My Reactions to reactions…..

I have answered the questions randomly from the queries on my Blogs….

Can you give me your email id? I want to bring to your notice important socio-political issues.
Ans: Socio-political issues are not important to me.

1. Sometimes you don’t stick to your words.
Ans: Actually most times I don’t.

2. Was it your idea to change Shiva’s climax and end scenes? They didn’t work at all.
Ans: Yes and the obvious reason for that is I thought they will work better.

3. I find RAAT path breaking.
Ans: I find it boring.

4. If you don’t have light moments such as of Tanisha’s character in Sarkar Raj the film will make people drowsy.
Ans: I find light moments drowsy.

5. Did you watch Good Shepherd?
Ans: No.

6. I hope you will make Fountainhead one day.
Ans: It’s my dream.

7. What state of mind were you when you were making junkies like AAG?
Ans: Drugged with arrogance.

8. Please make commercially successful films.
Ans: Thanks for the advice. It didn’t occur to me.

9. Why are you so fascinated by dark themes? Even your blog has a dark background.
Ans: Well.

10. If you like Mario Puzo’s Godfather novel more than the film, why did you dedicate SARKAR to Coppola?
Ans: You are bang on right. That was downright stupid. Thanks for pointing it out.

11. You have to screen the new directors you work with.
Ans: If I knew how to screen good directors so that they can make good films, why would I myself be making bad films?

12. Your films like AAG, Nishabd scared me and I don’t want to watch your films anymore.
Ans: Thanks

13. Be more hardworking. Ideas can’t solve problems. Proper execution can. Give your best as its still in you. Push your boundaries and you will fly again…
Ans: I think you have talent for advising and also maybe poetry.

14. If you see your film before releasing you will definitely know what you have made.
Ans: A film Idea primarily comes out of a certain emotional state of mind. So by the time you go through the entire process, scripting, constructing scenes, editing etc it’s not possible to emote with the finished product the way you felt it the first time. At best you can listen carefully to people to who you show it for the first time before release. But if they chose to lie to you or are scared to tell you the truth, as so often it happens, you have had it. Will detail on this aspect when I start putting on this blog how I came about making each of my films including my magnum opus AAG. What I thought of them when I wanted to make them and what they turned out to be.

15. Einstein said that if someone tells that have not made a mistake then they have never tried anything new in life. You will face challenges when you tread new paths.
Ans: To start with I never consciously have this thought of tying something new or to take up as a challenge to tread different paths. At best I am like a child in a candy store excited to try anything and everything whatever catches my fancy at that time depending on my mood and state of mind. Whatever good or bad comes out of this is completely by accident and not out of intention.

16. Aishwarya’s character is inspired from Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged.
Ans: NO.

17. A study on you would be incomplete without AAG.
Ans: Ahhhhh! You are telling me! The greatest education I have ever had in my life with regards to cinema, my life and my self is due to AAG and its aftermath. I must have had one million twenty seven lakh thirty thousand and twenty three advises, and criticisms not including the ones I deduced myself. Now you can see how much more richer I am. Want any charity?

18. You should have a provision in your blog for short films from budding filmmakers.
Ans: Yes.

19. You are retarded. You talk crap in News Channels. You might become the next Tim Sebastian.
Ans: I am, I do. I don’t know who he is.

20. You need to go back to Aamir Khan for one more blockbuster.
Ans: That’s a fantastically fabulous advice. I am amazed I didn’t think of it.

21. Your emotional scenes are half-baked and not well-executed.
Ans: Quite a few people feel the same as you. It could be because I have a subconscious dislike towards people who cannot control their emotions. For me emotional displays are more vulgar than wealth displays. I like to see only strength in my characters, so even when they are in a highly vulnerable situation I still want to see them strong. It’s probabl;y this which results in the scenes not working for people like you. But then I only do what I want to do.

22. You have the nerve to test it whereas others play safe.
Ans: I am like a guy on the beach who suddenly sees this island in the distance and is gripped by a sudden intense desire to reach there. So I jump in even though I am not a swimmer, with this basic assumption that at best I will learn to swim and at worst I will drown. But I hate to stay put on the beach worrying about sharks and storms. I can’t really claim that I play safe because I don’t really care about the dangers. I know that sounds stupid, but that’s me.

