Some more thoughts on criticism.

Since I am not a net savvy guy and only just now entered this world I made a startling discovery. I have never read reviews beyond 3 to 4 Mumbai based newspapers ever and I thought that was it. On the net there are literally hundreds of reviews. When I went through them I was amazed at so many diverse points of views both in liking and disliking the film. Many of them have been much more intelligently written than the so-called names attached to popular newspapers. I am not talking about praise or criticism here; it’s just about their analytical power.

Everyone has a mind and every mind has an opinion and every opinion-maker strongly believes that he is right and the whole world is wrong, not realizing that probably each of all those other millions of minds will be thinking the same. I think this is the most beautiful part of life… that each of us creates a world of our own in our heads and when we seriously listen to another person it’s almost like visiting another world. When I read a nasty review or a glowing review many a times I get struck by how differently they viewed it from how I intended it. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said “there are no facts only interpretations”. I think this is very true of cinema.

In all my good, bad and ugly films I keep getting stumped when people who meet me over the years tell me the reasons why they liked something and why they didn’t, as in more often what I did not intend is what they took from the film. I saw “Ardhsatya” seven times. When I happened to meet Govind Nihalani years later and discussed the film with him, I was shocked to realize that what reasons he made it for was not what I liked it for. He made it for the father-son relationship and I saw it for Rama Shetty and for my curiosity of what happened inside a police station. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I always used to fast-forward the father-son scenes. But yes, there would be probably many others who would connect to that part of the film and the proof of that is the existence of Mr. Govind Nihalini himself. The fact that he thought like that is proof that there will be people who think like him.

In my growing years I was greatly influenced by Mr. Shyam Benegal’s Ankur, Nishant, Kalyug etc… Company is actually a rehash of Kalyug. Instead of politics in the Corporate world I dealt with politics in the underworld. But I very heavily borrowed from Kalyug. In my few interactions with him I have realized that he is an exceptionally knowledgeable and well-read and would understand the subject matter so well. So as a result he has a tendency to tell the story almost from a top angle whereas me I do it from a low angle. I like to be intimidated and awed by the characters and situations I am dealing in with a child-like fascination.

Coming back to the point of opinions now thanks to the net anyone can literally access anyone’s opinion across the globe. What more can a filmmaker ask for? People ask me whether I know what the audience wants. Let me tell you an observation I made on a recent visit to a DVD library near my house on Yaari road. I went to pick up a film, spent about 20 minutes in the store. While I was doing that various customers were coming in. 9 out of 10 of them were picking up films which for the life of me can’t imagine why anybody would want to see. So if my disconnect right under my nose on the street where I live in is so off the mark, on what basis can I even begin to think I know the audience of the country.

Let’s say there are 1500 titles in the store. If any of us spend one full day I doubt we will be able to decide more than 200 films what we have seen or what we want to see. Then what are the other 1300 films doing there? The fact that they have been made and put on the shelves is proof enough of the existence of the people who would watch them too.

Dhoom 2 is the biggest hit of last year. It reportedly collected 20 Crores in Maharashtra. On an average price of 100 rupees a ticket, 20 lakh people saw Dhoom 2. For a film like that I guess half of them would be repeat audience. So my question is if 10 lakh people in a population of 6 crores of Maharashtra can make the years biggest hit then what are the rest of 5 crores 90lakh people doing? Do they watch films or no? Is it the same people that watch Tare Zameen Par and Welcome or are they different? Anyways the point I am trying to make here is that you can’t generalize audience and as long as you can’t do that why think of the audience and delude yourself.

David Dhawan uses the term audience, Maniratnam uses, Sanjay Leela Bhansali uses; I use the term audience, like-wise various directors of various different styles and sensibilities. But how can those audiences be the same? The truth is that we all directors do what we as individuals like and tell ourselves that this is what the audience wants.

Film in the truest sense of the word is an expression of ones own personality. A filmmaker is not a primary artist in the sense of the word. The actor is acting, the writer is writing, the music director is composing etc… etc… but all these primary works are being processed in the directors mind to create a coherent whole, at least in his mind. So he might not be able to compose the music but we only get to hear what he likes to hear. We only get to see characters such as what he would like to show us, likewise all the other departments.

You go to a clothes store and you might not like many shirts but you will find something you like. The ones you don’t like are all bought by somebody else or the other. So I think at best for both, for the manufacturer which is the filmmaker and the retailer which is the theatre and the consumer which is the ticket buying audience, the one-to-one interaction and reaction are just about the only truth. Everything else is a matter of commerce.

My reactions to reactions:

1. Leave something for the audience to decipher?
Ans:- You missed the point.

2. Since when did Anita suddenly become family?
Ans: Since I decided.

3. We didn’t know who exactly the central character is among the two Nagres.
Ans: My answer was intended for the reviewer who thought there was one.

4. Beg to differ, sire.
Ans: Okay dokey!

5. Always your Eklavya.
Ans: I am impressed with your observations.

6. You never revealed the benefits of the plant in Sarkar Raj.
Ans: The film is not about the benefits. It’s about the interplay of various characters having their own motivations and agendas in the making of the plant.

7. Why are you so fascist in your decisions?
Ans: – I get a kingly kick.

8. I would say that RGV is not bettering himself.
Ans: That’s because I am already the best. Ha Ha! Just joking! On a serious note may be I am not. Ha Ha! Joking again!

9. Why did you leave out Tarun Adrarsh? Just because he gave a good review?
Ans: It’s not about good or bad.  It’s about where I wish to make my point.

10. I think you like praise. You just have inferiority complex.
Ans: Okay dokey!

11. Love the 3 to 5 minutes single shot scene in Deyyam. Any insights into that!
Ans: I forgot.

12. You are being harsh when you say you copy.
Ans: I copy with joy and pride.

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100 Responses to Some more thoughts on criticism.

  1. Unknown says:

    there is this thread on IMDB regarding  Sarkar Raj..i found smthing interesting on it , i know you must be too busy to follow a link therefore i am pasting a interesting theory on your film regarding the possibility of Anita being the villan in the Sarkar 3"I actually agree to what vibhavrock said abt Aishwarya being the
    mastermind..I get a feeling that she was playing them all along, as a
    matter of fact Rao Saheb was also a pwan..she is the one who benefits
    the most from the death of Shankar..competition (Vora) is eliminated,
    Power plant construction way is paved, Her father is dead so now she
    becomes the chairman of her company and she also gets into the good
    books of Subash Nagre.. As a matter of fact when Tanisha dies in the
    car blast they were leaving for a small get together that Anita has
    thrown, even when Shankar is shot, he is with her and still the killer
    somehow decides not to shoot the witness (think abt it, Shankar doenst
    dies on spot, its obvious that Anitha has bought him to the why would the killer take such a big chance. I know most of the people here will claim that the killer was
    hired by Vora therefore they couldnt have killed Anita cause she was
    the person heading the project..but thats wrong, she was expandable and
    she knew that..until her father is dead.

    Now ..with Shankar and Chander both dead, Subash Nagre is too old
    and Chiku is too young..Anitha has a complete control over Nagre
    household..which she can use in her favour and her gain

    Thus the Tagline : "Power cant be given,it has to be taken"I dont know what you are thinking but this sure sounds interesting…LOL

  2. Unknown says:

    Well it really difficult to explain at time the word movie…. to many its reality in terms of the fact that people, most of them relate the scenes in the movie to themselves on the other hand to many its some thing the a director is trying to sell to the audience. Now the truth is its both … it has to be sometimes what people understand and some times a story told  is one that make believe. I\’ve seen many movies and seen those that people and the world votes to be a flop… but what i take of them is a story a directors belief and the effort that one puts in making a movie to convey a message or a story. Having said that i also movies where errors are many… finally the point is not to see whats in the movie,enjoy the few hours and get out, but sadly people behave as though a director has taken every penny the one has earned and they owe u a good movie… Now speaking about Sarkar Raj its not about the fact that its a super hit or a flow.. but about a character played but one(Big B) and how all the other characters revolve around him form time to time… its is a wonderful movie cos i loved the powerful characters and i think it will and should continue to the next stage … I  think the crew the actors a made a story and  done it well  awards and recognitions are a part of life but the most important factor is how much satisfaction one has at the end of the day… so i think people should look at the story from the part one of the movie till date and not just comment as who acted the best who looked the best … what the roles have to do he could have done or she could have done better … its a story a good powerful one and it should remain a story a directors dream. Sarkar Raj is good waiting for the next one …. Ps forgive me for the spellings and the punch\’marks hehehe

