The idea of wanting to do something with Sholay came approximately around five to six years ago. One day I got a call from Sasha Sippy saying that his grandfather Mr. G. P. Sippy wants to meet me. As he is a respected man by all, as well as the producer of Sholay and a senior in the fraternity, I went all the way to town to meet him.

There Sasha Sippy mentioned that they are interested in making a sequel to Sholay. He also had a storyline already worked out in his mind. As per his story after the song of “Mehbooba” Gabber Singh sleeps with Helen, she bears the son of Gabbar Singh who was to become known as Junior Gabbar.

The big problem with the sequel of Sholay was that some of the cast or some of the characters have died. One of the main characters Jai died, and in reality Sanjeev Kumar and Amjad Khan passed away. Therefore one has to make do with the remaining characters and cast and possibly creating new characters.

Helen’s son wants to take revenge for his father Gabbar Singh who was behind bars because of Jai and Veeru. Veeru and Basanti keep coming to Ramgad village now and then to meet Jayaji’s character Radha who is still residing in the village. They are kidnapped by junior Gabber. Then both Veeru and Basanti’s sons come to the rescue. This was the basic plot line he had in his mind.

In the above plot he wanted me to create a character for Jackie Chan. I first thought he meant some local actor named Jackie Chan till I realized that he was talking about the Honk Kong superstar. Sasha Sippy’s Jackie Chan brainwave was due to the influence of “Rush Hour” where an American and an Asian actor together gave a big hit. I found the whole thing so bizarre and I declined it and came out laughing. Little did I realize that the last laugh will be on me…!  

Anyways cutting again to the flashback, on my way back from Sasha Sippy’s meeting a thought occurred to me what if the story of Sholay was set in contemporary times in a city. That felt interesting and I bounced it off to some people around me and all of them thought that it was a superb idea.

Then just for the heck of it, I started doing changes as simple as instead of ‘Kitne admi the’ Gabbar should say ‘Kitne’. I thought if Sanjeev Kumar doesn’t have hands so how could he have shaved everyday? So let’s have Thakur with a beard. So I basically went on this trip of literally having interpretations of shots and dialogues and scenes, and completely forgot the basic emotional aspect of the film.

So when I was talking about each of the shots and scenes, people around me were praising and getting affected so much with whatever I said, I started thinking may be over the years Sholay has completely broken up into audio visual bytes. You still remember lines from it, made characters from it, made cartoons out of it and so it is kind of fragmented into parts and you don’t look at it as a whole film experience and that’s how I think it became at least in my mind.

The people around me also went into that mindset primarily psyched by me. I know it sounds stupid, it sounds stupid to me too. So I can understand how others feel about it. I made a few people sit and started talking about for example Amitabh Bachchan’s character. In Babban’s introduction, I told them he will be drunk with power, hence a laidback stance. And he will have a characteristic laughter which will sound like a cough. Everybody around me thought it was a fantastic interpretation.

Now when the film released one particular gentleman told me Gabbar looks like he has fever as he is coughing in his introduction scene in the film. Now if one looks at it from that point of view, yes it sounds like he has fever. So everything what I thought so seriously went seriously wrong.

One day when I was sitting with 4 to 5 people, this commercial poster designer came with the poster of how Gabbar should look. My first instinct was ‘why would any city dweller wear such clothes’ because my idea still at that point of time was to make it very realistic but the people around me said it was fantastic.

When I said that it didn’t look real, the designer said “In the old Sholay Gabbar was a normal guy and over the years he has become a legend. So Gabbar should not look realistic, he should look very stylized and very fantasy oriented.” They all said he was perfectly right. Now the point is that they didn’t know what I had in my mind. They were reacting to a still image but just under the influence of that particular moment of so many people seemingly so excited about it, I thought that may be I was missing on something. Maybe he is right in what he meant by legend, so I thought let me just not get stuck to my original thought and I should be flexible.

Then I took it over and showed it to Mr Bachchan and he also said it was fantastic. But Mr. Bachchan also didn’t know what I was doing. He also was just reacting to a still image. He took it for granted, a professional that he is, that I know what I am doing. And he has developed so much of trust in me as a director post Sarkar, he thought I must be having some reason behind why I would evocate such a look. The fact that Amitabh Bachchan also thought it was fantastic and people around also found it fantastic I took it for granted that may be this was the right one.

Then keeping a reference to that I started changing the look of each of the characters and situations, what kind of a place he will stay in etc…. So I went into the technical aspect of trying to match up to this design which somebody gave and I got completely carried away after that.

So everything I was trying to match to that and it obviously can’t because the scenes and the characters and emotions were at loggerheads. So I started manipulating it or psyching myself and whoever was there. So now each of the actors, when I spoke to whether Ajay Devgan or Sushmita Sen or Mohanlal or Mr. Bachchan or Nisha Kothari or Prashant Raj, all of them were completely convinced primarily because of the analysis I was giving. So they were also not able to look at the film in totality. Also by that time the hype of the film was so much that I was making Sholay, it was almost impossible for me to detach and re-look at it in totality.

To complicate this whole thing, another thing that happened was that initially the lawyers told me that there is no problem the way you are interpreting it, you don’t need to take rights. After I started, they said you can’t do this and you have to change this character, you cannot have these many scenes in a sequence, so I constantly started changing scenes and characters. It is very dangerous to start changing scenes once you start the film because you don’t know which and where what is going to be affected in the final cut.


I could not get the title Sholay. I said like Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar or Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas, so let us call it Ram Gopal Varma Ke Sholay. What is the big deal? Then by the time it came for release, the court gave an order not to use the word Sholay. So I had no choice but to change, but I wanted a sound which has got a meaning like sholay. This is how the word Aag came in, so the publicity guys just took the name Sholay out and put Aag in. So that’s how Ram Gopal Varma ki Sholay became Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag. So in one sentence everything whatever could go wrong, went wrong with Aag.
But all these are still minor things in comparison to the most dangerous thing that any filmmaker can be subjected to. It’s to be surrounded with people who will not tell him the truth or lie to him. Not necessarily by intention to harm him but it could be just to please him or are scared of him or psyched by him or in cases they take it for granted that the filmmaker knows what he is doing.

