Reactions to reactions

1. Did you apprenticeship under anyone?
Ans: No.
2. Is it possible for someone to direct without any prior experience?
Ans: The only thing you need to direct, is the clarity of your own vision and the ability to communicate it to your cast and crew. Experience has got nothing to do with it.
3. How was the shot in Kshanam Kshanam of the guy falling between 2 carriages taken?
Ans: That was a dummy. The close-up of Sridevi’s reaction after that is what created an illusion of seeing a real person fall.
4. Do you make calculated statements for attention?
Ans: Everything I do is only for attention.
5. Haven’t you ever cried?
Ans: Only weaklings cry! I psyched myself to feel like Superman.
6. How can people like Black Friday, Satya and Karan’s films at the same time?
Ans: It takes all kinds to make the world.
7. I think you are antisocial, have no decency, have no morals or respect just like other atheists.
Ans: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Anything else?
8. If you copy scenes from other movies then how can you be the best?
Ans: I am the best copier.
9. Was the scene in Shiva of Nagarjuna reacting to Naresh in hospital bed thought of instantaneously?
Ans: I copied it from Mad Max.
10. Amitabh and Aamir take pains to acknowledge the reader while answering. Why don’t you?
Ans: Names and people don’t matter. Ideas and thoughts do.
11. You don’t see the need to please anybody?
Ans: The only one I want to please is myself.
12. I am extremely pleased that you read my comments and responded.
Ans: Here’s a piece of unsolicited advice. Don’t care about what others think of you. Your identity should never be dependent upon others acknowledgements and perceptions of you.
13. Please don’t water down your instincts by fearing Rajeev Masand’s egg.
Ans: I love eggs.
14. For all the bravado you project I think you get shaken with people’s criticism.
Ans; If thinking that makes you happy, please do.
15. The Phoonk posting of yours is just a clever ad for the film.
Ans: It is meant to be. You thought I was concerned about sharing my experiences with you just for the heck of it or what!
16. I noticed the shadow of jib camera in Sarkar Raj.
Ans: I did too.
17. The word agnostic would be better than atheist.
Ans: As long as you get my point does the right word matter?
18. In Sarkar why did you make Abhishek take such a long walk before he tells Sarkar that he killed his brother.
Ans: Only because of the long pause I think that dialogue has the effect.
19. Why don’t you write your scripts yourself?
Ans: I hate both writing and typing.
20. Why do you make films in a hurry? Instead of that why don’t you take more time and come up with stories that will be remembered for long?
Ans: I want to make a thousand films and I don’t care to be remembered.
21. I couldn’t help but notice all these things being an eccentric myself.
Ans: I felt very happy and was elated with your observations till you said this. Thanks for being a spoil-sport.
22. Did the name ‘Satya’ come from a girl you knew in school?
Ans: College.
23. Do you think seeing violence affects kids?
Ans: I think kids are more violent than adults. Did you notice with what relish they kill insects and throw stones at dogs?
24. ‘Satya’ to me seemed like a underworldish version of ‘Drohi’.
Ans: It is.
25. What is the reason for your portraying some characters without any dialogue and just playing upon their facial expressions?
Ans: I believe that then these characters power will come out of the imagination of the audience and hence more effective.
26. I hope Contract will relive Satya experience.
Ans: It won’t.
27. Why do you keep using the bird flying shot often? Example Satya, Sarkar Raj, Contract etc.
Ans: No reason. It’s just my childlike homage to a shot in one of my all time favourite films Mackenna’s Gold.
28. Can a promotional campaign prepare an audience what to expect?
Ans: Very important question. I will soon write a long piece on this.
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100 Responses to Reactions to reactions

  1. sagar says:

    Are you a follower of AYN RAND\’s OBJECTIVISM philosophy????I too request you to do film with Illayaraja…I loved shiva2006 music

  2. vaishak says:

    Hi guru,               Your \’My tryst with underworld\’ posting was great. I ve read earlier,\’The making of Satya\’ of Anurag Kashyap in his dairy.It was also great. He too written about Sushanth\’s reaction and you happened to trash the script which anurag and shourabh done…rite..?…and told them .."Now, I know what my movie is all about…\’…….you were intended to film a sub-way scene..rite..why you guys missed it at last….Once in an interview you told that you don\’t know Martin Scorsese and never watched his movies. It was when the reporter asked you about the connection between satya and Martin Scorsese movies. Today, you are writing about how the treatment of satya connects with scarface [De palma] and goodefellas. why did you tell like that even though you are a very honest man.I will be watching your movies in theatre atleast 2 or 3 times if you make a hundredology of underworld films….good luck…Will you ever make your version of \’infernal Affairs"..?..If so, please call me as a script writer..ok…deal..done..Hmm..I am serious.. man, really…..With love…..Vaishak Nambiar

  3. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu
    Why is that, you tend to make movies with stars and their children, do u believe that their (star\’s) children would be hailing the acting prowess which their parents had?

  4. Unknown says:

    The hype on all this Bollywood mega concerts about to be staged soon just raises this few points in my mind.
    Basically stars repeat what they do on screen at thier live shows. Now that would mean stealing the film director\’s vision of filming the dramatic scenes and song picturisations. Furthermore it would mean borrowing the choreographer\’s inventive dance moves while lip syncing to the somposer\’s songs.
    Only the stars get paid those huge bundles of cash while borrowing ideas from everyone else. Should not there be some kind of royalty payments to the origanators – the real guys who came up with all the ideas. Just wondering.