  3. Unknown says:

    Well it really difficult to explain at time the word movie…. to many
    its reality in terms of the fact that people, most of them relate the
    scenes in the movie to themselves on the other hand to many its some
    thing the a director is trying to sell to the audience. Now the truth
    is its both … it has to be sometimes what people understand and some
    times a story told  is one that make believe. I\’ve seen many movies and
    seen those that people and the world votes to be a flop… but what i
    take of them is a story a directors belief and the effort that one puts
    in making a movie to convey a message or a story. Having said that i
    also movies where errors are many… finally the point is not to see
    whats in the movie,enjoy the few hours and get out, but sadly people
    behave as though a director has taken every penny the one has earned
    and they owe u a good movie…

    Now speaking about Sarkar Raj its not about the fact that its a super
    hit or a flow.. but about a character played but one(Big B) and how all
    the other characters revolve around him form time to time… its is a
    wonderful movie cos i loved the powerful characters and i think it will
    and should continue to the next stage … I  think the crew the actors
    a made a story and  done it well  awards and recognitions are a part of
    life but the most important factor is how much satisfaction one has at
    the end of the day… so i think people should look at the story from
    the part one of the movie till date and not just comment as who acted
    the best who looked the best … what the roles have to do he could
    have done or she could have done better … its a story a good powerful
    one and it should remain a story a directors dream. Sarkar Raj is good
    waiting for the next one

  4. Vikas says:

    surely Shankar shown as emotional fool in the movie…i mean how can u show shankar having soft heart for this girl from abroad ..?? ok, he can. but that so soon after just loosing his wife and unborn baby ?? that too after showing shankar and whole Nagre family so strong as a family ? or her wife and child death doesnt hurted him ?

  5. ANITA says:













  6. Brahma says:

    Hi Ramuji….
    Sarkar Raj is one of the good works done by you. In this movie….there are few dialogues but eyes speak. I appreciate your handling the three superstars. You can train actors but cannot train expressions and emotions. There are few scenes where everything except eyes is dark and eyes speak…eyes emote….. and there emerges a director.
    I always used to think your movies dont have sentiments…emotions….but I was proven wrong this time. Two scenes worth mentioning…one when tanisha is killed and second in climax when tears drop on amitji\’s cheeks in front of abhi\’s portrait….wow….
    Iam also of a feeling that space is created for  Aishwarya\’s role in the movie…..We keep thinking if she is back to her Khakhi ways and finally emerge as villian. Amitji is shifted to backseat till abhishek is killed and master strategist is taken over by young budding son.
    What I didnt understand is…why didnt a master strategist like sarkar bother to know who his enemies are…till he lost his son? What was Sayaji shinde doing there? A person who could identify Hassan Qazi in the first sight couldnt identify others…. and how could he unravel entire conspiracy after Shankar\’s death? Couldnt you build some drama there? Like Father…Like Son. Shankar too couldnt monitor Chandar after he is thrown away and he pays the price.
    Between who is that security incharge on whose eyes you have focussed a lot? Iam sure he is gonna be your would be angry young man aka Mohit ahlawat.
    Ramuji….Between all these, it was a pleasure watching Sarkar Raj and Amitji as Sarkar. Looking forward for more….

  7. ANITA says:





  8. Unknown says:

    Good work by a class director. Ramu\’s back with Sarkaar Raj. Good film. I specially like the camera work in the scene when Shanker is talking on phone and his car exploded. The expression on Abhishek face at that time were superb. I was always a RGV fan and by making a good movie like SarKaar Raj , RGV get my faith back in him which was shaken after Aag. But somewhere I feel Sarkaar was better, probably because it was first of its kind in terms of camera work and story. I would love to see next Sarkaar sequel. Give my congratulations to Amitji, Abhi and Aish for there good performances. Good work, keep doing it, Waiting for Contract and Phoonk..

  9. Unknown says:

    Dear RGV,
    I hope you would read my comments.
    I find it so surprising that of what some so-called critics have commented on Sarkar-Raj. Someone has used a tag \’over-rated original\’ (referring to Sarkar);What a ridiculous comment it is. I have seen Sarkar-Raj just once as of now. So, i think i dont have right to give comments on it as there must be much more in the movie which I must have missed. I will have to watch it several times. Same goes with Sarkar. I have watched around 50 times. Even when watching it for the 10th time I made new observations about the scenes, characters, dialogs and moreover their expressions. How can these critics comment on it watching it once. People say Sholay is the greatest ever indian movie made. I would rate Sarkar above it. I would love to back you for making Sarkar-3. There is much more to be written about, but later. Just remember bollywood is lucky to have a director like you.

  10. Gambhir says:

    hi ramu sir..
    i loved ur Sarkar and Sarkar 2
    i love ur style of filmmaking
    making films listening to ur heart and not listening to other
    Shall we expect Sarkar 3 to start soon.. i think u have kept a space for it in Sarkar 2. as aishwarya says ek cup chaai laao and chikoo coming in the frame.
    Best of luck for ur next two projects PHOONK and CONTRACT.
    take care

  11. Shaun says:

    Hi Ram,
    Two Quick Questions;
    1. What about the movie Govinda Govinda, I heard you have changed the whole plot of the movie b\’cos of some censor restrictions or so?
    2. Where did you get the inspiration for the movie Madyanam Hatya\’, Anything personal  ?

  12. baneera says:

    Hi RGV
    From RGV Ki AAG to RGV Ki Blog you hav had one hell of a journey.
    Now that Sarkar Raj is a Hit do u think Karn johar will stop taking hits at you and will SRK stop his stupid Na-real award jokes and work with u? What went wrong with u guyz?!
    I was looking at ur list of movies on wikipedia and I have seen all of them including the Telugu ones!! My wife thinks I am crazy to obsessively watch all ur movies both directed and produced by u!
    I am not sure if any one spotted it but some portions of Sirkar1 were lifted from your own movie I correct?
    U take care and keep making movies like u do-no matter whether it\’s an AAG or Daud i will still watch them first day

  13. baneera says:

    Hi again
    Jus one query.
    How di u get this idea in Rangeela where Amir khan asks the waiter a/c chaloo hi? Toh idhar ghumaana!! This scene was hilarious…I suspect that u got this scene from one of the Irani hotel guyz….mind blowing

  14. rajiv says:

    Hey Ram,
    I was totally disappointed by watching SARKAR RAJ as compared to Sarkar. Sarkar had very impressive and well-knit storyline whereas in SR, you seemed to struggle with an idea to include Aish and yet come out with an equally impressive storyline. How can that be possible with Aish around. And yes, I have an idea for SR-3…how about making Aish RAJ next, with Aish portraying as God Mother (is that the right) and cheeku meeting the same fate as Abhishek met in SR but this time Aish plays the vamp. 🙂 Feel free to write back for more ideas.

  15. Jith says:

    I have lot of time today so adding one more comment to your space!Infact it\’s a question and it\’s not that much relevant also,so you can ignore it  as well.I saw Victor Banerjee in your movie. He should have been the biggest star India had ever produced as he is the only actor who has acted in such a prominent role in one of the all time great hollywood director\’s film .(I don\’t know if  Lean is grater than spillberg  as there will be two opinions.Anyway we can\’t categorize Kumar Pallana of Terminal in the same league of Victor).Why did you cast him in such a small role?Couldn\’t you have give him more screen space(evnthough the story doesnt requies it 🙂 ).Victor Banergee  takes me back to David Lean. What is your opinion on YOU making such extravagant films like Lawrence of Arabia or Doctor Zhivago.Lean made it in 60s and still it is a visual treat,though camera was almost static. Earlier you had made films like Satya where the camera movements where minimal,may be you wanted to give importance to story. Now for a question about the camera movements you are answering that it\’s your style. So will you be permanently like this as far as cinematography is concerned.OT:  Malayalam director Blessy hired Santhosh.C.Thundiyil for one of his last film and he instructed him that don\’t letthe audience feel the camera. Many were wondering if he doesn\’t want audience feel the camera,why did he hire such  an expensive and busy cameraman for a small regional film. He may be have his answers.