Also it came as a shock to me that most people in the age group of 12 to 30 haven’t seen Sholay. They have seen parts of it or at least their knowledge of it was a vague memory. So they couldn’t make head or tail of the film and people who remember the original Sholay didn’t like the intrusion of these new characters and a new way of telling the story. So to all of them Aag looked like a ridiculous collage of scenes going nowhere.

To sum it up thinking of ‘kitne admi the’ to ‘kitne’ as my interpretation… the tremendous reaction that I got from various concerned people was the first nail in the coffin. Second is this publicity designer getting that poster of Babban’s look and me getting carried away again, third is the court cases and fourth is the way I was changing everything and having as ridiculous a title as ‘Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag’ completely prepared the ground for the disaster.


When people ask me if I got hurt by the brickbats, I was not because I learnt a lot from the experience both in terms of the making and its aftermath and I truly believe that today I am a better human being and director because of Aag, but yes I feel terribly guilty because I made so many people, actors, technicians, investors party to a blunder I committed. They put in their time, money, hard work and trusted my vision and suffered for no fault of theirs.
– Ramgopal Varma
P.S: This piece I wrote is just a trailer of how ‘Aag’ happened. In future blogs I would get into many more details of the same from time to time.

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100 Responses to MAKING OF ‘AAG’

  1. sagar says:

    I read somewhere that you want to make \’Aag\’ again …so can we think this \’confession\’ as a hint to take it for granted that you will surely make \’Aag\’ again??

  2. Unknown says:

    Very Interesting.  I look forward to the next one.

  3. karthik says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I understand that by \’emotional aspect\’ of the film, you mean the life of the movie. So essentially you have given a new look to the dead film which is like putting new clothes on a corpse.
    I, as one of the audience, believed that this project was doomed right from its inception. One thing about you and Sachin Tendulkar is that we always know what is coming from you. Its just sixth sense. 75% of Sachin\’s fans can say when he will hit a century and when he will fail…
    Same with you, for example I swear that \’Contract\’ will be a hit and \’Phoonk\’ will be a flop. I still cant make a guess about \’veerappan\’. I am sure this will piss you off that people make guesses regarding the outcome of your yet-to-be-released films… but it turns true most of the time. 🙂
    Its my gut feeling that you as a director are fantastic in intrepretation. I mean you are fantastic when you show something or some idea in your own style (Thats why i think u failed in re-intrepreting sholay, because someone else already gave a shape to it in his style). Narration is your forte. I would like to see you make some sci-fi films. Even better, why not make a adventure film. You are good in that too. Please dont make remakes…

  4. loser says:

     i recently saw sarkar raj.i\’m waiting for u to make a film which does not use a yellow/brown/green/blue tint. which does not darken most of the frame but lights up the whole frame with natural colors. which does not use extreme wide angle or extreme tele lens. im so fed up watching this so-called stylised making from u. i think its very escapist. the whole making of sarkar raj film can be termed as escapist. u have conveniently escaped from many things using the above mentioned things. the wide angle jimmy shots are like too much. can i ask u, what was the point in using a wide angle jimmy shot as the opening shot of the party scene where ash\’s dad tells that he\’l take care of shankar? cos it was an easy option? or did it have some meaning in it. u have used the same for all the crowd shots. i disliked sarkar. same with sarkar raj. why should anyone watch sarkar raj in a theater. its like some stylised tv serial. the whole film is escapist, the locations the art department. everything conveniently escaped the need for good work taking the help of the camera and lighting.i respected u a lot. cos when every other director was treating the audience like dumb fools, u treated them like fairly reasoncable and/or intelligent people. thats the way u made films i guess. but then i saw sarkar, it was so fuckin insulting. u treated the audience as some mediocre lives in that film. u took them for granted. then came shiva, aag , sarkar raj.(dint watch nishabd yet). film by film u seem to be becoming more and more insecure and when u write a piece of article like this introspecting and analysing what mistakes u did with aag or whatever, but continue making films the way u made sarkar raj, i just dont see a point. i think u should just lose it. leave mumbai, spend an year somewhere else. far from film industry. ul gain ur perspective back. or u can carry on, u dont seem to have anything to lose cos u dont only request to you is to treat ur audience with respect. dont cheat them using escapist stylised filmmaking \’techniques\’.i dont at all think that u would like to see a film like sarkar raj urself, whatever u might say outwards.i hope contract is going to treat us with respect.but im afraid, as it has got that brownish tint too. a sign of insecurity.pls start treating the medium with respect. and ur audience with respect.

  5. karthik says:

    Boss can i ask you one question… why do your music videos (for songs in the film) suck? I am not kidding, seriously. Either u put some skimpy clothes on heroines and make them dance in waterfalls or on the beach doin aerobics, but the taking of your songs suck.
    it seems like you complete the video just for the hell of it and dont think much or spend much while doing it.

  6. Ravi says:

    I wonder what was Sasha or G.P. Sippy saab\’s reaction to this whole episode of \’Aag\’ ? Did you happen to meet them again or discuss this issue with them ? I am sure you wouldn\’t have (otherwise, you wouldn\’t be living by now :-)).
    Any way, to err is human 🙂 Thank God, you proved to be a human 🙂 Learning from one\’s mistakes, is probably, divine. All the best, Guruji.

  7. RAJESH VARMA says:

    Why are you narrating your nightmare? we ll be scared………..

  8. Ram says:

    అన్నా నమస్తే…..
    ఆగ్ నచ్చిన మెంటలోళ్లలో నేనూ ఒకడ్ని. అదేంటో నువ్వేంచేసినా నచ్చుద్ది.. నువ్వే చెప్పినట్టు, may be నేను కూడా psyched by You. నువ్వు సూపర్.. కేక….. తెలివిగా మాట్లాడతావో, తెలీక మాట్లాడతావో తెలీదుగానీ…నీ మాటల్లో వ్యంగ్యం బాగిష్టం..ఈ blogs రాయడం వళ్ళ నీకేమొచ్చుద్దో తెలీదుగానీ.. నాకైతే, ఎప్పుడైనా TV లో నీ interview మిస్సైతే పడే బాధ కొంచెం తగ్గుద్ది.
    అన్నట్టు చెప్పడం మర్చిపోయా…. short గా నా పేరు కూడా రామే…. నన్నూ అందరూ అలాగే పిలుస్తారు..
    ఏదో శునకానందం కొద్దీ చెప్పా పట్టించుకోకే.. కానీ రాము అని పేరుండేవాళ్ళందరికీ కొచెం తిక్క కూడా ఉంటుందికదా? అదేంటో!!!
    P.S: ఏదో వెరైటీ కోసం తెలుగులో type చెయ్యలా.. నాకు నిజంగానే ఇంగ్లీష్ రాదు. చదవడం కష్టమయ్యుంటే క్షమించెయ్.
    కానీ కామెడీ ఏంటంటే.. నేను కాల్ సెంటర్ లో పనిచేస్తా..:)

  9. Abhishek says:

    Ramu Gaaru,
    This article, If I read between the lines, Would I be right If I say that sheer nervousness was the first elemt that resulted in the downfall of AAG? Is it the result of your nervousness, backed up by the fear of flawless execution and also your love towards Sholay that was carried away?  I am sure you were very careful during its making..infact extremely careful.

