My Take On Sarkar Raj

At the outset I want to make it clear that Sarkar Raj has nothing to do with Godfather-2. It also does not take off from where Sarkar ended. In the life of a man like Sarkar there are bound to be so many incidents which will give raise to new complex situations. So for want of a better word I would like to describe it as the new adventures of the Sarkar family.
For me the Sarkar films are about framing and showcasing the aura of power.
I employed each and every aspect of the various techniques of the film medium whether it is the music or dialogue or cinematography for one and only one purpose – that is to capture the intensity in the actors eyes, through which we see a world of high drama be it politics, treachery, revenge, passion, courage, love and above all relationships.
Sarkar Raj is much bigger than Sarkar in scale mainly because the issues and character conflicts it deals with are much more complex and intriguing than in the 1st Part.
I pushed the upper limits of technique in every which way to make each frame and sound to vibrate with power. But no technique is of any value unless it is backed by performances.
I have always believed that there is no greater cinematic visual than an actor performing in a tight close-up. The faces of the three Bachchan’s in Sarkar Raj are the ultimate testimony of that.
– Ram Gopal Varma
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  1. Rohan says:

    Should we expect a Sarkar 3 too?

  2. Hmm says:

    I liked Sarkar in tiny bits – the bits being Kay Kay\’s performance, Abhishek\’s wardrobe, the surprising Rukhsaar, and Big B\’s Thackeray like aura. But the film, to me, seemed like it was shot by two directors, one who concentrated on the main cast, and the other who hurried through the rest. Will watch Sarkar Raj, out of curiosity. Waiting to hear more on

  3. rahul says:

    This blog is so much not required just like his films. if he ever dares to make another sarkar, he should be banned. To me, sarkar means, RGV is generations old servant of the bachhan family and hence fondly calls them SARKAR. Oh come on RGV you can do better than sarkar. You are a much accomplished director to dish out such crap!!

  4. Ravi says:

    Hi Ramu,
    Like Einstein said, ‘if someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their life…’. It’s obvious to face challenges when you tread in a different path. Nothing wrong in it and in fact, required in this creative, innovative & dynamic world of art & cinema. If we go little to your past…you were different with your Shiva. You were different with Kshana Kshanam. So, sometimes…it works…while sometimes, not. Success & failures are part of the game. So just take it easy. No matter what the critics write or the collections at the box office, you are one of the best directors, our country has ever produced. So, feel good about it & keep looking forward.  I don’t think if anyone has ever (at least in India) portrayed intensity in a scene like you do – without any action but just with facial feelings, background score and lighting effect. (For example: Close up shot of Raghuvaran looking at Nagarjuna’s little niece when Tanikella informs him that a warrant has been issued on his name). I can go on giving innumerable examples.
    Thanks for this blog, Ramu. In fact, this is one blog I have keenly been waiting for. I wish to have more healthy discussions regarding many of your movies…scenes…songs…shots etc. Will actively participate depending on your response to my current post! Go or No Go ?

  5. Aline says:

    First of all, I am really very happy that you have a blog now and I will be stopping by often to read your contributions. I am awaiting Sarkar Raj here in Europe to see your masterful work once more. Best wishes from France.

  6. sagar says:

    hi Varma I have seen the trailors they are good but why some characters are so lazy in dialogue delivery

  7. ThE says:

    No matter , the film industry ridicules r mocks, ths guy is a real genius, he has d nerve to do it and test it, unlike others whu play safe, he does it, what he needs to do,hes a masterpiece,i hav seeen all his films, even "James"..ardent fan of him, cuz of his talent and d way he thinks like a common man, takng story from every walks of life and doin what others can juz imagine abt , who on earth can make a movie like"darwaza bandh rakho"..ONLY HIM,RGV- he can do nythng, hes our very own..Francis ford coppola ,and beauty is that he accepts his Flops and gets over.

  8. ThE says:

    matter , the film industry ridicules r mocks, ths guy is a real genius,
    he has d nerve to do it and test it, unlike others whu play safe, he
    does it, what he needs to do,hes a masterpiece,i hav seeen all his
    films, even "James"..ardent fan of him, cuz of his talent and d way he
    thinks like a common man, takng story from every walks of life and doin
    what others can juz imagine abt , who on earth can make a movie
    like"darwaza bandh rakho"..ONLY HIM,RGV- he can do nythng, hes our very
    own..Francis ford coppola ,and beauty is that he accepts his Flops and
    gets over.

