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Instead of reviewing reviews of CONTRACT I decided to do that on my series of reactions henceforth. If the idea is to react to the reactions of various people on my thoughts and works then why should I give special attention to the Khalid’s and the Deepa’s of the world? I find more juicier, bitchier and insightful comments coming from others. Come on guys. Let’s have fun!
1. Words can make you or break you – at least that was what I was taught in grammar school.
Ans: I was bad at school and worse at grammar.
2. If only ideas and thoughts matter what is the logic behind “A film by Ram Gopal Varma’s” in the end.
Ans: I love to see my name on screen.
3. If you don’t need acknowledgement and perception, why do you seek attention?
Ans: I am like a kid.
4. Why do only stars get paid bundles and not the people who worked behind?
Ans: Money is never paid to talent or work. It’s paid to the names who get people to buy tickets.
5. Are you a follower of Ayn Rand’s objectivism philosophy?
Ans: Yes. But I rarely apply it.
6. I believe it takes more faith and persistence to become an atheist.
Ans: I really think that is a wonderful observation.
7. Do you read only crime sections in newspapers?
Ans: I definitely don’t read articles on politics and social welfare, and yes, I love watching pictures of sexy babes too.
8. What was the budget of Kaun?
Ans: Rs.75Lakhs shot in 12 days.
9. Why does an army man in Contract listen to a terrorist ranting about his purpose?
Ans: Because he found it interesting and that’s the point of the film.
10. In Contract why is a kid perched on the Commissioner’s desk?
Ans: I just called her and asked her and she told me that the kid is her younger sister’s son who came for holidays.
11. The lawyer Bhansali beats up an invisible woman.
Ans: She is not invisible. She is off the frame and that was intended to capture the kind of man Bhansali is.
12. Why is the gangster permanently stationed at sea with a family of intelligence officers and spice girl?
Ans: Either pay more attention or ask another viewer with more brains or better still don’t watch my films in future.
13. How can the protagonist finish off the entire gang in a jiffy?
Ans: It’s not in a jiffy. If you noticed it was shot in a suspended time.
14. Who killed R.D and the Home Minister?
Ans: The point was to leave a doubt in the audience’s mind which would be more interesting than to clearly tie-up all the loose ends.
15. Why did you engage in blasphemy by calling Contract a trilogy after Satya and Company?
Ans: I didn’t. The media dubbed it as a trilogy. I was only trying to highlight the variance in the concepts.
16. Contracts requires serious trimming?
Ans: Where?
17. What was Shama Sikander doing in the so-called item number in the party sequence?
Ans: Dancing.
18. Why did you make a film like Contract?
Ans: That is a secret.
19. Not bad… is not good enough.
Ans: Point taken.
20. Next time I will wait for one of those pathetic critics to review your film before I rush to see it.
Ans: That just explains how much more pathetic you are.
21. Who keeps financing you after you keep making such turkeys?
Ans: The same people who will never finance you for the classics you are planning to make.
05:45 PM 23/07/2008
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  1. Murali krishna says:

    How do you deal with your sexual desires? Does a man really need a woman? And finally how to get extreme self-confidence like you?

  2. somechap says:

    Baradwaj Rangan is one of the better movie reviewers and he won the national award last year. I think his reviews are very unbiased and objective. He even did a great review of Sarkar Raj.
    Check out his review of contract:
    Check out his review of Sarkar Raj:

  3. Unknown says:

    If Karan johan were to tell you that he wants to remake one of your films, which film will you suggest (assuming that you will let him remake one of your films) and if you were offered to remake a \’classic\’  of his which would you direct… Now if you want to know Karan johar\’s film namesKuch Kuch Hota HaiKabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham ( Referred by you in Company where Neeraj does a \’Karan\’ act\’Kabhi Alvida Na KehnaFilms he producedKal Ho Na HoKaalPls… am waiting for an answer on this one ….please oblige 😉

  4. kishan says:

    I used to wait restlessly for your next movie (in 90\’s) and now I wait for your next blog entry..

  5. Unknown says:

    I absolutely love your witty answers, but sadly cant come up with anything controversial for you to comment sooo do u recommend i go see "Contract"

  6. gouravaraju says:

    please , please answer this question, many a times many asked this question." why did u leave tollywood, when u will be directing a telugu film and we are eagerly waiting for this"

  7. unknown says:

    Pls make a movie with my fac actress sex bomb shakeela..eagerly waiting for your combo!!!!!!!

  8. Unknown says:

    why should i watch contract?

  9. Trimex says:

    20. Next time I will wait for one of those pathetic critics to review your film before I rush to see it.Ans: That just explains how much more pathetic you are.
    Context is the king. You are pathetic.

  10. Unknown says:

    congrats!!…ur film has flopped again…..keep up the good work….u r our pride….