  5. Vinay says:

    You said
    1) Everything I do is only for attention
    2) Your identity should never be dependent upon others acknowledgements and perceptions of you
    If you dont need the acknowledgement and perception, why do you seek attention?

  6. static atmosphere energy says:

    This is really entertaining blog of RGV!His comments are hillarious – care a damn attitude – with good ideas…I thought I enjoy his films good or bad but even his comments are great!Keep it up RGV…you ROCK, SHOCK and ENTERTAIN!

  7. Kesavan says:

    If Ideas and thoughts only matter, what is the logic behind "A film by Ram Gopal Varma" in the end?

  8. Sathwik says:

    I am a telugu guy and a great fan of yours please direct a telugu movie they are not making movies like you did anymore now.

  9. snehil says:

    You like being called "RGV"?

  10. snehil says:

    YoU ever gave this Interview ???You lied or the media is –

    Excerpts from an interview:
    Q: Does Abhishek Bachchan\’s character die in \’Sarkar Raj\’?
    A: No he does not die in the film.
    Q: So where did that come from?
    A: I\’ve no clue. There\’s so much rumour floating around the film, I don\’t know whether to be amused or frightened. They first imagined the hero dies. Then they imagined that the distributors were scared of his death. Everyone has an imagination and the freedom to use it.
    To take a much larger issue, look at the way the murder of that girl, Aarushi Talwar, in Delhi is being made into a cause for speculation. I\’ve only made a film.

  11. Ravindranath says:

    Will u be giving any films in tami?

  12. Neeta says:

    Sorry Ram – my apologies for using your space for 2 secs! Enho and Ev – I was tickled pink to hear from you but am a total "computer retard" – you can e-mail at my temp mail –! Thanks Ram – you are terrific! Ev – maybe in Singapore soon – ie next wk?
    Yeah Ram, and it is Agnostic not Atheist – you are too intelligent not to leave room for further possibilities and future findings – if and when……….After all we are lateral thinkers.  And yeah, words can make or break you – atleast that is what I was taught in my Grammar High School in England! Remembering names endears you to others – but I must profess – I am bad, hence I love to use enderments – Okay darling, enough for now!

  13. E says:

    Hi All,
    RGV ..boss!…candor…that is what I like about you….man I guess when people go about using the word…\’inspired", this n just honestly use "copying"…..but then the question is u cannot be copying all the time…there has to be some innovation…some creativity…something which is original..although i have read in interviews…you saying that nothing in this world is original….yes as far as our impressions, our viewpoints, our conpcetions,our thoughts,our emotions,our beliefs,our ideas,our imaginations…this whole collective mumbo-jumbo..makes us… the "INDIVIDUAL"….and we all have a CENTER…our mind register all the impressions from outside..these go inside and sit somewhere ..and then the center within us….does the filtering…arranges and de-arranges the newly aquired info….out of this congnition..something is born….that becomes our creation…we are wholly responsible for,shrinks you are not allowed to validate this..)…so in this context..we can be original…!!!…throw some light….

  14. Neeta says:

    Ram –  I think you have amazing talents in Ev, Endho and Celeste here! I love them because they think "outside the box"!

  15. E says:

    check u r mail….

  16. Chinmay says:


    I want to work as an assistant director on films. Is there any
    opportunity in your production. I have made one short film "The
    Suicide." (
    I have written, produced and directed this short film. I will like to
    meet you and show my film. Please let me know when we can meet.


  17. Unknown says:

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  18. Moshiur Rahman Shibli says:

    though i dont know technical terms but i have good understanding on camera positioning, acting. If i want to direct what technical terms do i need to know. Pls reply.

  19. karthik says:

    I was watching "A Clockwork Orange" yesterday and there was a scene where the "Droogs" beat up a drunken old man on the road. Well, the shadows of the four guys towering up on the old man and creating some evil intent reminded me of a scene in Shiva 2006 where the shadows of four goons climb up on Nisha Kothari followed by Shiva\’s shadow climbing on top of the goons\’. Did you get inspired to make this scene from Kubrick\’s movie or some other movie inspired you or it was your own imagination?
    cheers Ramu!

  20. karthik says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Speaking about Kubrick once again, the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the most boring pictures I have seen. I know that the concept of "Man being humbled by the universe" here is far more powerful than "Universe being domesticated by man" in Star Wars. But unfortunately, I could complete only 1 hour of 2001 in 7 comebacks. I find the movie dragging. Where as when I see Star Wars (volumes  3,4,6), I lose consciousness of time. Basically, I dont have any patience and cant wait eons for something to happen. I find it very tedious to wait for machines and spacecrafts to move so slowly in 2001. I know it is realistic, but I like it when spaceships zoom and zap. Which of these two movies (2001 and any of the StarWars franchise) would you prefer to watch on a holiday? Do you find 2001:A space odyssey boring too?

