My reactions to reactions

1. This excuse of making films only to enjoy the process sounds irresponsible.
Ans: You got me wrong. I am not making an excuse, I am saying that it is the only choice any filmmaker has whether he realizes it or not. Every one of the makers of the 120 or so films made in Bollywood every year think that they are making a film which will be a big hit. No one in the right mind will go ahead and make a film aiming it to be an average or a flop film. 95% of them will not reach their intended objective. When the audience sees the final film they imagine it has been done with carelessness and a non-thinking attitude but that would never be the case. A viewer is spending a couple of hours and around Rs.100- to buy a ticket. A maker is spending a year or more and crores of Rupees. He would never be irresponsible because he has much much more to loose than the viewer. It happens because it is an extremely difficult thing to match the mind-state of the Director, where he started from and the mind-state of the viewer when he enters the theatre. It is too complex and too long drawn out for me to explain here.
2. You yourself have raised your bar and that’s the burden you carry.
Ans: Maybe you are right but that is also the reason I became what I am.
3. I don’t want to read articles posted by fakes like you.
Ans: Ok.
4. I think watching Aag will be scarier than Phoonk.
Ans: Let’s make a deal. If you shut up about Aag, I swear on your mother that I won’t make another Aag.
5. I think you source your actors from theatre. Mohanlal is known, Chakri and the Contract guy are Telugu actors. Phoonk guy is a Kannada actor. I won’t even get into how you get your heroines. Did you select Fardeen Khan because he gave you money?
Ans: Yes sir, Yes sir, Yes sir, you are absolutely right about what all you wish to be right.
7. You spelt Nietzsche wrong.
Ands: That was a typing error. Thanks for the lesson anyway! Where do I send the cheque?
8. Why are you an atheist?
Ands: Because I can go ahead and commit as many sins as I want without getting scared.
9. Stick to making movies. Sexist jokes don’t make good comedy.
Ands: Ok, Ma’m.         
10. Only if a Government committee regulates the sensationalisation of news the media scene will improve.
Ans: I disagree. If it’s regulated by a Govt body it will just breed corruption and censorship which will make the situation worse. At least now the least the media is doing is to entertain us. A Government body will destroy that too.
11. I think most celebrities have found solace with internet blogs.
Ans: Definitely. At least there’s one place where they can communicate to whoever is interested or concerned without being edited, quoted out of context or lines being highlighted which were not meant to be etc.
12. Seems like you have very good material for the media film. Please don’t screw it.
Ans: I won’t screw it. I will fuck it.
13. Why do you target only Khalid, Deepa and Subhash?
Ans: Read my blog again. I gave them just as examples because I know them only.
14. Invest in a good screenplay, good writer, good cinematographer and a good music director.
Ans: Please don’t give away such brilliant strokes of advice for free.
15. Stop manipulating things.
Ans: Ok, Your honour.
16. In films you are driven by techniques alone and fail and in blogs you are driven by analytical views, so they come out good.
Ans: Partly true for most part.
17. I want to know if the confidence you exhibit is real or fake?
Ans: Why don’t you imagine whatever makes you happy? Why know and spoil it for yourself?
18. I think Ayan Rand has seeped into your blood.
Ans: Yes, but the problem is that she doesn’t come out as sweet.
19. I request you to use all your witty humour in the media movie.
Ans: Of course. Do you think there is anything more funnier than the media?
20. This journo rushed to the village to tell her about her husband’s death so that he can capture her reaction.
Ans: Thanks KG. I appreciate this input. You gave me an idea for a scene.
21. A wise man learns from others mistakes. A practical man learns from his own mistakes.
Ans: Yes. That’s what sensible men do, but mostly men don’t realize that they have made a mistake as they don’t think with common sense and that is because there’s nothing common about common sense.
22. Does your psyche fascinate you?
Ans: Actually after reading your understanding of mine, yours fascinates me more.
23. By the way, when are you going to get married?
Ans: Among all the weirdo’s I interact with, you take the cake. If you can take time off from whatever you do (which I am sure would be nothing) and look for a girl for me I will. Otherwise get sensible and at least make an attempt to ask a little more reasonably relevant question.
24. Are you patriotic? Do you respect our country? Can we expect a patriotic film from you?
Ans: NO. NO. NO. I am pretty much immersed in my thinking of how to serve myself and don’t even spend a minute in thinking of serving anyone or anything else.
25. Have you ever thought of making something like Mackenna’s Gold?
Ans: Dying to.
26. Are there any movies that made you cry?
Ans: No, but there are plenty which made me laugh when they made others cry.
27. Please take care of your looks and dress when you come on TV.
Ans: Why? You want to marry me?
28. I have a feeling I won’t like Phoonk.
Ans: If you don’t you can find me in the Versova graveyard. Come there if you dare.
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78 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. krishna says:

    23. By the way, when are you going to get married?Ans:
    Among all the weirdo’s I interact with, you take the cake. If you can
    take time off from whatever you do (which I am sure would be nothing)
    and look for a girl for me I will. Otherwise get sensible and at least
    make an attempt to ask a little more reasonably relevant question.——Ramu i feel that u have taken it seriously,i asked that question in reference to the previous comment made.Thanks for calling me a weird, i like it.—–I feel that your film on the Media would Rock!.—–I have written some scripts,would you like to read them?Take a look at this one,if you have time.