23. You beauty is that you accept your flops.
Ans: Not accepting your film as a flop and standing by it is like telling a joke to someone and when he does not laugh to claim that he does not have a sense of humour.

The intention of telling the joke to him in the first place is to make him laugh like the intention of making and releasing a film is for the people to like it.

Standing by a film is also like you proposing to a girl and when she rejects you, you tell yourself that “I love myself, so what if she doesn’t.”

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50 Responses to My Reactions to reactions…..

  1. Rahul says:

    Ha ha… sarcasm at its best:-) I dont know if uve made satires before. If u did im sure it was good & if u didnt im sure ud do good:)

  2. Unknown says:

    Well at least by your answers you seem to make  another point: film (at least yours) is a director’s medium, with little to do with its impact on the audience. Some might say it is an extremist view. Personally I feel it’s the kind of thought process which did not let the French New Wave last very long.

  3. confused says:

    tuhina\’s  reaction to uor Reactions to reactions…..thanxs for suggesting an alternate profession ..agony aunt poet…maybe i can advice in real poetry with rhyming words…i was really angry with uor sarcasm… my 1st ques was.. y u blog when u dont wanna take any opinions.. ridiculing them so that they never write again… so i closed uor page nd thought ill never write againbt then i thought  u never asked for my opinion or advice.. u didnt even asked me to trust u …u never said buy d tickets nd watch my movie….it was always me… i trusted u ..i took time out and watched the movie.. … how can i blame u ?? uor work ends when a movie is complete..then it depends on me whether i choose to watch it or not… its my from now on ill  read uor blog just like i read any other bloggers blog… sharing uor moments and ideas. thats it   so now i choose to add this comment.

  4. Kamal Aakarsh says:

    So you are not interested in Socio-political issues. Sarkar is a political film infact. and So is company. Just that company doesnt feature many netas. and ofcourse, if i may ask, is this the same person talking, who made a lyricist write "nigga theesi adugu ee siggu leni janaalanu" in one of his most engrossing political pot-boilers – Gaayam.  I know what you would say now – \’i was interested in political films earlier…not anymore…".. Mr.Varma, your penchant to contradict yourself is becoming predictable. but think about it, you can still make a hindi version of Gaayam, provided you have the same approach and sensibilities with which you made that.time to go back to your virgin (free from the clutches of commercial fate) thoughts.

  5. celeste says:

    Dear RGV,
    I\’ve read all your msgs and all the comments on them with great interest. First of all forgive my bad English. I started watching Hindi cinema in October 2006, and since then I don\’t succeed in seeing western movies anymore. My favourite directors were Kubrik, Tarantino, Spike Lee, Cronenberg, Greenaway and Pedro Almodovar. I use the past because now YOU are my favourite one, for reasons which are partially unknown also to me.
    The first RGV movie I saw was \’Naach\’. In the first 10 min. I understood how DIFFERENT you are, not only from the other Indian directors, but also from the western ones. I really love your work, and I\’m very happy to  declare that \’Aag\’ is probably my favourite RGV\’s film, together with \’Sarkar\’, in spite of the negative comments of the whole galaxy. I really cannot understand why Indians don\’t like this movie. I\’ve seen \’Sholay\’, of course, and I liked it so much. It reminds me Sergio Leone, a sort of national glory here in Italy. But \’Aag\’ is ANOTHER thing. I hugely appreciate the performances you succeed in \’taking\’ from your actors (sorry for the uncorrect expression). In \’Aag\’ I\’ve seen for the 1st time Devgan really acting and acting well. Sushmita Sen was a surprise. And Mohanlal SUPERBE!!!!! Nothing to say about Big B. Great as usual. The whole movie, in my opinion, is built and directed in an excellent way. All the actors do an excellent work. All the technicians are great. The film is PERFECT. So: what was wrong?

