My take on the media.

The media is a reporting agency. It reports news. News is what you hear for the first time and for it to catch your attention the media has to make the news sound as dramatic as possible. The publications and Channels have no choice but to do that so as to be able to stay in business and make money. So finally is it only about just making money? Not necessarily intended by all concerned, it could also be for the individual egos and clamouring for fame among the journalists themselves. Most of the media people bitch about each other as much as they bitch about others. But again like any other industry you cannot generalize them. Like there are good, bad, ugly filmmakers, there will be good, bad and ugly media people as eventually they are all human.
The interesting point is that how smoothly and without anybody consciously realizing the media has transformed from a truth telling machinery to a power-mongering and money-making enterprise.
What the media basically does is, it just strips everybody and makes money out it. The only difference between a strip-teaser and the media is that a strip-teaser bares herself so that others can enjoy her and give money, and the media strips others so that some others can enjoy and give them the money.
I know it sounds far fetched but does anyone out there believe that anybody in the media truly feel the gravity or the tragedy of happenings. They can hardly conceal the glee in their eyes when bad things happen. The badder the better, as there will be more eyes reading and watching them. Did you notice the pleasure they get in ripping films or personalities apart? But wait a minute. The film people are worse.
For all the anger film people show against critics it is actually the film people who enjoy and relish the nasty and bitchy comments or reviews much more than the public who read them, that is, except obviously the people who are being bitched and commented upon. The reason for this is nothing but jealousy and jealousy is a human trait and like lots of other emotions it gets magnified in the context of the entertainment industry.
The main reason for the jealousy is because people by nature cannot bear anyone else to be successful except themselves and one way of feeling successful even if one has not achieved anything is to watch with glee someone else fall down and to be ripped to shreds and the media supplies this pleasure to everyone in well-cooked great helpings. I truly think I deserve great credit for creating a project such as Aag to enable the media to dish out such fantastic entertainment to all concerned in ripping it apart. If entertainment is the sole purpose of a film, I think Aag has done more than a wonderful job, definitely much more than what it could have done in the theatres even if it turned out to be a damn good film.
The pressure to perform and the fear of failure and ridicule are at utmost peak in the film industry more than in any other place and that is mainly because of the media. Nobody knows or is interested what decisions went wrong in an hoteliers or a cloth merchants business and how much money he lost but if a filmmaker makes a flop everybody will know that because of the media. Fair enough the media is also responsible for the fame it gives to the same.
And fame is the key word here. Much more than money everybody wants to become famous, whoever comes to the industry they want to develop their own identity. The Khalid Mohammed’s, the Deepa Gehlot’s and all the other etc’s of the media are all desperate to get their individual fame and identities registered with all concerned as much as the film people. So as a consequence they tend to fall in love more with the way they rip the film apart much more than they hate the film.
The reporters is a truly thankless job what with day after day hour after hour to fill in so many papers and Channels and on top of that it has to catch eyeballs at any cost in fear of competition so they do it even if they have to be ruthless enough to hurt and scandalize personalities, and they do this to even to the people who they know on a personal friendly level. (Agar ghoda ghaas se dosti karliya toh khaayega kya?). When they get a certain whiff of an interesting story on someone a journalist’s greatest fear would be that it will be denied by the person. But still the necessity of having to feed the media monster he will cook up something even in that situation.
A few days back one Ashwini Deshmukh from Mumbai Mirror texted me to ask if there was rift between me and Amitji, to which I replied in the negative. He sent the same message to Amitji, to which Amitji replied that he was planning to do 20 films with me. So now one would imagine that he would drop the story as the only 2 people who could confirm or deny the story have spoken. But he went ahead and put a story with a headline “Kaput… Ramu and Bachchan relationship over”. He gave all kinds of reasons, what he heard or imagined and incredibly at the end quoted mine and Amitji’s denials in small print.
Now why would he do that? It is simply because he knows mostly people read only the headline and even if they read the rest of it they will only remember the headline like always people remember the number of stars more than the reviews.
The proof of this is the number of media people who asked me about the rift taking their cue from that article and when I said ‘didn’t you read our denials at the end?’ they grudgingly said ‘yes’ almost as if given a choice they will believe the rift part of it than the denial because the rift is news and it will help fill pages, web-space and TV footage whereas the closeness of me and Amitji will be expected and hence boring. So the logic is if so many media people and film industry people can have a field day discussing, speculating and getting entertained on it, the irritant it will cause to just 2 people, me and Amitji, can be ignored in the larger interest of making fools out of the common people.
Similarly a report mentioning a war between me and Karan Johar appeared where Subash K Jha the reporter claimed that he has seen me lashing out at Karan on my blog. Now even a dim nitwit can see that I was joking and making fun of everything and most of all myself in that blog post. It’s not that the reporter can’t see it but he will choose not to see it as he wants to take out only what suits his own agenda.
Another interesting part of the media is the difference between the Mumbai media and the media elsewhere. It’s primarily because the most of the Mumbai media hobnobs and rubs shoulders with the film people.
The film people out of their fear and greed and in order to use the media people open their doors to the media people and almost become informants to the media about the rest of their colleagues in the industry. So the media kind of looses its primary objective and tends to get embroiled in the camp culture of the industry.
An outcome of this rubbing shoulders with film people, results in the journalists stepping beyond their job responsibilities.
While Khalid Mohammed initially in his position with Times of India and his supposed influence over the Filmfare awards wanted to use actors and technicians to make his classics, they all primarily obliged in fear of getting bad reviews and the greed of getting awards. He openly uses his position in the newspaper to write articles and bitchy pieces against several people who he wants to settle his personal scores with and on top of that he brags about it to all. It beats me how the management of those papers can’t see this. Today he can’t do it that much as Hindustan Times does not carry the same weight as TOI. It might be a good idea for him to convince HT to start HT Awards for him to be able to be back in business.
Subhas K. Jha has a unique trait of calling up film people whenever they are in a low like just after a flop. He will call them with soothing words and gives them a shoulder to cry on. He gives and takes information from various film people and passes it on to all concerned. Most in Bollywood trust him more than the journalists who stay in Mumbai because he stays in Patna and he is a voice on the phone. So they feel safer confiding in him as he is far away, and imagine that what they tell him won’t come back here.
The media elsewhere since it does not have that much of access to the film people is relatively unbiased and comparatively has much more integrity. Another big problem is that we all film people believe that 3 or 4 papers in Mumbai represent the whole country for the simple reason that we get only them into our homes. On a tour to 5 to 6 towns it came as a revelation to me and how much of a frog in the well I was when I realized every town in the country has its own media and I found far superior journalists there. I don’t think it’s because they are necessarily better journalists but I think it’s because they live in a relatively far less polluted atmosphere.
On the brighter side, I don’t think both us film folk and the media are all that bad because after all the pressures and the frustrations we go through, the least we are doing is entertaining the people in one way or the other. Whether it’s a lie or a truth or half-lie, what is the big deal? If the common man’s interest is in knowing who slept with whom? And who slapped whom? The media will supply it and us film industry folk will supply it to the media. I think it’s a fantastic threesome.
I want to sum up this article by taking the line from “Company” which best describes both us film folks and the media. “Yeh bas hamare dhande ki jaath hai.”
P.S:- I am just on the verge of finishing a script I am working on about the functioning and psychology of media. So far you have seen the media exposing things and now I want to expose the media in all its naked glory. I promise you that it will be one fucking hell of a strip tease. Cheers!
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  1. Sudhir Nair says:

    Man, I remember reading the article on ur so called war with KJo, and I was thinking "What an idiotic article". It seems that just because Mumbai Mirror is a tabloid, the reporters seem to have license to write crap of any kind.