  2. Naveen says:

    ramu, why not cast rakhi sawant in the movie about media that your are planning to make….don\’t forget you promised her 🙂

  3. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    One song which stands completely classy in your recent films is "Saara Yeh Aalam" from Shiva2006. Although it is a rework of "Aananda raagam" from tamil film Paneer Pushpangal, i felt the Hindi one came out more polished. What made you choose that tamil song (given the fact that you are a telugu guy)? i didnt know you listen to tamil songs too, that too of offence meant.

  4. Unknown says:

    i can think of one real life story where media displayed sheer shamelessness or utter disregard for human values
    1) There was a student in U.K. who got killed and media went overboard in "investigation" her personal life with her alleged boy friend and their supposed romance which could have been the reason for her death.
    This poor girl was killed and all that the channel wanted to dig was about the juicy details of the alleged romance.
    shame on them
    There are lot of stories which  i can think of but i am sure you must have already had loads in mind..

  5. keertichandra says:

    there is no need to comment on your own movie AAG. AAG is far better than other movies like saawariya. when i was watching saawariya i got mentally depressed, and only saw half of the movie itself. when it comes to AAG the songs, background music,and bachan acting is good. but i find some sought of looseness in the script itself.
    keerti chandra

  6. Unknown says:

    Great answers as usual.
    Please visit this to see how other mere mortals feed off the sub-culture of film.


  7. indian says:

    Mr. Verma,  while we\’re on the subject, did the media christen you ramu? would you attribute it to their patronizing effrontery? hard to believe you let them have it their way!curious what version of any of your three names friends & family call you by.equally curious why you and AB didn\’t do a Sonu Nigam on the Ashwini Deshmukhs.looking forward to Phoonk. the very best.

  8. Nirax says:

    i like your responses more than some of your recent movies … plz give us a movie on media as company was on underworld … really want to watch phoonk but dread going to theatre and wasting time on travel (i live inside a campus and rarely venture out to the city) so i guess i will download and watch it on the computer .. sorry for causing you heartache !

  9. Nirax says:

    actually the entire handling of arushi talwar murder by media is just too much to bear .. we wish you provide us a good revenge … i am almost smacking my lips at the prospect of postmortem of media .. who better than you … down with media !!!

  10. Subhash says:

    > 4. I think watching Aag will be scarier than Phoonk.> Ans: Let’s make a deal. If you shut up about Aag, I swear on your mother that I won’t make another Aag.
    Why bring someone\’s mother in your joke? Don\’t mind your being arrogant, but atleast make good movies…

  11. Vijay says:

    I cant help but notice your rather witty answers to some of the absolute losers. Why do you even care to reply to some irresponsible fucks? Also like someone says, please , we need some more of this deadpan humor into your movies. "It\’s all about loving your lovvies" apart :).  I think you\’ll make a terrific black comedy like no one\’s done before! If you\’re planning to write it, please hire me as a writer!!! 🙂

  12. dipu says:

    Your blog is more interesting than your movies!! 🙂

  13. Govind says:

    Well looking at your answers I was afraid whether you will be acerbic like Shatrughan sinha in his heydays behind certain magazine. As somebody on pfc  ( mentioned – at some point between shiva(2) and daud(original telegu was much better) you indulged in too much of self "learning".  The company films like darna…were nice breaks. Wonder why nagesh and you would not work together (teen dewarein/dor was nicely done effort, it has to be best kept secret why couple of good minds would not rescue us from God..,kinng…,Bachna ae…), hey is it telegu fraternity at work 🙂 ? If I could daresay – Your body of work needs to move beyond underworld, horror and vaguely human emotional drama(nishabd-usqe). We are waiting for new genre of movies. Yeah we are in minority but  we still watched contract. It is like waiting for anurag kashyap\’s movies. Would certainly like to hear you views on dark knight/coen brothers movies-craft one of the post. What you like/do not? What about the "one camp\’s"  korean obsession :). Another one\’s NRI/london/canada/us fascination. You did break away at time to work with big star like mr. bacchan. What about Aamir or similar folks? No not salman :). Waiting for Ajay D and you uniting once more hopefully in better script.

  14. M says:

    Folks, why such hostility with RGV. I appreciate his maturity and ability to take things in his stride. I cant believe the need to even waste time responding to it. A blog is a great place for views, thoughts, a personal space why not spoil it with all this. Agreed, there could be movies you dont like but why try and slam someone so much. You name a director who has only given superhit or sensible movies. All great directors will have good work , bad work and great work. If we are expecting the director to give us great stuff and never fail let us also try and be mature to know the reality that one cannot be perfect all the time.
    Yes Aag was tough take , the intention was right and I was looking forward another take on the stunning sholay, it did not work out so be it and move on guys. It pains to see the amount of heat and criticism on RGV on that. There are so many who have made such movies how come you dont see the heat around them. You at least got to appreciate RGV for bringing in different kind of cinema into Bollywood . I love the mushy / comedy movies so much but I look forward for RGV movies as they are different and the characters so real. He has the guts to be different and keeps trying something new , trust me I love movies, they are my stress busters . I love all kinds of movies and watch all directors and I have seen all the movies of RGV / RGV Factory, most of them had good plots maybe things did not shape out well especially the ones directed by his teams.
    With that said, there are very few good movie makers, let us respect them, as good and intelligent audience. Folks have told him about Aag million times, more than him let us come out of it. Yes, I saw Aag in the theater and I did come back disappointed and someday when I have time I will tell you exactly what went wrong.
    I hope this note is taken in the right spirit fellow blog readers. All I can say is . RGV is one of the brightest filmmakers along with many other established ones and new ones coming up. He has given us masterpieces and yes, geniuses also make mistakes. Let us appreciate what he has done , he is a great add to the film industry. Let him be ! Let us be !
    take care folks.