  6. Raaj K Modi says:

    1000% meeru idi chavutaaru ani anukonu. You Know Why??? Meeting Gods ain\’t so Simple…. My Friends & Family call me by the Name RGV. I am such a Diehard Fan of yours….that I could even Identify that 3 Seconds Shot you have taken from MAD MAX for SHIVA. (You might have already figured it out). 9 Years back, I declared myself "Ekalavya", you being my "Dronacharya". Unfortunately World is full of Arjunas. I have sent a Million Mails to you @ FACTORY about me. As Usual. No Reply…. But Hey!!! Ramu Garu, Being a Middle Class Idiot, I am "Chasing Dreams Across The Path of Career!!!". Coming to the Point…Madhyanam Hatya movie time lo, I met your Brother In Law (Mr. A.V.S. Raju Garu), regarding my Script to him – [SHIVA – II]. It took me 20 Years to identify that my Life\’s Greatest Favourite Film (your) SHIVA was an Incomplete Film… You only took the First Half….The SECOND HALF is still waiting for you with me…MEETING YOU ATLEAST ONCE BEFORE I DIE IS MY LIFETIME AMBITION – Raaj K Modi.

  7. celeste says:

    Mr. Ram, probably I\’ve found the answer to my question by myself. What was wrong about \’Aag\’? The audience.
    Have a nice week. Goodnight.

  8. Unknown says:

    What if you were told to make Sarkar with Zakir Husain/Om Puri/Pankaj Kapur as protagonist/Subhash  Naagre  as there will be no Big B available  with his debatable acting
    prowess,no Little B with his debatable waist-size and no Bahu B with her debatable acting prowess and waist-size ?
    Would you dare to do that now as you once did with Bhiku Matre and clan or once with then unknown to Hindi-belt Nagarjuna and Amala ?
    Best Regards,

  9. Unknown says:

    Some comments:
    1) "I have a subconscious dislike towards people who cannot control their emotions." Very much Howard roarkish, only difference he never disliked any one. Indifference made him great. "I like to see only strength in my characters". Me too, but still I think you\’ve to show vulnerabities to make characters appraochable. 
    2) "I hope you will make Fountainhead one day. A: It’s my dream."  I seriously hope so, but still I don\’t understand what filmmakers like you are waiting for. Before \’Aag\’ you could\’ve made the movie any time.  Please don\’t try to make a \’take on\’ like \’Naach\’. Though I\’m one of the few people who liked the movie, but such a feeble adaptation of the book is derogatory (intended).  If any day you make a movie on fountainhead, please make it true to its spirit not a egoistical rampage like \’Aag\’. 
    3) Just to say, I really appreciate some of our work. I think you are one of the few people who has revolutionised the background score, narratives and to some extent camera work (please do away the so many close up shots, it kills the effect).
    4) All the best for sarkaar raj.

  10. Unknown says:

    Hello RGV
    Intelligent n honest answers. I liked your lines, Emotional displaying is worse than Wealth displaying. I think I also prefer to see strength in the characters rather than weaknesses..
    Looking forward to see Sarkar Raj..Wish you all the very best for the success of movie.
    Will definitely write you the feedback once I see it.

  11. Mouli says:

    I know that RGV is a complex character and wants to live life his own way. I have some questions for you (I would not be surprised if you come up with brilliant answers!) 1) How do you see RGV doing 10 years from now? 2) With all the passion that you have for film-making, do you have plans to take up artistic movies like that of Shyam Benegal, Gulzar, Vishal Bharadwaj (to name a few). I enjoyed watching the telugu films you made and a few of your Hindi ones too. I have read some where that you are an atheist, but how come did you make a movie on Lord Venkateswara\’s crown (I am talking about Govinda Govinda starring Nag). Do you have any kind of stories up your sleeve, which you think will make a film loved by the audience the way they used to in the 90s. Any stories for Nag as an actor, he need not be the protagonist?3) Apart from Big B, for whom you have lots of regard, who are the actors you would love to work with? Irrespective of the personal rapport you share with them.Thanks.