  10. static atmosphere energy says:

    Dear RGV,
    Again nice imprints you\’ve given for \’Aag\’
    I see lot of honesty, nostalgia and belief of why you wanted to make or re-make \’Sholey\’.  Bahut lambi Kahani key peeche bhi kuch honesty dikhti hei.  I remember in one of your interviews that you were infulenced by \’Sholey\’ and its an ode to the original.
    Appreciate the brutal fact that you\’ve learnt great deal from this film, sometimes a wrong film? makes a director learn things which a super-duper hit wont and \’Aag\’ is right example.
    I dont want to comment why I did not like \’Aag\’ simply because everyone is doing and nobody is able to forget it…the ghost of \’Aag\’ still continues.  Honestly, any film that comes from your banner has some good point or other and please continue to make films what you feel at a point of time is correct.
    Take care:)

  11. Unknown says:

    Hi RGVA question. how much has the telugu director Vamsy influenced your visual style? I think he doesnt get enough credit, and has been a pioneer in breathtaking photography and style way before Mani ratnam became well known for the same.Comments? You also produced w/o v. varaprasad with him. he was on the decline by then. what did you observe?

  12. Unknown says:

    Hi RGVA question. how much has the telugu director Vamsy influenced your visual style? I think he doesnt get enough credit, and has been a pioneer in breathtaking photography and style way before Mani ratnam became well known for the same.Comments? You also produced w/o v. varaprasad with him. he was on the decline by then. what did you observe?

  13. Neeta says:

    Dearest Ram,
    Why have you changed your style of answering "to all" on the Comment section? Celeste and I soooooo miss your humour and wit! Can you please go back to answering "individual comments" with the marvelous humour and sarcasm you had started out with? We want our Ram back! Did you manage to put Celeste\’s photo up in your living room – I presume you have my caricature crucified next to hers? Anyway, just to let you know, I have bought All your movies and will start watching them starting today! We really think you are a brilliant young man! Oh, btw,  it doesn\’t mean that Celeste and I are in our 80\’s!
    Looking forward to seeing all your movies. Please go back to answering our comments, that way, if we have individual questions, you can address them and keep us sutiably entertained!
    With Love and Respect,
    P.S. Celeste thinks I  scared you off – can you kindly assure her that I am not the one to make you change your style – I would hate to take the blame! Thanks!! 🙂

  14. Neeta says:

    Dear Ram,
    Your "Yaad Rakhoonga" comment shows that you have true integrity – cause you are remorseful of the fact that Aag was not as lucrative as you would have liked for your "back up" people; However, I am sure they appreciate that you had put in your very best and you are brilliant – so you will learn and make it up to them all! I feel proud of you for your honesty and integrity!! I just hope all the people you mentioned appreciate your humbleness.  Ram, keep it up for people like Celeste and the lot who have utmost faith in you.
    Once again, with great respect,
    Neeta (Celeste\’s crazy friend)

  15. Unknown says:

    Ist of all !! I really honor your sincere confession. There are very few people to have a gut like this to believe they think, they do though sometime they fail on it !! oopss?? But that\’s a part of life !! If we don’t make mistakes then how we will learn!!!
    Sir, you know what I think, Experts learn from their own mistakes becoz not everyone eligible to advise the experts. So keep up the good work…
    One small urge from this unknown admirer of yours please paint ur imagination in other colors too as Life itself comes in different colors , it never remain same!! From a small baby like a fresh green petal to an old man like a big tree !!
    I like almost all of your movies!!! Well for " Aag " I cant say as I did nt dare to see it yet but i can speculate this after seeing Ajay Devgan running after Nisha K shouting RUK JA & Nisha responding to him in such a manly attitude was really difficult to digest !! .. I hope you respond your colorful thoughts also soon ..  !! 
    Regards ..

  16. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu,
    It requires gumption to come clean on ones work going wrong and admitting it on a public platform.
    In fact I really did think that RGVKA sucked. But the sting of the criticism no more exists once you yourself are admitting to the faux pas.
    I was disturbed more by the loss of your good directorial equity than a bad made movie. But I guess it has been retreived to some extent thanks to Sarkar which however is not comparable to your earliar masterpeices like Satya.
    Kudos to the new spirit and a new RGV

  17. confused says:

    sorry for  repeating d same comment i wrote in uor last blog now i think it is more relevant here   
    i didnt watched sarkaar raj yet(very busy schedule) …today i got time so i i thought ill catch it .. but alas no shows at 8:00…so we went to new release de taali(only movie runnin at 8) & guess wat even this film has aag\’s a third degree torture….now one thing is clear….aag has made you more u r living legend…just like there are thousands of sholay jokes..there is one more aag joke added ..& maybe from this ppl will remember u always.. just like they always remembered sholay….isn\’t a perfect tribute(in a twisted manner) ..

  18. confused says:

    "they take it for granted that the filmmaker knows what he is doing."
    abs rite ..i can relate it to it completely… i am designer.  nd sometimes my vision gets clouded in all the voices around me ..nd that results in a lost creation..even if it gets sold..i cn never acknowledge it completely..from inside i know it was never my creation…
    p.s – i really liked the sub titles..spl….iskey peechey bhi ek kahani hai..