  11. Kevin says:

    thank god I don\’t pay to watch your movies (but i do watch them hoping "this film might be a quality film like RGV used to make), not only have you been turning out shitty films the last 5 years (except Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, and to an extent Nishabd), you have zero consideration for viewers who PAY to watch your films. and the worst parts are that 1, you don\’t give a damn, and 2, you\’re way too arrogant to admit yes I made a shitty film.  After watching contract I can\’t believe you can sit there and say "i made a good film".  in any case, best of luck in your endeavors

  12. Vinay says:

    All reviewers have trashed Contract. Looks like they came back with a vengeance, after you did a reaction to their reviews on Sarkar Raj.
    Come on dont be a spoilsport. Do the  "reactions to the reviews" of contract. …. or is it that you agree with all the reviewers

  13. Rajesh Reddy says:

    One word to describe \’Contract\’ is  TRASHand predictable thing about RGV is \’unpredictability\’

  14. Chris says:

    Hello, Mr. Varma!Haven\’t had the chance to see CONTRACT, yet.  The section of Arizona, USA, I live in does not have a cinema where Indian films are shown (a few miles away in Tucson, they do, but with the gas prices these days…that isn\’t really an option).However, I just noticed that a DVD is about to be available here.   So, I will definitely buy the disc to view the film.I figure with all the bad reviews, hateful reactions, and bad-mouthing this film is getting–the film will undoubtedly be precisely to my taste!I never pay much attention to what critics say about films (who is to say they haven\’t been paid to slag a film?). I quite enjoy the experience of making up my own mind what to like, or not like.  Making up one\’s own mind as to what to like seems to be a sadly disappearing thing among today\’s moviegoers.So, I am truly looking forward to the experiencing CONTRACT—and I am looking forward to the other 97 films in your gangster hundredology. *ha-ha*All the best,Chris 

  15. I says:

    Are you a follower of Ayn Rand’s objectivism philosophy?Ans: Yes. But I rarely apply it.
    >>>You are right you defenitely didn\’t apply it. You wudn\’t have create SR the way it is.It was super hit but it wasn\’t what it shud be. You gave up.

  16. Jay says:

    >20. Next time I will wait for one of those pathetic critics to review your film before I rush to see it.>Ans: That just explains how much more pathetic you are.What is the need to be so spiteful. Anyone who is curious about a movie will ask for an opinion on how the movie was from the people who have seen it. And the so called critics\’ opinion is just another opinion. If everybody wants to judge a movie by themselves, then there would not be a single flop, would there? People will keep churning out one crap movie after another, and then pat themselves for a brilliant movie just because it is a hit. But things don\’t work that way, do they? Comon, you are intelligent enough to understand this!!

  17. karthik says:

    7. Do you read only crime sections in newspapers?Ans: I definitely don’t read articles on politics and social welfare, and yes, I love watching pictures of sexy babes too.
    we all know that Ramu 😉 lol
    About 12 years back, when Anaganaga oka roju released, you said in an interview that you liked having sex, but you cannot tell it in public because it will be…
    I forgot what you said, or the point you were trying to make, but I remember that you said you like having sex. I am sure that everyone seen the interview, forgot the point you were trying to make and only remembered that thing. I was a kid, but I still felt awkward before my family with whom I was watching. Did you feel awkward in front of your family after saying that in an interview. My guess is that you didn\’t give a damn. But relations dont remain the same after you publicly announce that you are a pervert, right? Anyways thats your personal matter. Its your life… your will… your wish. I knda enjoyed the guts from someone to say things like that, or is it shamelessness? Are they both same?

  18. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

         Contract isthe movie of ur kind butnot totally, some scenes are looking terrific like,
    Amaan entering to RD\’s place the fight & amaan talkingto comissioner  then he kills the other person aznd immediately he talks to the police saying veryforcely ,RD comes and asks to check the mobile of the dead one………
     Amaan\’s character is very energetic both physically and mentally, his move is depending on the current situation
    Coming to adhvik, his eyebrows dominated his facial expressions

  19. Unknown says:

    okay..earlier, i had doubts about a guy doing a back flip, while the hero passes by on a motorcycle..but after watching the film the scene fits..and its been shot smartly as it doesnt look likes done by using wires(which i have started to hate personally)..I also enjoyed the film, yes its not in league with Satya and Comapny..but you have cleared my doubt earlier and thats why i wasnt expecting it to be a quasi trilogy..the only thing that doesnt really fit in was the Hero..i dont doubt his talent, he is good..has good screen presence..but the voice..just the voice..he sounds completely opposite of his personality..Randeep Huda would have looked awesome playing Aman..even the guy who played Jai part in AAG..he was a good pickRest of the film was entertaining..i enjoyed it.

  20. karthik says:

    In the starting of the movie, a remorseful Amaan is shown handcuffed and being taken somewhere and then he is shown recollecting some scenes in the movie as flashbacks. But then he doesn\’t get arrested in the end.
    a)So were you playing the  undependable narrator to make the audience think something, but the climax turns out something else, because he isn\’t arrested.
    b)He was supposed to get arrested when you first started making the movie, but in the end it turned out to be something else completely altogether and you forgot or were lazy to change those scenes.
    c) A scene from the future… which goes beyond the climax of the movie
    d) all above
    e) none of the above
    f) secret!