  2. srinivas says:

    Ramu,Pl add one of these lines in your film.. :). Trying to be creative.., also trying hard to impress you.. don\’t know for what.. I prefer being a bitch to being a journalist. That way I know what I am into.. Today., media no more about truth.., its all about what THEY want YOU to know/thinkMedia with morals is like an award winning classic movie – globally praised, commercially collapsed. I am not here for awards. When people attack media, it is violence.. When media attacks people it is news. In our fight, I create news where as you create violence.The film is better than media because they tell you it is a story.

  3. srinivas says:

    Ramu,Pl add one of these lines in your film.. :). Trying to be creative.., also trying hard to impress you.. don\’t know for what.. I prefer being a bitch to being a journalist. That way I know what I am into.. Today., media no more about truth.., its all about what THEY want YOU to know/thinkMedia with morals is like an award winning classic movie – globally praised, commercially collapsed. I am not here for awards. When people attack media, it is violence.. When media attacks people it is news. In our fight, I create news where as you create violence.The film is better than media because they tell you it is a story.

  4. Kesavan says:

    My first taste of Journalism
    A little confession here. If you google "Getting married is the solution for Ramu", you will see the same article spread across numerous websites. In one of the chats (through email and messenger) I was having with a friend, we were talking about films and we discussed OSO, Saawariya and AAG. So jokingly, I wrote to my friend that Ramu should get married and how Vikram Bhatt spoke well after failure of Aag etc. This could be passed on as any trivial friendly chat between two friends, but my dear friend is also a media journalist and next day I was surpised to see this article everywhere. I could not do much about it, but I did not write anything after that.
    Anyways, while writing this, I can see a wonderful rainbow in all its splendours out of my window and its a sign of brightness, hope and colour to otherwise what is a dull, gloomy day. No relation between the two topics..well yeah! Who cares?

  5. krishna says:

    DNA CRITICThe best article of RGV so far…"The
    only difference between a strip-teaser and the media is that a
    strip-teaser bares herself so that others can enjoy her and give money,
    and the media strips others so that some others can enjoy and give them
    the money. "—-100% TRUTHBy the way,when are you going to get married.

  6. Kesavan says:

    On a different note:
    I am interested in your psychology (since you talk about Psychology so much in your articles).
    A wise man learns from others mistakes. A practical man atleast learns from his own mistakes. You knew even before writing what you wrote, that there is every chance of it being misquoted. Having so much experience with the media you should definitely have known it.
    Now why did you write that? I can\’t see you getting any commercial, creative or popularity benefit out of writing that. Sadism, dark humor or may be Jealousy? I am not convinced. You wrote it just because you wanted to write it and thats fascinating, because I have learnt from childhood "Telisi tappu cheyadam Moorkhatvam" (to err knowingly is foolishness – for a lack of better word for Moorkhatvam in English). Why would you risk being deemed as a fool? Does your psyche fascinate you? Did you think of making a film on someone who just does things because he feels like it and no other reason?
    One reason I could think of why you must have wrote that, is summaried well in a Telugu word – "GULA" or "Kuti", Khujli in Hindi comes a close second to describe that.

  7. Unknown says:

    I liked the article. But media should not only be seen through the eyes of big wig journo like Subhash K and others. There are many who are sincerily doing their jobs. Manipulation, bitching and abusing are the things which one can find in any field. The same media that bitches you for Ramu ki Aag goes ga ga over films like Satya, Company, Rangeela and even Contract. Please make a film on media but try to accomodate the both faces of media. I know you will do it. i liked the article as it is honest one. You are unlike other filmmakers who portray themselves are the most creative persons around. You always say what you think and believe honestly.

  8. anuja says:

    I am journalist too & absolutely loved your take on the media. Yes they do tend to blow things out of proportion. The quality of \’real\’ news has also reduced. An actor\’s sneeze or his affair makes more news than the genuine issues. Hope things change for the better. Cheero RGV!

  9. Trimex says:

    See, my faith in your writing abilities is proved right again. 
    Did you read   Malcolm Gladwell\’s book – The Tipping Point. ? It may offer to explain who you are . a Maven or a Salesman???!
    Anyways,your post was a nice read…
     Kesavan… I dont have too many words to describe your brilliance.

  10. Unknown says:

    Boss, what I liked the most in the article that even if it has some nasty take on the medua still majority of the things you have said and observed are right. See, be it is media, filmmakers, politicians, government servents or any other category they all belong to a society where you find good and bad things. You are not making a film on the life of a man who has six daughters and works as a clerk in a government office. But despite all odds may be by bank loans or whatever fair means he finally managed to get educated and marry his daughters. I mean a filmmaker like you is fascinated towards media not to life of a common man a taxiwallah, a knomchawala or a labour. Every person is a character and his life is a tele. Regards Ashish Mehta  

  11. ashwin says:

    this was a treat to read……and the threesome point was awesome…just wanted to add one more line from sarkar raj" hamari public ko sirf entertainment chahiye"…lolz

  12. Unknown says:

    I am loving it. stop. hop. cop. choking on it. stop. steep. deep. weep. creep.