  16. Unknown says:

    SarkaR great movie, I like climex…We request you to make SarkaR part 3.
    Abhi was Very Kool…We Expect he as a 3rd part
    Thank You for NICE Movie.

  17. Unknown says:

    SarkaR great movie, I like climex…We request you to make SarkaR part 3.
    Abhi was Very Kool…We Expect he as a 3rd part
    Thank You for NICE Movie.
    Nitin S.

  18. Puja says:

    Sorry to say this, but i didn\’t like Sarkar Raj. Sarkar was a good movie. Frankly speaking, i don\’t even know what was it about SR that kept irritating me. I read your reviews about the Reviews of SR. Aishwarya doesn\’t seem to be bothered with Shankar\’s confession about his brother\’s death. Your response was that he told the same thing to Sarkar and Sarkar had the same reaction. So why should Aishwarya feel different. Q: How can someone like her accept the involvement of Sarkar family in her business? Her only concern is the success of her project and not the means by which she achieves it?Q: Aishwarya comes from America, she\’s a business woman and from what i
    can see, she\’s not been around people who kill for a living and are
    involved in illegal activities. So, how can a character like her accept Shankar\’s confession as if he was telling her some bad dream. I don\’t think i can sympathize with Shankar\’s character. That would mean throwing the legal system down the drain. No matter what reasons you have, you cannot kill another person. Whats the difference between Shankar and his brother? Shankar succeeded where his brother failed.

  19. Unknown says:

    I liked Sarkar Raj, but there are some scenes I loved, like the scene when Sarkar runs out on hearing the blast, thinks Shankar is gone and then sees him, gets relief for an instant, only to realize he has lost his daughter in law.. leading to a heart attack. It was a really well thought n well enacted scene.
    I also liked how Anita and Shankar express their love and how tragic that its the last thing Shankar does, and notice how he was trying to save Anita from the gunfire. I also like the ending when Subhash does what he does.
    Anyways I would have loved to see more of Aishwarya in the movie. I get disappointed when I go to the movie thinking its Ash\’s movie and then she doesnt have a crucial role. Though I must admit, she acted really well.
    I did not understand the last scene though, what was the significance of Ash ordering tea? I am curious since in the rest of the movie, each scene seemed to be really well thought after. Also, some journalist wrote the movie is painfully slow.. I really doubt if he has even seen the movie :).
    I have recommended this movie to all my friends n family.

  20. Unknown says:

    @ Ankur "I did not understand the last scene though, what was the significance of Ash ordering tea"the scene was a nod to the last Scene of Sarkar where Shankar lifts a tea cup and sips out of it , it can be used as a visual metaphor..where tea indicates somebody inheriting the legacy of Subash Nagre, also there is a little difference between two the first part Shankar is explicitly shown having the tea, in this one Anita just orders for the tea ,indicating that she is one her way to take over the affairs of Nagre Household, but she is still not there yet."hope it helps

  21. Moshiur Rahman Shibli says:

    Dear RGV: I am from Bangladesh. Ever since i have  been dreaming of creating film you have always been on top of my mind as an idol. I salute you for your BIG hearted attitude.

  22. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    And by the way…. in Sarkar Raj, there is a small scene during title credits where, a small girl throws colour on Amitabh. I was reminded of a similar scene in Kamal Haasan-Maniratnam\’s \’Nayakan\’ (Nayakudu). Nice shot 🙂

  23. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    And by the way…. in Sarkar Raj, there is a small scene during title credits where, a small girl throws colour on Amitabh. I was reminded of a similar scene in Kamal Haasan-Maniratnam\’s \’Nayakan\’ (Nayakudu). Nice shot 🙂

  24. rathnakar says:

    the song in gayam "niggadisi adugu…."  will always remain true for the decades to come in our nation\’s context unless the functionality of the system is transformed for better. Not just me everyone would appreciate if you could include such strong lyrics or themes in your movies further becoz they have a very strong  impact

  25. karthik says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Considering that you talk a lot about the \’state of mind\’ of the director at the time of making a film in your blog, could you just elaborate it bit for us. I cant understand if it is mood-swings (everyday) that you are talking about or the highs and lows (weeks to months) everyone experiences in day to day life in phases?
    Also will your up coming movie "Veerappan" be adapted to suit north indian sensibilities ( like in jungle) or will it be a hindi film with a tamil nativity touch?

  26. S says:

    Mr RGVPart 3-Nagre\’s grandson (KK\’s son) returns and then another call one day when all seems hunky dory-Katrina Kaif\’s character (only voice) calls-says Shankar fathered her kid and she raised him up in the US-now that she was dying-she wanted him to go to India as her family had ostracized her…see if you develop this side-clash of ideals-et all….(plus opportunity of getting a clean shaven Abhishek back into the story!!)Continue making your cinema-damn the critics…you are their favorite fodder…do what your heart tells you to do anyway…Cheers

  27. Unknown says:

    rgv i saw your sarkar raj and it was a good movie to watch,it is good to watch sarkar sr. back in action like big b in real life.but i must tell you on direction ground that i saw telgu bord of shops in rural look ockword.and another thing is related to acting i think only ashwarya not leve her charector well in the move rather than abhishek…abhishek done far better acting in sarkar raj and big b is all time big no one reach where he short sarkar project is sucessfull like satya and company.good luck

  28. Unknown says:

    Satya is by far one of the better movies i have seen – i loved the choices you made in that film. sarkar raj – great actors but i hardly got to see their faces. powerful dialogue delivery and so frustrating to not see their faces or to see them from under a table or between the legs of a chair or table or have the sun light shine into the lense..why? for once if i were to imagine the film without the excessive color correction and over stylized framing (i would not call it raw and realisitic if that is the case then please dont be suprised if i enter your office and have a conversation with you from under your table or ensure that you sit facing the bright sun so you cant see my face!) i may be more focused on the story. somewhere i felt the cinematography, the choice of backgorund score, the choice of actors all of it was disconnected from the story but then again is thta not the story – is that not your vision! i am on my way to be a film critic – said so much but said nothing at all – all i had to say i loved satya for its choices and disliked sarkar raj for all the same reasons – while satya is one end of the spectrum of stylization then sarkar raj is just the other – over stylized in every department that satya isnt – while we are asically tlaking of the same world

  29. Swapnil says:

    Mr ram gopal verma….Greetings….I myself am a blogger and have been reading a lot of blogs specially Mr bachchan\’s and salman khan\’s .Just came to know about urs and gave it a look.but what I\’m failing to understand is by giving ur "reactions" to the "reactions" what do u aim to achieve?
    a.)cheap publicity(u\’ve gt it already for aag and nishabd)
    b.)silent the so called critics(they\’ve been a reason fr ur success) or
    c.)fun(must say thats weird)…..Will be waiting for ur reply!
    thank you

  30. Unknown says:

    Hi Sir,

    I just read this article on Sarkar Raj from written by some Mohit Suri. The Link is below

    I really feel bad after reading this feature on their site. How can
    they write an article like this on an outstanding film like Sarkar Raj
    which got a standing ovation from the thaetre where i watched this
    film. Iam really dissappointed. I request you to please write a reply
    to this website for posting an article like this.



  31. karthik says:

    Hi Ramu,
    My nonsense to your nonsense:
    1. "While I was doing that various customers were coming in. 9 out of 10 of them were picking up films which for the life of me can’t imagine why anybody would want to see…"
    Ans: Yeah, we all know you must be meandering in the \’horror movies section\’. Why would you want to see \’sunshine flicks\’ which everyone picks?
    2. So my question is if 10 lakh people in a population of 6 crores of Maharashtra can make the years biggest hit then what are the rest of 5 crores 90lakh people doing?
    Ans: Recovering from Ram gopal varma ki AAG! what else 🙂 . Jus kiddin, infact another interesting statistic for you – only 50 people out of a population of 1 billion find your blog interesting! HA!
    3. I saw “Ardhsatya” seven times.
    Ans: Whats with you and counting how many times you saw a movie? Everytime you want to say about a movie, you say how many times you saw it too… "I saw OMEN II in leela mahal, vijayawada 9 times "… "I saw Psycho 23 times"… "I saw Hum aapke hain kaun 1/2 time"…
    Please, we know u are a geek, spare us the numbers and locations.
    4. …(movies) which for the life of me can’t imagine why anybody would want to see"
    Ans: This is like an alien coming to earth and saying that earthlings are all ugly! Bah! 9 out of 10 people in India wonder and cant imagine why would anyone want would to watch your movies! Of course, I dont belong to that section, why would I simply waste my time on your blog if I did…  😉

  32. karthik says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I forgot to add this in my previous post… at one time you were set to make a movie based on a Time machine with SRK. Later it got shelved. You said that SRK\’s image might not let you do full justice to the project.
    So will you make it with an younger actor, who has no defined image?
    Or will you never ever make the movie again?