  21. gcs says:

    After watching CONTRACT, all I want to say is Khalid mohamed was generous in giving 1 * in his review & Mr. Rajeev Masand was a bit flimsy in giving 0 *. CONTRACT falls somewhere……. in between !!!!! Except for a handful of scenes (like the way in which the encounter specialist kills a gangster in a theatre [glimpse of real RGV]) Of late, your films are becoming more & more predictable (although, the \’thought\’ may be novel, but the execution part is predictable) which is disturbing… Promos of \’Phoonk\’ is promising but I strongly feel that you should break the mould & try to explore new themes before its too late…. I am sure u r working on that…….. Recently in an TOI interview you had mentioned that \’\’sometimes things go out of control & before you could correct it , it\’ll be too late….\’\’ Well, it seems like, this thought came to you as soon as you saw CONTRACT\’s final copy.

  22. Unknown says:

    The idea of blogging is grossly overrated Directors making crap like Sarkar Raj \’n\’ Contract and then becoming part time critics through blogs when their ego can\’t handle crappy reviews.  Why blame Khalid, Deepa etc – it\’s as simple as crap in crap out.  Can\’t believe Khalid gave even that 1 * to this pathetic piece of whatever.  Even watching it free on Youtube is a sheer waste of time. 

  23. Unknown says:

    your Reactions are Good!!

  24. saurabh says:

    So you\’ve decided that you\’ll now make crap films only . Why make so many films one after the other and reducing the quality of each .  Are you in some hurry or wanna create some record of making the largest number of unsuccessful films . Bad part about your industry is that they will always remember you for your failures and not success . You are one of my fav film makers and at least I can\’t see such films coming out from you . Whose comment in the whole world matters to you the most ? If you just make films for yourselves then why do you want to release it in public and cause financial loss to people depended on you

  25. Unknown says:

    Ama(a)n thinks about the events happened in his life before Mr. Hussain ‘plants’ him in jail to get into the RD’s gang and after that there are no flashbacks and so the end is justified but I will agree that it could have been done better. And one request before writing your spiteful comments please make sure what you are writing is correct or you may receive RGV’s spiteful comments.

  26. Jith says:

    Contract requires serious trimming:
    I don\’t know who suggested that. But there is a reviewer who always suggests the same.If he wants to praise a film he will praise it to the sun and since  it\’s a crime for a critic not to mention any negative points he always says senetences like "second have could have been trimmed by atleast 20 mins","second half needs serious trimming". Interesting thing is he  has hatred only to second halves and never says this about the first half.
    He\’ll suggest this even for films which is  only 2 :30 hrs long.
    I feel movies like Sarkar Raj should have been lengthier.According to common man\’s psychology in India ,shouldn\’t people be happy if the film is long as they will get more movie time for their money,unless the proceedings are that boring?

  27. Unknown says:

    <Either pay more attention or ask another viewer with more brains or better still don’t watch my films in future.>
    <That just explains how much more pathetic you are.>
    <The same people who will never finance you for the classics you are planning to make. >

    keep going man..
    these pathetic, brainless people ?
    why should you care? who begged them to watch the movie ?
    as long as you know  you are making good movies, why should you care to listen ?
    what do others know about how much you worked hard to make this movie,
    uff all those technicalities, all those close-ups, hard hitting b-movie
    dialogues? so what if its copied from departed ? who isnt retarded ?
     so whats if its a flop ? so what if its a flop ?  it aint new ? it aint new !!!
     who cares for the name ? I aint no shame !! how can anybody hit ? I am a piece of shit !

  28. Jith says:

    The same people who will never finance you for the classics you are planning to make.
    Classic response 🙂

  29. Unknown says:

    Background music is life for action and mafia movies. In Sarkar Raj it is more dominating than your prev flicks.
    Infact some time i felt it took away the actual scene.

  30. karthik says:

    Thanks dude! good observation. So many guys got this doubt… so may be only the best of observers like you cud understand.
    I dont care if Ramu says I am stupid for not understanding this. I will say the same to him for making a movie like contract! haha 

  31. Unknown says:

    @Jith<The same people who will never finance you for the classics you are planning to make.
    Classic response :)>That just explains how much more pathetic you are  🙂

  32. Unknown says:

    14. Who killed R.D and the Home Minister?It is clear that Aman killed RD and he lied to Iya because "Jaan se bad kar Kaam" and it seems like Ramu wants to make a sequel of Contract.. What do u say Ramu?