  13. Unknown says:

     I think one can describe profession of the media and film folks as "Dhandha Hai Par Ganda Hai Yeh

  14. Suraj says:

    RGV,As I daily follow your blog, one thing has to be appreciated for the fact that, you tend to observe/ understand things in every minute way with a very logical reasoning. Most of the times, this is also observed in your work. The topic discussed today is also very interesting, Media!!!.I was about to add a comment for you to make a movie of this subject until I read the Post Script. Really way to go, would like to see the functioning of the media to the core.Also can you challenge me whether Phoonk would be better than Raat? For me, Raat is the ultimate horror movie made so far from any other Indian films.Also this media portrayed a rift between you and A R Rahman? Can you blog a new post on your experience working with A R Rehman! One suggestion, down the line if you planning to make a horror, please include A R Rahman, would love to see your association again!Regards,SurajP.S. As you mentioned, you are done with the script, am anxious to know, "Is there a role for me?" 😉

  15. KG says:

    This one\’s is blockbuster of a posting, Ramu..Cheers! I liked the last one…P.S.Note!
    Its not about someone being good, bad or ugly, its about one being competitive. Question is at what cost. I had a shock of my life recently watching a channel\’s journalist wanting to capture an \’un-adulterated\’ reaction of a woman who lost her husband hearing the news for the first time – the journo couldnt resist showing his excitement to leak the news of her husband\’s death, in parallel getting the shot ready for the cameraman. The whole world knew and its this bloody journo who travelled all the way to the village to give the news before anybody, to that poor lady. And you know what..i was the fucking ass watching it without blinking my eyes..
    Abhinav Bindra winning Olympics probably got 1/10th airtime compared to Salman/ Shahrukh controversy in Headlines Today. Fact of the matter is channels show what sells most.
    Few days back, one more news channel covering live an incident of an actor getting hospitalized in his final stages of cancer…the anchor out of utmost frustration checking with reporter, whether the actor is \’still\’ alive, and the reporter to satisfy the anchor stating that it could happen at any time (the predictive fucker!)……when in reality he is still being treated by the doctors 🙂
    If you see the difference, desperation to reach the top in TRP ratings, in effect, is bringing a big question on human element and empathy! Likewise lack of responsibility and media attitude could get them to be a biggest competition to Entertainment industry. So …fuck them in your new film ! I never hated anyone as much as i hated those Journos trying to do anything to beat the rest, in the process (actually wanted to use some heavy sentence like \’threat to society" ..but) irritatingly frustrating me 🙂
    I look forward to the strip tease !  Rgds, KG.
    ps: usually i dont use this four letter word …but when you picked the subject – god how cant i use it ?

  16. Pratik says:

    Wow! RGV\’s take on the media! Strip them bastards. Pull a bloody media ON the media!Btw, saw your interview on PFC ( You speak well because you think clearly.

  17. Mannar says:

    Ramu anna,
    there are 2 parts of what I am writing-
    please dont think as because i am very huge fan of yours… and i like everything you do (except aag!)…
    …this time your writing (or your ghost…who knows?, but however whatever i understand you from your films and this blog match)…you are so clear in communicating what you have in mind about a particular thing …i started reading this blog for last month or so at various different times and different moods (varying mental receiving capacities)…and each time any piece i read, either it is talking about your own movies (good, bad or ever ugly) or some theories like this current one on media champesewu babu(by saying theory I dont mean unreal)… it straight hits the point as if words and sentences were tailor made for you to write it…my God, brilliant…I am thinking me to be a small time writer looking upto you for ideas, and i see a huge gap in us.
    There are very few people like Ayn Rand, so strong about what they think and communicate their thoughts effectively…i know you said, you follow her but rarely apply, but i think she has seeped into your blood…when i see you write huge essays about stuff…it brings the clarity of john galt talking on radio…
    relating to your blog on Phoonk and what were your real life close encounters with something you thought were super natural…like the Ganapathi idol drinking milk, your neighbor kid performing a shakuntala devi with numbers. Well! I thought there was no much investigation you could do on those…but on your shaimak davar episode…i am sure you had a golden opportunity to go more deep and investigate…if he told you more intimate stuff between you and your father…things would have been different, right?  why didn\’t you do that? Don\’t tell me the whole story was a farse to build some heat behind Phoonk…
    or, like so many times in our lives we are afraid to do any ultimate thing, which changes the dimension of life…there is a fear around ultimate…maybe because there is nothing beyond it or may be all your value systems change after that or whatever…

  18. Unknown says:

    Ramu Sir…
    I had been waiting for long to see such an article from a famous face, to hit back on the media.
    Speaking about the news channels, what the heck they crave for the society! Violence and sex have been the primary targets of  media, and are more focused by them, compared to films. And the way they boast about their jobs is just so disgusting ! Y don\’t someone ban these people giving bloody reviews on movies..They write as if they discovered cinema !! And god ! the way they describe an actress in a particular movie is so cheap and vulgar, than what they do actually. Escpecially telugu journalists are too filthy in their language.
    And as u wrote, ur next flick is on media, am elated and looking forward to watch it…I am hoping to see the media may face shame realising their ruthless jobs..
    Cheers to Ramu !

  19. Sai says:

    As I was reading the post, I only kept thinking that you have enough material here to make a film about the media. And you tell us at the end that you are working on it 🙂 I am very excited just reading this. Not because I despise the media or anything but because what you describe are very natural characteristics of human beings in all occupations (as you yourself note) and I\’d like to see a film as good as Company. I hope you can fulfill your promise of a "fucking hell of a strip tease".Did you ever see Sidney Lumet\’s Network (it focused on television media)? I think it was a brilliant film that was way ahead of its time (released in 1976, it still feels very relevant today).

  20. Unknown says:

    Wanted to know .. The level of confidence u exibit is real or just u pretend..Kudos to u  if its not fake,
    answer me stright from the gut.
    Cheers 🙂

  21. Unknown says:

    Yeh sab tumhaari hi lagaai hui AAG hai Ramu.

  22. Unknown says:

    Yeh sab tumhaari hi lagaai hui AAG hai Ramu.

  23. Anil says:

    I always wonder why your interviews and blogs are far far better than your movies. Finally I found the answer to that.
    You have very good analytical power. There will be so many ideas flashes on your mind, But you will not spend enough time to make idea ( or group of ideas ) as a complete film. You are more driven by techniques or single idea line. What you conceive is what you acheive. So at the end of the day. Only technique or few scenes will come out good in your movie but in totality you fail ( at least in other people sense ). While in blogs or interviews you are not driven by techniques and you will present only analytical views. So it comes out good.
    BTW, What fasinated you to make Phoonk (Tulasi Dalam) …. One girl just stays on bed and cries … shouts … behaves like insane for the 80% of the movie time….  It might scared people @ 80s …..
    But for this generation it will not work….