  9. ThE says:

    and abt SARKAR- will Karan johar do it?except for training himself  2 talk in stage shows n take a dig at AAG.

  10. pavan vadlamudi says:

    all the best for ur new movie and hope u get in to the hit track again,,keep making unique moviescheerspavan

  11. krishna says:

    Dear Mr.Varma
    I am krishna from hyderabad. i grew up watching your movies  and always considered you as a gur in making movies. i know this is no platform to crave or show that i am your biggest fan who dreams of writing a good script someday when i have seen ur websit. i read all the articles probably written about you and how people wait for ooprotunities and dream in frof ur office. i just want to ask you what would be thright approach that i can take to let you know that i do have a goal to get involved and learn in your aegis one day thert of m movie making  and also sharing my liking for background scores for your movies.

  12. Parimal says:

    No Director can be arogant enough preaching his own sense or art against billion viewers. Or else could have Shyam Benegal giving half dozen hits in 1 year. So, accept the reality, that your imagination has boundries of intelligency. An average viewer wants entertainment in this fast worried struggling life. So i predict a thumbs down to your Sarkar Raj as well…however, it may fare better than pethatic RGV\’s sholay.

  13. Sheakhxy says:

    Hy Mr. Varma,
       How are u doing….hope going fine with the films….I just wana say that I\’ve a story…..I bet u wud go forward to make a movie on it….are u interested..let me knw…..u can email me on
      waiting for ur reply..

  14. Harkirat Singh says:

    Boss u r great…… KJ and SRK… did the mimickry of themselves… but c their movies…OSO, Kuch Kuch Hota hai… had nothing to boast about. Aditya Chopra shot Movie Mohabattein in an extra vagent style but charged audience for paying extra at theatre per ticket…Why….  why hapless audience shud pay for the fancy of Director. Raj Kapoors Sangam, Mera Nam Joker, Bobby… many many hit movies were made with different themes and framework…. but they were original and meaningful. But what was in OSO…. or some of the supposedly superhit movies made by these yesterday chokras jut because they can speak somemouthful of gud English at various functios and make fool of others.
    "U R DIFFERENT AND B LIKE THAT…. HITS OR FLOP…AS LONG AS U MAKE MEANINGFULLY DIFFERENT MOVIES…. PEOPLE LIKE ME WILL SALUTE U. We have grown up liking movies of Gulzar, Rishikesh Mukherjee, Basu  Bhattacharya,Basu Chaterjee, … all different movies (Rajnigardha, Ankur, Junnon, Garam Hava, Parichey, Chupke Chupke, Andhi, Mausam, Mandii, Manthan, Bazar,… then Govind Nihalani, Sudhir Mishra, Prakash Jha…. they made movies which can be seen any no of times. I must have seen "Ijazat" by Gulzar  more than 150 times in last 12  years… can c any no of times more….. so r ur movies….. would u call me selfish if i request u to make movies for likes of me….. KJare just time pass who will pass with time…. like Toota Tara. Hats Off to u…. Cheers

  15. Unknown says:

    Mr. Varma
    Always look forward to your mafia movies. Enjoyed Satya, D, Sarkar. Hope "raj" is a good. keep the show going…….

  16. VISHAL says:

    You were the best and would always remain so……blog or no blog,your films are masterclass beyond most directors of this country by miles……kudos, best of luck.

  17. Raveendranath says:

    Hi Ramu,I allways loved to watch ur movies and of course there are few exceptions.  I am looking forward for Sarkar Raj, though i may be travelling out of India, I will view it from wherever I are and send you a sincere review.  Hope the review helps you as a great feedback.

  18. murali says:

    Luv ur movies. But getting straight to the point. I was always ineterested in background music and framing of shots and the the way one shot can cover a range making a long sht continuous. I think you also like these and focus on these. Thanks. I am sad that sarkar raj doesnt have Kay Kay Menon. He eclipsed abhishek and even Amitabh ji in some scenes. I know … I am sure you would agree….., pls make a film with him. There is no better actor in Hindi to act inur movies.

  19. murali says:

    had a recommendation. Pls listen to Aamir\’s music. I think Amit Trivedi will suit ur tastes of music.