  21. Unknown says:

    Hi ramu,Here is one script idea. I think you should make a film roughly based  on legendry boxer muhammad ali, The story goes like this ali rises to success by winning world champion ship title and doesnot look back from there on. but during black civil right movement in america he refuses to obey government order to go fight in vietnam citing attrocities on his black people and religious reasons. The government suspend his boxing license. after 3 years the case is won by ali and government returns his license. But ali is no more a champ, as he returns to the ring after some 5 years but the question remains will ali be able to regain his title after those rustic years?will he be able to prove critics wrong and claim what he said to be the greatest champ?I think this could be a great triumphant story with great moral for standing for one conviction or what one feel is right……..what do u think …….Actually will smith acted in Ali you can watch his movie. Please dont mis understand me, i dont want u to make a film on Ali. i am just requesting u to take the basic idea from Ali life event, his charachter etc and fit it in indian context or so to say in a bollywood context and see how it  goes. take carei know u will bounce back like Ali did. come on champ

  22. Unknown says:

    Hi ramu,Here is one script idea. I think you should make a film roughly based  on legendry boxer muhammad ali, The story goes like this ali rises to success by winning world champion ship title and doesnot look back from there on. but during black civil right movement in america he refuses to obey government order to go fight in vietnam citing attrocities on his black people and religious reasons. The government suspend his boxing license. after 3 years the case is won by ali and government returns his license. But ali is no more a champ, as he returns to the ring after some 5 years but the question remains will ali be able to regain his title after those rustic years?will he be able to prove critics wrong and claim what he said to be the greatest champ?I think this could be a great triumphant story with great moral for standing for one conviction or what one feel is right……..what do u think …….Actually will smith acted in Ali you can watch his movie. Please dont mis understand me, i dont want u to make a film on Ali. i am just requesting u to take the basic idea from Ali life event, his charachter etc and fit it in indian context or so to say in a bollywood context and see how it  goes. take carei know u will bounce back like Ali did. come on champ

  23. KG says:

    Did you get whaaatever you wanted from your heroines ? (If your response is witty, you didnt get anything, if it is not then you got it all)..KG

  24. Suraj says:

    RGV,could you please write a topic on how you made one of least talked about work of yours \’Kaun\’?  Would like to know the budget of this movie. A very high quality movie!

  25. Sasi says:

    Hey Ramu, I am crazy about movies too. I personally like Christopher Nolan directed movies (Memento, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (releasing day after tomorrow) & The Prestige). Did you watch any of those movies? It\’s really amazing that all these movies have such a depth and whenever I watch any of his movies, I keep finding new stuff everytime. Batman Begins has become my ultimate Bible just like what Sholay became to you in those days. I almost stopped watching Indian Cinema these days. It\’s rare to find a \’good\’ movie these days.Irrespective of hits and flops, I feel that we need more directors like you who make anything but Yashraj and Dharma make. Those movies are so cliched and stereotyped that everyone in abroad recognizes Indian cinema just with those junk movies. I also feel that our TV programs are total crap and nothing good ever comes on TV – be it soaps, dramas or reality shows. I feel that I should become a writer and make atleast 1 good movie or a good TV series.PS: I like Kshana Kshanam from your directed movies. It\’s highly underrated and very entertaining and thus can be watched even today without getting much bored. I agree Rangeela, Satya, Company, Sarkar were decent movies too. I also like the song O Jaabilli from Deyyam movie which is re-used in your own Pyar Tune Kya Kiya. I think orginal tune is from Exorcist II!

  26. vinod says:

    in the film ab tak chappan  an informer calls sadhu(nana patekar)
    saying that \’firoz ka pata chal gaya\’.sadhu goes there to meet the
    informer.But it is a trap by police to catch sadhu and they succeed in
    doing that.Now siddiqi(yashpal sharma) wants to encounter sadhu but
    jatin shukla(nakul vaid) saves sadhu\’s life by killing siddiqi.For
    sadhu this whole thing is unexpected.He don\’t know it\’s a trap.he don\’t
    know that jatin shukla would save him.
    now my question is: when firoz escaped from police cutody sadhu
    found him out and killed him the same night.But kept it a secret.So
    when sadhu receives a call saying that firoz ka pata chal gaya he
    should know it is not true.then why he walks into the trap?If he incase
    wanted to be captured by police so that the dubai don zameer would
    believe sadhu is in trouble then he could have simply stayed in his
    home when police came there to arrest him which happens to be just the
    previous scene.

  27. Unknown says:

    Boss, this writing doesn\’t belong to me, my friend has fowarded this to me and I believe, no one else could write about SHIVA than this.