  33. Kedarnath Reddy says:

    >14. Who killed R.D and the Home Minister?
    He lied to Iya becasue .. at any cost he decided to kill that mafia person.. and if he didnt lie.. things can get haywire becasue of Iya.. But  if not now.. but soon Iya could find who killed RD…If there\’s a sequel.. Ramu may explain it..
    I think this kind of loose ends are meant to audience to analyze in their own way.. but in this he must have shown some clue. like.. some scene that assures who killed RD so that viewrs can make sure that Aman Lied to Iya… or may be i am wrong…

  34. santosh says:

    HAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! Wonderful replies specially No.12, 17,18,20,21. Urs is definitely the best blog in the industry,if only ur recent films were as good! I know who killed RD & the home minister but its ………………..SECRET HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. vaishak says:

    My Mini Review On \’Contract"1.I like the film. Already watched it 2 times.2. I was prepared by RGV campaign. So i didn\’t have issues with an army captain listening to the \’propaganda philosophy\’ speaking terrorist. but in fact, If aman was this nice guy who even get brainwashed by a terrorist talk of 3 mins, he wouldn\’t have been a captain in indian army. Then what\’s the point in conducting military practise for them. Almost all indian army officers who may watch this scene will laugh at it. But It was okay with me. Because from the film maker\’s angle it\’s the premise which made him to make the movie and Ramu prepared his fans by saying that this is a luc besson kind of film and it won\’t relive satya experience.So there is nothing wrong in that.3.This film will enjoy a rise in BO collection. Don\’t mind it\’s slow start. Both shows were not housefull when i watched it two times.Family audience have mixed response.But i know people who liked this movie really.4. Adhwaik Mahajan is a promising actor. He is more better in his first film when it get compared all khans and roshans of the industry and he is not a \’conventional-handsome\’  guy. His lower teeth frame is a little bit bad-shaped. But thats not a problem. He deliver good performance and not showing that \’attitude thing\’ when he delivers much heroic dialogues.Even he managed to keep balance in \’Dharmendra kind of dialogues"  like "Ek mokkaa sirrrrrrrr….."PLot :            The premise is not new. I have seen same kind of theme in intense films like Kamal Haasan\’s "Kuruthi punal"[Remake of Nihlani\’s Drohkaal] and 2003 Malayalam film "Ivar"."Ivar" film has the same plot in which an IPS officer goes as a mole in Underworld Gang.It was a good film but flopped in Kerala Box Office.Screen Play   :                         Nothing new is there. I know each and every scene. But the  scene order Prashanth Pandey  has given  for the stuff is very fine. Because even i know every scene, i am waiting for the next scene, thinking what will happen next[ full credit to RGV\’s directon, i will come to it later]. I hate Prashanth for "Sarkar Raj", but here he is okay with his job.Cinematography   :                                 Thank God…..Amit Roy is out…….No blue…..No green…..No red….No Sepia………Good cinematography…Realistic and suits to the design of the film…..I loved the beginning..and the intro scene of "Hero encounter specialist"…..Low ground….It looks as realistic as somebody captured the stuff with his cam corder in a theatre….I like Realistic cinematography……Thanks to Aseem Mishra…..Direction  :                      Guru RGV is back. Anyway this is not \’Satya\’ and \’Company". But \’Contract\’ is definitely male, not like a female "Sarkar Raj".From the opening scene , It\’s Ram Gopal Varma in every frame with total control. When Ramu told \’\’its a Luc besson\’ kind of a film, i expected a below average film like "The Transport"…Sorry…."Contract\’ Is far more better.Direction is so crisp that you cant see any wanted stuff out there in the screen and direction keeps the audiece wait for the next scene to see what will happen.Introduction of \’Encounter specialist\’ scene needs a special mention……..Ramu shoots it in his own way…back to old days..the scene where he runs naked……..Goonga\’s scene..his wife….it\’s full of ramu…..Men jumps from helicopter like monster bugs to the top of the boat where goonga lives…[ Brutal reality style, i ever noticed this kind of an emotional absence in fight scenes of ramu\’s films..In \’Sarkar\’ \’  soldier men\’ breaks the front glass of the car ,and through that hole they fires the man..One of the final scene….We can feel the brutality of the killing…Brilliant direction]Shoot-out in the BAnkoke beach ………Good idea……..Advocate BAnsali and his Off-screen Wife………..a terrific sultan……Nazzir hussain delivered it in a way that everybody in the theatre came out hating him…..RD and Goonga   :                                      I can\’t rate these two men…I don\’t know who is most brilliant…Literally they rocks all the way………..RD is Dawood and Gongoo is Chotta. But Ramu is informed about the mumbai underworld through \’D\’ men. So \’COntact" shows "RD" as a Great gangster and Goonga is a \’darpok\’ gangster who lives in boat which moves continously…But According to  Tehelka :[ "Question :The Dawood camp has actually managed to pump bullets into you and kill many from your gang. Is he the stronger don? ]Rajan :      
    " It is not the question of being stronger. He has the support of an
    entire country, of the Pakistani establishment. I have no such support,
    even the Mumbai Police doesn’t support me. Even a Bharat Shah, who
    finances films with underworld money, has status and contacts. I
    operate differently. I kill in the national interest. In India’s
    interest. I killed the Nepal mp Dilshad Beg, who was a big ISI agent.
    That helped India. I killed Sharad Shetty, Dawood’s close associate.
    That also helped India." ———————————————————————————————————–According to these interviews of Chotta, I don\’t think he is such a gangster who feel very much inferior to Dawood.Things i dislike about \’Contract"1. Ramu doesn\’t shows how RD dies…? when a man dies, he will show some comic expression which diminish his great image in the viewers\’ eye..and thats visual psychology…….So by not showing his death, Ramu makes him Great. His image in viewer\’s mind is still great.2.The love stuff between hamara hero and that Iya sister Of \’D\’. They goes in a cruiser boat and shoots down poor Goonga and his men….I feel so sad about Goonga\’s wife who wander in the dead boat like a insane…oh..what a cruelty is that [ but thats reality and thats brillaince..hats off for that…But from that point i hate IYa…]3.The cliched Twinkle Twinkle little star sentimence which u can see in a B-movie. And its new version of Ek Bomb lagana mangatha hai bhai\’ stuff……and crawling body show of Adhwaik . LIghting of that scene makes the viewer feel like it\’s shot separately in a studio and pasted on that beach background then. Because Sun is behind him [may be, i didn\’t remember of seeing sun in that frame ] and his front part of his body shines in gold lighting…4. " IF you don\’t understand that stuff, why you are wasting your time on it , CHange the channel and watch Mtv.."….An ex-captain was saying this…..Aman who recruit you to indian army, i want to see that punk…….Goonga and his wife        :                                              Goonga is just brilliant. But the actress who performed as his wife is more brilliant..She lives as Mirchi, Goonga\’s dear wife……[Sujatha….?…Hmmmm…]Goonga becomes \’Tony montana" when he see the helicopter. Oh..awesome ramu..hats off….The way he realises that he is going to die..that terror and panic in Upendra Limaye\’s face….Great……….What an actor he is…next scene..When mirchi search and get the bullet tray and turn to give it to her husband, there is silence…Yes Goonga is out…But you know something…when mirchi searches it, i sensed it….Ramu…..In our native, if a small boy acts so brilliantly, parents use to appraciate him by calling him a"kallan [mallu word for thief] ……i wanted to call you like that when i saw that scene…kallaaaaaaa…Ha ha ha…………..Mirchi\’s reaction when she realises her hubby\’s death [ These scenes of Goonga and mirchi are idea-packed stuff]…………I think "Goonga n mirchi" is the reason i watched this film twice….

