My reactions to reactions

1. You could have explored the connect between the janata and the Nagres more and shown their compassion for Shankar’s death?
Ans: If you noticed I have always treated the people who idolize Sarkar very ambiguously.  They are almost ghostly in their demeanour. Case in point is when Sarkar gets arrested in Sarkar-I. Instead of them shouting slogans and abusing the police, there is a strange unnatural deathly stillness about them. I copied this from a scene in “The Final Conflict” the 3rd in the series of “The Omen” where when Damien (the son of Satan) addresses a crowd they have a very similar body language. That’s because one would know what kind of people would worship Satan. Taking a leaf from this I thought given the unusual nature of a leader like Subhash Nagre it’s safer to keep them at a distance and leave it to the imagination of the audience.
2. What was running in your mind while making “Nishabd”
Ans:  Nishabd.
3. People / media criticize you because of their expectations from you.
Ans: Any criticism made by anybody is only for the express purpose of entertaining themselves and others.
4. Why did you make “Madhyanam Hatya”? Please don’t say “because I wanted to make it.”
Ans: Thanks for making me feel predictable. But that’s the only reason and it’s the same reason for all my films. 
5. I have heard lot about the hardships you went through before making your first film.
Ans: Not true. I always have had a ball in my life ever since I can remember. Difficulties and hardships are a state of mind. If you truly believe and understand that you are nothing, but just one more person among the millions of people out there and also understand that none of them owe you anything, you will come to terms with the fact that you cannot and should not depend on anybody or anything and the onus is on you to make it in life. Let’s say you desire to go from your town to another town and en-route it starts raining. Someone tells you that the road might be flooding ahead. Now you have a choice to turn back or somehow get a ride in a car or continue driving taking the risk of may be getting stuck or even dying as long as your objective is to reach the other town. But one thing you should not do is to blame the rain or get angry with it or pray to it or plead with it. The rain is the difficulties and the town I wanted to reach is making my first film and I enjoyed and got enriched by my journey each and every minute of it.
6. In Shiva, was Chinna hitting the pole shot, thought at scripting stage or did it happen during the shoot?
Ans: Actually I copied that from a scene in Balu Mahendra’s film “Sadma” (“Moondrum Pirai” in Tamil) starring Kamal Hassan and Sridevi. In the climax Sridevi is in the train which is moving towards us in the right of the frame and Kamal is running in the left of the frame towards us desperate to see Sridevi. So the audience’s eyes are caught in between Kamal and the train just in case Sridevi will come out, so they miss the entry of pole from the left till they see Kamal suddenly hit it. I reversed this in Shiva. I established Chinna being chased by the goons. In that particular shot he is running towards the camera. I deliberately kept space to the left and as Chinna looks back to the left of the frame behind him to see if the goons are following it draws the attention of the audience to the same and they miss the poles entry from the right of the frame till he hits it. Because they are in the emotional state of Chinna the suddenness of it creates an impact as if they themselves have been hit. As per your question whether I thought of it in the script or it happened at the shoot you should address this to Mr. Balu Mahendra. As you know now I copied it from him. Incidentally Sudhakar hitting the rock scene is from Mansoor Khan’s  “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak” which more or less has the same psychology.
7. I heard you are remaking Aag. Why would you want to remake your own film?
Ans: Who else would do it? A flop one at that? I am basically like the spider in that Kings story where he learns from it never to give up.
8. Enough of mafia, horror and thrillers! Make some responsible movies that can bring in change in all of us.
Ans: Ok Sir
9. I did not understand your answer on why you are so fascistic in your decisions. Can you explain it for this KG student of filmmaking?
Ans: – Wait till you grow up.
10. With every movie you have an incredible story to tell. Just that in a few of them the execution strays.
Ans: – Well that’s the story of my life. Most of them I would say!
11. How did you have money to produce a big budget movie like Rangeela after your failing in Telugu.
Ans; – It’s a big misconception people have that to make a film you need money. It is your story idea and your convincing power which will generate money and anything else required. The primary and only concern for stars or investors is about making fame and profit from the people who will come to see it and they make a decision of investing the capital on the strength of your idea and your potential at least by the standards of their vision and everything else will follow. I would like to sum it up as this that nothing is more cheaper in financial terms and more powerful than an idea.
12. Was your first film Shiva inspired from “Arjun”?
Ans: Yes. It was also taken from Ardh Satya, Kaal Chakra and Mackanna’s Gold. The climax fight on the terrace between Nagarjuna and Shiva was a total rip-off from Mackenna’s Gold cliff fight between Gregory Peck and Omar Shariff.
13. How does the main culprit in Sarkar Raj communicate with the rest of the gang?
Ans: Ask Sarkar.
14. Why are you answering so rudely?
Ans: I thought I was being funny.
15. Do you think the interval scene in Sarkar raj would have worked without the “A.C on karo” line?
Ans: My problem there was I had to give some logic to why the bomb got triggered off when it did. You see the car for a long time in the background and if I didn’t have that line it would have given rise to unnecessary doubts.
16. If one movie after one more fails will you still enjoy support?
Ans: I think you still have not got the point. You need to understand the word ‘fail’. Without knowing the cost price and sale price you can’t arrive at an understanding of that. Also in case a Director makes films which loose money for all concerned one after the other you still have to take into consideration the aspect that the industry needs at least 120 films per year to cater to the theatres. Considering that no Director can make more than 2 films a year that too a rarity. You still need 60 Directors to do the job. Then it boils down to your list of choices. Try and think of Directors whose films you would like to watch. I doubt you can think of more than 15. Even if you did not like my last 5 films it’s still possible if you come as a Producer that my name might still crop up somewhere in the top 10 to 12 names. So in other words if the industry were to make films only with Directors you like, 80% of theatres will close down.  The bottom line is that there will always be work for a worker.
17. Where do you get inspiration to make comedies like Money and Anaganaga Oka Roju?
Ans: Life! I believe that life is actually a comedy which pretends to be a tragedy.
18. I would like to see your take on inter-culture romance and marriages.
Ans: I don’t believe in all 3 whether inter or not.
19. You see the crockery before you buy it and buy it only if you liked it unlike a movie where you have to see it to know if it is good. That’s where reviews and trade analyses matter.
Ans: It’s a given fact that no two people will have the same sensibilities and tastes and state of minds and intelligence levels which would be the principal parameters which will influence your appreciation of a film. But on the other hand it goes without saying that if you think someone else can judge for you and he will have the same taste and sensibility as you whether that’s your friend or your wife or a critic or your servant, you are welcome to go ahead and make that choice for yourself.
Also like any product like a car or a cell-phone or anything else you see on an Ad or hear about it or you trust the company that manufactured it only when you experience it will you truly know whether you like it or not. So all I am saying is that any creative work can be only an interaction between the individual viewer and the maker.
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75 Responses to My reactions to reactions