  33. Unknown says:

    I can understand your comments on audience taste but would still beg to differ. Directors like Mani Ratnam, Vinod Chopra and yourself are highly skilled that you fashion a movie from your stylised thinking. The end product might require the audience to sit and ponder and maybe be a bit patient to understand the movie, and this is where  the indian audience falter. Often you get directors trying something daring and different and you think wow this is going to great, only to realize nobody went to see the movie. Point in case  could be Zor by Nagesh Kukonoor and the recent Amir – my heart goes out for the brilliant debutant director.
    I have this gut feeling that some directors even take the audience in mind before starting out with their ventures. Like maybe how do you put in AR Rahmans pulsating music into a tensely themed Bombay. Just makes no sense when you\’re trying to send a serious message and what people remember are just the songs. I remember a similar themed Anurag Kashyap movie which was gripping to me but hardly found takers.
    The fact is how many song and dance movies can you keep watching. Can Ran Gopal Varma keep making Rangeela to capture audience attention. I know a lot of directors do and they win all the awards, their movies make the most money and Indian audience keep waiting for more of the same.
    Pradeep Gopinathan

  34. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV
    From the hilarious comdey scene of Kshana Kshanam where the old tenant of Sridevi is worried if his TV is robbed and says…\’amma na TV…amma na TV undi….\’ that scene still makes me laugh till Sayaji Shinde\’s mannerisms in Sarkar Raj….there has been a part of humor in your movies(Not to forget Rangeela – The best in humor)..Do you plan to make a movie on humor+politics or something like that…full fleged…and based on your incredible budget strategy ;)….I guess it can click! However, I know that you got a bit tentative after Aag flopped and are back to WHAT YOU DO BEST – underworld(Contract), horror(Phoonk) but Sarkar Raj being an exception and this exception makes me feel that YOU CAN DO IT even if the subject is unconventional to YOU!!
    Your Fan Forever!! What about \’EK\’..Is that shelved?
    Sir, Pls dont get so sarcarstic while answering questions…there might be some Ardent fan of yours waiting to get a reply….
    Mayur Sridhar

  35. Jay says:

    A bit too late in the day to reply. But the whole critic bashing, by nit picking some sentence and then posing a question seems downright ridiculous and juvenile, what not. And especially, commenting on their professional failure or whatever was a below-the-belt blow. You probably needed to release that pent-up anger built from years, and this blog provided that forum.

  36. Naveen says:

    hi ram, you mentioned that you were inspired by people like shyam benegal and govind nihalani….but you haven\’t made movies like them….probably those kind of movies don\’t excite you….but do you think its difficult to make movies which have a social message?….like TZP/RDB/manthan/aakrosh……
    For example mani rathnam also made bombay and roja…..or maybe i am expecting too much from you 🙂

  37. Jay says:

    Some Questions:1. Did you really direct the movie "Darling"? 2. Did you produce so many movies(I don\’t even remember many of them) just so you could complete your commitments of making X number of movies, or did you actually believe in them? 3. How do you feel if I said Darna Mana hai was actually better than Darna Zaroori Hai, when you took it upon yourself to really scare the shit out of everyone, when in fact DZH was almost BORING.

  38. vaishak says:

    I ve read people commenting about my question "one must think about director\’s state of mind when he makes a film"…..the comments they gave or the questions they asked regarding this subject to RGV was really "comical"……..or ridiculously less-informed !!!!"….thats why i am replying to the person who asked RGV   " State of mind means "Day to Day routine life…?"….. its a disrespect to this highly sensible film maker like asking this kind of a stupid blunder questions even after you telling him that he has inferiority complex and criticizing his films and his opinions about "other 1300 films"  without any hint of brain in your head…..Its a disrespect to me who written about that "state of mind stuff.."..So these are the reasons which made me write this stuff……."State of Mind"…..1.A film is a product of a visionary who inspired from a particular theme,incident or an idea  within a particular time span…an idea which makes him feel enthusiastic,thrilled to make a movie of it….that time span…that  short time span in which his creativity pours by getting inspired by this specific idea…..and that state of mind [of that short time span] makes that particular movie….how thrilled and madly enthusiastic he is about this idea, makes how much wondeful the film….Ram Gopal Varma Made "Satya","Rangeela","shiva","Jungle",Bhoot kind of movies from that enthusiasm…."Satya" ,without doubt is one film we can show to the world..One film we can proud of….Passion of that particular time span made that film..2.A film looks exactly like it\’s maker\’s state of mind of that specific time span..whether its good ,bad, mad or ugly…..One Can find the filmmaker\’s own ideology through his films…Examples- I can say "Hey Ram" and "Anbe Sivam" are the finest example of Kamal Hasan\’s Left-ideologies…"Dhoom,Dhoom-2,Jhoom Barabar Jhoom,Kank,KOnk,Wank kind of films are the worst and finest examples of injecting western culture into indian veins….and those films represents its maker\’s brainless ideologies…..[One dialogue of Ash in Dhoom-2….."I am Gal who lives in Andheri but Dreams of Australia,states,France….]3."Nayagan" represents Manirathnam\’s own law …that goes.." If you are doing good for atleast 4 people, nothing is a sin"……and I love this man and his ideologies…He really mhas his own original ideologies….In "Aayitha Ezhuthu"…Micheal has shot very badly and arjun and his gal freind takes micheal to the hospital..Arjun asks"..sir…how are you feeling"..with trembling voice….Micheal replies …"Very bad….but i will be alive….my address is in my purse..take it out and inform my house about this…….Arjun goes to Micheal\’s house….Micheal\’s mother asks "….what happened..?"….arjun trembles with tension and says…"micheal has met with a minor accident.."…mike\’s mother.."tell the truth..somebody shot him down..Is he alive..?…..arjun..:"no..aunty ..nothing to worry.."…..Arjun\’s gal fnd: "…No aunty..its very serious….his body is full of bullets.. …Mike\’s Younger sister begins to cry…..elder one tells.."Dont cry…Mike will be angry when he comes back"………………………….We can see an ultimate positive belief in evry character who connects with Mike…and for your kind information, Mani is Mike…..Mani\’s bold ideologies make "Micheal"……………………sorry i got mad and written many dialogoues…but i think it didnt go out from the track…….4. and at last Back to RAmu……In many films you can see that the protagonist of the movie RGV himself mixed with Howard Roark……In shiva, when the whole college dread Chakravarthy\’s character,Shiva beats him and make him run throughout the college….Howard Roark is there…Mr.Roark who thought the shape of the things which is on the earth is abd and what\’s wrong in changing it……..Shiva dares to fight with a ganster-student who is a terror of the college..He asks silently.."Why not..?"…………………..In \’Satya"……………..Even a common cop will not be afraid to beat a big gangster up…thats a kind of a hidden law….Then Satya tells Bhiku.."If police think that our men is at their reach., we too should make them know that their men is also in our reach.."…and he decided to kill the commissioner..and he does….Satya advices Bhiku to get split up with the corrupted poltician who was the former leader of them..when bhiku doubts….satya\’s expression ans words again asks…"Why not…?"…In jungle..Fardeen\’s character tells to urmila…"Oh…they may have found you a rich boy to marry and he may never think about rejecting that…and for whom..?…for me..?..who am i..?…a college drop-out….?…[even though this character knows the love of that girl for him, he teases her by saying these things and getting a postive reply he needs..and that reply is a reason for him to live…..\’The college drop-out dialouge is just straight from Our Guru\’s own College life.."….Hmmm…..5.And at last, I want to say , i hated the "Sarkar Raj" film becoz of its ideology..that "state of mind stuff of ramu"..when he taking this movie…..ANSWER FROM RAM GOPAL VARMA SIR…………………..6.You never revealed the benefits of the plant in Sarkar Raj.Ans:
    The film is not about the benefits. It’s about the interplay of various
    characters having their own motivations and agendas in the making of
    the plant…"What was Shankar Nagre\’s intense motivations and agendas behind getting this powerplant in rural maharashtra…".."Flirting with that Gorgeous Woman..?"…………………….[Sorry sir, but i was really confused by that character\’s actions when i was watching  the film..]