  12. Ravi says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Appreciate your frank reactions. Eagerly waiting for the details on – How you went about making your films! I liked sister Tuhina’s reaction to your reaction in the current thread. Supporting her realization, I think each one of us here should understand that each individual has his/her own way of reacting & emoting and it is his/her right to be that way. Thank God, our constitution doesn’t say ‘right to Right expression’. We did not come here (to this blog) on any invitation…we came here on our own interest. So, we cannot demand the expression that ‘we like’. I wish we leave the poor man (sorry, already rich by 1,27,300,23 🙂 alone and concentrate our discussion on his films. 
    Sorry Ramu, please allow me to comment on Celeste’s post too! According to me, I think it is ‘comparison’ that extinguished ‘Aag’. Comparisons are odious. But how many of us know that! Some section of the people hated the very thought of Aag leave alone criticizing it without a watch. And secondly Ramu, I don’t think you’ve made any bad films. I just think, you’ve (like everybody else) made some films that didn’t work.
    Now, coming back to my list of questions J…
    QA02: You have a very subtle sense of humor that sometimes works wonders. (For example: Bramhanandam’s episode in Kshana Kshanam, Kota’s interview in Gayam etc. The best in the recent times has been in Shiva 2006, when John confronts Bapu upon his suggestion to get in touch with Lucknow Patel in the climax. That was hilarious. Was that your idea? But many a time in the recent years, that kind of comedy has been missing in your movies. I do understand the fact that sometimes, comedy deviates or diminishes the built intensity but I believe, if used in right context & right manner, it will help to alleviate the mood to shoot up the intensity again (like you wonderfully did in (old) Shiva with boxing episode, Paresh Rawal’s Ek Do Theen in Kshana Kshanam). Am I not sure if you will agree with me?
    Thank you,

  13. santosh says:

    Hello Mr. Verma,
    Don\’t u think it\’s a shame that inspite of being the film industry which makes the largest number of films, v still cannot compete internationally at any film festival e.g.Cannes 2008? They showed "GUIDE" a 53 year old film(which speaks of its class) as a showcase of Indian cinema.Even smaller countries like Romania have started making an impact on world cinema.I\’m not sayin make films for the west,but shouldn\’t we make our own kind of good films which can make an impact at the world level? Now some eminent people from the Hindi film industry say we should make films only for ourselves.Agreed,every film industry does that only but the aim should be to make good films which can be showcased internationally if need be. The fact is that most Hindi films are awful.A majority of our directors are DVD Xerox machines.It\’s not that we can\’t make great cinema,it\’s just that we are not tyrin hard enough.

  14. celeste says:

    @ santino
    \’Monsoon Wedding\’ won the golden award – the most important one – at Venice Film Festival.
    But it isn\’t a Hindi film.
    Very glad to read someone else have seen \’Split Wide Open\’, in my opinion an excellent movie! (Was it a Hindi film or English or \’Hindish\’? I don\’t remember well). I would add to your list \’Dor\’ (not \’Don\’), \’Page 3\’, and obviously ALL RGV\’S MOVIES !!!!!

  15. Unknown says:

    Hi RGV,To start with, Shiva (Telugu) is the best movie for me till date, that had made me ponder over it for more than two weeks after I watched it. Of the very few movies which occupied my mind even one week after I watched them, Sarkar is one. I have a high regard for you as a great film maker in Indian film industry (not just Bollywood).I have not watched Aag, and I am not here to make any comments over that. I did see Nishabd along with my friends, infact I took them to the movie. All of my friends are dead against the movie – mainly the bold theme. But I liked the movie for the way it was presented. I mainly liked the scene where the protagonist asks the girl to leave, as he realises that he might not be the best for her. I liked the movie overall, save for few comic liners which were not that comic. I failed to understand why my friends did not like the movie. I argued, but everytime the argument stops at the theme of the movie. Not that my friends are ready to accept such relationships exist, but somehow they couldn\’t agree with the way movie has shown the relationship. They were pretty fine with Salaam Namaste, where another bold theme – living together before marriage, which is not popularly known to Indian audience was depicted. On thinking over it again, I did not find any other way, how the movie could have been presented (musical, comical, etc.).Now coming to the questions part, did you ever, on retrospection, find another way of depicting a movie with same basic story line of yours, be it a hit or flop? What do you feel, when you look at your movies that are more than 6-7 years old?RegardsShiva

  16. celeste says:

    @ vito
    Thank you for your comment!

  17. Shyam says:

    ha ha … you tickled us with your answers . you have got seriously funny bones.
    wishing you good luck for your Sarkar Raj.  count my 10$ in.

  18. santosh says:

    Hi Celeste,
    I thought someone might bring up that point.Agreed some of the films on my list are Hinglish.But i think they had enough Hindi in them. Some other films that i liked but that didn\’t make the list were
    17)MR & MRS IYER

  19. Srikanth says:

    two more questions, i hope you would answeris there a reason why you choose to do fewer films in telugu, compared to hindi and would you say it matters to you?what the themes that you wanted to work on/ fascinated by , but have not had the chance / oppurtunity to do so?