  36. vaishak says:

    Ramu wins where he failed In "AAG"           :

                 1. How Rd kills the encounter specialist. Its the
    re-version of AAG\’s "kitne" scene….but Here RGV
    wins…………….Even i liked that scene from "AAG"……But in AAg
    it was more sergio leonish slow,[the waiting for the stranger in the
    raliway station scene of  "Once Upon a Time in The wesT"

    2. This is the example of RGV\’s fascinations towards the "70\’s  Angry
    Young man Stuff" after JAMES and SHIVA. Thats the design. JAMES and
    Shiva were too weak in everything.  May Be Ramu\’s idea was putting the
    same angry young man in a different, more reasonable situation [murder
    of his family by terrorists and he becomes an angry
    stuff]…………Idea worked out well…………….

    3.Comic book character of shooter in \’Sarakar Raj". Here it\’s a police
    officer Ahmed Hussain who have a coffee cup in his hands even when he
    is going to die [in the car,not in the last scene where he dies
    ]….Its okay here..nobody laugh at that….Shooter was a
    fun…hmmm..really i feel laughing when i think of that shooter. AT
    last he dies like spider who has beaten by a man by his shoes…..ha ha

    4. Who\’s that girl who featured as IYa……beautiful and delivers a
    controlled performance…She is not over acting like Preity Zinta,
    Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan [this lady killed "nagavalli\’ of
    \’Manichithrathaazhu" when it becomes "Bhool Bhulaiyya" and what a
    horrible boring comic performance].

    5. Adhwaik is so fit in the role but after seeing \’Phoonk\’ trailor,
    i think if you cast sudeep instead of adhwaik in this movie, it would
    have been different. He is "film-noir" hero , a ramu hero .

    I have read Khalid Mohammed\’s Review. He has written hardly 2 paragraph. thats it….I will try bto complain hindusthan times web that he is not working for what he is getting paid….He will write 7 para for Veer-Zaara and "Ta Ra Rum Pum"…………

    My doubt
                          Chotta rajan called Ramu when he is
    making "D" and asked why he want to do a film to fashionising a \’Desh
    drohi"….And ramu replied him that his character is not Dawood and
    It\’s a hindu character..

    Guru, what you are going to say this time to rajan if he asked "why did you kill me , my wife and my men….in that film…?"    […you will be in trouble]
    With love….Vaishak Nambiar

  37. artinem says:

    why wasnt contract released in australia? will phoonk be released here?

  38. Narendra says:

    I\’m not sure if this is the right place but I just can\’t stop myself from sharing this brilliant joke I just came across with all RGV fans out there. Sorry Ramuji for being a spoil sport.

    Russian: Sir we got a huge order from USA for 16 inches condoms. I think it is to embrass us.
    Boss: No problem! Complete the order and mark them SMALL SIZE.