  19. confused says:

    oh..sorry for adding 3rd comment in one go.. bt i was away frm net 4 so long nd there is so much to say….
    i saw phoonk\’s poster today…at first  i thought its a hollywood flick then read phoonk..looks scary ..really scary..i dunno wether i will be able to watch it or not( me a faint hearted…jus kiddin)

  20. Appu says:

    Ramju jee,
    Namaskar !
    In your blog you said people are afraid (may be) of telling the truth to the film-maker because of few reasons.
    I say : If team-members are afraid then the film-maker is to be blamed.
    There should be open exchange of thoughts. Even a peon idea can do wonders for the film. But the final decision should be with the director who is always expected to be a visionary.
    What important is "The best idea" not the person suggesting because at the end of the day, "Project" is always bigger than any individual no matter how big she/he is.
    Am I right ?
    I believe you are the only person who is capable of making "Sholay" and I believe you got lion\’s heart.
    Best Wishes !

  21. Sai says:

    Ah! I was waiting for this and was hoping that it would be sooner than later.Analyzing mistakes can be so insightful and I really wanted to know how Aag went so very wrong!I watched the film on the first day (in the US) despite bad reviews and was desperately trying to like it. But at the end of the screening, it just fell apart. There were some individual scenes that I liked but the impact on the whole was something else.I felt that the chopping/changing due to the legal implications could have had a profound effect on the film. When I watched Aag I felt that there was a serious lack of continuity in a lot of places. I had written in my blog at the time that none of your films (including ones that seemed hurriedly made) had such a problem and it was probably due to the chopping/changing. The confusion in your mind was clearly visible on screen. I found the tone to be extremely inconsistent. Part of the film felt like it was your brainchild and part of it looked like you were trying to match a seventies film.You are right that people in the age group of 12-30 might not have great regard for Sholay. Personally, I don\’t think it is a great film but as a masala movie it totally works and I can see why many people love it. The impact of a film can change over time and it doesn\’t affect the new generation the same way. And that was one of the reasons why a good reinterpretation could have created an impact.I actually rewatched Sholay in anticipation of Aag and I could see where you were trying to match the film and where you were diverting. But at times, it still felt like a ridiculous collage because it wasn\’t going in the right direction.One bad film does not change anything but not understanding your mistakes could. And I am glad you are the sort of person who can look back, analyze, understand and take corrective measures. Looking forward to more discussion on the Aag that almost burnt you!

  22. karthik says:

    on asecond thought, u should have made the sholay 2 movie with veeru\’s son and jackie chan. it would have been an awesome flick. i almost got a stroke laughing those lines you have written… the killer is that gabbar has a son from helen… so must be casting a white guy (italian) as a dacoit. what are the odds? 😉
    But you should have a twist in the end that jackie chan loves the kid of jai\’s illegitimate child, and you can have a comedian in the role of the blind muslim guy\’s grandson… hell the movie will be filled with illegitimate children. you should have one for thakur too. :))

  23. karthik says:

    so boss, are you serious about re-re-making sholay again?

  24. kishan says:

    Please don\’t kill Sholay again…

  25. celeste says:

    Dear Mr. Ram,
    thank you very much for your comment on my favourite RGV film. But I feel sad reading the bitter style. In my opinion you, your actors and your technicians have only to be proud for making such an innovative, crazy, fresh, interesting movie! I\’d like soooooooooo much also in my country directors make films like Aag. At last the tradition of great Italian cinema would come back. Why don\’t you try to distribute Aag in Europe? We love Tarantino, so WE\’LL DEFINITELY ADORE YOU !!!!!
    (Tarantino who?)

  26. Jay says:

    For me, the real dampener was all the unnecessary controversy related to the remaking of sholay, and your insistence on having the title Sholay at all costs. The title itself sounded like a B-grade movie, and I mean it was obvious. Why did you let your ego get in the way of saying, "I have done my own interpretations of different movies, why do I have to name it Sholay".I still haven\’t seen the movie, btw.

  27. baneera says:

    Hey Ramu
    After watching Aag I felt let down only becoz it was a \’remake\’ of sholay becoz of the respect i hav for the original but if u had made Aag as an individual film and not marketed it as a \’remake\’ it would hav been seen as a new attempt in cinema making and there would have been mor people who would hav liked it, as they would\’nt hav felt cheated and u would hav been spared of all the \’na-real\’ awards presented by sharukh and saif.
    In hindsight u should hav marketed it as an underworld film and named it life in a metro!!!!

  28. baneera says:

    Sorry for posting again but I wanted to make an important point.
    What I hav learnt from u is that one should never shy away from accepting their mistakes and own upto them. Usually tendency by ordinary mortals like me is to blame others when things go wrong and take the credit when things go right. I am going to be a different person from now on. I am going to follow ur path there is more graciousness(not sure if this is gramatically correct) in accepting and owning upto ur faults.
    Good Luck

  29. Raj says:

    Hi Ramu Sir:
                   Now we know what went wrong in AAG. Sad that you had to go through lot of scene changes and what not. Ulitimately the end product was not what you had desired. I wish you had not even released it after seeing the first print. Anyway, but reading your post today..I still cannot belive that Sasha Sippy was thinking of getting Jackie Chan for the Sholay sequel he had in mind..This is news..All newspapers and Tabloids will be be busy now..
    Ramu Sir, pls consider my request of making SARKAR RAJ with a altenate ending version for the DVD release. So the DVD can have the orginal and the new ending with Abhi running the show till end.
    Thanks a lot again !
    Rajesh from Los Angles

  30. Jay says:

    You say you were surrounded by people who always say yes to you, but I get a feeling it is of your own making whether purposefully or not. How else can explain the parting of ways with such talents like Anurag Kashyap, Madhur bhandarkar, Majoj Bajpai, and many more. How else can one explain movies like "Mr ya Miss", "James", where the wannabe directors who all along played along with you on every move, probably said they have an idea, and they wanted to make a movie, and you said "Brilliant".

  31. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    Confession Box? hahah..Taken…It has always been like this with are caught up with some random idea and you get carried away by the entailments of the idea rather than the basic idea as such.Its nail on the coffin got hopelessly magnified by the title of the film \’RGV ka Aag\’, which marked more of narcissism. AAG probably is a big lesson. But the problem is Mr.Varma does not stand by his own words (according to him, in his blog). So despite the lessons learnt, i wont be surprised if you dish out another Aag like film, although i dont wish so.

  32. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    One more basic question: Aag itself is like a dream(nightmare) you\’d like to forget, although its going to haunt you. do you really want to waste your time and energy discussing it here? you can do better off writing about your other films.I am sure even the readers will gain nothing reading about Aag, atleast compared to reading about something like Making of a Shiva or Company or any of your favourite films by other film-makers.Bury Aag, it is past.Get over it please.