  39. vaishak says:

    I made a typing mistake when i written about "Jungle"….this is the real stuf…In jungle..Fardeen\’s character tells to urmila…"Oh…they may have
    found you a rich boy to marry and "you" may never think about rejecting
    that…and for whom..?…for me..?..who am i..?…a college
    drop-out….?…[even though this character knows the love of that girl
    for him, he teases her by saying these things and getting a postive
    reply he needs..and that reply is a reason for him to live…..\’The
    college drop-out dialouge is just straight from Our Guru\’s own College
    life.."….Hmmm…..i mistakenly written "He" instead of "You"…………

  40. Abhisek says:

    @Naveen (the guy posted comment on the same page),
    There is no such thing as social message, it is always personal. On the second note, as Ludwig Wittgenstein said, what we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence and what is passed over, in the form of voice or silence, is a message to the receiver from the transmitter. Also, society doesnt receive message, it understands directions, its an individual who ponders upon the messages, which is hence personal.
    I am sure every producer and creator creates something with a thought, a vision, a message which she tends to pass over. It depends on the perceptive power and consistent bevaiour of an individual\’s mind to grab the message, in the form of all such possible interpretations.

  41. vaishak says:

    Why are you so fascist in your decisions?Ans: – I get a kingly kick.Sorry….i didnt understand it completely…..Can you explain that for this lkg student of film making…?

  42. vaishak says:

    To Ramu sir…..I too feel the same about films….The film makers make them for some different reasons and i use to like those films for my own reasons….1.I like Daud….but nobody whom i know liked \’daud\’….but i liked it very much…i like its cinematography….editing of the songs….\’fun on the run stuff\’…..contrast of incidents….Like a big stuff comes to the hands of petty thieves…like "thiruda Thiruda.."….That contrast..i liked it so much…when a currency container caught up in a forest and the card which opens that treasure is in the hands of the petty thieves who never knows what\’s it use…?……..Like that..2.I lifted many ideas from "Bhoot" and made a very technically imperfect short film for my visual communication academic project …by acting of 2 of my classmates.,with a rotten SVHS video cam and too without any lights in a house which is hell-dark..hmmm…"Dark film"………..Why i liked Bhooth….For that lift goes down with a stunning sound design of Dwarak Warrier….for that camera angles…For that security man..for that young psychartist who never reveal a thing about Swati\’s mental illness to police….For Urmi….For Inspector Quereshi….and for the idea of putting the ghost in a beach in bright day light…..3.Even ram gopaal varma hates "Raath"….But i like a few things from "raath"….Revathi\’s feeling of aloneness, suddenly in the dark theatre[again in \’Bhooth" in a different form]….FOr that boyfreind of Revathi\’s throwing that stone to the river and it pitches and bownces three times[ Ramu later used that in RAngeela]…..for that Cat who come alive after it death…and for Om puri\’s look to the haunted house…i watched \’raath" when i was a kid..and i got scared[thanks to ramu..i am somebody who tries everyway to get scared..]….[In an Interview Ramu told "raath was not a horro film…It was a horrible film…Hmmm…]4.Satya—-i love this film…for its ultimate brillaince…and this is the film i never feel any artifical lights….lighting was like \’ramu was picturising a documentary\’…for that music which starts from where "satya asks the lawyer for Bhaau to come there and meet Bhiku there..and lawyer get suprised and shakes his starts and it follows steady cam following shot of Bhaau[i blv this was the name of that politician]…..My stupid job makes him forget many valuable things..anyway i have to resign and become jobless and free again……..and i wanted to write lot more things but laziness never allows me to write it properly..and with a rythm…..i am sorry….will write more nonsense next time…Dont worry… ……………………………….With love…Vaishak…………..

  43. Vamsi says:

    Ramu garu,Your observation at local DVD store is analogous to Long Tail Model – for connecting with Junta with your blogs. You rock.Vamsi

  44. Brahma says:

    Hi…I just saw this on Yahoo india and Wanted to share…though we dont need anyone\’s certificate about success of Sarkar Raj…….

    By glamsham Tuesday Jun 17 12:35 PM

    Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Trade News NetworkSARKAR RAJ has turned out to be a success at the box office. Even though some media reports have been questioning the film\’s pull, especially after a huge number of prints that the film was released at, the fact remains that over 23 crores coming in the first week means that at the least SARKAR RAJ would prove to be an average success at the box office.
    The kind of collections that have poured in for the film aren\’t mind blowing but they are nowhere near being poor. In fact for a change, most of the reports too have been guarded as no one from the trade has stood up and called the film as a failure. The talks have mainly been centered around \’Why didn\’t the film take an earth shattering start in spite of featuring the towering trio from the Bachchan family\’.
    While in case of RAM GOPAL VARMA KI AAG, it was crystal clear after the first show itself that the film was a failure, and hence everyone associated with it – especially Ramu – was pulled down, SARKAR RAJ has troubled a few in a different way. Because the film didn\’t under perform in a way as some would have expected, the focus shifted on – \’Collections are good but not very good\’!
    However, most seem to be ignoring an all important point that Ram Gopal Varma has finally managed to end his poor box office run with SARKAR RAJ which now happens to be the biggest first week money spinner of his career. In fact the film has even created city records at a few centers that seem to have gone unnoticed by majority of trade pundits.
    Says a prominent distributor on condition of anonymity, "There is a definite tirade out there that wants the world to believe that distributors are loosing sleep over SARKAR RAJ. No, we are not. The film has earned us the moolah and the kind of subject it comes with, you can\’t expect a slam-bang job where a film earns over the first weekend and disappears. The film has entered the second week in a strong position as well and we don\’t foresee anything much fall in days to come."
    Well, with MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP not quite taking a thunderous opening that could steal away a lot from SARKAR RAJ, looks like Ramu, Bachchan and Co. may eventually have the final smile, if not a roaring laugh.

  45. Neeta says:

    Dear Ram,
    Indeed I read your comments with great interest, and totally agree that "99% of the time, it is our attitude and perceptions" that dictate our reaction to any film or situation in life. We can not please all, and hence we have to do what is "Best in our judgement" – and hope the majority will appreciate our thought processes and actions in what we undertake! People have to realize that generally "we judge"  based on several psychological and social factors. Experience and Environment also shapes our viewpoints, hence there is no "Right or Wrong" per say, it is all in the eyes of the beholder!! I love the way you think and write so succintly – like Celeste, I am going to make it my mission to go buy all your movies and watch them all next wk end. The more I read, on what you write and your humourous responses, the more I like your style! Please keep it up; and Thanks to Celeste – my Italian Mentor, for introducing you to us!
    Kind Regards,
    Neeta (I sometimes use my brains!)

  46. karthik says:

    @Vaishak Nambiar
    who apart from personally taking up the job of answering questions which were orginally meant for RGV… who is still an \’lkg\’ student in filmmaking…
    I would like to bring it to your kind notice that RGV has first mentioned about \’state of mind\’ of a film maker in the blog post "RGV on the internet superhighway", 6th paragraph…
    "Many people don’t realize that a film is a collection of a series of decisions taken over a long period of time and each one of those decisions will be influenced by factors which are dominant that particular day. Factor’s will be as varied as the frame of your mind, what films seem to working, the reactions to each idea of your from people you are surrounded by etc. So by the time you finish the film and edit, it is highly likely you have completely forgotten the original intention and objective. When I see a film made by anybody including mine, more than the film I like to study the state of mind of the filmmaker at the time he made it and what could have been the original intentions behind it. "
    I did ask a question about state of mind, after reading this paragraph. So dont feel over insulted. Coz, YOU are not a part of my thinking process.
    Your analysis on what I have asked about –
    I ve read people commenting about my question
     [- dont worry Iam sure RGV has noted that, Iam not stealing it away from u] 
    "one must think about director\’s state of mind when he makes a film"…..the comments they gave or the questions they asked regarding this subject to RGV was really "comical"……..or ridiculously less-informed [ – far more less informed than a director wannabe still in KG level?]
    !!!!"….thats why i am replying to the person who asked RGV   " State of mind means "Day to Day routine life…?"…..
    [-apparently RGV felt the same. Read the above post. ] 
    its a disrespect to this highly sensible film maker like asking this kind of a stupid blunder questions even after you telling him that he has inferiority complex and criticizing his films and his opinions about "other 1300 films" 
    [This is a public blog, I will say what I want. If RGV doesn\’t like it, he will ban me. You shouldn\’t meddle in others\’ posts dude] 
     without any hint of brain in your head…..Its a disrespect to me who written about that "state of mind stuff.."
     [Yes Ramu knows that you asked him first. Dont worry, he will give you a chance 😉 I have no such aspirations]..
    So these are the reasons which made me write this stuff…….
    [Sorry, I didn\’t care to read. You are not RGV. I did not ask you.]
    Take it easy bro! I dont think you should be reminded that this is a public blog. I dont care if I asked stupid questions. As long as they are not vulgar, I have every right to. I have seen you interfering with others bloggers. You are over acting a little too much.