  1. Unknown says:

    Remaking a flop film like Aag is a big deal. But you know what,you will
    still have people to watch it. Im sure you also know that which is why
    U are making the film.

  2. karthik says:

    For a change we have more than 3 lines for the answers to the questions posed by everyone. Thanks RGV. Also the humour was good without the I-dont-give-a-damn attitude. You must be in a good mood [please dont begin saying mood is one\’s perception and in reality an illusion. Just kidding :)]. Anyway keep it up and more importantly keep them coming [both you orginal posts and reactions…].

  3. nishant says:

    "Any criticism made by anybody is only for the express purpose of entertaining themselves and others".  By god u r stupid. And then you blame people around you to not be critical of "RGV ki aag"!!!!

  4. kartik says:

    Dear Sir, I am and have always been a big fan of urs …. am still waiting for u to bounce back with a Satya ..or aCompany or Shiva ..or Jungle …I always thought u had the power to turn non entities (so many artitstes u gave breaks to) into entities …. A film like satya or even shiva ..focusses on the story ….but when i see Aag …Sarkar ..Sarkar Raj ..i can make out that the story has been sacrificed for these "stars" For Eg: (your fav film) Ardhastya with Om Puri ..govind nihlani also made Dev with Amitabh … and you can clearlymake out which the better film is … do you not think somwhere story/plot/dialogues etc have been sacrificed for typical RGV shot divisions/loud background scores/and stars ???? P.S – Eagerly looking forward to Contract !!!

  5. kartik says:

    You, Manirathnam, Anurag Kashyap (and I believe) Scorcese do not do shot divisions. 1. Which approach do you think is advisable for newcomers and aspiring directors ? 2. For shiva was there any shot divisions done ? 3. How do you decide where to place the camera .. I know you would say the location..but what happens when the location is not to your liking ? 4. "A Director\’s job is to manage the resources" Please comment with your take on it 5. How do you \’direct\’ an actor\’s performance ? Vivek Oberoi, Fardeen, Chakravarthy have not looked good in otherfilms that they have done compared to yours. How ? Especially when hindi is not your mother toungue

  6. karthik says:

    "I am basically like the spider in that Kings story where he learns from it never to give up" – RGV
    So do we have to endure AAG another 6 times? Oh my god!!! RGV, spare a thought for us, audience. Robert the Bruce had the patience to sit and watch the same spider fail six times… but the majority of the audience dont. :)) They dont have a problem witha director making a certain mistake but to do the same mistake again?
    I have an idea, why not make the next Sholay a space opera?
    1. Have Gabbar singh as some darth vader kind of a evil power-hungry monster who sets his eyes on a planet, Ramghoote. His aadme will be dressed up like Startroopers. Though we will change it afterwards to avoid getting sued.
    2. Jai (with an eye-band) and Veeru are bounty hunters…
    3. Basanti is a space pirate, who even transports people in and out the planet to other planets…
    4. Thakur is the ex-protector of the planet…
    5. For the kitne dialogue… it will be Kitne Rebels they Kalia?
    6. The dance troop for Mehbooba song will aliens from Mars. If you cant get thier call-sheets, then settle for Urmila Matondkar. They look the same… well almost!
    7. The title is  "SHOLAY-AEV90E4". Thats actually the space ship Veeru and Jai sing, "Yeh Dosti" in.The tagline for the movie is "Earth calling Ramgopal Varma".
    RGV, this might work!!!