  20. Shabri says:

    I liked some of your movies and curiously waiting to see sarkarraj.

  21. Gruesome says:

    First of all congratulations on your new blog and even though your not very net savvy as you mentioned this is a ideal platform for your fans and fiends to interact with you and vice versa.It is great to know we will be able to know your takes and views on the movies you have made because it helps the viewer(especially fans like me) to be able to relate to the concepts and conclusions of your motives or what you actually wanted to convey and wether we have been able to understand and look at the film thru the makers eyes.
    Sarkar is a very special film to me,mainly because not only did it have the Eternal Idol playing the part of Subhash Nagre with aplomb but also the the 5 conspirators(Rashid,Vishram Bhagat,Selvar Mani,Virender Swami & Madan Rathod) who have managed to hold their ground and be able to give stellar performances as well give the entire situation such real life that the viewer actually can start relating to his real life instances where he has been sucked into a conspiracy wether be it family,office or business politics in a similar fashion,this ability to make reel life to real life connectivity is rare and very few directors have been able to get such performances out of their actors/cast.
    Sarkar Raj is something i look forward to this weekend and not only for the Bachchan\’s but also looking forward to find more connections to real life again…..

  22. ajay says:

    hi ramu sir i grew up seeing your movies me like your underworld and movie like sarkar and sarkarraj watch first day first show i want to work with you on anything please give a chance i dream of making movie like u on can u mail me   site please give me a chance i have same childhood as u have i only need plateform me ajay from punjab 

  23. Unknown says:

    hi! watched siva when i was in 9th std. Raat and Govinda Govinda were ok. Waiting for another breakthrough film. After siva, there were a 50 films made with the same theme. Can\’t you make a film on the lines of The Afghan?

  24. vishal says:

    Hi ramu,first to tell u I m one of ur biggest fan, I admire u better then the rest of bollywood directors. I saw "Sarkar Raj" on friday & i was very disappointed, specially the way u shot the film, all the time half screen was covered & there was too much of closeups. Secondly amit roy\’s camerawork was very bad, why did u chosed to shoot whole film in that yellowish & blue tone? so much of dark lighting that u r not able to see characters. Once at a time i felt so exhausted I felt like living from the theatre. Audience come to c film on theatre which r colourful, plz don\’t experiment with them. we feel let down. Plz ramu make some more good films which have great script & shoot the way u used to shoot earlier. thanx. 

  25. Unknown says:

      Hello Sir,
      Welcome to this new of era of blogging . I thank you to give us a chance to interact with you & get to learn
      alot of things from you through your speechless words & gr8 style of cinema . I tried to gauge you in your own 
      website but unfortunately it was too late to attempt I  still dont know why you have
      stopped that webite . I am a scriptwriter & preparing to crawl my feet into Indian cinema & I believe there are
      very few people like you who admires young people to explore their innovations. Looking forward to your Sarkar
      Raj & will share my piece comment too though I am not at all competent enough to feedback on your skill.
      THXX again ..  

  26. Unknown says:

    Hello Mr Ramu,
    I observed that Horror films along with gangster movies are your kind of films.
    But why don\’t you make a descent "Psychological Thriller" like The Ring instead of a crap like Bhoot, which is nothing but an overdose of intolerable background sound.
    Please consider.

  27. santosh says:

    Saw Sarkar Raj .Liked it but not as much as Sarkar, a bit disappointed.But it\’s a welcome return to some sort of form for RGV. The main problems for me were characterisations of the so called villains were not strong enough,the revenge taking was all too quick & unimaginative. Also i think the film was edited heavily to bring down the length which sort of shows.But liked the part that u\’ve left the door open for Sarkar 3,but the million dollar question who will u cast?
    RATING:*** / *****

  28. Unknown says:

    the movie was superb. CHARACTERS SPEAK WITHOUT SAYING A WORD. that is what i appreciate most about the movie. I was thinking what u would do as things looked predictable after \’SARKAR\’. I highly appreciate the way u thought about the movie SARKAR RAJ. very different look. real feel of \’sarkar raj\’ while watching half screen blurred and on half screen intense feelings of characters.

