My Reactions to reaction Part-2

1. Shouldn’t we make films which can make an impact on the world?
Ans: Hello, you are talking to the maker of AAG and also I believe in making films such as what I want to see.

2. I don’t think you’ve made any bad films, some of them just didn’t work.
Ans: Films should only be made with an intention of making them work. Good and bad are very subjective.

3. Are the subtle sense of humour scenes in your films your ideas?
Ans: All ideas in my films whether they are good, bad or ugly, are mine.

4. How do you see RGV doing 10 years from now?
Ans: I don’t think beyond today.

5. Howard Roark did not dislike anyone. He was just indifferent.
Ans: Indifference is worse than dislike.

6. Shiva was an incomplete film. The 2nd half is with me.
Ans: Make it yourself.

7. AAG is my favourite film.
Ans: Can you please send your picture so that I can frame it and keep it at home.
P.S: Don’t tell anybody but AAG is my favorite film too.

8. Your penchant to contradict yourself is becoming predictable.
Ans: The only exciting thing about life is contradictions and I also have outgrown the anger of Nigga disi adugu.

9. It was always me… I trusted you… I took time and watched your movie, how can I blame you.
Ans: Ahhhh! Wisdom at last.

10. I had fallen in love with Sridevi after watching Kshnam Kshnam.
Ans: I made that movie because I was in love with her.

11. I am in no comments after reading your blog… just background music.
Ans: I love you for this.

12. In one shot in Bhoot after the car leaves the basement the shot changes with the sound of a dolby click.
Ans: That was not a dolby click. It is the igniter sound which Urmila uses on the gas stove. Anyway as long as you felt the impact it does not matter. The psychology of that shot is that the audience would be used to the fact that the shot will be cut after the car left the frame. But the fact that it lingers on automatically puts them into a heightened tension thereby making them anticipate something terrible will happen and that’s why even an ordinary click sound will scare them. Similarly one more example of this is when Urmila comes down into the hall to go into the kitchen for a glass of water. In a wide-angle shot I show the audience that there is no one in the living room. If the camera follows behind her they will be half expecting something to jump on her from of the frame. But the fact they can see the whole room their eyes will be darting all over to see if anyone is hiding somewhere. Meanwhile Urmila takes her time to drink water and comes back. As she goes up the stairs I cut to top angle where the audience can see behind her.

Now as the audience can’t see anything in the back and from Urmila’s expression they can see that there is nothing in the front, they slowly relax as she comes close to the camera into out focus distance thereby expecting the shot to be cut. But as she crosses the camera we reveal Manjeet under the stairs making them jump out of the seat.

13. I don’t know if ‘Govinda Govinda’ theme suited the film Sarkar. Originally it was from your Telugu film.
Ans: Yes. Since I loved that track in the Telugu film and that film flopped I was adamant on tying to ram it down people’s throats once again and I gave a logic to myself that Sarkar is like Lord Krishna which justified the Govinda word. Nobody else got that but as of now it’s the most identifiable sound byte from the Sarkar films. My case rests.

14. How does Sarkar make a living?
Ans: He didn’t tell me.

15. What do you feel when you look at your movies that are 6-7 years old?
Ans: That they are 6-7 years old.

– Ram Gopal Varma

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95 Responses to My Reactions to reaction Part-2

  1. superstarksa says:

    Brilliant responses, sir!Love it, particularly No.7! Hoping this prolificness is not temporary…

  2. Unknown says:

    Many of them did not like the Movie NAACH…!! but it remains one of my fav films….!!! the best scene in that film is when Abhishek actually stirs his Whisky with his finger and licks it…one of the most natural scenes I must had ever seen in Bollywood movies…!!!!

  3. sagar says:

    I wanna be a good director like you..what should I do ..please don\’t give witty answers like …"Don\’t watch my films!" give some serious advice for those who wanna be filmmakers like you

  4. confused says:

     "I am in no comments after reading your blog… just background music.
    Ans: I love you for this."
    me too..(for nt giving ny sarcastic comments this time.)

  5. Unknown says:

    HI RGV, I have always been fond of your movies … I would like to define you as Creative, Gutsy and Straight Forward! Movies like Shiva, Kshana Kshanam, Satya & Company are not every director\’s cup of tea … they are very special movies made by you!! I am looking forward for Sarkar Raaj and request you to make many more movies tackling mafia, humour and passion …

  6. Unknown says:

    I don\’t know how but my name did not get listed in my previous \’comment\’ (HI RGV, I have … message). Just wanted you to know my name too 🙂 … I am Sharath Nandini Desai. Pls respond to my message RGV …..

  7. Unknown says:

    I strongly believe that you should reassess and reanalyze the work of ur cinematographer amit roy(its not that he is bad)..he is one of the culprits(please dont take it offensively mr.roy) in making ur films too dark and stark no matter what the content of ur visual or shot is…I was watching Nishabd yesterday, liked it , but the camera work and toned down colours dint go with the film and was getting put off with the dutch angle and  anamorphic wide shots ..The frames were too horrifying for a romantically inclined intricate subject …Amit roy has a keen sense but all films cant look horror(I hope amit or for that matter u have not gone thru a horrifyingly romantic experience ;-)…..lemme know  if i am wrong…govinda govinda govinda govinda govinda govinda govinda govinda govindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

  8. Ashok says:

    Hi RGV,I never imagined a movie maker need to think of these many aspects for a simple(sorry for calling it simple, for me it is) scene like SARKAR ending, your explanation is simply superb. Do you consider yourself as selfish? Is selfishness is a sin? Lot of people call me selfish and treat me like a sinner though I don\’t see any sin in it and in the fist place I don\’t believe in sin? Are you a atheist?Regards,Ashok Chava.

  9. Unknown says:


  10. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    Two simple straight questions.
    What would you like RGV to be? a maverick film-maker(Kaun,Kshana Kshanam,Company)? or a businessman(Darling,Aag etc)?
    You and your friend Maniratnam collaborated thrice – Gaayam, Donga Donga & Dil Se (you as producer). What do you think, he thinks about your cinema? what do you think about his cinema? Any future collaborations?
    (i can predict your answers – you would say \’Ask him\’, but i am still curious about your thoughts – thats what this blog is meant for i know your thoughts)

  11. Anand says:

    RGV…Loved the songs of Shiva….Both old and New . Ofcourse its Illayaraja…Why not use him for BGM ???…he is the best in india.. Why not work with Illayaraja again? both were a great combo!.