    GUys..I chanced upon this article while browsing..Its writtn by Nag\’s fan..And tell you what I was goddam impressed with this write up..Its about Nag\'[s path breathking movie..of course you guessed it – all time favourie too..haveing seen it more than 50 times! ( yes, without fast forward..coz this movie doesnt have anything that\’d make me to fast forward)Look at the intensity of his sentences!! Struck me with Awe!! And of course, the movie credit goes to RGV !! The King Maker!itles start ayye mundu… vadile smoke tho screen black colored ayyi….akkada titles….black back ground lo….emi creativity adi….hatsoff RGV…..NAG intro scene…..jaganiki velugu niche suryudu background lo…….yuganiki daari chupinche NAG foreground lo…..ei ei ei ei deenemaa racha racha  ( Aaaaaaakrhi likha baap..main tho fida ho gaya)Chinna rods thee…..assalu total black screen lo….rendu kasi ga unna puli kallu….assalu aa shot….still the top shot of INDIAN CINEMARendu lorryla janalni teesukelli….SHIVA ni narikeyandi….ee scene lo Raghuvaran action….oka pillodi chethilo debba thinnanu ane badha chupinchatam….kekaSHIVA SHIVA SHIVA evadra SHIVA…….ee dialogue raseppudu….dialogue writer ki kuda telisi undadu……ee SHIVA….tollywood charithra ni thiraga raasthadu ani….ee SHIVA…total INDIAN cinema…tollywood vaipu jelousy tho chusettu chesthundani….ee SHIVA….tollywood ni pre SHIVA post SHIVA ani two parts ga divide chesthunadni….ee SHIVA wanna be directors ki oka encyclopedia avuthunadni….ee SHIVA movie maker ki entha guts undalo teliyachesthundani….ee SHIVA all other hero fans ki ilanti bomma okkati unte baavundedi mana hero career lo anukunettu chesthunadani….ee SHIVA okkati chalu andari herofans noru mooyinchataniki saripothundani…ee SHIVA andhra lo anni colleges mooyisthundani….ee SHIVA dub ayyi pakka state lo superstars valla kuda kaani…okate cenetr lo rendu thetareslo silver jubilee chesukuntundi ani…..maa hero ki 100 INDUSTRY HITS unnayi ra ante…..maaku SHIVA undi….ani dammu ga dummu lepe range ki nagfans ni teesukelthundani….adi SHIVA ante…….SHIVA…….never before and never again(if not NAG)….. 

  28. Unknown says:

    Ramu,I have been watching your movies from childhood and I like the way you direct movies though some are hits and some are flops. I am a big fan of your attitude and your approach towards work and life. Keep up the good work.. You can upload your promos on as most of the viewers watch youtube for videos. MSN vidoes are not that popular. Thanks again mana telugu gauravanni bollywood lo nilipinandhuku .. I know you hardly care about this comment..LOL 

  29. Unknown says:

    how  could you invest lot of money in films without having an idea of how much it will make?

  30. Unknown says:

    Other than Crime and Horror, will any other genre inspire you to make films, provided the script is interesting?

  31. Narendra says:

    A : I think kids are more violent than adults. Did you notice with what relish they kill insects and throw stones at dogs.
    May be u haven\’t noticed the fact that kids do it with a sub-conscious mind and adults do even bigger crimes with a fully conscious mind.

  32. Narendra says:

    I read in a website long ago that u would like to attempt an erotic film. Is it true? If yes when are u gonna make it? Will it be something like Mira Nair\’s \’Kama Sutra\’ or a completely RGV style (dark genre type)? Don\’t make it in India for god\’s sake. People haven\’t even accepted Nishabd, so an erotic film is out of the question.

  33. Unknown says:

    Hi, during the last film fare awards function, you were given away a Bravery award for making the film Aag and Sharukh\’s comments about you were very sarcastic and kind of insulting – what is your reaction to that? Also, is it because of your public outburst of your disliking of Karan\’s films made Sharukh took this chance and talked very funny of you? I just wanted to know your reaction because I like you and I didn\’t like his comments about you.Thanks!
    Was there any film planned with Pawan Kalyan in the past? There was a rumour that you approached him with a script but he didnt accept. Is that true?

  34. ArunKanth says:

    Hello ramjee,    Nice to go through ur feelings during ur initial days in mumbai…. I felt u r a sensitive person for u cud feel the state of people in that small huts in dharavi area. But at the same time I some how feel u r so much detached and hence not that sensitive to ur surroundings for u never showed any pain of any slum people in any of ur films. Just like any other movie, even in ur films, only when the hero\’s Bro or papa dies, the scene will be touching(for us, the audience) and heavy. When so many others get killed in ur movie and the plot just moves on!!!!!!! No mention of their pain in detail. May be time constraint or less sensitive to others pain to the Hero\’s!!!!When ever I write down a lot in mails or blogs/comments, I feel my english is just ok to communicate but not that good/posh/great. Today I felt happy that ramjee\’s English too is in the same category.  I might be wrong. May be u just tried to be very simple in ur blog or this is ur natural style.Anyways I am happy I visited ur blog finally today though I heard abt this long back. the only movies that have good picturisation of songs on heroines are kshana kshanam, antham and rangeela. When can we expect them again???Not the same movies but good clean (:D) songs.waiting for tomorrow to watch Contract.ArunK

  35. shiva says:

    The reviews for CONTRACT have started coming in\’t like to believe it….i\’ll wait till tomorrow for other reviews.

  36. Ram says:

    Done boss, I just saw the premiere of Contract @ PVR in Bangalore. Perfect entertainer. Laughed till my belly hurt in the scene where Goonga tells his wife what Amaan did to Dara. The last time I laughed like this\’s for Anaganagaa oka roju (in your movies). I must tell u one thing. You have taken the right decision at the right time, when you decided to take Erra (red) bus to Bollywood. After watching Sarkar Raj & Contract, I felt, yes this is the right time for you to take air bus to Hollywood.Man, both of the movies are so hollywoodish in style, that the said to be boring scene in Contract, where Iya utters some dialogues about desh and all when Amaan reveals the truth, it is so perfect for an English movie. Your one story, one climax kind of movies would do wonders there with your style of story telling. Of course, you have to feel it. I feel so bad about Sarkar Raj, as it is not getting the appriciation it deserves. Problem with you is, you never make contemporary movies, at least not in story telling. I saw Siva when I was 11 years old and the number of times I have seen Antham, Daud, Satya, Company long after they left the theaters, I lost the count. Now I am afraid, I may like even RGV ka Aag after some years (jst kidding). Same way, Sarkar Raj is not for now. If it is for now, then certainly not for bollywood.When I went to Sarkar Raj for the third time, I just wanted to see the expressions of the audiences. At this scene where Shankar says "Sub kuch neechi hai baba (Everything is personal), some faces were blank and some are confused why so much build up in Background score at that poing of time. That scene would have worked in a big way for an English movie.I must say, I am eagarly waiting for an angrazy movie from you. Especially after watching Contract. By the way, I wrote my review @ IMDB, the first review there for the movie (Which also happens to be my first review on net for a movie).manlo mana maata: naaku intha English vachani, naaku ippude telisindi. Inko vishyam, titles lo mee peru paddappudu tega whistles kottam.Thanks for reading.Ram Bhupal Reddy, Bangalore