  7. Unknown says:

    Talk of awards functions since you attended one recently.
    How do you describe people who go to a foreign country to bestow awards on themselves for outstanding achievement. You tell the foreigners that you are lucky we have decided to come to your land to honour ourselves.
    Indeed you must be so honoured as to pay astronomical ticket prices to watch us receive awards. Furthermore we will preplan who to bring along – mostly they would have to belong to our so called click. So even if this actor who has not done anything much during his whole life, you are going to be forced to watch him accept a lifetime achievement award. If possible i would try to cram as many of my followers on the trip and most possibly all of them would recieve an award.
    Not to worry about your reactions, we will only bring stars who you like to see. Did you mention that great movie with unknown stars that never played in your cinema screens?. Right we would never dream of honouring them.
    Say yes to another great awards ceremony coming to a country near you

  8. Unknown says:

    Can I send you a screenplay that I have written, for any evaluation/comments? My email id is
    Also why do your recent movies have so many close ups? I mean the camera is always in-your-face. It\’s become tiring now. Please go back to how the scenes were shot in Satya, Company, Jungle etc. If you shot Satya the way you do movies now….uggh!

  9. Unknown says:

    @ Kartik Krishnan
    but when i see …Sarkar ..Sarkar Raj ..i can make out that the story has been sacrificed for these "stars"
    Do u seriously think that way? U think Satya, company have a great story and Sarkar and Sarkar Raj dont? Just consider story alone, where\’s the difference in the story being great between that of Satya, Company and Sarkar,Sarkar-Raj? RGV\’s quality has not decreased from Satya, Company to Sarkar,Sarkar-Raj. They are equally good movies.
    RGV has already came back with Sarkar-Raj…..

  10. Unknown says:

    Also why do your recent movies have so many close ups? I mean the camera is always in-your-face. It\’s become tiring now
    Satya had strong characters but didnt need close-ups very often than in Sarkar. We would not have felt of character of Sarkar without the close-ups. In Sarkar, the expressions of eyes were important. The scene between Rashid and Sarkar(Big B) would not have been so effective if there would have been no close-ups in that scene. And most importantly in the last scene where Shankar stares at Rashid & Rashid does the same…..Best scene in the movie

  11. Naveen says:

    question #5 above….someone asked you if had to face any hardship to make your first film
    i was expecting a precise answer instead of the gyan :)….philosopher for a change!
    paresh rawal was awesome in your telugu movies!….i hope you cast him sometime again

  12. karthik says:

    Imagine the life of actors, if zooming lens has not been invented. RGV would have set up the camera millimeters close to the actors faces…for the reactions. lol 😉
    Abhishek Bachchan might be saying… thank god zoom was invented before my generation.

  13. murali says:

    Heard that Sarkar Raj is doing good business in the South India and Mumbai. How do you think your films perform at various parts of India? DO you see a general trend? I have seen Jungle, Kaun, Sarkar and Company on first day in South India (kerala, mysore …) – I think Satya, Company and Rangeela were the only  RGV Hits in my part of Kerala. But mind you, very few Hinid films run for more than a week.. I remember Koyla was a big Hit, while it was conisdered a flop thruout India – :-).

  14. srinivas says:

    Dear Ramu,
    I never hear you talking of your film "Antham". This was one of my favroite films in those days. I liked the way you picturized how a one-man-army can do the fight. The fights were impulsive. All the characters in the movie were well characterized. Can you share your experiences with making of that movie? Did you even like the movie after it was made? Was it to your expectations? What I am trying to understand is that, Did the movie come out as you intended? but, I was a die-hard fan of this movie. You are the first one to show the fear in the eyes of the person fighting.

  15. srinivas says:

    Couple of shots I liked in "Antham"
    1) Conversation between "Police Inspector" and "Raghuvaran".. Was it your idea or the script writer\’s idea to put such an excellent conversation? I am referring to the conversation where they compare each other with ice cubes, water, cyclone, coluds etc..
    2) The fight in julgle when Nag first meets urmila. Everyone excelled in this scene.. The fighter(lauging), urmila(fear), Nag(emotionless).. It was an excellent job to put many feelings on a single shot..
    Manymore shots in Antham impressed me.. but, I am not sure if you even remotely remember this movie..

  16. Suraj says:

    RGV,Could you please reply to my previous query. I know it\’s tough to reply to reply each and every comment. But I am anxious to know it! As I am great follower of yours and ARR\’s work."Hey
    why are you not working with AR Rahman? Also got to know from various
    electronic/paper mediums that you tend to estrange people who do
    exceptionally well in your projects like Amir Khan, Anurag Kashyap and
    AR Rahman. Is this true? And AR Rahman confessed in one of the
    interviews that he has no issue to work with you provided you approach
    him with a good script! It would good for RGV followers to see a project with your direction and Rahman\’s music in it!"Regards,Suraj

  17. Unknown says:

    Hello RGV, are you really replying to all these posts ?

  18. Unknown says:

    Do you want people to remember YOU after your lifetime or not? If yes, how do you want to be remembered as? You can very well say (in your style), "I don\’t want them to remember me", "Its up to them to decide" etc. But that would be lying to yourself 🙂

  19. Unknown says:

    You are contradicting yourself. Sometimes you say, I forget everything about a movie once i am done making it. When someone asked you about a scene in "Deyyam (Telugu)", you said "I don\’t remember it". But if someone asks you about a scene in Shiva, you explain in great detail.