  12. karthik says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Someone told me that in film industry, every one (producers, directors, actors)drinks the day before the release of the movie – so that they can release the tension off (since they are not going to get any sleep anyway). Do you have any such ritual?

  13. celeste says:

    Dear Mr. Ram,
    Thank you so much for your kind answer. I cannot believe you really read my msg… and ANSWERED me! I\’m shocked! You\’ve been so kind! I have no words. I could faint.
    (my favourite director answered me!!!!)
    … ehm… I need a couple of weeks to be a serious person again.
    Thank you thank you thank you.

  14. Unknown says:

    I ve seen Company n Sarkar so many times…….havent seen AAG though,i think once in a while every director makes a flop movie,i dunno why people have given u such special n generous treatment.In Company,Mohan Lal did a great job….No doubt he s one of the living legends of Malayalam cinema….but the way he spoke Hindi made that character really interesting n realistic too….Esp. the scene when he visits Chandu in Kenya…..In the end,the way dialogues fade out n the background music increases…….that was really cool………n in Sarkar,the character of Mani n even d chief minister was good……n great short crisp replies u giving…….bahut umda……N tmrw is THE DAY for Sarkar Raj…..Best of luck…..pEaCe

  15. ThE says:

    Ok!!! heres the deal !!! Sarkar Raj is a HIT"SARKAR RAJ supersedes the prequel and most importantly, RGV bounces back like never before"– read in a review of indiafm, though i dont go by their review, these r d same guys whu taunted on AAG…so kool guys…RGV, ur d mannnnn !! dnt get carried away and start making those one liner movies-stick to the plan, and long time heard u wer making a movie "EK" is it still in the rope?Regards,Zia

  16. ThE says:

    hehhehhehe -LOLI LIKE THS ANSWER BELOW..shiva is an incomplete film, 2nd half is wid me…Ans: Make it urselfLOL-CLASSSSYYYYYYY RGVVVVV answr 😛

  17. celeste says:

    Dear Mr. Ram,
    if I\’m not wrong today \’Sarkar Raj\’ is in the theatres, right? If so, I wish you and all the cast – actors & technicians – to obtain a great success! I hope, better, I\’m sure the audience will fall in love with your film. Tomorrow I\’ll read on the web only excellent reviews!
    I wish you all the success you deserve!
    Please, write your comments about the first release. How did you feel? How was audience\’s reaction?
    I\’d like so much being there…
    To all: please please please, if someone of you will be so lucky to watch \’Sarkar Raj\’ next days, please, leave your comments on this blog! I\’m so thrilled! Unfortunately I don\’t know when I\’ll be able to see it! Thank you very very much in advance.

  18. Deepa says:

    Dear RGV,
    Sarkar Raj is to be released today. I, having not watched Sarkar yet, wanted to catch up on the story of the Nagres and so I watched it today. I have just one word for it. PERFECT! You have outdone yourself! The symbolism in the film is superb! I will probably need to own this DVD to analyze every frame. I can\’t wait enough to see Sarkar Raj! I am sure it\’s every bit as brilliant as Sarkar. Good luck for the release of the film to you, Mr. Bachchan, Abhishek, Aishwarya, and the rest of the cast and crew.
    Incidentally, I don\’t know why you give yourself so much flak for Aag. There\’s is something that one of my professors always said, which would stand so true in this case: "Along this path, no effort is wasted". You made the film, it flopped. So that’s fine. All of us, you included, need to stop flogging a dead donkey and move on.
    Warmest regards,
    Dee Vai

  19. RAJESH VARMA says:

    hi sir,
    i have seen your sarkar raj, its far excelent than sarkar. i believe that satya, company, sarkar movies are far supirior than sholay in any aspect, i dont know why you are stuck on sholay??????

  20. Unknown says:

    Sir there is no denying that your are great in making films! But clearly you don\’t do well defending them! Plus the truth is people would be seeing your movie for as long as you keep making them! So why don\’t you let the sarcasm be and talk more about film-making and the thought you put into it. Of all the coments the only thing that really amused me(actually ecited me) was your comment on how you built the suspense in bhoot. I so do whish you would do more of that and less of the \’\’buzz-off\’\’ comments.

  21. Unknown says:

    I would liek to recommend you a movie i just saw. Its called the Pan\’s Labyrinth. Its a spanish movie. I don\’t know why but i have a feeling you\’d really like it. In case you\’ve already seen it tell me if my gut feeling was right. And if you decide to ignore this post, all well then anyone else who reads this is recommended to see the movie too. But a warninng it\’s a bit gritty.

  22. Unknown says:

    Your response to the comment on the sound in Bhoot shows why you should add the extra \’goodies\’ to your DVDs. It is a pleasure to watch the movie with the director\’s commentary. We don\’t see that often in Hindi films. It will be great if you add it to all your DVDs!Thanks!

  23. vaishak says:

    sir,        a few objection….You ve answered a question which was about \’Kshanam Kshanam"….the guy was talking about your idea of showing sridevi\’s childhood photos in the title…you ve answered him that you made that movie because you were in love with sridevi that time.But you didnt tell that \’showing childhood black&white photos of sridevi in the title is not your idea but it has been originated in manirathnam\’s mind….The film is "Mouna Ragam"…the masterpiece movie starts with childhood photos of revathi with that classic background music of ilaiyaraja which is \’mounargam theme\’….I know you and mani sir are close freinds and often co-operate creatively with each other[thiruda thiruda,gaayam]…..and he ve written script for your "gaayam" which is based on "the godfather"…you are obsessed with that book and movie….you started with that and still with that…see mani sir, he is flowing like a river[ i am not trying poetry]…every time he is introducing a new \’stuff\’ in his style………..and one more quest i have for you……Whoever the cinematographer, your films have the same kind of [ram gopal varma kind of ] cinematography….take Rangeela,Daud,Shiva,Jungle,Bhooth,satya….Nobody asks who is the cinematographer….the style is the same…some kind of realistic but thrilling lighting pattern…perfect communication sir…..How you use to convey about this ur kind of cinematography to your cinematographers….?……Actually i dont think u shouldn\’t change…because "Sarkar" is a change…Its Coffee brown….sometimes kills the originality of the film that dining table scene in sarkar..Sarkar and vishnu nagre indulge in an arguement…vishnu fumes… that frame see the olour of the wall…dark coffee brown  creamed it too….and its really make the audience think that this is a film…and its been done by DI technology……and Nishabd and AAG…same stuff…….The green tone kills the intensity and the originality of the film and it becomes something like a comic book…..Let tarantino and rodrigues make that film "Sin city"…why we try that kind of thing….and from you, a director i rate with mani sir….Please avoid these kind of gimmicks sir….it kills the originality of the films…..todays Hollywood films fails to keep the originaliy of  "French Connection" or "The godfather"…before you going to watch the movies, we all know they all are fakes…and that green screen practices…then what is the purposes of film making..that Amit roy is one man who changed you…you really love his ideas than yours nowdays, i think………………to hell with your DI ed visuals…why \’Satya\’ is a great film and \’Sarkar\’ is not…..reasons are many….but one main reason is this…this DI ed image…you ve been translated your vision from the \’un-lit\’, \’original\’ \’Satya\’ to highly, vulgurly stylized "sarkar"…………….next time ,in contract dont do that…for your film\’s originality\’s sake…..Thanks..i know some joke comments will be or will not be there….but jokes cant solve that issue …rite..sir..?                                                                  With love….Vaishak Nambiar………………….

