Reactions To Reactions

1. Is failure not being able to achieve your goal?
Ans: I think there’s no such thing as achievement for the simple reason that as soon as you achieve it its boring. It’s the run towards it is what is exciting.
2. Instead of answering yes or no why do you subject us to your gyan?
Ans: Sorry sir.
3. Make good movies and let your work speak for you.
Ans: Ok sir.
4. Did you ever cry on a girl?
Ans: Yes. I pretended. I believe that nobody genuinely cries. We all pretend to draw attention to our cause.
5. Why did the people in Sarkar Raj celebrate if they were supposed to be ambiguous?
Ans: That was a mistake. I hoped that you would not catch it.
6. Was it a conscious decision to not have dark antagonists in Sarkar Raj?
Ans: My intent was to create a new set of characters. To like them or not is your prerogative.
7. Please write about the making of Company.
Ans: Will do as soon as I get time.
8. How is it that Hollywood recognizes talent better?
Ans: Because they have better brains and for a change I am not being sarcastic. I mean it.
9. You say that Satya released in 97, the promo says 98.
Ans: Does it matter that much to you?
10. What role did you play in Dil Se?
Ans: None. Both mine and Shekhar Kapoor’s names were there just in a friendly level.
11. What do you think of Chiranjeevi’s political entry?
Ans: Nothing.
12. Get rid of those 4-5 people around you.
Ans: Thanks for the brilliant suggestion.
13. From your actress Amrutha am expecting good performance apart from cleavage show.
Ans: You mean you want both?
14. I didn’t expect a back flip of that guy with the use of wires from Contract a quasi-trilogy of Satya and Company.
Ans: To start with Contract is not a realistic dark moody film like the earlier films. Also the protagonist is not from the underworld. It’s more in the genre of a Rambo kind of film but packaged in a very rustic and realistic setting. The scenes and characters are designed to create a slightly tongue-in-cheek entertainment. If Satya is a mix of Goodfellas and the Scarface in its treatment, Company is from Godfather, then Contract is derived from the tone of Luc Besson films.
15. Sorry to say I will not watch Contract.
Ans: Thank you sir.
16. I am trying to get hold of a copy of Drohi.
Ans: Now why the hell would you want to do that?
17. Contract will be a warning to those who thought Ramu is out and dead.
Ans: Or it might put him out and dead.
18. I think all the time you are just having fun.
Ans: Yes.
19. How were you in your childhood?
Ans: Like an adult.
20. What kind of horror movies do you like to watch?
Ans: The kind which lets your imagination scare you.
21. Is Phoonk copied from Exorcist?
Ans: Exorcist was about demonic possession. Phoonk is not.
22. Why don’t Gods or their prophets just make an appearance and put a lock on every atheist’s mouth?
Ans: Superb observation. Let’s just hope that the Gods read this blog and take a cue.
23. My mum comforted me saying people have hit you for making Raat and scaring children.
Ans: Ha Ha.
24. You are the prestidigitator of movie making.
Ans: Whatever that means, it sounds obscene.
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58 Responses to Reactions To Reactions

  1. Unknown says:

    "Ek" shelved?

  2. Sai says:

    I have a question. Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan try to respond to the people who comment on their blog and so do you. Now, those two seem to take some pains to acknowledge the viewer by using their name but you don\’t. Why? Wherein lies the difference in the thought process? (I am just trying to figure out.. note that none of these options are in a negative sense.. I believe all are justified.)1. You don\’t see the need to please anybody2. You haven\’t thought of your viewers as fans who are waiting for you to recognize and respond to them3. You\’ve never taken your popularity seriously and you do not consider yourself a celebrity, so you don\’t think people would be thrilled just because you mentioned them on your blog4. The thought hasn\’t occurred to you5. You are lazy6. Something else that I\’m missingBy the way, I was extremely pleased that you responded to my comments in one of your earlier posts.. which means you must have read my comments..