  33. Sandeep says:

    Yes RGV,u r right when u say there were no emotions in AAG,this was the major fault & also it was disjointed,there was no connection in scenes ,it looked like u were in a hurry to finish the movie.One more thing, u could have made it more sophisticated.

  34. Janak Ganatra - says:

    If you had managed to sign AAMIR KHAN – he would have been able to tell you from the point of view of how the overall picture will look – he is the only actor we have today who doesn\’t succumb to big names like CHOPRAS, VARMAS, JOHARS…..he has the guts to ask for the script beforehand from anyone….Ramu Sir…..let your ego give way to the fact that you do need AAMIR KHAN once more to create that RANGILA effect…..

  35. Unknown says:

    Dear RGVThanks for being brutally honest!I did watched Aag and tried very hard to connect to it but could not. It always looked broken in pieces like teasers which you released on news channels. My biggest disappointment was Rajpal Yadav\’s (Rambha Bhai) part. That only sequence took the movie down under and now where. I still have it on my iPod just to understand your vision and have watched it twice. To be honest I never liked Rangeela. IMO Aamir was too overrated and  Urmila was real crowd puller. I loved Shiva (original) at time because probably that was only movie where hero is not died or punished for breaking law. There is no need to talk or write about Satya and Company. Bhoot was fun. To be honest honest Sarkar was a let down for me as I was expecting too much. But you are definitely back with a bang with Sarkar Raj. It is much better and sophisticated than Sarkar. AFter underworld I think Maharashtra politics is a very interesting subject and I hope that you will explore it more. And I am looking forward to read more about RGV ki Aag and its making.

  36. Unknown says:

    small request…please write about ur movies rather than projecting urself as a protagonist in an ayn rand\’s novel by answering the readers questions in a sarcastic way. Only fools have admiration for attitude of succesfull people rather than their work. Most of us would love to hear and understand the thought process behind some of ur movies which worked and which didnot. also if possible write down ur experiences with the telugu film industry and the reasons why u have distanced urself from it.

  37. Unknown says:

    sir go and watch aamir a much better film than sarkar raj. also rajeev khandelwal is a much better actor than abhishek bacchan who still hasent come out of his fathers shadow.
    guys please eave a comment

  38. vaishak says:

    Aag : My thoughts…1.I couldn\’t find any point in remaking an 70\’s hindi film.2.Sholay is a bollywood western and those people who made it were successful in adapting a \’Samurai-western kind of story into indian mileu"…3.Like Sergio leone\’s masterpiece westerns, Sholay has those vast screen space which makes us feel the location where the story takes place…One of the interesting part in sergio leone\’s movies,[to my perception] is the extreme long shots of those deserted places and the natural timing for the story get unfolded gradually.4.In Aag, the story happens in Mumbai.And you have no scope for those extreme long shots which portrayed those vast area and to my sensibility, i cant feel a film very realistic when everything in the frame looks so \’greenish\’.How could a green colour tone contribute to intensify the mood of a crime film…i dont know…5.There is best performance from a few actors in that film.For example, Mohan lal\’s performance after he loosing his family.I could feel a man becoming something like a volcano…it was a terrific performance.6.The name \’BAbban" makes a sfeel of parody or mimicry.It kills the originality or the authenticity of the film.Same stuff happens with the other names.7.Nisha kothari\’s character twisting and shaking a beedi when she tells that old man that his son is dead.She tried to perform,but ramu didnt allow her by fixing a beedi in her hand and made it a cartoon.8.Mohanlal\’s Make-up was tragic.Yes,that beard.I am not saying that your idea went wrong.The stuff which went wrong is the make-up.That make up man pattanam rasheed doensn\’t know how to make characters look real.Why did you allow him to do this film.He has done a malayalam film recently with mohanlal named "Paradesi"…Lal had to portray a man\’s life spans from his thirties to 80\’s in that film. This make up man killed that film by his horrible make-up.It eneded something like a fancy dress competition and made people laugh……Why can\’t you use the best people when you have the access to them..please don\’t work with this kind of people in the future.9.The basic idea of making a film like "Aag" was god-damned foolish.10.But \’Aag\’ is the biggest turning point in your career because your head got cleared off many non-senses which were literally going to destroy you..11.\’Aag\’ is like a black magic box..dont touch it anymore..Sholay is not a great movie.There is a point in making a film out of inspiration from  \’the Godafather".But it is not the same with an out-dated , much-hyped bollywood film.12.You use to say in your interviews that Ramesh sippy made your life….NO,its exactly a lie…Whatever you had achieved in your career have no connections with the film \’Sholay\'[the way you made your earlier films has no connection with sholay]….Why you are going on a trip to boost up a few old hindi films..If you say about "Arjun", that i can understand.That\’s the basic concept of \’Shiva\’ and even \’Arjun\’ is a remake of Kamal haasan\’s tamil film "Satya".13.Why you are giving this much space for \’Aag"…?….you are a film maker..sometimes your decisions can go wrong…but you dont have to confess about it..leave it..and write something about \’Shiva\’,\’Satya\’ or \’Rangeela"…………………………..With love……..VAishak NAmbiar

  39. vaishak says:

    Guru, Did you ever watch the malayalam film "Chaanakyan" directed by rajeev kumar. It features kamal haasan and your favourite actress Urmila.It\’s a brillaint film. i Love to see you making a movie out of the basic idea of that film and It has a great back ground music.It\’s a revenge theme…but in the most different way…[ I know you only will see what you want to see and listen what you want to listen….but this is just a suggestion…Can you watch that movie once…?

  40. surya says:

    Aag or something else would have worked better if you had stopped telling people that you were remaking sholay and cut out unnecessary character traits and scenes.

  41. Unknown says:

    Mr. Varma, u were very selfish in not sharing screenplay credit with your lawyers who must have rewritten most of the screenplay for AAG,  kidding :), loved SR though…

  42. Brahma says:

    So Ramu,ultimately it boils down to wrong people around u or right people around  lying to please you just because they want to  be with you. Isnt it stupid of you to have created such fear? You have introduced such wonderful directors like Krishnavamsi,Suresh varma,Puri Jagannadh( Though not introduced by you but trained under you),Shimit amin etc etc., Super actors like manoj Bajpai and greatest music directors like sandeep chowta but never sustained to work with them. what worked between these talented people and you? I feel had you guys worked together,Iam sure we would have seen better films from you as well as them. What irritates me and most of the people is…How can you promote such stupid actors like ANtara mali, Nisha Kothari, Prashanth Singh, YOur James guy etc.,
    SO Ramu, Realise and have better people around you.