  20. Unknown says:

    Another one about "Deyyam" movie. Climax was clearly inspired from Hollywood. No big deal. And people of that time couldn\’t understand it. That\’s their problem. But why did you give a paper statement saying, "Ending is like that because we are thinking of making a sequel" :-)That\’s so unlike you !!

  21. Sai says:

    Very interesting that you are copying from or paying tributes to such varied films and filmmakers. Your understanding of the medium (even when you were not in the industry) makes you easily grasp, remember and imitate things that normal audiences wouldn\’t be able to grasp as easily. Do you still watch a lot of films or are all your inspirations from films that you watched when you were younger?I remember someone else asking you if you watch Quentin Tarantino\’s films. I find some similarities between you and him. He has also become a filmmaker by watching tons of movies. You owned a video rental store and he worked in one before becoming a filmmaker. He also loves grindhouse/B-grade movies like you love Ramsay\’s horror movies. He is also a technically brilliant fellow and makes films that are completely against the norm (the norm differs for you and for him). He also pays tributes to a lot of movies (you like to use the term \’copy\’ for the same) like you and even more explicitly than you (and most people don\’t get the references till he says so). I find this very very interesting. Did you know about these similarities?

  22. kishan says:

    In Kaun, there is a scene where Urmila is scared and goes around the house thinking that there is something/someone in the house. During that scene, she looks under the bed and she thinks twice before moving the bedsheet over. I loved that scene and it is very special to me. I used to be very very afraid of what could be under my bed when I was a kid and I never told that to anyone. It was a surprise for me that some one else had the same fear. Just wanted to let you know.

  23. Unknown says:

    It\’s naive to conclude that Abhishek\’s performance in SR was the most intense in the last three years.  Not saying he was bad, but there were many performances ahead of him.  Talking of intensity, he was not even close to Kay Kay Menon or Pawan Malhotra in Black Friday. 

  24. Kevin says:

    I don\’t know whether you reply to these messages but I\’ve been going crazy posting on Mr Bachchan\’s blog to ask you to do a director/actor commentary feature on the DVD of Sarkar Raj, but then I became aware that you have your own blog so I am here asking you if you would consider a director commentary on the DVD of Sarkar Raj.  It would be brilliant if you could get Mr Bachchan and/or any of the Bachchans in the cast in on this feature.  The commentary feature is an asset to the DVD as it serves as a learning tool for us viewers.p.s.  As wierd as it sounds, I didn\’t think Aag was as bad as people made it sound, I mean it was bad, but it wasn\’t your worst film ever let alone the worst film in the world like they all made it sound.

  25. Unknown says:

    dont you think it would have been better to end sarkar raj at the revelation of somji\’s killing, the ending would have had more power

  26. Suvadeep says:

    Hi RGVI am a great fan of yours and I had huge expectations with Sarkar Raj. You have made a great film but with a few loopholes, first the pros:a. A dialogue based sequelb. Excellent chemistry between father & sonc. Disclosing the master mind – Rao saabBut the cns are more:a. Why on earth Aishwarya? Why not some powerful actress for such an intense role like Tabu? Is it for Bachan publicity? C\’mon RGV do you still need publicity, may be good or bad?b. U show so many character artists in ur every movie then why Sayaji Shinde? The villains have gone wrong this time….c. Is it Victor who begged for a role?d. The sequential revenge scenes in Sarkar were so engaging, why just a story telling this time?e. Somji – Who\’s this crap? I always thot u r a master in choosing ur people…f. And the last scene – Subhash nagre en route to the next Sarkar as Chiku and Ash asking for a "cutting chai". Do you have a custom match fee penalty then please do that to her or else tell her to shade clothes and dance \’Kajra Re\’I am looking forward to Contract, the teaser is good, please don\’t let me down. RGV, u r the master of underworld movies & exceptional concepts, keep that flame alive.I don\’t know if you would respond to my comment, but if you do I will feel honored.Thanks & regardsss

  27. shiva says:

    when will you make these kind of movies again. just listen to the
    background score. that movie blew me away when i saw it  the first
    day in Amaravathi theatre in lakdi-ka-pool. movies are only getting darker with every movie you are making. it can be very refreshing for you also to try to make that kind of movies again.the technique is getting repetitive. the difference between the stories is closing in. you are only narrowing down your ideas and trying to explore things out within that range to the extent that only you see the difference between each films. no one else does. i know it might be a little embarrassing for you to try out a love story again. just make one movie a year like you used to. but make it good. sit with the writer. discuss it. explore it. how far can you take it.we\’ll appreciate 1 quality movie from you even if takes two years to make, than watching 4 movies a year which look all same no matter how different movies they are for you.

  28. freshz says:

    did you like kabhi kushi kabhi gham, if yes state why?, if no also state why?

  29. Shashank says:

    Sir, I am too curious to know that what do you think of cinema of Sanjay Leela Bhansali ? Also have you seen SAAWARIYA if yes then please elaborate your reactions.

  30. Appu says:

    Ramu jee,
    Namaskar !
    Idea is always cheaper and easy available till it is appreciated by audience claps and becomes powerful.
    ShubhDin !