  47. Brahma says:

     was reading thru a comment where Gayam movie was referred and I remember that you are the one who made Mr. Sirivennela Seetarama sastry in Niggadeesi adugu song. Amazing and very inspiring. Where did that spirit go? Why havent you made any movie which reflects niggadeesi adugu? Do you think you have matured and become so called average guy who doesnt care for what is happening around him or too materialistic who wants to make money? Boss… Dont give any whacky reply plz….
    Enough of mafia,horror and thrillers. Change the genre. Pl be responsible for change. Make some comedies. i remember you changing the way comedy is looked at with Money.The climax was ultimate,though you will say that it is lifted. Make some responsible movies that can bring in change in all of us.

  48. Naveen says:

    abhishek –  for me the movies that i mentioned had a good message for the society, for you they might not ….
    but you could have just said – "naveen, every film maker will make his/her kind of movies, social or unsocial"….instead of the loooonnggg briefing of the term "social message"

  49. VENKAT says:

    We want you to make another classic in Telugu like Shiva, Kshana Kshanam

  50. Sanjay says:

    My wife spends 2 minutes in silence after watching your movies..she thinks its good for health..Actually we noticed (a pattern which has become regular ) that we
    always get a headache* after watching your movie (good or bad ), reading any news article about feelin the
    same after reading the comments (comments on comments on comments on
    comments) on this blog….everybody who feels likewise?:) take a minute or
    two to do the same..hare Rama…theres so much peace….and maybe u shud also try it :)…

  51. anne says:

    You think about the people watching your movies too. Always good for us.
    But the movies come on after a year or so on television too.
    Like "Daud" did and "Bhoot" did and so did your other babies. The other few million will watch it too, even if they don\’t go to the theatres in the initial year it\’s out.
    So the mental satisfaction of having brought a thought to the screen should always be there – everybody eventually gets to think in another way from what we all usually think.
    Different people from different walks of life – poor old rich perverted sane young carefree – "so" many  of them get to watch it.
    It\’s all part of a "we" actually, not even a "them".
    Not all of them are that consciously impacted, but passing through some parts of life – a life insurance agent hanging on the edge of a crowded men\’s compartment side to come all the way to a disinterested customer\’s plush home – some sort of a reminder will slip into the "other" mind inside our conscious minds.
    We\’ll all think twice before slamming a door shut into such a man\’s face.
    Or rather, such an insurance agent will think twice before entering into a home into which he\’s been welcomed by a possibly psychotic young girl.
    All going on in the mind. Completely mental.
    But stilll there, nevertheless – all thanks to knowing what you conveyed in a message through your movie.
    You catch on the gravity of that – not only is a man who usually doesn\’t watch any other movie than a chick-flick just catching your movie on his television channel and watching it, he\’s also subconsciously getting impacted by it.
    Dhoom 2 will make us look hot and sexy because we\’re "young things";
    "Satya" and "Rangeela" will make us look at ourselves in the mirror, appreciate our youth and contribute to our lives wisely. Those are stories and perspectives that will influence they way we look at everything, just everything.
    That should matter too. Most.
    Keep at it.

  52. Haroon says:

    Hey Ramu! Plz sign Urmila for a new movie! Ur combination with her is deadly! //gossipladki

  53. Varun Prakash says:

    Hi sir,I love reading your blog as much as I love watching your movies. I started with Rangeela and Sarkar Raj was the last one I watched. I take this opportunity to thank mr. Bachchan for letting me know about your blog on his blog. :)Hoping to see Sarkar again in action,Varun.

  54. Unknown says:

    Since U answer to our reactions Il make my views in points. So if U decide to react to my views it\’l be easier :). I regularly visit your blog for this different style you have taken  blogging to. 1. I think U really like Aag. Do you? I have not seen it and so I can\’t comment on that. Heard ur planning to remake Aag. Are you  serious 🙂 ? Why would you want to remake a film of yours? 2. Sarkar Raj 3 in the making? I read a couple of views of people who have caste AB Jr as Chikku or as Katrina\’s son who was fathered by AB JR.Interesting? Are U going to buy them ? Ha ha

  55. anima says:

    I liked the Sarkar Raj.It is in tune with the present genaration & current mood like Sarkar was at that time.I also see RGV maturing like a old wine.I can now see more in films (like of Steven Spielberg) in RGV.But some portion of Sarkar Raj could have been better:1) The murder of  Qazi(Govind Ramdev) by Abhishek was very unrealistic.It could have been much better.Compare that to the scene when the villian in Sarkar was killed by roadworkers.It was so realistic.2) The murder of Abhishek & Aish taking over as next Sarkar was not digestible.How a person like Aish who is not related to Sarkar at all and who is far away from crime can take up such a position.3)When Sarkar was explaining the plan by Rao , it could have been visual with story telling on the backgound. People could have seen the connection between Rao and Aish\’s father & other related plots visually.4)One of the most important scene of Sarkar was the revenge of the villian by Abhishek when he throws the villian to the ocean with the stone tied to his leg and Abhishek\’s dialogue that he came down there to enjoy the death of the villian.Sarkar Raj also demanded some scenes like that.5) Chandar\’s betrayal was also not digestible.These are the major points.

  56. Ravi says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I am not sure, if you really read all our posts here or just pick up some randoms messages! I\’ve heard lot of stories about the hardships (or may be just hurdles) that you had faced before making \’Shiva\’. Heard about your predicament as many producers weren\’t convinced for it\’s story line ! Though, we\’ve heard many versions, we, the privileged bloggers, want to hear from the horse\’s mouth 🙂 I am sure many of us here would be interested about the same 🙂
    Probably, you might have missed my quesions in my prev post – I\’m interested to know if the scene (in Shiva) where Chinna hits the pole while being chased by the goons…was thought about during scripting or just happened during the shoot ? Similarly, when Sudhakar falls down hitting the big stone while being chased! Awesome scenes though!
    Appreciate your response.

  57. Unknown says:

    Why did you make "Madhyanam Hatya".  Please don\’t say "because i wanted to make it".  Please explain motivation behind it.

  58. Anshuman says:

    Dear Mr. Ram Gopal Varma:Long
    ago, I had read somewhere that you were planning to launch a (movie)
    TRADE magazine. Wonder what happened to that. From an average reader\’s
    perspective, I feel that with ("apni jaat se dramebaaj") media getting
    divided into \’camps\’, the news reports resemble press releases by their
    respective favourites. Hence, a magazine like you had planned
    is needed today more than ever before. And it would be great if a
    forthright and no-nonsense person like you comes out with it.On
    one hand, we read figures like 41 Crores gross (week 1) by Taran Adarsh
    and on the other hand, (not sure who runs it;
    stumbled upon the site while searching for something) gives the figure
    as around 23 Crore and writes this:—————————————————-Sarkar Raj-A Self Proclaimed Hit
    Tuesday 17th June 2008 16.00 ISTMohit Suri Sarkar
    Raj which is not doing well at the box office is being claimed as a hit
    by the makers and the team of the film by splashing posters around the
    country which call it a hit and its actors are calling it a hit in
    interviews while collections tell a different story.
    team of Sarkar Raj should know better that a film can never become a
    hit like this and are probably trying to get some extra mileage so the
    public believes its a hit and they get a few extra footfalls but the
    public is far too smart for this and are keeping well away from the

    Distributors around India give their views on Sarkar Raj:
     Avtar Singh Kochar Of Gunjan Films and Dolly Films, Delhi
    Per my knowledge Sarkar Raj was sold for 6 crore in Delhi,UP and Punjab
    and will only be able to recover 3 crore. Since the film is backed by a
    corporate giant they are scared to accept the fact that the film is a
     Shrikant Sethi of Roop Rajat Cine Vision, Rajasthan
    Rajasthan distributor, Sahara One will lose almost 50% of its
    investment. On Thursday 12th June , Sarkar Raj collected just Rs700 in
    its morning show at Galaxy, Jaipur. How can the film be declared a hit."
     Mahendra Soni of Venkatesh 2000, West Bengal
    film is doing fairly well at multiplexes but the collections at single
    plexes range between 8-10%. I think the film sold was for 1.25 crore in
    West Bengal but looking at its collections, it will only be able to
    recover about 80-85 lakhs. The collections are much below Mr Amitabh
    Bachchan\’s other movies . In fact Bhoothnath collected more money than
    Sarkar Raj."