  37. artinem says:

    is there any other current indian director\’s work that u like??

  38. karthik says:

    Contract is not the third part for Satya, company, …
    it is infact the third pard for Nishabd, Aag category…
    it is yet another experiment by Ramu to see how the audience react to his sense of humour. lol
    just kidding, i am waiting to see the movie infact.

  39. Unknown says:

    Can we expect another movie like \’premakadha\’ from you in near future . You might say that you don\’t want to repeat the same. But I\’m sure there are lot of people like me in the same boat. Give us a RGVs premakadha(2009 or after)…

  40. karthik says:

    Ramu… life is getting boring, write something fast. Atleast make some half baked jokes u normally crack. dont post long essays at a time. Cut them into parts and post one on each day until the next one u wanted to write… that way fans will have something to read from u everyday!  🙂

  41. Abhishek says:

    Why do these guys who review ALWAYS COMPARE your new movie with your old ones?? Why can\’t they watch the movie go home and sleep goddam?? Why the hell would they expect "Contract" to be like Satya or Company? Do they like to Go back to future or come forward to History?Each film has its own merits and demerits..Reviews will never make a film a hit or flop. My question to you is: How can you tolerate such uncanny review stuff? I know your answer will be "Ask them"..But I am exercising my right to ask you on this forum like I suggested sometime back to others to use this medium to communicate with you……..Sir

  42. Abhishek says:

    And btw Boss, the article posted the film SHIVA and Nagarjuna in one of those earlier comment is from Ashvin , he is my friend and both of us are ga ga about your films! Hope you\’d read that! Its terrific!

  43. Unknown says:

    helloQ. Do you use the "Director\’s Viewfinder" ? If yes, how useful is it for you?Thank you.Background: in Sarkar DVD\’s extra features, theres a photo slide show. the first photo shows someone(should be you) holding something like a director\’s viewfinder. Came to know about that object recently. so, was wondering if u use it.

  44. PRATIK says:

    hello sir. i am a big fan of ur movies. i liked ur latest movie contract a lot. now awaiting the release of phoonk.

  45. Unknown says:

    Saw Contract! Take a bow Ramu.

  46. F says:

    I loved both the Sarkar films but loved the first one more…But you know the scene in the hospital when Abhishek dies….Amitabh speaking and Aishwarya breaking down is a moment of absolute brilliance..loved that scene…Aishwarya was simply out of this world in that scene. And I love your camera work…especially in the scene where Abhishek and Amitabh were discussing the power plant project and the camera was probably under the glass table…great work there!Waiting eagerly for Sarkar 3

  47. Unknown says:


  48. Ram says:

    hello Ramu,

    I read so many reviews about your (our) Contract. Most of them\’re given bad rating. apparently, most of the reviewers got bad ratings from readers for their bad reviews. weird huh?
    Now, you say something bad about Contract as you did it for Aag, we give bad reating for you even.

    I\’m telling you again. just leave Bollywood for God sake and catch the next bus to Hollywood. I cant see your efforts going unnoticed. I still feel like crying when I see Sarkar Raj. It might be a hit economically and would have been critically acclaimed. Still I can say it has got lukewarm response for its caliber.

    Call it me being superstitious, your first film there\’d definately be a blockbuster as you did it with your firsts in Telugu and Hindi.

    నా దగ్గర డబ్బుల్ లేవెహె. వుండుంటే నేనే ఓ ఇంగ్లీష్ సినిమా తీసిపడేద్దును మీతోటి. అర్థంచేసుకోరూ….

    Ramu, Bangalore.

  49. karthik says:


  50. E says:

    Hi RGV,
    Yes most of the reviews for Contract are nagative… seems that the whole retard gang of reviewers have come together to write your off again..they have again come together to trash your brilliance…before i had said not to react and ignore…but now it seems you need to do some serious ass-whoppin…they deserver nice kicks in their butts….be as vitriolic as possible and take them to task….enough of niceties…it is time you get back to them..and get back to them in style…as thier is no point in being  a Gandhi…I wonder why these guys are so adamant at promoting shit in Bollywood( read that faggot Karan Johar\’s movies) and that monkey called SRK…boss…Bollywood is stuck-up…and it does not want to grow….it is afaid of is too insecure to accept new things..some of the media is also perpuating this stupidity..somehow..our media is responsible for creating our national psyche…and our national psyche is that of a nice nice..softy softy..sweet sweet sugary sugary..asshole..who cant stand up to anything….even small impoversihed country Bangladesh doesn\’t listen to us..our BSF guards are brutally tortured and killed…and all our Government does is…simply sit and talk and give some statements…our MEA calls the Ambassador..and asks some explanation…somewhere something is wrong with us…our country is a madhouse…that is reason why even after freaking 60 Years of freedom..we are still a developing country..i dont know when this tag will change…
    .Bollywood goes on eternally churning out lovey-dovey movies…love my ass!!!…who the hell knows what is love..let us be honest that we freaking know nothing about it..all we do is pretend….so why can\’t we just accept our natures and focus on issues which are immediate…
    Ramu garu memu audience meeku full support isthamu…just rip them apart……i would want Bollywood to be rid of the scumbags…forever….May God Bless You!!!!

