My reactions to reactions:

1. Is Phoonk a copied version of the Exorcist?
Ans: Exorcist was about demonic possession and Phoonk is about black magic. Black magic is according to legend the application of an evil force to harm or kill an enemy. So in that sense there is no similarity. But yes in the emotional aspect of the near and dear ones concerned for the affected party there is a similarity.
2. I cannot keep watching your assembly line of productions.
Ans: Don’t.
3. I think you have great ideas but not so good execution.
Ans: Teach me.
4. Would you consider changing the format or presentation of your movies?
Ans: Won’t
5. I am ready to take up the challenge of watching Phoonk alone.
Ans: I am just the Director of Phoonk and the idea of contest was the One More Thought production company’s. Since every movie has some kind of contest going on, for a film like Phoonk they thought that this kind of contest will be very apt as the film belongs to the scary genre. They are working out the technicalities of when and how to implement it. As soon as they are done with it they will post the details on a designated website.
6. A strip dancer shows all to a crowd to make a living. Shameless are those who watch.
Ans: Neither are shameless. They are consenting adults.
7. You often tend to show only what you want without thinking of how it unfolds to the audience.
Ans: You could be right. But like I always say you can’t generalize audience. What for one goes above his head, the same for the other will affect him deeply. There is a very thin line between spoon feeding and being clear.
8. What is vulgar?
Ans: Vulgarity does not exist except in the mind because anything and everything is there for a predetermined purpose. The way one chooses to look and think and feel about it is what which differs. The mode of presentation of anything to a receiver is actually what programmes him to feel in a certain way. A woman’s body is the same. If it’s back-lit it’s called erotica, and if it’s front-lit it’s called porn. If you are seeking intense gratification you would want to see hard core front lit sex and mere erotica won’t suffice it. I remember that in my teens reading a porn magazine with provocative titles and bad paper and bad grammar used to arouse me. I don’t think reading it in a hard bound well-written smart and profound looking books will serve the same purpose.
A feeling can be neither vulgar nor aesthetic. A feeling is a feeling.
9. Do you think you can ever take the idea of Daud and make it work again?
Ans: Yes, because ideas are never wrong. Only their implementation and execution can be.
10. I think Shimit Amin is brilliant and he won’t take up a project like Gayab.
Ans: This only tells how brilliant you are. If you read my article once again you will realize that I was not talking about Shimit’s or anybody else’s brilliance but only about how non-brilliant I am.
11. I think you just got hurt with the failures of your recent films and you wrote that article “Everybody is a nobody”.
Ans: I said what I wanted to say and you can think whatever makes you happy. Like the philosopher Nietrsche said “There are no facts, only interpretations”.
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36 Responses to My reactions to reactions:

  1. gouravaraju says:

    you have a great attitude towards your life , i like it very much. how did you get your first directing chnace can you post on this?

  2. karthik says:

     A strip dancer shows all to a crowd to make a living. Shameless are those who watch. Ans: Neither are shameless. They are consenting adults.
    But for me, thinking that a strip dancer is shameless – turns me on. hahahahahahha

  3. Unknown says:

     Mr. Varma,
     I have my reasons for not beleiving what u wrote about Aamir. Since I followed ur life and his very closely, I still remember what was said and written. Even to the other jounalists( apart from Khaled), u said some nasty things about Aamir. I remember reading in Deccan Chronicle. You commented on his energy and compared him with Shahrukh. U said that Shahrukh or even Govinda can do Munna\’s role but
    he cannot do DDLJ (DDLJ and Rangeela were released with a gap of one month). Even the picturisation of Kya kahe kya na kahe hads story. U said u wanted to picturise in MTV style and u were not vary about the camera movement. Aamir was skeptical about the camera movement.
    Having written that it is good that u are writing something nice about Aamir. I hope u both recreate Rangeela magic again. Yes you cannot be sincereor patient like Aamir but you can be honest.

  4. Piyush says:

    why was Daud a Failure?When will you tell about the making of Daud?

  5. Piyush says:

    why was Daud a Failure?When will you tell about the making of Daud?

  6. Piyush says:

    why was Daud a Failure?When will you tell about the making of Daud?

  7. Unknown says:

    rgv please publish a book on ur life…..