  3. Praveen says:

    I searched for "Prestidigitator + defn" and Google search and found its meaning in an Online Dictionary.Ramu you can Relax. He/She was just complimenting you and there was nothing obscene in it.Prestidigitator = A show of skill or deceitful cleverness

  4. karthik says:

    23. My mum comforted me saying people have hit you for making Raat and scaring children.Ans: Ha Ha.
    Believe me, she really did : )
    Maybe it will be great for you to know that after the release of Kshanak Kshanam, you had a massive following amongst children. We really talked about your \’taking\’ at school. Unfortunately your future works did not add up much fanbase in that age-group. Maybe your audience section can now be described as thinking-youngsters-adults-who seek storytellers with a difference. Hell, if you keep making gems like Sarkar Raj, everyone will watch your movies.
    Looking forward to Contract…

  5. Unknown says:

    Asked a group of friends who are are crazy abt Hindi movies down here in Kuala Lumpur. These were their most repeated answers. They like Hindi movies because the heroes look good. They love Hindi movies because of the songs. They do not like realistic Hindi movies because most of them do not understand the langguage and   for the serious stuff, they watch Hollywood. They want the Khans to look as pretty as possible smartly dressed for every frame they appear in.
    In short the observation was that they like Bollywood movies when they do not have to think, do not not have to take the movie seriously and they do not have to read subtitles.
    Note to all Bollywood  maverick movie directors trying hard to blur that fine line.

  6. Unknown says:

    1. Did U see de taali? That scene there is a reference to RGV ki aag ?2. I saw Aag yesterday. Man! 10 mins after i started i started to jump to scenes because I knew I wouldnt be able to sit through it. Saw it for Mohanlal and AB and the song. Urmila sizzled and so did AB junior. Song also rocks. Thats the only highlight of the film. Now that you are going to remake it I am eagerly waiting for that.3. Did U watch Jane Tu ya Jane na.? Your take on the movie? Do U imagine yourself making a film like that?4. Other sholay which other film do you think U can remake? Dont say Uv had enough after remaking sholay.

  7. thirumal says:

    One question haunting me for long time, \’many people say they like Satya or Blackfriday and they like the karan\’s crap or telugu movie.u know even they like the oscar winning films too.  how???????

  8. Sridhar says:

    Hi RGV
    Thank you for answering the questions posted by me…..
    5. Why did the people in Sarkar Raj celebrate if they were supposed to be ambiguous?Ans: That was a mistake. I hoped that you would not catch it.
    9. You say that Satya released in 97, the promo says 98.Ans: Does it matter that much to you?
    These questions are not of a critic or to criticize you, but my view of making Ramu\’s movies look perfect and if you ask whom am I? I am one of those simple and ardent fans of RGV…For the question 9, its not that it does not matter to me…I am thinking this from a corporate angle, if the promo guys have made a mistake then they should get the stick coz its RGV\’s movie(Looks like you got it wrong that it released in 97), I just checked the information in google….before this I thought you were right Sir…ab kya karen aap toh galath hi samaj baite…..chalo Sir there may be many things which may not matter to me but not RGV movies….
    You dint answer my other question …..whats your next directorial venture?
    And seriously, I do not hope Sudeep would be one of those Mohit or Raj…..budget matters but nothing would matter if ego comes first…and this happens with success….I think it hapenned with Mohit without success and I guess it would happen with success for Sudeep…I am just guessing….and to believe it or not? hmmmmm…thats all….

  9. Varun Prakash says:

    I recently read on ibnlive (CNN IBN web site) that there has been hardly any of your technician you have not had fight with (the only one they claim is an exception is the man who did background score in Sarkar Raj). I just want to know whether there are sometimes when you fight with your inner self as well.Regards,Varun

  10. ujjwal says:

    Hi RGV,
    H r u?
    As I remember my first movie of yours was Anaga Anaga Oka Roju, since then I have seen every movie of yours from Shiva to SR. I like many of ur movies. Since long time you are making only Serious movies like Naach,Sarkar,Nishabd,SR and coming Contract,Phoonk. So when we can expect a comedy thriller from u,like Anaga Anaga Oka Roju,Daud,Money Money,Darling. I think u can make real rib tickler so that we can get refersh from ur serious thillers.I hope u will consider this one.

  11. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu Sir,In the movie \’Shiva\’ I liked the way Nagarjuna reacts as he enters the hospital to see Naresh lying in the bed beaten by Bhavani\’s henchmen. His expressions conveyed both pain and anger well supported by Illayaraja\’s perfect BGM. Was the scene instantaneous or was it meant to be that way? regards,Vishnu

  12. gouravaraju says:

    you say you copy scenes from some other movies , then how can you be the best?( you said u think you are the best for some some question) and why people ( even me) say you are a creative director?