  31. karthik says:

    How is it that in Hollywood, the studios recognize talent and potential in the directors and give them very huge projects to handle straightaway…?
    some examples:
    Peter Jackson made movies like Braindead, meet the feebles, bad taste, the valley, heavenly creatures before he was handed over "the lord of the rings". How did the studio recognize that he had the potential to handle the magnum opus?
    Timur Bekmambetov made B-grade movies like "the arena" which is pure sleaze… but he has immediately after that filmed movies like NightWatch, DayWatch and now "Wanted", starring Angelina Jolie herself, which has a rating of 95%+ in Rotten Tomatoes.
    James Cameron made Xenogenisis before the Terminator project…
    George Lucas made THX1138 and American Graffiti before StarWars…
    I am not talking about directors creating big-breaks themselves like Shyamalan did with Siuxth Sense, which was a not so heavily invested film. I am asking about studios investing big-time on yet-to-be-proven directors. Atleast Cameron and Lucas made a movie each (like a dress rehearsal to thier upcoming masterpieces) which gave them a little credibility that they could do a starwars or a terminator. But how is it that guys like Peter Jackson and Timur even got a chance to direct such big-budget films.

    So my question is what if some guy has good convincing power but may not be so good in execution? and secondly why doesn\’t this happen in India. Why doesn\’t a director like XYZ, who is good at making family oriented movies with a very tight and gripping screenplay, isn\’t given a chance to direct an epic movie. Why is it that there is a ladder of the big-breaks to be climbed here… which is absent in Hollywood. How can any director prove himself with mere ideas even before performing?

  32. Unknown says:

    please write about you made it and everything that you can  share about COMPANY.casting of Mohanlal and ajay devgan in their roles and most importantly the screenplay of it.
    please write about it.

  33. Unknown says:

    the antagonists in sarkar raj were not as intense and dark as they were in sarkar- vishram, silver mani on of course rashid, in stark contrast sarkar raj had – vohra singing songs and hasan qazi – smiling n mouthing hidden meaning dialogoues.i think they lightened the otherwise dark and tensed mood of the film. was it a concious decision to not have dark n tension building antagonists. could you please enlighten me

  34. Sridhar says:

    Hi RGV
    For the question…"You could have explored the connect between the janata and the Nagres more and shown their compassion for Shankar’s death?"…you have answered as "Case in point is when Sarkar gets arrested in Sarkar-I. Instead of them shouting slogans and abusing the police, there is a strange unnatural deathly stillness about them"
    I think the people do start shouting slogans and then Sarkar says \’thamba…(stop)\’ when he gets arrested in Part I…right?
    ….and if thats not the case why do people celebrate and enjoy and listen to what Big B says in the beginning in Sarkar Raj if they are ambiguous….why do they make thier love towards Sarkar seen…and why does that love vanish when Abhishek dies? So, does that mean that they are happy when its a birthday and do NOT show any feeling when someone is dead?
    The body language should be the same I guess across all scenes….when Sarkar addresses them or walks past or goes to jail or something sad happens to him…etc..catch my point and answer given by you….and I guess Sarkar is not of Satan nature to get such a response from the audience…i.e, a ambiguous body language…that too when his son is dead…right? Or are there more complications added to justify the answer? I guess so…..
    But the REAL thing is….now, it makes me feel if you are the one giving the answer…im guessing Sir…

  35. Unknown says:

    I watched Ek Hasina Thi on a rerun. Like to compare this movie to a tightrope walker. Often bad Hindi movies would be akin to a tightrope walker falling off after a few steps. Often you would get a movie where the walker is fumbling in his steps but still manages to get to the end line.
    Ek Hasina Thi was the rare gem where the walker confidantly strode across never giving an inkling of even a tiny slip. That is truly rare in Hindi movies. Hope the comparision can be appreciated

  36. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV
    I did not like any of your song and dance films…I started recognising you as a talented director Post Satya. My favourite RGV films are Satya, Company, Bhoot, Sarkaar, Darna Zaroori hain and Nishabdh.
    I saw Sarkaar Raj. I thought it was O.K. The pace was rather slow but it was certainly better than Sarkaar. I wish to see you make films on the following genre\’s witAmitabh Bachchan:
    1. Thriller: Amitabh as the detective solving a murder mystery like sherlock holmes(please depict him as a middle aged man. Get the make-up man who does the make-up for Rajni kanth. Wish to see a clean shaven Amitabh for a change)
    2. SCI-FI: A "middle-aged" Amitabh travelling through time.."Back to the future".
    3. ROMANTIC COMEDY: Amitabh in a remake of "feel good" films like "Father of the Bride", "Meet the parents", "Meet the Fockers" . Amitabh playing the father and Saif Ali Khan /Amir Khan/Salman/Hritikplaying the "Son-in-law"
    Seriously, after seeing "AAG"i thought you lost form…"Sarkaar Raj" has revived faith..I seriously wish to see you direct Amitabh in films of different genres..
    I wish you all the very best in your future projects.