  51. ThE says:

    Ahem!!! Rajeev Masand has given  Zero,well..ur comment as usual plzz!!-go aheaddd !! its funny 2 see u guys..chanting on each other !! hehehe !! i mean critics n u *RegardsZia

  52. celeste says:

    Watched \’Satya\’. A masterpiece! Thank you, sir, for sharing your inusual way of seeing. I like what your eyes see. Or what they would like to see. I like your reality. The colours of your reality. The human beings living in your reality. Their words. Their feelings. I like Mumbai seen by your eyes. So cruel, so \’meravigliosa\’. I like your power to impose your world to the audience. I like to be hypnotized by each frame of your films.

  53. Unknown says:

    annaya.. meeru keka..

  54. ThE says:

    just watched "Contract"….yaar RGV, i like ur movies, as one among ur fan whu has watched even \’james"…so u knw..but this movie..Ahem….only one thing is gud abt it..whts the name of this "Muse"..?wohi RD ki sis…riya?achi hain !

  55. Unknown says:

    I have seen contract this afternoon. However it was not looking like a RGV film. the first 20 mins was not so promising however the flow of the movie will not bore anyone. Only a RGV fan will like it.

  56. Sankalp says:

    hi RGV…well i\’d watched contract liked it a lot except typical bollywood fighting shots between upendra limaye & actor.well i\’d like to ask u 1 question..u have given numerous films on underworld & terrorism. You also said that you have met many underworld gansters…so how could we believe that u ain\’t related to underworld ???

  57. Unknown says:

    Let me introduce myself to you. I am a great admirer of your films since Shiva. I liked even some of your flops like Antham,Kaun,Raat,Nishabd I watched Contract. It is a horrible B grade film from first shot till end. I donot know what you were thinking while making this film. Even in bad movies that you made there are few scenes that have RGV stamp on it. But in this film not even single scene is worth while. Hero\’s first encounter with terrorist is horrible….I got the sense of what the film is going to be after that scene then it goes on to become even worse.
    I got a feeling as if i watched a B-grade Mithun chakravarthy film not an RGV film. BGM,Cinematogrphy,Dialogues,Overacting villains every thing is horrible.
    Please stop making such horrible films. Take a break and make a sensible film. I am one of those who go and watch your movies first day in theater. Dont lose loyal audience like me by making such films.

  58. karthik says:

    I think ramu is upset. C\’mon ramu, u can strike back. we all have confidence in you. Please read this from Rocky Balboa movie. I found that these dialogues match up pretty well woth ramu\’s philosophy of life.
    "Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain\’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain\’t \’bout how hard you hit; it\’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That\’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you\’re worth, then go out and get what you\’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain\’t where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain\’t you. You\’re better than that!"

  59. Karthick Krishna says:

    Did u see Pudhupettai in tamil??? Wats ur fav. gangster movie in tamil (we dnt hav much though)??Any idea of making films in tamil???

  60. Suraj says:

    RGV,watched contract! really disappointed!There\’s nothing new which I could relate to from this movie. I really liked the first half where the plot builds but it didnt had your touch for sure. This movie is loosely based on \’The Departed\’ and this also confirms during the start scene of Dhaara when he enters the cinema hall where \’The Departed\’ show is running. Also reminds one of DON (Hindi movie).The Positives: The character Dhaara (amazing), Goonga, IB officials who were there with Goonga, the vakil who thrashed his wife when she delayed bringing coffee (simple awesome)! The Negatives: A very weak script by Prashant Pandey, RGV stay off him, get in touch with Anurag Kashyap. RD ( never seen a passion in this guy who manages such a gang, real let down), Goonga\’s wife Mirchi (real torture), Sultan (not exploited to the actors potential). The scene between Iya and Aman in the boat on the way to Mumbai, Aman confesses that he is a cop. To admit this was one of the boring scene!The Doubts: Who killed the RD gang? Why Aman waited so long to kill Sultan, he should have fired him straightaway after meeting him in Mumbai?  Why Goonga\’s gang so small and pathetic, that they couldnt handle a encounter by one guy, really not able to digest! Really not sure why the government was banking on him to kill RD?RGV, if it was your first film you would have won our hearts, but it\’s your self created high standards by making movies like Shiva/ Satya/Company, this one turns to be a huge let down. One cannot expect a below average output from RGV because of high expectation from me atleast, as I watched almost all your work in the first week itself. Hope Phoonk would definitely cheer and fear me up. Please take my review in good spirits.Regards,Suraj

  61. Unknown says:

    Saw Contract at Regal on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (8 O clock show).  Read most of the reviews. What’s with the critics? Being a film student, I could understand the treatment given to the film and why can’t the critics and they are supposed to be professionals.
    The scene in which Eeya plays chess, only the top of Knight could be seen. Should have shot it better (Been a chess coach, so the sentiments). Or was it that only the Knight was available and had to adjust?
    By the way, loved the film. Take a bow.