  43. Unknown says:

    I watched SarkarRaj yesterday and except for the first half hour its a fine film. The backgorund score is too lousy. I don\’t understand why you have sticked to the "govinda govinda" theme from your earlier film "Govinda Govinda". Its only Amitabhs performance towards the end that lifted the film. I would like to hear how you are able to convince Amitabh to do "Nishabd". "Nishabd" has terrific performance from AB.

  44. Pavani says:

       hey ramu,
          i am sure you might have gone through hell during the processe of making aag..but i am also sure you are one of the good film makers we have at present.I am so happy i did not watch the whole film i just saw one scene and i have decided not to watch it..i have never missed a movie of yours other then aag..anyways you are a brillient filmmaker and all your movies have proved that..would love to watch a telugu movie in your making..pls malli oka sari telugu movie direct cheyandi…

  45. Unknown says:

    Do you like Quentin Tarantino\’s films…???

  46. celeste says:

    I\’m reading all the comments on your msg about Aag. I was sure at least your fans would have appreciated this film. It seems not. A question: what\’s wrong in me? Why I enjoyed each single frame of Aag? Why have I to fight with all the Indians on Earth?
    It\’s ok. Aag was made ONLY FOR ME! Thank you, Mr. Ram, for your kindness. The greatest gift I\’ve ever received. I\’m sorry for the money you lost and for the bad comments you collected, but I am merry as a child everytime I put my original copy in the DVD player. To hell the arguments. To hell all the others.
    The only important thing is my wonder and my pleasure when I watch a movie I love.
    Sholay is a very good film, but too similar to Sergio Leone\’s movies, and I prefer Clint Eastwood… (sorry).
    Aag is similar to no films.
    Sholay is the past, Aag is the future. And I like anything helps me to put the past at my back and to open my mind to the future.
    So, Mr. Ram Gopal Varma: THANK YOU.

  47. Unknown says:

    Liked the trailor of the Making of Aag, waiting for more details on  it and also on as many other movies you made as possible. My husband and I  admire your films n you  a lot. We wait eagerly for your movies like, of course, thousands of your fans around the world.

  48. ASHITOSH says:

    Your point of hype getting better of you is for second time, if I am not mistaken. The previous instance was of DAUD post success of RANGEELA. I have not seen AAG yet, but I have seen DAUD many times. I loved the film and I strongly believe it was ahead of its times.
    Why I did not see AAG –

    The poster of the film was absolutely dull and out of date. Your posters have been amongst the best that we have seen in the last 10-12 years.  I still have kept the double page centre-spread of RAAT that appeared in SCREEN. The best of your films – SHIVA, RANGEELA, COMPANY, SATYA, BHOOT, SARKAR all of them have excellently designed posters.  
    The names of characters were known before the film was released (thro’ various news channels) sounded extremely weird – heero, ghungroo, etc
    The promos of the film were not exciting enough. Infact, one was getting the impression of a very depressing film.
    The song Mehbooba …fantastic song to listen, sung with great vigour by sunidhi and sukhwinder, but the picturisation was not matching the power of the song, atleast in promos.  
    Now, that u have clarified in great detail, what went wrong with AAG, kindly get over with it and after watching Sarkar Raj another very powerful RGV film  is just round the corner.

  49. Sridhar says:

    Hi RGV
    You have openly expressed your view on how sucess can get someone carried away and your greatness is in admitting it!! Thats what we like!! And….I am sure that strengths like these are the ones which allows you Hit back at your critics strongly…coz you \’know what you are\’…..Thanks for adding me as your friend…
    Promos of \’Contract\’ look good….seems like there are mostly new comers in it…apart from the villian in \’Ab tak chappan\’…bears close resemblence to satya….anyways will watch it on day one…
    Please do let us know whats the next film that you would be directing? Have fun!!
    Your fan forever!!
    Sridhar Mayur

  50. Ravi says:

    @ Vaishak Nambiar
    A small correction…
    Sunny Deol\’s Arjun (1985) is not a remake of Kamal Hassan\’s Sathya (1988) . It\’s rather the other way round.

  51. Sridhar says:

    Hi RGV
    Forgot this in my last comment….The Ultimate Joke of the Year would be Sasha Sippy\’s idea of casting Jakie Chan in the sequel of Sholay….big time lol…..I still cant stop laughing…..How did he imagine that…Crazyyyyy watever…and he asked you to implement it……that was quite an idea and that shows his brilliance, and I guess this was the same guy(or watever) who dragged you to court over the whole Aag controvesy….he\’s a real cukooo bc….
    BTW…is sasha a he or she…the name suggests a Big Time item wali damsel \’Sasha\’…..jus guessing anna
    Have fun!!

  52. Unknown says:

    1.r u a big fan of slb,every story u mention his name 🙂
    2. will u give chance to new directors ny more ,i read in ur interview that u r goign to direct all urprod house movies in future

  53. Unknown says:

    I feel you post to be very ardent and humble in nature, I did got a chance to see Aag in theater on the first day, and honestly i didnt hated it..although i did wished that instead of calling it and promoting it as a remake, if it was just called a homage- it would have worked diffrantly..the moment you mention remake of Sholay, the expectations sky-rockets and maybe thats the reason why although there had bin so many rip offs (Aandhi Toofan, Joshiley, Laskhar, Jehreeley,China Gate) but none of them have received the criticism you received, and to be very true your adaptation was better than most of the films i have mentioned earlier..although Joshiley (which was more a adaptation of Sergio Leons "Few Dollar More") was better than Aag. Also just to get the records right , i think Sholay is one of the landmark films in indian film history and i love it (i have a Audio Cassette(with dialogs), a VHS (actually 2),a VCD and DVD of the same film). Aag starts off well, the first Dewali shoot out was well done, the second one in the construction site (where Sushant Singh is shot) was cool.. but the second half feels rushed and its the Climax which was a complete let was too short to leave any sort of impact..i mean its Sholay..the close to half an hour Climax starting with the chase(basanti and dacoits).            Another thing is, for some reason its hard to imagine Sholay in urban landscape..i appreciate the inventiveness but Train Robbery, Horse Chase, gun slinging cowboyish protagonists, baron dry Landscapes, mandolin and mouth organs, double barrels..i just cant imagine a Sholay without these elements..but you know what..i still maintain there are only three people who can remake this film , Late : Mukul Anand , Raj Kumar Santoshi and You.. and since Mukul Anand is no more, and R.K.Santoshi has done his version in ChinaGate , i think you deserve another chance..maybe not now, maybe 10 years later ..but you do it again and get it right..this debacle has only made you wiser ..i wish you all the luck.In the meanwhile about a homage to "the Untouchables" i am surprised how come this film hasnt been adapted in indian scenario.. 🙂 All the best..