  37. Unknown says:

    Hi mr ramu,you are a very brave and strong man withstanding all the criticism. I wish you all the best for the future please make a good movie like satya jungle bhoot and shut the mouth of critics let your work speak for youall the best

  38. srinivas says:

    I would love to read your reviews on movies you saw and liked/disliked. May be old movies, may be new movies. I like to hear your vies on movies apart from your direction/production..
    Also, sometime back, I heard you were planning to launch a cine paper magazine.. Was that all rumors or it didn\’t just work out?
    One more question(apart movies).. Did you ever cry on a girl? or Did any girl ever make you cry? You seem to be tough.., Just want to know the inner "YOU".. May be this blog is also a channel for us to know the real YOU..

  39. Saman says:

    Hi RGV
    I\’m Imah from Singapore and a loyal fan of the Bachchans and your films.
    Writing to you in hope that you consider to add the special features like making off, premiere and the Idea Yatra at Hydrebad, Delhi, Indore and etc to the Sarkar Raj DVD package. With this features fan like me will be happy to at least got a chance to see the crowd, the response and feedbacl to Sarkar Raj.
    RGV if you do plan to make Sarkar part 3…..please please bring Abhishek back as chikoo caused nobody can do justice to the role except for AB JR.
    Wishing you a great future and many more fims with the Bachchans.

  40. Unknown says:

    Hi Mr Verma,
    First of all thanks for making Sarkar Raj and here is a sincere request for another sequal.
    Just wanted to say that besides the celebrated movies of yours there have been other movies where the concept was great and fresh but the final outcome wasn\’t up to the mark, e.g. Nishabd and Naach. Do you agree with this remark? If yes, please attempt something like Nishabd again – with Mr Bachchan ofcourse.
    Thanks and Regards,

  41. srinivas says:

    Ramu bhayya,
                        Is there any specific reason to select sudheep for \’Phoonk"? Will the telugu version "Raksha" be a frame to frame copy of Phoonk directed by you(if i am right)?There are many who want you to direct a Telugu Movie.Do u have any such plan in future?I read that you have asked Chandrasekar yeleti to direct a film in ur banner,will it come to reality..i feel his narration , colour grading of film and camera angles match ur taking.

  42. static atmosphere energy says:

    Dear RGV,Thank you for your comments.Learning a lot and gaining lots of confidence:)A request…you are very busy, but please blog morethank you and have a great time

  43. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I watched McKenna\’s Gold since it is your favorite.
    I watched it almost for 10 more times after the first one. I just love it.
    Do you have any more in your list.
    Would you like to comment on these movies…
    1. Haasil
    2. Socha na tha
    3. Ek chalis ki last local
    4. Flavours
    6. Kaliyug (Benegal\’s)
    7. Trikaal (Benegal\’s)
    8. Goopy gyne bagha bayen (satyajit ray)
    11. droh kaal
    12. his girl friday
    13. hey ram
    14. Abhay (kamal hassan)
    I found each of these as brilliant works of art.
    Could we have your opinion.

  44. Unknown says:

    Do you believe that hardships are a part of life?
    What according to you is failure? Not being able to achieve your goal OR not having the courage to walk towards your goal?? 

  45. Unknown says:

    Could we ever see you directing Kamal with rahman being composer?

  46. Unknown says:

    somebody pointed this out. the "AC on karo" scene before interval in sarkar raj.  Ok… its perfectly logical to have the scene there… but wasnt the filming of the scene bit out-of-the-context. It looks like it pops out-of-nowhere in between  Abhishek\’s scene as he talks on mobile to somji.
    Cud it have been like this. Camera in front of abhishek, and you see Tanisha getting into the car in background. She is visible, but faintly. Camera doesnt try to show her purposely. And then a side shot of Abhishek for two seconds and then the bang.

  47. Unknown says:

    have you read atlas shrugged?

  48. Unknown says:

    ever thought of making your version of mckenna\’s gold? Who wud play colarado?

  49. karthik says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Could you please explain me the difference between a sound engineer who produces the mixed tape… with a music director who does re-recording. Someone ( not very reliable) told me re-recording produces sounds like footsteps, opening locks etc… So what is it that the sound engineer brings to the final outcome?
    The other thing I want to ask is about why you genrally work with technicians not very popular these days…
    is it to do with how much creative control does the director retains while working with some high profile technicians like Thotta Tharani, PC Sriram or A R Rahman etc. I mean do you prefer to lead the way rather than working with the top technicians give ideas on how the outcome should be and sometimes sacrifice your original imagination or vision?

  50. vamsi says:

    Fountain Head worked out – Here is how it can be adapted to contemporary times. Instead of architecture, Politics in India can be epicenter. Architecture in the book was portrayed as an art that ceased to be an art and lacked purpose beyond external appeal. Today in India social service which is the underlying cause for politics no longer exists as a purpose. Like how in the book a few people behaved as if architecture was a property that belongs to them, parties in India behave like politics is their property. In both cases the industry is open for a thinker who can stand out with his knowledge, application and personality.
    Toohey can be a political analyst who takes the side of the left parties and eventually ends up on a news paper owned by \’Times of India\’. Gail will be running that newspaper.
    Roark will try work for one of the political parties that has been battered by the system but has a lot of ideals. Then everything else as the story progresses.
    Guy francon will be running one of the parties. Keating will shine through that party and eventually the party collapses.
    Dominique has to be a movie star. Otherwise people will not accept her getting married so many times.
    Drawings of architecture can be replaced with social service acts. Keating would keep asking Roark on various methods of social service and after Roark gives him a plan, Keating would add a flavor to it – and that flavour would be how will the party financially benefit from it.
    Huge construction in the end can be compared to something like – providing free food to all \’below poverty line\’ people in a sustainable method. While Keating would tweak the plan to say how the party could profit from it. For this purpose they could be building a huge granary which roark will bomb….
    only piece missing is what is it that Gail would want from Roark??? think and let me know

