RGV on the Internet Superhighway:

Two of the main reasons it took me so long to get on to the net are, firstly, that I am a complete net illiterate and secondly I never cared to. Not that there is a change now but I thought let me just try for once and so here I am for you to ask me questions, to take digs, to ridicule, to tell me how much you love or hate my films.
Films are just a medium. If you have an Idea which you want to express to someone else you can either talk about it or write a book or make a film or write a blog. The mediums might be different but it is the primarily compelling desire to share your ideas with someone else which motivates.
Then there is a difference between wanting to express and wanting to communicate. Expression I believe is a pure art form as it just projects an idea in a spontaneous and instinctive burst of creativity without having any motivation or an agenda and thereby there are chances that it can connect greatly to the receiver or can go completely over the head. It also can impress, irritate, offend, bore or completely be misunderstood depending upon the receiver’s sensibility, intelligence, background knowledge, state of mind and above all their own individual emotional journeys in their various experiences in life. On the other hand for the filmmaker too, the idea originates in his mind from the same factors mentioned above, with one primary difference – that his own might be vastly different than those of the receivers, and in many cases the filmmaker would not take that into consideration, sometimes intentionally and many times overlooking it.
Films by the virtue of their place have to be commercial art as various people’s time, money, effort and expectations are involved, and the filmmaker has to be responsible for the same.
Often I hear this question that ‘how come a filmmaker does not realize how bad a film he is making’. The truth is that the filmmaker will be the last to know how the film is shaping up or shaped up.
Many people don’t realize that a film is a collection of a series of decisions taken over a long period of time and each one of those decisions will be influenced by factors which are dominant that particular day. Factor’s will be as varied as the frame of your mind, what films seem to working, the reactions to each idea of your from people you are surrounded by etc. So by the time you finish the film and edit, it is highly likely you have completely forgotten the original intention and objective. When I see a film made by anybody including mine, more than the film I like to study the state of mind of the filmmaker at the time he made it and what could have been the original intentions behind it.
Many have criticized me for being highly callous in the making of my magnum opus AAG. The Truth is that I have never been more careful and passionate than in the making of any film of mine more than AAG although they have been employed in wrong direction. 
I think the most careless I have been so far is in the making of SATYA. I did not have a Script or One Line Order with me on the day of the shoot. That is not to say that is what it takes to make a good film. It is pretty more complex than that.
I would like to use this platform to tell the story of how each film of mine came about to be made and why they turned out to be good, bad or ugly. Also I would like to share my various personal experiences which necessarily might not be made into films but nevertheless would give an insight into my filmmaking process.
I would like also like to share my reactions and thoughts on various current happenings/events to whomever concerned.
I would also like to put some video clips in here from various films of mine including the old ones and new ones and explain the psychology behind those. Above all I am supremely thrilled that I can now interact with all concerned, both who like and hate me and my films. So all you whoever care, just zoom in.
– Ram Gopal Varma

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