  24. vaishak says:

    and i really deserve an answer for that question of \’rgv kind of cinematography\’…please explain it sir…its a request..

  25. Payal says:

    We heard that Aishwarya\’s glasses cost 10 lakhs but we read on High Heel Confidential that it is only 10 thousand..
    Is it the case of the press just trying to stir up controversy??

  26. karthik says:

    classic RGV! –

    6. Shiva was an incomplete film. The 2nd half is with me.
    Ans: Make it yourself.

  27. Unknown says:

    Satya seems heavily inspired from Good Fellas. Bhiku Mhatre\’s character graph is ditto Joe Pesci\’s in Good fellas.  Am I right? Sarkar is Godfather I and Godfather II put together in one. Thats why I like Naach and Company so much more. Naach is one of the most underrated films I have ever seen. Except for the ending where you sort of deconstructed everything you have built and thus simplified resulting which the consistency of the complex undertones broke, I just thought it was brilliant. Company of course is fantastic. Would like to see you in this avtaar rather than the other one.

  28. Manu says:

    One thing that differentiates Sarkar from the rest is its immaculate shot taking. However there are a couple of shots for which I\’d like to know the thought process that went behind shooting those ones: (a) Shot where Vishnu (Kay Kay Menon) is constantly staring at Nisha Kothari who is busy doing her rehearsal. It creates an intimidating aura of Kay Kay Menon. It was even used in the promos of the film. (b) The scene where Shankar gets ditched by Selvar Mani as Rashid enters, Rashid signals Shankar to come outside just by the twist of his neck. That\’s the most spontaneous thing I\’ve ever witnessed and it looks so uncontrived.Ramu, did you plan these shots when you did the shot division of the film or it was your instinct to do it the way they have been done? 

  29. karthik says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I hope the reviews tomorrow will not be on the lines of whether the movie is a hit or a dud, but rather what kind of a hit the movie will end up as – normal hit/ decent hit/ super hit/ or a box office blockbuster. All the best.

  30. Borra says:

    t\’s very difficult and sometimes painful to read your blog with the black background and with white text.Can you please change it to white or something that is soft on the eyes

  31. Raaj K Modi says:

    I was Mesmerized by the Title Song of Ek Hasina Thi Movie by Sri Ram Raghavan. There was no Place on EARTH, I tried to get that Sound Track. Finally, I bought the Movie Home, Cut the Scene, it in my System and converted it into an Audio File. Thanks A Million Times for using the Same Track in Sarkar. The Male Voice was Better than a Female Vocal. Anywayz!!! Thanks For The Track.

  32. Unknown says:

    Good Evening,
                I have just watched SARKAR RAJ.I am not very good with words… all I can say is I enjoyed it very much and in my opinion it is a great movie. I have a few questions:
    1. When Avantika tells Sarkar about her pregnancy, Sarkar BORROWS 100 Rs. from Chander and blesses her. In THE GODFATHER(book)  Don Corleone borrows money from Tom Hagen to give to a pizza shop owner.Did you ever thought of that while  filming the above scene?
    2. What is the meaning of "Power can\’t be given… It must be taken"?
       You are claiming SARKAR RAJ is not adapted from Godfather. But…
    3. Did you think of HYMAN ROTH  while creating the character of Rao Sahab?
    4. Avantika\’s death and Appollonia\’s death are same, aren\’t they?
    5. Chander\’s betrayal and Tessio\’s betrayal are also similar,isn\’t it?

  33. Unknown says:

    I am a fan of your work.Theres always something or the other in all your movies,i like.
    I watched SARKAR RAJ today and i was disappointed.
    1) It had too much contents to make it classy enough for the "sarkar" standards.
    2)Some of the topics like the vishu\’s and hospital scenes and then Ash-Abhi scenes were unnecessary.
    3)You didn\’t put much effort on the villians.There were too many but they were nothing more than a bunch of irritating characters.
    4)The story started as if everything is going good and normal but then suddenly in a desperate attempt to give difference with the usual or what was expected,it took some weird twists and turns and ended as if to full stop the topic.
    What i really liked…
    1)the bomb blast scene at Nagre\’s.When the camera just captured the full sequence of Abhishek untill he regains.
    2)the scene,at the end,when Sarkar shows Rao saab, the body of his grand son.
    Keep filming…..
    Anupam Jain

  34. ThE says:

    RGV- Seeems ur gettng lotsa hitss in ur blogg- ooooh!!!  starr ban rahe ho…no surprise,if ppl start askng u d obvious Q- "aap hero kyun nayi bante?"– hehehe…try it  !!

  35. Narendra says:

    "Creativity is all about hiding your sources" – Albert Einstein.
    Your comment ?

  36. Gokul says:

    Kudos to you on Sarkar Raj…you are a real talent buddy…kya bhakwas film banaya yaar. Ek dum public ko ullu banaya tune.Endira, dabbu dobbedam ane?

  37. Unknown says:

    Many Many COngratulations Mr RGV for the success of S.Raj !!

  38. Kalyan says:

    Whats with you and tollywood? You were introduced to the film world through tollywood u just made a couple of films as a director and u are gone.Why dont  u come back and make more films for your people???

  39. shiva says:

    hi,i saw sarkar raj today. i should say i really liked it. and this time, i liked the emotional scenes as well. but COMPANY remains your best for me. and i\’m sure you know why. hope to see path-breaking movies from you once again.