  24. Anil says:

    Since you are going to make Hindi film on media. And you will show more fuss between film industry and journalism. But in south especially Andhra and Tamilnadu. Political parties are tied up with News media. And news becomes biased. Sun TV, Jaya TV and Kalaingar TV etc … as you know ETV and Andhra Jyothi backs up TDP. YSR started their own news media Sakshi.  These people are able to influence politics and You might know how much contribution is given by eenadu for Chandrababu to become CM and how it dealt with "Madyapana Nishedam" for existence and removal as situtation demands.  Chiru\’s daughters marriage is another big fuss on the media for couple of weeks … by taking the young couple in their van and interviewing them ..etc….
    especially TV9 asks stupid questions to make society worst … They always wants to make out of proportionate ….
    But as mentioned in Sarkar raj… People least bothered about news and its impact … they will care about only Entertainment .. They made up their minds that … No important news will make their life better …
    As a common person … I am also interested to know who slept with whom … rather than whats going on nuke deal or olympics .. How many gold medals India got … In reality Nothing bothers to me or impacts me… But former entertains me more
    If one famous person failed in any sense.. then it psycologically satisfies me that even those people also not as happy … as i think…  And I can happily go back to my normal routine life …

  25. sankepalli says:

    Did the below logic apply or would have applied to Amitabh and Sridevi whom you adored…? I bet you would have made movies with them irrespective of these lame excuses. Stop manipulating things…."(a). I am not as sincere or as committed as him.(b). I don’t have his patience.(c). Above all I truly think he is a far better filmmaker than me."

  26. Siva Rama Kumar says:

    Ramu, with the intelligence that you are blessed with (Thank your mom for the genes),
    the technical skill set that you acquired over the years, you are capable of making
    far better movies (not talking about commercial success or failure) than you have been
    dishing out. Don\’t dismiss me with your sarcastic humor (which I do like mostly), but hear
    me out. Take your own good friend Amitab, don\’t think I have seen him "act" badly (exception
    being Black, for which he strangely won a lot of awards) irrespective of the quality of the
    movies that he acted in (including some of your own like the Sarkar Raj which btw was
    insufferable in my opinion (which is worth the $40 I dished out for paying tickets for my family)).
    Unfortunately, the same doesn\’t hold true in your case. You made some brilliant movies in
    the past, produced a brilliant few as well, built a brand equity among the audience only to
    betray it by directing and producing junk. I don\’t question your intentions I am sure were in
    the right place when you decide to start a movie, but, have you been paying attention to the
    execution? Sarkar2 would have been a fantastic movie, had Shimit Amin … what the heck if
    even E. Niwas made it. Sorry..I din\’t get to my point yet..I had to give you an earful first to
    get my furstrations with your talents being utterly wasted and personally being let down every
    time I watch a bad movie made by you (which is ofcourse not your responsibility).
    Ok.. I finally get to my point(s)…
    1. Analyzing the failures (somtimes, overdoing it) serve the purpose of making an interesting blog for the
    public to read, but an introspective analysis of your successes is what is going to benefit you.
    If you haven\’t figured out why have been successful in the first place, you can\’t repeat it
    consistently.  Shiva, Rangeela, Satya, Company, Ab Tak Chappan all had tight scripts, not ground
    breaking by any means, but still slickly exectued.
    2. In any business (film or otherwise), a great idea almost nevers means anything  till it is properly
    executed into a great product. Mast, Daud, Aag, all your horror movies….list goes on. Invest in a good
    screenplay writer (I know you are very good at it…in your own words you niether have time nor
    3. Think rich and pay cheap…like you do…at the end you get what you paid for.  Weird angles don\’t make
    good photography (Sarkar Raj)…invest in a good cinematographer. Any body can music..are you ready to
    listen to "anybody"? Actually, I don\’t remember a single "successful" movie made by you that did not have
    stars! Have you noticed! You might accidentally hit up on a "find" but in most cases, you are introducing
    good-for-nothing fellas as your main leads.
    4. With all due respect to you, however much I didn\’t like Khalid Mohammad, he was bang on target with the
    reviews of your recent films. As your "fan", oouch… that hurts.
    5. Finally, I am a big fan of you…regarding my constant irreverance, sarcasm and harsh criticism of you…well
    I got to emulate who I rever!
    With Little Regards 🙂

  27. Anil says:

    After 24×7 News channels came into the media…. Situation becomes worst …
    If they dont have news .. Then they are making news…
    For example – They shall ask Urmila in interview that "If given a chance will you marry ramu?"
    Any answer they will make as a heading …
    Yes — Urmila wants to marry Ramu
    No — Ramu is not good enough for marriage
    No comments — Urmil is fed up with Ramu … and she dont event want to talk about Ramu

  28. Unknown says:

    man… aren\’t you having a ball in your life?To be honest, I am jealous of you.

  29. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    agreed,,but why do you target mostly khalid, deepa and subhash only? we readers at times might feel that you are up with vendetta, to settle some scores with them and hence bitching about them here, it might not be true and what you are saying might be a fact, but still. you neednt do the same what they do about film industry. stay away and stay apart.

  30. kishan says:

    Please watch Natural born killers …It\’s a great movie with a similar theme that you are planning…

  31. Brahma says:

    Good take on current day media. But again why only Khalid and Subhash? Looks like something serious happened between you and them.

  32. Unknown says:

    Actually we r really waiting for the movie that strips media.

  33. karthik says:

    its just not movies that media plays with:
    even cricket. most of the times, they provoke the feelings and emotions of indian fans – whi go throw stones at the houses of the indian players whenever we lose a match. jusy imagine; we have about 100 news channels in the country. after every match the explayers try to analyze why a match was won or lost. now that they have safely retired they set bery high standards for the indian team. they say very bad remarks about a player who had the misfortune of playing some bad innings or some drop catches. since they need to run the show for about 1 hour before the start of the match and 1 hour after the match – since they need to fill it for more advertisements.
    after some player\’s house is badly smashed with stones, again its the media who comes to cover it forst, as if they are not at all responsible for the situation. idiots

  34. karthik says:

    that was some pretty bad english in the below post by me, sorry! I was typing in total darkness. hehe (shameful grin 😐   )

  35. karthik says:

    shit! on re-reading my first post… i cant stop laughing… hahaha

  36. andhrabond says:

    As usual you impress me with your analytical power on any subject that you would like to work on.The new post is brilliant analysis on media from you. Mogambo Khush hua. All I would like to see is, more brilliant movie from you. I hope we will see lots of new technique, thrill, twist, obviously with your superb take.
    Seems to be a good material in your hands. Pls. don\’t screw it.

  37. Kevin says:

    Lol, idk if you\’re script will make a good movie or not but i really want to see the reality of the mumbai media via your film.  It\’s about time I read profanity on a celeb blog, it feels good to see the f-bomb thrown around sometimes.  I just hope that when you have profanity in your films it doesn\’t get beeped out because there\’s nothing more irritating than knowing the person as cursed and not hearing him curse

  38. Unknown says:

    Arushi Murder case was a finest example how media deals with issues. As ramu said these things happen because of competition within the field of Media. And these days Media has gone to such a level adding spice to every silly incident that happens and show it repeatedly from dawn to dusk. Shame on Media Guys who lost their ethics in the course of competition and mudslinging. I am happy to know that you are making a film and thanks for the promise to strip tease media..Lol. I cant wait to watch the movie. When are you planning to release it? and I request you to use all your witty humour in dialogues of the movie.