  15. Kesavan says:

    Good comments, I appreciate the fact that you are sincere about this mode of communication. Witnessing how fans are catapulting people into politics in some places, I am very curious to ask you about your take on "Fans"?. What do they mean to you? There are bound to be admirers for your work, your words and your achievements, detractors and un concerned people. Do you like keeping a healthy disassociation from fans?
    Carrying on the same thought, when you hang your boots, do you want to be recognised/remembered personally or you want your FILMS to be recognised/remembered, both or you dont care? (God, sounds like KBC).

  16. Kiran says:

    Your blog is more entertaining than some of your movies. This is entertainment without tax.

  17. Kesavan says:

    Tomorrow\’s tabloids headlines.
    1. Ramu is not patroitic, he does not love the country.
    2. Fardeen Khan bribed Ramu for a role in his film.
    3. Ramu invites people to Versova Graveyard for interviews.
    4. (Worst of all) Ramu has no respect for Mothers.

  18. Unknown says:

    love your movies.. among the weirdos who think nishabd is one of your finest movies….. I have one question to ask… Now all your movies are screenplay based, now don\’t you think its not good thing to start 2 or more movies at the same time as all your movies need your full attention to get the best output and if you are working on 2 or more concepts at the same time (like contract and phoonk now) and that too in totally different genres will effect the output.. may be this is what hampered Contract… my 2 cents 🙂

  19. Unknown says:

    if only the titles of your posts could be as interesting those of your films ..Just how many sequels does "My reactions to reactions" , have anyway?

  20. sachin says:

    I think your problem is names of your movies. Who will go to watch a movie named as Ram Gopal Verma ki Aaag, or Road or Mai Madhuri Dikshit Banana Chahti hoon or gayab. I always thought movie name should be philosophical, how about Hum aapke hai kaun instead of Phook? What is the relation of Phoonk by the way?

  21. sagar says:

    @Kesavan….You rock man!! …superb headlines!! think ur a journalist or a newspaper-buff..?!

  22. andhrabond says:

    Come on RGV,
    I think watching Aag will be scarier than Phoonk.Ans: Let’s make a deal. If you shut up about Aag, I swear on your mother that I won’t make another Aag.
    Cool down Mogambo, Dil pe matle Yaar.
    Actually before my last comment, there was a guy commenting / challenging on watching \’Phoonk\’ alone in theatre contest that you guys are promoting for the movie \’Phoonk\’. In that context I commented \’watching Aag alone in theatre is more scarier than Phoonk\’. And you edited it by removing \’alone in theatre\’ as "I think watching Aag will be scarier than Phoonk.". and you took it seriously.
    I thought you take it as a joke. I think you have to brush up on your sense of humar skills.
    Any how take it easy and get back to your media movie script. By the way you better f*** it or media will f*** you front and back.

  23. Manish says:

    I 100% agree with Krishna’s comments below. RGV is one of the
    brightest film director that Indian cinema has ever produced. We (fellow
    blog readers) should respect his original thinking and honest efforts.Question to RGV: Why you respond
    to stupid comments that meant to instigate you? These comments don’t
    reflect most of us who respect you as an individual and love your movies.I agree with you where your
    replied to a comment about the complexity of film making and difficulty in
    aligning directors view with audience with varied demographics.

    It would be interesting to know how idea
    selection process works in film industry.

    Being a successful director you must be lucky
    not to get pressurized/distracted by producer/financer’s ideas about commercial

    Do you put your idea in some kind of test
    through pilot/prototype, media research or selected individuals\’ opinions?

    I know you don’t lack ideas
    for your movie you plan to make on Media. But I thought this may help you
    understand psychology of a tabloid editor.

    ( is a TV series in US produced/acted by
    Courtney Cox (of Friends sitcom) and its about world of celebrity journalism.

  24. naveen says:


    Film personality. I have been your fan right from shiva .You are my inspiration to read Fountainhead.I see a Howard Roark in you who has a firm trust in his beliefs. I have seen enough people write things written about Aag and I have seen you write what went wrong. But did you ever felt that you have given important responsibilities of the film to people who are not capable, truly it’s your mistake I understand, but are you being humble in defending your team?? Also do you believe in Ernesto Che Guevera ?

  25. naveen says:

    I am Naveen , i believe hits and flops are part of any Film personality or for that matter any profession. I have been your fan right from shiva .You are my inspiration to read Fountainhead.I see a Howard Roark in you who has a firm trust in his beliefs. I have seen enough people write things written about Aag and I have seen you write what went wrong. But did you ever felt that you have given important responsibilities of the film to people who are not capable, truly it’s your mistake I understand, but are you being humble in defending your team?? Also do you believe in Ernesto Che Guevera ?