  8. Unknown says:

    rgv, list  your favourite books please

  9. ronak says:

    hey..i heard about ure challenge to watch the movie alone..all i can say is "BRING IT ON..!!!" lemme kno how i can sign up 4 it n m in..4 sure..let darknes prevail..haillz..hopin t hear 4m u..ciao..

  10. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    I believe you dont lik philosophy, yet you quote that French philosopher many times. Cool! I like that!

  11. Narendra says:

    Neither are shameless. They are consenting adults.
    Q ) Then what is or who are the shameless ?
    Note : No silly replies please. I expect a good logical answer from you sir if at all you wanna give one.

  12. lokesh says:

    FineIF u are going to answer only to single-liners and ignore the rest of comments or requestsTEACH ME if i know the art to direct then the lame stereotypes in the damn shit film-making bollywood industry would be out selling chanaas outside some 2nd class cinema halli also made a request, in my last post which u ignoredif u look at world war2 with hitler\’s view he was completely justified and doing good same can be said for sadam and even Bush and ISI\’s role and pakistan in it viewsthe point is if u look at a single line and judge the whole comment by it and ignore the rest then ur the sameas the other directors at the end of the day u also want to sell films and make moneyno art no shit of dedication is involved in it u have no point to prove even to ur self and act as a self-righteous and self-centered spoiled kid.SIR good luck to uand hope that "i make films for art and greater good" makes u sleep at night very well

  13. Unknown says:

    Dear sir,am willfully ready to accept ur challenge n watch dis movie alone in a theatre….

  14. lover says:

    Hello sir With All the respect to u ……I ready to accept this challenge of ur\’s…….if i win this challenge as i very much gonna win ……the prize money will go to a charitable society……..becoz i am not doing it 4 money ….just wanna proof u wrong and prove myself fearless to some friends of mine

  15. Unknown says:

    All very excited to watch "Phook" Directed by RGV and written by my Bro Milind !! First day first show for sure 🙂

  16. prakash says:

    Sir, I completely agree with you when you say: like I always say you can’t generalize audience. What for one goes above his head, the same for the other will affect him deeply. There is a very thin line between spoon feeding and being clear.
    Am amazed why you still maintain that Daud was a blunder. I believe it was one of the best comedy films I\’ve ever seen. Who can forget the \’sher and shikaari\’ scenes. Can any film ever come close to Kaun? Is there any better interpretation of Ayn Rand\’s Fountainhead than Naach? As a writer, your films continue to inspire me (have got a collection of all your movies -original dvds) and am sure it hold true for millions of people out there. Let not the criticism deter your spirit of filmmaking films. Wish you all the best Phoonk.

  17. Unknown says:

    I wud like to answer the people who are talkin about the failures of RGV sir that he is a cinematic genious person. he starts thinkin from the point our thinking stops. Who is comparin Shimit Amin with RGV sir, plz tlk to me. Shimit Amin has learned from RGV\’s movies a lot, he has quoted this. In his very first movie SHIVA, RGV sir used the camera angles for the shots no body had done that at that time.did anyone thought to place the camers under the tables n chairs to shoot the scene. Anyone who is doubtin RGV\’s direction capability and intelligence plz first askme ur questions and then go to RGV.