  39. Unknown says:

    Dont worry Narendra, No serious or better discussions happen here.

  40. Suraj says:

    impressed to know that \’Kaun\’ was made out of less than a crore! This
    reminds me of one incomplete venture of  yours, film called \’EK\’. It
    was supposed to be a 100 crore deal, Isnt it? What happened to that
    project? Why it was shelved off mid way?Regards,SurajP.S. Can one justify creativity with big money?

  41. shiva says:

    this is gotto be your worst film till date. thatz all i have to say about this movie. take a break RGV. can\’t see you ruining yourself.

  42. Unknown says:

    Contract 1st week per screen average INR 90646.  RGV just keeps pushing the assembly line, but hardly are there any takers.  Even a grossly mediocre KK fetched in over 3 lacs per screen. 

  43. Jith says:

    Hundred rupees you (or your producer or whoseover) are getting as part of contract\’s collection is mine. I would be much satisfied if you put it in some temple\’s donation box.Well,it\’s not that the film is too bad.The fact is I am not an ardent hindi film follower who watches each and every movie , review it,so and so.. and I haven\’t seen many of your movies.Apart from a couple of scenes(1.Hero shoots zakkir husain( love this actor from johny gaddar)  on the exact time when everyone wants him die 2.Dhara  3.killing of goonga) there is no freshness in the  movie.Each and every scene reminds you some other movie which you have seen already. Perhaps it\’s because of the uncountable number of movies available in front of your eyes in the same genre.  a few of these might be good and most of them are junk.But in most of these junk movie this underworld-terrorism link is mentioned in some way…it may not be as openly like dawood-rajan stereotypes as in contract.if it\’s from a debutant director ,i don\’t know ,i might have liked it !!!

  44. kedar says:

    hi Ramu…ok lets have fun… i will watch CONTRACT now…there would be N number of story telling mistakes…and i will point them out…you ignore them or read them i dont care… i liked your approach… lets have FUN! you wait and i will be back soon…i am busy with my own work but will find time to watch Contract…not that i want to point out mistakes but i want to have FUN with a daring mind like u… Blunt honesty is rare these days… you have it… whether your views are right or wrong is matter of Perception… but LETS HAVE FUN! how many more projects you are planning to make? let me ask you a question…how much money would u pay for a screenplay…if you are planning to make 1000 films i would like to write 1001 films… will you survive to make that one more film and how much would u pay for each screenplay? Lets have fun!

  45. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,
    I hope you continue keep making these/your kind of films, though bad reviews were given about Contract, it wasn\’t as bad as it was reviewed by the people, media is probably against you. I liked the movie, songs could have been deleted in the movie with much better background score. I like the villains in your movies. I heard Veerappan is not directed by you, I hope you would direct it. 

  46. artinem says:

    If goonga and RD were partners once upon a time before splitting, how come goonga did not recognize RD\’s sister when she comes on the speed boat?

  47. Unknown says:

    Can u send the DVD of contract so that i can watch it and make comments

  48. Jith says:

    @NoName:@Jith<The same people who will never finance you for the classics you are planning to make.
    Classic response :)>That just explains how much more pathetic you are  :)noname:The name itself shows how much great you are.Well.coming to the point,RGV has clearly explained from were he gets producers in his previous posts.What kind of answer you expect from him when  the intention of the question is obvious as dayligh?.Even if someone beats his mother, there will be two opinions.Anyhow,I found RGV\’s response interesting! and you found me pathetic!  sarvam maya!

  49. Unknown says:

    I have watched "sarkar raj" … not in theatre… but in computer… that too.. a pirated video… May be… not only you.. but almost everyone copies… the movie is good… i\’m not here to write any reviews of it… for me, a movie should entertain me for 2 to 3 hours… that\’s all… nothing else matters me much… I\’m writing u a comment just because … u have entertained me with your movie… good …

  50. sandeep says:

    i watched contract ..liked it ..though was disappointed by the performance of zakir. i liked ur portrayals of villains as most of ur villains are cool headed, calm, and don\’t scare to death by expression.but this was disappointing.anyways at the end aman decides to go after the big brothers of terrorism …any sequels in planning ….

  51. Unknown says:

    goonga and RD were partners once upon a time before splitting, how come
    goonga did not recognize RD\’s sister when she comes on the speed boat?Artinem – I guess she was a baby when goonga was working with Expect the same response from RGV :p

  52. sachin says:

    I have an idea for Sarkar III. How about a blend of underworld and Sarkar? Sarkar first supports an underworld don and brings him strong then once the don starts going against the people, against Sarkar, Sarkar finishes him. People will compare this with Balasaheb Thackeray and Arun Gawli (Though Thackeray didn\’t play any role in making Gawli strong, he just supported Gawli at one point). You are good at showing Underworld and we already know Sarkar series so its like best of both worlds!  Another idea can be some one else tries to play Sarkar, tries to dethrone the real sarkar and in the end bites the dust. You may cast Amitabh in double role here. In the climax, you can show that the idea of creating a parallel Sarkar was of some politicians who wanted to finish Sarkar.