  39. Unknown says:

    Arushi Murder case was a finest example how media deals with issues. As ramu said these things happen because of competition within the field of Media. And these days Media has gone to such a level adding spice to every silly incident that happens and show it repeatedly from dawn to dusk. Shame on Media Guys who lost their ethics in the course of competition and mudslinging. I am happy to know that you are making a film and thanks for the promise to strip tease media..Lol. I cant wait to watch the movie. When are you planning to release it? and I request you to use all your witty humour in dialogues of the movie.

  40. Manish says:

    I am fascinated
    with blogs that provide mere mortals like me an opportunity to interact with great
    individuals like you and get inside information and insights of film making.

    I read
    your blogs regularly and pretty much impressed with originality of your ideas,
    your honesty and most importantly your self deprecating humor.

    Your blog
    “My take on the media” though known to most of us provides first hand account
    of media industry psychology, its transformation to TRP driven money machine
    and its relationship with film industry and its people.

    analogy to the threesome of public/media/film people is funny. I guess

    for people
    its pure escapism from reality, a dream world with beautiful faces, fame and
    fortune and most importantly people love to see celebrities in trouble, struggling
    even with all the fame and money.

    For media,
    its survival of bitchiest, creative headlines with no link to truth,  hypocrisy  at its peak and finally as you said “Yeh bas
    hamare dhande ki jaath hai.”

    For film
    people, its feeling ‘Main nahin to koi aur nahin” and ultimately feeling of

    questions for reader like me as how do you deal with media?


    I think
    most of celebrities have found solace with internet blogs, a place where they
    can post their thoughts unedited and uncensored and connect with your audience


    It will interesting
    to know how do you end your movie, you plan to make on Media.

  41. venkatesh says:

    Very interesting article Ram 🙂 I also think Media has become the new age fascism. Will all the news channels sensationalizing news big time, it has become difficult to figure out which is proper news and which is not.
    I think in a very hidden way they have got the power to rule the ppl. They show one news about some miracle happening at Shiradi and 10 new fundamentalists are born. A big flop film would be highlighted as the biggest hit of the year and audience would blindly go to the theatres. The directors of these films are the kinds who dont feel responsible and would be content with ensuring that a person spends money on watching the movie, "agli baar jab meri next movie aaygi tab wapas woo kar lenge" types.
    Only if gov or some governing committee puts some regularizations of sensationalization of news, the scene might improve.
    I would look forward to your movie on the media world and how it would influence the audience 🙂

  42. artinem says:

    My take on film critics.i feel most film critics (khalid, subhash, deepa and raja something of rediff) are failed film makers. Film making was their number one passion in life and because they failed, they like to pull other film makers down.

  43. Naveen says:

    hi ramu….i read the book tehelka by tarun tejpal a few years back ….truly an inspiring story of hardcore journalism….tarun tejpal, annirudh bahal and their group lost everything they had in pursuing their sting operation …..they were cornered by the system, but one major factor made them bounce back ….it was the support from the people
    its true that like any other industry, media has its +ves and -ves….just have to accept it with a pinch of salt
    there are a lot of journalists who are honest and go out of their way in serving people…
    i think media is doing a fantastic job in bringing out the problems of the poor across the country….
    in short….i get informed/inspired by its the honesty and get entertained by its …\’dhande ki jaath\’ 🙂

  44. Naveen says:

    a movie inspired by tehelka would be great i suppose

  45. Ashwani Gupta says:

    It seems you care too much about reviews. And Khalid Mohammed is always riding on the back of your mind. I never ever (read few reviews in TOI in the past which never match my opinion) read the reviews.  My  friends also  don\’t  give a  weightage  to  reviews.  We  watch  movies  of a director only then make opinion about him. I think most of the people do the same so need not to worry about any khalid-valid.

  46. pala says:

    Our journalism professor (Osmania University) used to say that prostitution scores (better) over media!

  47. Unknown says:

    Right approach to show media what they are doing and i want a character in the film which represents the common viewer how they are playing with common man mind.

  48. Unknown says:

    Ramu, check out the reaction of karan on his blog 🙂 . LOL" Love and koffee, Karan

    p.s. Just to clarify, I don’t hate Ram Gopal Varma. Hate is too
    strong an emotion to waste on anyone or anything. I regard some of his
    work and I’m indifferent to others. He’s no friend of mine and will
    never be, but I see no reason to bear any animosity towards him; the
    poor fellow can do with some love. This is my reaction to a series of
    questions I’ve been asked about the status of my emotions towards him
    recently. Happy Independence Day!"

  49. Unknown says:

    More than the movie…I am waiting to see what reviews Media gives on the movie which is against them….I am sure that movie is gonna crack all the records…its gonna be a typical RGV Film..enough of bhaigiri!! now its time all fun…..imagine TOI, Rediff,ibn live……… rating 5 stars for the movie which is against them :)….its gonna be great fun….boss…this is very unfair….revealing the secret is dangerous….I just can\’t wait to watch the movie….:) I am sure you gonna glorify one star and one director in the most sarcastic manner and thats gonna be none other than "SRK AND SO CALLED KJo" aakhri hain….keep going!!!

  50. Nirax says:

    hmmmm … so you are real mr RGV … and not as dumb as your recent movies wud lead me to believe … anyway great that you are on blogospehere … want to ask you … why are you so intent on bachchan family these days … there is no dearth of good actors … and since according to your own view content is supreme then any good newcomer will make your projects as worthwhile … the problem with big b is that he is a little too well known and his presence lends its own weight to any project and thereby comparisons with his (not yours) earlier projects and sorry to say that after this analysis neither he nor you come out as intelligent, but as a fluke-stars …. which is utterly false i know but cant help feeling …why not make something with good newcomers .. we are deprived of new and good faces (not harman baweja please !!) … and you are one of the few who can be trusted to give newcomers a chance even if it is dodo\’s like that ahlawat guy … please keep experimenting with as many ppl as possible … also with bigB will write more later see you … have added your blog into my bookmark

  51. Narendra says:

    A funny article on RGV sir. Only he knows if it\’s true.
    ace film maker Ramgopal Varma is one man who is known not just for his
    movie making abilities but also for his point blank answers to some of
    the toughest questions put to him. However, his appearance in front of
    the media light and camera has increased and after a long gap people
    are able to see a full and close picture of how he looks.
    There is a talk that he has been suffering from lack of sleep and
    his eyes are found to be bloodshot and soggy. Some say he is behaving
    like a maniac and talking only about films with his people. His
    obsession with films has taken a fanatical note and nothing else
    matters to him. Even his body fitness is also losing shape.
    The cause for all this seems to be his daily tonic which is Vodka
    with a chicken item. It is heard that he starts at 7:30 in the evening
    and concludes at 12 midnight and as soon as the clock strikes 7 pm
    Varma is heard saying \’hey man! It\’s tonic time for all of us\’. Let us
    hope that he wakes up from this and comes out with his brilliant movies
    like before. Link :

  52. Deepa says:

    Stop this unednding sadomasochism over Aag. Thank yourself for making it for it contrasts against some of your other works so as to make the good even better.
    Dee Vaidya

  53. Unknown says:

    You always bitch about Khalid and others who give bad reviews to you..why dont u ever talk about Taran Adarsh?He gave good reviews to Sarkar Raj also…shudnt you say some good words about critics also?