  26. anita says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I just want to congratulate you on having the only "Bollywood" celebrity blog that doesn\’t require  reader comments to have"the approval of the site owner before being displayed."  The rest of the celebrity bloggers seem only to approve/post comments that are fawning all over them. There is no lively interaction on their blogs.  I have stopped reading them out of boredom.  Your blog is refreshing in this respect.  You show a lot of integrity. Kudos to you.
    I\’ve only seen one of your movies beginning to end – and that was the first Sarkar.  It  was fantastic in all respects.  I began watching Shabd and had to quit in the middle because it was terrible in all respects – the writing, the acting, dialog delivery etc.-   I couldn\’t believe that the  person who wrote and directed Sarkar could have written and directed Shabd.  It seemed like you and Mr. Bachan were having a midlife crisis. Probably many middle-aged men have this fantasy that a beautiful,sexy, troubled young girl will fall madly in love with them. 
     I haven\’t seen anything of yours since just from sheer disappointment.  But I have gained a new found curiosity about you and  your movies because of your blog – so I am going to go see your new movie about the media(although this isfirst I\’ve heard of it) – even without first reading  reviews.  If I am disappointed again, I\’ll keep it to myself.
    I want to ask you something that is probably going to irk you greatly.  There was a time when you would constantly make comments about Shahrukh Khan (and his buddy Karan Johar).  A friend of mine used to joke that you had a "man crush" on Shahrukh (if you don\’t know, there is nothing sexual about this, only means that you have a facination).  Is it true?  Because alot of people in the Bombay film industry seem to have the same facination with him.  I personally think is acting is laughable but I will go see his next movie – just can\’t help it.  I think he has made some deal with the devil.
    Take care.

  27. anita says:

    In my previous comment, I meant to say Nishabd – not Shabd.

  28. Sreekrishnan says:

    Ramu, you make movies with better expectations but you flop. but what amazes me is that you continue to make movies with the thought that one day audience will watch your movie…. what also continues to amaze me is that you dont care a damn abt the media or fans, which again proves you are not an hypocrite. Good going… I am sure one day you will make a movie that will appeal to that audience. That day, i am sure those who bash you and that media that talks bad will appreciate… and thats your day to laugh… The damn industry always judges you with your last movie box office collections but not the idea behind the film maker. the attitude of the film maker. You certainly exhibhit better attitude than those karan johars, yash chopra and load of other crap that keep churning the same masala and act as hypocrites.waiting for that moment!btw: Do you hate Mani Ratnam? i wish not !

  29. kedar says:

    Hi Ramu…

    irresponsible at Aesthetic level!…thats what i want to say!

     yes why would any one intentionally make a flop… i am saying that
    after seeing ur films it is very clear that u are irresponsible  at the
    Aesthetic level… may be u get satisfied with the story too early in
    its developing stage… same with the script…

    this might be happening because of the PRACTICAL RESPONSIBILITY you have taken on to your shoulders…

    X crs from that producer…Y crs from that producer…So you have to
    KEEP making films…3 are flops but 4th one is hit…money is not only
    recovered but gained also…move ahead…run…faster…faster…run…

    but in this process it seems you lose on to the vital element \’ STORY
    TELLING\’… you are a good visual story teller…but you are in a too
    much hurry… 10 films…100 films…1000 films…the number game…

    and when this issue is raised  you hide behind the PRACTICAL problems
    in real life…but in spite of those problems you go ahead and shoot
    what ever u shoot…go through the pains of post production…publicity
    and release…then why cant u spend little more time on SCRIPTING…all
    those  money lenders and  producers wont be bothered if you incorporate
    GOOD things in your script…they are any way happy with Ramu the film
    machine…they wont mind if you will start telling GOOD
    stories…Stories which have genuinely  FRESH idea to it…FRESH
    approach to narrate it…FRESH ways to narrate it…

    all you have to do is to concentrate more on STORY TELLING and SCRIPTING…!

    is it WORKING on paper…is it a GOOD end…is it a fantastic way to tell it? …is it a right FORM to tell it?

    you said to some one \’ Educate me…\’

    here i am…doing that…wasting my time…

    why? because we love you as a film maker , bastard!  because no one has
    guts to take a low angle shot when MALIK comes to see dead body of
    PANDIT…MALIK appears from below as he has to walk up the stairs to
    Chadu\’s house…( it could be improvised on the location but it was
    taken…shot and shown to the world) …
    because no one has guts to show that the GHOSTs too have heart ( DARLING)….many more such examples…

    why the fuck \’good in parts\’? we want the whole film to be good!…
    from first to last frame…One Good Story told in a very GOOD visual

    and this is where you are failing and thats why i am calling you \’irresponsible\’…

    in my earlier comment i had made it very clear the difference between
    Aesthetic responsibility and practical responsibility…dont make
    confusion in that…No one would come on your door step to disturb you
    when you are into the process of developing a story…dont be afraid to
    face the wall and empty paper in front of you…dont hurry your self
    into the chaos of Shooting and post production…dont hurry and create
    false world around you…stick to the center like you characters in the
    film… be SHIVA not BHAVANI…

    ( another example: Shiva sits with his head down after killing
    Bhavani…the emotion- loneliness-What next? Shiva\’s whole life has
    centered around Bhavani…and now he is dead…what next?… great way
    to end the film…but recently what has happened? there is no Bhavani
    to kill and no great visual to match it…there is no good story to
    tell! )

    well… at last all i can say as i said earlier …its ur life…have fun!

  30. Vinay says:

    Hehe cool chap you are. In fact when you give non-commital answers, I wish I was part of the media. Then I would just have to whip up a headline that bothers you and have you revert back with "corrections".

  31. Naveen says:

    mukul anand made some good films like agneepath, khuda gawah, hum with amitabh bachchan….in each of the roles amitabh looked so good and king size like never before….the directors are in awe of amitabh and the film comes out well, nothing gets better than that
    manmohan desai, prakash mehra, mukul anand …last but not the least ram gopal varma
    i am sure i am missing a few names from the list above

  32. thirumal says:

    U said \’I don\’t make films by keeping audiences in mind\’. PHOONK is all about the people who trust in GOD and GHOST.Being an atheist u r making it from those people point of view(u started keeping the audiences in mind).
    I think u r exploiting urself for the larger people\’s interest.Like u said \’there will be a thin line between spoonfeeding and making the scene clear\’.In that sense, I felt u r crossing the line.
    I don\’t digest any SO-SO films getting into the list of ur gangster flicks.It affects those TWO classics.