  20. Sreedhar Boggavarapu says:

    hi, it would interesting to see you making a movie on Che Guevara and Fidel, as you previously tried and successful in transforming many real life charecters and incidents (like Jungle, company..)

  21. vaishak says:

           i am humbly stating my opinions here…You have dedicated
    \’Sarkar\’ for coppola…and in that \’reaction part\’ you have stated that it was a wrong decision. But to my perception[i really dont know
    what an idiotic,distorted and ignorant perception i have] what you have done was absolutely correct.i think so because I ve read the
    novel before i watched the movie…but my vision for that film was
    really boring.So i stopped reading it.and one day i happened to watch
    the movie and the novel became something like \’Bible\’ for me…..The
    way Coppola directed the film was nothing short of classic..he had
    given that new make up to Brando,he fought with paramount studio for pacino..Paramount was against his opinions of taking
    Brando and pacino as Don vito and micheal respectively…and that studio killed him by never giving him enough money shoot it the
    way he want….and he fought for the film even though there is a threatening of being fired..he just want to make the perfect of that
    movie…like \’Howard Roark\’ ….I know Howard roark is your icon[and
    for Anurag kashyap too..hmmm]….then Coppola is your mentor in the
    way……Making a film like \’Apocalypse now\’ is a kind of a self
    destruction for creative expression…"Apocalypse now" is a
    masterpiece…but the tragedy coppola experienced to make it was really
    horrible…two years he spend his life in a philippines forest….a man
    dies for making his film…literally….I have great respect for
    him…….So coppola has given life to micheal and don and everything
    related to \’The godfather\’…Nobody can forget the tone he had given
    the movie……and the most natural way of execution….originality in
    an extreme way…..the way he introduced Sollozzo[ your rashid]…"Two
    children comes and beat another in the street[we are not getting whats
    happening]….then a car comes and stops there where the kids fought with each other"…..Hagen
    explaining about sollozzo to godfather…the \’film noir\’
    staircase..Solozzo\’s shadows are raising..slowly the person….hagen
    says about the nature of sollozo\’s busines…next shot directly to
    ewhere sollozzo and godfather had this meeting…sollozo\’s
    face…..Please…stand firmly on your decision for dediating \’Sarkar\’
    to coppola…..

  22. Unknown says:

    I know ur films have nt done well but u made good films nt yash raj type formula films.i would like to see u and rajeev khandelwal work together as it will be deadly combination as he also follows his heart as has done great work in UTV Aamirreleasing on same day as sarkar raj and great fan of yours.sarkar raj will do good as i love the trio of bachchan and excited to watch all three together.One thing every film should have good music i think u should also put more weight on music also.

  23. Unknown says:

    I know ur films have nt done well but u made good films nt yash raj
    type formula films.i would like to see u and rajeev khandelwal work
    together as it will be deadly combination as he also follows his heart
    as has done great work in UTV Aamirreleasing on same day as sarkar
    raj and great fan of yours.sarkar raj will do good as i love the trio
    of bachchan and excited to watch all three together.One thing every
    film should have good music i think u should also put more weight on
    music also.

  24. Unknown says:

    Mr. Varma..plz read this blog..for u..

  25. Raaj K Modi says:

    1000% meeru idi chavutaaru ani anukonu. You Know Why??? Meeting Gods ain\’t so Simple…. My Friends & Family call me by the Name RGV. I am such a Diehard Fan of yours….that I could even Identify that 3 Seconds Shot you have taken from MAD MAX for SHIVA. (You might have already figured it out). 9 Years back, I declared myself "Ekalavya", you being my "Dronacharya". Unfortunately World is full of Arjunas. I have sent a Million Mails to you @ FACTORY about me. As Usual. No Reply…. But Hey!!! Ramu Garu, Being a Middle Class Idiot, I am "Chasing Dreams Across The Path of Career!!!". Coming to the Point…Madhyanam Hatya movie time lo, I met your Brother In Law (Mr. A.V.S. Raju Garu), regarding my Script to him – [SHIVA – II]. It took me 20 Years to identify that my Life\’s Greatest Favourite Film (your) SHIVA was an Incomplete Film… You only took the First Half….The SECOND HALF is still waiting for you with me…MEETING YOU ATLEAST ONCE BEFORE I DIE IS MY LIFETIME AMBITION – Raaj K Modi.