  51. Ravi says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Thanx for giving me detailed answers. Feeling elated! And I also appreciate your frankness and confession! I doubt how many, in this hypocritical world can accept the truth like you do! Though I watched \’Vasantha Kokila\’, never felt so…probably, I was too young when I\’d watched it. Btw, I felt that you lifted scenes like Nag & Amala rotating the glass of water, Nirmalamma slapping Sai Chand…from Jaws. But what ever, it is…we should appreciate your talent of adaptation. I strongly feel there is nothing wrong with inspiration/adaptation as long as it gels well with the content.
    Did anybody ever make you an offer (professionally) that you couldn\’t refuse ? Better mention atleast one…if you don\’t want one here 🙂

  52. Naveen says:

    hi ram, i just got to know that sudeep is the main actor in phoonk….just can\’t wait to see the movie…..also read that he is doing another movie with you after phoonk…true?

  53. Unknown says:

    plz make a film like pokiri , iwant to see u how u would make film with that character.u can make wonders with that character.

  54. ajay says:

    Until I make an entry into the factory, and have a face to face
    conversation to you and we sit together discuss shot taking and shot
    breakdowns of my film \’the adulterous woman\’ I resort to this one
    blog/comment piece. In my every film–short long fiction non-fic–I
    have sought inspiration from the way your films said to me as an
    audience … "explore possiblities".

    And then when I made films–first for myself and then for an
    \’audience\’–I caught on to you saying I don\’t need 100s of people
    watching my film. Even if just 5 people who are really interested watch
    it, my job is done.  I think that was Naach. More than 5 people watch
    it. I took 4 different people for it 4 different times. The shot of
    Reva\’s feet on the rock when they are conversing. Abhishek\’s close-up.
    The shot in the car. The intensity. Incomparable.

    And now Sarkar Raj. Brilliant. And I-like many of your avid fans are
    looking forward to the sequel. And to Contract and Phoonk and anything
    and everything you set your hands on.

    I sincerely felt that while you may have felt you needed to apologize
    for Aag (I don\’t think you needed to) you certainly didn\’t need to
    apologize for Nishabd which was in the true sense India\’s answer to the
    Hollywood genre of the \’melodrama\’.

    Amit Roy\’s camera captures your vision in the most bewildering almost intoxicating way.

    A case in point being–my favorite scene in Sarkar Raj the one shot
    from under the table. As audiences you let us –secretly–listen to
    characters; to their hearts and their minds. Spectacular stuff.

    Incredible close-ups. And rivetting camera movements.

    What I like is the amount of thought time energy and indeed money to put in to get the treatment right. Different.

    When Samuel Beckett was asked how he wrote his masterpiece "Waiting for
    Godot" he answered "Fast. Never faster." What mattered was not what he
    said or what he tried to mean; but how he said it. Style.

    And in your films style and substance come together finely balanced.
    Naach, Company (being a malayalee it was a treat to watch Mohanlal in
    that role–a perfect casting decision!), Satya, Kaun, Daud, Sarkar,
    Sarkar Raj

    I was disappointed in my dad when he tried to compare Sarkar Raj with
    its first part. Two different films. One so firmly placed in grey
    areas. In the jail Sarkar is shot at in the way MKG was shot at in Hey
    Ram. And there\’s his glasses, and the background music somewhere a hint
    of vaishnava janato…. But you can\’t completely say he is white, and he himself doesn\’t say that.

    And this one so clearly tending towards white. Development. Calling
    themselves \’neta\’ – chosen leaders of course, not forced. Working for
    the people; with the people. Needing and getting their support at every
    stage. Doubts being raised on their intentions –as with politicians.
    Could we ever have imagined Sarkar of the first part being vulnerable?
    Never. In his own fortress his daughter-in-law would be killed and he
    would not be able to save her?

    Anyway, I could literally go on and on endlessly. Let me end with a
    question. As one of the three producers of Dil Se… one of my all-time
    favorite movies… what role did you play? Just finances?

    PS: Chicku … am assuming is going to make his appearance in the next
    film as a 24-26 year old guy. I am preparing for that role. 😉 (Umeed
    pe duniya jeeti hain….) I hope you are thinking of new faces of
    Ritesh Deshmukh. Frail, wearing white with a kada on his hand.
    Fashioned after his dad. After much contemplation and tossing many
    names… Gopal Nagre sounded very good. Maybe as a tribute to a fan,
    follower (future?) of yours you can select that one..? The humble
    request of a seemingly immodest filmmaker. :)thanks for making movies.
    will try and keep in touch. next stage; beyond blogs.