  33. Unknown says:

    Ram Gopal Varma is not a hypocrite. But the junta will never realize that bcoz a majority of the ppl in this world are hypocrites and they will not take the risk of branding themselves as hypocrites by telling the world that RGV is not a hypocrite.

  34. Anand says:

    Ramu , Liked Nishabd…and dont be surprised..I liked Aag as well. I remember Abbas Kiarostami\’s lines in an interview " I dont make movies to give a message – I am not a messiah. I will be satisfied even if one person watches my movie." he narrated an incident in Venice film festval – His movie was running paralelly along with another hollywood commercial blockbuster, while the cinema hall for the Hollywood movie was packed, the hall in which his movie was screend contained just 4 people, he didnt care ,and was happy that there were 4 people to watch his movie!! . I see the same attitude in you Ramu..!! 

  35. karthik says:

    all the best! happy scaring this week for you!

  36. Piyush says:

    Please tell the making of one of your finest films, Daud.I\’m not being sarcastic.I can watch it any no. of times for the sheer energy it showsAlso, please define luck as you defined God and black magic.and, who won the Phoonk contest, as I\’d participated.All the best! – Piyush Bhageria

  37. thirumal says:

    I got the same feeling while watching Contract.Some visuals standout like spoonfeeders.I was expecting the stuff like Company and satya.
    —–  "srinivasan saab mein chandu nahin hoon,mein ee offer aapko diya to aap kya karte hain.mein bhi chandu nahin "
    where r those fragrances…..where r ur fanatics..
    we want classic in that row.we don\’t have any problems with other filmmakers because they live in shit and they through shit.

  38. kapil says:

    Sir,     I think you should see ghost whisperers on star world. You can take some of the ideas for making a horror film from that series. Saying it with due respect. Thanks and RegardsKapil Shivarkar   

  39. prakash says:

    How about making a television series on the lines of Darna Mana Hai and Darna Zaroori hai? This can be a series of short stories (half an hour series)? Am sure it will be a treat for RGV fans like me.
    Prakash Gowda

  40. prakash says:

    A poem by me on media which might be of help to you:

    Kuch naya do
    Avaam ki aawaz akhbaaro se kahe:
    Kuch naya do.
    Mandir toote, masjid toote,
    Bamb foote, dukaane loote,
    Sachin jeeta, Sohaib haara,
    Rupye ka daam gira dobaara,
    Kitni sadke aabaad hue, kitne ghar barbaad hue,
    Kitne jung, hadtaal aur fasaad hue,
    Akhbaaro ki surkhiyo ki na kabhi kam tadaad hue.
    Aaj ki taaza khabar, humein kal lagti puraani,
    Aaj ki sansani surkhi, kal lagti baasi kahaani.
    Hamaari nazron mein patrakar, hai woh chitrakaar:
    Jo roz ek nayee tasveer banaata hai,
    Hamaari khamoshi ki keemat
    Woh apne lahu se roz chukaata hai.
    Magar hamaari khabro ki pyaas bujhti nahin,
    Aadat akhbaaro ki humse chut ti nahin,
    Roz naaste mein surkhiyaan bhi khaate hain,
    Chaai ke saath khoon bhi milaate hain,
    Phir desh ke bhavishya ki chinta karte hain,
    Kanoon, sarkaar aur mantriyo ki nindaa karte hain.
    Tab kahi jaake hamaare din ki shuruaat hoti hain,
    Akhbaaro ki khabar roz ek nayee saugaat hoti hain.
    Koi aaya, koi gayaa,
    Humne aaj tak hai kya kiya?
    Magar phir bhi, hum chaahe kuch nayaa,
    Avaam ki aawaz ko ek nayaa bayaan do,
    Mandir toote, masjid toote,
    Ab kuch nayaa do.
     – Prakash Gowda

  41. karthik says:

    So what are your forthcoming ventures after phoonk? i mean stuff that you yourself are directing, not what you have given your assistants to take care of…
    also is it very tedious to direct an adventure film like kshank kshanam or a project like mecanna\’s gold in the indian film making system. I am beginning to think that since you dont like to be commited to a single project for a whole year… you dont involve yourself in adventure projects…where, according to me you are top class.
    Because whenever our people make adventure films, they take about 6 to 9 months. We have heard about how long it takes to shoot periodicals in bollywood – easily 2 years+ But troy was shot in 3 months. My question is – is it to do with the planning or the readily available funds for the budget?
    How long did you take to shoot the jungle episode in kshanak kshanam?In an ideal world (where everything should go smoothly without any hurdles – permissions easily got, actors give you bulk dates) how long would you take to shoot and release an adventure movie of a magnum pous scope?
    You once said that chakri is your favourite actor because he gives u bulk dates. Dont you wait for the perfect match for the role because if you impatience… and cast the next best if the best isn\’t available? I think for that reason Sarkar would have been very satisfying for you.
    Also do you sacrifice the production values in your movies to reduce the risk factor for your producers?
    My last question – Do you prefer to let go one arrow after the other at your target without taking any time and trying your luck that one of your arrow should hit the target atleast once out of 10 times or do you prefer to take your time, get a good grip, aim and then release the arrow. Dont feel bad, but it seems to me that you are releasing your arrows(movies) one after the other wohtout any gap. I wish you could just stop for sometime, get a breather, plan carefully and give the audience a solid film.