  53. Anil says:

    An interesting article I came across today. You MAY have fun reading it.

    eccentric film maker Ramgopal Varma is one man who is known for his
    controversial statements and also for the hard hitting films he makes.
    Whether the movie clicks or not, it sure makes news and develops some
    sort of sensation that is relished for a long time.
    This time it is the turn of his latest release \’Contract\’ which
    conked at the box office but then it has now come into attention since
    a scene is shown in the movie which has bomb blasts in it and
    unfortunately, the recent bomb blasts at Ahmedabad has been done in the
    exact way. While uproar has already started as to Ramu has been giving
    ideas to terrorists on bomb setting and places of exploding them, the
    irony is this is not the first time such formula has been applied.
    Going back few years, the serial bomb blasts which were the master
    mind of underworld kingpin Dawood Ibrahim was on same lines and he
    ensured that people run from one place to another and set another more
    powerful bomb to get maximum casualties. So it is high time that people
    stop blaming and finding reasons to hit out at someone. They must be
    united and open their eyes in the real world to be alert and sense if
    something unusual is happening rather than sticking the gun out on a
    film maker. Source:

  54. Unknown says:

    Mr. Verma,
    Do you get affected by some wave..
    I mean some time you go behind Ghosts to a level that u make continuous movies on BHOOTS..
    Then you remember Gangsters..u for them!
    sometimes u go mad behind people–u want them badly…
    Urmila, Antara,, Nisha… amitabh and so on…
    Are you eccentric?

  55. dipu says:

    Dear RGVThis is my view about Sarkar Raj.Too much predictability  ruins  Sarkar Raj…Also  there was no need for romantic angle between Abhishek and Ash. Please don\’t make Sarkar 3.RegardsDipuP.S.Can we get an Indian interpreation of  "The Departed" from you?

  56. Unknown says:

    hi,can u pls tell ur fav and worse 5 movies during last decade ,pls dont include any of ur own movies in either list

  57. ajay says:

    finally got to watch contract … hope it sticks around in the theatres for another week.. want to watch it… primary reason.. the villains… goonga in particular.. and that scene "nanga is important… enjoy the situation"… the cacophony of the husband wife… was brilliant…. it hurt my throat to hear me… that\’s impact… and there are few filmmakers capable of achieving that kind of impact…to hell with those reviewers.. really.. am glad ur sticking to responding to \’aam admi\’ rather than those critics with their holier than thou attitude… (altho many of the site are no different!)contract was very different from satya and company… .. i wonder how ppl even think of calling it a sequel or part of a trilogy or anything…. its a more human story… its a story thats supposed to affect us.. not just hit us… its clearly seeking a different sort of an impact …watched sarkar raj again… its still playing in noida (thank god for a freelancing career!!) … might go again on thursday.. am afraid this might just be the last week… did u happen to watch aamir btw? and if u did wht did u think of it? do u really get time to watch movies?any plans of coming to delhi? *switching to my wishful thinking mode* …  I\’d love to meet you and discuss a few movie ideas i have… two almost complete screenplays…. very different from the things u\’ve been doing tho… lets see wht the future holds for us…looking fwd to phoonk…

  58. Unknown says:

    idolizing human as a God is a sin and I did that you brought me out of it.  you showed me human life was filled with  trials and tribulations.  would it have been wrong had both of us ended up Gods (at least in our own rights)?
    the terrorist.

  59. Unknown says:

    hi rgv.
    i have been a lover of your movies since Shiva. with all your initial movies, you really made steady improvements and were all instant classics.In hindi, up until company and then later sarkar and sarkar raj, they have all been really great. AAG was painful, but i guess you will agree too. thats ok, you experiment a lot and something which you conceptualized did not actually translate onto screen. But just when I thought you turned it around and back in form with "sarkar raj", you come up with "contract". I liked the story of it, but not the actors, the lead actor has no expressions on his face and not to mention the rest of the cast. SATYA was brilliant because of the actors in it too. I think you need to take a break for a while and revisit your thought, that an idea is enough to make a movie. I think you strongly believe in the concept of just having an "idea".
    I cannot watch go down this "assembly line\’ production on movies , almost one – every month – pumping out movies one after another, to damage your reputation. you have a great name, great marketability, please dont keep making movies like a factory . take a break, write a great script or get a great group together and come back with a bang.
    please dont sarcatically reply to this one. I am sincerely giving you a suggestion. please do reply to my comment, since this is first time, I am writing one , though  I have been reading your blog for a long time now.
    thank you.

  60. Sankalp says:

    Hi there RGV…well let me just ask you one thing…is Phoonk is a copied version of exorcist, the ring & omen ???