  54. Unknown says:

    Dear Sir,     I like watching some of your movies and admire your creative work. I have one question for you. Why did the movie you started with Chiranjeevi with Aswini Dutt as producer halted in the middle. Is it because both of you believe in different kind of cinema or some other thing. The reason I am asking this question is, I enjoy both of your movies and chiranjeevi movies. Though Chiranjeevi movies are out and out mass movies, I waited eagerly for you both to work together. I know now it is not possible though 😉 Since you are frank with many things in your early blog posts, I would like to hear about this.ThanksSatish

  55. Vinay says:

    Bring them on, Mr Verma. Anything and everything you make, we will devour them-Shiva, Rangeela, Satya, Company, Aag, Contract, Both sarkars, Phoonk, and everything else made by your proteges-Pyar tune kyun kiya, Ab tak chappan, Main madhuri dixit…, everything. Your movie on media will be something to look forward to. We hope it will be different than Page 3.
    I like the way Salman and Sanjay Dutt treat the media. After all the media uses too much dadagiri. If someone doesnt oblige them, they will go ahead and print anything. The concerned party is forced to revert to set things right. There should be a "Do Not Disturb" phone list for celebrities, targetted particularly for the media. Sadly, no celebrity would like to enlist.

  56. E says:

    Hi RGV,
    Boss I just saw two of your interviews with the Bombay Talkies one and  the other one Picture this…man you looked very worn out and very stressed in the Bombay Talkies..interview..Very informative blog regarding the working style of the media within the film industry…for us this insider information is absolutely required in order to understand the structure of the media and its functionality. It is quite clear that the growth of the media has been enormous in the last 10 years or so. What with the upmteen number of news channels in tandem with the scores of news portals that have grown tremendously.This is the information age defenitely..and constantly we are bombarded with news nuggets from all over the world. If Bush serengiti…it becomes breaking news all over the world. The quantity has increased but the quality has declined proportionately.The film industry media is more prone to sensationalism resulting in blatant yellow journalism.Their is an overdose of "junk food news". The mechamism is simple, make a moutain out of a molehill!! Make an issue out of a non-issue.I was in Mumbai till recently and have seen how this Mumbai Mirror reports news. It is trash of the highest quality. Very rarely it comes with some good positive inspiring stories,otherwise most of the time it is filled with garbage. And also there is an obsession with the film industry news.It is quite clear that this Khalid was intrumental in messing up yours and Aamirs relationship and your consequent frustration. Take him to task boss.Put him in the right place.This Jha guy looks like an absolute nut case. Reading his reviews is more agonizing than watching KJ\’s movies.How old is he, looks very senile.And the whole world knows he is a faggot.Sonu Nigam should have pursued his case against him more vigorously. This Raja Sen usually ends up getting max brickbats by the Rediff readers.I can say with guarantee that if he were doing a review in public in front of real people he would turn into a marshmallow in no time. But then why these guys are behaving in the way they are? Why are they targeting only a handfull few? Why are they partisan? And the bias is very obvious.There is a pattern to their critiquing. They seem to be praising some sub-stadard work by some sub-standard directors and at the same time lambasting some very good work. Is it always a personal vendetta or some other factors come into picture? Do Some vested interests exist? Perhaps you could answer all these questions in your "strip-tease" movie.

  57. VJ says:

    Pl take care of ur looks and dress when u come on TV.
    I watched almost all of ur films. I\’d watch Phoonk as well but what impresssion I get from promos is that excessive music/sounds are used to scare. I dont think we need to use exessive sound. I am telling this after I saw the English horror movies again and the promo of the upcoming movie MIRRORS.
    May be it\’s RGV mark but u can scare ppl without using assaulting sounds. 🙂

  58. Unknown says:

    Cant wait for the movie.

  59. vamsi says:

    Why are you idolizing Khalids and the Deepas…. go through your articles and you will see how many times you have mentioned their names. By accepting a fight, you are creating an enemy and giving them power. By ignoring them you are discarding their presence. its your choice…. The Ramu I see in my head is a person who psyched himself to be superman. It sounds silly for superman to be bothered about a few reporters writing good or bad about him.

  60. Abhishek says:

    Are there any movies or scenes that made you cry?

  61. Unknown says:

    I\’am a big fan of yours and I think the way Shiva was made it was absolutely master piece as it was way ahead of its times in Indian cinema.
    About the new movie "Phoonk", after reading about it, I\’am almost scared about watching it because I think that after watching it,those moments may stay with me for few weeks and scare me in the nights. But my curiosity may win and I may finally watch the movie but don\’t you think this publicity may discourage some people from going to the theatres.
    Finally is this movie based on Old Telugu Horror movie "Thulasi". A serial was also made on the same story line. Both have been based on some novel on some "Khashmora" by Endamuri Virendranath ?

  62. Unknown says:

    Beware RGV !!
    After going through some of the visitor\’s comments on your latest posting, my innovative mind prompts me that – some of the \’mediawallahs\’ are present here and commenting under fake names! Isko bolte hai khunnas…
    RGV – Don\’t say I didn\’t warn you!!

  63. Chris says:

    Arre o Ramu bhai!
    You have given us yet another edgy, thought-provoking post!
    I think your idea for a cinematic exposé of the media sounds very entertaining–on many levels.
    I think the subject matter lends itself to being as intense and as exciting as any other crime film to be made!  Oh, wait…did I just compare the entire media world to the underworld? Well, I certainly didn\’t mean to generalize–after all there are some very good people working in the media (I am resisting the urge to insert a smart-alec comment about how those good people are probably cleaning the offices! ha!).   But, then again, I have known a few nice criminals, as well! 
    Ahhh…my journalist friends are going  to take me to task for those comments!
    By the way, I have noticed that one of your favorite films is MacKENNA\’S GOLD.   Have you ever thought of making a Western?   Just curious….