  62. Trimex says:

    I saw Contract. The only reason I saw it was because of RGV brand. It is an acceptable movie if some "Steve Kapoor" or "J.B. John" or "K.B.Koun" directed it and threw it on  people. It was a serious waste of time watching this movie. Perhaps there is an answer hiding in one of RGV\’s blog explaing how even flop movies make money for the producers (Oscar Winning "The Producers" was also made on the same premise) I think next time I will wait for one of those pathetic critics to surgically dissect a RGV movie before I rush to see it. I am a great afficanado of RGV\’s movies since the 1990 Shiva. However, can\’t blame Prashant Pandey for teh lacadisical script. What the freak has happened to  RGV\’s cr8ive juices & judgement????  I still like RGV coz though he doesnt take advice, he keeps this place open to throw crap on him.

  63. Kedarnath Reddy says:

    I saw Contract yesterday… it was good not better though..
    some scenes i liked very much.. and some scenes i hated very myuch (goonga and his wife\’s scenes).. Story is good
    Also I got confused .. about who killed RV.. or Aman lied to that girl??..
    I have a doubt.. Have yu stopped watching/updating (Hollywood)movies? ….
    Looking forward..  for Phoonk…

  64. karthik says:

    Ram gopal varma ki Bhaag!

  65. srinivas says:

    I feel most of the close-up shots of Amitabh in sarkar and his body language (looking at others by slowly turning head) resemble to that of Randeep Hooda in \’D\’ and also wrapping up of the movie to climax soon is just like in \’D\’ where hero easily tries to kill all his opponents and tells it to the main leader.

  66. gouravaraju says:

    what happened to you ramu, not upadating your blog from almost 1 week where did u go? and wat about contract?

  67. KG says:

    Saw contract. I bring back my view on you creating a "Genre-link" between your movies yourself thereby creating an expectation, and in this case thats exactly what has worked against Contract. Just cut the crap and make movies, dont create any link, set expectations.
    Coming to think of it, Its an Ok film. Surprisingly my wife (who has no idea what the movie is all about, nor who is a regular movie goer) told me this is a Paisa-vasool movie and she liked it very much. That is the last thing i had expected out of her. She doesnt even know you are the director of Company, Satya and she liked them too. Again i am not trying to generalize the psyche of audience here. But the fact remains that you have a set of audience who have either made up their mind to watch or not watch your movie, when you created the Link between your earlier works and this one. In the process, guys who have decided to watch, did not find this one a Big deal (as they came to watch something better than before)..on the flipside, others have not even bothered to get into the theatre.
    Ramu – Pl take this on a positive note (if at all you intend to take anything, be it crap or compliment)..You are capable of making "THE BEST". I know you have said earlier – Dont try to impress someone else, impress yourself..but i am sure You yourself are not impressed with this one..When my friend asked me how did i like this movie, I had to say "Not bad"..Not bad is not good enough baby, in your case…

  68. srinivas says:

    "When a person ceases to be a subject of controversy, he ceases to be a subject of interest".. Keep rocking and continue to be controversial… You interest me..

  69. shiva says:

    nicely put by KG.earlier when COMPANY released, in one of his interviews RGV said that he considered that movie to be 50% good effort. he even said that from then on he didn\’t want to make any movie without first having the whole movie on paper.that passion for movies seems to be one of his recent interviews, he said. he MAKES a movie when he conceives it and by the time the movie finishes the production, he might be a different person and the movie is no longer the same. well, that is the case with everyone. but the good ones are the one who stick to the vision and see that it\’s executed exactly as it\’s meant to be. like one great filmmaker said movie making is like catching the lighting in a bottle one volt at a time. if you can\’t execute your vision with the same passion when you had when you conceived it. then better eat, sleep and keep conceiving, than rather work towards properly executing it.

  70. Raj says:

    Hi RGV:
              I\’am shocked to read the reviews of \’Contract\’ amd the BO status. I thought it would have a good run. The promos looked good. I will be watching this weekend. RGV we want you to strike back Big time..Hoping \’Phoonk\’ will do it for you. Thanks !

  71. The says:

    hey ramu, i am waiting for your blog analysing the reviews of contract! or are there so many bad ones of them out there that it is taking you forever to reply to them :-). anyway, waiting for phoonk next, hope its a better effort. cheers!

  72. karthik says:

    Now I got it! Ramu is preparing us and his audience for Phoonk. So he is going to be silent now. We will not know what to expect and the movie will scare us. Not horror movie scaring, bu Aag, Daud, Nishabd, Contract kinda scaring. lol

  73. ThE says:

    yaar..RGV….abb Mallika Sherawat ka kia karogay ?heard she is planning 2 SUE u ?.ek kaam karte hain, usko.."phhonk" mein guest role dedo …!!

  74. murali says:

    saw Contract. Dint like it. Background music was very bad Ramu.. I always used to think ur movies had the best background music. Dont know what happened.. even in Aag it was pathetic. But, sarkar raj was not bad. Very disappointing. Lets see how Phoonk does. Some closeups of Adhvik looked ugly… looked like it was focusing on his teeth. crap! I even liked Daud, Mast, Jungle etc .. but this one is plain crap. I think your crew is not good enough now a days.. this is just a guess.