  13. Unknown says:

    I think that this the end of ram gopal verma, the way he respond to the questions, sound to me a completely "antisocial" person. Who have absolutely no decency no moral no respect just like other atheists. just look at the rudness with which he answers the questions!! I had lot of respect for ramu, as a film maker. I think he is resposnsible for transition of indian cinema. The indian cinema was earlier dominated by star system fixed forumla. ramu played a major role in reversing that and i give full credit for that but in recent times he has made movies which something i wont expect from a man of his caliber. Any how i am not too excited for phoonk or contrack. first i would see the critics rating or public reaction and only shell out money to watch his movie. meanwhile be more "social"

  14. srinivas says:

    "Yes. I pretended. I believe that nobody genuinely cries. We all pretend to draw attention to our cause. "
    It that the same reason for which Aiswarya Rai cried for Abhsheik on account of his death in the film Sarkar Raj?

  15. Unknown says:

    Can you share your experience with RD Burman during making of Drohi songs from your point of view, please?

  16. The says:

    your blog is turning out to be like the karan johar television program. silly questions and silly answers 🙂

  17. mukesh says:

    hey ramu keep up the good work luvd sarkar raj

  18. confused says:

    u r kinda getting predictable.. nd repetitive.   pls sir be anything (sarcastic or honest )  .. but not repetitive …

  19. confused says:

    One question haunting me for long time, \’many people say
    they like Satya or Blackfriday and they like the karan\’s crap or telugu
    movie.u know even they like the oscar winning films too.  how???????
    i wud like 2 ans it as most probably u ll get "ask them" or a funny sarcastic take on rgv so let me ans it i liked kkhh.nd  k3g (though i hate its short cant help it.. real names r so lengthy ) nd  i also liked black friday,satya,company,  American beauty, frida.we humans r so versetile  we  have so many parts in us . one part can like something and other part craves 4 something tottaly diff…as for me i m drawn towards all the  oscar   movies bcoz of its diffrent prespective..and creative nd satisfy my hunger for creativity and motivates me to a new way..and as 4 karan\’s movie ..he is a dream maker.. no matter how much cheesy they look.. he know wat evry indian dreams…love money and drama….nd the biggest thing he always have a gud story to tell in all glitters..(cant help it bt i m a drama queen myself.. so i cn relate 2 it)

  20. Unknown says:

    Hiii…Frm Hyderabad…..Well, I have been a great fan of yours right from the days of Shiva,Anaganaga oka roju,Gayam,Kshana Kshanam ,to name a few among a large number of greats u have directed..What great entertainers they have really been….Well i have 2 questions….1)Why on earth have u completely diverged from the path of comedy…..I always felt comedy was u r greatest forte…Read Rangeela,Money,Kshana Kshanam,Even Mast to an extent…2)You\’ve got to return something for the Telugu people….I\’ve heard u many a time tell in  various interviews that you will never ever direct a telugu film again as you want to reach to a wider and a more intelligent audience….C\’mon…We\’ve adored your films and probably ur success ratio here is far more than in Bollywood…..One film at the least…You owe us that….Just think about this….A RGV movie with say a Pawan Kalyan/Mahesh Babu….Plz  think about this with a positive frame of mind rather than u r customary NOWould be immensely happy if you would reply to this…..

  21. Unknown says:

    One of the very smart film-makers in India. I will watch Phoonk and Contract just coz you made it!I yearn for an Indian film maker who would make a film like Amores Perros or Babel. RGV is my only hope!

  22. Unknown says:

    Boss! always wanted to ask you when are coming back to the Telugu Industry??? I mean direction!! want to see you making films with the next generation- Mahesh Babu, may be Naga Chaitanya or may be a movie like company in telugu with Mahesh ……a sincere request one movie in telugu…!!!

  23. snehil says:

    Haven\’t you ever cried when no one is watching you?? Its not for drawing the attention then but to accept our loss /defeat/pain.Acceptence of some one being more powerfull than you (God??).Thats the reason I never cried.

  24. Jay says:

    Why aren\’t you producing the movies, Contract and Phoonk?

  25. Vinay says:

    You have said that you are interested in all kinds of genres except the Yash Chopra kindish romantic movies. Bless you for that. But comedy is something which you have not attempted at all, except the Silver Mani kind in Sarkar, or Aamir Khan in Rangeela. Actually we are waiting for a good Hindi comedy movie on the lines of Baby\’s day out, or There\’s something about Mary. One good one which was made in Hindi was Half Ticket. Any plans, guru?