  42. vaishak says:

    24. Are you patriotic? Do you respect our country? Can we expect a patriotic film from you?Ans: NO. NO. NO. I am pretty much immersed in my thinking of how to serve myself and don’t even spend a minute in thinking of serving anyone or anything else.Ayn Rand makes all these problems.Now i am very sure about why socialist russia targeted her.Poor lady made her statements in a fascist country.She could have born as an indian and can say anything she want because we have article 9[11].The freedom of self-expression.But how a person who lived in a great country like this can say he is not respecting his country.It\’s illegal to not respect our national anthem and national flag.But see here, a pathetically selfish man makes comments like he doesn\’t respect his country and make films like \’Sarkar Raj\’ which is a propaganda film of US capitalist corporates who never ashamed of ruining an economically powerless country\’s rural places. When shankar nagre tells his father that that power plant is the burning need for rural maharashtra, a sensible person can find the kind of things the director believe in.Allowing a multi-national company which has an managing director who frankly tells that she only wana make nothing but profit is a service for maharashtra..?Shifting illiterated innocent village people to some other place is a cruelty which is practised by these american corporates to make their dream a reality.They are too cruel to think about those innocent people.Indian elite class have ever believed in america than India.They make use of india\’s resources and use to say that it is their right and at last leave the country to serve other nation which never took care of them.Today\’s bollywood is trying their maximum to imperialise this country\’s culture which obviously leads to cultural invasion.I think these people are getting foreign money to make these kind of propaganda films.Karan Johar,Yash chopra films are good examples for these propaganda films.Film makers like Ashuthosh Gowariker and Manirathnam are great.They have real creativity and brilliant sense.I respect amir khan\’s patriotic spirit.These guys are creative and normal.Megalomaniacs never respect their country ; Loves america and are the great followers of Ayn Rand\’s theory.These guys are senseless;morons and of course misusing Ayn rand\’s philosophy. Good luck to them….Mera bharath Mahan……………..Vaishak Nambiar…………………

  43. Suraj says:

    RGV,Well said, yes!! filmmakers complete their movie with a certain state of mind and it would be too much for a filmmaker to expect each audience seeing it should come with the same state of mind  as his/her while making the movie. Then my question is how can one define a movie which is appreciated by a majority? Would like to know why you just deleted songs from your recent movies. As I feel you have the hidden quality to picturize songs in a very interesting way.Was listening to the songs from Satya specially \’Badalon se kaat kaat ke\’. I feel the songs from Satya are picturised beautifully. Also to mention Bachchan\’s nishabd song, simply amazing. Does the power of songs relate to the strength of the script?I feel that if one has a good script then the songs just turns out to be amazing. Keep blogging!!Regards,Suraj

  44. celeste says:

    Dear Ram, a very little gift to you. For wishing all the best to your \’Phoonk\’ première, today the first – and the only (DO NOT LAUGH, PLEASE) – Italian website on Hindi popular cinema has inaugurated the new section dedicated to Hindi directors. First one to be presented to this new audience: Ram Gopal Varma. Hope to make you happy. Are you ready to bear a MULTITUDE of future enthusiastic neo-latin/mediterranean fans?Baci&Abbracci.

  45. Unknown says:

    A quote. Mother is crying not because the child is dead but because the camera is on.

  46. Manish says:

    This guy Vaishak
    Nambiar doesn\’t understand humor behind the narcissist comment RGV made when
    asked about his patriotism.

    There is a long hollow preaching about Ayn Rand, freedom of
    expression , respect for national anthem, Sarkar Raj as propaganda film of US capitalism
    and so on.

    Vaishak grow up, read RGV’s other comments and open your eyes to humor,
    wits and intelligent comments. If not, you can join politics. I can see all the


    My guesses for RGV’s probable answers for
    the question posted about patriotism:

    Are you patriotic? Do you
    respect our country?

    You don’t have to tell that you are patriotic.
    Your actions speak better than hollow preaching.

    My guesses for RGV’s probable answers:

    1. Why don’t you imagine whatever makes you happy?
    Why know and spoil it for yourself?

    2. Let me know the motive behind the question? Another story for

    3. Who are you to ask this question? How many people have you asked
    this question before. What difference it will make if tell you ‘Yes’ or ‘No’?

    4. What have you done till now for your country?


    Can we expect a patriotic
    film from you?

    1. Do you have sleep disorder?

    2. If I get a good idea why not.

    3. I can leave this subject for you classic.

    4. Why don’t you switch on your TV and watch cable TV or in fact Doordarshan
    for all your daily needs of patriotism.

  47. Manish says:

    Some of Woody Allen’s quotes (courtesy some of them may remind
    you of RGV\’s humor.


    I was born into the Hebrew
    persuasion, but when I got older I converted to narcissism


    To you, I\’m an atheist; to
    God, I\’m the Loyal Opposition.


    If it turns out that there is
    a God, I don\’t think that he\’s evil. But the worst that you can say about
    him is that basically he\’s an underachiever.


    I don\’t want to achieve
    immortality through my work. I want to achieve it by not dying.


    If my film makes one more
    person miserable, I\’ll feel I\’ve done my job.


    For some reason I\’m more
    appreciated in France
    than I am back home. The subtitles must be incredibly good.


    The two biggest myths about
    me are that I\’m an intellectual, because I wear these glasses, and that
    I\’m an artist because my films lose money. Those two myths have been
    prevalent for many years.


    [On why he never watches his
    own movies] I think I would hate them.[About the audience] I never
    write down to them. I always assume that they\’re all as smart as I am . .
    . if not smarter.