  75. Anil says:

    RGV ( Remake of Good Videos )If you are inspired and remaking some of the english movies, that is good. But my only request is, Can you remake some of the feel good movies and positive aspects of humanity like Crash, Little Miss Sunshine, Big Fish etc.

  76. santosh says:

    Saw "CONTRACT" yesterday.There were 3 people including me in the whole cinema hall.Actually the movie was better than i expected,it waz still shitty but i went in expecting putrid, rotten shit after reading the zero star reviews.The subject matter was interesting but it was not explored fully meaning after a while the movie just concentrated on the underworld angle & forgot the terrorism angle.Reminded me of "DROHKAAL" more than "THE DEPARTED".The biggest flaw & failure of the film is due to ADHVIK MAHAJAN the lead actor.For this decision RGV has to take all the blame.With a better lead "CONTRACT" could\’ve been salvaged to an extent.So all in all its not as bad as the reviews say.Actually its better than "SHIVA(NEW)",AAG,DARLING.

  77. Suraj says:

    RGV,Really impressed to know that \’Kaun\’ was made out of less than a crore! This reminds me of one incomplete venture of  yours, film called \’EK\’. It was supposed to be a 100 crore deal, Isnt it? What happened to that project? Why it was shelved off mid way?Regards,SurajP.S. Can one justify creativity with big money?

  78. Unknown says:

    Hello Ramu Sir
    You are talented Director and given new direction to the film making. Subjects on which you make movies are really hard complex to show on the commercial cinema, which you have done successfuly even you half dozen on the same subject. You donot need to feel downhearted on critics ridiculing you can be care free and strong.
    I admire your AK 56, Sarkar & Sarkar Raj, Nishab, Satya.. On contrary to others and yours view I feel RGV ki Aaag idea was Aag good, as like me every looked forward for the movie and hoped it would work out. But it failed in the script, temp, over dramatisation of characters. Sir I have mention what I feel on looking at the sitituations you are put in by people.. also more than that looking at your talent what I am missing as film enthusiasts.
    Sir with all due respect You may be under utilizing your talent by choosing to make movies only few subjects.
    This shell may not be making of your own but one induced by the horrible critics around you. And also be around people who make your life pleasure not the destroy it. There is no point in seeking advise of people who do not esteem you or respect you.
    If you think my suggestion has some comfort or truth then not because of our urge but to enjoy and work on all different colors of life you can widen the Subject of your work.
    I know here identity comes with the kinda of work we do, but imp thing is to do justice to Life the God has given by living it for Him rather than being bound fear of Man.
    Fear of man is snare that hinders your growth. Wish you all the best in your future work.
    God Bless

  79. Unknown says:

    Did you ever thought of making a film with chiranjeevi?

  80. Unknown says:

    Hoping for a straight forward answer, did you really like contract? I am a die hard fan of RGV Films…have seen all of them, but this one was really not of RGV standards….Specially the villian, he was terrific in Sarkar and other films, but this one he was pathetic and neither the start was promising or is it because we are having too many expectations from you??? Hope to see some great ones in the near future…!!!

  81. Unknown says:

    Movie with Chiru actually started and was stopped in the middle and it was titled "Cheppalani Vundi" and the heroine was Urmilla. The songs were also played in the music launch of the movie "Shankar Dada Zindabad" I guess…I have a rough Idea.!! Bt I would love to see RGV making a telugu version of Mafia movies with Mahesh and other youngsters, hopefully with Nagarjuna\’s son, Naga Chaitanya and Nag will be the first to accept that offer for 2 reasons 1. cannot forget Shiva and 2. He encourages multi starrer films in Telugu…hope that RGV changes his mind and makes one Telugu Movie. Or may RGv makes Sarkar in telugu with Chiru and I am sure its gonna rock and chiru\’s son playing Shankar Nagre in Telugu and Rajeev Kanikala playing Vishnu and his wife Suma playing Vishnu\’s wife…!!! Watching too many movies and these are the results 🙂

  82. Bullet says:

    Hi,Can anyone tell me where can I register to sign up for the Rs. 5 lac contest??Thanks,Bullet

  83. VJ says:

    U are stuck in ol generation films like Godfather, Exorcist etc., What u make now are all spin-offs from those films (I\’ve not listem \’em all). Pl do think abt our times and create movies outta the times we live.
    To me the Phoonk again looks like the improved Bhoot (Bhoot is the improved Raatri). I think u need to take a hike and invent new era movies. Whaddu say?

  84. Unknown says:

    kaka…..seriously speakin nvr wanted to post a comment on ur blog for the fear of gettin screwed ….but I njoi others gettin screwed by thr gr8 tan tanta dan…. R   G   V……. aise hi 2 question hain……
    1) wer any porn movies available in ur video library…. if any .. wer r they now….
    2) on a serious note… sorry not tht serious….  wer can i get govinda govinda temple robbery censored part…
    esthe manchide… eeyakunte tagi nappudu nuvve target….hehehe
    PS: No theasurs ( not sure of spelling … telugu medium) referred  to write this comment…..

  85. phanindra says:

    Will you consider re-making Martin Scorsese\’s "The Departed" in Hindi/Telugu? You would be the best person in our film industry to bring off such a project.ThanksPhani

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