    ————————————————————————Clearly either someone is lying or one (or both) are using the very clever (and often lowly) art of "INTERPRETATION" as per one\’s desire.If one is lying about the figures of your film, can you sue that person or organisation?Best Regards,Anshuman Rawatps: Nishabd is one of my all-time favourite films of Amitabh Bachchan. Company is my favourite RGV film

  59. Unknown says:

    hi RJV how r u.
    hey i like ur movie soomuch. i m live in australia. i have seen ur movies 5 times ……..
    so can u pls tell me how get idea to making this film……….evry character is fantastic……..hey if i coming to india i wann meet u.
    hey abhisek and ashwarya is looking gorgius iin ur movies ,/………. and specially for ashwarya is looking fantastic same like HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM.  i m fane of her this movies. hey pls give regard to ashwarya……..i pray for u u will become hole success in ur life. and pls tell me ashwarya also………….thanx RJV……………take care…………bye…………..

  60. Anand says:

    Liked Nishabd. Intense! . Mr.Bachchan\’s performance was better than black.
    Question: You said u copy…some directors say they are inspired from some film/book etc. What is the difference between Copy and inspiration????

  61. Unknown says:

    You are saying its a public blog and then asking why are others answering ur questions. so there lies the answer, \’its a public blog\’. This is the only wise statement you have made in the blog so far.
    Who are you to say RGV is KG student in directing? May I know, just for information, who is/are your fav directors. We do admire Farhan Akhtar, Mani Ratnam, Ashutosh Gowarikar,etc. If you dont like any of these then you are a new-born child to comment on directing. Which director in India today could have done justice to Company, Satya, Sarkar and many more ( I agree not all of his movies). I would like to have peaceful discussion with you on what do you dislike of RGV\’s style of direction.
    You had problems with watching the same movie more than once. There are so many aspects involved in any movie. How can anyone observe everything just watching it once…..even Einstein couldnt have done that.
    Hope to see some sensible comments from you in future.

  62. karthik says:

    I did not RGV is a KG student… I was talking about Vaishak Nambiar… who himself accepted that. You need to read some stuff he posted below mate.
    Not RGV… why will I say anything to RGV… he is fav director man.
    Read Vaishak Nambiar\’s post in the next page… he thinks he brought out the \’state of mind\’ stuff as if he invented the theory… whileit was RGV who first brought it up in his second blog post.
    Give an acknowledgement that you read this post. A simple okay Karthik would do… 🙂

  63. karthik says:

    I did not say RGV… (correction)…

  64. karthik says:

    Yes now I know why people thought that way…
    it (one of my previous posts) is supposed to be read like this
    who (vaishak nambiar) apart from personally taking up the job of answering questions which were orginally meant for RGV… who (vaishak nambiar) is still an \’lkg\’ student in filmmaking…
    sorry to all the guys who thought the same way as Unbreakable. I would only pull Ramu\’s leg once in a while. Hey, he himself told he was a masochist. I would not dare say that Ramu was a KG student.
    I was in UKG when Siva released. For the first time I asked my dad who the director was… no way I would degrade the great man. I would post some pranks on him thatsall.
    But for other bloggers to copy ideas from Ramu\’s posts and behave as if they invented direction… and even reply to others messages… use words … is unacceptable 😉

  65. Unknown says:

    I have read your post……..:)
    I read you had problem with RGV watching moview more than once and got triggered to write those comments.
    At Peace now……

  66. Unknown says:

    Please try to keep the blog clean. We should avoid personal battles & using words as pointed by Karthik.

  67. Naveen says:

    guys, can we have photos against the names…..don\’t be scared of ram 🙂

  68. Unknown says:

    Hi RGVJust some thoughts on the next SARKAR movie.How about a prequel?Year 1974. Abhishek Bachhan is Subhash Nagre.Rise to power….and aishwarya is pushpa…and a title like SARKARsoch? Role reversal a la david lynch style….what say?

  69. Sridhar says:

    Guys we need to celebrate the sucess of Sarkar Raj!! Collections are very good!! Its a HIT!!
    In Hyderabad(where I live) it has set records in 2 weeks….
    The guys who say its not a Hit….saale gallani \’nigga disi adugu\’…..
    RGV fan forever!!
    Sridhar Mayur
    – Hyderabad

  70. vaishak says:

    Freinds…you can check all of my posting…..I am damn sure that you can\’t find any usage of bad words there….i\’ ll give a reply to that faceless person who propagates something against me, later…i kept silent even after he has written something about me..i kept silent for 2 days because i never wanted to behave badly in my guru\’s blog….But He badly needs a reply….I \’ ll give…..

  71. karthik says:

    @ Vaishak Nambiar
    I appreciate your control of temper… but I would have appreciated if you did not write stuff like "without a hint of brain", "ridiculously less informed", "stupid blunder questions "…
    If you asked me normally without such grammer, then I would have given u a decent enough reply.
    If you still think you want to give me a reply… go ahead, but let me remind you that this isn\’t a chat room. Its a public blog. "All" the people here are not bothered about reading what other bloggers think. Maybe they will read it for timepass when RGV is not giving new posts… but normally "Everyone" wants to read RGV\’s thoughts. Hell, thats the reason this blog is there for in the first place. Already we have eaten a lot of place. Lets not turn this into a chat forum.

  72. Naveen says:

    hi ram, in sarkar and sarkar raj….the part i like the most is towards the end…the way and manner subhash/shankar take revenge….every time sarkar is on tv i look forward to the scenes where shankar takes them one by one…and the dialogues before each encounter….very gripping!

  73. jai santosh says:

    You definitely need better audience who can appreciate what you are trying to show. At the cost of sounding \’regional\’ i think the audience telugu movies attract is unmatched, and in my opinion, bollywood is all and only about karan Johar\’s drama queens (and no, i am not talking about Shah Rukh). Anyway, do you intend to make any more movies in telugu again, or alternatively for a global audience?

  74. Unknown says:

    First thing. You are the only guy in the recent times, who has shown Amitabh as-he-is ie., like a Super Star. NONE else have done this in the recent years (lets not talk about where you have not shown him that way – Aag, Nishabd)…I liked Sarkar Raj for Amitabh\’s intensity and your deft handling of the subject! Period !! I consider myself Aam-Junta who like commercial flicks and "Sarkar Raj" is a Fantastic Commercial Flick, as i describe anything commercial is "Entertaining" keeping aside what genre it belongs to. Unfortunately i liked even DDLJ for the same reasons 🙂
    I thought one scene could have been added in the second half post Abhishek\’s murder sequence. Since the movie\’s context is Power-Politics, you could have explored the Connect between Junta and Nagre\’s to reach a little more (not a lot more, as such the impact is good enough) Crescendo. Sarkar\’s Power is his Silence and his master-minded strokes to his opponents with people Idolizing him and looking for his response on every issue. When he gets back in gear like a roaring Tiger, if you could have added one scene where the anguished public showing their compassion on Jr Nagre\’s death – Sarkar waving (Amitabh waving), expressing/ assuring justice would prevail could have elevated the emotions/ tempo a bit more.
    Other thing. I want to kill you for your statement 🙂 🙂 that you would frame the picture of the guys who would have liked Aag.Be critical on yourself not on the guys who liked it 🙂 Surely i dont want to be framed !! 
    Last thing. YOU ROCK !!!!