  54. vaishak says:

    Thanks Vito,                       I didnt know that…..Thanks for your information….It was my freind who told me that stuff…I too believed without any doubt because Sathya is a kamal haasan\’s  film……Anyway \’Arjun\’ was a very good film and it\’s so fine to hear that it s a original film….I like that film very much….It has got a RGV kind of direction and very realistic cinematography……………………………………………………………………..With love…………….Vaishak Nambiar……………….

  55. Unknown says:

    It looks like you are surrounded by Yes men, at least during the making of Aag. Not a really good thing as you pointed out. But you know, I didnt think the movie was so bad as every one made it out to be, but I may be partial because I am RGV fan and also a Amithabachchan fan.
    Keep chugging!

  56. andhrabond says:

    first of all I am very happy to see your blog on the net. Like me, I think there are so many fans want to know about you and your thoughts on a particular movie, shot, picturisation etc…I have been a big fan of yours since opening shot of your first movie \’SHIVA\’. I still watch that movie DVD as if I am watching first time.
    I think you can make a comedy scene in your upcoming movie using the above mentioned Sasha Sippy episode. Like you did in the movie \’MONEY\’ where tanikella bharani makes Bramhanandam a fool by saying he is going to be the hero and sridevi is going to be the heroin and he asks Bramhanandam that \’shall we take Illayaraja as our music director\’.
    Looking forward to share more thoughts.
    Andhra Bond.

  57. Suraj says:

    RGV,Hey why are you not working with AR Rahman? Also got to know from various electronic/paper mediums that you tend to estrange people who do exceptionally well in your projects like Amir Khan, Anurag Kashyap and AR Rahman. Is this true? And AR Rahman confessed in one of the interviews that he has no issue to work with you provided you approach him with a good script! It would good for RGV followers to see a project with your direction and Rahman\’s music in it!Regards,Suraj

  58. andhrabond says:

    Hi RGV,
    By the way I forgot to mention in my last comment, I watched \’Sarkar Raj\’ in US on the first day it was released insidentally on my marriage day. I thought you maintained your patience in the first half of the movie, though the movie starts slowly but story moves accourdingly.
    Once I saw Abhishek dying, for a second I thought you already made \’Aag part II\’ or remake of \’Aag\’. Soon after I was expecting some miracle should hapen on the screen then I got to see the Big B\’s Narration to Aish. That was really mind blowing. I  really liked powerfull dialogs coming out of Big B\’s mouth with his amazing voice.
    I really liked the way you showed Big B in the movie and specially I think last 20 to 25 mins. I liked Big B holding his entire anger inside him and showing the actions what exactly he wanted / supposed to do.
    After coming out of the theatre I was happily thinking RGV is back on his track.
    Andhra Bond.

  59. Naveen says:

    i havn\’t seen AAG yet, will see now….but don\’t change your style though just because AAG didn\’t come out well….its your trademark….not too many people make your kind of movies

  60. ujjwal says:

    Hi RGV,
    It is very nice to read the trailer of making of AAG.Atleast i enjoyed by reading making of Aag than watching Aag.I have seen Aag on first day morning show that was a terrible experince.
    Recently I read one of your interveiw, you mentioned that you are thinking of remake Aag, are you serious?
    I hope you are serious.

  61. Unknown says:

    Hey RGV,It was great reading your blaagh…:D…I think it requires a lot of guts to admit ones mistakes. Keep making movies. There will be many who always watch your movies like me. Ashwin

  62. somen says:

    thats the only problem. whatever u think, speak or discus, people around u think everything is superb! cz their bread n butter depends on ur mood, so why would anyone take d risk.

  63. saurabh says:

    Hi there ,You know , Sanjay Leela Bhansali , Aditya Chopra and you , all have a same problem . You all have given so  many back to back hits that everyone around just agrees whatever you say . Nobody dares to disagree . So its high time now that you read and "beleive" the comments that readers give on this blog because they are your fans and I don\’t think they would say anything wrong . And One more thing you don\’t need to write Ramgopal Varma at the end of your post , its your blog isn\’t it ? And have you watched Andaz Apna Apna of Aamir and Salman ? I wan\’t your take on that film .

  64. Unknown says:

    Wonderful Ramu! I thinkU took the right decision. If this was the idea for Sholay sequel let me liven U up by saying that Sholay sequel wouldv done worse than RGV ki Aag. Atleast the idea of RGV ki Aag is good, to remake the classic in modern times.BTW, Did U see E Niwas\’ De Taali? Did U see the take on RGV ki Aag on that? To be frank, that was the only hilarious partof the film ! We would love to hear more such stories. Way to go Ramuji.

  65. Anirudh says:

    Hi RamuThis is Anirudh, Well all i can say about this post is Mistakes made Great guns are always under scanner. Any personality anyone and everyone is human and are bound to make mistakes. I was 8/9 years old when you made Shiva long back, when i watched it first i was like stunned the way u presented it on (Best about RGV is less talk more action, thz wat i baost of liking ur brain at work)..but then there were mistakes in telugu too like Antham,  Prema katha…i felt you\’d couldve made them lot bettr than you crafted them…….I seriously say even though you moved away to Bollywood people here remember you like anything…rey Varma gaadi movie ra…chudalsinde!!! thz how we watch every movie of yours…Aag?? we litereally dint dare only coz we all loved Sholay to the core, the only reason might be like we couldnt digest you making out for such a underrrated disaster…But then Sarkar Raaj though as you say you lift most of them from different movies but still you present it RGV style…YOU ROCK!!! but always i feel RGV is STATE OF MIND than a person mere…Keep up your style!!!! Looking out for your movies….We expecting a movie from you that can take Indian format of making to Global level…i guess only you have such standard as of now!!! Your film making is a mix of Indian as well global …. Goo Luck RamuAK Anirudh Koppula

  66. Unknown says:

    banda yeh bindaas hain!
    everybody is entitled to failure as well. and thats how life goes on. i am happy to know that you are frank in admitting your errors instead of covering them up or passing the buck on others. bravo!