  40. Raaj K Modi says:

    Dear Dronacharya,
    It’s been just a couple of Minutes, I am out of Prasad’s Imax after watching the much awaited Sarkar Raj. In just a span of 24 Hours many things have changed regarding my notion of the film.
    Speaking first about me, My Colleagues & Family Members call be Crazy (sometimes Jr. RGV), coz I generally say “RGV Gare naaku Phone Chesi, Naa Cinemalu Choodaddu Morro, Ani Cheppina Nenu Choostanu”.
    I am generally connected to Head Phones, at work, and yesterday, I could not concentrate on my Work. I was just waiting for the Clock to run like a Mad & Hungry Horse on an Island. I could recollect OMEN-II, Govinda Govinda, listening to the tracks of your Film.
    Last Night, I could not even sleep properly. I was just waiting to watch the movie. The Reviews which People have been saying about Sarkar Raj have made me like an Heroine Addicted Criminal in a Room of Weapons. Blood was running all over my body in full energy.
    The Day came. I just entered the Theater and on the screen was the Name “Sarkar Raj”. I hit myself , for missing any Trailors (Contract Trailor) and the beginning Scenes, if any.
    I didn’t know why, I for the first time started disliking your Cinematography. Let me tell you why: (According to me, RGV is a Master in showing exactly, what the West uses. I Love RGV for the fact he admits that he copies).
    I even am a movie buff like you as well and read movies, rather than watching them. I am a very big fan of Sergio Leone, for his Extreme Close-ups. Here, I have to make a note about AMIT ROY. Is he inspired by SERGIO LEONE or you tell him to place the Camera and he works on it.
    With no Offensive Statement to anybody, the following are solely my observations: THE NEGATIVES
    There were a hundred sites (one of them), speaking about a Million Times about LEAVING A LAST IMPRESSION.
    • Ash\’s first meeting with the Bachchans to explain the power project;• Govind Namdev trying to bribe Abhishek;• The Bachchans\’ visit to Dilip Prabhawalkar\’s residence;• The Bachchans\’ discussion over Kay Kay [who was shot dead by Abhishek in the prequel];• The turning point in the film [not to be disclosed];• The penultimate reels when the real culprit stands exposed. It hits you like a ton of bricks.
    I might have gone NUTS, after watching many films, or became Crazy having Penchant for Perfection, as:
    During Ash\’s first meeting with the Bachchans to explain the power project: The Camera unnecessarily started Shaking. Infact, I liked the way, the same kind of shot was taken when JEEVA explains a Plot to Vishram and the Other one in SARKAR.
    The Bachchans\’ visit to Dilip Prabhawalkar\’s residence; Somewhere during this in the VILLAGE, all of a sudden KRISHNA FOOT WEAR appeared, written in Telugu (How come you not find it in Editing). Of course, idi pedda tappu yemi kaadu.
    The Bachchans\’ discussion over Kay Kay [who was shot dead by Abhishek in the prequel]; AMIT ROY made the most Horrifying DOLLY ZOOM (if that is the name). Please observe it for your Self. The camera has Shaken as if it were an Earth Quake (It was you, who once stated “Our Indian Cameramen can’t even Zoom Properly, but we talk about International Cinema Standards”).
    Somewhere in between in some kind of an Interview there were two people holding two Mics from ETV. Why Two? You should have observed that Sir.
    One more thing, the Professional Assassinator, who is bought to kill Shanker. I have seldom seen any body, wearing Tough Leather Gloves, and roaming in cities. You should have used some other style to show him. Finally, something, I seriously wanted to ask you is: Why would somebody stand with a Torchlight until the old man comes at the end and Big B asks his men to turn on the Light only to see the oldman’s grandson. Seriously, Shot inkoka saari aalichinchi vunte baagunnu.
    Most of the Dialogues and Scenes are reused from SARKAR. (Simply my Observation)
    Somebody else stated that this is the best of your works after Satya & Company. I don’t think so. Satya is beyond comparable.
    Inkokallu, stated that SARKAR RAJ is the highest level of Indian Cinema taking. I partly agree. But I would like to remind you of something, which you have stated before elsewhere (remember anything you ever tried to compare between SUBHALAGNAM & JUDAAI). The rest is left to you.
    Cinematography except for some failing angles, and shaky shots, was good.
    Back Ground Score is Awesome. Infact, more good than Sarkar. Not just because of OMEN, but in SARKAR, most of the Second Half goes with Drama Score using instruments like SITAR. But in SARKAR RAJ, I never felt like that.
    Dialogues, were very Good. Ofcourse, naaku Hindi anta raadu, Konni Dialogues naaku artham kaaledu.
    Finally, you my DARLING. You are always the Best & Best & Best. If you felt offended, or bad, I am extremely Sorry, and if you want, you can get me arrested or something, but just before that, I want you to listen to my Film SHIVA-II (I Seriously Want You To Listen, Sir. Please ENCOURAGE Us). You are the only person I want to say it to.
    By the by Phookein, is sure to be released on Aug, 22nd kada? I am waiting….
    Always Your EKALAVYA,(Raaj K Modi)

  41. vishal says:

    Hi ramu,first to tell u I m one of ur biggest fan, I admire u better then the rest of bollywood directors. I saw "Sarkar Raj" on friday & i was very disappointed, specially the way u shot the film, all the time half screen was covered & there was too much of closeups. Secondly amit roy\’s camerawork was very bad, why did u chosed to shoot whole film in that yellowish & blue tone? so much of dark lighting that u r not able to see characters. Once at a time i felt so exhausted I felt like living from the theatre. Audience come to c film on theatre which r colourful, plz don\’t experiment with them. we feel let down. PLz ramu make some more good films which have great script & shoot the way u used to shoot earlier. thanx. 

  42. Rohit says:

    Hi Ramu,
    I am a big fan of urs…never miss ur movies.
    I saw sarkar raj and enjoyed it thoroughly. I love ur style of film making. However, i feel…and this just a personal view with highest regard to you..ur style of making movies is getting a little repetitive.Your earlier movies were each made differently from the previous ones. But off late the look of your films isvery similar. I dun feel theres anything wrong with the camerawork or colour tones used or the lighting or background score…they all add to the effect and enhance the impact… but as i said the films look the same which was not the case with ur earlier ventures.
    Nevertheless ur movies rock!! Thanks

  43. Unknown says:

    Ramu garu, I dont understand all the technical talents you are known for. One thing i like most in your films is the comedy. Thats simply brilliant. I liked u more after
    knowing that you made Money and Money Money. Rami Reddy\’s name is Choclate in Aana ganaga oka roju…this kind of comedy tickles me. I argue with a lot of people
    about ur sense of humour which is much better than ur technical specialites. Now after reading ur blog and especially your answers ( it was such a fun reading those
    witty answers)  i am happy that my point is proved.  Everybody only is bothered about the camera and cinematography but not the comedy. Your comedy track is
    excellent. Well I strongly believe that you can make a better comedy film than Priyadarshan if you ever want to and I am eagerly looking forward to a sequel of Money
    Gopi Krishna ASoftware Engineer.