  26. karthik says:

    Ram Gopal Varma is like the apprentice painter who has set out to study human anatomy – to help him do better with his work. But unfortunately he forgot his main goal and got more intersted with the \’object\’ he was working with rather than the \’subject\’ he wanted to master.
    When he failed with one object, he changed it, and changed it again when even it did not give him the ultimate satisfaction. When things started going wrong, now slowly the objects themselves started leaving him. Unfortunately objects are not for permanent pleasure. They are temporary. They will not give him the lasting satisfaction of the ultimate achievement – fulfilling one\’s true potential and true destiny.
    I would be happy, if he goes back to being a student and starts from the point where \’Satya\’ ended. I consider that point as his true peaking. Because after that he either stagnated (Company, Sarkar, Bhooth, Jungle) or went backwards (rest of the nonsense). But sadly he did not put a single stride forward. Someone, told me that RGV was passed intermediate after watching Jungle. I asked if that would mean, the other khaandaan directors are doing their junior KG. No, they weren\’t. They graduated long back because they were good at what they do. RGV hasn\’t yet perfected his status with direction with the path he chose. If the path is a lesser travelled one is none of our business. At the end graduation matters, second priority is given to which subject you graduated in Primary mathematics or Rocket Science. RGV is like a college drop out in Quantum Physics. No where near a Primary English graduate.
    Anything which doesn\’t move forward and stagnates at the same place will ultimately disintegrate.
    As for the comparison with Howard Roark… its the kind of a joke which makes one angry.

  27. Unknown says:

    What did you see in nisha kothari that you cast her in so mny film?? was it only a professional decision or it was sumthing else??

  28. celeste says:

    Ciao Santino!
    \’Dharm\’ is really lovely! I liked it soooooooo much! Pankaj Kapoor was GREAT!
    \’Life in a metro\’ is very interesting. I appreciate a lot the particular atmosphere Anurag Basu creates in his films. Did you like \’Gangster\’? As for me, AMAZING!
    \’Chak De!India\’…. what may I say? I LOVE SRK!!!!! And in my opinion this is his best film.
    \’No smoking\’…bah… I liked the soundtrack. I appreciate the effort to make a different film, but in my opinion the result hasn\’t been good. Anyway, I\’m very grateful to the distributors because this movie was shown at Rome Film Festival. It\’s SO difficult watching a Hindi film in Italy on big screen, sigh…

  29. ThE says:

    Ok!!! heres the deal !!! Sarkar Raj is a HIT"SARKAR RAJ supersedes the
    prequel and most importantly, RGV bounces back like never before"–
    read in a review of indiafm, though i dont go by their review, these r
    d same guys whu taunted on AAG…so kool guys…RGV, ur d mannnnn !!
    dnt get carried away and start making those one liner movies-stick to
    the plan, and long time heard u wer making a movie "EK" is it still in
    the rope?

  30. ThE says:

    missed to add–"If you felt SHIVA and later SATYA were his finest
    efforts, you\’ve got to watch SARKAR RAJ. An outstanding film in all
    respects, this film has all it takes to emerge a major success story at
    the box-office… and a landmark film in everyone\’s careers"Regards,Zia

  31. Raaj K Modi says:

    I was Mesmerized by the Title Song of Ek Hasina Thi Movie by Sri Ram Raghavan. There was no Place on EARTH, I tried to get that Sound Track. Finally, I bought the Movie Home, Cut the Scene, it in my System and converted it into an Audio File. Thanks A Million Times for using the Same Track in Sarkar. The Male Voice was Better than a Female Vocal. Anywayz!!! Thanks For The Track.

  32. Unknown says:

    Dear Mr.Verma,
    Firstly I\’m a fan,
    If filmmakers were to be cars,
    you\’d be my idea of a Ferrari  !

    I have had that- "I told you so,RGV rocks !"moment backing your best [ Naach/ Company/ Shiva [ Nag]/ Sarkar ]
    also, in vain , advocated the " not so good " [ Rest of them ] to my peers who\’v had a hearty laugh at the films expense!

    I feel terrible about this entire tendency of mass hysteria, regarding
    personal contributions of sarcasm for "Aag". Even people who haven\’t
    seen the film have a bad opinion about it !
    esp. when I see these so called, half baked, gender confused film
    critics who don\’t understand half a hoot about the grammar of film
    making. Fans have full right ! no contest.