  64. sagar says:

    What made you to start \’Kaun\’ give a thriller with just three characters or  to thrill just like any other thriller stories??

  65. Mohan says:

    Dear RGV,Media has become a bull-shit now. Anybody who has plenty of money and can buy reporters / media persons , gets coverage. I m glad that you have started blogging.I am a fan of your innovative and out-of-the-box kind of movies.I saw "Contract" very recently. It is very good movie but I must say u r a victim facing Indian Corrupt Media. The reviews you get below standard(due to biased media). Now we can directly comment through this blog, which is really good.Above of all I appreciate your work till now and please carry on good work.

  66. chandru says:

    Ramu, in the name of commenting on media, u have blamed the media for Aag\’s failure!! do u really believe that somebody else other than u is responsible for that movie\’s fate????
    well, considering the way Nisha Kothari, Urmila, Antra Mali were stripped in your own movies, was it a compliment when u compared media with stripping??

  67. noni says:

    It’s a good idea..
    just on time and very relevant . its necessary to exposed some rubbish media. Some news chanel are really gang of super idiots with out any responsibilities and media norms. ( they use to threten audience, make all kind of rubbish(even foolish) thing in the name of breaking news.
    good wishes for the project..

  68. Gene says:

    Kaka, nice, was about to suggest something similar 🙂 Strip tease is something else, the bloddy fimli media (gahlots and kalids and the etcs (read: raja insanes) dont know have anything in them worth a dekko, they are fucking hollow, skeletal maikelaude he, badcow log.
    Thank you for the entertainment, not so much for the filmi media coz, I dont see anybody thanking vultures for hovering around.

  69. Unknown says:

    Mr ramu,All the best to your script and movie, i am sure it
    will be a great movie as u seem to be very passionate about it. I am a
    big fan of yours liked all your previous films, not so much of recent
    one. but anyway you are very brave non confirmist person. you donot
    oblige or surrender to the system. that is the quality of a hero. you
    are a hero in your own right. I wish you all the best. you must expose
    this miscreant elements of media so the common man can atleast see
    right from wrong.I think since u wage a war against media, they will come hard against you i suppose.

  70. Praveen says:

    Veryyy Smart. U know ppl who love reading n watching bitchy stuff will love reading this article & watching ur movie for the same reasons. Great!!! 

  71. Arun Kumar says:

    How will this be different from Page3?

  72. Arun Kumar says:

    Hope its different from Page3. Wish you good luck

  73. gopi says:

    Well Mr .Varma do you think who ever writes reviews or comment on any movie know what a film is? I keep a track on most of the reviews where i find the creepy idea of the journalist as an individual and not as a real critic journalist who understood the film.. ..Are the people in media real journalists or a whole thinking that they are journalists..Being a journalist is different and thinking that they are journalists is far different…Here the problem is most of them are in the state of thought that they are journalists…I will tell you a funny story where a person goes to watch a suspense thriller….A beggar seeks money in front of the theater and this person refuses to give him money .so what the beggar does he reveals the main key person who keeps the audience wait with enthusiasm ….Finally the person who watched the film lost all his interest as he know who the main key villain is…..The so called journalist who are writing reviews /comments is like beggar in my story…They should understand the limitations of how much to narrate and what to narrate in story when writing a review or posting a comment…I know now the journalists would come and condemn on what i said …seriously oppose for comparing with a beggar because they are hurt…If the journalists are getting the right to post comments/reviews watching the movie on the invitation of a producer or  just by spending 50-100 bucks even i got the right to say anything against them  for i am also spending some time and money reading their reviews ….I pity those journalist schools who makes its  students understand all the  social aspects , but  seems to have failed  in making its own students understand the concept of journalism….Film journalism is more like spicy with gossips…. ..Its rather worse than prostituting  trying to make money just throwing a gossip….Being educated when you happen to go through some friend of you who makes money by supplying prostitutes the first thought you get is how can he be so cheap making money that too exploiting prostitutes….Same is the case here with the journalists making money posting a creepy rumor….I ask the journalist straight away some thing imagine the idea of a rumor spreading in your street that your wife/mother is a kind of bitch what would be your first reaction….You know they are not true  after all its a rumor…but the damage it does to any is the happiness ..the psychological pressure…Entertaining  the people is really good but what all matters is how you are entertaining and what all you choose to entertain…People may be pointing about what the film makers show in their film..but they should understand that movie is a mixture of reality/creativity/imaginations/fantasies that film makers see in their life and feel in their life….Movies never have the tag line that it would be for a better society just like print media has…As said movie is individuals creativity/reality/fantasy/fears/ that they happen to go through in life..Film makers spend money to promote but no film maker requests you to come watch movie …..It is  public choice to watch or not to watch a movie…Entertainment is for the sake of entertainment..Expecting every movie to be extra ordinary is like, despite the patient being dead & asking the doctor to make him alive….I have referred only  about those who think they are  journalists but not the real journalists….I am looking for a better journalism …Hope will get real and true journalism in the future….This Article i wrote here is not to support Mr.Varma statement  but it is what we the public has the opinion towards journalism…..People has the worst opinion on politics and journalism is pre-occupying its position….Better late than never …..Time to think

  74. Narayanan says:

    All the best

  75. Narayanan says:

    Story is about 4 Gangsters who have successfully finished murdering a man, the dead body of the murdered man loaded back in the boot of their car, planning to have drink and then get rid of the dead in a jungle.
    After having couple of drinks and puffing of some cigarettes sitting in BAR/DABA on some national highway , one of them cracking a joke and every body busting out of laughter ,suddenly  they hear some sound from the boot of the car .
    Deadly inhuman gangsters encounter with the BHOOT,

  76. jayanthan says:

    Well Said. I have similar view on media.
    I loved your \’Company\’, \’Satya\’. I also liked your story/screenplay of \’Thiruda Thiruda\’ [Chor Chor]. Somehow recent flicks like Aag, James, Shiva (the remake) dint interest me.
    Hope phoonk will be a good one.

  77. gcs says:

    Its really good to see you change your mindset. Your works, of late, was monotonous to a major extent. Some of your horror flicks inspired by your own films : eg. – vastu shastra , some scenes of bhoot & also your yet to be released phoonk (as per the promos which are aired) – inspired from \’dheyyam\’ & \’raathri\’. I remember watching \’dheyyam\’ in theatre wherein as soon as 2 horrified scenes in 1st half ended, most of the audience in the balcony literally went out of the theatre in fear.!!!! I am not joking… Really it happened & theatre people were so influenced by this that they started giving ads that "If you want your lover / girlfriend to HUG you in fear then dont miss this movie"……. I expect PHOONK to be as spooky as \’dheyyam\’ was. Although Dheyyam had its flaws, but overall it was effective.