  44. Unknown says:

    When I made this short film " " many people called me a RGV. I know I am no RGV but still I felt so proud of myself.

  45. sagar says:

    This for the person who commented belowHi \’noname\’I saw you film and I\’m speechless …used every aspect of technique in creating fear…No doubt you can become a good filmmaker than RGV and I giggled  at the end(\’poyekalam\’…navvu apukoleka poya nijamga) ….absolutely superb…Can you give me as a chance as an assistant director when you became a filmmaker….I think you watch a lot of horror movies…..I love you for your film…All the best yar!

  46. celeste says:

    \’His camera follows the angles it excels in, plastering the screen with extreme close-ups of his protagonists. Of course, it does help when the faces in full view are extremely emotive and reflect the myriad emotions of anger, pain, passion and revenge with a mere muscle flick. The Bachchan trio — Amitabh, Abhishek, Aishwarya — emerge as consummate actors, imbuing their characters with nuances and shades not easily seen in mainstream cinema. But eventually, it is the structure of the film that succeeds above all else.\’
    \’you will applaud the style and the performances.\’
    \’Like in Sarkar, Ramu sharply balances the role runtime of both the father and the son justifying the collective presence of Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan. But he simultaneously swaps their zones of prominence thereby bringing a variation in their contribution. Despite drama being the highlight, the texture is subtle throughout.\’
    \’The other two Bachchans have exhaustive scope and completely submit to Ramu’s visualization.
    Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan, once again, employ the intensity of their piercing eyes to give sight to Ram Gopal Varma’s distinctive vision.\’
    WOW! These words are music for my ears!
    Reading reviews & comments, I feel sooooooooooooooooooo happy for you, Mr. Varma!
    CONGRATULAZIONI for you new masterpiece. I hope to watch it as soon as possible. I cannot resist!

  47. Unknown says:

    Dear Ramu,
    We are eagerly waiting to watch SArkar Raj. Read all the comments and sevearl reviews. Living in Milan Italy, we have no option but to watch on pirated dvds and then we order the original dvds via net for all the films we like and want to keep the original. In this fast age, holding patience for 7 months after release is too difficult.
    Ramu, can we meet you whenever u travle to Italy or switzerland. I am a small fan of yours but Celeste , trust me Ramu is your biggest fan. The first time i ever met her, she was talking of AAG. You ought to meet her, for she is not only a beutiful Italian damsel, but unlike most is very passionate and intelligent.  I had never watched AAG  because of the reviews i read. But after reading ur comments on AAG, plan to buy an orignal dvd asap. Maybe we watch together Celsete….
    Ramu are u orginally from Pathanamthita disitrict in Kerala…knowing how u reply, were your parents from Kerala.
    cheers Nand

  48. celeste says:

    Ciao Nand! Welcome! We \’Milanese\’ people are infesting this blog!!!!!
    Dear Mr. Ram, forget Nand\’s words about me. He\’s my friend.
    (Nand!!!!! SHUT UP, PLEASE!!!!!!)
    (Nand: I\’ve already bought \’Aag\’ original DVD. The only copy in the whole Europe!!!!!)

  49. santosh says:

    santino6/8/2008 2:14 PM

    Saw Sarkar Raj .Liked it but not as much as Sarkar, a bit disappointed.But it\’s a welcome return to some sort of form for RGV. The main problems for me were characterisations of the so called villains were not strong enough,the revenge taking was all too quick & unimaginative. Also i think the film was edited heavily to bring down the length which sort of shows.But liked the part that u\’ve left the door open for Sarkar 3,but the million dollar question who will u cast?

  50. Unknown says:

    I watched Kill Bill and i thought may be one day u would make such movies. but then i thought who will play the role of Uma Thurman in bollywood. I hope u can create Uma Thurman in bollywood. will u give it a thought ?

  51. LUKE says:

    How do i come and work for you ? You are the Greatest There is .

  52. Trimex says:

    Sarkar Raj was awesome. I just watched it yesterday. How come the Nagres do not have a conciliary?
    I just can\’t wait for CONTRACT.

  53. Ravi says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Would you be interested only in genres like mafia/underworld, horror, and obsession or open to any interesting subject (of any genre)?


  54. krk says:

    Just out of Sarkar Raj…Overall a fabulous film (clap clap)…I liked your framing very much and also the way the camera goes specifically when you were showing violent scenes…I think even your DOP Amit Roy should be one of the best in the business
    My perception was that the first half was slightly slower but the climax was vintage movie making.
    Coming to the music,you have been changing your music directors constantly over last few films…Earlier you used to stick with some like Sandeep Chowta for instance…Any reason?

  55. vaishak says:

    Sarkar Raj :My comments
    1. "Lifts"
    1.Amar mohile\’s Background score is a \’direct lift\’ from the film "Omen 2"….They used that music for making a feel of Evil….when that old man rides that jeep…..Here sarkar goes in jeep with the same music..Is he evil too..?
    I am not comfortable with the idea that putting the word \’Govinda\’ in this evil music….
    2.Shooter- The basic concept of this shooter has taken from a malayalam movie called "August 1"….Captain raju has done the role of this shooter very brilliantly..even the same scene is there…when person ask about \’how he ll do that…? …captainraju says "its none of your business"….here shooter\’s fingers showing a \’no…no\’ to that "Vora"….and about the deal money,the shooter asks more money becoz he know their neccesity…But here ,being a part of intelectualism, shooter\’s face hasnt shown…and made it very comical…i thought i was watching "Chacha Chowdhary and the shooter"….and the end of the shooter becomes something like a \’comical shooter\’ in the film "nadodi kaattu"..[where the same actor  enacted the role too]
    3. Appolonia\’s Death….Avanti\’s Death…
    4.Hyman Roth..that old villager villain…i forgot his name….
    5.Ending..again the godfatherish ending…"all in a sudden"…
    6.Tessio\’s cheating…..Chander\’s Cheating….Reason was of fredo corelones\’……
    7.Cuba..partnership money…from GF2, here sheppard powerplant,political drama from the villager villain…
    8.a few more lifting that i cant remember when i am typing this…
    1.American woman anita invades the rural village with her power plant project.Corporate people only aims at money,here a fooilsh son of a local god who stares averybody with anger supports her[ in the film all of the dialougues says "its for the good sake of the maharashtrian janta].But the performance of the actors make the audience feel like Shankar nagre is fascinated by the american beauty…..
    2.Somji is against imperialsim….the director shows him as a \’badman\’ director thinks imperialism should come to the nation..[decays of creativity and honesty]……Somji arises red means what…?…..somji make many riots in the villages and smiles when seeing his efforts paid off….in the background an american rock bandish kind of music plays on with meaning as "devil dances..and all.."….
    3.Sarkar never told the director that what he does for a living…..Here in this film Shankar Nagre and anita rajan didnt tell him how they conspired for Avantika\’s murder….Avantika was the only block in their way….it was really a conspiracy and abhishek\’s performance in the hospital scene shows that he is acting..he had no sorrows of his wife\’s death….he is mumuring something about responsibility like a child who failed all of his exams becoz he didnt open his textbooks and trying to minimise parents\’s anger by saying \’i didnt open the book, i am responsilbe for my failure"…..but inside he is a liar..he knows what he did and what he is going to do…
    4.Villager leader is a master politicians who controlls the world…..good….creativity….
    1.DI\’ ish images…..when Shankar becomes more and more an emotional fool ,amit roy puts a blue mint tint…and otherwise rgv\’s coffee mistakenly poured in the film can….
    2\’Sarkar" was more better film.
    3. Nassir Hussain was one stunningly talented actor.Its so fine that he missed this movie…nobody equals to rashid.
    4.Anita rajan- A brainless Dump Doll….she killed the whole impact which the director struggled to make by "framing her doll eyes like focusing[ these models use to do it before they utter a "great" dialogues]..and says "ek chaay lao"….Her eye\’s performance is like she is trying to seduce a handsome man by her full effort…and She did it to "chaaywaala"….[Beware sarkar,something is running in your house without your knowledge]…
    5.Rgv is not comfortable with mich.corelone runs here and there…but he ll make his mike an emotional fool who will open his heart to a yesterday met gal from america, by fascinated by her plastic beauty..even that man never reveal these things to his wife…..a man who is such an imotional fool who ll go to a very dangerous place with three guns and men and will do all those things which a 80\’s Amitabh bachan or darmendra does…..
    5.One and only brilliant Scene…where saayaji shinde and that "Vora" villain ask each other.."Arre bhai kya karoonga..?…..It was really brilliant that RGv placed that dialogue there in such a tensed situation…
    6.When it comes to villains, our ramu is a brother of  Sergio leone…..Each and Every villain is  Mentally unstable or psychotic characters…Why cant you try a villain who is mentally very stable and does all these negative activity without any feeling of guilt and never be angry and afraid…this kind of a villain will be a real challenge to the protagonist and that will make film a more better quality product..[thats what happened in sarkar only because there is \’Rashid"]
    …..Govindaaa…Govinda………..Big B fold his full sleeves jubba and stands there and radiates a danger to the theatre auditorium..he is a one fine actor in India..his son is not….

  56. Unknown says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Just got to see Sarkar-Raj Yesterday…It was mind blowing…I feel it\’s better than Sarkar…Hey Don\’t worry about these fools like Rajiv Masand,Who said kabhi alvida naa kehena was a great movie,even he gave good ratings for Shahrukh\’s Don aswell..But beleive me these are the two worst movie I had ever watched…Hey here in chennai where most of the people don\’t understand hindi..still the theater was jam packed and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly…..these critics are frustrated loosers,who have failed miserabely in their proffessional life and now they are suggessting a trend setter director on how to make Movies !!..Ha ha …It\’s My  verdict..Sarkar Raj will be a runaway hit…congrates Ramu for giving us great movies like Rangeela,Satya,Company,Shiva,Sarkar,Sarkar-Raj..Keep it up

  57. murali says:

    Nice read. :-)Can you please post more of your favorite movies please? There are only 3 English movies there which are may favorite movies too. Can you pls add more movies? Looking fwd to it.Have you seen Manichithrathaazhu (mohanlal, malayalam)?

  58. Deepa says:

    Do these so called erudite critics sit through movies they review with their eyes closed and ears shut? Do they only write reviews to address their personal vendettas against specific individuals? These reviews definitely seem to confirm both these points. God they need a modicum of decency, or in the least they need to put their brains back in their head before writing their meaningless waste-of-space-and-time reviews. Sarkar Raj is RGV’s best ever. All he needs to do is focus on viewer response and laugh all the way to the bank. That will be revenge enough!

  59. Deepa says:

    Sorry that last comment was made in the wrong place. It should have been added to the post on Sarkar Raj critic comments.

  60. surya says:

    Dearest RGV, you have along with a few directors redefined Indian cinema. I loved Sarkar Raj, and here is a review I had posted on my own Blog(I took care not to reveal plot angles as I had seen the movie the very first day) – keep up the great work! you are an inspiration!

  61. Aditya Saigaonkar says:

    Requesting you to please use a smaller font and non bold character typeface in your blog.Please have mercy with your beloved viewers and readers. You are making their eyes suffer for reading your views/opinions. All you write is fine, no issues.

  62. srinivas says:

    Ramu Bhayya,
                        Thanks for replying to my comment.I didn\’t even expect that i would get a reply and I am happy to see a very big answer to my question no.12  🙂 .i feel you talked to me for more time than the others.Sounds  but truely made me happy….Thank you.I am from Tirupati and sarkar raj has not been released in tirupati 😦 and i was there for this weekend.But from the trailer I like one shot ..very short but powerful and natural as always..Abhishek goes back to his car looking seriously into comes back diagonally and he looks very powerful in that scene like the one ion SARKAR where vishnu goesout of the studio after speaking with nishakotari.The camera starts under a table and diagonally goes towards the gang with powerful background music.That  is one of my favourite scenes in that movie.
    Thanks for your reply..