  29. Unknown says:

    u r a gr8 director. as we can see ur every movie is different . still i would like to suggest if you could create space/ forum for uploading stories/plots from ur fans. they may not be very helpful but i hope some of them might be helpful for a new storyline. if u like, u can ask the person to elaborate the story.  I  believe people who r ur  fan  they must be having different thinking like u have. U do  work which no one even dare to do in bollywood .

  30. Unknown says:

    i read ur responses to comments . it was fun :). one thing i did not like about the blog is that the person who is going to comment ..he must have hotmail/live ID which really discourages the reader to comment. If u can avoid it pls do that. however i created an ID and then wrote the comment .[useless people( summer vacation) have a lot of time to create ID and comment ]thanks

  31. Unknown says:

    watched  sarkar raj twice on friday  and  sunday….. loved  this movie  to  the  core… its one  of  my all time favourite…….

  32. vigil says:

    hi ram gopal varma ji ,   you are best director .you are proving it again and again .sarkar raj will be a huge sucess ……………………..

  33. suneet says:

    hi mr ram gopal,This suneet cherieth  here i just want to say that you are according to me one of the finest directors we have along side Mr Mani ratnam  and i just hope that you keep experimenting with different genres and never stop experimenting and i will definately watch sarkar raj as soon as possible as i am student studying in austatralia its is bit difficult but i will be come for my vacation ito mumbai so definitely catch it then.bye chers good luck and best wishes.from,suneet

  34. Unknown says:

    hello my friend
    i am happy that i am connecting with you.thanks for giving me opportunity.
    i watched most films made by you. i really appreciate the way you want to make films for your self..for sheer joy of making a film.i guess these are challenges in life that one has to get excited by them.
    its funny that every one other than you believe that you are making films for their entertainment. truth is we are getting  lot of entertainment from your thought process..though it is not directed at us. we see your naked opinions about many things in life.the strengths and fears of human beings. the system that we are pushed to and have no control on it. the way you project helplessness..with in the system is awesome.i congratulate you the whole sum package. i hope you enjoy many more times the life and bring us the cheer and majic with it…good luck

  35. Sai says:

    Have been a big fan of your work. It is nice to see your review of reviews. Some of the reviewers comments seem pretty stupid but some are probably not. I mean isn\’t there anyone discussing issues which you can throw some light on. It will be more interesting to get insight from you on your films (I have bookmarked the blog already and will hope to see more in the future – of course, not at AB\’s pace – he seems totally hooked). I believe you are one of the few who can accept mistakes, so if you can discuss on some of your mistakes as well.I love films and I blog on them with a friend. Interestingly, our friendship started with a discussion of Ram Gopal Varma and due to our common love for Kshana Kshanam. We would love to hear some comments from you on our reviews of your films or others (the last two films that we discussed are incidentally Sarkar and Sarkar Raj).I loved Sarkar. But frankly, I felt Sarkar Raj doesn\’t come close to the original. But glad to see you back in form after Aag. Looking forward to Phoonk and Contract.