    Your take on media is quite informative & its like a insider\’s view…. I personally feel, that, apart from showing the bitchy side of the media, you should make use of this powerful medium to educate them, if possible. (pls don’t preach)…. I feel satire should be a good treatment for this. I strongly urge you to see this great film called \’Z\’ by costas gavras before going ahead with your project & you should make a film like this…. I know you are CAPABLE of doing a movie like \’Z\’…
    Best of luck in all your future projects… & Pls let us know when \’SHABRI\’ going to be released… This Lalit Marathe\’s debut venture is really promising & the initial promos were really interesting … Why so much delay in releasing this flick???? PLS RESPOND

  78. pradeep says:

    Hi Ram Sahab,
          I live in melbourne,working as a IT Rec Manager in a Consulting Firm here. Our industry too has some synergies along the lines of Film Journalism.May be not to that extent ofcourse!. I come back homat 7 pm after work and login to your blog. I have been a huge admirer of your work right from Drohi to Phoonk. It takes guts to be where you are and constantly challenge yourself and ur audience. I dont think there is anyone better than you in terms of shot execution, close shots taken in films like sarkar, company etc. one particular scene that comes to my mind is when Amitji speaks to Abishiek\’s image on the wall the way you have shown the reflection on the potrait while amitji speaks is mindblowing. You are an inspiration and I have enrolled myself to learn the basics of direction, i do have a vision but need to potray that in the rigth manner.
    Pradeep Laxminarayana

  79. srikanth says:

      Hi i am srikanth from hyderabad. RGV, i can proudly say that i am huge fan of yours..I havent missed even a single film of yours for the past 25 years ..i watchd siva [your first film] as many as 50 times and i still love to watch it again..I wathc d kshana kshanam more 100 times..every body say ANTHAM  is a huge flop..but i also like that film..i donno why ..but i love your films to the core..
    I like your style of making the film..I am very happy that u still continue to make films in the same style..Your recent film sarkar raj is jus amazing..i think you have given your critics a perfect answeer by making sarkar raj..
    keep it up dude..
    I feel very lucky to be alive in this era when a film maker like rgv is alive and making films.I wuld like to see more films from you..

  80. Vijay says:

    Dear Ramu,
    It\’s been great reading your blog and some of your takes on the movies you\’ve made. I am really looking forward to this movie as well. I would like to watch it first day first show.  I want to point out something: In Nishabdh, the one scene where Jia runs her leg up and down Mr. Bachchan\’s leg was actually a turning point in the movie in my perspective. I think people misunderstood that scene. It took the relationship to another level. It was a physical expression of what Jia felt. She needed the security of a father figure in her life, which she didnt have, I guess.I think Nishabd by far is one of the most powerful lmovies I\’ve seen. The music, the Rozana song was all brilliant and the way it was used…superb.
    I know this is a boring comment. But from a fan, you cant expect much more can you?. Though people rank Daud as a turkey, I thought it was really funny and basically conveyed what you were trying to say. It was superb and funny as hell. Expecially Sanjay\’s dialogue to Urmila after she says "Ab Kya Karen"…to which Sanjay says "Chalo Gaana Gaathe Hain" and the Oh Bhavre song plays. I think that summed up the whole movie–mad and memorable!! Just like Paresh Rawal\’s Character!

  81. Unknown says:

    a crackerjack of a  blog!!!! I now know the true Ramu……..I guess u think/express in English much better  and so u must script ur movies with  a lot of english.
    by the way u like Khalid mohammed a lot-dont you??

  82. Unknown says:

    i agree with u but i think u r goin a bit overboard on ur views against the media especially when ur moviez on da line.but i know for one doesnt matter to us even if media boycotts u.v,bein ur ardent fans will surely keep in touch wid u thru ur blogs.

  83. Unknown says:

    Whats would you say is your USP?For me its your complete self belief and the way you do charatcerisations. Do you agree?

  84. darurie says:

    best of luck for your  script on media,Media has no  right to play with any body,I saw some interviews, in which they ask  questions like they know everything , how can a  journalist /media person criticize…..a  movie when  they doesnt know about how  to make  a moviea  politician  when  they doesnt know about how  to serve a  society.cheers!

  85. Hiral says:

    Hi Ramu,
    What a horrible movie Phoonk is.Really you put yourself down by making such movies.also done publicity stunt to watch alone.sometime you r not trustworthy.
    I can give you better horror concept to you but youdont reply to my kind of many times i have send you message but no reply.If i get chance i will show you what horror you can make.but dont do now horror and underworld movie are brilliant in characterization and camera movements angles.but why not selecting good scripts.Pls call me i need to show my potential story.

  86. Unknown says:

    hi rgv,
          i am a great fan of u since my child hood.i hav watched almost all the films of urs.i like u especially fr ur attitude.i like people like u who lives differently(i mean in the sense of attitude)as almost all the people live the same regular vry passionate about movies and i want to be a director.presently im doing my btech.wats the best way of entering the film world.i need ur ans.pls

  87. Unknown says:

    hi rgv,
    im a great fan of frm( andhra,vijayawada, siddhartha college)hey im also frm ur ur fan as jst i like u fr ur attitude.(i like people with a different attitude).as every idiot lives the same life.and ur sense of making films is really good. i recently watched phoonk.i liked it.(not too featful) but k.

  88. zahoor says:

    Respected Sir,                     I am a great fan of ur movies.I have almost watched every movie of urs except couple of them released recently which were a let down.I would like to know one thing sir that if ur not so sure about something y do it or allow somebody else to do it under ur banner.Regards,Zahoor

  89. Unknown says:

    iam a big fan of ur movies from my childhood. iam witing for a movie with Nag\’s son Nagachaithanya in ur combination

  90. Pashabhai says:

    Hi ,
       You may not care much about the similar script  i have about media.
       But this might interest you, the script is based on a central theme that neither people in the media or the
       media is good or bad. Its the people who watch/read it dont know what to expect of it.  Recent max  mosley
       case  in england court is a indicator of battle against media  is getting bitter & stronger around the world and   high time some one makes a movie which is compelling around the world.
      In case your time and interest permits we can take it further.
      By the way I like your work very work much especially satya.
        Your precious time  

  91. Srirama says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I like your movies. dont waste your time for Khalid Mohammed, Subhas K. Jha. how many people read reviews then decide to  go movies, if these guys(Khalid, Subhas, etc…) that good why dont they make movies?
    You are the best, good luck

  92. thirumal says:

    Waiting for that one…..

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  96. rahul says:

    i like your settlement in life, and ur reasoning very did u decide ur carrer and how did make it possible in such a fashion that u live in the way u want it.

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