  26. Vinay says:

    Hey, we came to know of Contract releasing in July, only because we read the blog and later paid attention to the advertisements. Your "smaller" movies have a huge problem of advertising. Sarkar and Sarkar Raj were given due media attention because of the star cast. But there\’s a huge gap for your other movies. You need to take help from Yash Chopra\’s marketing arm

  27. shiva says:

    RGV doesn\’t cry for attention. He makes calculated statements to draw attention. Like the one on crying. It doesn\’t make sense. But it\’s a nice "quotable quote", like he says.

  28. vaishak says:

    Guru,          To my perception, we didn\’t make enough horror films to make our audience scared.This is not the condition in US.They have special theatres for horror films and they have b-movie theatres named "grindhouse".But most of american horror films shows explicit violence.Thats not the real horror.Films like Friday 13 are a shame to horror films.WHat horror is there in a guy wearing a mask kills many people brutally…And Most of american films comes in the category of torture porno.The audeince who loves to see blood spilling will be paying their money in the box office.We don\’t have that kind of an audience here[psycho kind].And comparitevely our horror films are damn-clean entertainers.Exorcistdidn\’t scare me.But Omen did.Bhooth shocked[not scared] me at a few moments and it was a clean thriller.But one more thought…..The films \’Raath,Deyyam[pey],kaun,Bhoot,Vaasthu shaasthra and recently the visuals of "phoonk\’ have very specific common elements.1.A doll lies in a corner of shelf[sometimes head of doll may be in focus,character moves in the other regions of the frames in out of focus.2.Shots from corners of a house.3.Characters moves so casual and enjoying but a horrifying silence  build the tension.[i know that i am watching a horror movie-so i am prepared…because of that,this silence sounds very cruel to me…i know that haapy family will be ruined..i broke deyyam CD[i ve seen the tamil vesrion:"pey"] in an after noon. I watched that movie for 3 rd time in that afternoon and i felt so bad.Negative sounds make negative vibrations.So i was upset.and i thought how this CD came to my house. i wanted to watch this movie in theatre.but i missed.ANd this Cd came to my home in a very mysterious condition…i don\’t remeber..]…i threw the tiny pieces of that CD after breaking it very far from my house…]4.Horror in the afternoon [ this theme is common in Deyyam,Bhooth,Vaasthushatra].5.A cycle wala who never minds walking on a road near a graveyard [ Deyyam,Vaasthushaasthra,Darna zaroori hai[modern version]].6.Abnormal sound creating by a human being [Bhooth, Vaasthushastra]7.Shots which climb trees ,sometimes moves on the top of roof just like lizard ghosts….hmmmm8.Crow shot or an eagle shot….I ve seen crow stuff in OMEn 2. But ramu has his own style in taking this bird shot.EVen the audience will feel like this crow is a character performing in the film.THE expression of crow is anyway terrific.i don\’t know how this man managed to film it…9.A shot which focus on a vigraham of a diety or any common object..light falls on only one side of it\’s face….[KAun,phoonk[house wife in the kitchen,a green pot near the has shot in this way..]So This elements are common in every film and i agree with ramu that it build the tension by making the audience feel the ambience of the place where the story takes place…..and a specific thing i am noticing in ramu\’s horror films is a presence of a diety idol in strange conditions and the idea is terrific when it has a power whose nature can\’t be perceived by a human being..[like guru wrote in that \’why phoonk\’ diary…\’Do you really understand the nature of what you are denying and accepting?..\’….This idea applies to Aftabh\’s character in Darna mana hai,\’Stop" stuf…It furthur devoloped in \’Gaayab\’…I like this film very much…There is a presence of a \’curse\’ in the blessings these boys get in both of the films…So i wanted to discuss about Guru\’s obsessions to the afternoon horror stuff,this deity idol thing,corner angles and \’ a curse in every blessing\’ kind of ideas…….Guru..Do you have any root reasons or logics for these symbols…Or you just put these stuffs to heighten the effect…?….Or you just like those stuffs…?.or all these three…..With love…..Vaishak Nambiar…… 

  29. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

          U r the Prestidigitator {magician} of movie making
    whatever it is means,    I\’ll saw ur every film apart from hit & flop . I watched AAG 2 times.
    ur actress right from urmila   2   nisha, seduce the audience right from the eyes,and thats absolutely ur talent.
                  coming   2  the background score of ur films ,u have keen observation not only about the scene but also the  body language of the artists i.e., from their breathe to the sound of the footsteps and we, the audience will understand each \’n\’ every dailogue with out any disturbance, they\’re simple but very powerful.