    Agreed ,its a weak offering from you. Thats a given, but it was\’nt that
    bad that people have to doubt your integrity as a Director based on

    Never before have I seen such pure cinematic brilliance [ Babban entry/
    Mehbooba and a few other seqs. ] and "Bhojpuri Phillum" antics
    [ghungroo entry/ ghungroo\’s diwali night ranting "criminal mind"
    /pimping Hero to gangu mummy and the following suicide ………etc :)]
    in the SAME film!
    BUT ,To me, these few -episodic high points of Aag ,completely cancels
    out disappointment for the rest of the film. It got a prototype kind of
    quality about it, not complete but a promise of better things derived
    out of it !

    I\’m GLAD you made Aag…
    To my humble opinion ………….
    Aag serves as a good indication to what is to be done and what is never to be attempted / in the same package !

    there were times Aag was as poetic as a wong kar wai film, only in a darker way.
    and i say this at the risk of getting my Adams apple scotched !!

    I have this feeling that you have now arrived on to this FANTASTIC
    camera operation style which would be your signature style of shooting
    in the time to come. [ AMIT ROY was killer !! – double killer good:) ]

    ………the static macro blocks/ lows/ flares/ tight OTS /foreground prop placements/low track-ins…….yummmmy
    all I can say is, "Thank you Sir, for daring all this !"
    this treatment worked cause you broke the divide of such treatment from
    the confines of a song and applied it to a environment of a regular
    talkie scene. WONDERFUL CALL.

    But on the same page lemme draw your attention to the fact that none of
    those techniques worked for the film in Day/outdoor!!, eg. "cocaine
    bust" sequence never took off/ hand held wides made it spiral out of
    Hey![ don\’t get pissed off on me as yet !!]
    I love your films ! I\’ll stop rt here or else i\’d write a blog n a half on this issue 🙂

    I watch your films critically, cause I look up to you Sir/ for the rest
    of your Director friends?, Well, except for Anurag kashyap, every onez
    busy making a "hit" !
    at least you guys are trying to make a film. Team up guys ! whats with you\’ll ?

    1] Why did you not set Aag totally at night ?
    2] To your opinion does a Director makes films or his body of films makes a Director ?
    3] Which film has turned out the closest to what you had conceived it after your first draft ?
    4] Offered the authority, would you have scrapped Aag after internally screening the ready film / not released it at all ?
    5] Should a "film" be a "product" ?/ should a director ONLY adopt scripts with a potential of market returns ?
    6] In the hypothesized situation of creative content bankruptcy in RGV
    productions/ would Ram Gopal Verma compromise for the "next best"
    available script / OR will Ram Gopal Verma wait for something which
    demands his absolute conviction ?
    7] What do your consider as the production worthiness of A particular script…..
         – your personal opinion ?
         – your companies judgment about its audience reception ?

    keep up the good work/ all the best with Sarkar Raj,

    shine on lone warrior ,

    —— hey one more qn!/ i\’m sure most us wanna know !
    ]]what makes you such a hotshot with all those women ?whts the mojo RG ?
    you gotta answer that / not some usual weird one but with an honest one because…….

    Srinivas [ mallu accent !] – " mallhik saab, um fan log bee chhandu nai ey !!"

  33. Unknown says:

    saridon ?:)

  34. Narendra says:

    "Creativity is all about hiding your sources" – Albert Einstein.
    Your comment ?

  35. vishal says:

    Hi ramu,first to tell u I m one of ur biggest fan, I admire u better then the rest of bollywood directors. I saw "Sarkar Raj" on friday & i was very disappointed, specially the way u shot the film, all the time half screen was covered & there was too much of closeups. Secondly amit roy\’s camerawork was very bad, why did u chosed to shoot whole film in that yellowish & blue tone? so much of dark lighting that u r not able to see characters. Once at a time i felt so exhausted I felt like living from the theatre. Audience come to c film on theatre which r colourful, plz don\’t experiment with them. we feel let down. PLz ramu make some more good films which have great script & shoot the way u used to shoot earlier. thanx. 

  36. rahul says:

    Since Sridevi has always been one of your favourite actors, why don\’t you bring her back to silver screen.