  36. Unknown says:

    Film: Sarkar Raj- The Law of Nature.-An Essay

    By Divvy Kant UpadhyayDaijiworld Media Network – Mangalore
    Mangalore, Jun 8: "Apni sharton par jeene ke liye keemat chukani padti hain".(You have to pay a price if you want to live on your terms and conditions) explains the mature and experienced Subhash Nagre (Amitabh Bachchan) to his son Shankar Nagre ( Abhishek Bachchan) in an intense scene in the movie Sarkar Raj. (the much awaited \’sequel\’ to Sarkar which was released three years ago). The scintillating phenomenon of \’Godfather\’ still dictates director Ram Gopal Verma while he dishes out a well directed intense flick.
    It\’s the Law of Nature…the law of God .( Hain vidhan yeh Vidhi ka..) goes the line in the famous \’Govinda Govinda\’ background score of the movie Sarkar Raj. It perfectly blends when the doting father tries to explain to his son that he should be ready to pay a price for the life he wants to live, for the dreams that he wants to see come true. There is a price he must pay for his decisions.
    The loss of life of a near and dear one has been dealt well in the movie. To quote the Big B himself from his blog entry, "The angry realities of difficult decisions; sometimes hitting too personally" ,describes beautifully the scene where \’Sarkar\’ copes, copes with harsh reality yet again.
    Amitabh Bachchan proves yet again why many people in this world consider him a living legend in and of his own league.
    Abhishek Bachchan takes a step forward from Guru in portraying an intense and mature character.
    Perhaps the fact they are father and son in real life as well adds excitement to the psyche of the human mind watching them on the screen.
    The father son relationship that they both have portrayed is interesting keeping in mind that fathers day is just around the corner. If I may share a personal opinion, generally sons of self made men grow mature in the shadow of their fathers. Then comes a time in their life, a transition phase, where many important decisions the young son takes in life seem to develop skirmishes between the two. Dynamic zestful youth on one side and immense aged maturity that powers brilliant judgment skills is on the others side. While one must respect the heat and productivity of youthful blood, one cannot deny that the battle is almost always won on maturity and experience. I doubt if anyone can beat an inconsolably weeping and regretful Amitabh Bachchan infront of a portrait hanging on the wall or a confident yet loving son who hugs his father after looking him in the eye and telling him "let bygones remain bygones", because he doesn\’t want to regret a decision he took.
    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has never been more beautiful and attractive in western outfits in a very Indian movie. No matter what critics might comment on her acting skills, when it comes to intense roles and display of emotions, Aishwarya has only bettered the art she so amazingly exhibited in Guru. Notice the creases on her forehead or the depth in her eyes. When expression of basic human emotion combines with breathtaking beauty, the combination is lethal. You get to see the \’Woman\’ in her this time. And you are easily bound to buy the chemistry Lil B and Aish have to offer on screen! 
    An ok first half and a very intense yet brilliant second half makes this a simply good movie to watch. As I feel, comparison is bound to happen, it is possible many might not perhaps find it as \’good\’ or \’thrilling\’ as the first one. But trust me, the movie does deliver a punch. It is stronger than the previous one when it comes to human feelings. This movie is not entertainment to make you laugh or dance. This movie is about human emotions and the laws of nature. It\’s just not about Politics and Power. It\’s about simple life. The importance of time and that of decisions. More importantly, the timing of one\’s decision is the vital age old logic the movie conveys to its audiences.
    It\’s raining this evening in Mangalore. Slowly but steadily the monsoons that have come to Mangalore are yet to unleash their full force and power. Reminds me of the scene when it suddenly rains while Subhash Nagre deals with the complexities of life and complications of human tragedy. The rain in the movie is followed by Sarkar rising and unleashing his true power and force, only if he could do it earlier! Chiku\’s return is awaited. To know more, watch the movie!
    Sadly, we, in what is considered Aishwarya Rai\’s hometown, Mangalore have not been able to lay our hands on the Film\’s audio CDs and the Background score, even though as the former was released more than a month ago.
    A close friend of mine reads as I write this piece at an internet Café before I send it to my boss-my editor. He says I am a \’Sarkar\’- crazy fan. He knows that I own the first ticket of the movie Sarkar when it was released three years ago in Jyoti talkies in Mangalore.( I went as early as 9 am to stand in line for the first show on the First day, to find no line, but only the watchman. At 3 Pm that day and then throughout the following few days, the cinema staff had a very tough time controlling the huge crowds that lined the theatre and the area outside it. I am sure the star cast and the hype has already generated enough interest to attract huge crowds this time, but the good part is the film sustains the excitement and hype.)
    Even though the odd one might feel it\’s a quick job but Sarkar Raj is a job well done! (Ram Gopal Verma doesn\’t deliver a dud this time, he must be so happy and thankfull for it!) I tell my friend, that if one thinks calmly, one is bound to realize that both the movies are made of experience every man has had sometime or the other, especially with the family bonding and public system in our country. I am able to relate myself and that is what strikes the cord in me.( The same happened when I read the novel \’Godfather\’. Tributes are due to Mario Puzo for writing such a classic tale of Human life!)  
    Power or even the thoughts of having and then using it, can be intoxicating, warns an inner voice in me as I end this write up wishing our readers a good time this weekend and ahead, but of course how can yours faithfully end without offering many sincere thanks for spending time and in anticipation for those who want to share their views on this subject!Divvy Kant UPadhyay

  37. anurag says:


  38. Unknown says:

    i have the same perception for cinema the way you have sir .I am not trying to flatter you but i think when listed in top three directors in india you are one among them .I feel you did the right thing by coming out and answering the quries of the so called critics,but sir i still feel actions are louder than words ,i think you should speak through your movies rather than you answering those silly questions.I think sarkar raj is an ok movie going by your standards.The reason is SARKAR was definetly better than the raj.Even i am a very big godfather fan and want to make a simi9lar kind of movie to pay tribute to godfather.I wish u luck for your contract with phoonk

  39. Unknown says:

    Hello Sir,             I watched Sarkar Raj last weekend. I think cinematography was excellent. Although I was predicting that the script would be inspired by GodFather II, it had surprising twists which showed individuality of the movie. However, the surprising turns looked very similar as in "24" series drama (FOX TV). Overall, Big B did a good job, but I could not find much variation in Abhishek\’s character or at least didn\’t find that role to be challenging. In GodFather series, part 3 was my favorite since Al Pacino had brought drastic variation in acting quality (well supported by Garcia). It would be interesting to see if Sarkar 3 can portray such character building.            Since you are a master of action/violence genre movies, I would like to see a movie which captures not just underworld games, but a movie which shows the issues of terrorism (besides india-pak rivalry), involvment of foreign bodies, growing economic policies of India, covers up in politics and misery of common people.             I would like to see a movie from you on psycho/thriller genre like Saw/Hostel/Vacancy etc. It seems crime rate has gone up in the recent days, or is it such media ? 

  40. dont says:

    Dear Ramu,
    I am not your fan,Infact am one of rare Indians who don\’t beleive in becoming fans.
    I loved ur movie Satya and I guess it is the best movie of bollywood till date .I have to mention u the following points
    1) Your blog is as complicated as ur movies,I would request u to change it with a rocking attitute. If u require tips,I\’ll always be there to help u
    2) U did not make any mistake in remaking sholay. The point is shola itself was lifted from various hollywood movies. In reality Indian public should appreciate your guts to remake sholay .when you decided to make sarkar which was inspired by Godfather, and also got success so it\’s obvious u would love to take any kinda risk in life due to the success behind u..And above all, is Sholay greater than GodFather?? I don\’t think so..
    3) I guess u should come out of your cacoon of making movies just for Indian audience. Today world is globalized and with internet available you could always make low budget movies which focus on international subjects. I am dead sure this will give u far more acclaim than what u gettin in India..And u know how Indians fans r? They suck ur blood when u better to have a larger fan base of other nationalities
    Above all,I feel ur the best Indian director till date and u need to utilize ur true potential..The best is still to come am sure
    Keep on rocking..

  41. dont says:

    please dont forget to give ur views on the comments below..I would highly appreciate it.. Ur blog is interesting to read but has to be made user-friendly..

  42. dont says:

    Just for you
    You gave darkness a meaning
    It\’s a very great feeling
    Who needs the sun
    When darkness is so much fun
    You walk on the rope
    I wonder if you hope
    So Mr Ramu,Do u ever Dope?
    U livin in this country
    where fans are like terror
    always waiting to spot ur error
    When ur high,they love u
    When ur low,they wanna murder u
    He who risks,Wins it all
    No matter what u\’ll fall
    When u fall,u meet ur true friends
    Find out people who pretend
    So Keep on fallin..
    Life is a grave
    U gotta be brave
    Who wanna live like a slave?
    So give me more Aaag..
    Hell with movies like bhagam bhaag..
    U r the moon and we all know
    "Chaand mein bhi hain daag"
    This was just for u ramu..I like ur guts..feed back will be apprecaited..

  43. Unknown says:

    The first thing I\’d Like to say is AMAZING background score. The second even MORE AMAZING sense of humor. I\’ve always loved your movies, critics not withstanding, and the haunting background scores  for me have always been the scene stealers. But I read each and every reply you gave { yeah I found that much free time 🙂 }and found myself smiling, giggling and sometimes even laughing out loud. One always wonders what made a movie, what was the thought process and with this blog we are getting an insight into your mind, apart from your movies, this is a direct communication with your viewers and most people would love it. Reading a critic\’s opinion about a movie seldom changes the desire to watch it or not for most people. I guess Indian viewers are growing up and the fact that no song drama movies have grown a niche market is ample example.Love your movies RGV. The only thing I am thinking is I should mention something negative, that way I would be ensured a reaction :).