    Of course, I would love
    everybody to see my films. But I don\’t care enough ever to do anything
    about it. I would never change a word or make a movie that I thought they
    would like. I really don\’t care if they come or not. If they don\’t want to
    come, then they don\’t; if they do come, then great. Do I want to do what I
    do uncompromisingly, and would I love it if a big audience came? Yes, that
    would be very nice. I\’ve never done anything to attract an audience,
    though I always get accused of it over the years.


    I was never bothered if a
    film was not well received. But the converse of that is that I never get a
    lot of pleasure out of it if it is. So it isn\’t like you can say, \’He\’s an
    uncompromising artist.\’ That\’s not true. I\’m a compromising person,
    definitely. It\’s that I don\’t get much from either side.

  48. Smita says:

    Dear Ramji:Many of your statements (reactions to reactions) were quite humorous.  Thanks for the laugh :-).  Now, I know you are not married ;-).  I had my first acting class today.  Take care.Regards,Smita

  49. Kesavan says:

    Hi Ramu,
    You keep talking about how good films / good shots just happen and how filmmakers (some of them) making films that they would want to see etc. I came acorss this clip today and it just looks like a cosmic coincidence that all things fall in the right place to create a masterpiece (Read the story below the clip to understand what I mean by coincidence).

    One of the best videos I saw in a long time.

  50. E says:

    Hi RGV…..
    Bulls Eye!!!…the earliest reviews have seeped in..well not by the pros…but some avid movie fans have written good reviews…..


  51. sandeep says:

    hi rgvDid any movie scared the hell out of you?where would u rate phoonk? and yes any plans for a zombie movie or taking up themes of dooms day?

  52. Sridhar says:

    Ippude chusi vasthunna…..Good anna…bagane undi….Kani sacry movie??hmmmm kadu anna….makes me think…
    Hit anna..pakka….movie talk bagane undi….andaru liked it!!
    Sometimes evaro nee assistant gadu direction chesinattu unnadu….edava…light teskundu konni scenes…but, nee stamp undi anna…kanii Sarkar lekka radu anna….gadhe jabardast ante…
    nee Media movie kosam AP mottam waiting anna…..o annaaaaaaa… sari nee asst. galli icchi tempo kharab cheyyaku anna….o annaaaaaa

  53. Kesavan says:

    Do you have any idea when Phoonk will be released abroad? Especially UK? I don\’t want to spoil my experience by reading reviews first and watching the film later. If not the film, atleast will the DVD be distributed abroad? I am one of those who never downloads a film online and watches it on computer (I hate the experience, no other reason).
    If you can throw some light, I would be happy.

  54. karthik says:

    Jeevi at has written that ur phoonk is less scary and more sensible… is that expected. infact i thought ur were trying to scare the crap out of people…but if people say that ur movie is more sensible than scary, then u have failed to attain ur objective right?

  55. karthik says:

    Varma ji,
    You said that u have read a lot of novels by various others from Rand to Puzo toHadley Chase and what not during your college days.
    Now do you agree with the philosophy of "garbage in garbage out"? That is nothing produces nothing. There should be something to inspire something. So how do you keep yourself updated with new source of information these days. I dont believe that you might have time to read entire novels these days with the busy schedule you have. So what do you do? watch tv? thats it? anything else… like going to an hill station and trying to think with a fresh mind? Does that work for you?

  56. karthik says:

    What will you define as a fresh movie – new idea? can there be one… may other than movies like close encounters with the 3rd kind? or is it a new narration of a story told for ages? Your first movie siva qualified as "very fresh" in 1989. But to think of it – a rebel rising against a system isn\’t new right?

  57. uday says:

    Wats my take is…u said..people will carry a fear feeling back to home after watching phoonk..and u did deliver wat u said…

  58. Unknown says:

    hi ramu, u rock with your movies, any ways they just speak about you, You are the guy who gave the industry some best actors. Its great that what ever the world says you are you. Hope you will be delivering gr8 movies and actors as u were doing  these days. This is not a suggestion. I know you will be doing it, just to remind you that someone is there waiting for your new movies and new actors

  59. Subir says:

    congratulations on the fantastic opening for your movie Phoonk, What do you have to say about the atrocious reviews of your best friend Khalid Muhammad week after week? Why is the Hindustan times behaving so irresponsible and letting him write such painstaking reviews? he tries to be humerous but sadly what he writes is the worst form of written English I have read.
    Cant all you path breaking film makers lock him up and tie his hands down?

  60. Unknown says:

    Dear Ra
    I have been watching your films right from your first movie Shiva, but what i have observed in your recent movies like"Contract" "Sarkar Raj" looks more filmy revenge story, which is unusal thing in your movie. background scores are huge dissapointment, only "Nishabd" had great background music. and the villains looks more psycho(Jokers) which is a big let down. and lastly, please keep action sequences on screen rather thean off screen, i noticed you struggle showing the action sequences.
    All the best Mr.Ramu
    vijay anand

  61. Abhishek says:

    Saw Phoonk today at Prasads, I felt its not so scary but very very sensible film..Infact some of the scenes explain the intent behind it..The crowd in the theatre literally clapped during that Ishrath Ali\’s crocin example scene..maybe they must have realized something…Most of them laughed, screamed, made noises to mitigate their fright..some jokers even turned on their mobile phone ring tones! But i guess thy did that coz they must have pee\’d in their pants anticipating the horror..If they understand the content Phoonk makes a very sensible film and not a scary one!Damn neat work sir…Meeku nacchinattu movies teeyandi..choodadaaniki memu maatram eppudu ready e! Baagundi baagundi..continue continue!