  63. Surya Kumari says:

    వర్మ గారూ,
    మీ ఈ పోస్ట్లు కొంచెం childish గా అనిపిస్తున్నాయి. మిమ్మల్ని criticize చేసిన వాళ్ళ qualifications ని మీరు ప్రశ్నిస్తున్నారు. కానీ, సినిమా చూసిన ప్రతీ వ్యక్తి కీ ఒక అభిప్రాయం వుంటుంది. మీకు నచ్చని అభిప్రాయం ఎవరన్నా చెపితే వాళ్ళు మీ దృష్టి లో ఉన్నతమైన స్థానం లో లేకపోతే వాళ్ళు చచ్చారన్న మాట!
    నేను మీ సినిమా చూసాను. చివరి అమితాబ్ ఫొటో సీన్ అద్భుతం అని ఎందరు చెప్పినా, నాకు మాత్రం ఆవులింతలు తెప్పించింది సార్!
    అభిమానిసూర్యకుమారి ఉపాధ్యాయుల

  64. kishan says:

    Ramu gaaru:I know you dislike people who cannot control their emotions. I am one too..but I have to get this off my chest. My happiness has no bounds after seeing this blog. I am your biggest fan (no doubts about that) and I am so happy that you chose to blog. I will not bore you anymore..Coming to Sarkar and Sarkar raj, I was shocked when I watched Sarkar. It made me feel like you were being hypocritical. The reason I say that is because, you have always said (and your movies/interviews always reflected the fact) that you get bored by heavy emotional dramas and Sarkar had lots of it. Especially, the dialogue between Sarkar & his wife after his elder son is killed. Didn\’t you feel that scene was over the top. It did not work for me and worse, it made me feel like RGV was trying to be something he is not. I know that scene was needed for the movie and but the old RGV would have done with subtlety.Anyways, we love the new RGV (post Sarkar). P.S: AAG sucked but you did not. You made it happen even when the entire industry was against it and you survived. I love that.

  65. Parag says:

    HiRamui think Movie was Goodbut i still was hoping for Better.i only wish it was as good as the 1st one.also i wish u could have used aiswarya a bit more in the film 😦

  66. Harish says:

    RGV ,Gr8 work till now.Shiva (Nagarajuna) is one of the most intense and tightly knit story on Indian Cinema.Why havent u worked with Kamal hassan yet?

  67. Suniel says:

    Can you pl.kill Anitha Rajan in the firsrt reel of your next sequel. I did not like the way she asked for chai…very dramatic…Last 20 minutes ( minus chai scene) saved the movie …
    How old is champu ?
    I really liked Company .Best screen play , superb RR ,Good cast.watched on all sizes of TV and Home theater systems…
    Can you pl. make another mafia movie ? Ha ha ha…

  68. Suniel says:

    Can you pl.kill Anitha Rajan in the firsrt reel of your next sequel. I did not like the way she asked for chai…very dramatic…Last 20 minutes ( minus chai scene) saved the movie …
    How old is champu ?
    I really liked Company .Best screen play , superb RR ,Good cast.watched on all sizes of TV and Home theater systems…
    Can you pl. make another mafia movie ? Ha ha ha…

  69. chirag says:

    U are a genius and I want to be ur assistant director!! What do I need to do???

  70. Unknown says:

    Hey Ramu,
    I am an engineer MBA. I am a big fan of you and most of your movies. I am glad you came to the virtual world thus enabling fans like me to interact with you…
    Saw Sarkar raj yday. My take on it – the premise was far better than the original one and the exectuion better……..the original one, i remember i was in Gachibowli, Hyd (ISB) struggling with my assignments and then i was like heck, Ramu\’s latest, Sarkar is running in Prasads, let me have a couple of drinks and enjoy it….finally 8 drinks down and 20 minutes into the movie, i did manage to see it…….i guess the first movie just about survived because of its setting and the wonderful acting – KK, Amitabh and Abhishek were all great…..however i was disappointed by the story or rather the lack of it….i mean the conflicts never build up… the end it was about a son taking revenge on his father\’s behalf..however one scene stands out firmly in my memory…..KK watching the audio tape supposedly containing video footage of Nisha kothari with her boyfriend…..hats off to you for conceiving that scene……KK\’s eyes speak a thousand words in that scene…Also the acting of Vishram bhagat, Silver Mani was excellent….
    Having the advantage of the character sketches already been established, Sarkar raj on the other hand, manages to show the powerplays both within and outside the family very well…..the villains in this movie are on the weaker side tho compared to Sarkar….Sayaji Shinde cud hv been given a better character skecth…..also, Ash\’s character is just a sounding board for all others….her own opinions or thought process is not shown having any significance wotsoverr………nonetheless, Sarkar raj is definitely vintage Ramu for hardcore fans like me…..
    I first came to know of RGV when watching Shiva. Wot a movie!! Being in college myself, i could instantly identify with it. Raat, Drohi, Rangeela, Satya, Kaun, Company, Bhoot, Sarkar, Nishabd and Sarkar raj later, i continue to be intrigued and impressed with your conviction and can see traces of myself in that so called "arrogant" attitude of yours…….i mean, how many of us have the balls to listen to our hearts and do what we find exciting……you do taht and are true to yourself and people who understand and appreciate that will also appreciate your work…..
    i would like to talk about 2 movies in particular that i absolutely loved….their public fate not withstanding…Naach and Nishabd….Naach is absolutely the most realistic and beautiful contemporary love story that i hv seen…i hv just watched the movie once…but i still remember some of the scenes vividly…the intro scene in the Best bus where abhi and antara meet, the scene where antara walks out of abhi\’s car on the flyover…..and the best – your take on teh typical Nadeem Shravnish type songs that Bollywood chruns out – "Pyaar tere pyaar main hum kho gaye….." with abhi and the pretty heroine clad in chiffon sari lip syncing to babul supriyo and alka yagnik in a song that as typical of cliched bollywood as Switzerland is to YRF….Naach has the best leading lady portrayal i remember in leading times…..and for the first time i actually liked Antara Mali\’s acting……..
    Also nishabd – i mean people say black is Amitabh\’s best performance – i dont think so…i actaully agree with Amir khan – Big B went a little over the top in Black…..but in Nishabd – now thats a life time performance, the guilt, the intenral conflict, the temptation – Amitabh neednt speak anything to convey these emotions…his eyes speak….Revathi was excellent in the movie…….though as to why Jiah gets so hot about Vijay despite hving a pretty decent boyfriend is somehitng that is unexplained… she also undergoing genuine doubt or is she just playing with an old man\’s feelings? interesting questions…..its so ironic Nishabd was hammered by our bloody hypocritical soceity which quivers and finds itself on sticky wicket when its shown a reflection of itslef…..the reason why Nishabd does not do well as against a Cheeni kum – much the same premise but conveniently fairytalish and stupid with a caricaturish Paresh Rawal thrown in so taht the audience doest not squirm…..give them the raw truth and chances are more often than not, they will not hv the gut to face it…..
    Much more to discuss and hear from you……..about Howard Roark, about Howard Roark in Mumbai underworld, ala Satya, about Rangeela….about AAG….. 🙂
    Keep Rocking Ramu!