  37. Unknown says:

    Hello Ramu,
    My friend Celeste from Italy introduced me to you! She absolutely adores you and calles herself Celeste ""Varma""  jokingly (she gave up her Khan titles just for you!!)! I have just read through your blog and think you are indeed extremely witty and charming! I absolutely adore your sense of humour and can totally relate as to why Celeste adores you!! I will have to watch some of your movies, normally Hindi Cinema has been very predictable and too time consuming to watch, but I did see Sholay and loved the film. It is nice to see people like yourself make Indian movies that "catch" the foreign eye. Indeed it would be a pleasure to see people like yourself revolutionalize Indian Cinema to surpass Hollywood films! If and when your blog becomes very popular, please do not forget my dearest friend Celeste – as she is totally worried and psyched out that you may forget HER and not respond to her mail! After all you did promise to frame her photo and keep it in your living room!! Can I have my photo next to hers – please!??
    Love ya,
    Canadian Trooper!

  38. Unknown says:

    Simply Gr8!! Gr8 !! A phenomenonal way of portraying a political drama on screen . I was thrilled in every second of the film . Be it Shankar \’s wife bomb blast or the twist of Shankar \’ s death it was really interesting.
    it\’s a great cinema where the characters are so simple yet powerful , where dialogues are speechless yet understandable . Thx alot sir for presenting the politics in such a political way !!! I must not forget to say "SARKAR RAJ is political than SARKAR"  .

  39. sebastin says:

    You had good website on Factory sometime back. What happened to that ? I remember it had a section to submit ideas/stories. I have a monster-horror movie based very much in Mumbai and I would like to submit it to you. Where and how can I send it?

  40. sebastin says:

    had good website on Factory sometime back. What happened to that ? I
    remember it had a section to submit ideas/stories. I have an IDEA for a
    monster-horror movie based very much in Mumbai and I would like to
    submit it to you. Where and how can I send it?

  41. The says:

    hey ramu, why do you even bother replying to these critics like raja sen and whatever. khalid is a proven lunatic and has serious self esteem problems. his movies as you rightly said were horrendous!

  42. The says:

    btw ramu, what happened to the isha koppikar starrer shabari or something like that? it had a great first look but then just disappeared after that!

  43. Sai says:

    Love the witty responses.I have had one burning question for you. Kshana Kshanam is my favorite film and everything about it just seems great to me. But someone told me that you made the film without a script in hand (something you yourself said is true about Satya). Did you?If you didn\’t, I would be satisfied because Kshana Kshanam shouldn\’t have happened by chance.If you did, I would be amazed that you were able to achieve such quality without a script.

  44. naveen says:

    Hi RGV, I loved your film  Sarkar Raj. it has got a sensible and gripping script, and the performances of all the artists was excellent. I wish you all the best for your future films and dont care about the reviews. U simply Rock……..And eagerly waiting for your sarkar sequel3!!!! and a film with aamir khan in the future.

  45. Unknown says:

    All you have written could be true, but I definitely that the way you question your critics is hitting on the wrong areas. You get personal by esaying that blah blah made stupid movies hence he cant question if I make stupid movies. In sports, the empires dont play as well as players, but does not mean that they are not correct in their judgement sometimes. Be sporting, if you wnat to defend, defend the technical points of the film and why you think they are there where they are. Dont say that xyz goes to a producer and etc etc. .That is cheap.

  46. Girish says:

    >37. I kept my two month old son at home and went to see your movieAns: – I too like movies better than I like kids.
    Devastatingly cynical,  hilarious AND true comments like this are one of the reasons to love you.  I absolutely loved how in the screen interview, in 5 movies to take to a lonely desert island you mentioned the ONE genre of movie that we all if we had really thought about it and were honest about it could most definitely miss in the island. 🙂 🙂

  47. manish says:

    Hi Ramu,great fan of yours. you are among the few cutting edge directors who can win us an oscar. not that it matters so much though.looking forward to "phoonk" and "contract". i  hope "contract" completes the magnificent trilogy which "satya" started. and i thought "vastu shatra" was very spooky too.

  48. manish says:

    Hi Ramu, any thoughts of making movies in telugu again ? they dont make any movies like " shiva" and "kshana kshanam" down there anymore. they attempt to make movies with thrills but alas they dont even come close. by the way i was shocked to read that kshana kshanam was made without a script. such a slick entertainer without a script. and paresh rawal was devastating in this one. great decision not to dub his voice and retain that accent. and sridevi was a revelation. her only performance that blows me away.

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