  30. thirumal says:

    Have u find any emotional scenes or love scenes that never happen in real life in any reputated hollywood directors? Karan\’s(KKHH) was a big big hit and the film\’s centric idea developed on depending  8year old girl(girl does all the drama to get his papa\’s ladylove).Same time satya is released u remember! It has a love tale too.(wat\’s the diff).i am human being and i am a versetile too but i never feel any creativity after watching this type of crap.The hollywood makers have done all genrs in matured way before Karan\’s birth. I am emotional too and i love to see the romantic films but i am coming out of the theatre after 20 mins.How many people like NOSMOKING movie but they draw conclusions on oscar winning films, hhhu.If u felt this is again a crap don\’t mind.

  31. confused says:

    @thirumalbasic thing is…i like karan movies bcoz he dreams in an "indian" way..tht no hollywood movies can(coz they dnt know us & they dont make movies for us)..bcoz it is a diff genre altogether.. putting comedy ,romance&touch of family drama  without getting "overboard" is nt a easy job i suppose. though i dnt like there predictability nd some unrealism… bt still altogether its a gud package to watch. as u said bout diff in luvstory in satya nd kkhh…satyas luvstory is real and subtle there is a possibility tht it cn happen in real life..there is a earthy and real feel to it..which supports the main movie without taking too much attention thts perfect…i luved it bcoz i cud relate 2 it..whereas in kkhh its all bout exaagerating…tht can never happen in real life thats its magic..ppl go to movies, they take time out frm there real world to a reel world wats wrong if everything is glittering and shining which ends with  "lived happily forever " which can never happen in real there is no such thing as real tht shudnt stop us frm dreaming. (i hope i m making lil sense 2 u)or maybe its just tht we all hv diff prespective …i hv my own & u hv ur own ..& thts d reason there r so many directors nd films to choose from

  32. karthik says:

    Two questions, I want to ask you
    There is a train scene in Kshanak Kshanam, where a guy falls between two carriages and falls in between the rock bed below. The train later runs over him. How was that possible. There is absolutely zero margin for error there. I am convinced that CGI makes you marvel at best, but its true stunt that is absolutely delightful. Dont you think so?
    Did you do apprenticeship under any director for sometime before you directed Shiva, or did you just let the raw passion for filmmaking take over you before you learnt the nuances of direction. Is it possible for someone to just direct movies without any prior knowledge of film making?

  33. karthik says:

    The bit u wrote about going from point A to point B in life, no matter what… and not blaming anyone else but yourself for what you are, is excellent. Man you got some solid philosophy in your head. Maybe it comes in handy when the chips are down for you. Just keep chirping such stuff when you feel like it. Yeah, a little lok-gyan wont hurt your devotees here along with the discussion of the thought process of RGV…

  34. Raj says:

    >> Q: I am trying to get hold of Drohi.
    >> A: Why would you want to do that?
    Because I really, really liked it, and want to watch it again. There are copies on Youtube etc., but I don\’t like piracy.
    So, you don\’t know as well. Sorry for bothering you.

  35. Unknown says:

    Do you think you can manage emotional stuff in your movies?

  36. krupakar says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I will watch your movies on 1st day and won\’t give a shit whether it is a Hit/Flop.. I just want to see ur creativity in each and every shot and I love ur selection of Background music.. Beleive me even now I will watch shiva once in a week .. just to listen the Background score and the execution of scenes.
    One more request..
    Please make one more movie like shiva which will give positive feeling through out the movie.. Please create one more character like Shiva who wil be positive in his steps..
    Few  scenes which I want to share.
    When Malli ask shiva to contest in elections and the way he replies that "There has to be some purpose to stand in elections."
    The scene where bapiraju(Kota) comes to meet shiva and ask his support. That entire scene is terrific.. "Nenoka Goonda ni.. neeku naatho panentra…!! thelavari legisthey mike chethapatukoni speeches isthav.. naatho neeku pani yenti..!!! Awesome..!!
    Please create that kind of character again and create the magic again.

  37. Unknown says:

    hi ramu  dont u think u lieng too much  out your college days reading  god father novel when ur in 12 th ?