  44. Sateen says:

    Ramu: It is very obvious that your control as a director over a frame is enhanced by the stillness of a character\’s presence, I always liked that in your movies from a pure visual aspect.  Abishek in this movie epitomizes that stillness and it is a great learning experience in life in general, animated behaviour should be reserved for comedies, theater and cartoons.One thing that I have noticed over the years is that the verbalization of emotions by the characters has matured tremendously and does not have the mediocre sensibilities in the dialog of your earlier movies.I remember a very memorable conversation with you in which one of the things you said; " i love it that my passion is my living" and every working moment I recall that. You were engineered to make movies and the audience are fortunate for that.Sateen……….from a long time ago.

  45. Nitin says:

    I liked Sarkar Raj. I don\’t know if it better or worse than Sarkar or any of your other movies. I think no two movies can be compared with each other anyway. The best part of \’Sarkar Raj\’ for me was the characterization specially of Subhash and Shankar Nagre. But I really felt Aishwarya\’s character (I don\’t remember that character\’s name. I have watched the movie twice.) was miserable. First she is pushed by her father, then she depends upon the \’Facillitator\’, she then has feelings about Shankar, her father again pushes her away when he decides to move the project to Gujraat. She knows her father has intentions to \’Take Care\’ of Shankar, but does nothing about it. She does not even know how react when Subhash tells her that his men have killed her father. And then (apparently)she becomes a part of the Nagre household. Miserable! And it stands out specially when surrounded by other tremendously strong characters. Was it intentional? The background score was superb except for the Sitar pieces played during the emotional scenes. It sucked! It made the whole scene very ordinary. Also, thanks a lot for making the actors to \’Underplay\’. (Ajay Devgan did a fantastic job of underplaying in Company.) Exhibition of power has known to become very bizarre in Hindi movies. No one has ever used Amitabh so splendidly anywhere as you have used him in Sarkar Raj. One question. In the last scene, when Subhash tells his wife that he wants Chikoo.. and camera follows her as she moves out of the room, crosses the hallway and Aishwarya sitting in a chair. What is she thinking during that walk? Is she thinking that Chikoo is also going to get killed like Vishnu and Shankar? I would really like it if she thinks this way. Can you please clarify? I am happy learning that you are aware of the works of Ayn Rand. Your blog looks great. Don\’t change it for the sake of some comments. 

  46. anirudh says:

    varma these days people are saying that your films are lacking dynamism which they used to have. Even i felt the same when i\’ve seen aag and shiva(2006). But nishabd was a beautiful one and a feast to your film lovers… my question is why you are failing in giving new feast to our eyes…… n even when i was watching sarkar raj i felt that you are still following the same camera techniques which you used in your first film ….

  47. Unknown says:

    Awesome movie.Brilliant piece of film-making!Now, who was crying out loud that RGV has lost his track, is repetitive or x y z?This is probably the best movie you\’ve made.  I hate Amitabh and his son. This film showcases Amitabh as a world class actor, something no one has been able to accomplish. The kind of restraint brought about in him in this film is mind-blowing.  A-Rai has always been a wonderful actress. However, I felt, in this film, she was underplayed to give the other bacchans more screen room.  One comment though, the last scene sucked. What\’s up with "chaai laao" to end a movie that was so close to being a classic? That ruined it completely!

  48. samar says:

    Respected Ramu Sir,,
    My name is samar and  I am one of your fans…Sir just one question Y DO REGRET MAKING AAG?It is your baby and I personally didnt feel it was bad or boring…Mr bachan was outstanding…so was ajay devgan…Newcomer did an above average job…Just becase u dared to do WHAT others didnt u were unnecesarrily criticised…and because of bad mouthng and unwanted criticism the film didnt farewell…I am  not trying to flatter you…I feel the same JAMES AND SHIVA…they were actually very good but bunch of idiots who are our critics spoil the show…With all due respect…PLZ continue making these wonderful films and you ROCK sir…

  49. Ashwani Gupta says:

    the Sarkar also is not comparable to Godfather novel. Sarkar can not be said inspired from Godfather. If it is, please don\’t tell to the world as it is nowhere stand in terms of idea and presentation which the novel convey

  50. Unknown says:

    hello sir i am sabir i accept your challenge and please give me a chance to be a part of this thing. i want to se the film all alone and have accepted your challenge with open arms.

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