  18. Unknown says:

         As a film goer, I am always in awe of your films as they bring in the aspect of our human emotions that are not generally dealt with by normal films. Living the urban life with little time for entertainment, I get sick of seeing bollywood movies devoid of any creativity. So your films ( all the ones) are super for me looking always for something different. So thanks for providing such entertainment first of all.
    Coming back to your upcoming film Phoonk, I saw the trailers and I am getting ready to be super scared. I think you got a winner here from the promos. There was a movie in telugu called "Kashmora" written by Yendamuri Vereendranath, that I watched as a kid with my mom in the box of sudershan theater in Hyd ( the box was never used and is also now not used. For some strange reason it was opened for this movie and probably me and mom were the only consumers of this box). Now I dont know if it was the effect of the spooky box or not but i was scared stiff of that movie. Especially the performances of some of the actors really took me into the movie and scared me.
         Uptil now I was scared by "Raat" ( Ratri in telugu) a bit but none of the other movies had that scary value, the one which follows you home and keeps you scared for some days to come ( I am sure you want to create that effect). I was afraid of putting my hands in buckets when I watched Jaws for some days, so that lingering effect is what I am talking about.
      The sound track of Phoonk from the promos seems like it will linger. So looking forward for a scary treat.
       From what I hear, hopefully you have included a lot of scenes where things we do normally in a daily routine, without being aware or conscious of the consequences sometime, like stepping on a demonized lemon, etc causing the primary basis for trouble ( act 2) in your movie. I think that will be the scariest part as it lingers, you get reminded when you are walking on the street, when you see a fakir ( or a demonizer) on the road, that doubt that is what causes fear. As its the unkown. Moreso in non believers than in believers.
      You are an expert in observing that and showing from a camera angle that also causes the ambience.
    One thing I would like you to make as well ( since I think you have the potential to do it) is a movie on someone who is very serious about the purpose of his life. A lot of sometimes think what is the purpose of our lives. The key answer to test if we know or not is simple. "if you are alive you dont" 🙂 !! So why not take that and make a movie on that. I think you will do well. Its only that people dont associate you with this emotional Genre. In fact no one in India makes such things. Hope this causes interest within you to dwelve on this and come up with a brilliant story. As I see it India needs more of such movies in genres like "office humor" ( part of it you did explore in Kshana  Kshanam but more from establishing the heroine rather than the office angle). You could even take it up to the level of explaining difficult truths of acheivement and goals to an Indian work force that is largely today being driven by complacency and unethical behaviour. Those stories I think are complex and can be very interesting if explored from a purely psychological angle.
      Somewhat like mixing up your horror ( sans the supernatural) and your political explorations( in Sarkar or Sarkar Raj or Company etc) and making up a very day to day occurence causing huge ripples in the consciousness of people.
          This abstraction can attract a lot of urban people to your movies and I believe it will be a new good genre ro a creator of genres like you.
      What say you??? :)))) !!
    Pavan K Malladi

  19. urvi mehta says:

                 i m URVI. A 17 years old girl…… heard abt ur challenge and dieing to participate from the vary moment!!!!!! sir do gimme a chance to prove myself that i m fearless. i feel ki this is the right way to prove it, nothin is more dareable than to watch ur movie alone, so……… n even interested to beat the challenge badly.
    will b waitin 4 ur dare to call me…… hope u dind got scare to choose me!!!!!!! 

  20. sangam says:

    Hi Ramu garu,I love your films irrespective of their fate. I see them umpteen no of times. I enjoy n analyze watching them. I used to dream of working with you as an asst in my college days. But being a mature guy now, still the same obsession of making films like/with you bothers/pleases me. But watching your films satisfies this desire strangely. Let me just say that you are among the few ones who inspire me and get me going in life with their ideas.

  21. fere says:

    With all DUE respects the name of the German Philosopher you quoted in repsonse no 11 is "Friedrich Nietzsche" and not \’Nietrsche\’

  22. Hiral says:

    I am software engineer want to assist you as had written script which need your kind of direction. Can you help me out. For sample  I have send Sarkar Raj part 3 concept. I have written script on Realistic subject like jehad,Adam and Eve and so on..Pls reply me back

  23. sweet says:

    I can watch this movie alone (look I\’m so daring, hahaha!) please tell me where to watch it, in which theatre ? I\’m from New Delhi

  24. Shivu says:

    The phoonk is not a horror film like bhooth,i think phoonk has poor cinematograhy and ph dir sunitha used cam as child\’s toys and narration,presentation of story not good.

  25. Shivu says:

    The phoonk is not a horror film like bhooth,i think phoonk has poor cinematograhy and ph dir sunitha used cam as child\’s toys and the narration,presentation of story not good,guru rgv manthe hai ki background score se hi logo ko darvane chahate hai par iss film se galath nikla aur isme koyi daranewale scene nahi hai.Apke man me vahi bhooth ka concept,same naration se hame boring lagta hai.Plz b diffrent like old compony rgv.

  26. Unknown says:

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  28. Unknown says:

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  29. Unknown says:

    hello,ramu anniya this is shyam from hyderabad am a big big fan of ur movies .i want to tell some stories and ,u will scare all the audines with ur moves but i want to scary u with my movie if u will give me a chance.i want to continu ramus name after u .soplzzzzzz anniya ….. iam waiting for a chance anniya okaybye …ramu sir

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