  61. Unknown says:

    RAM GOPAL VARMA NEEDS REST SERIOUSLY ……………To Ram Gopal Varma,Aag (film) lagane ke baad ab phoonk (film) ke kya fayda ye toh aag lagane se pehle hi soch lena tha . aur ab phoonk (film) banayi hai shayad ye aag se bhi ghatiya hai isiliye ye publicity kardi ki jo ye film akele dekhega usse 5 lakh diya jayega . tumlog publicity ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte ho . public ko dikhane ke liye contest rakh diya select karenge khudi ke log tumhare apne log phoonk (film) dekhenge aur kahenge kya film banayi hai mein dekh nahi sakta puri film, mein darr gaya, bullshit . public ko kya ……. samzha hai. mumbai mirror mein add de diya aur challenge kar diya, mein tayar hu teri ghatiyan horror phoonk (film) dekhne . theatre chod mujhe akele kisi bhoot bunglow mein bhi jake dekhna pada to mein tayar hoon. i am ready ab dekhna hai tujhme kitna dum hai .I accept ur challenge …. wht abt u ….Instead of working on the fake publicity for ur film do work more on ur film it will work . Bcos good film don\’t need such cheap publicity . GET WELL SOON
    RegardsKailash RaoBorivali

  62. gouravaraju says:

    watched contract, the movie idea was good but….dont think it is a suggestion, this is my opinion. your films are going in the same kind of screenplay and contract is not an exception. got bored with the monotonous one. please try to tell your stories in some other and fresh way.  you  are capable of doing it. who else can think in a different way than my fav RAM GOPAL VARMA. all the best and hope you react to my opinion.

  63. Chris says:

    Greetings, Mr. Varma!As I had stated in my previous comment, I had been anxiously awaiting the chance to experience CONTRACT for myself.  And thanks to the DVD which was just recently released here in the States, I finally had that opportunity, this evening.  And my verdict is that CONTRACT is a fine bit of cinema, indeed!  I know it all comes down to mere opinions and personal taste, but I truly do not understand why some people find the narrative confusing or why they take exception to the manner in which some events are played out in this film. I personally felt that the plot unfolded in a very clear and clever manner. I didn\’t think the film was at all boring or a mere re-tread of your past work.  I don\’t see why people seem to think this film must be held up and judged against SATYA, or COMPANY, or any of your other works, for that matter.  It is a different film and should not be viewed in the light, or shadow, of the others!  In my estimation the film stands on its own merit.  It was executed quite well and accomplished its mission (i.e., it was highly entertaining!).  Having said all that, I must confess that I did find Adhvik Mahajan\’s line delivery annoyingly drab at times.  But, at other times, this type of  line delivery actually seemed to fit with the stoicism his character required.  Apart from that minor quibble,  I found the movie to be damn fine!  It might not be a perfect film, but it is perfectly entertaining! But, of course, that is only my opinion.  Good work, Mr. Varma—thank you very much!!Now..on to the next one!All the best,Chris

  64. Chris says:

    Greetings, once again!Forgive me for posting yet another comment, but I just had forgotten something I wanted to mention.  The climactic gun-battle between Aman/Amaan and Sultan\’s gang reminded me (in a good way!) of the final confrontation between the Bishop gang and Mapache\’s soldiers in Sam Peckinpah\’s classic THE WILD BUNCH. That suspended beat, just after Aman shoots Sultan…the reactions…then the gunplay…nicely done! Bravo!The more I think on it..the more I like CONTRACT.  Perhaps, that is one of the reasons the film isn\’t doing such great box office—it requires the viewer to pay some attention and to think (and I don\’t think that is a popular thing among moviegoers these days! ha ha!).I can\’t wait to watch CONTRACT once again!Viva Varma!

  65. thirumal says:

    Its pleasure to share ur blog.
    This was conversation among my friends and myself,one of them was saying he is feeling nothing new how u have been carrying out ur movies these days.And he is fond of yash chopra and karan johar films too but he is not feeling bored while watching those movies.
    On the other day i was watching TV changing channels abruptly in searching of a programme and suddenly one of them said \’Some ramu movie is coming there,check it.Then i returened and it was Antham.(he took it with just a small glimpse of a camera angle).
        I know their sensibilities and their preffered movies.They r the front runners for CHIRU,BALAKRISHNA……movies(and they r well educated too).
    What i wanna say is,their reactions r saying that what the impact that u thrown on from ur movies.Starting from charecters,camera angles,plots etc.
    They r the decisive audience in this country and they r not feeling bored of those candyflose movies.
    Would u like to change format or presentation of ur movies in ur own style.
    whats ur take on this.

  66. Dhwanit says:

    hey rgv….i just want to say dont listen to the people who criticise you because you are one of the only directors left who taes up such controversial topics…..cant wait to se phoonk….keep making such movies because they all rock….

  67. Unknown says:

    give me a chance to watch phoonk alone for 5lakh i want to accept challenge

  68. artinem says:

    i loved all the scenes in contract which feature RD, Goonga and Sultan and hate all the scenes which feature your new discovery hero(what\’s his name again)

  69. Unknown says:

    hello ramu sir,                      i accept ur challange because i like this type challange ok i meet u at ur dark theater if u select me……………………..

  70. Unknown says:

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