  71. madhukar says:

    Hi RGV,It feels great to write to someone with whose films I have grown up watching them.Well.. It goes like this, I have seen some of the most brilliant films which were made by you.Here is a quick mention & reasons for liking them about the awesome films made by you which I have enjoyed & cherish them even today.1. Shiva (Old) – for its brilliant screenplay & the intensity portrayed by the main protagonist (Nagarjuna). Must say, the silence in the climax fight sequence was the most effective background score to heighten the intensity.2. Raat- For the thrills of a horror film which it gave when I was a kid. Brilliant camera work again. 3. Rangeela – Exceptional music score by AR Rahman. Characterization of Jackie, Amir & Urmila. Not to forget the fresh oomph..ness of the then Urmila.4. Satya – Excellent direction, narration & highly intense & portrayal of the Mumbai Underwold in its raw face. The real hero of the film being the background score by Sandeep Chowta.5. Company – This time, it was about the rift between The D & Chota Rajan. Exceedingly well done in all departments of the film making.6.  Kaun – An edge of the seat thriller, excellent acting by Urmila & Manoj. Manoj should work with you again which would a treat to your viewers.7. Bhoot – The best hindi horror flick which I have ever seen. 8. Road – A roller coaster ride on the road. Brilliant direction & storyline.9. Sarkar – A craftsman\’s interpretation of the original Godfather film.I am not sure if I would want to add Sarkar Raj to this elite list of your best films, but I liked the film for its sheer intensity & your ability to convey the story in your unique style. I think, you have set real high standards in movie making by making the above films & at times some of your work did not reach the set of standards which you have set for yourself. But, at the end of the day, a story told in an heart-felt manner wins the heart of the people.I am also happy to know that you have chosen to work with our Kannada actor Sudeep. Looking forward to see the great combination at work.  Here\’s wishing you all the best for your future endeavors.Regards,Madhukar KRhttp:\\\\

  72. Unknown says:

    Hi. Thanks for the blogs. I missed none of your movies till Shiva(2005) .I thought you were dead when I saw that film, which was everything the original Shiva was not.  I liked Nishabd too but the other one (forgot its name – it is a remake of "Anaganaga oka roju" with Nisha Kothari and some joker) was too much – I was more than convinced that you passed away and some one, for some reason, is trying to keep it a secret. I mourned. And forgot all about you. Till today that is, when I came across this blog. After reading your comments(especially on Khalid Mahmud and the rest of his ilk), I can see that you are alive and are kicking (some serious ass). I gotta admit, I am glad you are alive.I think I have to catch up Sarkar Raj (and AAG). I have a question though – I heard you \’apologized\’ for casting Amitabh in Nishabd. Is it true? If yes, may I know why? (The related question being, isn\’t he what he is because of  directors – some  of them good but mostly bad?  )Thanks.

  73. Unknown says:

    Respectes Sir,
      I am a great fan of your films..
    i liked Sarkar Raj a lot….its simply great…
    Aishwarya and Abhishek and Mr. Bachchan have done a great job…
    Aishwarya is soooooooooooooooo beautiful so stunning and is perfect for Abhishek……
    they are made for each other….
    i love Abhishek and Aishwarya..
    continue making films with AbhiAsh

  74. Shashank says:

    Heloo sirA question to you : Have you seen any film of Sanjay Leela Bhansali ? If yes what do you think of it.

  75. Unknown says:

    Hi ramu ji can we xpect a film like Sarkar from u in telugu  ! and what happened to ur film with megastar which was proposed in d past?

  76. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,
    I liked your movie Sarkar Raj. I think you are very gutsy with your subject. To be frank with you i did not like your last 2 movies (Darling and Aag). I saw Aishwarya Rai\’s comment. I surely feel that the scene where Abhishek tells her abt how he feels abt her was ment to distratct the audience. The reaction of the people in the theater was quite funny. There were laughter all around when he tells Ash that he thinks she loves him and what follows after that shocks the audience. There was pin drop silence in the theater. It was surely a moment where you put your stamp on the movie. I feel critics have been very harsh on the feel. I hope this film really does well.

  77. Vinay says:

    Was Antara\’s character in Naach inspired by Howard Roark? The commitment, professionalism (She doesnt object to Riteish taking on Abhishek as the actor, even after the break up) and sudued single minded approach to her career, all speaks of Howard Roark.
    Say what happened to Ek?
    Any plans to make any movie based on (Not a penny more, not a penny less – Jeffrey Archer)… sort of a Khosla ka Ghosla part II.

  78. Unknown says:

    RGV !
    was going through your blog and saw ppl talking negative abt you films , i will not comment on films which i didnt like,  but I respect and salute you for you brilliant work in "Company"
    one of the best underworld flick i have seen, so perfect, no melodrama, and no timepass, everything at its best 🙂
    I am a shortfilm maker , and i will love to be with you on the set to learn !
    caio !

  79. Unknown says:

    Hello Ramuji,
    You are a GREAT Director! There is no second thought about it.
    Though in a very small role, I was part of SARKAR RAJ and would like to be part of SARKAR 3. I spoke to the assistant directors of Sarkar Raj but was not able to get your phone number or e-mail address.
    Though only for 3-4 hours, I enjoyed and learnt a lot on the sets of Sarkar Raj. Your planned, organized and thoughtful direction is awesome. Everybody on the sets was very disciplined and everyone treated with me with utmost respect. Appreciate and thank you for this.
    Eager to hear from you.
    With Regards,Nishant

  80. Unknown says:

    I believe movies like Satya and Sarkar are legendary movies ,they have become benchmark,any good movies made on the same genre will find comparison with them ,Sarkar Raj is no doubt a great movie and comparing with Sarkar is inevitable but i believe Sarkar was much superior than Sarkar Raj.

  81. Unknown says:

    You have good sense of humour. Please make a comedy flick in Hindi also. KhasanaKshanam was as a perfect one.

  82. Unknown says:

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