  75. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,Iam a great fan of you ever since i saw Shiva.After heavy criticism you have to take after AAg(i didnt see aag) & nishabdh(good movie,but not for Indian mind set),Sarkar Raj was a great comeback.The movie was great except for some characters.You build up Aishwarya\’s character as tough corporate executive,but she didnt seem to be as ruthless Nagre should have sent her character back to london or where ever she is from and used her character in the next sequel(i would strongly hope the saga continues).In the las scene Sarkar tells his wife to call Chikoo and on the other hand you show Ash asking for a cup of tea,are you creating a suspense on who will succeed Sarkar.This is only my opinion as viewer and a fan of yours.I read your review of reviews,man you are on fire.Thats why i suggest to all my friends not go to a movie after seeing movie ratings and reviews(which is just somebodys opinion).Ramu your blogs rock

  76. Unknown says:

    Hello Mr varma,I find filmy personalities overtly sensitive to criticism, I hate the word "ji" after everyone as if it seems that it is a forced respect. It makes me believe that you people live in a world of your world in a shell. Do u think world revolves around you? I like all critics except taran adarsh, his opinions are always guided by his personal agenda. To whom to give credit and to whom should i pull down. He is a damn monetary oriented critic and i hate him. though i visit indiafm becoz he gave some good bollywood news and releases. I used to be your fan till bhoot after that i dont know what happened to you i have discussed it with my brother as to what happened to our  ram gogal verma, why he is not churning out quality movie as it is expected of him? i like to believe that the moment u entered into production with many films on your hand you dont pay as much attention as you used to be. I think you are losing credit not only among critic but also among your fans. the brand ram gopal verma is on a decline. i am only a well wisher. and i hope to see you back in form like the old days you used to be in satya, jungle bhoot etc

  77. G says:

    Loved the movie, hated the fact that shankar died, bawled like a baby for the Little B, all in all, maybe a little too dark for my taste, but I am sure you did not make it for me. !!BTW, I was stunned for the entire evening and pretty much the whole of next day. I am not sure if you intended for anyone to take it so seriously, but I was amazed at the depths of human deception and the heights of human triumph. For a long time,  I did not have any words……………Now, I am looking forward to the final part of the trilogy. I am going to circumvent the praise, because it does not look like you need it, and for the criticism, well, it wasn\’t bad, so there is none.

  78. G says:

    Forgot to add – you made Aishwarya act, which in itself is amazing………….My jaw dropped at Abhishek\’s performance. If his eyes were bullets and his looks the paths of those bullets, there would not be anyone left standing. Superlative..!!What to say about the Big B – There is a reason, he is who he is and he proves it in every scene, every movie, every moment..!! EverythingCongratulations. Well done, I did not think anyone could survive the criticism and mockery that you endured after Aag. It was enough to send people into mental therapy for a lifetime.

  79. Raj says:

    HI Ramuji:
              Excellent way of interpretations on Reviews.  I really likedwhat ou have quoted \’There is no facts.only interpretations" .
    Ramuji, Can you pls make SARKAR RAJ with a alternate ending and release in he DVD version alone with 2 endings.One which we saw in the movie and the new ending , May be with Shankar Nagre still running the show. I have seen few Hollywood flicks with 2 endings in the DVD release. Pls consider this. ALso DVD will be Big HIT as the Movie too.
    Best regards,
    Rajesh from Los angles

  80. Unknown says:

    I liked the last scene when dilip prabhavalkar says "dhruv tara to ek hi hai. batao, abhi shankar ki jagah kaun le sakta hai" dilip tries to give amitabh a subtle suggestion.
    The look on dilip\’s face was amazing when he sees a dead somji with broken spectacles and blood splattered 

  81. Unknown says:

    Would you like to make Atlas shrugged some day. I am sure you have read it. The book has a readymade script more fascinating  than fountainhead.

  82. Unknown says:

    your criticism on criticism sounds so profound and true. the very fact that you admit the source of  your inspiration for your works speaks of your sincerity. its rarely found in the tinselworld. your shiva in telugu is considered a trendsetter. were you not inspired by a hindi movie \’arjun\’ (of sunny deol)?  was it not a refined version of that movie?

  83. Unknown says:

    @Karthik & @all
    I had mis-read your(Karthik) post and thought you were calling RGV as KG student.
    It was big mis-understanding from me….. 🙂

  84. Narendra says:

    I remember asking u a suggestion of how to be a successful director. This article is the perfect answer. Thank you sir. My wish is that u make a telugu film once again. Hope that my dream comes true sometime from now.

  85. Unknown says:

    Does the last line of the movie – Anita asking "ek chaai milegi?" epitomize the punchline "Power is not given, it has to be taken."? I would have expected subtlety in the closing line – like Anita sipping tea with solemnity! Were the words really required?

  86. Appu says:

    Ramu jee,
    Namaskar !
    Why you think so much about opinions. You cant compare movie ticket sale with DVD sale in a store or talking about population who watch them and who dont.
    Do not confuse yourself.
    Be an audience while making a movie instead ot being a movie-maker and you will get all your replies. Keep it simple and listen to your heart.
    I wish I was a movie-maker. May be one day, who knows 😉 i.e., why I am not sharing my ideas. Sorry !
    ShubhDin !

  87. Unknown says:

    sir, how about a sequel to daud or may b kaun

  88. SUBRAHMANYAM says:

         u r the 1 & only, no words 2 say
    The mystery man in the movie is Mr. Javed Ansari the Asst. Director, isn\’t it?
    I wanna talk with u once in my life time.

  89. Unknown says:

    Hello Sir,
    You are one of the finest directors I have known. This is the first time I am ever writing/commenting in a blog. I did like to share something with you. I have watched Sarkar Raj. The movie was fabulous!
    Great things above the movie: Superb, flawless, gripping direction, music score, performance of Sr. Bacchan.
    Not so great things: Honestly, I wanted the villans to be mighty ones (who can make impressions and are unforgetful) like the ones you had used in your prequel, like Silver manni, swami, etc. But this point can be overlooked as I was amused by the direction and Mr. Bachhan\’s performance.
    Sir, this movie had a such a great impact on me that after the movie, I started wondering n m still thinking,  whom would you cast in your sequel to Sarkar Raj. After running my brains, n thinking hard… I thought Neil Mukesh should fit the role in your next sequel. Reason: Chikoo shud be someone who shud look younger than Aishwariya. Firstly, I had thought that you could rope in Mohit Alhawat as Chikoo… but he is not so popular among masses. Neil Mukesh might be a good choice as he has worked under your banner too. Thought of sharing this with you 🙂
    Keep up the good work, Sir:-)
    Your\’s sincerely,Ru.

  90. naveen mahadevuni says:

    Hello Ramu sir,
    Sarkar Raj was good. Was amazed watching the powerful performance of the great actor Amitabh saab and the way you made his scenes look so gruesome during the climax. Would like to see you and Hrithik working together! Any take on that??

  91. Dhananjay says:

    Hi Ramu Ji,
    I llke your blog and also your movies to much. I am your regular reader. You are a man of great quality and emotions.

  92. Lakshmikanth Raja says:

    Infact.. I would say.. there is nothing like "what audience wants".. because as you rightly said.. david dhawan, mani ratnam and even ramu can entertain the same set of audience with a drastic change in the treatment.. hence only thing that is very much clear to me atleast is the fact that every one looks for some kind of sensibility irrespective of the "genere" of the film as such.. for example.. I\’ve grown up appreciating so many of K. Vishwanath\’s films and Balachandar\’s films and even now I cant help appreciating a film by RGV.. people might say I am crazy.. infact one of my friends used to elbow be on the fact that I\’ve watched Sankarabharanam and Rangeela on the same day.. that too on the day of my final exam :D.. I feel its the sensibility that appeals to any class of audience than the genere itself… adding some sensibility (which make it look atleast close to reality or atleast reality in fantasy) into subjects probably is the real task for story tellers… as our old telugu saying goes "abaddam chepte atikinattu undaali ani"..

  93. geethika says:

    hello ramu ji,actually i just want to know what you think about "siva" movie becoz most of the people loves it but i don\’t.I didn\’t found the movie interesting .So i just wanna ask u

  94. Vamsi says:

    Why use nisha kothari in most of your films? Drawing a comparision between Urmila and Nisha or even Antra Nisha is the worst. I feel really bad when ur films dont work and she is definetly not helping.

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