  62. Bat says:

    Hi ramu, *Did you check out the Telangana comments Raja Sen made in the comments section   of phoonk\’s review. *Did you watch The Dark Knight ? *Was premakatha inspired from Titanic (It definitely has a similar plot)?*Why do you think people are more afraid of devil when they know that devil can\’t do anything that other humans cannot do to them (hope you understood the question)?*In you blog, you clarified said that phoonk contest was your producer\’s idea but, almost every website is putting your name beside the contest. What is your reaction to that ?*** In the film Pokiri, there are some scenes which are directed towards to the telugu news channels which were really entertaining(hope you get some inspiration from). I believe your dialogue -> I swear on your mother…. in your reaction was inspired form this dialogue from pokiri..Mahesh:  Nee amma meeda vottu, neeku pagalaka pothe nannadaga raa !Other_guy: Madhyalo maa amma endhuku raa ?Mahesh_Babu: Mari ninnu kottadaniki maa amma endhuku raa ? lmao.. Looking forward to more posts from you …p.s: Your posts are definitely more interesting than daily News (Hope your blog reaches wider audience);

  63. Bat says:

    dialogues from pokiri:* laari di mugguru daa.. break tharvatha choodandi !This is an unedited quick post so don\’t mind the quality writing..

  64. ThE says:

    I won’t screw it. I will fuck it.-LOL – & ur ansewr for being Patriotic- Ahem …Media..u gotta headline…..rippp ths guy aparttttt 😛 hehehehe lol

  65. Unknown says:

    i watched phoonk today with my friends and this was my birthday treat and this was the worst treat i could ever give them.A fucking movie surpassing his previous fucking movies.not even 1% of what i have expected,i dont know y did u tell that this is the scariest movie ever u have made,even my grandma would\’nt scared for this movie.                                                                                                    only two scenes i felt were good in the movie;the starting scene that shows the title and that dream of the protagonist other than that nothing..just crap.0/5.and i want to ask u how much did the HONDA company pay u for publicizing CR-V? i dont see any need for showing that car that many times in the movie.               finally,today i had a disastrous birthday evening and i want my money back i.e 700.i don\’t think u even pay ur actors properly but thats not my problem i just want u to give my money back…

  66. Piyush says:

    I liked Phoonk a lot!Loved your excellent direction.The best part of it is, you portrayed a belief in God, that you don\’t believe.Your actors know their job, especially the kid and Zakir Hussain.Keep this excellent work up!!!

  67. Piyush says:

    I liked Phoonk a lot!Loved your excellent direction.The best part of it is, you portrayed a belief in God, that you don\’t believe.Your actors know their job, especially the kid and Zakir Hussain.Keep this excellent work up!!!

  68. Piyush says:

    I liked Phoonk a lot!Loved your excellent direction.The best part of it is, you portrayed a belief in God, that you don\’t believe.Your actors know their job, especially the kid and Zakir Hussain.Keep this excellent work up!!!

  69. Piyush says:

    I liked Phoonk a lot!Loved your excellent direction.The best part of it is, you portrayed a belief in God, that you don\’t believe.Your actors know their job, especially the kid and Zakir Hussain.Keep this excellent work up!!!-Piyush Bhageria

  70. Unknown says:

    I watch phoonk and let me tell u thats its mind blowing anddo not listen to critics and people wo dont like it coz I think its become tendency of people to abuse ur movie….I read taran adarash review on indiafm and he gave 4 star to the movie and in Todays DNA newspaper he gaev 2 star…he says that actress who is responsible for black magic,she was doing overacting …How pathetic was that…..her actng was top notch!!!anyway I saw urfilm in R adalabs at Mulund and audience claps after movie ends…thats wht the reaction is!!!I havent see this kind of reaction since tare zameen par and hats off to u!!!!

  71. Unknown says:

    hello RGV.
    You talked about satya and rangeela in details.But there is still no post on company.the movie deserves a post all for itself.
    write on its screenplay and editing.
    i m checking your blog each day hoping for something on company.

  72. Unknown says:

    hello ram gopal varma,                         im a student from sidhartha college[vij] & am frustrated to listen its name 4m ur daam shit mouth.i donno how a person can be so foolhardy like you & totally confused how mr nagarjuna could be so foolish to get an idiot lyk u  into film industry.                   anyways,i pity u mr.ramu & doesnt care whether it matters to u or not…..

  73. Unknown says:

    Interesting questions..and all the more interesting answers from RGV!!Dear RGV..your movies always intrigue me as well as entertain!!

  74. Unknown says:

    Hey Ramu , good man, I appreciate ur work, I am also from Mumbai ,but currently in US ,In some sense you think somewhat similar to me,I mean let it be satya or Rat or phoonk ,I have thousand much more interesting Idea\’s to make and to rely on stories… Let me know If you want to work with me I would love to share my Ideas and to assist you in Bollywood…
    drop me a line u wouldnt regret.

  75. Amit says:

    I should say that it is the one of the worst movie I have seen in my life. I think RGV is having a very weak heart that phoonk made him thrilled or playing a trick to make the money by saying that its the most horror movie and 5 lacs rupees etc etc beacuse in theater everybody was laughing. Please make a sensible movie or stop it.

  76. prashant says:

    Hi All,
    Critisism should change other but it should not irritates others.You are spending 100rs per ticket to watch a movie,It is up to you whether to see or not.You have freedom to do anything but not have a right to point out a finger on others.Raise ur hands if you like me,if not raise your standards.

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