  38. Unknown says:

    hi ramu i want to know how to meet you to show my love for you . because you are really a great person.

  39. lavanesh says:

    annayya naaperu lavanesh hyd nunchi native ctr nenu meeku peddha abimanini cinima ante kuda chaala chaala chaala ishtam meeru tea,coffee lu andhinche e.nivas ni director chesarani telisinappatinunchi mimmalni kalavaalani ,letter rayalani anukuntunna na problems anni cheppalanukunna problems ante cinima pichi annayya yentha pichi ante appudu meeru vunna panjagutta lone nenu vunnanu oka roju 2 days money lekha thinakunda vunnanu na friend okadini dabbulu adigithe vaadu 30/- ichadu correct ga appude mee RGV ka Aag release indhi inka tattukolekha Aag chusanu ivanni meeru nammutaaro ledho ? bt its true annayya ilaantivi chala vunnay kaani annayya ila letter\’s chaala mandhi vrasuntaaru meeru pattinchukuntaaroledho ? yem cheyyanu annayya meere cheppandi plz meetho vundaalinipisthondhi andhuku nenem cheyyalo meere cheppandi plz suggetion ivvandi
    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz  plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz  plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz annayya

  40. mukesh says:

    Ramu one issue i have with ur movies sometimes is that the background music is way too loud and jarring at times it tends to take away the intensity from the dialouges

  41. Vijay says:

    Too many ideas concocting in your brain, thus these innumerable flicks which u churn out left and right… I understand ur thirst for making films, but why play darts like an amateur aiming for that bulls eye? Too many misses mate (i know u just want to make films and not give a shit abt anything else but people are suffering mate)…. Having understood your pysche, courtesy ur sarcasm filled nonchalant replies to all those questions, i suggest u make  film like \’CANNIBAL\’ to take out all ur angst and frustration at whatz happening to u and around the world in general… Don\’t keep it in… just let it out (i know u already did with RGV ki Aag!)…. any plans to be buddies with Eli Roth and the ilk? Porn and Gore combo works well for u taking into account the voyeuristic delight u give to people thru ur lens…. Hollywood is the place to be…. India is too small a nation for u (as u hate the censors in general)… I know u don\’t take any comments/suggestions seriously but if only u heeded advices (Don\’t have to listen to every goddamn advice but atleast from some who knows something abt making good films)!!!! Be scared… one more from RGV\’s stable… oops two infact…. I understand Shiva, Satya, Gayam lot but c\’mon pal….

  42. soham says:

    All i want to know is when r u making the hindi version of the hollywood movie FIGHT CLUB??

  43. lokesh says:

    First of all i think u have great ideas for movies with not so good execution of it i think u feel that too.and i apologize for downloading CONTRACT off the net, I didn\’t like the movie that much as the performance of the actors involved was below average, If I feel your next movie is worth it that can make me go to the Theater then i will go [I Have a rare collection of movies, Up till now only sarkar (both) have managed to enter it].But i would like to congratulate u for the Brilliant direction, the way the whole film was made into a dark theme with some Gothic concepts like the whole background and closeup shots was simple outstanding. With this you have now entered into the list of rare directors from every film industry that can do that.Please don\’t try to make a remake of fight club as there are no potential actors that can do that either they will make a fool of themselves or a mockery of the filmAn idea how about a film about a guy who is in the underworld and only collects information an anti James bond type a real spy, a manipulator. a guys who only like being a spectator and watch the end result.Film i think that are worth it : Fight Club [Not the lame hindi one], Number 23, The Qatsi Triology (a documentry but a must), The Bicycle Thief, SAW, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,  1408, The Bourne Triology [Fav], FEW MOREIf u would like to recommend some movies to me that are worth to write them in my bingo list and please do.And please do keep making movies which are different……..

  44. Piyush says:

    Is Phoonk a mix of Raaz, Vaastu Shastra, Raat, and Bhoot?What made you see anything in Mohit Ahlawat and Nisha kothari?People around me have started saying that You\’ve become an unreliable director to go for a movie!I still believe that your sense of brilliance is still there!And, your current background scores are not even in the same league of quality as they were 3 years ago.Sarkar Raj does not come close to effect and power of Sarkar.Thanks for killing Abhishek as I did not think that he was a good choice for the role of Sarkar.I hope that Phoonk will scare me like Bhoot, and you\’ll play similar mind games!!!!

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