  55. Unknown says:

    hello ramu sir,
    i m big fan of u r movies.bcoz. i like the background music and camera work in u r films.
    SHIVA a trend setter movie at that time and gives lifes to u and nag in film indutry.
    before shiva no one no u got chance to make shiva?how u approached nag?
    i listernd u done as asst. at b.gopal is it true?
    plz..exaplain it…for me sir.

  56. Unknown says:

    I thought that , you would be one of the most busiest person in bombay…but looks like you have been spending a lot of time reacting to reactions…

  57. Unknown says:

    sir i want to meet you & work with the factory please tell me how

  58. Unknown says:

    Ram gopal varma garu
    Sarkar raj chusanu. superb movie. terrific script. I was so eager to see sarkar raj and to know that its a big hit. I hate when few people from bollywood comment on you terribly. someone like karan johar or sharukh khan or whomso ever, mana telugu guy ni takkuva chestara ani naku kopam vastundhi. you proved your talent again. thank you.

  59. Unknown says:

    Hello Ramu Sir,
    Sarkar Raj was a Intellectual treat. Congrats for that. I have a feeling it will be taught in Film Schools as a classic in Screenplay, for its brilliance in unfolding of the Plot, the story telling idea from Cinematographers lens…..every frame of it was well thought and executed.Kudos for that. All masterpieces are received skeptically at first, i know u give a damn to that, thats the best part of you and makes you evolve with every movie or urs. Just like Satya was a roguh work for Company, ironically Satya was a superhit and Company can be termed Classic according to a audinece like me, to talk abt preparation may be it all began with Shiva. And then Ratri was first step towards Bhoot which was a masterpiece well potrayed by Urmila. And then Sarkar Raj happened, while people admired Sarkar and dint welcome the other version with open minds its a Pity. Its a pity if u think abt the crowd. They tasted Satya first, they thought Company was on the lines of it, but its the other way round. Similary they tasted Sarkar and they wanted something in the same lines, they have to get out of the \’rut\’ and think. All the Camera angles in Sarkar were nothing new, we tasted them in Nishabd and all of ur other movies, some of it atleast. But in Sarkar Raj it was so Evolved, its as if u were speaking from the camera lens, before u spoke thru ur charachters, the scenes where, she is frying in the kitchen it gives the feeling of the moment, the tension they are going thru, the angle from inside the Handle, it gives the Point of view that things are being watched from such a small angle, things like it, Like the Scenes from the terrace while Shankar comes, the tension in the crowd, when shakar and Amitabh were speaking the tension the tension that was there between them was so well shown with the distortion and hazyness in the Camera, we can actually feel the uneassiness, it was simply superb. and the Scene where Amitabh talks to his sons Frame, the way u brilliantly picuturized it revelaing only what parts of the face were required and with the right amnt of expression was a masterpiece, again the lens speaks. the similar scene was there in Mohabattein again done by Amitabh and sharuk, but there is Zameen Asmaan difference here. Here the hearts churns and melts which leaves a lasting impression on the mind, wehreas the other the heart just cries for the dialogues renederd, there leaves the creative genious , no offence meant to anyone though. i am bad at diplomacy and all. But theres more to ur evolvement in Sarkar Raj i felt, though its not seen of u till now, like in u brought up the Topic of Vishnu and made Shankar tell his father to try to learn to forget him, ok till then its typical u, bt later on u kill his own son which was to be born and u beautifully insert the part of naming him \’Vishnu\’ which is not like u at all then u kill him, sutly stating the Karmic Circle of Life, WOW which is a new angle of you!!! It shows ur Evolvement and all that. I know u dont like all this kinda observation bt i cudnt help bt notice as ur follower being an eccentric myself. I was quite upset when u said Abhishek is a better actor than Amitabh bt the way u treated Amitabh\’s charecter and brought him back to power in Sarkar Raj it felt justified.

  60. Unknown says:

    Hello Ramu garu,
    Me ,A  big fan of your Direction and I like Mahesh Babu a lot.  Can we expect a film in your combination !!!

  61. Unknown says:

    Namaskar Ram Gopal SahebTumchya Sarkha Director kadhi Zhalach nahi Aani Honar Pan nahi !Mala Pan Ek Chance Dya Saheb ! Jay Maharashtra !

  62. Unknown says:

    sir ,why new faces in Contract.We have Manoj Bahpai, Ajay Devgan, Randeep Hooda.

  63. Unknown says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am coming to Mumbai on 21st July. Want to meet u. Could you please tell me how can I reach to u?
    Please help. I am leaving my job and coming all the way to meet u. Working with u has always been my dream. Can u please help me. I have done a diploma course in film making and made 8 shortfilms and also I have acted in some of mine and my collegues\’ shortfilms. Can u please help me to recruite in the Factory?
    Thanks and Regards,
    D. Omkar

  64. Unknown says:

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  65. Unknown says:

     Any plans for Sarkar Rani,  Aishwarya as Lead….. Kudos to RGV\’s Sequels 🙂

  66. Unknown says:

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  67. rammahipal says:

    I like your arrogance and attitude, how many times did u feel  i should have been more humble?…by the way it happens to me

  68. rammahipal says:

    I like your arrogance and attitude, how many times did u feel  you should have been more humble?…by the way it happens to me

  69. Anil says:

    Pilla photo

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