie every friday night. That makes things easier for me.
    Apart from the two friends, I hear no one else\’s views about a film. If those two have not watched some movie, I have to rely on the reviews. I surf whereever Deepa Gehlot\’s review appears. Then I look for other websites and come to a conculsion. (I dont read Khalid\’s and Raja Sen\’s). Therefore I am not a friday movie watcher, but a sunday moviegoer.
    If its a "Theek hai" feeler from friends or reviews, I simply go buy a pirated CD, which also gives me 3 other movies as a bonus.
    Then I have acquaintances, who watch a movie for various reasons. In my office itself, during lunch time I was raving about Sarkar and Sarkar Raj, when one of them simply said he disliked both. HIs reasoning, "Thoda to timepass jaisa hona chahiye". Someone else liked Sarkar but disliked Sarkar Raj – he said only the last 15 mins were interesting.
    I wuz sitting across a pan-stall having a ciggie, when two taporis were discussing Kabhi Alvida.. One of them had seen it and was thrashing it. But the other was hell bent on seeing it. His reasoning – "Teen bade bade stars hain, ek picture ko kheechenge nahi kya". 
    There are other friends, who like to take their family along to watch a movie and are careful that the experience should be a worth while one and that it should be decent as well. They are gung ho about Yash Chopra-Karan Johar movies, for obvious reasons.. sort of a branding here, wot!
    I have a feeling that you already are aware of these things. But since you write, we also write 🙂

  48. Unknown says:

    Mr Varma,
    I have a humble request for you. Before going for any film promotion and interview ensure that you dont sound over-confident. You had said some great things about Phoonk. I am surprised to find that is another poor film from your factory. You say you are not concerned with collections and other mathmatics of the film. I think as a filmmaker you should be. I think you still can mine gold. But before that take a break and try to churn out quality not the quantity

  49. Unknown says:

    TV channel /media movie reviewers suffer from "Phoonk enabled" Indigestion :-)I\’m a fan of good cinema and usually dont bother about who makes it…but definitely remember the maker though.. Ever since RGV forayed into the bollywood turf and created an identity that no one could replicate.. there was a mercurial evolution of media reviewers, you can call them journalists or whatever – but basically – they make their living on eschewing and masticating freak comments and meaningless potshots. I even used to wonder if they were financed or these comedians were set -up by some bollywood directors or actors per se. I also used to wonder about the comfort and plushness of this "movie reviewing" as a profession – they have never made a movie nor have they been associated with the movie making business… people who wear "sponsored clothes" and vomit "surrogate scripts" thinking they are the "step-children" of Martin Scorsese fame….Irrespective of the numerous freak comments, Phoonk did what it was supposed to. IT DEFINITELY SCARED THE WITS of numerous "SELF STYLED" Reviewers who proclaimed its another DUD.  While more than half of them are running around to come out with "Phoonk made money" but not scary enough.. its nothing but a honest confession of their inability to predict a success and vivid memories of their "DoomISASTER" predictions in the box office.Phoonk\’s eeriness and "unusual" angle of sight not to mention the hybridization with the music has made it stand out in a league of its own. I\’m not comparing phoonk to the exorcist genre.. this is an indian black magic genre.. unraveling the subtle sense of the known, unknown, feared and what not….If the child artiste is being credited for her acting skills.. the reviewers should have the common sense to understand as to who could have extracted such an act thinking from a "possessed child" character perspective..While i laugh on the half baked comments of the likes of Ashish and co.. i do have to say one thing…see Phoonk another time…. maybe it will cure your indigestion of acceptability … and agreeing to the undisputed fact that..PHOONK not only scared you but also made the box office a bit fertile..albeit sterile for money..cheers to RGVraj shen

  50. Hussain says:

    Saw Phoonk last night Its  a well made Goofy/scary and entertaining films, i will totally accept the REVIEWS were pathetically biased,, when i read the reviews now after watching the movie i feel sorry for those who trusted those reviews at the 1st place ,, movies is tecnically good good value for entertaintment what else does one expect!!! KUDOS —–RAW-MOOH

  51. saurabh says:

    Hi Ramu , I know u don\’t like suggestions but I would still do so and suggest you to stop responding to people\’s comments on this blog since you don\’t take up those questions seriously  . The post about stars was good and I would like to read articles like these more on your blog rather than ur reactions .

  52. Anil says:

    Ramu its time u retired from active film making .Ur film phoonk was so pathetic one didnt know whether to laugh or cry.I feel u and manoj shyamalan need psychiatric examination. Both of u have no idea of what u do and ur brains have stopped functioning..its time u take a long sabatical to get ur brainsback to normal mode before u go bonkers and drive us nuts

  53. Unknown says:

    can we expect a sequl of shiva(old) from you?

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