  67. pioussinner says:

    Hi Ramu, Great Confession. Thats like a true FilmMaker. I am very impressed by the way you confessed everything. I cannot even imagine anyone else in the whole film industry who would do such honest confession. Me being an ardent fan of Sholay and you couldnt dare to see AAG. You please stop listening to all those useless Yes Sir people around you. Post your views on your blog….maybe in the course of time you can choose some of the people who read/comment on you blog….form a private discussion group and have a non Yes Sir…non Prejudisitc…Open and honest discussion. All the best.RgdsPradeep

  68. krishna says:

    its absolutely a sheeer brilliance that you makie films with such substance. sir according to me all the movies you have made so far in all the mediums are here to stay. while its obvious that every movie might not do that well but your style of film making and techniques enthrall the audience every time they step into a theater. sir what would be your advice if someone wants to join to learn the art of filmaking from you team

  69. Kalyan says:

    You always said that u go by ur instincts rather than others opinion about what you are doing. In that case why were u carried away at the initial potrayal of your idea by others before the making of aag…and this is my third question and i dint have a single answer.Hope i get one this time

  70. Unknown says:

    though aag did not do well, but i think u were sucessful with babban, Mr.BACHCHAN did a fantastic job.i found babban like a kid, who plays with big guns n is crazy about kaliganj.i found babban scarier than gabbar.
    thanks to the dark mood you created around him

  71. Aju says:

    The candidness is 24 Carat RGV. The dare to remake it(Aag) again is what few men can think of. If then you can remake Aag and make it acceptable to all your critics. You can retire a happy man.
    Please make it again and make i bloody well. Go for it.
    I am surprised you do not identify with themes as romance and marriages.

  72. Aju says:

    I detest the criticism for Nishabdh. I believe that movie deserved better reviews. I think the concept was so uncomfortable to many that they thought that despising it is the best way of de popularising it.
    I feel that amit sir performance was truly first rate.
    Jiah Khan stood up commendably against AB. Your comments.

  73. Avinash says:

    Very true. In all honesty since the day Sholay was announced I dreamt how Big B will say "Kitne Aadmi The" and when it was truncated to "Kitne…", I was put off big time.
    And I agree with your confession that in the process of construction of scenes but the emotional content was lost. For example, I never paid any attention if Thakur shaved or not. In the first viewing, such finer nuances does not matter. Its only when you play Devil\’s advocate in 4th/ 5th viewing, the mind starts brain-storming.
    To paraphrase Big B\’s lines from Silsila…
    Main aur meri tanhai aksar yeh baate karte hain,
    Tum hoti to aisa hota,
    Tum hoti to waisa hota,
    Tum is baat par hansti,
    Us baat par hairan hoti…..
    The interpretation of Aag is on similar lines… yeh hota toh kaisa hoga… woh hoga toh kaisa hota!! IMO – Aag was a result brain-storming excercise.

  74. srinivas says:

    A known story to be told..
    It would be wonderful to see a movie from your direction based on the story of Amitab Bachan… Casting can be small bachan in big bachan\’s career starting and Big Bachan himself playing his role in 2nd half of the film.. Looks like a crazy idea but why not? Who has a better story of Life than Big B himself? and who else can dare even to think to attempt this if not you? (and me ofcourse ;))
    On the other hand, I would some day like a make a movie of your life story. wouldn\’t that be interesting and sensation? But the debate in many people\’s mind would be to potray as good guy or the bad guy..(kidding).. You you get to be funny on your blog????

  75. srinivas says:

    the line "You you get to be funny on your blog????" was meant to be "Only you get to be funny on your blog????"..
    Sorry.. I coulnd\’t find an option to edit my prev post..

  76. Unknown says:

    LMAO! A suggestion Ramu ji! Get rid of these "4-5 people" around you… lol I assume they\’re the ones "responsible" for everything that\’s been going wrong with the factory…

  77. artinem says:

    when i watched shiva for the first time, i absolutely loved the movie. at that time i didnt know who the directer was for the movie. years later i saw satya and absolutely became your fan and watched all of your movies one by one.i do not watch a movie based on box office success or the actors invloved. i choose to watch a movie depending on the who made it. keeping this in mind, i do not care what people say and watch all your movies.i believe you have made 2 bad movies in your life – shiva2 and aag. i have liked all other movies of yours including nishabd  which i thought was a brilliant film, i dont know why people didnt understand this movie.coming back to shiva2 and nishabd, both of these are bad movies and i think shiva 2 is much worse than aag. but i see the whole world including yourself criticizing aag but not shiva 2 . any thoughts? am i wrong?

  78. David S says:

    my uncle thinks he can fool anyone, if one can argue correctly then even what is wrong becomes short he is one big .,…..

  79. snehil says:

    "As per his story after the song of “Mehbooba” Gabber Singh sleeps with Helen, she bears the son of Gabbar Singh who was to become known as Junior Gabbar. "
    SIr ar eyou beoing sarcastinc again or some one really thought of that??

  80. Unknown says:

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  81. Unknown says:

    i would again say aag was not a bad movie but we people are not ready to clear old sholey from our minds and ready to accept new one. If someone dares to do something new we all should welcome and flop movie does nt mean bad movie. Ramu ji keep going we are waiting for ur next movie.
    Phoonk. I would say nice movie based on black magic and somewhere reminds abt "Geharayee" in 1980. First half could be more scary if we attempt to show some more charcters or skills on black magic. Otherwise nice one.

  82. Unknown says:

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    Southern Stars Enterprises Co (Shenzhen Office)
    Add:DE, 16/F, Building 2, Nanguo Tower, Sungang Road, Shenzhen, China
    Tel:+86 755 2592 9100
    Fax:+86 755 2592 7171[acfbagegbccgag]

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